Well I did find something buried away in the BBC News reporters about other countries crying out for their own referendums to exit the EU.

In the Netherlands it is Gert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party. In France it is Marine Let Pen of Front National party. Now I learn that in Italy there is Mateo Salvini of the Northern League party. In Austria it is Sebastian Kurtz mentions a domino effect. All praise those who chose out, all thanked us and other countries like Belgium now say they need to do everything to do others leaving.

The Domino effect. The Dominexit! Lol!

Stefan Lofven of Sweden states this should be a wake-up call for Europe.

A shame they didn’t have that same wake-up call when the referendum in the UK was called for and set? Maybe they could have gotten off their arrogant arses and shown some interest into the human rights of the British people?

Insultingly they now state that during the two year process of leaving we, the British public, will be afforded the same human rights as that we have had before?!

So none then?

After all I did contact bodies outside of the UK and what happened? Jack shit is what happened!

My blog and it’s contents, documents and recorded audio have been widely available for four years nearly and seen by well over 100,000 people. Some of them must have been people tasked upon acting upon injustices and prejudices?

Have I been contacted? Well, no.

Even of those I contacted not one even showed an interest in the evidence…

I told them I had it all deliberately and then waited for then to ask for it, setting them each up for a fall in the process.

How many asked? None!

This includes a long list of UK based organisations.

This feeling of being fed up will also include the arrogant and very selective news media. Have they picked up on this this far? You bet your life they haven’t?!

I sat there last night while they all day there talking about how the ‘remain’ camp had won?! I was dumbstruck! There was no exit polling going on. Nothing. Just a few private ones do doubt those in possession of millions that think they can double their money in the markets?

These are the very tossers we are fed up with and what did they do yet again for the umpteenth time? They got it wrong!

I thought it would be a narrow ‘remain’ win. But that was many weeks ago now and just a couple weeks ago I started to see and hear of things. I started to think it may turn out to be a ‘leave’ win. Scotland and Northern Ireland were always going to vote one way. Wales I was unsure about. England would vote to leave but would there be enough?

The Newcastle vote came in with a win for remain but suddenly the news journalists were speechless. This had not gone how they thought and what was expected to be a 70% win was a 51% win. Suddenly it changed.

As well all now know it turned out just as I thought. It was never going to be a big win for either one but I thought the Scots works swing it originally.

One European politician was asked a question, answered ‘no’ got up and walked out. The reporter started that it was this aloof attitude that everyone is pissed off about in Europe. This was after the result!

Nothing has changed then?!

That won’t go down well.

One wonders if the poor and members of the public have to start burning people like that in the town square like that of medieval times before these utter twats change?!

I wish I could meet that I’ve as I’d ask him who the fuck does he think he is? Jesus or God himself. Maybe Caesar?! Lol!

Don’t they teach history at schools anymore or is that that politicians simply don’t choose history while at school?

Maybe, just maybe they just think themselves so superior and so special that they can’t fail? Or don’t deal with underlings? Lol.

These are the people that the public across Europe feeling disgruntled should take it out on. Trouble is when they are given away in a small country and the ones that wasn’t to kick crap out of them or demand answers can’t do that when they are thousands of miles away.

One wonders if they will every learn?

The truth is that it had become clear over the past couple of decades that the way politics works is simply wrong and didn’t work. The people running things right across the boards are quite simply the wrong tour of people for such positions and responsibilities.

To me it has always appeared that they have treated the countries,  money and people like that of pieces on the board game called Monopoly.


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