Yeah kinda told you.

Also this social worker blowing the whistle thought the she thing I did ..

Taking the children and placing them with other couples? Check!

Also how does altering the paperwork on children after the report is made in favour of the social services.

Sorry but they need to go .. ALL OF THEM!

I am not the only one who thinks this .. just umm check the comments section of the video on YouTube below!

They think in the interview this is an isolated case but I was being inundated by woman being subjected to this all across England.



Well after being accused of being that from someone that is an idiot, tried to twist what I said into something I did not and went back under the rock from whence they came ..

With all the pain, several mornings of nearly collapsing and the searing heat I managed to do four days, well two and two halves after running out of steam, I got out to try and continue on with my photography plans .. as per the agreed business plan I had with my Job Centre at the time only to have the DWP pull the rug from under me one week after going self employed, .. to the person with that comment .. you fucking idiot!

What he would not want to hear is in my second year of blogging I got a call while I was cycling from a lady who got my number from someone I had met who had been reading my blog .. probably inspired to say this due to an early photo of this Hooded Man and I was called a modern day Robin Hood. Was not the first or the last time that was said to me along with a few other things. Nice things before you wonder, lol

To be honest I do not feel like Robin Hood as I have not got a pile of cash I have ripped off the rich and do not feel like I am getting anywhere fast! Lol.

As for the DWP I guess they discovered I was not being kind to them and pulled the funding from a firm they should not have done as they were contractors?!

As for the photographs .. I have taken around 650 to 700 photographs across four days which technically should have been more.

I will spend the next three to four days working my way through them and uploading them .. I will be very happy if I produce between 300 and over the moon if I produce 500 pictures.

I would imagine I have taken around 1,200 to 1,800 pictures and improving my post-processing skills as well as my eye and my use of the Sony A99II camera as I go.

Here are some photos and the first is a return of the Hooded Man from around four or five years ago which became associated with me .. in a way that made me feel kind of honoured ..













A FEW DAYS (Part 3)

Oh dear .. outside for a cigarette and I go dizzy again and it was actually slightly worse than the first day and this is now getting a little .. weird. I have no idea why this is happening.

I have tried to eat more the last few days thinking it was that but .. does not seem to make much difference.

Also my memory problem has kind of been striking again because near here there is a spot that I have used for years that I discovered a couple of months ago has couple of rare plants .. one of which I have grown and have on my YouTube channel and .. probably photos of. Well the same family but a different species. In fact I could not believe they were supposed to be found where they are and so close to London in Epping Forest?!

Well the location is about two miles from here and there is a bus. Unfortunately this is up yet another hill that is even bigger than the on coming from the other direction.

So I am thinking a bus and yet .. I am a little apprehensive because of the dizziness and weakness that I seem to keep feeling in the mornings.

There are a lot of subjects at the site that is for sure .. though I am not sure with this drought what condition they are all going to be in?

I also have my doubts I will actually find the very plant I am going there for. But I simply have to go and look around and if I find it and photograph it this would be very cool.


I did not make it and I was put off by the hill which is long, quite an incline and on a very busy and dangerous road. I tried to find maps to a bridle path that went that way but I could not find one.

In the end I bailed and in all honesty and due to the drought it probably would have been a waste of time anyway.

So I went somewhere more local but I really did not feel like going out. However I had run out of tobacco, something I seriously need to quit .. again. I also needed lemonade to make shandies with and so as the shop was at the bottom of hill I went to an area not far from there. A place called Gunpowder Mills.

I did not find a building I wanted to photograph but I did end up seeing several things, I did not get photos of, and several other things I did get photos of!

But I was having extreme difficulties and I felt way too hot. It must have been humid today as I suffer really badly and the humidity does not even have to be that high. I have heard tales of countries that are hot and 90% humidity? Yeah .. thanks but no. I could no go there as I would die and even if I did not I would not be able to do jack shit!

Still I got a few flowers .. several butterfly species and one might be a Brown Argus .. ooh I need to look that up.

Yup. Brown Argus.

At one point I walked up to a bend trying to spot a butterfly at rest and a fox was walking towards me but had not seen me. It got within around 7 or 8 feet when it suddenly noticed me, paused for a second then ran into the long grass. A few seconds later a second one did he came except this one noticed me a little sooner. Odd.

Had difficulty getting back and once again I could not get up the damned hill. Managed to lose a bottle of lemonade as it fell through the bottom of a plastic bag, rolled into the road and was about to roll under a truck when I stopped it with my foot. Great!

I have been stung by stinging nettles quite badly .. again so my legs or tingling but before even this happened my lower legs started feeling sore. At one point I actually looked down to see some marks on my legs .. not sure what they are. Scratches or maybe a series of bad bites and judging from the size could be a Horsefly or Clegg? Jesus if it is the latter and I have more than one bite? Just a single bite can cause your leg to swell up and if I have several? Dreading that!

So it is my last day here .. but at least I made it productive.

In a way I wish I had more days but in all honesty I would need to bite the bullet and try and get on a bus. It is not the buses being packed that is the issue .. it is the buses being few and far between and old. Not a problem normally but it is .. hot. Unfortunately buses become unbearable for me as I will just soak through within minutes while watching others frantically fanning themselves without a bead of sweat in sight.

