So the DWP just changed something?

Apparently they are changing who they give Blue Badges too, free parking, when you apply for them? Odd as I know someone that always complains tat they were refused one of these, whereas I got the equivalent of a Blue Badge for those without a car, a Freedom Pass.

Rather interestingly The Canary below reports that they are now giving Blue Badges out to people with ‘hidden’ disabilities?

This seems to suggest that up until now if you looked healthy they would assume you were healthy despite what your medical records said.

The Canary also states that all they are doing is giving back something they had previously taken away from people. They also accuse them of sneaking this back in as if to do this before anyone noticed? Or maybe it is because of a new investigation and/or the disability summit supposed to be held in the UK?

The Canary also refers to it as fake news. Not sure it qualifies but possibly because they tried to make it sound like they were giving you something? As opposed to just giving you something back?

Probably wont be giving back that many because they took quite a few cars away from people with disabilities, though I have no doubt this was being abused by a number of people they did take away vehicles that were genuinely needed.

Not quite sure how they are going to hide the deaths they caused, mind you? This was around 120,000 plus a couple of years back, though this same figure was used for the first time in the House of Commons around December 2017. Not quite sure how the figure remained stationary during a coupe of years where the suicides increased dramatically?!

But this is the state of the country and the current and previous British government we live under where in the future everyone is going to assume that if anything goes wrong and the banks and the rich and powerful gamble and get it wrong .. we will be made to pay with out lives. That is if some ring somewhere is not abusing our children?!



Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

In this report by The Canary a GP, based in my old town of Brighton, has complained about the government, austerity and people dying.

Many problems were stated asking with mental health and alcoholism. Tell me about it! I constantly want to head towards the latter every single day. I constantly think about ending my own life in different ways but have never plucked to the courage to go all the way.

I honestly think I’ll never be normal again at any point in the future.

I honestly also don’t I’ll be here six months from now too.

I constantly fear too that my daughter won’t be and that scares me even more. Along with what will happen to my grandchildren, who they have been looking for excuses to take away .. from my daughter who has cancer.

So this is one seemingly very decent GP?

That’s encouraging and I always knew they would be out there but .. where are all the other GPs?! That’s .. the problem.

Not in it to save lives or their Hippocratic oath s, oh no. In it for the careers and the salaries not to mention the perks.

Many think this being a GP places them above the rest of society, that they are immune to basic human emotions and allows them to be patronising while lying to you or fobbing you off.

It’s funny if it not they are always talking about the overseas trading of the future. Especially when the spotlight is Brexit.

But ask yourself this .. what weight would or politicians words carry overseas when it’s finally out that they left their most vulnerable people to die?! Do you think it would carry much? I do not think so.

So why are we employing them?

Factor in that they are being exposed seemingly every five minutes for lying, cheating, obtaining monies illegally and even paedophilia.

Oh but they are soo need and soo deserving of all that money they waste.

Taking the people’s money and then allowing those same people to die while suffering.



You know I just don’t get things sometimes.

There are things I’ve never, ever understood.

One of these is the subject of politics which I’ve always hated and yet I got dragged into years ago and have talked about ever since.

I still fecking hate it!

While it wasn’t having an extreme adverse effect on my life or anyone close to me I preferred to stay out of it.

Years ago when I did though people were ashtray stating that people in politics were liars. But this was worryingly accepted. I think because they thought it was just a few at the time. Before long it was joked that it was the entire Conservative Party, though I suspect that others thought this to be true?

After Tony Blair it seems to be accepted it’s now almost everyone, if not all?

My daughter, myself and others that I know have not only been kicked in the teeth bit have had this repeatedly and for years. From all the p services. Bar the rescue services.

In these instances not only are you left to suffer mentally, physically or both your whipped to do things that would aggravate your conditions.

In doing all this what effectively is taking place is a whole bunch of organisations and government who are known to tell the most awful lies latch onto something you did to make you look like a criminal. Creating sight about your character to justify their inhumane treatment of you.

I call the main three ‘the evil trinity’ and I have done on this blog for years.

They have never ceased to amaze me at how far they would go.

While all this was going on and ignored by the mainstream media, not just my family but millions of others too, I have seen some crazy shit.

A mainstream media ignoring mass murder, persecution and prejudice, because that’s what it is, but cover stories about peoples feelings getting hurt over something being said somewhere.

Something being said.

I noticed this years ago and was experiencing it to much condition from people such as Doctors.

Very, very literally lying to you, fobbing you off and not sticking to their Hippocratic oath of OK but a patient pushed too far, getting angry a raising their voice?

Yeah I wasn’t even that loud a yet I was treated as if I was a serial killer. Literally and was kicked off a couple of practices over this.

This on not because I thought I was being lied to and it was not that I imagined I was being lied to but because I knew I was being lied to.

