Labour MP Diane Abbott was re-elected with a majority of 35,000 odd in Hackney?

A majority of 35,00p?!

How the fuck does that work?

Oh wait .. it’s Hackney isn’t it? The place I’ve still strong links to but would have little desire to return to outside of that.

In fact it’s a growing list of places I have called home in my life but which the desires to turn to have dwindled to nothing out are dwindling.

Two are now at nothing while one is dwindling.

Oh-oh-oh I do have one place. Maybe two but are too far away for me to get too. One is a lot closer than the other but .. doesn’t have much there and has old but bad memories anyway. That would be Hertford, where I got into something that would affect the rest of my life right up until this day.

It was a long time ago so it doesn’t have a major effect but there is not much there. It’s a nice place, don’t get me wrong. Just not a great deal to see .. though it has far more going for it than most places I can reach by bus or train.

I digress.

So yeah, Hackney. Diane Abbott? Madness!

If it weren’t so serious I’d think it was an episode of Abbott & Costello?!

After all that crap about mathematics and the Police plus me never having liked her as she had about the same amount of sincerity when she speaks as a blancmange.

This shows the factions of society vote for what’s best for them personally.

Another thing I want to say about all this is Jeremy Corbyn? Umm I am pretty sure you lost mate but no one would guess this by the way your are talking. Maybe you missed the maths class regarding simple addition but .. the one with the biggest number is the one that wins.

Then he starts assuming things and starts talking about forming a minority government? Really mate?

Or, as I suddenly thought while listening to him prattle one embarrassingly, is this some weak attempt to remain on as leader of the Labour Party? I mean I thought I heard some reporter state that this is a worst number of votes than the last election? Or was it the one before that or even both the last two?

There is a difference in the words ‘gain’ and ‘win’.

The funny thing in all this is that the Scottish have screwed over Labour for the second or perhaps even third time in a row now? The Tories won in a number of areas of Scotland? Yeah .. I kind of predicted this but still could not believe this is how it was going to go.

I have not looked at the numbers but I am interested to find out if it would have helped Labour win if those areas had gone to Labour and not the Conservatives?

Also funny is that many Scots voted Conservative because they did not see Jeremy Corbyn as a viable threat. If so .. that view has changed and I guess many may well be kicking themselves when it was the Scottish National Party they really wanted to kick?

If so then I think that if the Conservatives co-operating with the DUP, I mean .. really, does not work out and it weent to a second general election .. Jeremy Corbyn might actually win? Because many did not see him as a viable threat but he did better than everyone expected, including me.

That leaves me with what I found to be the most interesting result for a party and that party being the Scottish National Party. They lost. They lost a lot! I was also amazed to hear Nicola Sturgeon actually admit that their constant talk of another independence referendum was a factor!

Has the Scottish National Party now realised that independence is NOT what the majority of Scotland want? It was ridiculous to think that dividing Scotland any more than you had wasn’t ridiculous and really unfair just because you wanted what you did. If people say no then keep on going until they all say yes?

I think the Scottish people themselves saw this and they, the moral ones at any rate, realised that this was only going to divide the country even further and they did not want that.

So well done to the Scots for getting their message across but .. the Conservatives? Really?! Lol.

I do not see the Conservatives and the DUP alliance working out. Especially since I have seen what it is that they stand for. There is at least one thing that will not be achievable or agreed upon. No same sex marriages for a start! Lol.

Sure it may go on for awhile but when they are not getting what they want out of it it will dissolve, I think. It is an unlikely alliance though I was surprised to learn that they were against the EU. I thought most of Ireland on both sides were all for the EU? Apparently not.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: May to forge ‘government of certainty’ with DUP backing –


OK then. Before I do another post pointing towards inevitable and imminent things?

I have been alluding to a process I am .. embroiled in.

Starting a business.

Now I have been on this thing the call the New Enterprise Allowance which I was kind forced onto 6 months earlier than I really wanted to be on. Or start myself up as a viable and legitimate business.

So I attended a seminar to see what’s what.

I decided to move forward with it as there had been another tragic event that meant that I could realistically do this and possibly become self-supporting entirely in the space of about a year.

I had to also start things so that the two of them run parallel and ended around the same time.

Except this has not happened and neither of these things have either ended when they should have done nor played out as they should have done.

Trust me when I say that there is not a single person that has not reacted without shock or surprise in the way things have gone.

Now let us get started by stating that I enrolled into this NEA thing which was to have weekly meetings which went on over 8 weeks. Some readers may have even done this themselves and are nodding their heads thinking ‘Yep, yep’?

During this time there were to be additional .. so-called workshops where you went over various things, some of these things being spreadsheets you had to complete. I think there are two? Might be three but I think it is two.

Right so eight meetings over eight weeks and at least TWO workshops.

Yeah .. first off they doubted my business plan and was going to reject it .. until I pulled out print-outs of everything I have done and the guy’s eyes went wide. He then said “Mr Haswell, I can tell you now I do not even need to speak to my company,  you’re going to be approved!”

Except ..

After 3 weeks they did not ask to see me any more and instead I got an email from them stating that my business plan had been approved. I had been approved for a second time which I was not aware of.

It was only I was not asked for three weeks I realised they had no intention of meeting me any longer.

Except I still had a lot of questions that due to my memory problems I kept forgetting about but over five weeks I remembered in pieces and sent off a total of three emails. Except over the last five weeks I have had not one reply from them.

Neither was I asked to another workshop, though we were told there would be more than one!

I then got pressure put upon me by the Job Centre as they just wanted me to sign off and go self-employed .. but I was like thinking ‘Fuck this! You cannot even do anything at all correctly and take forever to do anything and you, a public service, are moaning at me for taking too long when that is down to other people and another public service? The irony and bloody cheek of it!’

I am afraid it gets .. well, weirder and .. better!

