Ooh I SD something that had annoyed me not long after a few things that have worried me.

First off its been talked about all along many millions each week, told it was 150 million a week but thought I heard it was 300 million a week, will be saved.

This has been mentioned to be used for the NHS, except you’ve got to kick out the tip brass and Primary Care Trusts first otherwise your still wasting vast sun’s of money. Money for patients health, bit greedy fat cats and executives that probably live on a golf course?

Except I read somewhere that Nigel Farage had since said that should never have been promised? Did that include other things like helping proper British people that have been are the back of the queue for ten years plus?!

Secondly I heard, think it was Boris Johnson, that it was never or they won’t be able to stop the immigrant problem?!

Oh deary me! If I ever find out these things were said UK be the first to sign up for a second referendum and base it on being misled. I thing I’ll be joined by tens of millions of people on that one?

That’s if there isn’t a bloody great riot first?

There’s been signs recently of just how pent up people’s feelings have been. I said it before, bottling yo bad feelings and unhappiness because politically correct morons think it’s the thing to do turns into hatred and then into pure poison.

I also predicted some trouble will come over this. I also don’t condone it and state here and now this behaviour is wrong.

I will also ask you to stop and think for a moment … you have nothing to gain and everything to lose from this behaviour and you will lose and the politically correct morons will use it to day they were correct.

Would you really want that? Proving then right after all this time? Or smile knowing you were vindicated?

Don’t hurt people.

Someone once said to me that if we could have gone off to another country, got treated and out before the nationals and given everything wouldn’t I do it? They was right.

This hated and bottled up emotions was created over a very long period of time. It’s our now how most people feel. You can also bet that a fair number of the people that voted to remain in the EU also feel just like you have done.

That’s the real serious realisation of the numbers. Just because people voted to remain does not mean that they also feel OK about letting anyone in and placing them above all British born people, even disabled people. No, they would feel the same but just not had the guts to vote to leave.

So the 12 or 13 million can have several more million added to it when it covers to British people being fed up with things.

Think about that.

This is what is being taken on board. It’s why so many huge changes are going on in politics. As Jeremy Corbyn trotted among the migrants in Calais it might be why they are now trying to oust him? They must realise that if most of Britain are fed up with migrants being put ahead of Brits that Jeremy Corbyn will prove to be yet another disaster at the next general election?

So don’t hurt anyone, don’t abuse anyone and don’t be rude or leave stupid offensive notes.

If I can’t get through to you on that then consider this … have you thought about this backfiring? After all that time of being put last you do something stupid that costs you dearly? Get fined? Put in prison?

You know it’s stupid when you think about it so don’t do it.

As for the leave politicians they had better get this damn right and if Boris Johnson had just made any old noise to further his career and ambitions and not the benefit of the British people I will make his life hell.

The funny thing is reach time I say that I’m getting more visitors than I was the last time I said it. So I have more and more influence.

Wink-wink! Lol.

Those two, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson made a lot of claims and believe me they had better deliver. Because by the time they don’t, which is two years time, I will likely be getting 50,000 people each month and have accrued quarter of a million. On just one of my thirteen blogs?!

What? You thought there was just one?! Or two?!

Get real … I’ve been playing the game to win.

Though I’m constantly told by rude fanboys, trolls and idiots on YouTube I suck at gaming?!


Oh, oh and what’s this about German number two Michael Fuchs trying to tell us what we can and can’t do and holding us to ransom?!

Basically he had stated in a roundabout way that to stay in the single market we have to allow free movement?! Did he even watch the EU referendum and hear what the British people were saying.

There’s not one or two but a while just of reasons the British public feel like that and it’s about time someone kicks morons Luke him yo the arse and pours an espresso his nose and ask him if he can ‘smell that bitch?!’ lol!

Brexit: Boris Johnson – time to build bridges with Remain voters – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36637037


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