I don’t get any over things I’m not sure about and I certainly don’t imagine things. They tried the latter .. they failed.

But in politics the thing I hate is all this talk about right and left.

So if your on the far right you have to believe and sick with a number of principles and narratives? Why?

I presume of your on the far right you have to stick with a different set of principles and narratives? Again, why?

So do you get kicked out of you explain there are one or two you don’t agree with? Why? Where do those people then go?

In all honesty I know nothing about the far right and what they stand for ..

I had it drummed into my head for years that they were evil and racist.

I got the impression that you would get no out of work benefits, disability benefits and would be left to basically die. I didn’t agree with that so could never have considered myself right wing.

This is because someone in my family is a communist and socialist. But I never agreed with that either.

Always seemed to be that never end world work.

Today, however, I seem to know a hell of a lot more about the left than I ever did about the right.

Only because they have come out with bizarre, crazy and evil things while screaming their voices making them look like they have self-entitlitis.

One minute their defending each other and celebrities are queuing up to speak for them, defend them and agree with them. The next thing they are turning on each other.

Like spoilt children give them too much of what they want and they demand more and more.

I simply don’t get it.

Does it mean nothing to be adult anymore? Do all adults now behave like spoilt children? If so, why?

Is this something to do with they way we changed parenting over the years? Many seem to think so.

They certainly have no idea how wrong they are even in the mainstream media. How do they not see this?!

How does someone like Owen Jones not see that his childish behaviour and storming off Sky News not see that this won’t be seen as anything else other than childish? If there was ever a case of a child being treated too softly and this continuing on into adulthood he is a prime candidate.

Why is it also that only those on the far left behave like this?

Going back into the parenthood aspect .. hour the actual fuck does he think that behaving like this is going to get him anywhere?! He’s not at home with mummy and daddy now. You cant storm off to your room waiting for others to give into you.

And yet Own Jones is interviewed a lot, talks in TV a lot and does speak at protests. Guarantee he was there to protest Trump and Brexit.

Oh don’t get me started on fecking Brexit I still see people on Twitter harping on about it ..

We voted to leave the EU .. not half leave, not leave a little bit but .. LEAVE!

You also can’t ask for another vote and of you got one I guarantee it will go against remainers because the EU looks worse than ever and navy remainers believe in democracy.

Added to that many remainers also wanted the exact same two things leavers wanted.

All other European nations have a population rising in their hatred of the EU and that’s not going to slow down.

Sweden have not had an outright popular party in decades and yet they now have one that are nationalist, don’t like the EU and are at 36% in opinion polls when normally hardly anyone had gotten above 20% and that’s bloody Sweden!

Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland and others all previously give the same way.

Macron’s popularity in France is dropping even after France win the world cup in football.

I hate to say it but the writing is on the wall.

Yet they are still harping on about leaving the EU?! I don’t get it.

Everyone almost everywhere seems preoccupied with something or other and as I write on important subjects it’s hard to keep up as well as keep track.

There honestly hasn’t been a time like this previously in history.

Some might state world war 2 but at least then the people of each nation treated each other OK .. of the same nationality that is.

It’s not like that today and all I’ve ever received is people or organisations that hear about me or meet me admit that my life is utterly horrific as are my health conditions.

My daughter gets the exact same thing about hers and yet .. nothing is done. No help is offered by anyone. Quite the opposite on occasion.

In fact just yesterday and after being promised help .. along the lines of being offered a magic carpet that was then pulled out from under us at the eleventh hour she said ..

“Dad. No one’s going to help either of us, are they??” I had the question and I had to say .. “No. It certainly doesn’t look like that”

She then said that as I was the only one that ever helped her she wanted to try and at least help me. I said, no!

Yeah .. so I hate politics and I don’t understand people who cry and scream over hurt feelings ..

.. sorry but you have no idea what true hardship and pain really is.

That pain lies within the pages of this blog .. which I have spent nearly six years typing out.

In comparison to what has happened to my daughter, myself and five children .. let me tell you .. you would have to look long and hard to find something that compares to us.

Several ailments with a high potential to kill .. suffering .. mental anguish and pain to a degree most do not understand, shocks a great many and those that do not know us simply do not believe.

That does not even include the fact that one is homeless .. one is threatened with homelessness and .. cancer is also included and we know not what will happen over this.

To think that the worst could happen as far as the cancer is concerned after a period of being treated in such inhumane ways?

Well I can tell you that down the line the history books will talk of it. The treatment, prejudice and lies and tricks we have had towards us.

Personally and after all that has been done to us .. I would like to see the biggest institutions decommissioned.

This will not be that difficult to achieve had 90% of the news media not shied or literally run away from us.