You have this option of a loan. They try to convince you not to take a loan to start a business, which had at least one of the other four in the seminar pull out before even her first meeting. It meant nothing to me but had I not had this other event happen in my life .. yeah, hearing them trying to convince you of starting a business and going self-employed without borrowing money when your on benefits and have no money .. I would have walked out at the point he actually said that. Yeah I would have actually got up, stated I was leaving and because that h had said that and walked out.

So .. there is this loan. You have a business plan, your supposed to get help .. but I did not get very much of that, and you have two business approval stages.

Remember this s over 8 to 13 weeks and i did it in 3 weeks.

So I make the loan application of £25,000 and I tell everyone it will either be approved or they will decline it and give me another figure they are happy to hand over.

Yeeeeah .. no.

Basically I got an email stating ‘Your application has been declined, best of luck here are some other routes you can go’.

This is the organisation I made the loan with .. Newable ..

Here is one they suggested, again government backed, and I have approached .. Start Up Loans Company ..

Their single reason? Affordability!

So they are supposed to be helping me start a business so where is the affordable amount?

Do I take it that you basically declined and said ‘Bye, bye’ that there does not exist an amount you would approve of?

So what was all that bullshit with the Job Centre and the NEA for week after week and the two business approvals?

So how is it that I have a SEO company, Search Engine Optimisation, based not far from where I live that has actually seen and read many of my blogs, not even seen the YouTube channel yet, and is excited about the potential? They have rang me twice now and are due to call me again around the middle of the month. They have helped someone else with a similar blog to my most popular one and done some great things hand have many millions of people now!

What also excites them is that I have 12, yeah count them .. twelve, blogs to boot!

So .. what the actual fuck, Newable and NEA?!

I could have ignored the NEA altogether and just kept telling the Job Centre to feck off. But I thought well let us go with this as I am starting up a business anyway and it could be a huge help? At the very worst .. if it turns out that what everyone is telling me is true and its a big fucking scam and trap for people so that they can make the government look good? Well I would have yet another expose for my blog. Blogs.

So I have emailed the Start Up Loans company and I have explained the situation to them and, as they are government based (do not know about Newable), they might give me some credible answers.

But they are government based so it is more likely I will get more bullshit?

Right now it is not looking good for the DWP, Job Centres, Newable or NEA.

Also the ob Centre applied no pressure and when I stated that I could not get a hold of the NEA advisor, only saw him 3 of the 8 times and he has not answered 3 emails in over 5 weeks I got this “Oh, they are having technical difficulties and we have not been able to get a hold of them for several weeks”?!

After stating that they cannot get a hold of them, which means by phone or email obviously, she then asks me if I have tried to ring them?!

All I can say at this point is oops!

Of course they could have fallen for my trap which is forcing them to try to avoid a trap and looking obvious?

Double oops!


Well how about that?

It went from a sure fire win for Theresa May to a little scepticism and then a definite sign of the element of doubt.


She kinda still won but in actual fact, lost.

As strange as it may seem and I can’t believe I’m about to say this but .. this might be the absolute best outcome possible for this country.

Don’t get me wrong here .. I have major problems with both sides, with Theresa May on some things and Jeremy Corbyn on others. I’m pretty sensible, level headed and can see through the crap.

But what I got from this outcome is that maybe, just maybe many other people do to and enough to make a difference? I also think that this was the best bloody way to get this message across to both of the two main parties and they could take this on board? Fingers crossed.

Remember what I always said? No one in politics seems to learn from history, as do no one else with power. The next one on line thinks they are the only intelligent human being on the planet and are infallible to the point of won’t go wrong at any point.

Theresa May has proved my point and I am thankful for that, as did David Cameron before her.

Will she resign? I don’t know for sure but I seriously doubt it, judging from the way in which she became Prime Minister in the first place.

At the same time the reports were coming in another BBC report stated that in Newcastle a man was holding people up at a Job Centre?!

That was something else I’ve expected to hear and what remains to be seen is, is this a probe example of backfiring that can happen by treating the jobless and disabled the way the Tories and Tony Blair’s government has? If this is then remember people with disabilities will mostly not be physically capable of doing this.

Or is this yet another example of terrorism and the Muslim issue?

Yeah the messages are now starting to surface and I’m sure over the next year or three they will come think and fast.

We are all animals deep down, Doctors included despite their bullshit, and you apply enough pressure and the top eventually blows off.

The difficulties you face with the first of these scenarios is .. once one blows the others normally all quickly follow suit.

It is highly likely that the Conservative’s did not win purely because of their treatment of the disabled, jobless, welfare state and NHS?

It is highly likely that Labour did not win because many thought he would be too soft and a walk over on immigration, Europe, did not get the people’s message over Brexit and think he knew better than everyone else? It is possible some naive idiots did not vote for him because “Nuuuuclearrrrr weapons make me feeeel saaaaaaaafe!!” now imagine that in a girly voice.

Nuclear weapons are a deterrent and one that is not actually on display. A deterrent that has been there for years … that you never see and likely will … never be used. Are we there yet?

OK .. OK .. I will put in another way … how do you fucking know there are even any nuclear weapons and that is where those billions are actually going?!

Nuclear weapons are used against cities and populations and not other nuclear weapons. The only way they can be used against other nuclear weapons would be for them to be firs first, at the other nuclear weapons and to get there before said nuclear weapons are launched.

So you will kill a load of Russian people that did not want war anyway and have a leader that may well have corrupted the vote to get and stay in? You might bomb a load of starving North Korean people? You might .. oh? No just those two then.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Hung Parliament: Q&A guide to what happens when no-one wins the election –


What is it about these people that just want every single person in Europe to give over everything then lay down and be walked all over before being raped and killed?

I saw a picture of people … umm somewhere and I do not know who are what they stand for and one banner held by one man stated “EU are my sunshine”. Really? I felt I needed to reach for a bucket.

