Umm … hmm … did I just read that report below? No, I don’t think so.

No wait? But I’m sure I’m awake?! But … it doesn’t make any sense.

I simply couldn’t process the title of the article and I clicked on it to see what it was. But a few sentences in and I’m … still confused.

Umm … how do I put this? I could put it the way the BBC did and … I’m sure people will think I’m either wrong, talking it my arse or stark raving mad. But … it is what it states.

So I’m just going to put it as simply as I can and maybe, just maybe you will do better than me?

OK ..

Someone … or a group of people on a play … you know? Play, as in theatre. They put on a play to get people at a local council, I think it was, to become aware of disabilities. Or raise disability issues. Raise disability issues? In .. a .. play?!


A play.

What .. what .. happened to normal oral communication using .. you know .. English?!

If this like a court jester type thing from the medieval ages where you entertain them to get approval or some gift or .. stay of execution?

I .. very literally just scratched my head thinking about it but I just see it as just so preposterous, not avoiding the word ‘demeaning’ either.

Oh-oh-oh maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong the last fourteen years?

Instead of trying to reason with them, educate them, price to them before realising they don’t care and plan to fuck you over. I then started rowing with them. I then started keeping all letters before starting to record every single one of them. I then started and spent five years blogging about it all to help others. But where has it got me?

I’ve got nowhere with the evil trinity or any of the others and despite spending five years of my own time and expense helping others .. ‘others’ have themselves been slow at helping … well, others. Lol.

I used intelligence, reasoning, deductive processes, cunning, time, blood, sweat and not forgetting tears along with heaps of anxiety.

I got it all wrong, what I was supposed to do from day one is put on a show? Put together a lengthy play at a local or, better still, major theatre. Or perhaps burst into song in central public places?!

I should have done something that was highly entertaining or eye catching?

Funny I was told to write by a psychiatrist years ago and when I informed her I had not only, in fact, completed a book but had the manuscript in my bag at the time.

It was a book I wrote on this very subject regarding what I was going through in all the stuff that took place prior to my blogs. The .. fantastical sounding stuff. Much of which somehow didn’t get on the front pages of the news nor the TV News. Despite a large number that knew what I had done telling me I’ll get a medal and a knighthood. They then mostly backed away. Fear of standing near me when someone decides to punch my ticket. Call my number up. Ring the death bell … you get my point.

What did she say about my book? I was a damn good writer but I was not famous enough. I laughed at this.

I then said “if you want me to write the biography to some very, very boring TV celebrity … well you can just kill me now!”

I figured that if I managed to help enough people my reward, if any, would be gaining a big enough viewing number to get my book published. Well … books. I wrote a second just prior to starting the blogs and I have a third on amphibians I wrote years ago but never got enough photos for.

There’s not a great deal I like on TV today save for most documentaries on science and science fiction stuff. I used to love NCIS and the various CSI’s.

Daytime TV has advertising breaks where literally every other advert is about dying. The TV stuff is bad enough that you actually want to be dead anyway. Everything else is crammed with soap operas, reality shows and talent shows. Or greedy powerful people going on A TV show with no qualities or redeeming features regarding their personalities who have got rich off the back of others while looking for more poor fools with good ideas to get even richer off of.

I digress.

Now what was I talking about? Huh, have to check the title I currently cannot see.

Oh yeah, doing cartwheels, fire breathing and singing to prove a point to morons with no intelligence nor morality.

Oh and where was this? Errrr Glasgow! I thought I had bean hearing and reading that in Scotland they are m,ore humane? They also claim they have no problems with immigration and yet … just like here in England it would appear that they attack or leave to suffer those groups they cannot be labelled racist for.

Which just so happens to include disabled people … just like England.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Hustings uses drama to raise disability issues –


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