We had a tokenism gesture put to us when only two parts, published separately, were published with the other two dozen were ignored. Despite promises being made to the contrary.


I had a worrying conversation with my daughter.

I had to explain to her that I had an email back from Wirral Council’s manager stating that she was going to talk to this Chipo and get back to me. Yeah right. They only do as they are told to do, why on Earth would they need to speak to her? To suggest it is the social worker who is to blame? Like that Baby P fiasco all over again being planned out?

She also had a letter threatening her with something this morning.

Of course I am not going to talk about this and I have been expecting it .. but thought were were still a few months away from that one.

It should be added that my daughter has spoken to someone about going to work, which nullifies any threat, and that she is not well enough to go to work but has been left with no alternative. She has even told the social services this but there were not interested.

I know for a fact they are trying everything they can to nullify her as a possible threat and I have realised that they know about the publication too. We both half expected them to mention this but they did not and I wrongly assumed that they could not have known.

However .. to admit that they knew about the publication in Love It magazine recently and then start to threaten her the way that they have, call her a liar over her health conditions and then threaten legal action, which can potentially kill her, would be too obvious.

It also has to be pointed out that becoming aware of the published article would also make them fully aware that there is an open line of communication with journalists and others involved in this industry. That would rattle them no end .. to the point where I believe they would the make threats like those that they just have. But admitting they are aware of this news story would immediately give themselves away.

This conversation about this took place while I was preparing a post that is laid out below regarding the number of petitions started up and how many people have signed them. I was only working on the DWP alone when the call came, just as I was thinking that the list for the DWP alone was going to be a long one and likely too long.

My goal was to show that a lot of the British public were unhappy and as most people seem to only give a crap when they are personally affected .. these numbers are embarrassing.

I have also got to venture somewhat further than the local park 100 yards away, which present itself with difficulties currently, because the only GP that will see me is several miles away.

Specifically for homeless people and considering the difficulties they would have travelling around, or that this travelling might kill them just as it could me, I find this all very bizarre!

Stop privatisation of the NHS .. 238,000 which is .. disappointing and I ask myself how can this be so bloody low?!


Now closed

Referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords ..


Sack Esther McVey as Pensions Secretary?! (Yeah because that will solve everything! LOL)


DWP Assessors are not Qualified .. (Yah think?! Stated this for years!)


DWP and War Disabilities as Income?!


DWP Cheating ESA Petition Set Up by an Assessor?!


Stop DWP Bullying Vulnerable Claimants with Sanctions .. (now closed) ..


Publish Statistics of Deaths from Benefit Cuts .. (closed)

Claims to have been victorious and forced change but as far as I can tell a request was made which was subsequently .. dodged, you can not even say refused, and that was it .. except several years late a number of national tabloids published the claims and then .. well that was it.

Mass murder is not a big thing in the UK, so it would seem but not being politically correct results in many wanting to burn you on a proverbial stake?!


Atos to Respect Rights and RECORD all Assessments?!

Well it seems my bleating on about recording has caught on over the years?! If you have nothing to have nothing to fear. They have certainly feared me over the years ..

  • Failing to arrive at my house three times with lies, easily proven, as excuses

  • Only called out my name and asked if I was in the building

    • Despite two dozen or more others

    • Me not even in sight of the reception desk

    • Kept repeating that a refusal of benefits is not down to them

    • Asked no questions regarding mental health issues at all, not a single one


DWP and Government to stop Benefit Cuts & Discrimination ..


Going to stop here as there are over 11 pages of these just for the DWP alone.

Just did a search for the NHS and there are 1,322 results on change.org alone and as things have been coming to light only in the last six months I dare say these petitions are going to rocket over the next year or two?!

Stop DWP Bigwigs Getting New Year Gongs?! Your joking?! They are surely .. joking?!


This does not include petitions on ..

38 Degrees – Again I bet there is way more and ask yourself .. does anyone trust the government petitions at the bottom?!


There are probably many other petition sites?!

OK .. I just spotted a most deliberate and damning mistake and I promise you this was after I typed the question about whether people trust these government petitions ..

Umm I noted that the list shown in the link below starts with the petition with the most signatures? I also stated above, prior to spotting this, that the number against the NHS being privatised was somewhat disappointing but more importantly .. how the fuck can it be that low?

Umm well .. the most signed petition only got .. 269,000 votes?! No .. fucking .. way! Sorry but no fucking way!

Tommy Robinson’s petition on Change is currently at .. 562,000 plus. Yes that is five hundred and sixty two thousand plus and I figured it might hit a million in seven to ten days?!

That simply cannot be unless ..

People have only just now finally woken up .. realise now that they cannot bury their heads in the sand and in actual fact now has started to affect them?!

If this is the case then .. I am thinking that from now on petitions starting up are going to attract a hell of a lot more signatures?