First off I want to say that this is about a YouTube channel called ‘Squatting Slav TV’ and I have absolutely no idea who they are. Once agai they came up in my recommended videos on YouTube, I guess because I watched something else to do with Poland that involved a march.

In the second video, both linked below, this chap from the above named channel turns up at a march of Antifa .. in Poland?! I thought they were a USA based thing? Anyway .. once again someone tries to speak to this liberal group and all they want to do is .. speak over him, hurl insults and once again basically tell other people how they should think and feel which happens to be the same as they do.

Now just imagine for one moment .. could you imagine what things would be like if people with this attitude ran a country?

Well let us get something out of the way right now .. it would not be for very long, of that I can assure you.

You would be arrested and locked up for how you think and feel and what would happen is that people would end up so scared that they would have to not mention how they feel to anyone. Anyone at all.

It would be like one of those futuristic sci-fi films, Equilibrium immediately springs to mind, where everyone would walk around and hardly speak. You would have to keep things bottled up and likely for years because you would not know who to trust.

Unless, of course, you was a Muslim as then you could asy and do what you liked and they would let you because … reasons and .. culture. Safe in the knowledge that one day you would take over the nation anyway.

Except .. that is what a lot of people think but you have a slight .. problem here that just about everyone seems to be blind to. There is a lot more than just one culture and one religion.

Now what does someone like Antifa, or any of the liberals that think like they do, do if another culture other than a white one then starts having problems and protesting against another culture that is non-white?

I have waited to see a situation like this spring up. I am sure there is one certain religion/culture that would like to do this but .. oddly they are likely the only other people that would be verbally and physically attacked the way white protestors are. But fear not as there are many others and there is one in particular that has just as infamously fought with the Muslims for years.

This is the trouble .. no matter the culture, religion or skin colour the Muslims have had trouble with everyone. Absolutely everyone but no one points this out either, funny that.

So this channel is Polish and seems to be airing things that I have certainly not heard reported in the UK. I have told one friend about this and he had never heard of anything like this and he listens for things like this. Because he hates the EU just as everyone I know does no matter who they are or what background they are from.

When I told him that Poland told the EU they could take no more immigrants and that the EU threatened to kick them and two other countries out of the EU and cut off their funding if they refused, his eyes showed anger. He was shocked at that ad I said “No, I could not believe it either”. When I told him that despite the video being uploaded this year of 2017 the actual protest march was from 2015 he looked shocked again.

“See? There is stuff they are no fucking showing you on the national news!” was his response to that.

I am going to give you a tip .. if you think that things are not nor never have been as bad as the videos I post suggest, then I suggest you do one single thing when you look at these videos ..

Check the ratio between ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. You will soon get a picture about to form in your head that simply cannot be ignored.

This applies to everything I post, regardless of the subject.

I have been trying to influence a situation.

In fact almost all the time I am trying to influence a very varied set of situations and all the time there is always more than just one.

In fact very, very recently I applied for a substantial loan and this is linked to something else I am doing which is linked to something else that is about to take place.

Due to being forced and coerced I have had to make this application for an amount with several zeros in it, although I am not .. hmm the word to use? It is not .. intentional though at the same time it was a ‘must’.

That application alone is intended to influence two separate things while the other thing that is now running parallel to this one is also intended to influence a couple of things.

I had to go somewhere today where I expected a great deal of complaining about me and being given ultimatums, which once again is linked to the aforementioned loan application. I also expected a lot of pressure as I had this about a fortnight ago. I had a plan for a pre-emptive strike but only expected this to have the slightest effect on things. Except .. erm .. nothing happened.

I mentioned that the thing I was going to get pressure over had stopped happening as I had not been asked to be met for 5 out of the 8 weeks. I got a funny look over that one.

I could not help but wonder if .. my umm .. reputation had suddenly gone around .. somehow?

I digress.

I saw another video by an Irish chap calling himself ‘The Don’ on YouTube and he spoke about the immigrant problems in Europe. A shocking part was when he visited Copenhagen and he was in a bar, I think he said, and was speaking to Danish people. He was asking about local areas and they told him to stay away from certain parts of Copenhagen. They went on to say that they were full of nothing but immigrants and that the areas had turned into shit-holes as well as ‘no-go areas’?!

He mentioned he wanted to visit Malmo in Sweden and they told him to stay well away from there as it was far worse than Copenhagen and was dangerous.


As well as explaining what people told him in Copenhagen the Irish Don here also thinks that Europe is heading to civil war and this is not the first time I have heard this .. in fact I have have been hearing it for a long time now and as time goes on I here it more and more often .. look at the date this was uploaded ..


I just watched a video on YouTube of a guy I have never heard of before talking about the migrant crisis in Europe. Only he sounds like he is not, possibly, European?

Hmm let me just check ..

Hmm well he sounds like he is from North America somewhere and he calls himself ‘Kenn Daily’. I presume that ‘Kenn’ is his surname and its his ‘daily’ routine? Like I said I never heard of him before but it came up as a recommendation and the title ‘BOOM! 4 more nations just rejected the EU’.

I was not sure whether to believe him as I was sure this would be put on the mainstream media but it does seem to be the case. At least he placed a link in the video description to an article by the BBC on this and it takes some believing.

I have to go and start another video and this will indeed be focused on Poland ..

Right now according to this channel called ‘Kenn Daily’ Poland turned to the EU and told them that they could not take any more migrants. The EU apparently turned to Poland’s leaders and said that they WILL take these migrants or be heavily fined should they choose to refuse?!

I bloody well kid you not!

Now this is starting to sound like the sort of things that the Nazis would have started off doing … except this seems to be the exact opposite. How weird can you get? Hmm .. thinking .. that does not sound right. It is simply bizarre.

