It is funny the effects that success has on people and of course that have not even had any success but are which involved.

I noted that several people on YouTube I take note of reported that JK Rowling, the author of harry Potter in case you had been living under a rock, attacked Donald Trump again. Only this time it blew up in her face. Then she .. kinda did summat and .. it blew up in her face once again. Or at least it is in the process of happening. Blowing in her face that is.

This is because she ranted at Donald Trump over a video she posted in which she claimed that Donald Trump shunned a disabled boy in a wheelchair . at some event or other.

Only it turned out that not only was this not true but that Donald Trump actually spoke to the boy and even leaned down at his level and shook his hand and chatted for a few minutes.

Then .. umm well JK Rowling issued something of an apology .. to the child’s mother!

Right hang on in there it gets a little confusing.

Now the child’s mother saw or was told about this rant by JK Rowling and posted a tweet or something on social media requesting someone pleas inform JK Rowling that her claims were untrue.

So JK Rowling then deleted her tweets, lol really bad show, and then issued an apology to the child’s .. mother?!

Yeah, I thought I has missed something too! No apology to the one hat she falsely and was libellous in claiming what she did on social media.

Yeah .. you would think such a successful author would have more intelligence than that, would you not?

She then makes matters even worse by making the apology to the wrong person.


Oh .. dear .. God.

How does getting extremely lucky with a series of successful books make you an authority in a bunch of different political areas?

How does she not realise that with the follower and fans that she has how damaging any accusations could be and the possible backlash she could get from it?

I heard she already cheesed off a bunch of her own fans by suddenly becoming politically correct, it’s fashionable don’t you know? Well the trouble with these new and old successful types is they always seem to start talking like they had their head in a bucket for the last decade or two?

I think it is because they work s much with the mainstream media they pick up that being politically correct is fashionable and give it a go to make themselves more popular and even remain relevant?

It gets even better is she starts to spout stuff about her sensitivities regarding disabled people and uses that as a guard. Yeah, that is how it looks to me like she is saying “Please do not sue me, I have strong sensitivity issues and maternal feelings regarding disabled people”


Well there are a lot of disabled people who have died, JK Rowling and I suggest you check out Calum’s List, if you dare? Also .. well as some have stated before me .. I hear you have several mansions? Well you would always house disabled people in them and provide services and have those support people also live in these premises?

Oh nooo … wait a minute .. people are already waiting for you to start housing the immigrants you are supporting to come over here?

Silly me.

Good God .. does she not have a manager calling her after each of these outbursts yelling at her to shut the fuck up?!

It would seem that she has not.

She may well not be alone in her delusions of grandeur but sh does certainly seem to be one of the loudest and one that loves to go on a rant?


Crap! I was supposed to post this several days ago .. ooooh it must have been that morning I got ”the call? Lol

I .. I didn’t know whether to laugh out very over this.

Scientists have just figured out that ice melts at different speeds.

Because of Algae.

Umm .. forgive me if I’m wrong but haven’t we had scientists on areas of large amounts of ice all over the world for bloody years? Decades even?

They have only just figured out that algae grows on ice and this absorbs more heat from the sun and therefore it melts more rapidly?

I love the way they reported to viewers that algae are tiny plants?! Lmao!

Oh dear oh dear.

Would it be safe to assume then that they have also not factored in what would happen to the speed the ice was melting of a volcano dumped ash on it over several square miles?

Ooh I bet then they have not considered could occur if a whole series of volcanoes erupted and dumped ash on several different large areas of ice??

Oh dear.

It’s funny I say that as it stays fresh in my mind that there had been a flurry of volcano activity recently.

Dark ice melts faster? Jesus Christ! All the bloody funding for all these years and .. dark ice melting faster has just been discovered?!

I’ve been avoiding buying black shirts and sports vests for bloody years.

I wonder if I should provide them with my email in case they want any other glaringly obvious answers that I wouldn’t even consider to be scientific?

Other breaking news: Water is wet too.

It’s funny as the very first thing I thought of after I managed to get over this stupid science report? It was the possibility of the right number of volcanoes going off in a short enough period of time that dumps volcanic ash on just the right amount of ice.

I mean if you think about it .. volcanoes don’t have to be in the immediate vicinity of any permanent ice sheet. The particulates rising high enough and getting blown by winds going on the right, or wrong depending how you look at it, direction?

Algae? Hmm .. yeah it makes a difference but whether it’s to a degree that’s significant to us is another matter. Because just like plants algae, or at least the types I am familiar with, need food.


Take a guess where you can get nutrients from for plant life? I’ll give you a clue .. the land surrounding these things are always the most fertile? VOLCANOES!


How long do you think it would be before the penny drops?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Sea level warning as Greenland darkens – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-40686984


Ooh boy .. have things been bloody strange the last few days!

After a very long pause and a very high premium on things .. I am uber mobile once again and I am just re-familiarising myself with driving once again.

In case you missed it .. I purchased a Land Rover Discovery.

Now there is one vry main reason that I bought this car and that was for its off-road capabilities but there were a few other reasons. I had always wanted a Land Rover and think Range Rovers just too big and Freelanders too small. Also the latter are more problematic. In fact with Land Rovers it works out a little weird as the smaller they get the more unreliable they get. At least that is how it used to be.

I used to work for them, or rather Stratstone of Mayfair to be precise.

Also a very weird thing happened the other day .. I was heading for Broxbourne Woods to take some photos and shoot some video. My GPS took me to Bencroft Wood, I think it was called, and I thought I could walk to Broxbourne Woods from there but no.

On returning to the car I heard someone shout “What are you here for?!” and as I turned to explain what it is that I do a familiar face was smiling at me. Someone who is an ‘old mate’ I first knew when he was about 14 or 15 who is now a father of several children and has been a Policeman for 20 years or more.

What were the chances?!

We chatted about wildlife, history too as we were on the site of an old Roman road and of cours Land Rovers. He said that he used to have a Freelander years ago and I said I remembered. He reminded me of the issues with it but he then stated that many of the issues were with the petrol versions and the diesels were OK. My time at Stratstones was too long ago for me to remember any ratio of problems. But I did remember that two that had been continuously returned to us was a petrol driven Freelander and Discovery.

Since I bought the vehicle I have been struck down with a number of things, though this has not stopped me covering well over 100 or 150 miles in less than a week and having no less than 7 nature trips in that time. In fact I had around four in the very same day and only ever managed two in a single day before now. And if I ever did visit two places in the same day they were always the same two and the two closest to me, bar one very local spot.

Only I am still using older and less suitable equipment when I go out.

Now last weekend I had planned on acquiring more of my long shopping list but for two reasons I ended up .. well basically ‘bottling it’.

