Jesus H. Christ?!

It’s only been around for fucking years and years and I’ve blogged about it for years and years, six to be precise.

The Metro Newspaper, link below, asks ..

How far will twenty metres get you?
From your front door to your nearest bus stop? – Metro

In case you missed me harping on about it out you don’t know .. according to the DWP and fit a very long time if you can get twenty metres your fit enough to work.

Yeah .. I got to a bus, got on a bus and bailed off the bus in three stops then thought I was having a heart attack after 100 metres.

The irony of that story is I was trying to get to a GP that was too far away and that was only to register!!

Now I was going there about this inability I have to do anything or go anywhere. The chest pain, heart palpitations, lack of energy, irritations with skin touching things, anxiety and bunch of other stuff down to the fact I’m having difficulty with magnesium uptake.

I need to do stuff.

I need to work!

When I first was told about this rule years ago I thought it was some kind of sick joke. I told them that they must be wrong. I did that there is no reality where getting twenty metres means you go do hundreds in the course of a five day working week. I also pointed out exactly what they said in the Metro, again looking like it was pulled from here, in that bus stops are more than twenty metres from most people’s houses.

Fuck me if your high up in a tower block it might be more than twenty metres to the bloody ground?!

It, of course, made me realise that they could not be trusted with people with disabilities.

I tried to reason with the fact that maybe the rule existed for conditions that had not been diagnosed yet? Or obscure conditions? It was still an unfair rule though.

But this report states that the rule is unfair for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis?! Jesus! This is a terrible condition and one that I would not want and a friend of an old friend died from this eventually. Irish woman called .. hmm what was her name?!

All this is like one big hate crime towards people with disabilities .. it really is .. if you think about it ..

Someone coming along and taking something from someone disabled and then kicking them while they are down? Getting others to label them freeloaders, others beating them to death .. I even saw a report about one guy who was prosecuted for urinating on a homeless man! Can we expect stories  that next? All because most of the country is really shit at basic maths and do not realise that a hundred times the money spent on disabled people is wasted by the government every year? People being paid for positions where they are then told to do nothing or as little as they can to save money? Salaries of hundreds of thousands every years, cars, perks and God knows what else?

Oh I guess Doctors are OK in case you need them to save your life? Does not matter if the lives before you died, eh? As long as they save yours when it comes around to you?

And when all other lures, traps and tricks fail you always have this 20 meter rule to fall back on and the HMCTS to sit their and say that is is OK for the government and DWP to treat disabled people in an inhumane manner because that is the law now? Lol.

They just be falling back on this very old rule to refuse disabled people help?

Funny as this is reported now, probably will get blamed on the Tories by the usual suspects but I’m afraid this existed while Tony Blair was Prime Minister.

In fact it might have existed since the seventies for all I know?

I would be willing to bet that Serco bought this in as a trick to save money from day one?

I also see Serco finally get mentioned in a video by Brian Gerrish which I posted in a recent blog post.

Good God I hate this country.

I do sometimes wonder if we have just become blind to it and that immigrants that come here think the UK is wonderful. Eventually realise that we have become blind to? Realising that this in power are evil lying bastards and that when they are being nice it is just a pandering tactic to fool people?

Then get angry and want to make to their own rules and blow shit up?!

Well maybe not all of them but they do get radicalised here as children.

When you have a lying and dishonest government behaving the way they do towards their own vulnerable people is it any wonder?!

You know I often put terms in my tagging like ‘DWP failures’ and I hate using the latter word because that suggests it is an honest mistake.

The problem is I have known all along that these are all deliberate intentions. The lies come and tricks come about because they fear a backlash from people with some compassion. They also do not want to look like the evil bastards that they all are .. not to the country or the rest of the world and so they start with a lie, then there is another and then another after that and so it goes on.

Yeah well I think now after a only two or three decades that the lying does not work .. does it now?!

Time to stop new before it is too late.




Two of these incoming. The other was exactly what I predicted.

This one states that the DWP policies are causing an extra burden on the NHS?

My God are they actually treating people?

Funny though that this these send to go against what I know to be fact..

Fobbed off with no diagnosis, no proper referral and checks as has happened to both me and my daughter .. NHS saves money, DWP saves money and Local Councils save money.

The following story is all in the DWP though.

This statement about the DWP costing the NHS money seems to have come from a charity?

Funny then that no one in the government, not the health secretary or any other members of parliament have picked up on this?

I knew this was going to happen. Doctors and nurses told me this was going to happen and intelligent people I spoke to knew this was going to happen. Hell, even a pharmacist said this was a ticking time bomb over two years ago!


Right let me get this one straight?

A report linked below states that the DWP ‘claims’ it has no record of whether it showed Work Capability Assessments and its links to deaths to an expert it hired to review the assessment?

Well that is a completely worthless report. Something to do with an expert the DWP hired themselves, therefore corrupt, being shown some documents to do with deaths? Or in other words .. he might have slipped up? Nothing to see here .. move along.