Remember it has been reported that there have been 120,000 EXCESS deaths they say might be down to the NHS and 120,000 deaths they say may be down to the DWP.

I guarantee these are conservative figures and one being out of date too. I also stress that these are ‘excess’ deaths. On top of what is normally attributed to these public services.

It also begs the question .. how many deaths are other public services responsible for? Like the local councils, for instance?


A long time ago I predicted something.

I have also told some horror stories that I am sure many thought was too bad to be true.

I can also tell you that we, both of us, were told twice by none other than Jeremy Kyle, or his production team, that our story was far too rough for his show.

Too rough for a TV show about rough lives. But not rough enough for any of the following ..

  • Telegraph

  • Express

  • Independent

  • The Mirror

  • The Sun (don’t ask my why I contacted them)

  • The Observer

  • Several local papers

    • Liverpool Echo

    • Wirral Globe

    • Manchester Evening News

  • The … other Independent newspaper as this word process refuses to type a little ‘I’ lol

  • Several others

  • BBC News but then they had their own paedophile ring going on

  • Sky News

  • ITV News

  • Channel 4 News

  • Channel 5 News

Yup .. not single response.

Actually funny I say that because this publication I am about to tell you about we were not warned about! In fact I can tell you that we had a date for publication .. except it was not for this magazine. Though we knew this one was coming too .. we thought it was going to be later. Later in what was going to be a series of stories.

Yeah .. I said a series of stories and another one coming in a few weeks because ..

.. this is only one part of the story and in other words not all of it.

A different aspect of this will be coming out in a few weeks. But that is by no means the end of it .. not by a long shot.

There was this person and he talked about .. a series. In fact a series in two or three different formats for the latter part of 2018.

As great as this sounds we were both hurting now. Later in the year was going to be tough and especially when nothing else had ever worked out in either of our favours!

Maybe you missed it but ..

  • Cervical Cancer

  • Hypomagnesemia

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

  • Folate Deficiency

  • Heart Issues now too

  • Child with severe Autism they then turned around and denied after 6 months and lied about it

  • Left for dead year after year by social services and local council

It is not a pretty sight and that is before we get into the realms of several instances of domestic violence!

Even then that is not the end of it.

There are the times when I pop in and out of the picture trying to stop this and get prevented at every attempt by the powers that be who conspired and lied to stop me from finding her and bringing her home.

Or the court case where I stated these things would happen and they failed to even check my claims regarding this. In fact it was worse than even I predicted at the court case I still have all the letters to!

I have not read it, have no intention of reading it and I never .. ever .. sat in when the social workers and family support, victim support were round because things had been hard enough as it was. They then all made it significantly harder still by literally leaving my daughter for dead and probably was sour grapes, trying to get something on her because of a big court case she had against Wirral Council which fell flat when the solicitors practice went out of business.

So I do not know when it started .. just that she was 12 when I found out about it and I then spet several times trying to bring her to London .. but was thwarted at every attempt.

When it is divulged what else happened to her over the next 12 years .. well ..

.. this has the potential to bring the NHS, Local Councils and DWP come crashing down to their knees!! And then some.

Because it is not even the worst of the story and by no stretch of the imagination is it the end of the story.


I have heard that the .. culprit in this was the one that found out about it, though why he was buying a copy of Love It! Magazine is anyone’s guess, is going to go to a solicitor about it.

I had to tell my daughter not to worry because she cannot be sued over it.

I told you I hated Tony Blair as well as David Cameron and Theresa May and now you know one very big reason for this.

This whole country is built in a gigantic web of lies and deceit that has ruined people’s lives and caused untold and unbelievable suffering over and over and over again and when you try to ttell anyone .. no one gives a shit nor do they help.

Both my daughter and I are testament to this fact!

I told yah so!

Oh and I am not giving out any details to the above .. that, I am afraid, you are going to have to wait for because my endeavours to help others have never ever helped us at all.

A shame as I thought it might .. but it did not .. but I had to try and warn other innocent people and pre-warn them in the hope of pre-arming them so that they might void the horrors that befell us.

EDIT: The picture in the bottom right corner and it turns out I have Tracy Beaker to thank, of her creators, for getting my daughter through .. well that particular incident.

Not sure if I have anyone to thank for the others and the latest one .. well .. looks like an impossible one to get through in all honesty.

EDIT 2: Next one I think I will title ‘The Betrayal’?

EDIT 3: Oh I can tell you that the person that is the culprit in the story got help from the authorities, Wirral Council and Social Workers. I can tell you that another person just as culpable and the next part of the story also got the same help from the council and the social workers. I can also tell you that in a much later part of the story, and this is just one aspect of it, currently someone has gotten out of prison .. given £20,000 cheque, being housed and getting legal help against the woman in the story below. Like I said previously .. this is one, very old and very, very first horrific story in a long line of stories and betrayals that will turn the hairs of every single person with an ounce of morals .. pure WHITE!!