Yeah I seem to have two issues since our little .. event has now almost come to an end, well the first part at any rate. First off I was worried about driving and despite the mileage and places I have visited I have taken things very, very gently and plan to for at least 6 weeks. I normally always do this anyway with a new car I have not driven before. But it has been a very long time so I am spending a lot more time easing back into things.

The other one is kinda two fold .. with the first being struck with buyers remorse and the other suddenly panicking about the amount of money I am spending. Weird. Very weird.

But it is stupid .. I do not know why I am feeling like this and I have no choice but to get the things I intend to. It has all been in the planning for months and I need to change things. I need to move up several gears in several ways.

My life could not continue they way that it has been but now I am in the process of doing that .. I suddenly get struck with these silly and annoying psychological issues?! I have realised where it stems from and in all honesty .. a public service is to blame. Though their could be an argument for two public services?

Yeah .. I am .. panicking. Just a little.

The funny thing is it is largely because I am around £10,000 short of doing everything I absolutely want to and feeling safe about it.

It is because I want to use what I now have to cut the restraints from the exact same public service but I am panicking in case I ever have to approach them again. Would not be for at least a year so I do not know why I am panicking about that. Also .. well there are currently four avenues whereby things for me could finally work out. I could finally become self-supporting and there is nothing I would like more.

One of these avenues has been in the pipeline for a couple years but I wanted to only put it in place once I had worked my arse off for five years without receiving any money for what I did at all. I just wanted to be able to say that at a later date, likely in my own defence against big organisations?


The next set of tools I will acquire is only the second set in a set of three purchases. This may include some other little odd ones in-between.

I have not even looked at things like televisions or blu-ray players. In fact I only had two things on my entire wish list that was purely for pleasure. Though I say that but what this is I already have and I used to use it to .. alleviate certain .. things.

I am not so sure that this alleviation is any longer necessary? Still it would make for a cool coupl of un-boxing videos that would attract attention from that .. field.

Sadly and because of all the delays .. the acquiring of personal transport has come a little .. late. I have a real draw to visit sites in the UK and overseas for nature. Both flora and fauna. I am also something of an expert in several fields that scan the globe.

So filming and photographing only locally has been somewhat .. frustrating and one year a few years back I missed a couple of Bearded Tits, or Bearded Reedlings. I was within a few feet of them but they suddenly decided to stay out of site, despite the fact I was in a bird hide. Lol.

Just like the three Wheatears I see of a couple of years these guys only ever stop of to feed in my local haunts before continuing on to Suffolk, Norfolk or even Yorkshire or further. It is worse than trying to photo someone but only when they are at a bus stop. You have to get to the bus stop just when they happen to be there. When this might only be twice a year? Well as you can see it is difficult at best. Lol.

I have also been working with tools that I could acquire the last few years. They are far from adequate but they are better than nothing. For instance one item was £500 new, might have been £550? The item I am looking to replace it with is £3,000! The well known top of the line models of these tools range from £4,500 to £6,000. Yeah so I am not even going over the top here! But these things require other .. things. In fact they do not even work at all without these other .. things. In fact there are over a dozen to choose from and two that I want the most are dearer than the tool itself so you can see? Bloody expensive!

In fact it is funny as I was into this many years ago and .. I really do not recall things being this expensive? In fact I am sure that top of the line with one manufacturer was around £1,500 to £2,000 around 1994? Today it is £6,000?! These necessary attachments used to be around £1,000 for the top of the line stuff. Maybe a little more? But my memory is bad due to the short term loss I get from Fibromyalgia. The one attachment to this tool I want more than anything else is £11,000! The other one is £6,000 .. ish! I did discover that a famous shop in New York in America seems to sell versions of a different manufacturer and you can buy BOTH versions for several thousand less than the most expensive one above?! Madness! It gets worse as for some reason no one seems to stock them or even have them on special order in the UK?

Hmm .. starting to think I made a mistake and these attachments are for another brand entirely? Or a different version of the exact same brand?

Ah well .. not like I am jumping on an aircraft to go and get them any time soon? If only?!

There will be two collections of tools that are kind of grouped together and in fact one will have actually two versions of the same thing and I am thinking about doing this too with the other one?

It is like I said to someone the other day .. if your going to be more professional you simply have no choice and this is especially true when you cannot seem to buy one item that does everything you want it to. Oh .. this is not just me, let me tell you. When I come to doing the un-boxing videos to show what I purchased it will become clear. Maybe even blatantly obvious and will cause nodding heads to anyone that sees what items I have bought?

I also have to make several other big changes and I have been .. investigating it but am also somewhat nervous about this too?!

It is really, really annoying me.

I am also really, really confused by it.

One brother also wants to buy similar .. kit to that I want and presently he has shown interest in the two of us going .. up there. But he has difficulties getting time off and I may be imminently going away for awhile?

So what I will do is that I will see if I can get a date out of him by Thursday and if I cannot I will order the stuff for a next day delivery. Annoyingly this will be two groups of orders. No one ever stocks everything you want!

Oh and all that visiting of sites I have only ever been to with someone else or not been two before now? Yeah well during all that I managed to slam the little finger of my left hand in the door!

It hurt. Like hell. The fingernail has gone mostly black as has done the opposing side of my finger, which is showing some bruising and it has even swollen a little. Hoo-boy I had to refrain from pulling away in the car for about 20 minutes or so because of the distraction of the pain! I might have driven as much of a couple hundred miles but until I feel completely confident .. yeah .. no driving with any distractions whatsoever.

Typical then that I cannot figure out how to get the Discovery’s GPS bloody working and keeps wanting to direct me bloody home! So using Google Maps on my Android phone for now.

I also forgot my prescription pills a few times and right now my legs are aching really bad and have been all day, just so the painful little finger does not feel left out!

I had not originally factored in time re-familiarising myself with a car and a very big one at that and nor had I factored in any absolutely stupid psychological issues making me pause for thought. I still gave a six week period though when I signed a particular form.

At the time 6 weeks felt like it was too long. But right now it feels like it is not long enough?! Go figure!

Also if I go away for a week or two I will be in places I very rarely frequent that are a considerable distance. This means all new scenery as well as new species of animals I could not even get close to down here. Even some of them would likely need an couple hours driving for the closest ones to me.

The third round of purchases will likely only take place after another big change. This is inevitable and does not matter much because what I want is not for sale just yet! In fact three items I want are not for sale just yet. One of those is annoying as I will certainly need this while I am away. Wherever it is I end up going to begin with and even during the big change planned too! Damn it!

So in the last few days I have been to ..

  • Fishers Green twice

  • Cornmill Meadow

  • Broxbourne Woods

  • Panshanger Park which was disappointing in a way

  • South Essex Marshes

  • Bower Marsh at Pitsea in Essex

Do you know what I have realised that I like about this work?