Oh wait? There is .. something ..

Litchfield (pictured) published the final two independent reviews of the work capability assessment (WCA) in December 2013 and November 2014, but neither of his reviews mentioned the documents linking the WCA and the deaths of claimants.

Right .. let me get this one straight?

Two reviews were published in December 2013 and November 2014 but neither mentioned about the deaths being linked to the Work Capability Assessments? Riiight ..

So then these independent, which they probably are not as we have not fucking been told anything, would have taken a bloody long time. And the first was published in December 2013 which meant it likely started anywhere between December 2012, a few months after I started blogging, and July 2013.

Soo .. if this was done or expected to mention something about these ‘deaths’ as it states then .. why is it after all this time we still have not heard anything?

I am afraid it gets better ..

Because if there was documents at the time and these existed but were not released than this means that they were not released because they were extremely damning.

Do you know what else this means? I am afraid it means something far, far more serious ..

What this means is that despite the knowledge that these things were killing people and forcing people to take their own lives they not only continued on regardless while making it worse as time goes onn .. it means their intention was to kill people. That, my friends, is mass murder.

If these were Nazis then they would be in a trial in Hague before you could even blink. They spent years hunting and tracking down Nazi war criminals because they killed loads of innocent people.

But kill off a few hundred thousand British people and no one bats an eyelid. Six years go by and all you get is a mention of a very much outdated figure of the dead.

Well I am pretty sure if you go back in my blog I was reporting the number of dead at 120,000 and after a while when bringing it up was estimating that it could be 130,000 to 150,000. But a few years go by without me mentioning it and it is getting reported as the old figure of 120,000?!

Yeah .. except I have seen a massive increase in the last few years of reported suicides and the last year has had more than the previous one!

I also wondered at the time that if this was the number being put down to the DWP then what figures could be applied to other public services? Like the NHS and Local Councils?

I never really gave those other possibilities that much thought until recently when I was doing a revisit to these figures, due to the mainstream media reporting this old number on Calum’s List, ad spotted the New Scientist Magazine questioning if the NHS was responsible for another 120,000 dead?!

If this figure is old like the DWP one reported recently and these have increased as much as I think they have we could be talking about 300,000 deaths from just two public services?!

I bet I can guess the nationality of 99% of them?!

If you look into that one and want to discover the answer, prepare yourself as it is going to make you ask yourself why for several days and then it is going to hit you. Like the proverbial hammer.

Do they, the government and their puppeteers, think that we have had so many horrors over many decades that the public and the world have had enough desensitisation that they could get away with this intended mass murder?

I will tell you something else too ..

If all of them had been full on home owners I think the housing market would have crashed?! Half a million homes going on the market? Unless these were just filled with foreigners coming here with money and maybe that was part of the plan? No .. I do not think so because ..

.. I firmly believe that all those that died could not afford to own their own homes. In other words they were killing off the poorest.

This will inevitably become a curse for all involved unless they can do a Jimmy Savile and had planned that this would not get released until everyone involved was dead? Or had some pay off agreed so that they could emigrate abroad?!


Well I simply do not believe it.

A number of newspaper reports by The Independent have shown that the DWP and government have to pay back 70,000 disabled people for not paying them benefits?! Jesus .. some good news finally but I will believe it when it happens!

Apparently the reported figure they will have to pay is £340 Million. Yup .. for those that are amoral and do not like the welfare state .. sowwy! Well you have been an idiot and I always said that this was a futile exercise and a complete waste of your tax money, so I have been arguing your .. umm .. arguments. Or points. Well you did not moan about the fact that the government pays tens on millions of pounds each to at least three and maybe four organisations to cheat people. The keyword here that everyone missed that would have made them put s stop to wasting the public’s taxes in the first instance is .. cheat. It is also a massive exercise in ignoring the laws as well as any morals .. but I guess that is all OK as long as you are getting what you want? Well do away with laws completely if that was your attitude?! Either have laws or do not have laws, you pays your money you takes your choice!

I am afraid it gets better .. as many might actually get a higher payment than they did previously because I for one got less money than a diabetic friend of mine who admitted that I had more difficulty than him. More frequent then he and whereas he can .. take preventative measures anyone with Fibromyalgia can not. Mostly they can just be careful which does not always work and damn difficult to judge.

I am afraid it gets better still as it also turns out that the government has been found to be discriminatory towards people with mental health problems?!

There is a fucking God!

Ooh the thought of amoral people crying into their cornflakes fills me with joy right now! Well as much joy as I can possibly muster given the circumstances I am faced with.

Now I thought I see a line somewhere that said that the government had put money aside for this? Oh? When did that occur? When they started in case it all went wrong? Or was this a secret plan to cover their arses over their “we are all in it together” crap to state that they always intended to pay us back after we paid for their mistakes?! But I am not sure .. I might be remembering the line wrong?