This was the only course of action because of everyone involved because they all proved to be PURE EVIL!


Well .. I have said it many, many times before and I have had it said to me many, many times going back several years. Normally from highly intelligent people too.

That there is someone else running this country and not the government or that there is a secret government within government.

Yeah .. I kinda knew something was very seriously up and started to realise this from about 2001 onwards and little by little I saw more and more signs that something was just a little .. off.

This came into sharp focus with the death of two family members.

I am now trying to prevent several other family member deaths because of what I know to be true.

For the longest time I did not know what was going on behind the scenes and in all honesty it did not matter who was behind it. It was more of a focus for me to just expose it with the intention of stopping it if I could expose it. But the more it got exposed the more it continued on.

Then someone got chatting to me one day and she .. kinda told me what was really going on and who was behind it. To begin with she made some excellent points but I thought her claims were a stretch too far? I was wrong.

Now I did post about this at the time but have not really said much about them. After all who would take any notice when I was having a hard enough time showing that something was wrong with the public services. Idiot sounding excuses being put to me that

‘Oh nothing is going on, your just getting an idiot dealing with you’

To which I would then state that this is one hundred percent of the time and with every single public service I deal with .. how can they ever manage to employ that many morons and jobsworths?! No, there has to be more to this than meets the eye.

Then someone who seemed to protect themselves by masquerading under different names told me about a little company called Serco.

She told me that they were an American company masquerading, yeah there is and was a lot of that, as a British company and that they basically ran ..

  • The NHS and all Primary Care Trusts

  • The DWP and all Departments

  • All Local Councils

    • There is my ‘evil trinity’ right there

  • The Police

  • All the Armed Forces

    • RAF

    • British Army

    • British Navy

  • Other things besides

  • I have to ask and maybe I should look?

    • HMCTS?

    • Family Courts?

    • Magistrates Courts?

    • County Courts?

    • Crown Courts?

    • The Old Bailey?

    • The Supreme Court?

    • The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman?

    • All other Ombudsman?

    • GMC?

    • PALS?

    • NICE?

    • ICE?

    • LGO?

    • Others?

    • After all they are all public services are they not?!

    • EDIT: Conflicts of Interest?

Like I said ,, a company I never heard of and I thought this was a stretch too far?

She then suggested I go and read their ‘About Us’ page and so I did only to find myself reading their bio and boasting about running all the things she stated that they ran. All of those above.

They came back into my mind when I discovered that Theresa May was asked if she could get the DWP to release data about the deaths of British disabled people that had committed suicide due to benefit cuts as they have lied, cheated and broken many promises about what they were going to do.

Theresa May stated that the DWP does not release information on individuals which was the ine put to me by HMRC, so are they run by Serco too? This made me think of just two little details I gleaned from this response ..

  • Your using privacy rules designed to protect people to hide mass murder?! Or someone is ..

  • Soo your not the Prime Minster?!

    • Your not the boss of the DWP?!

    • The DWP are the boss of you?!

    • You cannot command the DWP to hand over data?

    • The Information Commissioners Office has requested that they do this and they cannot control them either?

Yeah .. except I left them alone and for the longest time.

I avoided any mention of them even to people that contacted me that were .. suspect to say the least.

But in recent times many things are happening that I wondered if I would ever live to see and one of those things flew under my radar in January of this year of 2018 and as I said to a bunch of disabled people on Facebook .. HOW?!

  • I get notifications sent to my computer on news stories

  • I have several people looking for stuff like this and send me links to reports like this

  • I check the BBC News app or BBC News channel and BBCi most days

    • Though admittedly I would nit trust this organisation as far as I could toss their HQ

  • I check Flipboard some nights

  • I get notifications from Flipboard that has curiously been playing up the last few months and my widget feed on my phone is regularly .. stuck .. well that’s convenient

So once again .. how did I not fecking see this?!

Soo then .. you might have been asking and know a great deal of people who have asked the very same question and for a very long time now?

Well I did try to tell everyone before ad the idea being that once I had exposed it, it would go viral if enough people wanted to know. Except it didn’t. People were just not sending this stuff around enough and I simply was not getting enough people at the time too.

But today they know that there is more going on. No longer do I go on disabled websites and see them blaming everything on a company called Atos, who are guilty and may even be owned by Sercro for all I know? Their argument was that if they could reveal what Atos was doing to the DWP and the government all the lies and tricks, the cheating and the deaths would stop? I tried to tell them no. I also told them that all disability benefits would be merged into Universal Credit?!