No effing double yellow lines, parking restrictions or parking attendants to worry about!

Oh and I am also realising that there are a number of things I need to do and people I need to spak to or deal with and .. it feels like overload!

Now if I can just get over these darned psychological things?!


I needed to get several things before I could effectively launch things into a higher stratosphere.

In fact waiting around for that issue to take place I wondered just how long it would take me to complete everything I need to do?

Before I could get anything else or in fact DO anything else that I need to do there was one thing I needed before all others. Something hat would help me acquire everything else a lot easier.

This something would also be key to expanding what I do.

I also would help me from coming home each time I have to leave the house and being effing knackered!

I was torn over what to do .. I had basically narrowed things down to two things and I did flip-flop between them, it has to be said.

Just like something else from two years ago I found myself waiting on others and waiting for something to end. From something that occurred way back in January 2017 where it is now almost August 2017.

There was delay after delay and not much in the way of reasons given as to why this kept happening and dozens of conversations have taken place over it. Very literally.

Along with this issue coming to an end .. well .. something else has occurred. An old story from a couple of years back is suddenly .. back on the agenda. Very literally it would seem?!

So it looks like that this old story involving public service corruption, the Police and some secret service agents might just now be about to unfold?

It is now beginning to look that it iss very possible that a great deal more, than even I expected, conclusions, reasons and events could be disclosed on here?

Trust me on this one .. if this other .. event is now coming to a close right now and roughly a few weeks after the one that ended now .. this would be just so surreal.

Anyone that has been coming here a long time may know exactly what it is I am referring to and if hey worked out that one and have workeed out this one too .. well I am williing to bet they just might be thinking ‘WOW!’ or even WTF?!’

I know I am.

Also .. what occurred is actually not over because only 50% of what was, was .. spread out. This kind of made things more difficult while at he same time was going to force change upon me. Though onee very, very major change I had contemplated for years. Though without the very primary tool I needed above all else made that change impossible .. due to my health conditions.

Not any more ..

I spent today firs waiting for someone to arrive at my home and then check something out. I then went on a journey where a certain connection failed and stalled the proceedings. After waiting outside and chugging on a cigarette I was then told we were ready to go.

This first thing I needed above all others could have taken weeks to find and acquire. I was half expecting it to.

It did not …



You better believe it!

Over the next few days, I’m not sure entirely when, I am going to have to go into overdrive.

In theory this could and should have been today but what I was actually told was that it will be midweek.

Once this occurs I’ve got to do a great many things and go to a great many places.

I’ve also been preparing the last couple of days and after a hiatus that had lasted a month. Or I thought it was happening previously, stated to prepare but then it became obvious there were going to be delays. Plus the .. hints, deliberate or otherwise, didn’t pan out. So I stopped and decided to leave things until I .. we got told something a little more concrete. Well we got concrete .. well the final actions had been made and despite the actual process being immediate it seemed it was being dealt with by a department that is not.

Oh surprise, surprise!

Anyway.. that has passed and now though it’s not concrete I do know it’s imminent. Very literally days in single digits.

Then there might a be a series of pauses? That is because there is so much that will quickly follow on from this. It means .. zipping about to a lot of place. A lot of places.

Some of these places won’t be covered until after they have been done. Or after the goal had been achieved. Others will be posted about while the zipping is going on.

Then there are the tools.

Then there are the .. crafting components.

Then there are the items that will be purely for pleasure, though these are not many it had to be said. Lol.

Then once that had all settled down there will be increased in frequency for what I do.

Better still are all the possibilities of other things I can do and/or cover that have been rattling around in my head for years.

There are things I’m currently thinking about.

Then there are the things I have forgotten.

Then there are the things that I have not thought up yet.

Trepidation. That is what I have a little of and have had for several weeks.

I’ve a lot to do and I don’t know if I have the energy or even the ability.

I’ll give it my best shot until it kills me!



This was posted three or four days late and .. well .. it is done! See my next post!


Well it had to happen sooner or later.

Except .. I did not realise what it was at first.

On my YouTube channel I try to inform people of the truth in many things, though mainly it is done via blogging but with the odd video to back it up. I actually plan on some big changes very soon.

Now I have a video for bloody ages back where I showed no less than three, 3, Advent Tegra Note tablets. Been there a couple of years and a few people have agreed, told me about them being cheated by PC World and even a few links.

Rather bizarrely I noticed that the video got quite a few dislikes? For telling the truth and trying to be informative?

Well .. I only noticed this because in just a few days I have had two very peculiar comments by people that .. well do not have much in the way of a profile. I think the first one had joined YouTube in the recent past?

Anyway first I had someone claimed that they was a PC World employee and that all staff used to laugh at people like me that bought this particular tablet as it was obviously crap and that people that bought them do not know tech?!

I roared with laughter over that because anyone who was into tech would have known that these might have been badged Advent but that did not mean they were made by PC World, in fact it was EVGA a graphics card manufacturer and was either the most powerful tablet PC at the time or not far from it.

I pointed this out and put it to him that he must have therefore known they were all faulty used ones they were selling and I asked if this was the case? He simply put ..

“scrub lol”

Then someone whined about my video and I must have mentioned wanting to sue the NHS in the video as someone put ..

“Suing the NHS?! WTF?!”

Ugh. The world is full of morons that listen or read something and then without knowing fuck all about the situation decide that you are wrong. I mean the fact that I have recorded evidence of it a dozen times over .. yeah that counts for nothing because these people blessed with divination powers are obviously very powerful?

Then I had another one and it stated I was cringey and there was another “WTF?!” about suing the NHS and I was like “Yawn!”

Why the fuck are people so fucking stupid and dense and they even went on to say there was no way that I had a degree in applied computing .. actually putting “My Ass!”

So I went and looked at their profiles because in my experience people that want to argue online but who are not too sure if they will win normally make up second accounts, or even more with some people, so they can disappear when beaten.

Yeah so .. actually three people in a row whining and a bunch of dislikes. When they acted as if the NHS was God himself I also put that they should go and watch videos on YouTube by Sargon of Akkad and Tim Pool. BEFORE I looked at a particular profile that had fuck all in it and two subscribers. The video feaured on their profile was one about gay couples .. I thought “Uh-oh? IS this … ?” I then read the About me and boom! LBGQT3LOON’s was mentioned.

It aalso stated about keeping up the fight. Lol.

I though “Ooooh for fuck sake, these some of these extreme left loons have found me!”

Well I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. I thought I had at least six months before I started getting the vile and the screaming that others more well known than me usually get?

But no.

Hopefully it will just quiet down again?