Now there is just the question of Universal Credit .. I mean .. they now admit that they have been discriminatory towards disabled people so what do they think the Universal Credit has been designed for?! To be FAIR?! I do not fucking think so! Single mothers and unemployed expected to work for 12 pence per hour?! Hmm they might have upped it to 13 pence I am not sure?

Oh and then there is the question of homelessness and the ever inflating rent prices, especially in areas people know and call home .. like my home of London.

Wow this was .. unexpected, I must say.

Oh and where are the criminal prosecutions for all this?!

Government ruled to be discriminatory towards people affected with mental health issues ..

I previously stated that a diabetic friend said that I am worse than he and should get the same higher rate that he gets? After seeing several things but nowhere near everything I have to go through and that was prior to the high blood pressure issues that are not resolved and the heart palpitation issues.

Well guess what? Another story in the Independent about how disabled people were not getting high enough rates ..


Do you know the trouble I find with all advice centres and solicitors even?

Oh and you can add in ombudsman in all this, governing bodies and the political opposition parties that include Jeremy Corbyn ..

They do not read all your letters and all your emails reports.

Do you know what else they do not do?

Do any fucking research and after years and years of people being murdered they come up with just a few cases.

YouTube is a good place to research so I will do so once again what so many have not done for years before me to date.

Here is a long list of YouTube videos regarding the DWP, Atos and even one Atos staff member admitting that I tried to tell people over and over again that Atos only do what the DWP tell them to!

All I kept hearing was that if the DWP knew what Atos was doing they would get rid of them and it would be all over .. I said, “Like feck it would!”

Of the videos I have linked below I have seen .. ONE. I have not seen the others .. speakers do not work and .. well I do not need to listen to them. I know pretty much what they are going to say and it is damning.

Worst of all look at some of the dates .. note that I think most of these were about Atos, formerly Atos Healthcare and a French company based in Paris that was masquerading as a British company.

Now consider there are three others added to this list which was previously just one?! One that got caught out and the Tories said they was going to get rid of .. even Nick DeBois lied toi my face and told me they had discovered what they was doing and were getting rid of them .. ooh did I mentioned I have that on tape, figuratively speaking? Oh dear. But they went nowhere and another three organisations just like them added to them?!

Now you see the news media reports about children and people starving!

Yeah well sorry mainstream media like the BBC and ITV News but you are partly responsible and you have been paid millions upon millions while I have been trying to raise awareness of this for free and I have had no thanks at all.

I even tried to tell about this 6 years ago and you did not even flinch .. not so much as an acknowledgement. Now you look like the proverbial white knights .. now that it has all gone wrong like I predicted it would over 6 year beforehand. I started blogging in 2012 and I contacted all tabloids .. ALL tabloids and TV News Media groups back in 2011. Maybe even earlier actually? Yeah I still have the sent emails, LMAO!

Grand scale crimes against a large portion of the British public while stealing money of the rest of them to commit these crimes while the proverbial books are thrown at people breaking the law just to survive or feed their children.

Where does it stop and when does the British law stop being warped into something far more sinister and beyond recognisable as a joke any more?

Consider this is just a small percentage of videos. Consider that those that record their assessments, umm .. like I did, would only be a tiny percentage. I can assure you that if you look my number of just over a dozen could very well have a third figure to it. Consider too that those that had a similar experience but did not record their assessments could have yet another figure or two added to that.

So what are dozens could very well be hundreds of videos that could be thousands or tens of thousands of similar assessments.

Yet HMCTS were ot interested in this widely known fact .. now was they interested in the fact that theu tried to send me 40 miles away or further when they had a building a mile from my house tat had been there several years.

Yup Judge Miss Mark and the HMCTS are just as corrupt and selfish as the Tories, DWP & Atos and sit their like lords while they steal far more of your taxes than the accuse disabled people of doing.

Oh the irony!

So .. here are one or two of them … LMAO ..



Well this was a close one.

Do not get man of these but the last time it was .. less then two days. A Telegraph report about something Theresa May stated that I had stated two days before had .. been broadcast. I am not entirely sure when she stated the fact that PIP and ESA was going and by 2020? But it was what I stated in the DPAC group 36 to 48 hours before that .. caused me a surprising amount of bother.

Being someone that likes to cut in and dance around the edge’s with death I am kind of used to it.

But a number of people reacted .. some upset and others .. angrily and it was even put forward that I should be kicked form the group?!

I was not even in there when all this was being said .. then spotted it and tried to defend what I said. It was demanded of me that I reveal my source but this would have made absolutely no difference whatsoever. I refused. To me that was proof.

But to naive people that think themselves intelligent because they know a few big words .. it was not proof of my integrity. They wanted a name. A name they would not recognise ad would just get the guy fired. It was not going to happen.

That was how I met a number of people and one in particular was Gail Ward.