Coming up the hill there was a lady in her late fifties coming down the hill, bearing in mind she is coming .. down .. hill?! She looked as if she was struggling and she looked at me and said ‘unbearable isn’t it?’ I said ‘yes’ while thinking, my word you have no idea! Of course I had a bad headache again which I always seem to get when the heat gets too much.

Bearing in mind we are talking about very local trips for a couple of hours outside and it becomes unbearable. Had I had tomorrow too I might have not gone out at all today in the hope tht I would recuperate and get further? Would have helped had I had my own bike but some hills will still be too much. That they also happen to be on dangerous stretches of roads and come to think of it .. I do not ever recall seeing cyclists use them and I have known these roads all my life.

I did not use the 85mm lens in the end.

They have returned late and I have stayed another night and am being taken home at some point this morning.

For the fourth morning in a row now I have felt nauseous. Really not sure what in the hell is going on there. Not sure why I have not noticed anything previously. Maybe it is because I normally do not leave the house for thirty minutes or so? Maybe because here the first thing I do is go outside and therefore on my feet that I notice it? Where I am the room is so small that standing up is not an option unless I am using the lavatory. Have no recollection of ever feeling nauseous doing that!

I am just thankful that this did not dog me during the day while I was here and out on the bike and wondered if it would have done had a I try to get anywhere on foot? I had planned to try but with each morning experiencing that I ended up using my nephews bike.

It is hard enough what with everything else I have to work through and then there was the intense sunlight and heat too.

Now I am just looking forward to working with the first lot of photos at some point later on this afternoon or evening and getting them up.

I had hoped that I would have gotten a reply from one of .. five people or organisations while I was here? But, no.

I have also just remembered that there were two emails I was supposed to read and respond to, one being from Healthwatch and one from NHS England?! Yeah .. this damn memory problem is really a thing and when no one is doing anything to help and your trying to keep on helping yourself .. things get forgotten very easily.

In fact I am thoroughly cheesed off with trying to get someone to help with each one reactcing and responding like your a fully functioning human being and coming out with some crap as to why they cannot help.

Father and daughter with serious issues and neither one of us has had one bloody bit of help for over a year now. Quite the opposite, in fact. We have had things taken away from us and I fear they are not done with us just yet.

My daughter was supposed to have an operation yesterday that she did not have, as her only help is more of a hindrance from an evil, selfish and inconsiderate thief and liar of a mother. I only discovered this yesterday evening.

I also looked into her Trigeminal Neuralgia and I cannot believe what I read about that and not sure how I did not come across this before? Well ..

It is one of the most painful conditions known to man?! So up there with CPRS?! Never read that before now and wondering why I have not or why it is not on any of the McGill Pain Index charts? I know it certainly sounds bad the way she describes it,

So now along with the cervical cancer, hypomagnesemia, vitamin B-12 deficiency, ‘S’ Protein Deficiency and Fibromyalgia she has this on top of all that?!

While having her rent refused, threatening letters to leave the council property (yup council), being threatened to be taken to court by the social services for something preposterous (seems to be a new and nationwide thing now) and ignored deliberately so by the NHS as I have been for over thirteen years now.

Onwards and sideways.


Well I finally watched a YouTube video by Count Dunkula.

Jesus I need to watch this guy more often!

He pointed out that the Police watched social media and arrested a bunch of people .. swiftly, I might add, who were on the right of centre. Damn my memory issues .. I think it was something to do with a protest? Tommy Robinson maybe?

Anyway what I thought was a real genius move by him as right after hearing that the Police have done this he pointed out how Antifa have never been touched.

That’s just .. beautiful.

Never before have I been quite so impressed on my first watch of someone’s video on YouTube. Yes I’ve been impressed many times but this was .. just .. beautiful. Lol.

To have been battling these public services and knowing that they lie and are corrupted for so long now .. to finally see others pointing out their cagey shit is such a relief. I’ve waited so long to see this.

I just hope I’m around long enough to see the ultimate outcome of all this.

In fact whatever the outcomes are I’ll rub my hands together with glee to see these evil houses torn down.

Know what’s been done to my daughter and myself and you’ll wonder why I’m not the one doing the tearing down. Or even holding the proverbial matches?!

Well I kind of am and have been for the longest time now.

I’ll have to go watch the Count again and finish this tomorrow evening.


A FEW DAYS (Part 2)

It is now the next day .. my legs were weak again but not like yesterday, thankfully.

Today I do not plan on going as far so I am fitting the Sony G 70-200mm f2.8 to the A99II but attaching the 24-70mm f2.8 via the two Lowepro cases, thank heavens for Lowepro!

Of course I planned a route and a road on the map I did not know was there .. was not there! I passed across the M25 and found a spot where there were some butterflies and dead trees.

I crossed back across the road to find the spot I was after from the other side of the M25 motorway as according to the map there was another road that joined up with the one I could not find and I figured I could find the shorter route back. But no .. the road went nowhere.

Then I heard this peeping noise and three birds flew into a bush .. I got off my bike and waited .. Greenfinches?! Not seen them in years.

Of course I did not get any damned pictures!

Went a different way to a place I used to know a great deal, and where Jade Goody lived but did not see much.

