Oh Jesus.

What an absolutely evil thing to take place!

I simply cannot believe how the new Nazis have struck this time. A concert full of kids?!

They have really five out this time.

I always knew things would get worse but even I couldn’t have predicted this. Targeting kids. My bloody God.

When I first heard this I had decided in my head pretty quickly that I could predict a number of things ..

The word coward would be used by the Prime Minister, despite the fact the perpetrator is dead.

The line ‘we will not be broken’ would be used by someone on government, despite the fact they were not there and have not lost a child in the attack.

The threat level will be raised to ‘critical’ desire the fact that the attack had already taken place and an attack has never occurred when the threat level was at critical. It just seems like the government treat the public like complete idiot’s? “Oh just raise the threat level to critical and everyone will calm down”?

They will announce the use of Police at future events, umm why didn’t they with this one?! Did they think there would not be anymore attacks because I did?! Anyone picturing then standing by the stable door with a horse feeding on lush grass in a field a mile off on the distance?!

Oh wait … they can increase the number of Police tenfold for £5.75 … or something. I know this because Diane Abbott said so in a very public way. So it must be true.

Loads of representatives of the Muslim community you have never seen before will use words like ‘solidarity’. In fact add this word to all the above.

And lastly because they raised the threat level to zero some journalist somewhere with a brain, there must be one, will be so annoyed at the threat level being raised after an event that they will specifically ask “So your expecting another attack are you?” and the answer will be “I’m not the one to answer that”.

It runs like a cross over episode of the Keystone Cops and Charlie Chaplin.

Once again no one will delve deep enough into the real problem of the fact that we are breeding extremist terrorists right here in Britain.

I see from the link title they already beat me to … umm what was it? Oh the threat level being raised to ‘critical’.

Remember those alarms they were going to use if a nuclear war was imminent? Well when they trust the level to critical I think of men standing by the nuclear war alarm and one saying “Let’s wait until the bombs hit to make sure they are nuclear warheads before we set off the alarm”

I cannot even begin to imagine what so many families are now going through? I do feel so very sorry for them.

There are no words that could help them at all on dealing with this.

I came very close to losing my only child and that was bad enough. I managed to … let’s say fend off two or three disasters. But that was me! Not many others could have pulled off what I did. Had I failed and the worst case scenario resulted then … I don’t know what I would have done, how I would have coped and even if It could have survived it?

That movie called ‘Three Girls’? I saw that advertised somewhere and that was going on when our stuff was taking place. In fact that was after and I fully expected a film made about our story.

Blimey, even Jeremy Kyle told us, twice and no less, that our story was too … rough for his program?! Well I was relieved but it was my daughter that wanted to go on it. I did think that even Jeremy Kyle would literally baulk upon hearing or story.

They were very simply too scared.

Hmm it just occurred to me that a very important message had not gotten across about how little they value lives, including children, in this culture. Very often not even their own children.

They simply only believe in one religion and lying to none believers, among many far worse things, is not only perfectly OK but encouraged.

As I stated before, we are lower than animals and they are the new master race. Despite being incompetent.


I typed this out a couple of days ago but did not post it.

I had forgotten to post the damn thing but then I remembered something. Then I heard something …

  • The Cell was in Manchester
  • America leaked information regarding terrorist investigation

I had provided details of cells in both Manchester and Birmingham several years ago. A cell was raided 6 months later and I assumed it was my cell. Or one of the two.

But it didn’t dawn on me at first that it was the same city I was involved in. I wondered ‘What of it wasn’t that cell they raided several years ago but was instead this one?

They raided one in Birmingham around the same time they did the Manchester one back in 2011 or 2012. As I gave MI5 as well as GCHQ information on cells in both cities I assumed they were mine.

Well you would wouldn’t you? I have over data and recorded phone calls over 6 months and within another 6 months cells in the exact cities I provided we raided and arrests were made.

There was also some … fringe information regarding Liverpool and if I remember correctly there was something in the news about that too?

I have no idea, well as of right now, what the answers are to those questions so I’ll move on.

Some information was leaked regarding the terrorist attack in Manchester. But of all the places you could think of it was the New York Times.

Oddly I thought I heard somewhere that an American politician was quizzed about this and his answer was something along the lines of “Oh, it was only leaked because it was not of a higher importance”.

So then can we take it that when it comes to the UK that the USA sure is happy to use it resources like MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, which the public pays for. But when it comes to the people you don’t give a shit as you are more important?

That’s what it sounded like to me.

There was an ex MI5 guy that was calling for the UK to stop handing over information to the USA and I think he is right.

When you consider the hoo-ha and the utter uproar the yanks cause when someone leaks information or even the mere suggestion of it? They want to lock to their own, extradite people from foreign countries and even accuse their own president and investigate him.

But asked about leading our data and they shrug their shoulders and say we are not?!

What .. a .. tosser!

If your reading this look up the word ‘tosser’ to be able to teach yourself something about yourselves.

The trouble is a few governments are so far too their own arseholes, or fit that matter someone else’s, that they cannot detect the smell after they speak.

When I first heard we were spying for the American government, who works happily spy on their own, I knew it would all go wrong at some point. I am pretty sure it’s always been one way traffic too?!

I would wager that the only time we ever got the name of a suspect was when they wanted is to apprehend them?

It goes from bad to worse and to even worse and I’ll wager that will keep in going over the next several years?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Manchester attack: UK terror threat level raised to critical –


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