How many times this has happened to me I have lost count ..

.. technically I am a hair’s breadth from it right now and will be for about a month or two at the very outside. Hoping for a miracle in that time. There are two and one that should have happened already but it not for one thing or another.

Receive a load of money, try to build for what little future you have left, ten years I estimate, help others .. end up in this situation?!

So I heard from someone a little fact that was reported that for me highlights just how bad things are getting i this country. It also gives me the chance to point out something that is a common factor in all this that no one points out. Or does not want to point out .. I am not going to point it out. I am simply going to state that it is there, obvious and that no one points it out.

One particular homeless man has been seen huddled under cardboard in a church doorway or curled up under bushes. No matter who this is .. this is bad. But .. someone gets the news media treatment when it turns out to be someone that was of some significance once. or more accurately that some previous fact of the homeless person can be mentioned within the report to bring a stark contrast between then and now.

This man is to be found in Bournemouth, of all places.

He was also the driver of once Princess Diana?!

His name is Mark Roberts.

In the Mirror report he was reported as saying ..

I feel let down by my country. I ­desperately need help from the ­authorities, but they don’t seem to care. I sleep rough just yards from the council building. But I don’t feel there’s going to be any help for me any time soon

Just like the Policeman blinded by that Raoul Moat and every other situation whereby someone ends up in the media .. the public services will no doubt admit their was a clerical or administrative error and they will be house, paid, left alone?! Of that I have no doubt.

It is just a shame that every other homeless person, disabled person, single parent and jobless that has been victimised by tricks and lies and suffered badly by the lying public services were not all linked to someone or something .. famous?!

Hmm maybe I should do some work for free for someone or some organisation that is well known?! Oh I turned down that when a bunch of others, around 80, and myself were all asked to work for the NHS for free despite being fucking lied to, in my case, for 13 years plus?!

Had the NHS not lied to me over and over and over again I likely would have accepted the offer .. but not five full working days a week I would not have done!

Oh if that previous fact shocks you about being asked to work for an NHS that lied to me for years and for five days and for no money and you doubt it? Sorry .. but the recordings of that are even on here.

Oh and this was supposed to be a support group for people in pain too. At the end of all three you hear someone talk for ten minutes or so about us considering working for the NHS as a volunteer but that it is five days a week. Yeah .. sorry about that!

SO whenever you see these reports about homeless people and indeed even see them there is common fact that links all of them and no .. it is not that they are mostly male. But it is just as obvious.

This man also suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but as many of us are now well aware .. mental health issues are not a disability any ore and have not been since long before the financial crisis.  A fact I have mentioned several times over the years that points to the fact that the government knew years before it even started that the financial crisis was coming. Even I knew there was something going on that was not being reported about. Meaning all the ‘Oh no’s’ from the House of Commons when the financial crisis started was to fool the public into thinking it was a genuine shock to them? That is a fact in my own head.

I would wager that the number of homeless, people being displaced in properties, has been steadily rising at an ever increasing rate for a number of years and will continue to do so. I have to wonder of this will become exponential at some point? If it has not already?

Terrible times that historians of the future will no doubt have a field day with?



Well I have been saying it for the longest time now but ..

We are being fed shite by the TV News media and the TV media in general.

Now obviously they are not doing this themselves but they are being ordered to do this and employing idiots that do not see this or simply do not care. Notice how they do not seem that .. bright? Lol.

It has been my long held belief and I have often theorised that big corporations influence the politicians who themselves influence the media who feed the crap to us while ignoring very important and shocking stories and obvious truths.

This is done by pay-offs and oddly enough I am worried that either one is going on right now or that a certain guy, let us call him a Men In Black title of ‘J’, is not who he claimed to be. The website certainly is not that good in all honesty .. considering what they have claimed to do and looks like something I could cook up in an evening.

Now I was sent something by someone that found something on Facebook and was sent to me because it contains a picture description of the flow of .. information that tallies up to the letter what I have told them for a few years now. Which is exactly what I have been stating on here for a while now and from the very outset.

I am having to embed this in here as html code so I am not sure how it will turn out and will have to check as soon as I have posted this!