Of course now I had to come back going up that damned hill again but once at the top I went to a spot a little past the road where I am staying. Put the bike against a weak fence and tried to get some more butterflies.

There were Large and Small White Butterflies along with what I think were Gatekeepers and Ringlet Butterflies. There was also the odd Skipper here and there but many proved to difficult to photograph.

I had intended to say longer but could feel my legs burning and as I managed to get three dozen or so photographs I decided to call it a day and head back to think about tomorrow. After a bath!

It also turned out I had 346 photographs from the first day. Still due to numerous .. distractions from health to the intense heat and tiredness they wont all be usable. But still even a third of them being usable would be pretty fantastic. Well to me it would be.

I also got something in the region of about 120 today. This has taken my tally well above 450 photos and if I can get the same or a little more tomorrow than I did today I will be pretty happy.

However .. the thought of post-processing all of these and going through uploading them and then tagging them all .. has my head spinning.

It is difficult so this is probably going to take me two or three days. I wont start until Friday night and likely not be close to finishing until Monday (8th July 2018). But I will upload as I go so there will be some by Friday night, some Saturday night and some Sunday night and if any are left then Monday night.


Well .. it could be argued that King Harold will make an appearance over the weekend, as will one other character.

I cannot even recall what I took photographs of?! Just realising there are over 400 photos and trying to think what in the world I saw .. but I am having trouble.

Actually I just checked .. make that 473 images and one day to go .. provided it is not pouring with rain as, as of right now there seem to be some dark clouds brewing and it poured with torrential rain in Paris last night.

Ruins, characters, texture, flowers and a few other things .. rivers, plants the odd bridge .. wild flowers, ornamental flowers. A few insects.

Now after this third day and the three days of post processing? I really must think about visiting a museum and a few buildings in London on my bike with my camera?!

If I can do that .. even a day on my bike with my camera .. my professional camera, I will actually feel like I am getting somewhere. At long last!

Now if I can manage to get to a museum or art gallery too?! That would be cool .. the Tate Modern is the one I would like to get to. Been on the outside of it once already. I was very tempted to go in but I felt I would end up overdoing it.

Would be cool if I could find someone that could accompany me.

Be uber cool if I could find someone who also wanted to do photography themselves and this way we could chat about the subject of photography.

Hmm I just had a thought .. this would leave me with one single thing to do .. but would involve going much further afield ..

A day out doing landscape photography .. or better still a few days. You cannot go a long way on the hope that the one day you are there the light will be perfect, mores the pity.

Scotland, Wales or the Peak District would be the ideal places.

Maybe by the time I have had a day out on my bike something might have worked out with the media thing? Maybe my cancelled trip to Scotland and the Peak District and North Wales might be back on?

Fingers crossed!

I wonder if I should take the Sigma EX 85mm f1.4 tomorrow?

A FEW DAYS (Part 1)

I should have titled this ‘A Few Days of a Freeloader’? Lol.

Well I am away for a couple of days.

Looking after my brothers dog while he is in Paris.

I will be a lot closer to nature, while I am here, and not far from somewhere I can get some interesting photographs. Though I do have my usual problem .. I have people nearby that can help and I have a .. secret weapon.



As it turns out the chest issues seem to calm down if I have alcohol and as I have not been able to see a GP since my return .. it is all I have available and I do not even know if there is a drug for the chest issues? Maybe the Tachycardia has a drug, I seem to recall reading about that some place and that may help. But without a GP .. no prescription medication.

I only have my magnesium, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B pills which I kind of hope help with some issues. But on that afternoon on the beach where I had felt calm for the first time in a year and never wanted to leave? Yeah I had a pint of shandy and two extra pills of each.

My sister seems to think it is the pills where I am inclined to think that the alcohol played a part because it was not just my chest issues that seem to be held at bay .. my anxiety was too.

Though I tend to think it was a combination of the two?

So in the past few days I have put the alcohol to the test and I have purchased pill boxes, because I could not find my usual pill box .. well I did today. So I purchased two others .. one for my Holland & Barrett pills to be taken in the morning and another smaller one with just four compartments .. to take out with me.

Actually it will be a little odd as one thing I have in mind to photograph was one of the very first things I took a photograph on with my first Nikon S8200 digital camera. In fact I used the picture on my corruption blog and it got some likes and attention. It was kind of .. fitting .. in a way towards what it is that I intended to do.

I will not say any more about what it is but with my professional camera and my knowledge of post-processing software for RAW images, Serif Affinity Photo, I should get some much better, much more dramatic and much more fitting .. photographs. Fingers crossed.

Probably rain for the next two days which would be about par for the course with my luck.

Very close by to my target is a couple of other things that involves some very old walls and a gate and I am hoping a couple of other things besides.

There is also a nature reserve nearby I used to frequent a fair deal.

However I have to think about weight and I forgot to ask what buses go by here, if any at all?

The nature reserve really requires a second lens and .. it is kinda .. heavy. Though I do have new ways of carrying this stuff which I have not put to the test so will see how it goes.

Unfortunately I do not have all the lenses I intended to buy .. really could do with a Sony 70-400mm f4 and a Tamron 90mm Macro. Could achieve so much more with those two lenses but .. well .. life and all that. Maybe in time something can be worked out ..

Provided these damn conditions or government does not do me in, in the meantime?

