I forgot something I wanted to say.

I think it’s absolutely ludicrous with a capital ‘L’ that there is this motion of no confidence regarding Jeremy Corbyn.

Do you know what this says to me?

We are still not listening to the British public.

The British public do not know what they want, unless it’s what we want.

The British public are too thick to work out what’s the best for them?

Which is kind of hilarious when you think they have mostly voted to kick the establishment for not listening.

I said in the last post the European leaders are too thick to learn from their own mistakes and in the post before that I started very clearly that the British government and shadow government are just as guilty of this.

I see Margaret Hodge, that was a surprise I must say, and one other Labour member made the no confidence vote.

The public eye airways going to vote this way, it was England and, surprisingly for me also, Wales that voted to leave. All I see is England getting a crap deal and then everyone else creeping on us and that’s what I hear from people.

The English got to vote and say something but now everyone else wants to ignore them.

Those that don’t want to blame everyone except themselves, their predecessors and complain they want to go for another round.

A shame as I think it will need fifty years, a whole new generation and some history books exposing the fools for what they are before anything changes.

Hold onto your butts until then!


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