Professor Valentina Zharkova ..

PhD Astrophysics, Bsc/MSc Mathematics & Astronomy

Theoretical Astrophysics, solar flares, plasma physics, particle acceleration ..

She received unscientific attacks from global warming advocates .. which does not surprise me at all because I have already seen that myself.

Provided people with so many videos, so many webpages and so many pictures and they refute them without even looking at them most, of not all, of the time.

But I do not even just get this from moronic stupid leftists that think the universe is going to do what they expect of it. I have had this from family and friends.

Her model has a 97% accuracy and I have had higher than this in my predictions for 15 years, on my blog in nearly 7 years and yet people with absolutely nothing at all to give them any credibility or right to argue will do so still quoting what the hack scientists state, despite the fact that none of their predictions have panned out .. they still argue the case.

The sheer stupidity, naivety and audacity of these leftists is not only staggering it is, just as I always stated it would be, dangerous to mankind and will and already has killed people.

There are no ‘IFS’ or ‘BUTS’ about it .. people have already died because of their secret selfish wants they hide by virtue signalling over people that do not deserve it.

When I stated years ago on here that if they do not stop doing what they are doing they could end up being responsible for millions or hundreds of millions of deaths, I had no idea I was going to be proved correct yet again. I also had no idea that I may well have understated this number.

If the pole reversal does happen and fro what I have now seen, if it is a bad one, this could be accompanied by continental drift.

Now picture this leftists .. the events of the films ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, ‘2012’ and ‘The Core’ all rolled into one? Three disaster movies all becoming a reality? Imagine the destruction and the loss of life of those three events? Pole reversal or magnetic flip, an ice-age of some degree and continental drift?

Any you all spent thirty years believing lies, not listening to anyone else and bullying people into silence?

Yeah and did you stop to think about all the animals that will be lost that you also failed to save? I dunno about you but there is one thing that I do know .. there will be thousands of species that will become extinct even if it is an easy reversal. Maybe tens of thousands?

On being complicit and the number of deaths you could end up making Nazis look tame in comparison in all honesty. That is the absolute stupidity of all this.

If your a leftist and you survive this you will never be able to admit what you was before to any survivors s you will be lynched for sure.

Imagine this hits and no one is informed, no one has prepared and there will not be anyone surviving that has not lost someone they cared about. Then you still stand there stating it was man and global warming? You would have survived only to be killed in revenge for the people you lied to and bullied. The actual picture in my head of this outcome is total lunacy.

Professor Valentina Zharkova predicted that the number of Sunspots will vastly reduced or disappear. On another video I heard that she approached NASA and that they laughed at her predictions. On another video I will include below a statement that was made by someone called Martin at NASA was pointed out in the comments to have been from Professor Valentina Zharkova ant they are no repeating the things they originally laughed at.

So much for the biggest names and researches in the business and primary data, eh?

Now she foes state that the Sun’s decreased period and cooling will last 30 years and maybe this is so .. but this interview was uploaded o the 15th January 2018.

It could be that Ice-Ages only last 30 years but that with the constant snow and ice forming .. it ight take another decade or three or maybe even more to get back to where we were at? Let us leave alone the statements about ice being miles think. Even at half a mile deep .. and the planet only warming slowly .. how long will it take for all of that to thaw?

Must look into this theory they follow she calls the Dynamo Theory by Nugent Parker of Chicago a famous scientist.

Here is Professor Valentina Zharkova being interviewed by Grand Solar Minimum GSM News ..

Now a few interesting articles linking Professor Valentina Zharkova to NASA and .. umm .. NASA now stating we are heading into Global Cooling and a mini ice-age?

NASA Predicting mini ice-age ..

So that is now the BBC, yeah I know, I know, and NASA have now mentioned ice-age in the last 5 years.

Climate Scientists Sought to Suppress her research ..

As I have always stated .. leftists and twisted people who now have massive influence everywhere and are causing anger and division .. when there is data they do nto want to believe they refute it and ask you for ‘primary data’ and you provide them with videos and they refuse it.

But when it suits them they do not have to produce anything other than feelings because their feelings make their brains believe it is OK to blame those they want to be ultimately responsible.

Whereas I want to blame those ultimately responsible based on the facts and not because someone lived a lavish life of luxury while I squandered in my living hell with no one giving a crap or helping my daughter or me.

I am funny like that.

As I keep telling one idiot leftist pro climate change troll .. yes the qualifications are very impressive indeed but this does not necessarily mean you are right. That being said she did predict things with a 97% accuracy and NASA are beginning to state a few things she has.

It is a ridiculous state of affairs where scientists that have not proved their theories or models are shutting out other people’s theories and over a long period too.

That video that states NASA are reporting a mini ice-age and where Professor Valentina Zharkova is mentioned I the comments about being laughed at by NASA and then parroting her .. I think .. they fail to mention this at NASA?

Now here is a little something from 2016 where a study shows that the ice in Antarctica is growing at 92 to 112 Gigatons a year. Gigatons. A year.

Or the glaciers in New Zealand growing ..

Or ..

What Antarctica’s Incredible “Growing” Icepack Really Means


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