Really not in the right period of my life to deal with these people that call everyone names and other nasty things and then have the cheek to accuse them of being childish on top when only one of them has been calling the other names. Lol, I think that is just so fucking hilarious!

It is in the comments section of the video below with one being called Skyelar something or the other and the others you can find. Not many comments on that one. I just put that on my channel to warn others about faulty goods being sold to people and I later found out I was one of many doing this.

As I said to this Skyelar .. I have helped many people and even had men of the cloth thank me after listening to my proof that the NHS lie.

What made me wonder about the .. group that these people might belong to is that they .. well they really are ignorant of the facts when it does not fit their narratives or feelings.

I mean they havee missed the obvious here .. I do not have one Advent PC Tablet and nor do I have two Advent PC Tableets in the video, I have no less than THREE Advent PC Tablets in the video I still have and was refunded for on every single one of them well over a year after purchasing them. PROBABLY because they saw my YouTube videos and got all the staff to hit the dislike button, lol.

They are not ver going to come back to my channel, at least under the same name lol, but I am to stop helping people because .. they said so? LMAO!

THREE identical tablets owned by THREE different people, all of which were repaired between two and five times but I am talking shit, of course…


I do so wonder at times where some actors and celebrities live and roam?

Probably only get their news on the outside world from mainstream media and tabloids and magazines that seem to have leaned right over to the left over the past ten years or more?

It seems that just about every actor and celebrity has praised the fact that one of the oldest role models in TV history has been stolen by the political correct brigade.

They clearly failed to see just how many people would not like it. Outrageous really. A TV production company that completely got it wrong. Obviously absolutely no research whatsoever.

Funny that Colin Baker loved the idea .. I mean the fact he has four daughters would have no sway on his opinion of this move. You are very clearly wrong on that Mr Baker.

So it was refreshing to hear one other ex Time Lord to state he was a little upset and that was none other than Peter Davidson.

Hats off to him too for pointing out that which I had done, that yet another icon or in his words, role model for boys had vanished.

I’m sorry but the mere simple fact that you had to shoe-horn this into a show that’s had a man as the character for over fifty years simply removes credibility to the argument.

Dead. Done. Finito.

I just can’t figure out how they thought it was OK?

Added to this .. having 5, yup five, time lord related characters and the entire UNIT team changed into women just makes the whole thing worse.

It’s funny because a lot of popular YouTubers I watch in the UK, USA and Europe that talk about this sort of drive wonder whether white people have been conditioned to hate themselves? I’ve even heard some wonder if it was a pressure of guilt tripping about the distant past?

It was an interesting theory being contemplated but if ever I witnessed evidence of this out simply has to be Doctor Who.

Non gender alien species that now possess breasts? Obviously this alien’s evolution still has some remaining biological artifacts of days long past? Not quite so advanced then?

Funny thing too is the statement after statement that shows just how low the intelligence is. It’s really stunning.

As I said before .. life evolved into two genders at some stage. From fish to Reptiles and amphibians, insects too and ask the way up to mammals. Note I said ‘life evolved into genders’? Two.

But this advanced alien race managed to develop the ability to regenerate but could not shake off breasts they have long since stopped needing to use?

Maybe all time lords are test tube babies? Or clones? Designer clones? Ooh they must have thought they said ‘designer clothes’? Lol.

Must be a lot of people that don’t like this idea because the BBC had finally admitted that it’s split the fans down the middle? Probably because Peter Davison said what he did at Comic Con?

Yeah .. wrong again BBC.

You see that on the Internet that are defending the move? Well I’ve noticed something about them and that’s the fucking cheek of name calling of trust that don’t like the decision as ‘manbabies’ and other derogatory terms. Yeah it took me a couple of days when I realised something. They have never owned a dictionary and are somewhat thick.

You see the ones that are childish tend to be the ones actually calling others by derogatory names!

But it was a little while after when I realised something else. I had seen this complete lack of understanding before. A lot.

There is a funny twist to this which will be quite sad in the end as it will probably mean the end of Doctor Who. As many have said it’s Sylvester McCoy era all over again. Back then the show turned far too silly. Like they suddenly wanted to aim at 6 year olds. It feels so similar.

But this ignorance towards the English language and the meaning of words?

Yeah .. extreme feminists that many refer to as Feminazis. They sound like them .. idiotic, moronic and selfish. Thinking they have won a victory and especially after Donald Trump, they went giddy with glee.

Bit of a problem. They are not long term fans and don’t watch the show. But there taking too Twitter to attack rise that day they don’t like it, oddly including women that don’t like the decision, it would appear that it’s split down the middle. It probably is not.

Like I said previously I’ve seen a lot of reaction videos and out seems to be split into thirds. One third don’t like it, one third are unsure to one degree or another and scared it will mean the end of the show and one third do like it. How many have I seen that are Feminists? There have been some that were obvious.

I’ve still looked around and the ratio seems to remain the same .. out so it currently appears. I also continue to see children of both sexes also don’t like it.

Yeah .. go on, go and throw names and derogatory terms at children because .. feelings and .. narratives.

In fact it just occurred to me .. what does a hardened feminazi do if she had a daughter that is heartbroken at changing The Doctor into a woman? Lol.

Boy that’s an internal conflict I would rather not endure! Lol.

Jesus, there’s not much to enjoy in life currently and they go and take away the one and only thing worth buying a TV licence for!

It will be a large monitor instead of a TV for me when I get I’m due to buy one.

But then I wouldn’t want to give that wet wa… of a company a single fucking dime anyway.

I can’t look at their logo without seeing red at all the lives they have lost and destroyed and the fucking lies they come out with on their shit news channel.

Just watching someone stating to an American that Donald Trump hasn’t delivered on any of his promises..

I’ve no love for Trump but ..

Umm Barack Obama was in for .. is it eight or ten years? I forget..

Two terms for Barack Obama and no pulling troops out of the middle east. No closing of Gantanamo Bay. Oh crap .. there were two other things he promised he didn’t deliver and then lastly, the one he did. Obamacare that they have tried like hell to get rid of ever since!

Where were the questions to Barack Obama about failing on four out of the five major things that he promised after being in the Whitehouse the best part of a decade?

It’s really funny how these things stand out to me now like the proverbial sore thumb.

Jesus Christ BBC you might as well put neon signs on all your TV personalities heads that reads ‘Blind, Stupid and VERY FAR LEFT! Except when it comes to paying salaries out acts of self preservation’. Better make that one of those very tall top hats like you see in the Dr Seuss books?


I hope to God Mr Baker has nephews and they ask him one day of it’s possible for them to get breast implants. Then in total shock he stammers “Why? Why on Earth would you want to do that, my dear boy?!” and they reply ..