I also spotted a Passion Flower right outside the door sitting atop a wooden fence so that will likely be photographed tomorrow morning, if I am up early, or tomorrow night? Hmm .. maybe I should check the weather?

Yup supposed to be sunny tomorrow and partly sunny Wednesday and Thursday.

I should have the pictures up between Friday night and Saturday night on my various accounts ..

  • Flickr

  • Instagram

  • Tumblr

  • Pinterest

I am hoping that if I push through this and I get a goof few days I may able to add a fair few photos, maybe between 100 and 200? Mixture of architecture and nature and I might even get some night time shots?

As I want to build up many more shots on my professional camera I have decided to not even bring my Nikon Coolpix P900 Bridge camera along. I will be too tempted to take it along with the other camera and will just end up weighing too much.

I also think I will be too distracted, and I am at the best of the time due to various symptoms, from concentrating on what would make a better photo with the pro level camera.

I always thought I had an eye for a photo and have started looking at things in a new light but I never expected that I would get good photos from day one so am still experimenting and getting used to the camera and menu system.

Often I think I have a good shot but when I have it in post processing I then decide I do not like it and cannot do much with it. Sometimes I get shots I do not think I can do anything with and might end up with three or four pictures from it?

Sometimes I get back and I look at a photo and think “Ooooh that angle was just .. wrong!” Southwark Cathedral springs to mind. There was one I liked and one I hated.

But therein lies another problem. When I do this I am thinking ..

  • Poster

  • Large Wall Picture

  • Book Cover

  • Magazine Cover

  • PC Wallpaper

  • Must try to think of other uses for pictures

Except what I like others might have a different taste and what I do not like .. others may well like?

So I try to take various images at various angles and even in post-processing if I think it looks a little bit cool or very cool .. it gets turned into a jpeg and uploaded.

Though I am getting better at this while I am becoming more choosy about the way I take pictures as well as what it is that I upload.

So hopefully from here on in I will get more hits than misses from my shots and this I think can only be a good thing. With a good base already it allows me to build something up.

However .. I do not the right subject matter of course and I am not always sure what I am going to find.

For instance in Kent recently we walked a but of a way to our first .. beach though more estuary and there were these chest wader boots hanging from a frame. I was not really feeling up to the job but was there. I had left the pro camera in the car and only had the bridge camera. Took a shot with the bridge camera and that has been looked at four times more than any other shot I took in that 24 hour period?! Go figure.

Though it was too far of a walk I wished I had gotten shots with the pro camera .. but then I would not have got shots, admittedly bad, of the Oystercatchers.

Oh dear ..

I had planned to write this over the night I was here .. then the following night after I had managed to get out and get at least some shots with the camera. Only I am typing this the following morning because something odd .. happened. I will also need to check something out, which I am now recalling but not sure, when I get back later.

I got up this morning and descended some stairs and stepped out of the flat to have a cigarette as I cannot smoke in the flat.

Only as I started smoking I noticed I felt a little .. weird. Could not work out why at first but the feeling became stronger and I realised I was nauseous.

After another minute or two I also noticed that my legs felt very wobbly and the last minute or two of smoking my dreaded roll up I actually thought I was going to go .. down!

Now though this has happened many times previously it has never happened quite like this. This normally occurs when I am standing up from a seated or crouched position and does not always occur. In fact I seem to go through phases where I can have nothing at all for a series of days and then several times per day for a series of days. I have never managed to figure that one one out and neither have several GP Surgeries nor hospitals purely because they did not bother, did not really want to find anything and had part of the puzzle staring them right in the face.

Now two things about this ..

  • Chomping at the bit, so to speak, to get photographs

  • Worried now something will occur while out

    • Though I do have the use of a mountain bike, thank God

  • Had alcohol last night to calm palpitations

    • Seem to recall alcohol has a negative effect on .. something

      • Hypomagnesemia?

Jesus .. this is a good start! The first morning too!

Just watching Frasier right now while waiting for my phone to finish charging and thought I would just type this out regarding the nausea as I would likely forget later. Unless of course this ends up incapacitating me for the day in which case I am unlikely to forget!

I have decided to not carry weight and so the Sony A99II is fitted with the Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f2.8 only. Others will be left here.

Fast Forward and it is now 16:40 on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 and Sweden are 1-0 up against Switzerland. Not long now before England play Columbia.

Yikes that was great .. and .. that was a .. nightmare at the exact same time.

Bike had a rusty chain but was OK but seat a bit low for me and not quick release. Had to pump the tyres up some too but despite hesitating about going out .. it was not far and would be a piece of cake if not for that bloody .. hill!

Get down there .. get a few shots before I move onto my old target, which I am sure I can get a couple dozen pictures from when post-processing. Should cause a stir as it did the first time I published the picture of this .. subject over five years ago? Many more people visiting now and the will likely see the same .. symbolism, let us call it that, they did previously. I will wait and see.

Massive headache from searing heat and long and also dry batches of grass everywhere. I used to frequent this area a great deal .. not seen grass this long nor this high.

So .. after a winter and spring with a lot of rain and hence the very long grass it is now immediately obvious we are in a period of drought?

Lots of old walls and lots of old .. entrances. Photographed! These ancient walls also provided me with more subjects vie little islands of plants growing on the old brickwork.