I was also sent a link that stated that the ex-military hero and driver of Princess Diana has been left to live on the streets?! I will get around to that one shortly but cannot right now as I am tired and had to force myself to order a couple of things i have been trying to order for two days and pay an incompetent energy company, Eon Energy, my last bill for a previous property .. do not get me started on that one!


Well there is a report with a figure but it does not look right to me.

After the Disability Rights UK article in the last post suggesting that people were mostly happy with disability assessments a report was published with some number. That number is 4,000 or just so you do not think there is a typo, four thousand.

I had totally forgotten bout the Work & Pensions Select Committee of which I became involved letting them know of everything that went before and everything that was, or indeed was not, going on currently. After a cut down report they asked for more and stated they wanted to publish it. The late Michael Meacher MP also wanted to use my data in January 2013 and asked for permission to do so in the House of Commons to attack Iain Duncan-Smith. How long since IDS quit his job? This started long before I was asked by Michael Meacher if he could use my story. How long has this been going on then? How many times has the dishonesty of the DWP and their hetnchmen, like Atos and Capita, been reported? But they seem to be just catching them and reporting on them being dishonest now?! Do the court involved get there moment in the spotlight? After all you have to be incompetent to miss this for so long and if you did see it should have dished out some court orders to these people?

So .. most people were happy with PIP and ESA assessments were they? Four thousand complaints just in the weeks or two months at most after the Work & Pension Select Committee asked for them? This is not taking into account that most people would not have noticed the call for people to contact them, I nearly missed it myself. Nor does it take into account that these assessments have been complained about for several years beforehand.

Also and as someone pointed out on DPAC’s Facebook page .. “Did anyone ask us?!” The answer is no .. they did not. Well done, Disability Rights UK for missing out that other disability chairities were not asked to ask their members. Where was the pinned request on DPAC’s Facebook page, or Black Triangle’s or Disability Rights UK for that matter?! I did not see one. In fact I cannot recall how I discovered it .. might have been messaged, notified or tagged by someone on Facebook? Might have stumbed across it on a webpage myself? Might have been emailed with the link from one disability group or another? I simply cannot recall.

So .. still being fecked over or not provided service and support by all the above. Just some little mention in some little article, all of which avoided like the plague by the TV News groups, that never gets followed up. Almost as if we were intentionally being mislead by those publishing some of these articles? You do have to ask yourself this question.

Oh and .. when your a disability assessor one question you can ask and get away with is this ..

“So when did you catch Down’s Syndrome?”?!

Umm .. recall me banging on about how they are not qualified to assess disabilities and how they are not even general medical professionals not even to GP standard, let alone specialists?!

Well there you go .. another point I have been proven correct on.


Well I have been missing the odd report.

I was kind of tied up, with pubic service failures and gathering evidence trust me, for four months and busy for six months before that. I still kinda am .. or at least have things to achieve but I am pacing myself. Due to memory and health issues.

So I recently posted articles about PIP being re-reviewed, Atos being found guilty of lying and a few others.

Oddly I came across a report on Disability Rights UK’s website where it states that MP’s ‘find’ claimants are ‘mainly’ satisfied with PIP & ESA assessments .. but there are problems.

Out of dozens of people I know only one has not complained but he is the only one that has not been assessed in recent times and therefore .. STILL on DLA so is ruled out. That means that 100% thus far disabled people have complained.

What I hate about the article is it seems to be portrayed as it is a fact. Like there is nothing wrong with assessments, or at least very little which can be expected of anything like this ..

Anyone that has been here regularly knows I have not trusted charities in a very, very long time.

Also and on the same page there are links to two articles on the Disability News Service’s website that contradict this report?!

‘Data shows multiple complaints against SCORES of Atos assessors’ ..

And to add insult to injury ..

‘Nearly one in three Capita assessments flawed’ ..

Then I would like to point out a particular court appearance I experienced with a biased judge called Judge Mark of the HMCTS ..