Apparently it doesn’t only involve Poland either. Let e just check I have a tab open here with the BBC article and I will see what they state about it.

Hmm the BBC states that the EU wants to bring in penalties regarding refusing asylum seekers which does not seem to tally up with what Kenn Daily states.

Ahh now the Express states that both Poland and Hungary have said they cannot take any more and the EU has threatened them with being kicked out of the EU. Something too about holding back funds or something?

Even more bizarre is another video uploaded this year that shows a huge march against Muslims and Islam in Poland.

Now here is the kicker … umm it may well have been uploaded this year but the march was stated to take place in 2015?! Now isn’t that funny how I have no knowledge of this march. Considering I was involved with radicals before I even started this blog almost five years ago.

I put a link at the bottom.

So if that march was that big and took place two years ago what must the Polish people be feeling like now?! I dread to think, really I do!

So now it may be a case of the Polish population is telling their government who is in turn telling the EU leaders and the EU respond by saying, ‘tough shit, do it or your out with no money!’

Did they do something like this with Greece?

Well that settles it then .. the EU is determined to ruin the lives of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or more, to go after this goal of taking in migrants. Why are they so determined to do this and why are they willing to cost the lives of their own people to do it? It makes no sense. No sense at all.

I bet if I wanted to move somewhere in Europe I could not do it as easily as all these Muslims?

I have seen as well as experienced this determination to destroy the lives of their own people right here in the UK. I had thought it was entirely down to my own government but now and after hearing this, it might turn out it is all down to the EU?!

Kenn Daily

March in Poland against Muslims ..


I had a few videos recommended to my by YouTube.

In one a journalist woman in Italy, the land of fashion, travels around to different Mosques to ask them about women and how they dress.

The answers are basically what you would expect from these morons and they basically state that if you show any of your body at all in anyway then you are disrespectful. They claim that women that cover up completely get and deserve more respect.

As if this was not bad enough they basically stated that every woman in Italy should cover up!


Umm .. the land of fashion and you want every woman to cover up in a country that is not yours, that took you in and helped you and now you want to press your culture on the entire country?

I do not think that I need to explain that you can imagine what is said when a camera is not recording them?

I do not think I need to explain what would happen if these people every become the majority in any country they have .. invaded. That is what they have done and in a long list of countries which are all white in their origins. So they complain about western countries going into their country for short periods, often to help, but are perfectly OK in becoming permanent residents in countries that were originally white?

I state white because I cannot think of a single country that is non-white that have taken Muslims into their country and let them set up their own communities and, of course, terrorist cells.

I am also willing to bet that for every single country they have invaded and now starting to make unfair demands and expect to impress upon others their values and beliefs there are videos like this one I linked below? Yup, I think probably every country in Europe that has Muslim communities has someone making videos about Muslims destroying their country and attempts to try and show this.

I find it absolutely stunning that Muslims would go to a country, especially Italy, and then start dictating how everyone else how to behave, what to wear and what they can and cannot say!

If you have such strict views on how women should dress then why in the FUCK would you go to Italy in the first place?!

When they entered the country did not the Italian authorities turn around and say “Look, this is Italy and seen by man as the capital of fashion around the globe and it gets hot in most of the country. So we are warning you now, women dress very sexy, scantily and revealing, are you sure you are OK with that?”

Of course they would have lied and said ‘Yes’ anyway.

For another video the guy, who I do not know from Adam, shows you a picture of the stream of refugees that travelled to Europe. You know that Tsunami of refugees that is stuck along with a deep-seated fear and the many pictures the news media hit us with? Fucking mainstream news media! I bet they showed these pictures thinking everyone would feel sorry for these refugees but it backfired did it not?

So yeah, he shows this picture of this very long stream of Arab refugees and then he points something out. He stated that if you look at the picture almost all of these refugees are young men and that this is not what you expect with any amount of refugees. You expect mainly women and children. He is right. But he then goes on to say that what you have to consider is that if millions of men come into the country they will then call for their wives, children and other family members to be let in.

I do not know how many are let into the UK or any other country in Europe for that matter but …

..let us say it is a million? So over the next year or two does that mean that an extra 3 million or more? That is excluding everyone else that is coming as a refugee for the first time, of course.

What if it is 3 million men? Does that mean that we are going to have another 10 million come over because they are related?

Adding ten million to any European country will be bad news, especially if they already have a large enough Muslim community. Like France and as it would now appear, Italy? I had already heard tales about Italy from people that were on holiday there who were themselves told things by the local Italians.

These are the sorts of figures that scare the crap out of the people and with every attack that occurs now it gets worse. Now when you think that these attacks suddenly seem to be increasing and not just in the UK?

So a very large number of people have been let in and suddenly the attacks go up exponentially?

What is it we have had now in 2017 alone? Three attacks? Maybe four attacks? Could even be five attacks and we are only in the 6th month of the year thus far! Now consider the summer is here and there is a huge increase in the summer where outdoor events are concerned. People are out more there are more fairs, shows, party like things happening, concerts and all manner of things. I dread to think what could take place between now and September?

Also of interest is the title of one of these videos where it states what I have been saying for a bloody age now. I was speaking to another member of DPAC that I know and we got talking about the general election. He seems to still have hope that Jeremy Corbyn will win. But I told him that though man are conditioned not to speak about it, well white people are not allowed to speak, secretly everyone is worried about the immigrants and refugees that have come here and are still coming here. I pointed out that for a very long time now and that I could not possibly put on DPAC’s site, because some people are still blind idiots, is that it is white people that get kicked in the nuts. To get this message over to him, as he has had a rough ride over things and even contemplated ending his own life, I asked him one question.

“Other than Sarah *******, how many non-whites have you seen on DPAC’s site over the last few years?” to which he answered, none.

I then said “What do ethnic minorities not get disabilities or never end up losing a limb or not have to have one amputated?”