“Because we want to be just like the Doctor?!”


How about someone talking about how they seem to be successfully creating a hive mind? Had this sent to me by a friend just this morning. See below.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Two former Doctors clash over Jodie Whittaker casting – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40679134

The Hive Mind ..



Oh how I laughed.

So yet another news report comes out into the open that highlights the hypocrisy of those on the left, or more accurately like to give the impression that they are left?

You had better believe it.

Oddly it comes just as the same organisation in said report also creates a world wide reaching tsunami with a big change that has never occurred before in something like 54 years.

My hated BBC released it’s employee salary details.

Once again the world goes mad, or rather a relatively small, yes .. fraction wise, get triggered, start posting comments online that then gets a majority of the other side triggered.

Triggering the trigger happy!

So a list of people that are paid hundreds of thousands per year has caused mayhem because women are missing from the lists in a big way.

It is funny how this push for equality when it comes to paying salaries simply fail to realise we live in a capitalist society. But they want communist like things to occur in certain areas. That suits them or benefits them.

Whether this is right or wrong I cannot say. Because I do not know the details.

Now it could well be that it just turns out that men are more popular on TV and I would imagine this would certainly be true for certain times of the day? For instance someone on TV during the working hours has more woman watching them than men? Due to stay at home wives or mothers that prefer to bring up their own children and not pay for someone else to do it? Just throwing that out there off the top of my head, of course.

I have no issues with any woman being the star of something and in some cases getting the same pay but .. I simply cannot even bother to read this stuff, especially if it is lengthy. Because your speaking about people that earn hundreds of thousands per year, in this instance. In others, say like movie stars, your talking about millions or even tens of millions. Sorry .. cannot get invested with that.

Every single time I speak to anyone about this, mostly men but some women, I get the same things said to me. ‘If thre was a woman that could beat Muhammad Ali then yeah, OK’ was a very recent one and I had never thought of that myself. I claimed the main one I always do, ‘Well if they fill the same amounts of seats and play over the same amount of sets in Tennis?!’ and then I said about just having one Tennis tournament at Wimbledon with both the men and the women playing each other.

The way I see it is that a bunch of people want to force evolution and evolution simply cannot be forced. In some things.

I also stated that until the seats are filled to almost capacity and for the same ticket prices in women’s football you cannot expect the same salaries as the men which are already beyond ridiculous. And to my mind these salaries in this day and age and with all the financial turmoil felt recently, are nothing short of insulting to most people.

I have noticed some bloody big purchases in football this summer and we still have around 5 weeks to go yet!

I was deeply involved in the gay community some years ago and I have been asking people recently if they know what they call ‘straight’ people? No one seems to know and I have not come across anyone in ten years that is aware of what they call straight people.

I know this because they would talk to each other, tell each other stories in front of me and the ‘label’ would slip out. Then the person that uttered it or someone else would pull a face and it would go silent. I would then look around to see them all looking at me, they would then apologise and I would burst into laughter. They would then be surprised at this and all burst into laughter.

We are called ”SCUM’.


Before I tell you my initial thoughts about that label I will first tell you what a my friend said to me once. It was she I was close with .. matey .. pally you might say. Butch, gay, Scottish lesbian. Let us get that out of the way.

One day we sat in a pub having something to eat on Holloway Road in North London. She turned to me and said “Do you know what? You have totally changed me since we have been friends!” I asked how this was so and she answered “Before I met you I would never walk into a straight pub, bar or restaurant .. but .. you hang around with me, hang around with my friends and will just go anywhere and do not give a f*!k!” I burst out laughing and asked if she was serious. I had not personally noticed anything myself. But I was .. both a little flattered and pleased that I had, had a positive effect.

There were very likely other things they benefited from with me.

I have not seen them in over ten years now.

Now do you know what I thought at the time? With the label of ‘scum’? I thought that this had come about because they had obviously gotten a hard time from other people throughout their lives for being gay.

Do you know something else they learnt from me? You do not have to be an idiot as well as straight and in turn I learned that things are just the same in the gay community. The relationship problems are really not that different to those that are straight. My friend had broken up with her lover while we were friends. I was someone sh could talk to. Even about her relationship.

People are just that, people.

So do you know what else I also think these days along with the evolution being forced when it cannot? I see parties bashing others over the head because they have had a hard time. So much so that they want the entire system, or at least parts of it, to go swinging the other way and so much so that when it gets there it will be equally unfair.

Sometimes these things are just plain bonkers and extremely expensive and that no public service or private company would ever put into practice. You know like having forty two different toilets, opr some ridiculous number?

What makes all this even worse is that they are just the entertainment monkeys. They appear on TV in some program or others or even in the news and an audience made up of Seals that clap their hands like furious idiots each time they say or do something they like. They then expect more money next time?! Riiight.

In the case of the news they are even twisting the facts to suit their leftist leaning narrative or plainly lying their fucking socks off. Oh and lest we forget that they avoid some very massive stories like they are afflicted with the black plague!

None have saved lives and in fact it could turn out that many times over the past the news has caused breakouts of violence? But I am sure that others have looked into that and probably published things that make it look very likely that they did, or did indeed actually do?

What is certain is that none of them have saved any lives that I know of while doing the entertaining monkey bit?

But a walk through the local Sainburys and it appears that all of the tabloids have these salary discrepancies all over their front pages?!

But wait a minute .. everyonee in entertainment and everyone in sport too have agents? This has been the case for a very, very long time and everyone fucking knows it. What everyone and their brother, and sister, also knows damn well is that these agents work to get the best salaries. Ergo they are going to be very different and that goes between one man and another and a man or a woman.

Right, have you got that? Has that little obvious truth for a long, long time sunk in yet?

They use agents and the agents work to get the best salaries/contracts for their clients. Someone does this for them. Not them themselves .. someone else.

Would it not be prudent to approach the agents and ask them why there is a discrepancy?

It is clear that they are either clearly cut off from reality or they simply do not care and think that 90% of the public are blithering idiots? Well they might have something there? It is entertainment and these forms of entertainment, indeed all forms of entertainment, all exist in a capitalist society.

What is bizarre is they speak about control of the media in other countries, North Korea being a prefect example, and yet they do the exact same thing. That is until something so big happens that they simply cannot avoid it without it looking completely obvious to absolutely everyone.

The BBC operate in the exact same regard as the NHS in this instance.

NHS cannot ignore things like Cancer in patients but anything else that is not going to kill someone or result in football size blisters, making it fucking obvious, they can avoid dealing with by lying about. I know .. I lived through it .. for twenty years plus. Though I only started to suspect around .. umm .. somewhere between 2005-2007. Took another 5 years before I knew for certain. Another couple of years to record them and then get the proof.