  • Explained ..
  • I did not attend assessments as there were between five and forty miles away
    • Later found out they had assessment centre two miles away
  • I did not travel five to forty miles because everyone knows they lie and well documented and reported as such online
    • Now being reported on widely and nationally so
  • But three very lame and amateurish attempts to label me as a liar
    • All failed, none mentioned in report all of which on here .. I think?
I have no issues posting and publishing things because I have nothing to hide and am honest about things that occur. No point in being dishonest and .. well you would soon get caught out and the HMCTS, DWP, Atos, Capita and Maximus all seem to have forgotten one simple rule followed by one fact ..
  • Liars require a damned good memory
  • Due to Fibromyalgia and Fibrofog my memory is shite
Need anyone say any more?
Maybe, why so long when I have pointed out the facts for several years?


I get sent links and notifications of news stories from all kinds of places.

Tonight I spotted one sent to me that was on Facebook and when I read the article I could not believe what I was reading.

The best part, if there could ever be a best part from s story like this, is that it was spotted by someone I had been trying to get through to for the longest time. Though to be honest I had previously thought that I had. But them seeing this? Nail to the coffin!

Two parents with a seriously Autistic daughter are having trouble coping, suffer from depression themselves and is that any wonder? They feel like they have been pushed t the end of the line and that they have been abandoned.

Two parents. One Autistic child. How about one parent and two Autistic children? Being abandoned and with serious health issues they are considering refusing treatment for?! They already refused one.

Oddly enough a lifeline was given out with a sales pitch and .. it has been like showing someone a light at the end of a tunnel but after a period of quiet you start to wonder if it was fake and just a flash light. One minute you think that there is an end to it all and then you are put through this limbo and start to doubt .. normally after becoming impatient and this is because time scales talked about do not turn out to be the case.

Of course I have theories at either end of the scale and one involves becoming preoccupied with others while another involves becoming preoccupied with government .. involvement. Think of the latter as a form of damage limitation exercise?

I cannot image what things have been like for these poor unfortunate parents and there must be many others in this position?! I always speak like that, that it is going on everywhere, and this occurrence took place in another place I have been linked too. Bristol. The B’s that have haunted me for years .. Birkenhead, Birmingham, Bristol and Braintree. Just don’t. Just don’t ask.

Oddly enough I know for a fact that this abandonment is going on in the Wirral and of course it should not take a genius to realise now that things are .. really bad?

Samantha, who cares for Bella full time along with David, said: ‘When staff leave, they don’t seem to be replaced and with funding cuts, it seems the number of professionals who deal with cases like ours are depleting.’

And how do the local councils, not corrupt and run like some criminal organisations, get away with it? With the public service standard response to any question from anyone .. including, it would seem, the news media ..

According to a council spokesperson, they do not comment on individual cases but will continue to support the Mildon family.

Governmental .. bullshit as per usual.

I have heard this so many times before .. even from HMRC when I asked them how they had made so many mistakes over parents Child Tax Credits, how they took so long to realise quite so many mistakes and how they just assumed they could get back money for mistakes they made. If there were mistakes to begin with and HMRC were not flouting the law to gain back money for the treasury?!

The little girl is aged nine, called Bella Mildon, and at this age they have had to deal with this for a long time. In another case the child has only just turned four and though they might have five years to reach this stage, it gets worse as they get older I am told, in this second case there is a second child that is also Autistic and two others to add to this. Plus they are alone.

This child also injures herself and has several meltdowns each day, I know what this is like but to this degree? No.

Although she has been placed on specialist anti-psychotic medication twice a day to help ease her episodes, the special needs school she previously attended still deemed her too complex for them.

Even the MP for the area had to admit that the whole story was a disgrace ..

Samantha said: ‘Bella is a child who has fallen through the cracks. Even our local MP, Liam Fox, said exactly that when we wrote to him for help. He said it was disgraceful.’ 

I have lost count of the number of times I have said it and I have lost count of the number of ‘deaf ears’ I have said it to.

Because of those naïve people and amoral people the situation has gotten steadily worse over the years and the number of cases of abandonment has probably gotten to a nerve shattering heady figure. It will also get worse until the population of this nation decides to stand up and be heard. For that though you need enough merely naïve people to join there voices with the caring people and hope that the two are enough? Or more precisely that there is enough of them?

Check your Council Tax bill and I am sure you will find the breakdown states that a sum of money goes towards ‘Social Care’?!

Forgive me if I am wrong but I am sure this is classed as fraud and obtaining money by deception?!