I never even noticed it at first and God only knows what caused me to realise but I seemed to be the only one that had. Considering I have not been a member of DPAC all that long and many others have been members far longer than I, I find it all bloody bizarre.

This is a good example, people with disabilities, of how and why it is not only not fair in the UK but has not been for a very, very long time now.

Everyone has either been affected by this now or knows someone that has been and they may not have even realised it at first but many now have. That number that have become aware can only grow bigger. As people realise they are not the only ones that feel like this they start to get more brash about it. As they realise that their numbers are actually quite large they then start doing a lot more than just being .. brash about their feelings.

That is the problem the UK faces and as I have been slowly discovering a lot of other countries too with several being in Europe and outside of that America and Australia. I have been hearing that things are going downhill in Canada too according to many Canadian commenters on YouTube.

How are you going to deal with it?

You cannot simply try and label millions of people as racist, like you would one or two in order to shut them up.

If a large percentage of a population feel this way then you have a problem, especially as some of that percentage will never feel this way because they are the ones everyone else is complaining about.

Now if the complete population, at least near as dammit and … well the only portion of the populace where this feeling counts, feel that way then you have not only a major problem on your hands but a potential and very major crisis.

I can tell you of two sure fire ways of making it worse ..

  • Ignore it, pretend it is not happening and keep it out of mainstream media

  • Just tell them all they are being racist

That second one would be quite entertaining if it were being said to me because I would tell them that not only is the boot on the other foot and that whites are actually being racist towards whites … but that I have even had two black women tell me they felt sorry for me, all British born whites because we have been treated like second class citizens by our own country.

Except here we are today and they are now doing this to white disabled people. Because in every single case I have come across, and there have been literally hundreds, I only know of one single non-white woman and I do not even know if she has been a victim of all this. Maybe she joined because it happened to a friend of hers? I just do not know.

There are only two groups of people that can do anything about this.

The question remains open whether they will actually do something or just sit until a civil war sparks up? Well .. I say ‘civil war’ but its not is it? That suggests a war between factions of the same race of people within a nation. As does the use of the word ‘revolution’ that was so highly liked by anyone within the socialist circles.

I know where it looks to be heading which is why, given the options were they available to me, I would live deep in the countryside somewhere.

Because they also produce as many children as they want, because ‘culture’ and ‘religion’ while factions of the UK are being limited to just two and .. well as we know, more are arriving all the time.

They have kept stating this will change for several years now but it has not, nor is it likely to and .. will bee too little too late anway.

And THAT is why I would rather not live in a built up area anywhere now.

I am sure that if I tried to pick a city or even a fair sized town anywhere in the UK not one of them would have an area that would either be suitable at the time or not be suitable in, say, a decade.

I have personally watched this happen in two areas that I have lived in and am watching it happen in a third area and everyone I know spends half the time talking about it happening.

It is the same and crappy old story .. nothing is said or done until enough people have been affected and by then .. tens of thousands of lives have been ruined and I am being conservative here. There is a list, look it up, called Calum’s List that states that 100,000 people have already died because of this.

As more and more people come across these facts more and more people get angry .. that is nature, son!

The longer people are angry while being subdued into, or rather scared witless, silence then the more this anger gets pent up. Eventually and as any psychiatrist will tell you … this simply wont end well. It all turns to venom and that is inevitable. You cannot control nor tell people what to think and what to feel. Especially when they start seeing the reality of a given situation.

Then of course there is the realisation that this has gone on for bloody years and they have therefore been blind to it all.

Sometime after this everyone will raise questions about not only central government but also the media.

I was surprised recently when there was a tirade against the BBC by a whole bunch of disabled people and jobless.

I mean I know what the BBC is and I have known for years. I know they are corrupt, self-righteous and have this unbelievable level of self-entitlement.

We wont go into the fact that they love to expose people while having one of the darkest histories in living memory and you can bet your bottom dollar we do not know half of it.

I said previously that the BBC showed the migrant exodus which was probably to make us feel sorry for them but that it backfired? Well is it not funny that they are still coming but you do not hear about it much as far as the BBC is concerned? It is almost like they have realised that this has not got everyone concerned for these people but more so concern for what negative effect it will have on their own lives.

This situation was created, end of story. It is not because of ‘reasons’ against this lot or that lot .. no, it was created and created over a very long period of time.

But will anyone admit to it? Hell, no. It will be someone else’s fault or their predecessors fault and they will promise you they will do something about it.

Claim that Welfare State favours Muslims ..

Italian Journalist Asking Muslim men about the way Women Dress ..


I’m confused along with the feeling of devastation when I stop and think about the latest attack.

I was reading about article on the attack and read that a dozen people were arrested in Barking. Now there’s a surprise.

They seem to come from every Muslim community in the country. They have found various groups of radicals in the North with Yorkshire, Birmingham and Manchester. I discovered one in Liverpool several years back and I handed 16GB of evidence over to the correct authorities. They also arrested done at my previous area, Walthamstow. I even saw one of these from the top deck of a bus.

There was a funny coincidence about that last one as I had been left homeless and the property they raided looked council owned.

In fact just about everyone I know stated that these people are taken in and given homes and money but I was being cast to the gutter, along with my various disabilities.

In fact Manchester has now had two groups, what with one being raised back in 2011 or 2012. That one was around 8 months after I have them details of someone who was a radical. He was traveling to Manchester and Birmingham and due to the way that he did it .. it was obvious where he was going and who he was meeting. They think they are really, really intelligent and everyone else is stupid. Yeah, right.

But it struck me how they always go for easy targets. They know full well that no one on the UK carries weapons. Most probably have even had any combat training or martial arts.

But I kept thinking about how they immediately went for a woman.

Yeah, really fucking big of you people, your just sooo tough.