Ooh boy! You should have seen the reaction to that one?! I was had a go at on a public wall unknown to me. People were demanding, disabled people I might add, that I was full of shit, had upset a large number of disabled people and should have my membership cancelled and kicked out?! Yup you better believe it.

Yeah .. was not about to try and explain Serco to them or anyone else for that matter. I had, had enough of my own friends and family calling me mad for a few years before finding out one by one that my claims and predictions were completely correct.

Not long ago I was told that a couple in Birkenhead who liked me actually thought I was mad with my claims about what was going on with the NHS. Since I returned to London they have stated I was right and right about everything. Running into trouble themselves they keep asking if and when I am returning north?! I do not know. I want to but I simply do not know because both my daughter and I have had some serious issues and once again caused by and refused help from the evil trinity that is the NHS, DWP and Local Councils. Oh .. dear.

So then here is a screenshot I did of me Googling Serco and when I saw what came up I was not only surprised I decided to screenshot it, write a post and publish it.

First off I was not sure they still boasted about running everything and I thought that they might have wised up, grown some brain cells and shut the fuck up?! But no.

Also and look at their earnings, plus the fact they claim they basically run Europe and other countries?

Well as it turns out not only are they too thick to not wave this in full public view but that even the earnings of a little under £3 BILLION this is not enough for them to keep their mouths shut and no post about all this?!

Fucking dumb-arses .. how the fucking hell have they got away with this for so long?

EDIT: If you find that you cannot get anyone to sue the NHS, DWO or Local Councils because of the three fingers and each blaming the next one in the evil trinity, what do you do? You do the next best thing and find the boss of all of them! LMAO!


Well how about that?

I knew that fucking attending Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service was a fucking waste of time and considering how much pain it caused .. a painful fucking waste of time too.

I’m now expecting .. difficulties in around a months time but ..

Please note how it states that they accept I have physical problems and mental problems from my medical records, which are incomplete and fucked but ..

I score ZERO and umm ZERO?! Lol!

How can you admit to someone having physical problems and mental health problems and then score them zero on both counts? LMAO!

Bizarre then that the solicitor stated that I should get higher rates on both counts.

Also it proves that someone my daughter knows is either lying or that Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service is inconsistent and probably more corrupt than I thought.

I also thought that my attending would not make a blind bit of difference anyway and the score they provide only proves this..

What possible difference could my attending have made to these scores of zero and zero despite admitting I have mental health issues and physical problems based on a set of medical records that not only ignored my condition for fifteen years but continued to get it wrong, as I have discovered in the last week!

Funny as I was losing weight from not eating anyway so .. at least I have a head start?!


Well .. there’s this document I’ve been working on that I should really put on here, in the event that something .. with a large degree of finality happens to me.

This is for two other people, really, and I’ve been working on it fur over a week.

My life has been turned upside down .. well it wasn’t great to begin with and only got worse thanks to both my condition and the evil public services. Since then it’s been turned inside out and tossed into the fiery pits of hell. Well OK there have been other .. contributions.

Oddly .. yesterday afternoon and .. this afternoon the extreme anxiety have levelled off a little so I’ve been able to write and post a couple of things.

I’ve not been eating. Hardly at all and in fact I managed to eat a sandwich not long ago which is the first .. real food since Saturday? Maybe Sunday?

I lost weight .. quickly and within no time at all noticed it was at least a stone. Probably around two stone now. I’ve noticed it and I’m sure had I not developed a phobia or going outside others would have. Just as well as I hate being nagged. Especially with someone here that kind of moans at what you should do as if the words uttered are magical.

My Good God of those words were magical they would have laid waste to half of London and a quarter of the south east!

What I’ve also had yesterday and today is an absolute insatiable craving fur my favourite Monster drink. I must have not drink very much the last week too?Not  only am I picky when it comes to drinks but most give me bad heartburn and many will taste like shit now too. I can say this with confidence as I’ve already been told as much. Peach and fiery cherry, I think it was, don’t help matters. I’m not going to buy a drink I simply cannot stomach. Rice flavoured Volvic bottled water literally tastes better than just drinks.

Yeah I had to make a report on what was going on and what’s been wrong .. with me.

I also had to report something that I felt I had but had been reported in the news media over another court case. That I was not assessed for mental health.

Someone is now going to sue the DWP claiming that they and their assessment was both wrong but more importantly,, discriminated against people with mental health issues.

I’m fed up with being constantly fucked over by the NHS over my conditions that even a social worker friend of mine has stated .. when he feels like it and not blaming it on someone he seriously obsesses over.

I’m fed up with being screwed over by the DWP and constantly being threatened with homelessness because of them and having two, maybe now three, lots of deposits stolen from me by landlords ..

Never do anything about that though do they? No, when it’s money they think is owed to fucking then they fuck you over our have you dragged through courts at the blink of an eye.

