OK then, George Osborne played straight into my hands here!

After disappearing for several days no doubt sulking over blowing good chances to be the next Prime Minister George Osborne pops up like the proverbial bad penny.

His job? Calm the markets. Good luck with that after all the secret scary crap you and your best mate came out with!

Oh … but, he didn’t! Oh dear!

He must have gotten one hell of a shock when the Brexit view come in?

Hands up everyone that had him staring at his TV with his jaw open for the first 24 hours? With people poking him with sticks to see if he was still alive?

The one thing that did not occur to me even when David Cameron announced he was going was that my least favourite politician would be going too! I won’t have to see him or hear him for much longer?!

I thought he was over confident, uncompassionate and insincere and that was just three things I picked up on.

He also came from that school that produces far too many people like him. I wonder if Boris Johnson hails from the same school? At least he is likeable though I’m not entirely sure about Prime Minister material. Though I don’t think there’s been a good candidate for that since John Smith died, what that his name? Labour leader tipped to be Prime Minister years ago? Could have been wrong mind but seemed a decent human being. So sorely missing from politics.

I think of what some Americans say and I feel for them when they day they don’t like either of the options they are going to be presented with!

I don’t know Hilary Clinton but some bad things are said about her even by Democratic voters. The same goes for Donald Trump, though i have to like his straight talking attitude. Might not agree with everything he has said and I know little about either of them. But he is likeable which is rare for me with someone so rich. Or is that too rich? Lol.

But I’ve been in the same boat here in the UK. There hasn’t been a single person I can think of that I would prefer over Nigel Farage. That might be a shock but I don’t believe any of the tripe that gets cooked up about him. I see this as panic tactics because he is seen as a threat.

He didn’t prove much of a threat did he? Even though I thought he would in the last general election. Most people I know voted for UKIP too, which showed me there was going to be a political or voting uprising before very long. I thought that would end up being the next election but the EU referendum beat it, to my surprise.

My predictions of trouble towards ethnic minorities and/or migrants send to be happening, quite sadly, ahead of time too? I’ll touch on that in my next post.

So, it’s going to be a very interesting couple of months, especially as things seem to be popping out of the woodwork for me!

There are a couple of things that will drag on fit the rest of 2016 and will publish these over the next few months.

Currently reaching out to solicitors fit two completely separate and quite unexpected things.

Never a dull moment, eh?

No rest for the wicked either!

Osborne: UK economy in a position of strength – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36637732


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