I sent a message and a request in Facebook..

If someone is reading this as they were a few weeks ago they should .. check out their Facebook page.

I did it last Friday but as I understand it .. circumstances might have kept them .. away?

Something they might have been hoping for was already .. possible but .. well you need to check your page. Lol.


As well as new things coming out about local councils there now appears to be a very old thing rearing it’s butt ugly head.

Now I remember when this sort of thing first came into being and we are taking decades ago here. I would say close to three whole decades.

Now between then and now I don’t know if things had changed but from what I’ve just read .. no it seems it has not.

Now this is an old thing which has now become a new thing. A new old thing.

This has also become a prime example, maybe, of my argument about things taking forever, public service wise, or just being ignored by the public in general.

Local councils were quick years ago to sell off their properties to the tenants that live in them. My God my mother still moans about it today because my father wasn’t interested in doing that. She harps on about what this house would be worth today. Unfortunately she didn’t live in the same reality as others. She ignores the fact it’s riddled with damp, has been for years and that all the work they have done to the block would have ended up with bills of tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

For four weeks they have complained about our inheritance, complained about what each of us should and shouldn’t have done with it. But not once has she talked about a certain someone’s cancer. When it had been mentioned she starts talking about how the same had happened to her and others. Nope, it has not. She’s talking about abnormal cells. The only person she knew that was anything like this died a couple of years ago. Oddly she talks about herself dying from epilepsy, yeah that’s what it’s like.

On her dying bed her friend says she had tachycardia and her reply to her friend of 40 years was “Oh I’ve had that”. To which her friend dying of cancer replied “Is that another one to add to your list?” When this was divulged to me it was clear it was totally missed. She started on this hypochondria like trip in her late twenties to early thirties. Attention seeking. Forty years later and at nearly 49 I’m not allowed to speak about a registered disability that causes an early death according to recent reports or cancer. But we can talk about epilepsy, oh and no grand mal here either, for hours. Just like we can talk about the same stories from up the forty years ago over and over and over again. But don’t care tell them a story for the second time though.

Telling something for the fiftieth time is OK but being told something for the second time .. ooh noo!

Also you get your head chewed off if you forget something where they are concerned but .. of they forget .. oh it’s because their life, no threats of being homeless or death, is far worse than anyone else’s.

Sorry .. had someone boring into my brain this morning .. but I just realised I’m going through this hell because of the public services! Lol, so it is kinda indirectly related?

So this gentleman who lives in a tower block with the same cladding as Grenfell Tower received a bill. Because he bought his home from the council ..

He has been told he has to pay a share of £2,000,000. Yeah that’s £2 Million.

To make matters worse the property was going to be sold to pay for care?! Well that’s now not going to happen because first off there is this bill and secondly .. who the fuck is going to buy a high rise flat with a share of a £2 Million bill looming?!

I thought that these forced bills had been sorted out years ago? You would think that after forty years that at some point something would have been sorted out?

You would also think that it would have turned out that local councils had hidden something in the small print about these forced costs? You would therefore think that this would have been a huge story and a landmark case in changing the laws over small print?! But noooo!

A share of £2 Million?! Staggering.

There is also something else to consider in all this ..

How many properties are there throughout the entire country that has to have the cladding changed? A lot. It also then begs the question; How many more people are going to get bills of this size?!

The poor bastard also had to be taken to hospital after he was received the bill.

It’s being heard in court and something many people should keep an eye on.


Funny, is it not?

Local councils are the ones that push political correctness and love to portray themselves as caring towards people, well certain people anyway. I always knew the walls would come tumbling down one day. Probably like the proverbial dominoes.

I’ve been waiting for Wirral Council to go and I’m hearing that a council around the Manchester area might go, based on what I’m hearing is going on.

But I published a story regarding Northamptonshire County Council, possibly another nearby one because of trouble in Desborough?

Sorry, boot familiar with all the names of said councils but telling a story and giving an opinion out doesn’t really matter.

So how about a guy that pulls up at a bus stop to give a homeless man some blankets and other items? How bloody cool and heartwarming is that?!

Great story? But where does the council come into it, I hear you ask?