Must be getting to people because I was stopped half way from my local shops to my house today and I was asked about how I felt about the terrorist attacks. I just smiled. She looked shocked.

She wanted to give me a leaflet and I asked if she was a Jehovah’s Witness. She said that she was. I told uttered two names she recognised and I told her to tell them you had just met who they call ‘The Mission Man’.

I explained I’d been basically called this by three separate religions. All Christian.

After I left her out occurred to me I could have gotten her to laugh because I could state that I’m probably seen as the devil incarnate by certain Muslim groups. Lol.

Maybe even all of them think that about me?

Well I did cause them so much bother that they switched targets from Stratford to Waltham Abbey.

Here’s where they are stupid but think they are smart and everyone else is stupid ..

I knew they would switch targets!

Their second target would be a lot easier to monitor too and I was well aware of this.

They got caught in an inflatable dingey. You can imagine what it was loaded with.

As I said, two cells were raided as a result.

So yeah .. I am probably well and truly seen as the devil incarnate. In reality I was a loving and caring father that did what I had to do.

I was just fortunate at having this damned brain that never wants to sleep.

Something else I’m really good at is using a gun and have shocked many with my good aim at long distance too.

Pretty good with nunchaku too.

As for the Police though?

Three targets.

Fifty bullets. Fifty.

Well they did hit four people but somehow one of them was an innocent bystander. Umm, how?

All that shouting and swearing at innocent people who just witnessed something horrific and scared of of their lives. No doubt your claims were you was going this to protect them?


Funny how in the video none of the Police standing were being fired at.

Funny how you would tell them to stay stationary on the floor when bombs are the preferred weapon?

Sorry. Shooting a member of the public after firing fifty bullets? Fifty bullets?

Was they all on night duty the day before and all watched Gunfight At The OK Corral or something?

I used to go with a friend shooting rats .. at quite a distance too. Even got shot in my leg once too. I never needed fifteen bullets to hit my target and that’s in the dark too. In fact I didn’t need as many as five bullets for my targets.

And they were rats.

So I only need one or two bullets to hit something in the dark the size of a man’s foot.

This was in a glass nursery that’s over 100 foot long. I didn’t even hit a pane of glass. Over five years!

Something is very wrong here. Either they are shite at training people to use guns or are employing the wrong types of people.

I simply couldn’t believe it. I’m not sure what I was more shocked at .. the fifty bullets to hit the targets or the fact they shot a member of the public?

Let’s hope they survive being shot and think ourselves lucky that with fifty bullets belong to the Police zipping around that it wasn’t more innocents being shot.

Not the first time they’ve gotten knee deep in controversy over shooting bullets over a terrorist attack, is it?

Now with the Manchester Muslim community alone spawning two attacks and now London having two, both on bridges over a couple of months it kind of makes you think it’s never going to end.

Well it’s not, not now.

Funny that Plaid Cymru have blamed Theresa May fit being to soft on radicals. Anything short of death is being too soft on radicals.

But what was funny was that most of them came in under Tony Blair and I was under the impression that the EU was on control of who we let in and that’s why we left?

It’s going to be a very tough five to ten years and different people have different tolerance levels. That means the number that have had enough of this is growing.

I have to run for a bucket when a BBC reporter says some vomit inducing words over a tribute concert for the victims of the attacks. Umm aren’t they all stuck at home or in hospital?

“Hey, maaaan! We’re doing a surgical tribute concert that .. well everyone that want in the attack can come to .. because .. umm .. they still recovering and so losing out!”

Are they holding the concert to raise money for the victims? I certainly hope so.

I don’t like these sort of things .. it’s not what they are doing it for, provided it’s a good cause and the right thing. It’s what they are really doing it for. I do sometimes wonder.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times a celebrity had been held up on a pedestal only to be revealed as doing something really horrible and sinister at a later date.

It’s been this way for so long you just thing everyone’s an amoral twat deep down.

Yeah I’m cynical bit it’s not natural .. it’s something that’s grown through experience.

I’ve a very, very, very long list of the number of times I’ve either approached someone for help and support and got nothing at all or they have just decided to come after me after getting out of bed one morning.

Probably only about 20% of it is on here and with evidence of one form or another.

In fact it was years of seeing the signs but ignoring them and bit believing them before I even started gathering evidence.

So what I’ve had for around ten years is people stating the same things to me that I did to myself.

I sometimes wonder how people think about why others do things. Did they think I simply didn’t like something said to me one day, decided they were lying and then spent a small fortune to gather evidence?

Only a complete moron would do that.

Or someone extremely wise. Astute.


I now find out that one of the attackers ad been reported?! Oh dear.

Makes me think to when I reported things and in my case it did not get ignored. However …

  • In my case I kept sending them DVD’s crammed with data, photos and recordings of phone conversations so it might have been ignored until a point when they could not ignore it any longer?
  • I was contacted by them, security services, by phone around 8 months into all this … was told I was a genius at the end of the phone-calls
  • Never got anything more out of them than a … compliment .. hey, well at least they phoned me to tell me that
  • A Merseyside Detective had already stated the same thing about me  .. to my face .. see recording (includes details of m involvement with MI5 & GCHQ) , lol
Yeah makes you wonder why no one will employ me, right?
Well the real reason behind that last question is oddly enough the same reason that the UK, or England at the very least, is losing. I have gone over this time and time again on this blog and for five years too. I am not repeating it again just to link the two things.
There is someone that will employ me. ME!
Oh and I have just heard, thanks to Sargon of Akkad on YouTube, of an utterly ridiculous plan by Theresa May to tackle terrorism ..

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: London attack: 12 arrested in Barking after van and knife attack –


Review or Report, I’m not really sure.

I found out about this from a very old friend of mine who literally just sent me a video.

I had no idea what this video was until I played it and discovered that a journalist seem to be taking to someone about a report. He called it The Naylor Review but seems to be called The Naylor Report in The Mirror’s link below.