She private messaged me and I had just been kicked off a Fibromyalgia group for saying the same thing and the first thing I said was “Go on? I know how this is going to go I have just been kicked somewhere else” She explained that she was not going to do that and just assured me I could confide in her .. I trusted her so I did.

Several people then believed me .. some did not.

Two days later when word got around that it indeed was a statement of fact .. some apologised .. others did not. Big to open their mouths .. not so big to open their mouths when they have made mistakes and do not look quite so intelligent anymore.

Disabilities do not change human character. At least not to that extent.

Still .. I do it to help people .. if I am going to get a backlash over something .. so be it .. I at least tried and maybe, just maybe I might reach and help some people with open minds who know me well enough to listen.

My solicitor from Mary Ward Legal was not aware that the government had changed the law on sanctions, going from ‘Illegal’, yes they were and you better believe it, to ‘Legal’. She was not aware and neither was she aware that in the sanctions they are not touching your rent payments. They told me that at my first visit to the Job Centre in Price Street Birkenhead where I now unfortunately reside. Only because things are worse here with the authorities than they were in the place I left.

Someone much ore selfish than me would see this as a field day .. a gift from God, if you prefer. But I was saddened by this, what I was hearing and what I was seeing.

So .. with one of the best stories around now becoming instantly twice as bad as it was before and right in the belly of the beast.

There was only a matter of time before they realised it. Upon realising this they might .. see a major problem .. or threat.

That is what I have trying to be for the last 8 years.

Unfortunately for them .. they thought I had only done this for a few weeks when they discovered my dastardly plans. To counter dastardly plans you have to have equally dastardly plans but doing these in both a genuine, legal as well as factual manner .. well that is not easy. Especially when you do not have the resources of a big news network like Rupert Murdoch. Ooh he has just sold Fox for $54 Billion plus .. maybe he is coming after me?!

Well I did get warned about this .. many, many times. The first few weeks in which I started .. to a few days ago 5.5 years after I started. Plus others in-between.

Now I thought I would succeed a lot quicker then this and thought it wold be all over in a year or two and .. well no. It just did not happen like that.

I had built up a lot of evidence before I even started blogging .. thought it as enough .. thought I would hit the ground running and in the first yer or two the stories would race around and people would slowly flock to read my blogs.

I said it before it is like an illusion conjured up my a Magician. You are ‘wowed’ by the illusion but as soon as you know how it is done the lustre wears off .. so to speak.

Oh .. Spire Healthcare are on the TV for lying and it turns out that my daughter worked for them and knew about the lying. Should have seen the loo on her face when I explained not only did I know who Spire Healthcare was and that I covered them four years or so ago when I thought I had Charcot Marie Tooth Disease before later realising it was Fibromyalgia.

The story involves a weird one when I was on my way to the appointment but in the main part of the building, which was the wrong one. A tall blond man was walking towards me while speaking to someone else and he glanced at me. He stopped mid sentence and did ore or less a double-take. Dominick Mort.

As I passed by I wondered why this man had done this .. realised. or came to the conclusion that this was the man I was about to see, in a completely different part of the building and that he recognised me. I asked myself ow in the feck he knew who I was because at no point in my medical history had anyone taken a picture of me. At least not while I was conscious.

Of course he later turned out to the man I was about to see and someone I was in contact with at the time checked him out and told me all about Spire Healthcare.

I digress. Well in my defence it was something on TV and something that I covered and told the news media about years ago.

So I was tagged in something tonight.

The Work & Pensions Select Committee was contacted by me over a week ago .. in fact I had a response at the end of last week. They wanted to use my case and I blogged about it. I told them I would send a way better and more detailed report that would likely contain three times the data that I had already sent them. After all .. I only complained about UC and NEA. I did not go into details about DLA, PIP, IB and JSA along with HMCTS.

I then blogged that I did that.

I am sure that the powers that be have been trying to find a way to stop me for a very, very long time and I have seen instances where websites have been closed down. Even the infamous Calum’s List is now gone but can be found on Facebook. That is no safe refuge either and I spoke to someone a few years back that was closing his Facebook page down because of threats from solicitors.

In fact is it not funny that all solicitor tend to do now is evil deeds? In my mind around 90% of the protect those with large amounts of money that invariably got up to no good. Those that are innocent tend to be the poorest and .. there is no recourse to justice anymore because justice commands a huge fee.

Yeah there are these ‘pro bono’ solicitors but you would stand a better chance of finding rocking horse shit! Where are they?

Five and a half years of blogging my guts out, uploading videos and audio recordings at my own expense .. putting up with my various issues and continuing on almost unabated. Where are all the contacts? Where are the offers of help? Advice even?

You start asking yourself whether or not 80% or more of he British populace are just amoral and just hide it from the public eye?

It may be too early to come to those conclusions and/or that may be because something else may be at play? Maybe the majority of the population is not .. amoral and maybe something is preventing the ‘word’ from getting out? Who knows?

So what was I tagged in?