But it’s all for the good of the people .. that’s what they tell the media and the media incompetent do no investigative journalism at all and just trust what they say.

Tell that to the scores of people with terminal cancer who have lost money .. including one guy in the media that stated that he can’t get chemotherapy any more because he can’t afford the fucking fares to the fucking hospital. Dying? Ambulances?!

I typed this out in three or more different periods throughout the day .. on the very last one I have been feeling better .. ish. Deceptive this thing though and .. well .. I never know when it is going to come back and times like these its always there .. just out of sight but there in the dark just waiting to return home again ..

.. except many talk therapy people will tell me to go and do the very things that may cause it to come racing back again .. instead of providing any real and practical help.

I can normally find, claw or talk my way back from anything .. but to do this you need a foundation.

Sometimes think the UK is just one big charade at times .. and everywhere you look.

In fact I recently told how a friend of my daughter’s actually admitted that she thought I was crazy with my claims about the NHS. She did not think that I was crazy .. only that my claims were.

She was expecting a child and fast forward a few months and sadly she lost the child one week before term. A series of things happened and she was basically bullied into tears by a midwife. She then turned around after admitting she thought my thoughts on the NHS were crazy and said “.. but your Dad was right. He was right about everything”

Well I have now found out that she now tells everyone she knows about this .. tells anyone that will listen about my claims. About what she thought of them to begin with. Then she tells them about what she experienced .. saw .. heard .. herself. She tells family .. friends and other mothers. I said “reeally?!” and my daughter just laughed and said “Yeah”.

One thing I do know about those two is that they are addicted to Facebook and social media in general. Things went round like wildfire with those to. I have been tagged in so many things and news stories it simply is not true.

I was speaking to a Russian citizen on the comments section of one my my own videos tonight. We got talking about corrupt media and the BBC, Sky, Russia Today and CNN was mentioned. Now he informs me that the Russians believe a third world war is coming. I said “well we don’t!” to which he was like ‘really?!’ I said “Yeah .. there is more likely to be a civil war than a third world war in all honesty and no one I know talks about a third world war”. Well .. not that I know that many people but I do not see it talked about online either. Not where I look and get tagged.

Here is a link where you can read the discussion .. even where I go into scientific stuff in end of the world scenarios. Global warming, continental shift, magnetic flip, asteroid strikes and humongous solar flares. Probably others I cannot recall.

The video has had over 5,000 views and more dislikes than likes. Well .. there are a lot of sad pathetic fanboys out there.


Now he started off defending me to gaming, what they call, fanboys who proved they cannot read, don’t like things said unless you agree with them who attacked me and have done for months and called me .. me .. stupid.

I was called a sad pathetic British lefty in one video comment, do not know whether it was that video in the link above?

The Russian believes as I do .. that there are a bunch of idiots that collectively think they are correct when they are wrong and are trying to take over the world. Well .. kinda.

As I said to him, or perhaps her, .. yeah people have taken something seriously out of context and I have to correct them ..

Look? You have a right to an opinion. But that does not automatically make that opinion .. well, right! In other words you have every right to be wrong.

I also went on to say that it is such a shame because it is clear out there that you can quite easily get paid to lie .. to fit someone’s agenda. What I have learned is you cannot get paid to tell the truth! By any one!


Well I simply do not believe it.

A number of newspaper reports by The Independent have shown that the DWP and government have to pay back 70,000 disabled people for not paying them benefits?! Jesus .. some good news finally but I will believe it when it happens!

Apparently the reported figure they will have to pay is £340 Million. Yup .. for those that are amoral and do not like the welfare state .. sowwy! Well you have been an idiot and I always said that this was a futile exercise and a complete waste of your tax money, so I have been arguing your .. umm .. arguments. Or points. Well you did not moan about the fact that the government pays tens on millions of pounds each to at least three and maybe four organisations to cheat people. The keyword here that everyone missed that would have made them put s stop to wasting the public’s taxes in the first instance is .. cheat. It is also a massive exercise in ignoring the laws as well as any morals .. but I guess that is all OK as long as you are getting what you want? Well do away with laws completely if that was your attitude?! Either have laws or do not have laws, you pays your money you takes your choice!

I am afraid it gets better .. as many might actually get a higher payment than they did previously because I for one got less money than a diabetic friend of mine who admitted that I had more difficulty than him. More frequent then he and whereas he can .. take preventative measures anyone with Fibromyalgia can not. Mostly they can just be careful which does not always work and damn difficult to judge.

I am afraid it gets better still as it also turns out that the government has been found to be discriminatory towards people with mental health problems?!

There is a fucking God!

Ooh the thought of amoral people crying into their cornflakes fills me with joy right now! Well as much joy as I can possibly muster given the circumstances I am faced with.

