I am going to have to report on something with Brexit that nobody else seems to be doing.

In fact I can state that I am going to make some comments regarding to separate issues that despite paying close attention no one else seems to be doing?

Wait a minute? Are all these people supposed to be really good at the politics expertise, business expertise and have good memories? The latter of those becomes highlighted when I point out that I have memory blanks, am not good at politics and bloody well hate it and … well am unpaid and not really a journalist! Lol.

So here goes …

First things first … WTF?!

Now I said this to my friend in his store yesterday morning … how is it that David Cameron who wanted to stay in says … “I will start this process as soon as possible …” before going off to his top job as Balkan Envoy, then Boris Johnson says “Whoa slow down there Tex! Let us not go racing off doing anything rash!” or something to that effect?

Eh? Someone only doing this for political point scoring but did not think they would really win? Someone else offered a job beforehand whether they win or lose?! It gets better …

Mr Juncker, Jancker or Vancker or whatever his name is? Was he not the one that was going for the European Prime Pratt job that a great many had concerns about? Inhuman? Cold fish? Something else? A man that then appeared in the media because he was seen on someone’s video conferencing thing looking almost human and joking around?

That Vancker?

Was he not the one that when asked about the European Union by a British journalist answered simply “NO!” before marching off with no additional comments with a ‘fuck you’ look on his face and thinking “Fuck you bitches, I got the job now and I am the overlord”?

Suddenly he makes remarks like “Oh well no you have voted out I want you out by the end of the week … nooo do not play for time … OUT!!”

Did Himmler write a book called “How to be a politician in ten days”?

Is that the same Vancker?!



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