It would appear that there is a

Victory for claimants as Government agrees to reform PIP & ESA process


But it is a start. I think?


So Atos, Capita and Maximus are going are they and half of the staff and heads at the DWP going to prison for breaking the laws and then manipulating and changing the laws so they can keep on causing suffering and .. well breaking the laws .. just the previous laws?!

Oh and that was the Parliament website and to do with the Work & Pensions Select Committee.

Just keeps on happening does it not? If you have not gone through my 3200+ posts you will note that things like this have occurred dozens of times.–esa-process-statement/


Yeah ..

There are times when it is not easy being here.

Others think they have the whole system worked out and want you to help in ways that .. you simply do not want to.

I just failed in doing that and this could have led to a disciplinary for job that has not even started yet.

This is a job I m not sure that is going to work anyway as according to what I have read you can only keep a piss-poor amount of money and yet it is being targetted because of a new house which is going to need carpeting for a start.

The due to the children involved it is going to need all manner of other things besieged and I even I can draw up a pretty decent list. Just from the little time I have spent here.

Oddly this attitude has changed from the one that thought that the authorities had made so many mistakes and that so many failed to turn up qt meetings that as an apology and to make up for their long list of consistent failures .. that this would all be provided for them, which in m mind they should be doing anyway. They, at least, used to! Even with just your average children they used to provide everything a mother needed.

So it is a little hard trying to keep track of everything.

I had been placed on the spot .. twice and I received a phone-call regarding me being put forward as a reference. But being placed on the spot I quickly answered accordingly. This was a professional reference and .. I this instance there was a conflict of interest which I was not even aware could be the case with a professional reference. Oh well .. you learn something new all the time.

The thing is I think I was expected to .. fib?

This is not nor never has been my policy and if I had it could have created complications for me, my endeavours, getting what I am owed, getting any compensation that may or may not be due and .. a certain Work & Pensions Select Committee?

For a job that is probably not needed, only out of desperation without checking the facts, tht I m not sure can be preformed at any rate.

To be fair .. the person in question was quickly asked on the spot .. and even asked if she could come back the same day .. like within the hour to do some training. At the same time they was asked for a professional reference and what with my degree and turning down a Doctorate at Middlesex University they just instinctively said my name.

Well that was that. Luckily I hve since had another conversation and it has not caused any tricky situations but .. I just do not lie and I thought this, at least, was understood. So even without my memory problems I m not used to coming up with some cock and bull story t the drop of the proverbial hat.

Wold not look good for me with my own endeavours or in the event that results from three certain tests mean I will have to .. do something I am not even sure I can do. Especially here. I do not know the area, the authorities any of the help and support available.

It is a terrifying prospect and that is provided that the .. ultimate consequence arrives and I manage to live through it. I honestly cannot see how I can and I have been through two that were heart-breaking.

Anyway .. that was that.

My other concern is that of the Work & Pensions Select Committee. Or more rather my report that I submitted. It is .. lot to report. It can be .. overwhelming but it is always vital to me that you include all information whether it is vital or not. Because I cannot decide if it is vital or not.

I worked in the legal industry and those I helped were friends for a long time beforehand and afterwards too.

So .. I know only too well that sometimes things that you think would be important re not and things that you think are not turn out to be important.

I have h to explain this to so many people over the years it simply not true. During long phone conversations lasting up to five hours I would be told that someone appealing state something in court and I would have to say “I know it sounds wrong and I agree that it is .. but they wont be interested in that or other things”. It is about the rights and wrongs, the facts and the lies.

However .. this is different. It is a process of telling horror stories regarding what the DWP have been up to and contradicting their base argument for their actions.

There is no one better than me for that .. very literally .. because ..

  • I did the NEA course and because I invested £20,000 of my own money .. before being stabbed in the back .. showing that I was serious and that they told lies

  • This wasted thousands more than I planned

  • That I was awarded disability money TWICE, so had cause and reason to receive it but ..

  • That I had disability stopped twice ..

  • That I then moved 250 miles because I knew that the DWP along with a Local Council and the Police would let down my daughter .. victim of domestic violence and that ..

  • Two grandchildren were reported to have Autism and I knew that the public services would let them down too .. and ..

  • Tht my daughter showed signs of having my disability that I now discover is behind my new heart and chest symptoms as well as damaging my eyes and .. linked to cancer ..

  • Which I found out because they a lump in my daughter’s body, one being suspicious and needed a biopsy ..

  • The found a second lump and then a third in three separate areas of her body

That is the extremely short version where the report I submitted goes into detail about what I was and was not told by the NHS, that the Probate Court did not investigate £35,000 of inheritance stolen from each of nine family members, no will.

The victimisation of me and my family looks fucking bad just looking at the last 10 month alone.

What the report contains is details of this going back for no less then fifteen years in some cases and twenty years in others.

That I have had several lines said to me that describes it all ..

  • Person One: “Why does this keep happening to us?!”

