Oh for once some information comes out of Europe that is inconvenient and not convenient. Although this is debatable, possibly?

I voted to leave purely because that Europe did not give a crap about the British public and more specifically the most vulnerable of British society.

Now someone comes out and says ‘oh, that’s a shame your leaving the EU because we were just about to change one of the things you have complained about for years now!’?

What the fuuuuudge!!

Paralympian Baroness Tanning Grey-Thompson stated this four days ago, though I’m only learning of it now! Typical! Absolutely typical.

Still it’s suddenly convenient that this came out when it did and typical it was not covered by anyone in the news media. The news media? Not a news media at all and mire a ‘we want the most sensationalist headlines’ media no more than a gossip column. More interested in political fallout, forced resignations and leadership coups!

Funny add that’s what I thought gossip columnists are for?

No I’m sorry. I have posted for four years nearly on these blogs alone and other public places long before that. Well over one hundred thousand people since I started. Many of my stories and headlines have appeared in the news media so many times that it often gets pointed out by others. So influential people like journalists have been here, those working for the public services I’ve attacked and no doubt politicians too?

As well as these possibilities and facts I’ve also directly contacted everyone that mattered and/or tasked with reporting and taking action on such things. Both here and in Europe and I’ve even corresponded with the United Nations. Long before then I contacted the European Court of Human Rights or whatever it was called. One of many things I’ve done and then forgotten about.

It’s important that I discover the parts and then send in my probes without pussyfooting around. Sound stern and angry because they are not liable to respond it act otherwise and I’m highly likely to forget.

So the idea is to probe their attitudes to the public they are tasked to serve while at the exact same time I’m more likely to get a reply that will remind me to continue.

They also get correspondence that shows how strongly someone feels and therefore how badly affected they are.

I couldn’t find anyone that gave a shit.

Except they will give a shit now. Both here in the UK and in the European Union the powers that be are getting a kicking and will continue to get a kicking for the next two to five years.

Get to being kicked in every orifice did about fifteen years and you may feel what I did. Close to it but not as bad in many aspects.

But now they will want to change, in my estimation and I believe will start to take action more often to appease it’s public. Certainly the EU will but you still have the problem of the same core people and very wrong people in these jobs with this amount of power and responsibility.

So still overpaid while still having those God-complexes and also in time back to making all the same mistakes. No, that’s probably wrong as it’s likely to be a whole new set of mistakes?

So now we are to believe that the disabled community is going to be treated worse over exciting the EU?

It’s being disabled and being treated like crap that I voted to get out.

None of my friends and family are disabled, some working with salaries, some with small businesses. No I’m wrong … typical I forget that I’ve friend is Type 2 Diabetic. He is listed as disabled, fully with all three works on the benefits. But he was working for years, list guys job and now unemployed for couple of years.

Hrs discovered that which eluded him previously. That’s it’s not easy to get a job, the local councils are run by heartless twats with no compression unless your an immigrant just gotten off a boat and have forgotten what ‘public service’, service specifically, actually means.

They seem to think it’s the British taxpayers obligation to pay them for doing next to nothing and then patronise the public when they complain. They also like to lecture about political correctness.

I cannot wait for interviews with the PC Pratt crowd that work and run the public services over the vote to exit the EU?

As for the rights of the disabled … well they already get a hard time from me and this will only get worse and worse for month after month until twenty four of them have gone by.

They really won’t like the numbers I would have attained by the time they get the power back.

As always I will be watching.

Reality Check: What has the EU meant for disability rights? –


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