Well I had three plans. Well more accurately as it turned out I had three plans.

  • Plan A

  • Plan B

  • Plan C

Plan B actually had it’s touchpaper lit today. To my surprise and to be honest I did not know what to expect. I did state to the person I met today that I did not expect anything really.

But what happened is I explained about the letters from Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service and that I had several that stated ESA Appeal and several stating PIP Appeal when there was not one and one of each I received several weeks AFTER the tribunal was heard.

You ever had that time when you explain something to somebody and they gie you a funny look and you just know they do not believe you? I had that.

She then said something like ‘No, you already said it was heard on the 30th September. You cannot have letters stating there is another one” and I corrected her with “Umm TWO, would you LIKE to see the letters? At which point her face changed, she sat more upright and said “yes” with an interested look on her face.

She looked through the letters one by one, there are 8 or 9 in all, who’s counting? I waited until she got to the last two and then a puzzled look came upon her face. “Wait, what?” was all I needed to hear and I laughed and said “Told yah!”. She then said “What in the hell are they doing?”

She then sat there stunned when I stated that AT the tribunal, which I was tanked out on, I told the clerk to the court this, told the judge this and they simply dismissed and ignored it. I then said that I was accused of lying on three things and failed and lost because I got on a bus. To go to hospital. At at time of year when it was cold. And it was a Saturday. When I have repeated myself over and over and over again that I have a problem with HOT WEATHER and RUSH HOURS!

Take today. I had to get a very, very easy bus I always get a seat on and then had to take the tube train for about 20 minutes. It was not as empty on the tube as I thought it would be and I could not get a seat. As I stated to a surprised lady no one offered me one either. Did not bother me but … IF I am forced to do that as Ii am forced to go to work somewhere in will make my life miserable it will not end well one day and it will be all my fault.

But that is what they want, to say that I am both crazy and violent.

This has been attempted several times.

I told the lady I met that they used me now being violent, in case I punched someone in the mouth for being rude and pushing and insulting on a bus or train, as me being violent sop wont do home visits. When it clearly does not work like that and they just twisted things to fit their agenda. I told her that you just get fed up with talking to them in the end. They simply do not want to listen and have an agenda and that is it.

She agreed it was very hard and very unfair presently.

I think she may also have spotted the three letters that had ‘Home Visits’ plastered on them where they FAILED to turn up every single time and LIED about each one! I also explained that in the intitial letter to HMCTS the DWP told them I had failed to turn up to five, that is FIVE, assessments when the fact is there was only ONE! I pointed to the three Home Visits, pointed out that THEY failed to turn up and was using those to make it look like I had failed to turn up to FIVE RECENTLY.

She pointed out that the tribunal was not illegal as it was only over me not turning up to an assessment and not over my condition, which was still a bit weird but OK, if thems the rules then thems the rules…

Except I told the surprised lady that I have never attended ANY assessment and that this had not happened before. Had I known they were just going to stop the benefit I would have made more of an effort and gotten someone to take me.

So yeah, Plan B seems to have gotten some traction and I was not sure that it ever would.

Plan A relies on one of two other organisations but I was told not to speak to one about my case any longer and she also asked if I had the letter of apology they sent me. I did and this was regarding the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

She wondered of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau were the reason for the HMCTS mistakes and I told her she might have a point. She photocopied a fair few letters and document I had as well as the CAB apology letter. They will be contacting them.

My God! I might actually have someone to say positive things about and actively promote on here? If this pet project of theirs woks out they may want to expand on it and I may well be able to help them with this by using my blogs to help promote them?

Now THAT would be uber cool!

And then there is ultra secret Plan C. Hmm, yes Plan C.

I have not talked a great deal with anyone about Plan B … that is until today when it gained some traction.

Plan C absolutely no one knew about until very recently and I told just two family members and one friend I only ever seem to be in contact with by phone lately.

After having one friend do a runner, one fade away and another RUN away I am only left with three people I see regularly. Well … Plan C became a possibility around three weeks ago, maybe four …. I lose count. Despite being aware of this Plan C for all that time NONE of the three people I see regularly know anything about it.

This is for several reasons. Several very GOOD reasons.

So other than the fact I have a Plan C no details will be divulged … this time around. Plan A was kind of a toss up between the Citizen’s Advice Bureau I no longer have any faith in any more for anything, and Mind. I sent Mind an email over it as I cannot go through my counsellor.

But Plan B trumps Plan S, what with Plan B being solicitors … I think. Yeah, I think they are and never thought to clarify that.

All three plans were predicted by me to all take place, gain traction or reveal themselves before the end of November.

Oddly enough I have dropped rather major clues about this to those I see regularly by repeatedly stating I just have to see things through until the end of November.

Funnily enough I thought one of the three people would pick up on it each time I said it but … nothing was picked up on. So I carried on saying it.

This last plan is a bigger surprise than the one I had today. For some this will be effing major in more ways than one and everyone who was an idiot before is bound to say “How the fuck?” and I will state back … “Did you NOT notice a sudden change in me in mid October…” same goes on here lol “Did you not hear me keep saying I just need to see things through until the end of November? Did you not ever wonder why?”

It is kind of intended as a major lesson.

As long as something that is stated is finally carried out. Just like so many other things for the last year or two and my two other plans, it is totally and utterly out of my control. It ultimately relies on others to do as they should, do as they say or offer help. I cannot make people do these things … they simply have to see the light and do what they can or what they say they are going to do.

I have had to wait and wait for all of these things to fall into place. I could not force them and I simply had to wait. Getting this lady on board today was a path that led around the block a few times … but I got there in the end.

Now I just have to play the waiting game to see what occurs.

After leaving the building I found myself scanning along some old Mews and realised I missed all that. I love all the little Mews around London and saw a Tudor style church I did not know existed previously. Even pointed it out to the lady I met.

I stood there smoking a roll up and stared down one particular Mews and I so wanted to stay there in London and walk around these places like I used to do! But I couldn’t do it as tempted as I was.

I got back to Enfield and realised I was way, way early for my Job Centre doobrey whatsit. I then got outside the building and was feeling dead and tired when one friend rang. He is the one that thinks I am entitled to compensation, but I’ll believe it when I am told it or see it. When I told him what happened he was over the moon! Kept repeating “Well done!” before I cut our conversation short and went in to only be told off. It seems in my head I had told myself all day that the time was 2.40pm when it was actually 1.40pm and I was an hour late! I would not mind were it not for the fact I sat in the Town Park smoking for an hour!

After nebing told I would have to wait and me apologising I waited for an hour before I finally got called over. Fair play, it was my fault and I sat there waiting and wondering how in the hell I had made the mistake? I then remembered that they wrote TWO appointments in my book and I wondered whether I had looked at the bottom time instead of the one above it? Nope because I looked as I sat down and the time listed at the bottom was NOT 2.40pm! Lol.

I apologised again, told her I had been to London and mentioned where, which I did not want to do due to the reasons why I was there but she did not know who it was anyway.

Then she realised that I had been on Jobsearch awhile, been on Universal Credit due to a major cock-up and then realised I was an expert on animals and orchids among other things and she just wanted to chat and chat. In the end she was very nice and very cool. Just like the first lady I met that day.

Both calm and collected professionals with voices that gave away upbringings better than your average suburban area. Found out where the second lady was from and thought about asking the first but did not. Forgot. Maybe next time? If there IS a next time?

Sooo … then? It is mid November and aa few weeks of backwards and forwards to and fro and things should be almost there?

EDIT: here is a link …



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