  • Person Two: “Nothing good ever happens to our family!”

But if there is one thing I am it is ..


Or t least I have the extreme potential to be disruptive and that .. tends to scare people.

But if this so-called parliamentary committee is entirely genuine at fixing what is right with this country and want to first identify the corruption, tricks and lies to the British public that have been ongoing for so long then ..

.. they would do well to heed my words.

Because all we have had up to now is my methods copied, lots of people having the finger pointed at them. Them in turn pointing the fingers at others. Public services being listed as ‘inadequate’ by various bodies while things continue on the exact same.

The one part in all this I find the most infuriating is that fact that all this has done nothing at all to the country’s position, debt wise. Nothing.

The one thing that they do and have been claiming for a fair old while now is numbers of which absolutely no one, investigative journalists not excluded, has looked into in any great detail.

Jobless numbers have been going down but failing too mention the tens of thousands that have died by their actions alone.

Oh and of course there are the disabled people that, when last I looked, well over 120,000 people had died as a direct result of their actions that almost included me in that list.

I have all the links to all the necessary websites, documents, audio recordings, videos and blogs.

I have all the predictions that eventually turned out to be true.

I predicted the financial collapse long before it was even being whispered about.

A document by document, blow by blow, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year account of all the highly suspect failings of absolutely everyone involved and then some.

Good God. The very thought that this all now might soon be over is kind of .. head spinning.

While at the very same time I cannot help thinking that this will just turn out to be another dead-end road?!


I do not nor never will understand how areas of the human body can cause so much stress and pain and yet still be alive?!

I also don’t understand quite how in this modern age we still don’t have the drugs to deal with it properly. Well .. prescription drugs that is.

I awoke this morning after something of a night of.. forget that happens once a week. Friends around and a few drinks.

Had to go out and get a couple of things with one of them last night but .. flutter-flutter-flutter my heart was playing up a little.

Had to go out a second time, oh .. my .. God, this went wrong and more of a boom-boom-boom.

Now I a only mention a symptom now and then for a reason or if I think I’ve made a connection ..

This morning and against all common sense I awoke to very intense anxiety. I asked myself why in the world this could be? In my groggy state I even wondered if it was something else but felt like anxiety?

I had it yesterday morning but not as intense.

But I did push things a little last night .. oh crap, afternoon too when I was getting stuck into some house work to help out.

I just sometimes and myself why I’m getting this because the we nothing really to set it off, unless I have dreams that set it off but never recall the dreams?

Well I had that email from the Work & Pension Committee.

They wanted to use the cut down first I sent them.

But despite it being damning it was only two pages and not damning enough for my liking. So I sent an initial response stating that I would submit a full report, broken down into sections.

After all I only mentioned the current situation.

What I didn’t include was a full breakdown for PIP as well as ESA along with Universal Credit which are the three they mentioned in their response.

Red rag to a bull, anyone?!


A two page report they reacted to and apologizing upon hearing or situation and then stating what they did? ESA, PIP as well as UC?! JESUS, Christmas had come early, surely?!

Now think about a report containing no less than six pages and me pointing out that even this is not complete?

Yeah well that’s what they now have, after many hours, broken up here and there, some copy and pasting and six whole pages!


In it I quoted three quotes ..

“Why does this keep happening to us?!”

“Nothing ever works out for anyone on our family!”

“I told my mum .. I want to die!”

Then I started the report!

The most complete report I’ve probably ever sent .. ever!

There are some conversations that are going to be extremely interesting over the coming days, weeks and months.

A lot of people are going to be hurting to varying degrees over this and they cannot say I didn’t warn them. Not for a moment. I spent years warning each and every one of them telling each it was a matter of time. That guessing the amount of time involved wood be akin to guessing the length of a piece of string.

Despite the negativity of many online people including those that are disabled .. my view is that it’s been shit for soo many people for so long that’s it’s hard .. no .. impossible to see an end to it all.

I see things .. a little differently to everyone else.

I’ve been working my arse off in ways many people couldn’t imagine for a very, very long time and just the document gathering started over 15 years ago, possibly more. It then changed up a couple of years around 12 years ago and then the recordings started around 8 years ago. The blogging started 5.5 years ago.

Many others have not covered as many as I have, not even close.

Many others have not done as much as I have.

Many others have not yet anywhere near the amount of devices I have used.

Many others have fallen by the wayside long, long, long before I have done.

Many others are defeatist.

But with death knocking on my door with no less than four knocks and no matter the amount of pain and suffering .. I continue.

No matter how many times I’m sent to the darkest corners of my mind .. I continue on.

I battle on because I know there is an end game. It’s inevitable. History had taught us that over and over again. Plenty of history books throughout .. well, history. Lol.

Find was what I needed. Time to reach the right amount of people. That was the proverbial length of string. How much time we needed?