Oh well he received a £70 fine for stopping in a deserted bus stop to do that!

Oh and it gets better .. wait let me check, because I’m doubting what I read?

Yup .. this took place on Christmas Day?! Lol!

Nice one .. oh wait?

Ah! Nice one Leicester City Council!

How many councils have fined drivers for pulling up in bus stops on Christmas Day?

How many councils have fined drivers for pulling up in cars to be charitable to .. anyone?!

It’s .. deplorable but .. not that surprising to be honest. Just proves what I’ve been stating all along. Well some of it.

Well these council stories are like the vehicles that didn’t use that area that day. No buses using the alighting area but three council buses come along at once? Lol.

I just hope it continues and with each something new or something different is exposed. I know they are up to all sorts of tricks .. very likely most of them. I would wager at least half? In England at any rate. I couldn’t speak for Scotland and Wales and it wouldn’t be fair to and I’ve no experience on these neighbouring countries. Same goes for Northern Ireland.

I’m sure that at least one more council will be exposed before 2018 is out?

This cuntry has bee destroyed over twenty years and speeding up because with the public services it is all about appearances with them. APPEARANCES. Nothing more and nothing less. THey have loved nothing more to make it appear to the general public that they are a certain way of have a certain, dare I say it, leaning. But the truth is really something quite different ..

This is something that I not only have known for a long time but will be proved beyond doubt this year of 2018 and possibly not before long?

There is that old saying ‘You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time’. Well did a very good job of destroying that old saying and I realised that if you could fool all of the people all of the time that saying would always survive. Despite the fact it was never true .. not on the grandest scales at any rate.

Here is another saying that will become poignant before long ‘Fool if you think its over’.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Man fined ‘for helping homeless on Christmas Day’ –


Well, well, well .. what do we have ‘ere then?

According to the story in the link below our beloved Atos .. have been taken to court and found to be dishonest about someone’s assessment and ordered to pay £5,000 in damages?!

That is no less than sweet music to my ears and .. ooh yes please, I will take that!

If this occurred with me right now it would completely turn around the absolute mess they turned my life into and I can go right back to where I was and with all the tools I planned to buy but did not acquire .. by doing the job of the public services for them.

There might even be a certain .. person at Arrowe Park Hospital I might visit and state .. “Oh I do not get my money back do I for doing the job the public services are paid to do? Well lookee here and see that? Read it and weep .. arsehole!”

I am amazed it has taken this long for something like this to happen while at the exact same time wondering how they did it?

Yes I do have m own solicitor and I feel fortunate to have one after the very long search to find a representative for my case.

I am also wondering whether or not there will be more and also whether Capita and Maxima will be found guilty in time?

The disabled victim of Atos, Vanessa Haley from Huddersfield, stated the following interesting statement ..

“We are constantly being lied about, repressed and vilified. Many disabled people have become even further isolated by this system and have lost much, if not all of their care.”

The people behind the website, the Disability News Service, also made the following interesting statement ..

Disability News Service has been investigating claims of dishonesty at the heart of the PIP assessment system for more than a year, and has heard from nearly 300 disabled people who have made such allegations.

I can assure you that more than 300 people have complained about this. You only need to fnd the news story, which I posted about and linked on here, to find that they are reviewing 1.6 million disability claims.

I would like to see the name PIP, or Personal Independence Payments, gone! I would like the ‘Personal’ word replaced with ‘Disabled’ so that it becomes clear what it is for and that they give a shit about people with disabilities.

There was an interesting statement about the victim which was too close to home for me and sent a shiver down my spine ..

She now experiences “constant paranoia” about being misdiagnosed by GPs and other healthcare professionals. She has also begun self-harming.

The victim also stated the following, which was also a bit too close for comfort ..

 “It is rarely absent from my thoughts, and as a result my anxiety is through the roof.”

Well I previously stated that I felt like we was at the beginning .. of the end? After seeing and reading this on Facebook where it was posted on DPAC’s Facebook page I am feeling more confident than I have been in a long time.

Fingers crossed now for everyone out there that suffers from a disability and who has suffered at the hands of these evil doers.


This one is something I am placing here for future reference and I just pray that I remember to refer back to this.