Proof. Unquestionable and undeniable proof. So I told them necessary authorities what I had and yet I expected them to do nothing too. So what I did is just .. told them what I had and guess what? No one asked for the proof. Added to this .. the PHSO worked on it for two years and then told me they did nnot know who in the hell I was and that the person that was dealing with me they had never heard of either. I told them if they was going to be a corrupt organisation perhaps they should not put the names of their employees in the email addresses, which I told them I still had.

Oddly enough I never heard from the PHSO ever again.

They lie. They ALL lie. Sorry .. just a simple fact that can never be disproved while I have been able to prove it for many years now. The late Michael Meacher even asked if he could use my data and recordings in the House of Commons.

You the reader not willing or wanting to believe because you would rather shove your head in the sand only hurts you.

The emails and many recordings are here .. and have been for a very, very long time.


I tell the truth .. people refuse to believe and the whole time there are all these bloody wars! A long list could be made up of the wars going on at the moment, many of which wont be covered either at all or factually by the mainstream media. When nI say mainstream media I mean the biggest names in at least the UK and the USA. Europe? I just do not know but I have read reports that it is the same elsewhere. Sweden, for example?

They leaned one way and they got it wrong. But they blatantly refuse to accept that they are wrong and their ideas are wrong. Maybe this is just because they do not want to admit that they are wrong or that they have this Utopian idea in their heads and refuse to accept that is wrong?

By refusing to admit you are wrong when it is quite obvious to everyone else you are actually doing a number of very bad things ..

  • Forcing the public to distance themselves further and further from you and more and more with each passing day

  • Making the situation far, far worse

Maybe this has happened in the past and no one noticed it? Maybe in the seventies or eighties? I do not know. But I can tell you one thing ..

  • I predicted this

  • I will be here to emphasize the above so no one is under any illusions

  • The illusions will end


Yeah I did say from the outset that what I set out to do would take a long time.

Oh .. speaking of which .. I spent money and a hell of a lot of time doing what I have done and I have been blogging for almost five years, in just a few weeks, and was preparing for the blogs at least four years before I started. An argument can be made for a lot longer as I have medical notes and letters going back to … umm 2003? Th things that they lied about (according to them got wrong) goes back 20 years. Yes siree that is definitely a zero after that two! Lol.

I have been thanked by people that even include a man of the cloth. Yup, him and his family were lied to as well. I proved it for him after they spent a number of years suspecting it. He simply listened to one particular recording where they lied clearly. Lol.

Disabled people have had cars, support and money taken away along with many others to the point that over 100,000 people have died as a result (google ‘Calum’s List’). That is people dying and a damn site more than those that died in Grenfell Tower. So where is its news story? Name me one news outlet that covered that? Or the fact that the NHS have been falsifying test results?

No but we are supposed to feel sorry when a far left leaning organisation is paying the top men close to £2.2 million (stupid BBC’s fault) and the ladies a few hundred thousand? Or was it a little less than £100,000? Cannot recall . Mind gone blank yet again. Sorry along with the dozen pains my memory blanks are just another symptom among the 100 I have because of the disability of Fibromyalgia that the DWP now claim I do not have .. well, I mean to say that they claim it is not a disability

Ooh .. my memory?! I just recalled that over a week ago one brother called me to tell me that Fibromyalgia was in the news and that they claimed it was a disability?! Seems that no one told me and the scenery remains the same. Well at least it does for the next five days.

Hmm .. let me just Google?

Oh I ended up in a couple phone-calls and one with my brother who I forgot to ask. Found a BBC report that states that they have declared Fibromyalgia as a long term disability in Northern Ireland and I ended up writing another post on it that I posted just before this one! Lol.

Anyway ..

My point to everything is that with everything that is going on in the world you have now got infighting that is worse than ever before because men are paid more than women?

Oh Jesus.

Here is a tip .. have a shapely sultry and devilishly attractive woman as a host presenter with a large chest and no bra and trust me you can pay her more than anyone else because you will get mnore viewers than any other program, oh wait .. but your against all that are you not? But if you DID do this that IS what will happen.

And there is not a damned thing you can do about it.

And no .. I would NOT personally watch it and I never watched anything that Charlie Dimmock was in, was that her name?

That brings me to a point that may have gone way over your head, especially if your someone that has seen a red mist descend when reading any of my posts ..

Yeah .. I am not into any of that kind of thing. I personally not into helping one person out more than another. I am not inclined to favour one person over another be this to do with their gendre or the colour of their skin. Unless they are Arab or Muslim and then I will have my guard up twenty feet high!

I have not nor never have thrown labels, insults nor any kind of name calling to any race or gender for as long as I can remember anyway. Do not recall doing anything like that as a child.

But I do get fucking annoyed when us bored monkeys find our entertainment monkeys are being r-jigged or messed around with at some really lame attempt at trying to each me something because it comes shows that I am dealt with, with nothing more than contempt and obviously a fickle sheep that can b gradually groomed and then led around by the nose like a little lost boy.

Yeah in those instances whereby politics are rammed into entertainment and for something that has been around for longer than half a century and it is even obvious to me that young girls with crushes on a certain .. Doctor were going to be heartbroken. Yeah I am sorry but you have gone way too far and prepared to either disappoint or upset children to do so.

Or perhaps your thinking was that you could condition the next generation to think how you want them to? To get them to accept certain things as the norm?

Yeah I doubt there will ever be a time that the sight of two guys kissing does not make a large number of guys throw up.

Many years ago a friend’s wife, who was not bisexual, told me that even she wanted to throw up if she saw two guys kissing on TV. But that she did not feel like that if it was two women.

Go figure.

But it was stated and therefore it is known. At least by me.

Gender war, race wars, salary wars, LGBTQ3TZZN, or whatever it is referred to, wars. Nations testing and standing up to each other making idle threats. Others making bigger and far more serious and reaching threats. People at war with governments, public services, the Police and the banking industry that still lives in La La Land.

Have I missed anything?

Or rather, is there anyone who is not at war on some level or other?

Funny that as all I have heard for years is that we simply need to keep talking. Seems to have gotten us into a pickle, does it not?

Maybe the line should have been ‘strive to come to an agreement’ .. rapidly?

Oh and let us make something perfectly clear ..

.. if a woman is paid less PURELY because she is a woman .. then that is wrong.

But if their are legitimate reasons then there are legitimate reasons. You might not like those reasons but if they are based on mathematics, you earn before you pay in case you missed it, or scientific facts then those are scientific facts.

In which case we are right back to forcing evolution. Evolution that has been around for millions of years.

Wake up to reality, you cannot change this overnight or even in five or ten years!

How long have you been trying to change it?!