In the video the man states that there is this procedure going on to sell off assets owned by the NHS and they they are even using taxpayers money in payouts as an incentive to do this?!

There was also something about selling of things to acquire equipment and ‘MRI’ was mentioned as an example.

So what I want to know is .. why has this not been mentioned in any of the TV news channels?

Bearing in mind that we have a general election in just two days, 24 hours likely let by the time this post goes out?

Oddly I have seen now a BBC advert, in essence, for their coverage of the general election. It consists of a number of different people asking questions about government and the way things are run. It’s vomit inducing.

I don’t know whether it’s because it’s the BBC and they caused the death of my father or because they are so biased and corrupt they have a dedicated webpage towards this, …

I was leading towards something there but unfortunately and I could say ‘for the umpteenth time’ but this would not do it justice Google’s Android Blogger App .. froze. It does this really frequently and does not matter whether you click on ‘save’ or ‘publish’.

This should soon cease to be a problem though but it has cost me a lot of posts over the past 5 years and it is absolutely bloody dreadful that these serious problems with the Blogger app has continued for soo very long.

I mean when you think about it … they want you to blog because they can run adverts but while your runnin their adverts they do not give a toss about you or whether their software works correctly.

This is something I will get round to later in the year because it is yet another example of this aloof attitude I absolutely detest of companies that have allowed to get too large.

This makes it hilarious when you think that they have gotten so large that not even organisations like the USA’s FBI and various governments get treated the same way.

As for the Naylor Report of what the UK government and the NHS are up to it begs belief that they would not remove the vastly overpaid heads of the NHS or even the Primary Care Trusts that have no involvement or effect on saving lives, quite the opposite in fact now, but sell off assets and allow a shortage in nurses.

Once again this is also demonstrating that the myriad, there are a lot and I suggest you check for yourself, of ombudsman and governing bodies created and costing taxpayers money to keep these organisations in check are not doing that at all.

In each and every case we are slowly discovering that things are not only beyond bad but have been heading that way for a very, very long time. So where have all these so-called watchdogs been?

In each case consider how long they have been heading down hill and in this we are talking years and even decades. Tally up the amount of taxpayers money that has gone towards these ombudsman along with governing bodies during that time that have done either nothing or very little at best.

I might remind you or indeed point you to what I had previously stated had been told to me by a local nurse at Chase Farm Hospital when I pointed out that they are building a new .. umm that new A&E which is not an A&E? Ahh I have remembered what they are called now, Urgent Care Centres.

Now first off it was explained to me that they were useless, Urgent Care Centres, and why and when told my mouth must have dropped open and I simply answered “Are you serious?” They are only for people with colds and flu. Honestly. They have no access to your medical records and so cannot prescribe anything. Who the fuck goes to hospital for a cold or a flu? Unless it is Bird or Swine Flu.

Her response to me pointing out they had a new building being built was even more bizarre when sh uttered “Yeah, right!” and that when I asked what se meant by that she responded with “We .. ” note she said ‘WE’, “..keep looking over the steel wall to check to see if the buildings start looking like blocks of flats!”

I was astonished by this. I mean surely the people that run, you know some of the over paid ones I keep on about, the hospital know whether or not they were selling parts off to the private sector? Which means that even in my local hospital, if you did not pick up on it in a previous post about this, the actual medical professionals do not trust their own bosses or the NHS in general. Or the government, for that matter.

One has to wonder whether or not people that vote for the Conservative’s might find out about this Naylor Report at a later date and regret how they voted?


OK, now we are getting somewhere.

Now I was going to post this a couple of days ago but as I was getting closer to the 2nd June date I started to become .. apprehensive.

I have also found myself being somewhat .. superstitious about an imminent event that is also inevitable.

I have also lost track of time on something which had a weekly .. let us say ‘event’ to it which stopped abruptly a month ago … or so. Yeeeah short term memory loss, you see? Lol.

Anyway I have put in an application that was available to me which is a loan. Only not only is it likely that I will not need it, it now turns out there is an unexpected .. twist to applying for this loan and .. well, in all honesty this is something that could have come up during thee five remaining meetings I expected to take place but never did.

In fact I have now sent off three emails and have yet to get a response. Huh, that is weird. It is like they suddenly become terrified of me or something? Lol.

Anyhoo it also turns out that you have to be registered to make loan applications of above £2,500  and you have to wait two working days for them to get back to you before you continue. Two and a half grand is a laughable amount to start a business – a professional camera body costs more then this. Bloody good luck if you need to buy a car or van for your business!

Still it was a process, experience and above all else, learning experience too. Well the pan was for it to be a learning experience but I .. cannot really think of anything I actually learned. I did get to realise there were things I needed to think about but I could have gotten all that from a pamphlet, in all honesty.

I am expecting pressure the day after they are due to email me back and that will be interesting to say the least as it is also a day after the ‘earliest date’.

You see I have managed to get an answer from a certain solicitor and I still did not get one of the numbers I asked for and only a rough one for the second. That second figure is actually a date and I am told that this will be between the 7th June and the 14th June. This turns out to be for both confirmation and .. receipt, though in theory it could take a couple of extra days for receiving things by post?

Then there is a brief wait of about a week. No more and no less and things would have been confirmed by then .. it is just one of those unavoidable waits upon others you cannot get around. Though I did ready a while back this was going to change. But not until 2018, I think it was? Hmm the year 2020 is popping into my head now?

In preparation for said event I have been working on things harder than I ever have, like my house for one! Also and added to this I have been .. well, panic buying things and just two days ago, so the 2nd June for the record, I took receipt of a parcel at my door which were a pair of Orthotic shoes and the fourth pair I have bought in as many months. Three pairs were not cheap.