I walk around a corner and .. lo and behold a whole line of different flowers of different shapes and colours. Well this is a bonus as I have not even made my way to the garden I know is there yet! A dozen photos.

Then I find the garden .. another dozen or so photos.

Then I am at a shop to buy some drinks .. a Root Beer and a Ribena, one for now and one for the bottle holder. Outside I grab the bike and start to walk .. oh wait a minute, this is not my bike?! I look down .. no bottle holder!

Into the dragonfly sanctuary I am buzzed by a flash of metallic azure blue as a bird flies across my path! What the hell was that?

Looking like an escapee exotic bird I did wonder if it was a Kingfisher but it seemed far too big and the blue far too dark?

Trying to photograph butterflies with the wrong lens I am then buzzed by an overly large yellow butterfly. Way too big to be a Brimstone or a Clouded Yellow Butterfly .. I suspect I know what it is and that it is not a butterfly at all but instead a moth. No photographs this time but I have shot this species previously.

My head is starting to hurt. I hide in the shade, camera on my lap awaiting a butterfly to rest for more than a microsecond? Naaah!

I decide to come back but stop at a rock carving feature and then an Abbey. Few more shots.

My head banging like a thunderclap and a sharp long incline beckons. I do not make it 100 metres of the 400 metres or so and am off the bike, under a tree onto some grass and I am down. Might as well roll a cigarette if I am down?

I decide to walk for a bit until the hill levels out. Which bloody road was it? Ah this one? Hmm I do not recall that name? Maybe I should just carry on going after all I might see somewhere else I can visit with my camera tomorrow?! Oh .. there’s another road? This one looks more like it and .. what is that? How the feck did I forget the name of this God damned road?! Dumb-arse!! On let me cycle down to that roundabout was I am sure there is something along there? I am sure I walked around some footpath or other with my brother a few years back?

I find a footpath to my right but keep going, what’s that? Red? Poppies? I will look on the way back and when I do there are a few wild flowers. Through the gate with the bike and .. ouch!! What the f …?! Ankle high socks and I think I just hit a big batch of stinging nettles?! That is smarting!

Dozen more photos and I am back in the car park outside the flat where I am looking after a dog and a flat! I made it and I have not died! Though I have to say it feels like my head is going to split in two!

Ooh that Passion Flower?! Couple more shots and .. oooh those red flowers in the car park?! Few more shots.

Hmm I wonder how many photos I took today? Thirty at least .. maybe as many as fifty? Actually ow that I think about it must be closer to a hundred? That must get me a couple hundred pictures right there?! Day one of three .. not .. bad!

Pounding head and umm yeah .. look up Hypomagnesemia and alcohol?!

Done. Doesn’t make sense as any talk about alcohol dropping your magnesium levels only seems to apply to alcohol abusers. Well .. alcoholics basically which is something I have never been in my life.

I had worked my way through a couple of cans and had thought that my wobbling legs this morning had some link to the alcohol from last night?

Which would have been kind of ironic as I was using the alcohol to calm any heart palpitations and it also calms the anxiety too. The only thing I have ever had that does have a positive effect on both these things and as I have been screwed over backwards over and over and over again by the NHS, because basically they can with no come backs, happy 70th NHS, and currently without a GP I have no choice. If I need to get anything done .. which I need to do.

I am stuck here currently because of my health and would like to get things done I did not get done last year, but am being held back because of my health.

Today I should have a portfolio of .. let me check .. 4,000 plus photographs on my Flickr account which many early ones do not count as they are not of professional quality and were mostly just shots of various animals and plants.

I currently have 2,400 plus but I think if I get a good day I may be able to raise this up by a few hundred over this weekend?

I also have around a dozen photos from around three months ago I did not finish post processing .. from my visit to London Bridge on the day of the London Marathon.

In something of a twist I had planned to visit the city are of London to get a few dozen shots but that plan went south when I picked up my front wheel and the tyre was flat. Seems to have developed a pretty bad puncture around the valve area, which are normally not fixable. I did not remove the inner tube to inspect it .. I just heard it hiss from that area.

So I have a few photos currently but once again I am down again. I am pleased at what I got today but only in as far as that I had to force myself to do it and work through various symptoms to get what I did.

On any other day and had this been just a few years back this would not have bothered me as doing this would have been fairly easy. Today it is not.

I am at the top of the hill while my targets today were a couple hundred metres form the bottom of said hill. This was an area I visited twice a week just two years ago and I could easily have visited had I been fit enough and not bogged down with these damn symptoms.

Not even going to bother mentioning the Fibromyalgia crap I have had to deal with for years that I am not even sure is linked to this or not yet.

So it is kinda strange to think I am really happy to get to a spot that was actually fairly local to me just a few years ago and take bloody pictures and get back again.



Well this is both interesting, enjoyable while at the same time knowingly to become .. frustrating.

Esther McVey has been forced to apologize over intentionally misleading everyone over Universal Credit?

First off what about all the other times she’s lied. Notice how they now refer to lies as being ‘misled’? Doesn’t sound half as bad does it?

Secondly .. so she’s lied and admitted to lying in a long line of government either caught lying or evading questions that make it obvious they are lying by omission. So what will be done about it?