Start screaming and drowning out others and to me? Well you look like you have gone backwards on the evolutionary scale and lost the ability to both reason and communicate.

Oh and it means you lost.

Or otherwise known as Feminazis.

Name calling or coming up with what you think are clever labels? No .. they might become fashionable and get picked up by people but I simply am not interested. I see some new term and it is ejected.

Just more crap to hide the truth and only serve to make one sound like they know what they are talking about and therefore correct in their arguments.

No there is simply right and wrong, not left and right.


There are those of us that have a hidden secret.

To look at us it would never occur to you that there was anything there, no different to early stages of cancer, but just like the killer disease it is there. We know this. Because we feel this. All the time.

But to a number of public services the government wanted to save money with they decided that everyone in the UK is stupid and that they could go after these people and that because you cannot see it, it would appear to not be there. Other simply would not care .. as long as their taxes go down and I have stated over and over again .. taxes only ever really go up. Certainly in the long term.

How many years have we been at this now? Seven? Eight?

Wow .. it has really done its job, has it not? We are well free of the financial troubles .. oh wait? I think Vince Cable just said in a little speech that things have been getting worse and about to get worse? Crime has gone up by its largest amount. Exactly as I stated it would. The savings and kicking in the groin of disabled people has done absolutely nothing. Even with over 100,000 people dying as a direct result of that kicking (Google Calum’s List) they still have not done anything.

I stated, when David Cameron first announced Welfare reform, that I was all for it and behind him when he stated it was fairer and provided that was his intention. But I also stated that I could not but feel that he was just going to create a craftier way of going after people with disabilities that was even worse than that of Tony Blair?! I just could not shake that feeling and I was around 80% convinced they would go after even more conditions of the list of disabilities and I was right.

If your on a list of disabilities and that condition is a registered disability then that is that. It is not called a disability when you can actually walk and get around normally just like everyone else. It SAYS disabled because it MEANS disabled.

Except when your a Tony Blair government or worse still, a Tory Party government.

Well the number of people that have died have exceeded 100,000 some time ago now and they show no signs of slowing down.

They are doing this for the good of the country.

Funny that as I thought the country was the people of said country. Without any people a country is just a land mass. Well that is my train of thought and always has been.

So they think the best way to help the country is to actually very deliberately go to the weakest section and either make their lives a fucking misery for years and years with the hope they will kill off a few hundred thousand and therefore reduce said bills?!

Yeah that seems to be working out just fine and dandy, does it not?

Let us forget about a knee problem I have that was spotted, tested and diagnosed by the very same Guy’s Hospital Doctor/Specialist that diagnosed my Fibromyalgia .. I have Fibromyalgia.

I also self-diagnosed that Fibromyalgia long before I had it confirmed at Guy’s Hospital.

Well .. except .. I had been nagging General Practitioners and hospitals about it for over 13 years or more. Let us look at the tests and the departments I went under ..


  • Rheumatologists x 3 (Whipps Cross, Wanstead, Guy’s)
  • Podiatrists x 2 (Forest Road Med Centre, St Michael’s)
  • Orthopaedics x 2 (Chase Farm, Barnet)
  • Bipedal Mechanic (St. Michael’s)
  • Foot Specialist (Barnet Hospital)
  • Lots Physios that did nothing (Wanstead, Whipps X, Chase Farm)
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Nerve Conduction Studies
  • X-Rays .. at least twice on feet alone
Condition Drawbacks
  • Half Dozen to Dozen or more areas or more of pain
  • Can include several areas of pain in feet including Plantar fasciitis (IN REVERSE!)
  • Short Term Memory Loss
  • Body Temperature Regulation bad (either trouble with cold or heat)
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Sleeping is crap, can have periods of insomnia that last for months on end
  • Nervous Breakdowns from stupid things
  • Rubber Leg Syndrome
  • Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Restless Arms Syndrome, yes look it up!
  • Uncomfortable lump feeling under arms when wearing clothing
  • Tightness in skin over breast plate
  • Skin conditions in several areas of body (I have 4 but feet have started to have .. signs)
  • Possibly causes my Postural Hypotension (not good when you have abnormally high BP sometimes over 200)
  • Chest Wall pain (you really don’t want that) could be caused by Fibromyalgia
  • Could be behind my back pain or it is a knock on effect
Except if you look at me I am fairly fit and muscular ..
Because light exercise or exercising parts that are not hard can reduce the symptoms frequencies and intensity.
I keep looking up at those different bullet points and I know I am not recalling things. That test section I am sure should be over double that length .. oooh X-Rays, lol.
A brother phoned me recently and stated that Fibromyalgia has now been declared as a long term illness, which is odd as the NHS nor the DWP have contacted me about this.
I am having a hard enough time getting anything out of a solicitor who is supposed to help me out with this, the disability side which could make or break me becoming self-sufficient over the next year, see upcoming post about that called ‘The Last Days’. They really will be the last days as it has now been confirmed. Kinda. Lol.

Anyway after being told this about Fibromyalgia over a week ago I finally remembered I needed to ‘google it’. I only found a BBC report that stated that Fibromyalgia has been declared a long term disability in Northern Ireland?! Getting closer. Lol.

As I said I try to exercise because deep down this condition terrifies me. Because I have been told by a specialist that you can end up so bad you are bed ridden. The light exercise and the pacing is the key to stopping this from destroying your life completely. Bloody hell I even saw a Paralympian, I think it was, in a BBC report that stated they had to crowdfund a damned wheelchair!

What we actually have is a society that is behaving like that as they did in Medievil times but are trying to hide this fact. Where they weak die off and the strong, and those with money, survive. Good attitude that. So why even bother having hospitals at all? I mean all hospitals, I really do and I mean private ones too. I mean if the attitude that the weak can die is OK then it should apply to all, am I right?!

How much of a negative effect all this has had on medical research, God only knows!

I still maintain that Chroniic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome are actually one and the same thing. Just different levels of the condition when it comes to pain with CFS being the early stages, FMS being the mid stage and CPRS being the extreme stage.

There just seems to be too many similarities between them, outside of severity and a few symptoms, to just be coincidence. So much so that I have wondered for a few years now why this has not been spotted or even suggested by anyone in the world of medicine? Have they just missed the obvious or are thy deliberately letting them be classified differently?

Although it was somewhat .. complicated I do know someone that was refused both DLA and PIP despite having quite bad Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. Yeah did not look good for everyone else with these nasty conditions.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome Declared a Disability in Northern Ireland ..


In America ..


Some get help .. some do not and those that do being kicked off disability one by one in the UK …

A Forum of Sufferers ..


Now what did I say only recently and have stated for five years now? I stated that they are not ignoring the obvious ones, the NHS & DWP, but ignoring the less obvious as well as going after them!