Now I thought I see a line somewhere that said that the government had put money aside for this? Oh? When did that occur? When they started in case it all went wrong? Or was this a secret plan to cover their arses over their “we are all in it together” crap to state that they always intended to pay us back after we paid for their mistakes?! But I am not sure .. I might be remembering the line wrong?

Now there is just the question of Universal Credit .. I mean .. they now admit that they have been discriminatory towards disabled people so what do they think the Universal Credit has been designed for?! To be FAIR?! I do not fucking think so! Single mothers and unemployed expected to work for 12 pence per hour?! Hmm they might have upped it to 13 pence I am not sure?

Oh and then there is the question of homelessness and the ever inflating rent prices, especially in areas people know and call home .. like my home of London.

Wow this was .. unexpected, I must say.

Oh and where are the criminal prosecutions for all this?!


Government ruled to be discriminatory towards people affected with mental health issues ..


I previously stated that a diabetic friend said that I am worse than he and should get the same higher rate that he gets? After seeing several things but nowhere near everything I have to go through and that was prior to the high blood pressure issues that are not resolved and the heart palpitation issues.

Well guess what? Another story in the Independent about how disabled people were not getting high enough rates ..


Well I simply don’t believe it.

I’ve had my suspicions about certain courts in this land but now I know the truth and it’s plain to see.

I’ve also had my fear that leaving the European Union might be used by the British government to abuse people even more than they have. It might seem odd then that I voted to leave because the EU didn’t give a shit about the disabled people in the UK. Well that was one of three reasons and I contacted a few in Europe about the issue a few years back. Nothing happened .. even when you draw them a picture they are only interested in serving themselves, getting billions in cash and dictating the rules to countries that later destroy communities and create divisions over time.

Well .. yeah .. the government have decided to not even wait until we leave the EU. They planned to go to court some months ago in what was claimed to take away the human rights of disabled people.

I thought this preposterous .. I truly did and a waste of the taxpayers money.

Except .. they won?!

As it turns out Esther McVey had been mentioned in the Canary report below.

It also turns out that what they have done is to allow the tribunals to ignore the European laws on human rights. Someone took them to court over bedroom tax and I’m not familiar with the case, if I’m honest. Kinda hard to keep track of anything right now.

But .. despite the fact that they have gotten the tribunals to ignore these .. they can’t get higher court, or just the high court, to ignore them?!

Sorry but how the fuck does that work?!

What is happening here effectively is them putting into practice what has been going on for a very, very long time. Deliberately create situations where it takes so long to do anything that you out people off. While at the same time make things too expensive to pursue.

Even one couple, the Carmichael’s, said that they were stressed and tired and didn’t want to pursue the case any longer, despite being told they had the right to appeal.

And there in is their plan on action.

There had been this weird attitude within the public services that had gone on for decades and gradually gotten worse and worse. That everyone and everything to do with government and public services takes an ever increasing amount of time.

They clearly have no understanding on the concept of time!

Funny .. you would think that ‘time’ was one of those basic fundamental things that everyone understands even as a child. If you have a toy boat on the river and a wind picks up blowing it away .. unless your quick .. your going to lose it.

That’s time.

Time also costs money. Money is another basic fundamental thing they also no longer understand.

Now they don’t understand how laws or human rights work either.

Hmm I wonder if they understand the concept of a revolution?!

On a serious note .. when I was told of this court win last night by my daughter I said how typical it was that this occurred just before I appear at a tribunal?! I simply could not believe the timing?!

I also discovered last night that the cancer was worse than they thought .. which not only made things suddenly focus for me while my heart palpitations went through the roof but .. they have never fucking told us what they fucking thought!! Though it does explain .. some thing pretty serious that has been occurring from time to time. We get the full results, or at least that is when they were supposed to turn up, in two weeks.

As they stated that it would reach stage two within a year .. I am guessing that time has been shortened somewhat and as they stated that in January (2017) and it is now March?!

Jesus Christ .. you simply cannot make this stuff up .. you really cannot.

Missed cancer in one, death of an unborn baby for her best friend is another, missed disability and refusing to diagnose, or delaying as long as they can, a severe disability in a child and two attempts to make them both homeless one around a couple months ago and one ongoing.

With all this .. what is even the point of having laws if there are no human rights?!

I mean if you cannot do anything just for the people I know, my daughter with her cancer, separate disability and four children with one of two having a clear, severe and dangerous disability then who the hell is going to get anything in the way of financial or emotional support or even the correct health treatment?!

Think about this for a moment .. if you do not come close to even a single ailment I have mentioned, say the cancer for example, then what chance do you, your mother, child or anyone else have when things go wrong?

If my heart does not give out completely over the coming weeks I will surely be shocked.