Ooh .. nothing?

Yeah well next time when they tell even bigger lies and everyone wonders why ..

Because all they have to do is give an apology when they are caught.

Jesus H. Christ they really are taking the entirety of the British people for fools as well as sheeple.

Ooh I have read more now .. she ‘inadvertently mislead’ parliament and it is funny how they do this a hell of a lot.

Funny how they speak like they are all that and they are the smart ones and everyone else is stupid, predict horrible things they will have to do but as soon as they get caught doing something far worse than even the horrid things they said they would do .. they all turn stupid?!


Nope .. you were thick to begin with .. thinking that everyone buys your bullshit and that you would get away with it for eternity?

Yeah Esther I would start thinking about the history books of tomorrow because many of you are not going to have a good light put upon you.

‘No’ was basically the answer to ‘is Esther McVey resigning?’ and that was answered when Theresa May, like her predecessors not ‘Prime’ of anything, answered “Yes” to the question “do you still have confidence in Esther McVey?” Of course she has! Because ..

Esther McVey lies when she is told to!

Jesus H. Christ they ask the most stupid of questions, they really do.

But then the mainstream media is being found out, a spat going on right now between a Guardian reporter who told lies in his report and a bunch of people calling him out on it. Yeah he just dug himself in deeper with another lie. Lies are OK for some people and even those that are supposed to call out others for lying, it seems?! He reacted to being called a ‘slimy journalist; which I thought was funny because I thought personally he was a dickhead but now I think he is complete bloody lying and hypocritical wanker that should be kicked out of journalism and banned from ever returning. Ever.

A journalist who tired to deliberately give his readers a false impression .. tried to manipulate the readers with a bunch of lies.

I have started leaving comments here and there and I made this joke about how this moron has only found out about his targets right now? I have been listening to these people for years now. Do these people not look at the like to dislike ration on YouTube and not realise they were found out years ago and are now in an ever shrinking minority. And no .. it is not because of the Internet that people are not buying newspapers .. it is because you have all been found out to be lying and then when the finger is pointed at you, you .. well you .. lol .. you act like a bunch of pathetic idiotic children. Trying to steal someone else’s phrase as your own and make it about them and all the people who have long since found you out to be the liars that you are.

Yeah so asking the obvious question gets you the obvious answer or even the obvious evading the question which used up air time. This will make the journalists look like they are doing their jobs to the viewers and making it uncomfortable for them when the truth is the media are complicit.

But they cannot make this obvious so they all ask the questions they know they will get no answer to or that the answer will be obvious.

It was years I wondered why they asked these utterly stupid question which was a waste of time every single time and then of course it hit me.

Theoretically it will probably go something like this ..

Dumb-arse Journalist: “You going to fire her?”

Prime Idiot: “No”

Dumb-arse Journalist: “OK the microphone is off, that wasted those few minutes and we are both in the clear .. wanna go to Starbucks? I will be at that dinner event Friday and I will need to ask you dumb-arse questions for ten minutes avoiding the fact that you are siphoning off the public’s taxes and hiding some nasty arse shit but do not worry I will think of something. Make sure you get all the sheeple to think that everyone that is not working is a freeloader and lazy. I know this one guy with a blog telling the wrong truths. We will have a go at him when he gets too big for his boots!”

I might have questions regarding Elon Musk of late but I hope this journalist rating website he has threatened to do becomes a reality.

That is a bloody good idea! I simply cannot wait because they seem to keep on lying and appear to be oblivious to the fact that almost everyone in the UK thinks or know that they lie.

I wonder of they will stop and wonder what the backlash might be when all these people that are now finding out that they have been lying realise how long they have been lying for?!

Oh dear .. this will not go well because ..

Guess who has a shit ton of emails on all the national tabloids?

Little old me!!


Esther McVey forced to apologise for ‘inadvertently misleading’ parliament over universal credit report


I used to think that too few people had too much money .. or at least do a fecking job with the use of this money and their behaviours.

I always believed this.

In recent times it has been exposed in facts and rumours that it is far, far worse than even my imagination could possibly conjure up.

What slays me in all this is that they act like they are superior and we are all mindless sheep .. well maybe those idiots that pay for tickets too the talent reality shows? Or maybe those that scream like nutters at a concert? They cannot perform any speech at any of their shindigs, where I complain that they are setup because they love patting both themselves and each other on the back, without being patronizing and condescending.

Well they would not like to hear the truth in that I cannot bear to watch these shows because I find them mindless dribble and I honestly want to vomit or hide my head in shame whenever they speak publicly. The interviews alone are bad enough and I have never, ever been able to watch those but these award speeches? Vomit inducing to a high degree. I .. do .. vomit easily.

I have heard people ranting on about globalism and these .. elite. I had no bloody idea what they were on about and it was like every video I watched sounded like a crazed conspiracy theorist that had me reaching for the kitchen foil roll.

However as time went on I could see and hear more and more evidence as to why more ad more people were stating the things that they do.

Christ almighty even the great David Icke was not looking or sounding quite so crazy because these people were behaving ever more weird as time went on.

I myself and for a long time did not want to have anything to do with anything like that .. I would not want to be in that world and cannot as myself why people would want to?!

You would have to be a different species to .. want .. to .. yeah OK, let us not go there!