The time was needed to reach the numbers and the numbers are more or less easy. A decent six figure number was what we required. Not everyone needs to read this blog .. just enough people needed to visit this blog. Because there is the one factor every single person forgets..

People talk.

If everyone, or rather the average, is that everyone speaks to one person about shit they read or heard about then you should the figures reached.

But as everyone knows .. it doesn’t work like that.

Everyone had at least the relatives on average.

Everyone has two of three friends on average.

So the average could reasonably be six people but could be as high as ten.

The other factor is the six degrees of separation.

In other words the world of country is a network.

Except there is one other factor that increases the numbers above expoentially..

.. Smart phones!

Since smart phones crashed into our lives something changed. The average of just six people increased itself expoentially. And that’s an understatement.

I know someone with 300 friends on Facebook and and I just even more than that Brits I decided it was too much and deleted a load. A lot more.

So even if we halve that to 150 .. that’s a bloody speedy network, think a ten gigabit connection.

There was always another possibility .. or rather .. another network or .. networks. I unfortunately don’t trust most of them .. probably most of them.

But there was always the possibility .. that .. something else would occur along the way and the very, very obvious is the mainstream news media.

When it’s already obvious that they are corrupt .. you have to think of something else or wait for something else. If you don’t possess the funds for an expensive, major legal battle that left the news media with no choice but to cover it.

Yeah .. didn’t have the funds for that, though I considered starting up a crowd funding campaign specifically for that alone. Never really could reach the decision to do it or set a date to do it.

Eventually I probably would have done. Not reached that point .. yet.

That left .. something coming from the proverbial left field.

This could have been from well known leftist, socialist or community group. A particular type of red political party that was .. well known enough.

Some of these are global.

There is, of course, that which is unknown or unexpected. The ‘left field’ as I tend to call it.

Well that left field was caught by me the other day and .. I’m not really sure how it happened to be perfectly honest. I really, really don’t.

But .. it’s happened.

They want to attack the government, the DWP and their henchman, no doubt?

Well that’s what I’ve been doing. They want a team player. Someone that can help and I have the my blogs and my ever worsening story.

There’s always an ever moving boundary that you need to cross but you never quite know where it lies at any given moment in time.

Your guessing at best but your hoping for the best each and every week. There’s a point you know you have ventured beyond it but you still need that boundary.

To leave the Earth’s atmosphere you need a certain amount of trust for a given length of time.

This is no different .. you need enough evidence combined with enough people.

I’ve long since had enough evidence .. and have a lot more too .. but it’s enough people.

What I got from left field was the .. umm Government. Well .. sorta .. a kind of shadow government .. of possibly a bunch of people after other ones jobs. Possibly not carrying the courage of their convictions.

We will see.

The chance has come and it’s been taken. An opportunity such as this simply could not be ignored. You would have to be a fool not to grab this with both hands. It’s merely a chance to change things before the tunnel exit is reached.

Since finishing this piece which I entirely wrote on my phone with squinty eyes I have now received confirmation of the Work & Pensions Committee receiving my updated and more complete report.

They stated that would get in contact with me if they require anything.

Let us see if they do anything?

I have had a phone conversation with one of my friends in London and a friend of someone up here and told them about being contacted. Both are shocked and over the moon.

My friend in London and the ex-social worker said “Oh, Martin! If anyone deserves this with everything you have done and everything they have done to you .. it is you”

I also told him about the crap HMRC over-payments and now he tells me they did it with his daughter too! He said they are the most unhelpful people on Earth and if this is the case what fucking moron put them in charge of payments for children?! What fucking absolute dicks!

You should heave witnessed first my friends shock and then roaring with laughter when I told him they billed one person £35,000 for last year and another young lady £6,500 for a period between 2008-12 when she went form the ages of 14 to 18 with no children?!

He knows as long term visitors of this blog would be well aware .. I have been kicked in the teeth so many times that they have now rapidly progressed my Fibromyalgia into things I first did not know you could get with this condition and secondly .. I have had them from a few month to well over a year before recently discovering they are far more serious complications to Fibromyalgia I have developed.

Funny then that no hospital I visited or GP in the last 18 months have either mentioned the connection to my Fibromyalgia to me when I reported the symptoms nor have I been warned to watch out for anything ..

Like my bloody EYESIGHT!

Oh and my heart!

More on that to come.


Hmm it is funny how it seems to take three separate governments before they admit to something I have been harping on about for over ten years.

In fact it is actually about to effect me in a major way that will feature as a part on my ‘Revelation’ series of posts. More on that in around a week to ten days time. Hopefully. It is a period that normally has a … loosely pre set time period. Thought this time period is not in any way fixed it is usually the norm. Except and typically in this instance because of course it involves me.

I dare say that many readers are going to state that something that I am involved in has gone awry, out of bounds and off the ranch entirely and always seems to happen with me. Well … there are some explanations, some possible theories and … some mysteries.

The plot also seems to thicken every couple of days too.