But, hey? As long as they look good, right? As long as they save money and get the UK out of trouble, right?! Except they have been doing this for years, successfully kicked me off twice now.

“Targeting those with invisible disabilities undermines the fairness of benefits reform” – Telegraph



This post is kind of to do with my ‘Revelations’ series. Well .. one aspect of said series.

Oh how I have desired radical changes to just about every aspect of my life.

I did think this was coming a couple of years back but it never worked out how I had predicted but then there was a factor involved I was not entirely sure about and had, had very little time to actually work out .. what was going on.

There has been a very long wait for something to happen and then and some months ago something did. Yes it was something you would rather have not have happened but it was kind of inevitable in reality.

In fact compared to other similar situations it was very late. Though I always knew it was there and a possibility especially considering the length of time involved I never gave it much thought. Until every now and then someone else would bring it up in conversation.

Now I would talk about this .. sometimes. At other times I would simply say that I was not interested and do not care and cut the conversation off.

As it turns out over the last few years I would cut a lot of attempted conversations off and by that I mean more than one subject.

Sure I have things going on in the background and it has also come to be that for the last two to three years many things I would blog about or just allude to I had to cut off. I can think of at least two major ones and there are .. a few others I cut off too.

The thing is that when you have set out to do what I do you have to plan and do everything to make sure that your plans are successful. Sometimes that means biting your lip over lengthy periods of time.

Sometimes these plans do not produce the fruit you intended until a much later date and in any and all of this things often depend on .. others. When you depend upon others doing what they must they sometimes hold back for a longer time than you had envisioned in the beginning.

On odd occasions you then have to take a different approach and just wait or set different kinds of traps and just wait.

Over the years I have been doing this and for several years before I started doing what I do I got .. let us just say opposition. I was told that things would not work out as I planned and even gone as far at times to predict things.

In all instances thus far all .. let us say ‘predictions’ put to me have been wrong. There are results that did not make themselves known to me for a very long time and those that opposed my own predictions declared themselves to be correct and me very wrong.

Except .. as I stated .. there were no results.

Sometimes my alternate plans pay off when I least expect them too.

Sometimes results suddenly appear of which I had no control over at all.

Now as intriguing as that may sound I have something of a number of surprises coming by way of this blog. Because currently both of those above currently apply to a number of plans and one result allows me to set off a series of other .. results that I have held back.

Other things I had planned and totally forgot about have also showed themselves to now actually maybe unfolding in the foreseeable future.

That last thing has been a very, very closely guarded secret that absolutely no one at all knows about and I wont be divulging either. Not right now, this is for sure.

But its an old and very possibly my biggest plan of all that has now rose from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix and at seemingly just the right time.

In all this I get asked things and asked to do or, indeed, not do things.

‘Zipping’ will be an out of nowhere feature and before very long now. In fact the very .. hmm let us say ‘shape’ of this zipping changes in my mind while I think about a hundred things simultaneously and that is an understatement if anything.

The shape is in flux. Almost all the time now and .. there was a place I once needed to go that has now added itself to the list of places I need to go.

I have also been given reasons and the very real possibility to all this is that a previous ending I once predicted may also be about to happen. This has certainly been suggested to me by those involved.

If this works out as I had originally planned this means that there now exists another .. data bomb and a very big one too that now groups together with all the other .. data bombs that will come over the next six months.

It will blow a lot of people away too. To the point that they will spend several moths to a whole year getting over the revelations.

This rather oddly occurs when one plan I had for two years back that has now come around again and this could occur and no one at all would suspect a thing. People know one particular aspect of my plans and unlike my previous plans, doomed to failure by these others, they are under no illusions. No illusions at all that this time it is inevitable.

There was .. one .. that very recently asked if it had happened yet. I paused extremely briefly when he said this and it would not be the first time this individual doubted something I said. Known them a very long time. Only doubts have been lately, but then he works within the field of .. let us say ‘medicine’ and rubbished my claims about the NHS lying to patients and falsifying results .. to which I pulled a copy of Metro out of my bag and showed him the front page story.

It has never really been a case of accusing me of lying, no-no-no. It has always been a case that they thought I got things wrong. Though I am not in contact with this person regular. But it is natural to hear a statement of doubt and wonder to whether or not on this occasion they thing you’re lying. The mutual friend we have has no doubts.

But that made me think about doubters and, for me, it really never concerned me much because if this was me on the outside looking in I would think someone an absolute fool to manufacture events .. or lie. What would be the point? What would anyone have to gain from doing this outside of appearing the fool much later on when said event fails to materialise.

Rather bizarrely my actions after the imminent event eight of us has going on I have to then do things I really do not want to have to do because there was a blatant manufacturing of a whole series of events that simply did not occur.

I have to work with others and largely because a very major public service was fully informed and are tasked to investigate but did absolutely nothing and I have to take them to court. Hmm that was a rather clever way of producing a ‘red herring’! Well .. there is a bit more to it but I do not want go give away any clues to prying eyes as to what might occur following the conclusion of our current .. situation.

Good God, I am bored!

The weather has finally cooled down and I did think I would get out with my camera but a few hours out on my bike to get fit there ended up being a strong wind that day anyway. It was a toss-up whether to take my current camera with me and try to get to my regular photography spots.

Today I had to get a little shopping and I now realise the weather men said it was going to get hotter again. Yesterday was almost perfect and had there been no wind and just a couple of degrees cooler and it would have been.

Still .. they are saying that it will cool down after .. Wednesday? Just checked the weather in Windows 10, which is mostly wrong, yup Thursday looks perfect. Thus far.

Weekends are not good because the places I visit with my camera are too close to built up places and it fills up with noisy people, children, dogs, bikes, double-buggies and wide families strewn from path edge to path edge and you wont see the more interesting animals for a mile in either direction. Lol.

Good God I have so much to .. prepare and the very thought of doing it makes my mind say ‘uuuugh!’

I was supposed to do many things weeks ago but I really wanted an end date before I started doing these things. Well I kind of have an end date. Well as far as it states it appears to be one of two days and .. they are both less than a week away.

Got to get motivated!

This is finally happening but then it could not go on for very much longer without .. looking very suspicious because it already does look suspicious.

Good God I cannot even think lately about tags/labels for my posts and cannot think of them right now?!

It is quite strange to me that I came up with the title ‘The Eyes of Longing’ because and with me there are a list of longings. Some I have decided are better that they do not occur despite being a natural thing to happen with just about everyone else. Ever. Well except one person that used to appear on TV years ago. If the old rumours can be believed?

What will shortly occur will be a long list of very big life changing things and these .. should continue to happen for about a year.