What we have heard rumours of and those we know to be true ..

  • Sex Initiations

  • Rapists

  • Social Justice Warriors

  • Paedophile Rings

  • What the feck goes on that we do not know about?!

What is worse is that this does not seem to be confined to the film industry and rumours abounded about politicians and even monarchies.

Jesus this was way beyond that which I knew about or even that which I predicted.

I wonder if I were free to speak to groups preparing for civil war from either side of the Atlantic I would ask them if they had heard and seen that which I have done and come to the same conclusions and that this is why they have done what they have? If this is why they have hidden themselves away in secret? Knowing that the mindless and low intellects out there which might call them crazy while screaming like idiots because of some celebrity they idolise appearing before them?

But then maybe this is the issue? If enough of these mindless fools exist to sway a vote .. maybe others feel like the country is lost and what is the point of voting? Or too many fools for the sensible ones to make a difference?

Let us be honest .. Hollywood has very literally been viewed as that of a monarchy for a very long time and some people have gone to great lengths to become part of it and remain part of it. Catherine Zeta Jones, cough cough.

What I find hilarious is on the odd occasions when I am unable to turn away and I hear one of them say something .. it is either fucking dumb or extremely embarrassing and I think to myself ‘these are the people that think they are of some higher order than everyone else?! With these stupid clubs and initiation ceremonies and everything else?”

Yeah so .. who knows how many of these groups exist that predicted a civil war and set themselves up as a type or resistance fighter outfit. God knows how many more are going to spring up and meet in secret over the next six months to five years?

Oh and I am sure you are going to hear all of the lame crap that these idiots could come out with but it will be utter crap and only designed for the sheep.

But the true reasons will be obvious both on this post and many of our previous posts.

Helping themselves to obscene amounts of money when there is so much money in any given country and ultimately means others are going to suffer and starve including children ..

.. then they want to appear to everybody that they are human and caring and that their politics is on the left .. and Hilary Clinton and her cronies want to claim they are on the left and encouragig the far-left idiots to fight, argue and plot for them?

Get the .. FUCK OUT!

Anything that comes crashing down on top of you, the governments, overpaid and everyone else I am sorry but you and nobody else but you brought it on.

They wont be sheeple, which oddly much of the UK Police force now seem to look like almost as if it has been some long term design, now that the sensible and others that still remain human have left.

Social Justice Warriors in the Police Force? For the love of God do not give them guns .. liable to shoot themselves in the foot. Well .. this is what they normally do on a daily basis on the Internet, is it not? LMAO!

If it seems to be the case that at least 95% of the time whose with too much money seem to lose touch with reality, communities, the real world and common sense then they should not be allowed to do what they do or have what they have.

Imposing or trying to manipulate beliefs based on idiocy, warped realities and exceptionally low levels of either intelligence or wisdom has proved and is priving to be an exceptionally bad .. idea!

You also have to consider that if the revelations that have surfaced regarding charities and that a rising number of people suspect all charities as being up to no good.

Then think about the fact that all these overpaid morons seem to champion some charity or other, when they are not falling over themselves to tell you how they care about people and are against suffering, and wonder what the charity might be doing for them?

When I think if all the people I could actually help with all the money that goes to these charities I could probably stop starvation and homelessness in the UK alone?!

Tens of millions if not hundreds of millions go to these charities a year .. makes the huge number of homeless, at 250,000 last I checked, look somewhat small .. don’t you think?!

Considering how much influence they have and the power they have, over sheeple and money, they are not very good at very basic mathematics. Quite ow many of them hold the positions they do is beyond me. Quite how they are even allowed to say the things that they do is also well beyond me.

But then it is like the film making industry itself ..

How the fuck do they manage to make such shit films?!

How the fuck do they manage to write such shit stories with such glaringly obvious mistakes?!

Hundreds of millions they spend just creating the films and half that again on marketing. Fans on Youtube do much better jobs with a tiny fraction of the money and resources.

Do they mke so much money know that is just some sort of a club? Or a series of clubs? Political agendas, sex initiations and God knows what else? Yeah .. don’t matter of you can’t write for shit mate, as long as you agree with my view .. or agreee to some bizarre twisted initiation ceremony?

And it is they that they want to spy on twenty four hours a day with cameras up our arses everywhere we go, everywhere we shop, everywhere we drive and even right in our living rooms, with out televisions, mobile phones and now computers. Us?!

No .. its fucking YOU lot that need to be watched all the time!

It really chokes my chain at times, it really does. The human condition is a deeply flawed one and a blatantly hypocritical one time and time again.

Often think of the people who left my posts over the years and doubted me .. thinking I was wrong about this and wrong about that and I would always say this to people that said that ..

.. yeah .. how many times have you said to me this country and this world is fucked? Well now you making it sound like it is normal? Make your mind up .. if it is fucked, as you say, then start looking into why it is fucked and WHERE it is fucked and try not to be so immediately dismissive!

It is not only social justice warriors and far left nutjobs that do not like logic. Trust me when I say that logic has often dumbfounded someone I know who IS right-wing.

I was walking in a market the other day and there appeared to be what looked like two students and one of them was holding a clipboard and I saw the words ‘social science’ and she looked at me and I thought ‘Pleeease .. just don’t .. just don’t!’. Lol.


