You see, I emailed authorities in the EU some time ago with loads of details on inhumane things within the UK government.

At that time Labour was in power and Tony Blair was Prime Minister still. Yes I’ve been at this that long.

I have them details and I stated very, very clearly that it was plain to see that there would be a gradual but very slow squeeze. A squeeze in disabled people as well and the unemployed.

I don’t recall if I ever got a reply but nothing was done.

Then when Nigel Farage came along and explained all we do is pay money to them at ridiculous amounts it confirmed what I had thought.

The EU didn’t give a crap about the British people and even those suffering from disabilities.

The squeeze not only appeared to be on the true native section of the populace but seemed to appear that way to others too.

One time, after I wrongly lost my DLA for no less than seven years I was at a friend’s place when she pointed something out to me. A man of ethnic origins pulled up outside his big house in a large 7 seater people carrier. Like a Ford Galaxy or similar, can’t remember car model names right now.

As he walked to his house door my friend asked me “Does he look disabled to you?” to which I said, no.

She then told me that there was no one in his family with an obvious disability but that the house, car and a number of other things they owned was due to disability help. I was shocked.

She then went on that she knew a number of families in her neighbourhood that were all receiving the same.

She also mentioned that when people see me they always see a walking stick and often see me limp. But I’d had mine taken away.

I thought of this when I saw someone state that only the real disabled should get help. I took this to mean ‘obviously disabled’ meaning only those missing limbs.

If they look like they are not disabled then they can get away with saying they are not disabled.

I’ll give you an example to something I will post about in detail in the coming weeks ..

I was asked if I could walk for twenty minutes without being forced to stop. Well yeah I can. Not always and very rarely without a limp but yeah.

Based on that question I can tell you with absolute certainty that they then decide you are fit to work 38 hours a week.

Err, HOW?!

In what fucking reality does being able to walk without being forced to stop therefore mean you can physically work 38 hours a week.

The Job Centre was shocked I never got asked for interviews. I was not at all shocked. I also knew why.

The exact reason I was not asked for an interview utterly and completely contradicts the UK government’s and DWP’s philosophy in all this.

That alone means that the UK government and the DWP are wrong and have been wrong for at least 7 years.

Sorry, you get have two opposing versions of the exact same thing both be right in any reality.

It’s also so fucking obvious that they must know, which means they don’t care and are doing it deliberately. While being paid salaries by the taxpayer they have this self-entitlement attitude towards. This means corruption.

Soooo .. now the United Nations have finally performed an investigation into the UK government attitudes towards the persecution and discrimination of disabled people and found the government guilty.

The government’s answer was “We don’t believe you”. Really?!

‘We don’t believe you’? That’s their best defence?! What fucking scary is it’s not working.

So where are the investigation and constant reporting in the UK’s news media?

Nowhere to be found, that’s where. Or do brief is easily missed. Despite things nowhere near as important getting days or even weeks of air time.

It’s disheartening when I think about these things and his the UK has become.

It’s also predicted to get far worse as things in general have been predicted to go down hill until at least 2020 which is over two years away.

Oh dear.

So you think that there is a chance that just one of these help organisations that receive money, charities that receive money or other disabled group that receive money actually do anything between now and 2020?

Well it has not occurred in the previous 7 years so .. don’t count your chickens.

I have gone right of the range here and then some. The pitfalls of writing when tired .. and being boiled alive to boot!

But here is a report regarding Brexit that states there was talk of is leaving the EU resulting in is paying the EU £100 Billion to leave?!

Bearing in mind that there has been a United Nations report about the UK’s disabled people being treated extremely inhumanely. Where are the EU on that?

Now what you have to take into account, unless your a fucking moron or amoral, is that of the UK government and the EU have not given a fuck about disabled people for 7 years plus .. what chance does everyone else have?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: EU’s Barnier refuses to imagine UK Brexit talks walkout –


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