Well .. I do have short term memory problems from my Fibromyalgia that causes me all sorts of problems.

Something is going to come out in the news media in various formats and it’s something I’ve predicted. Predicted for a fair old while on here.

Now I’m not sure if the exact times and dates and nor do I know how it will come out. At least not right now at any rate.

When it does I will be linking it to this blog each time something is revealed.

But .. it might not have the right .. element of this news piece revealed to link back to this blog until later. So even though I start linking to the story and speaking about it, it might not be immediately apparent.

Though I might just give a brief reference back to this blog though the headline might still remain a mystery.

It is a bit like a post from a year or so ago I called ‘The Canary’ which I later revealed to be the nickname I gave someone who was Canadian and called Mary. Canadian Mary .. Canary. It’s kinda something like that.

There are particular parties that I don’t want aware of things while at the same time wanting to prove something to my readers. So I use clues and am confident that this clue won’t be worked out, even if it is read by said party. Yeah .. I’m confident.

It won’t be a long wait but I can assure you that it feels like an eternity. This is because of various factors not least being excitement. Others being various situations. Several situations and that’s a little bit of an understatement.

Hmm .. wondering if I’m remembering a name wrong in the title?

Nope, nope not wrong, just double checked.

It’s funny too because there is a kind of hidden extra meaning to this title that will seem bloody well humorous to some, many and maybe even all that read it? This hidden meaning will reveal itself to show how leanings in particular directions of political beliefs or views can go way too far and abused. It will also show how this leaning has been going on for a long, long time too.

With any luck .. this may all force the beginnings of change? I’m not naive. Many are. There will be those that expect things to change overnight. It not only won’t but it can’t. Not for everyone. Yes things take too long that’s true but nothing can be done overnight. Especially when there is just soo much that needs to be changed.

Places like The Curry Road will suffer as well as those that have been abusing the system for so very long. Well at least that’s the hope.

The other hope is that this gives hope to many that have been suffering.

It’s always been a plan of mine to give hope to those that deserve it and I believe I’ve done that from time to time. I know I have. I just don’t know how many numbers make up the figures of those I’ve given hope to? But the numbers I should bring hope to in the next six months alone should be in the five figure category at least and maybe in the six or perhaps in the seven figure category?

I might have to ‘take a break’ after that and go on my first holiday and twenty years?

Go to Scotland with my camera and take in the panoramic views?

It will all be a political thing.

It will all be a gender thing.

It will be a whole range of other things that will reflect badly in a whole list of people. Well .. groups .. and organisations .. a whole bevy of them and it will be easier to point out whose not been shot down in a fiery ball of flames.

There are some people I’d like to tell but I can’t.

There are some people I’d like to talk to about all this but .. I can’t. This will become clearer when it happens as I’ll explain all that. This ranges from either over the top negativity using accusations of lying from people that have also lied. Twice and about to members of my family. Others just switch over .. talk over you after they have asked you what’s been going on and talking about their own situation, which might seem laughable when it all comes out. I then don’t get to explain even half of it. The hilarious thing about this is I get told a couple of things .. ‘No one tells me anything’, ‘Too much going on for me to remember’. Also they remember things back to front because they simply were not listening and I either get the ‘too much is going on’ line or its insisted that, that was what I told them. Sometimes it’s impossible for what they claim I said to have taken place. Umm .. it’s hard to describe, lol.

There are a whole bunch of organisations of like to divulge this to that can help others but I can’t do that either.

I can’t risk what’s about to take place from becoming public knowledge, even though it’s more or less imminent.

Like I said to someone yesterday ..

“Yeah it’s all well and good that a signature was given and this said but .. I’ll believe it when I actually starts. Yes it’s at an advanced stage that I’ve never even gotten close to before but so many times things have fallen on its face then headed south for the winter that you get a little anxious for everything to kick off”.

Yeah it’s a whole big shocking news story that nails my blog and everything I’ve ever said to the wall for all to see. Everything I’ve ever said, more or less. I’m assuming there might be things that it doesn’t nail to the proverbial wall but .. I am not sure .. which means most of it at the very least.

Not heard anything back from putting my neck out into a world I had long since left. A surprise and a shame but there is time .. I guess?