These BBC reports completely confused me.

They also left me dumbfounded because for the umpteenth time journalists completely missed the stunningly obvious!

I am speaking about the migrants once again and this time those found at the border of Macedonia.

I saw some videos and pictures of what looked like a sea of people that looked impressively, or correctly worryingly, large heading towards the border from where one journalist stood. When he turned the other way though the faces spread right across the road and stretched as far AF the eye could see! The journalist even said as much.

These were amounts that equalled the scenes of a hundred thousand strong protest in central London. Yet the many tens of thousands were quoted in a later BBC report to be hundreds and possibly thousands? Err … NO! I have no idea why the BBC did this. Perhaps that lefty side the BBC were accused of revealing itself in the most obvious way?

I dunno. Very weird.

Yet once again they failed to notice that every single person they spoke to spoke damn good English!

Bearing in mind also that they fully intended and openly admitted that they were heading for northern Europe! How far north so you think?

I spoke to someone I know who is furious about all this and convinced they are all just heading to the UK and turned out he had not seen the scenes in Macedonia.

I showed him a BBC News app report with the pictures. In the report they included a map that showed the movement and numbers of migrants in different parts of Europe. All heading the same way. Except the numbers on the graph looked way off for this year. Way, way off!

It stated that through the Balkans there had been around 80 to 90 thousand and yet in that single scene there appeared to be at least that many. Also the Macedonians had stated that they shut the border because the numbers had risen beyond 3,500 each day! That’s 24,500 per week. Close to 100,000 per month. This is ONE border … hell, it’s one bloody road! Remember the graph stated 80,000 for 6 months for the whole of the Balkans?!

What was also a surprise was that the graph stated what I had previously thought and that the majority of the migrants were heading to Italy. Well it did look like this before hand. Not after I saw the Macedonia problems it didn’t! I had no idea there was these issues anywhere else and I kept asking myself how in the hell they got there in the first place? Were they not all supposed to be rounded up and kept in asylum campus, islands and other things?

I had wondered for awhile how many slipped through and probably larger than those rounded up. Perhaps I had my first evidence of yet another of my predictions being proved correct?

I certainly wish my predictions were way, way off in each and every instance. Unfortunately the opposite is mostly true and when I’m wrong that’s even usually only the timing, being late to very late and even … well, early on occasions.

I then told my friend I was wondering just how many there are across the whole of Europe? We thought that based on the Macedonia scenes and that there were other routes through the Balkans, Turkey through Russia and into Europe and Iberia that we must be looking at millions. I even said “How can there be anyone left in these Arab countries?” I joked about the tyrants and there next in lines being the only ones left and wondering why they had no money, sorry taxes, coming in. The idiots.

I then pointed out that in one of two posts on here I had demanded to know what the fuck the United Nations were doing in all of this and what the point of them existing was. I had not seen hair nor hide of them and not were they even mentioned by journalists! Then when I read a report out to him they were finally mentioned!

The United Nations expressed concern!

My friend burst out laughing. You really do not know who is now incompetent and more inept, the news media and the journalists or the United Nations themselves.

For those that have been visiting and reading this blog for a long time, or just long enough, they might not be surprised at what I state next. In fact some might even predict it.

Everywhere I have looked, researched and investigated for a long time had been very, very wrong! I looked for corruption and/or failings I already knew to exist in every industry I came into contact with. Before long I realised it was 100% of the time and many things I uncovered and acquired evidence for shocked even me. Remember I was expecting to find things. Not how big these things would turn out to be.

Everywhere I look. I have long since given up ever finding something, somewhere that is honest and decent and does not year the public/customers with utter contempt.

Also it should be obvious to all, except the most incompetent and the blind or naïve on the farthest left of politics, that things cannot continue the east they are. Greece, Macedonia and Italy are all the countries we know about who have had clashes with the migrants. It will only get worse and it will only spread further afield.

If they all get to England and with the country already on its knees will collapse within six months to a year.

Plus some… groups will turn from being outspoken to groups of action instead. Simply because you cannot ignore larger numbers credit the fact you have used political correctness to do this and advance your careers or lengthened your stay as a MP or heading to be a Lord, something now considered something of a joke.

I dread to think how things will be in 2016 and 2017 within the UK and especially in the biggest cities and London especially.

I stated that the attraction is that of not just the free handouts but also the communities they can disappear into.

I also stated that they made it illegal to rent out properties to non UK residents, illegal aliens but they needed to do this with local councils too, otherwise it’s simply not fair and pointless, and change the law so any ethnics or those granted asylum have this revoked and they deported with those that they hide.

They also need a raft of other things. I’m afraid when it comes to deterrents the UK authorities simply do not have the first clue while sitting with their thumbs shoved you their arses while on their arses with salaries cascading into their personal bank accounts.

I am going to give a whole series and a hell of a lot of incontrovertible evidence of the must shocking kind, along with other deeply disturbing horrors, of evidence of what I say.

Think it might be a difficult read?

Not even close!

It will be an effing long list of difficult reads that will not only shock and disgust but you will doubt the validity of each and every one.

Except what I will provide in the way of validity and evidence is dining the highest form that there is that you can get in the UK. You can get no higher, it is as simple as that.

Don’t believe that and your quite simply living in that land of cloud cuckoos, dangerously naïve, an Osterich or have your politics on the furthest left you can get which normally means you have your fingers in your ears going “LALALALALALALA” whenever anyone tries to give you facts to show your politics are wrong or at fault.

I also have three things coming up in the next few days in these posts…

A quick one about that reveal I mention and hearing from the Supreme Court on the matter and the date given.

I also have yet another health issue. It turns out they are worried about me hitting the ground several times, did a year on blood pressure, noticed couple things and I was then asked of I was doing anything different lately. “Oh yes!” I said before explaining why my pressure had gone down. It also dropped the other way in a test showing I had postural hypertension. They are trying to rush, it states why in recent posts, getting me into the hospital to monitor my blogs pressure for at least 24 hours. Marvellous!

Hmm … something … else?

Umm … oh some mention about crappy attitudes from people but … that was not it … there is something what I have … forgotten!

I’ve sent letters off to CISAS and the Financial Ombudsman Service regarding Direct Debits and Virgin Media and … ahh that’s it!!

As it turns out I have not only been ripped off by Virgin Media for being charged three times the quoted fee for broadband and a phone line but also the £3,000 I have paid out to one particular person has had £50 per week taken out of their benefits despite having the children!!

Yes let’s forget fit the moment this is both illegal and immoral. No they did not state they was going to do this, also illegal, and no money was owed to them either!

Except … when I spoke to them the following day I pointed out that I think this was something to do with someone we both know? When I explained I was met with a long and surprising sounding “oooooooooh yes!”

Now this had turned out to be …. the best kind of gravy! Because not only had this person appeared in a particular court case but I was the one that told them and they acted on my… information.  Proving that yet another idiot public service that proves once again they are MORONS and incompetent. This is HMRC.

A strong letter has gone off regarding this hinting at how bad it looks and demanding a payment of £3,000.

I have a second letter to be posted at just the right time to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, of how I am going to rip right through their … organisations. Though ‘organisation’ is the wrong word for these people because it suggests they are well run and … well organised.

Macedonia migrants: Thousands break through at Greek border –


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