I had a notification at some point, do not recall if it was last night or this morning and I was telling my daughter about this only a short time ago.

It stated that the USA was heading for another Civil War but knowing the guy that did the video I thought it was just talk to get .. views.

Then I saw another video about it .. a nurse in the USA. Then I saw another.

Then I saw a Lionel Nation video about it and then got a notification that stated that a large USA tabloid, USA Today or Washington Post I think, stated it and mentioned that something like a third of Americans believe it is coming?!

Oh dear.

So I took a listen at Patriot Nurse and Lionel Nation and then I saw a couple of videos by both Tim Pool and Vee regarding an article in the Guardian and .. when I saw the headline .. calling Sargon of Akkad, Count Dunkula and Paul Joseph Watson ‘free speech extremists’ it took a couple of seconds before I looked at the headline of the article while saying “Wait, WHAT?! ‘Freedom of Speech Extremists? What the fuck is that?!”

As I told my daughter I could see Civil Wars popping up all over Europe and after things I have seen written online I could see it occurring in the USA too.

In fact I would go as far as saying and have said this to many that my ad revenue has been frozen

with this subject of ‘civil war’ as one of the reasons? Only thing I can think of.

Except I do not incite it and only warn that of the deaf and stubborn side do not start listening, the same ones that have frozen my income, it will come. I have also stated that I believe that want it to happen and are themselves deliberately trying to incite it. Because they have infected so many things we love and say such stupid and impossible things that it is like the are inciting something.

Soo .. maybe then there could be an argument that they have frozen things and tried to stop me because they realise I know their evil plan and are worried I might stop these civil wars?

Food for thought, is it not?

So it has felt like civil war has been coming for a very, very .. long time.

In all honesty I did not expect talk of it to come from America first and .. no I did not expect it in the UK either. It had to be a big nation with a big divide and in all honesty my money was on either Germany or France. After the first one I then expect the others to follow suit and quickly and then the UK and smaller nations following.

Not Italy though .. they have Espresso and have very obviously recently picked up the aroma? Not Austria either.

It will be bigger nations that still follow the EU party line proving once and for all the lunacy of the way they have gone for the past twenty years plus.

Sometimes I think this is what it will take to first teach all these God damn God complex idiots a lesson and get them out once and for all and never .. EVER set up something so obviously flawed ever again?

Who would be to blame when it comes to this? The ones that not only did not listen but also turned on their own people, not caring whether they lived or died while taking care of others.

I have stated it over and over and over again for two decades .. charity fucking begins at fucking home!

But no .. they wanted to look good to the rest of the world so they would get offered back hander and free holidays and whatever bloody other perks they get for spewing that party line nonsense?

“Your joking? REALLY?!” is what my daughter responded with when I told her it was now being reported in a tabloid and Lionel Nation was talking about it among others.

She herself has been stabbed in the back by these socialist lefties and she along with an ever growing number of poor people do not want anything at all to do with the hypocrites over on that left-side of things.

The trouble is, it might not even be that bad but a large number of morons are giving the impression that this is how life is everywhere on the left and they all believe the same nonsense and want white people to die while they welcome murderers and paedophiles with open arms.

You need to read two stories on my daughter .. in Love It Magazine a few weeks back and front page top left corner of the latest issue of Take A Break Monthly .. where we are praying that from this and promises made that we both get one lucky break from it?!

My post titles on each are ..

  • The Fugliness (for Love It)

  • Revealing Realities (for Take A Break)

Yup that’s my daughter and to the older readers returning that did not believe me ..



In fact after what I have been hearing it would not surprise me if Sweden was another country that fell into this civil war ..

You see two problems with Stephen Hawking’s line to ‘Keep Talking’, made famous by my favourite band, Pink Floyd ..

  • If one side goes deaf your .. fucked

  • Keeping on talking only allows the problem to get out of hand

Yeah some groups will want you to keep talking while they plot and plan ahead waiting for the time when nothing can stop them.

At this rate there will come a time when British people will pray for Putin to invade us and then clear out the trash? As ludicrous as that sounds I can now see that occurring.

Plus they will likely pray that Angela Merkel comes to the country .. so they can burn her at a stake, most likely?!

I certainly would not want to be a very public figure that a great many millions around Europe will point the finger of blame at!

I can say for sure that it is coming because the side that avoid the facts .. and science who refuse to even talk, let alone listen, are acting worse than ever and are themselves now extremists .. but want to use that word against people advocating free speech now.

The Guardian? Oh how I fucking laughed y head off .. I mean I knew they were idiots years ago when they ignored me 6 years ago and some of the things that Kevin Maguire stated on TV .. I thought you get fucking paid for this shit?!

If there is one thing I have it is integrity .. I might allow myself to rant off at times on here just to give an idea of how angry, stressful and painful life has become .. hoping these fucking arseholes might take notice but they do not. But I always stick to my guns ad could NEVER be bought out to state the crap someone else believes.

I would NEVER want to be a journalist for any of the major European tabloids where now your treated like a politician where you have to toe the party line? FUCK .. OFF! And eat shit you tyrannical, fanatical, extremist, hypocritical, totalitarianism wanting fruit loops!


Europe? Yup .. they are talking about it .. engineered ..