Oooh boy am I stoned!

Due to some anxiety I decided that it would be a good idea to double up on my Amitriptyline for a few days until I see my GP?

I had also not realised that after waking a little after 4am, and alarm bells over that going off in a big way, but omly falling asleep a little after 2am I had not had a lot of sleep.

Being a Fibromyalgia sufferer we do not get restorative sleep at the best of times!

Restorative sleep is the most important part and comes after REM sleep and it is what it says where the mind and body go through checks and repairing of things. Muscles repaired, toxins repaired, brain cells flushed along with skin and a great number of things. Your talking about a whole body. The brain does not do what we need it to do.

This has serious consequences and likely the main reason our memories do not function correctly each and every day? That particular symptom has a name all of its own,, Fibrofog.

Anyway I had planned to go and see someone and … well make an appointment. I went to hunt down some Mega Marshmallows and realised I was feeling a little light headed. It still did not occur to me what was going on. I caught a bus that has a terrible, terrible route and ‘goes all around the houses’ before it gets anywhere near my home. The bus route goes out its way at least three times and in opposite ways throughout its whole route.

Annoyingly it also does not go anywhere near a hospital!

So I am sitting on the bus, thinking how my feet are not too bad today while focusing on the light headed feeling. I realised it was intensifying. Before long I was stoned and every time the bus went around a corner I felt like I was in a boat as the bus swayed left and then right.

In fact it was so intense I wondered whether I should get off the bus by my Doctor’s surgery?!

Also the nodding off has increased in my brains desire to just give in. Just now I had my head flung backwards and withj my eyes closed while trying to type out this post! Lol!

Sleeeeeepy … must … resist!

I was planning to order an item tomorrow to replace one I have that is very faulty and that would be my Moto G phone. I am sure many would be pleased to hear that is it has played up fairly badly in calling and texting. Added to this the screen surface has more or less worn through. Plus I have noted that I can leave it to charge with screen off for 3 hours and its only half full?!

So battery buggered. Some mornings I get up and there is still 75% on the phone while otherr times it can drain right down to the point of switching itself off. Weird that.

I have never had to phone 999 while I am out but not only do I know that day is coming but I have been ordered to to do is I have another bad seizure.


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