Well I’ve been saying it for an absolute age.

I’ve stated it on here for the last five years, almost.

I have also been stating it to friends and family for around three years before I started this blog and it could well have been four years?

However .. what I discovered along with the fact that the government, Labour then, was tricking disabled people out of money but that they were getting help from the DWP. This also benefited local councils which they were obviously in on.

I named this liaising of corruption ‘the evil trinity’.

Without a diagnosis the NHS were saving money in the process by not prescribing correct medicine, there were no expensive scans and, of course, no operations.

A very clever and very sneaky move by the government of the time. Because as well as saving the NHS millions it also meant no support from the DWP as well as every local council.

Imagine how much money we saved from this clever little ploy.

I spoke frankly with medical experts who themselves realised the government and NHS was up to something.

Several admitted to me the tricks they knew about and that much of the changes went on without being informed beforehand.

The hilarious part of it all is many I knew, offline, didn’t believe me. All but one believes me now and the last one? This person doggedly defends the NHS and the Doctors and quotes, basically, their Hippocratic oath without realising their exists a Hippocratic oath. Tiring.

They do this despite the number of bad news reports that have released one after the other for the last five years or more.

I call people like this ‘Ostriches’. Because they like to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t go on.

Modern humans are funny creatures. We don’t like facing up to the fact that the safety nets we have taken for granted are simply not there. Or that they would be left to suffer or even die to save money.

This is Great Britain, that has .. had a great history and won two world wars. We created many great institutions that are now as corrupt as hell and the laughing stock of the world.

Well I along with many other people, including world wide, know this. All except the idiots that cooked up the plan. They think that the British people are so stupid and naive that we would never work it out.

This is one of the biggest problems for the Labour Party as many people have realised that this was actually started by them when they was in power.

The Conservative Party took this idea and decided to run with it and commit ever greater inhumane crimes against both the disabled as well as the unemployed.

Many are still naive though I hate to admit and it sticks in my crew that people think these inhumane attitudes only started when the Conservatives got in. No! They only notched it up a few levels.

The point of this post is to show you a BBC report about a woman that had to go to court for her disability.

In this report the BBC, or their reporter, states that they got access to reports that state that the number of disabled going to court for their payments will rise higher this year!

It was already high and you only have to be a member of DPAC’s (Disabled People Against Cuts) to know this number had been rising for a number of years. I’ve been a member there for a number of years. Many there know me. Many know about my blogs. The giveaway is on the name of the group after all. It’s also not the only group in this particular area. There are at least three.

So you can imagine that for a number of years many disabled people have been affected?

Now do a Google search for ‘Disabled groups UK’ and see how many there are. Trying replacing ‘groups’ with ‘charities’ and see how many you can find?

These organisations do not run on hot air out love, it’s just not possible.

So if the number of disabled people getting the proverbial knife in their backs where have all these groups been?

If they have been doing stuff why has it not been aired in the mainstream media?

Don’t say they didn’t know. Because even before starting this blog I sent them details, predictions, documents and recorded evidence.

You can imagine that after sending them proof regarding the NHS, DWP, Local Councils, two Police Forces, MI5 and GCHQ (was called a genius by those last three) other public services, all their ombudsman and six major retail outlets ..

You can imagine .. part of me expected to come home and find a dozen reporters and paparazzi camped out in my front garden.

But .. I was also around 80% convinced the mainstream news media was not only corrupt but being controlled.

So yeah .. when they got caught red handed several times manipulating their viewers, both here and in the USA, you can imagine my smile.

I did have contact with one single person who was using my blog and it’s data. Attacking Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons at one point. The one and only person I worked with in the hope of changing attitudes and he sadly died.

Of course I wondered whether we had another Dr Kelly, I think his name was, like death on our hands? I have been told by at least one person that they believe his death to be linked to me.

As for me? No idea. I can only state things I know to be true with either a plan in place to acquire evidence or already possess it.

It’s funny it’s almost like it’s not British, or true Brits, running the UK any more?

It’s like it’s someone who hates the British people?

I have to wonder to rise with either the greatest influence in the UK and their history.

I couldn’t imagine any government prior to around 1980 treating the British populace this way.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: ‘Why I went to court for my disability payments’ –


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