My memory really is a pain.

Sometimes when I am trying to explain things to people of why I am convinced of something I do not always recall all of the data I have seen.

While at the same time I also might see something and forgot something I had noted which was something bizarre and linked at an earlier date.

This is frustrating on it own because everyone knows I have these memory slips and my social worker friend has told people that when he used to pick me up to do something he use to run through a check list of things for me to see if I had forgotten anything.

Was listening to a chat between people on an Adapt 2030 video and two things were mentioned with one of those being my statement to people, that still think mainstream media will tell them, that if anything global was announced .. “People would stop working tomorrow!”

We have been forced to really on currency and forced into loans that over the years we have needed to by homes and cars along with a great many other things.

If money was going to be worthless overnight and the rent or house you was working your backside off was going to buried in a mile of snow and ice in anywhere between 5 and 15 years .. why would you bother?

Shit having issues with my hands again!!

The chap from Adapt 2030 was asked about the Brown Dwarf theory and this was the first time when I thought ‘uh-oh if he believes that I am going to have to stop listening to him’ but he does not and answered it well.

Like the previously mentioned space-ports another thing I forgot about was this Sun Observatory they closed I now know to be in New Mexico.

Like the aforementioned subject this was another one mentioned to me by my own daughter I thought sounded like some mad conspiracy theory story but turned out to be true.

In this report the reason was child pornography except the local Sheriff was going nuts for week or more because the FBI, who turned up unannounced to close it, refused to even give a Sheriff a reason for it.

“On Thursday, September 6, the Sunspot Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, as well as a nearby United States Postal Service Office (USPS), was suddenly closed down and evacuated. This was reported to be for “security reasons,” but no details were provided, and still haven’t been at the time of this writing.”

So it took two weeks for an explanation.

But fast forward three months and I am discovering there has been a large focus on the Sun due to a decrease in activity that was reported back in 2014 .. missing Sunspots and all manner of other things.

Also bloody strange is I have been telling people there seems to be a difference in the intensity and colour of the sunlight/ They only go and mention this in their talks and all of them agree it is much more white. Yeah it is not going to change to green though! Or blue!

I have also seen a chart that shows that the cosmic rays have increased year on year for four years now at least. I have also stated to friends and family that I notice that the sun and summers have been different for at least three years now. I have a condition where I am sensitive to the Sun intensity, the temperature and humidity. In thirty years the last three have been the least problematic. Other than requiring sunglasses that is.

Also quite interested in one thing being thrown about with the idea that these particles entering the atmosphere may be seeding the clouds? They have increased over at least 4 years and we have had snow, even here in the UK, in places you do not normally have it and record breaking at that in other places.

I have heard chemtrails mentioned a few times but I know nothing about this. Sounded like a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory but these have turned out to be true in the past. It might have something to do with these seeding programs these climate scientists talked about doing?

So what weird things have occurred that seemed like a sign to a massive or global event that were unprecedented?

Well this was after the very first time I thought something was coming and they were hiding it back when the Svalbard Seed Vault was announced .. between 2007 and 2012 I think?

  • Earthquake felt in London
    • People still do not believe this today
  • Strange orange sky and dim Sun
  • NASA announces several space-ports for the UK .. space station orbiting the Moon and a Moon Base
  • Closing Sun Observatory
  • Rift appearing in Africa
  • Increased seismic and volcanic activity
  • Above activity being lied about on the BBC
  • Poles Splitting and Shifting
  • Missed report on reduced Sun activity from 5 years ago
  • Magma moving beneath dormant volcanoes
  • Predicted record breaking snowfall and sub-zero temperatures right across North America and in Russia
  • Learning that Yellowstone increased its activity and the ground has risen in 2018
  • Missing Leonard Nimoy documentary from 80’s stating an ice age is coming
  • Fake News being dead silent on this
  • No Climate Change predictions being reached and yet it is still being pushed

They state it takes thousands of years but tell that to the Mammoths they found had been frozen with food still in their stomachs.

They never thought when they revealed all this information over the years that one day and within our lifetime they might need to cover it all up, no?

I MUST remember to look into this theory on cosmic particles entering the atmosphere and the possibility of any effects.

It is also important to note that a great many global events we know have happened many times in the past we have not known the cause or mechanics behind but which now look to be being answered before our very eyes.

Sun activity looks like it might affect the planet in a large number of ways and the poles shifting look like they are affecting the weather, jet-streams and maybe an ice-age and possibly continental shift if it is bad enough?

But hack scientists either know this and duped us or will ignore this because of the jobs they have had for many years now?

Adapt 2030 video chat ..

Now here is an interesting video theory and before I say what it is and pro climate change idiots think it mad or start yelling ‘debunked’ ..

We discovered exoplanets many light years away by the wobble of stars from the gravity pull of their own planets. Even at those insane distances.

This chap states that a lining up of the planets is coming in 2024 that last happened 100,000 years ago and from his theorising the Earth will be 13% further away fro the Sun?!

Might not seem like much in the big scheme of things but it must mean less heat will get here and add in that the Sun activity might still be at its low point .. or even a little lower and suddenly things look .. a little weird.


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