If you are familiar with Salomon shoes then you know what I mean when I say they are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. But each pair has been doing the job I purchased them for so I am not really bothered by this and am relieved to say the least that I have shoes I can turn to! Most of the time!

My second pair turned out to be a mistake as they were Gore-tex shoes and so when it turned warm my feet got hot. Looking at the shoes I then realised they were Gore-tex and thought ‘you idiot!!’

I spent ages looking for another pair for summer and ended up with these Adidas trainers but with a different Ortholite sole I had not tried before and they did not work as well. Well not for standing stationary. They also discoloured and stained pretty quickly and as they are pure white .. do not loo very good now!

So yeah .. unlike the last event I was waiting for at the end of 2015, that then did not occur as someone vanished into the dark of the night, this one I am actively preparing for.

I have a few days to go of light preparation and then when I am contacted again and know exactly what and when .. I will go into overdrive. In more ways than one. Then around a wee or so after this happens and when it is truly .. let us say finished it will then become obvious on here and my YouTube channel.

Meanwhile I am now doing things that I know are for the last time, or second from last time. I have purchased my last box of Yorkshire Tea bags and my next pack of tobacco will likely be my last or second from last at best.

It is funny how you use mundane things to count down time in your head? Oh? Maybe that is just me then? Lol.

I am also packing some things into boxes and throwing other things out.

When I have the full details I will be packing a lot more into boxes and throwing a hell of a lot more stuff out.

It is kind of weird because as I already started this process I have to work out what can definitely go and throw it away. Then figure out what is definitely staying and pack that up.

Decisions, decisions!

Still I am entering what will be the last week now. This will be the last week in which nothing happens .. that is if nothing happens in which case iot was actually the previous week to this one that was the last week.

There are a lot of lasts that will be going on for the next week or two and one I can think of at the end of the month!

I made a video to help people with heel pain and show them the shoes that seem to cut this pain right down to a more … discomfort level, at least for me ..

I do briefly mention up and coming changes .. (chomping ..)


So then?

Donald Trump had walked out on the climate agreement?

Right let’s first get some perspective?

The climate agreement which is intended to save the world? Remember this.

Now let’s leave my opinion out of this they they are wrong about this and going about everything wrong, while wasting another shit load of money just as they have all done for decades making all the same mistakes. Yup .. let’s leave that alone.

Now what I think about all this didn’t matter in this instance.

What matters is what others believe right now .. sorry .. I mean, what everyone else states they believe. Not just saying it because they realised billions of dollars, euros and pounds can be cleaned from it.

So let’s say for arguments sake that they do believe, wrongly, that doing all this cutting carbon footprints will save the world and therefore the human race and hundreds of millions of lives?

Are the Americans going to be charged billions of dollars to leave? How about one hundred billion dollars?

Ooh sound excessive? But they signed up for it to help save the world?

Still sound excessive?

Well Europe expects £100 Billion from the UK only to quit being a member. Despite the fact that the British people told them what they thought of their running Europe. Like crap.

I will tell you what I didn’t like, look out Trump you won’t like this .. Trump treated or more like a business deal. So did the rest of the clapping Seals down at the Ocean Centre!

What? What do you mean, they weren’t Seals?!

So you know the problem of this idea about globalisation, the so called global elite and how everyone called them lefties? Yeah .. nothing of the kind. Like so many other unscrupulous people they will day whatever they think people want to hear to get into power.

True lefties are not into power and not into money .. they are into people and societies.

If your reading this Mr Corbyn, no that does not mean lying in the mud for groups of people that will stamp your face into it so that you down while they are walking over you.

And no .. being nice for an eternity doesn’t do a fecking thing either. You will come across as a patronising twat at best.

Hmm .. funny that. The extreme right are patronising twats too?! Huh .. it’s almost like there exists these weird links? Lol.

No Mr Trump, something that exists to save the world, in theory, is not about business deal for you to exploit.

Hmm if I could speak to Donald Trump right now I’d remind him of his biggest business failures and then remind him that was business.

Then I would point out that representing a country and its people is not business. Only capitalist morons see it as so. But the majority of people don’t and don’t want it treated so.

In other words .. don’t do it.

Otherwise your demise will be pretty quick and possibly even prior to the next US Presidential election?



Oh and just to go over what I have always stated, for those that do not know. Yes I think it is a bloody good thing to reduce emissions but ..

You hav no way of knowing if you will make any difference at all.

You have no way of knowing whether or not you will trigger an ice age.

What is absolutely certain is that putting all your eggs into a basket with a large hole in it will only compound things later on.

I am also an expert on animals of various fields and with my entire family almost all fields and I can tell you this..

Animals tell you a story if you loo hard enough and they tell us that the planet has been getting warmer for a very, very long time.

Also and as we all know we have had ice ages and this means there was a coldest point during that and as this is waxing and waning it also means there was a warmest point.

Wee just do not know enough and if so then why put all our eggs in one basket? There is an obvious answer to that question if you think about it long enough ..

Because there is moey to be made where there was not before.

They do not know how to go without themselves, thy do not know how to make proper cuts to the right places when there needs to be. So they take from the poorest and most vulnerable stating they were difficult decisions and things like ‘we are all in this together’.

Now think about this ..

What if it turned out that they were all just jumping on the bandwagon for money and that everyone resisted this carbon footprint thing later on? Then it turns out to be true?

I have also always said that there is an argument that we are speeding up the warming. But we do not know what the warmest point is even without our involvement. We do not know what temperatures would have been reached anyway even if there were humans gassing up the place.

I simply do not like foundations that are on shaky ground and when the natural world gives us signs that contradicts many of the statements, certainly early statements, then that makes the ground even shakier.

You would not replace a rabbit with an elephant in a dog track and expect all the greyhounds to go bolting after it when the traps open, wold you?

Personally I gt behind thins when I see irrefutable facts or truth.