So what is it this time that has caught my attention? Well a few things actually but must significant and notable and linked to the above is the housing market and rent prices. Now we have already had a very peculiar statement about rents being too high from none other than Theresa May, along with … umm planning to do something about it? Yeah I would not hold you breath on that one.

However what is now being admitted is that of what I have stated for well over ten years, along with rents being too high, the housing market is broken. Their words, not mine. Broken. The housing market is … broken.

They also stated that 250,000 new homes were needed every year?

Umm no they did not. They do NOW because I have been stating the housing market has been fucked for well over ten years and will screw the British people up eventually. No, that number is in fact needed because by their own admission ‘we are behind schedule’. Yeah over ten years behind schedule and along with the British population growing you have been letting in a countless number of people that should not be here.

Oh my God. How that is going to be a factor in a big way on my posts in around ten days … you do not even KNOW!!

Now when this post in the ‘Revelations’ series comes in the smartest visitors, the most regular and even the semi regular visitors that have seen most of what I have done already are going to realise a few things.

  • That despite what I have done the last 18 months or so there is far more stuff and evidence that was posted prior to this period

  • That over the next 8 months not only is it inevitable that a shed load of stuff is going to be posted but that I am going to be working triple time on posts and content including photos, videos and animations

  • That towards the end of the year there is going to be an absolute boat load of revelations and that this too is inevitable … my friends know this but there is the odd naïve or even stupid individual and I hear the word ‘hearsay’ a lot when it is in no way classed as ‘hearsay’

  • Something has occurred which has inevitable consequences, not ‘something might occur’ it has occurred and in mankind’s history these inevitable things have never failed to happen

This will lead into a bunch of stuff, part of what I was referring to above, with the NHS that will be something of an eye-opener for many Indeed many that may have had doubts and even claimed I was wrong are going to look … foolish. Just how foolish is all down to how many in this sea of know-it-alls, who have very little in the way of intelligence and/or wisdom, crowed they are right. Whenever I look at the comments sections of YouTubers I watch that does tend to be around 80% of people that make wild claims and argue the toss when they are clearly lacking the intellect to even make an argument. Which generally reduces down to shouting, name calling and even violent threats. Because, well yeah, that is how you prove that you are right and intelligent by name calling and making violent threats so that the other person submits into silence so you are the only one talking.

No .. dogs do that.

Speaking of the NHS I spotted a hilarious report that stated that our ten minutes with a General Practitioner is the shortest in the world. That is the world. That means the entire world. That means not just the modern western rich, lol, countries but third world countries too.

Funny then that I particularly remember how David Cameron came in and said that patients ned not worry, he was aware that we were only getting 5 to 7 minutes with a GP and that he was going to increase this to ten minutes! LMAO.

You really cannot make this shit up but the British government seem to not be able to go a month without coming out with something that makes themselves look moronic. Though with some people this seems to take a bit longer … like several years when it eventually affects them by which time its too late and too much damage has been done.

For instance … the DWP, ergo the government, are changing the rules in benefits in a way that many people, I know because some have told me, think it is a good idea. Now admittedly one of the people that thinks this I a good idea also turned around and said that old people and seriously ill should be allowed to die to take the pressure of society. Yeah well obviously that statement, without him realising this point, is made towards people that have no or not much money. Technically this guy kinda works for himself but he really does make fuck all in the way of money and I am asked by many how he survives. “I do not know!” is always my answer to that one. I have seen him make as little as just over £50 on a Saturday.

The next time he makes that statement I have a reply waiting for him …

You do know, right, that once those old and sick people with no money all die your the next on the list to go? Right?!

The reality of it all is that people are so desperate for things to change and people to suddenly disappear because they think it will improve things for them.

The other stupid thing that exists about his statement is that, they might not spend very much, but half his footfall are pensioners. Of course some will be sick and disabled people too.

Therefore he will be the next in line for an indirect extermination.

Now as to the governments and the DWP’s plans … they are trying to change things so they pay out less money. Less money to those without work, regardless of reason, with both living benefits and housing benefits. You know how many people are relying on benefits, right? That means all those people are spending less money and that has a negative impact on the economy. No getting around it, it does, the end.

Only they now do not intend to stop there and as I explain, albeit loosely for now, what they want to do you simply must remember what I said in the last paragraph about the British economy.

What they now intend to do is watch what you earn … so that in the event that you lost your job suddenly they would then look at what you earned within the last year or perhaps even more and class all your money as capital as if you had it all. If you say you bought things with the money you earn they will simply state that you should have saved it all up in case you lost your job and refuse you any benefits for a whole year.

Right now you obviously know that this affects anyone on benefits that gets a job? But do you realise that this also affects everyone who has been without a job, hovering on the borderline of keeping a job and that has done for the last 5 to 10 years right?

Think about that for a moment … everyone that has ever been without a job, regardless of the amount of time, for the last 5 to 10 years. Even if the number of unemployed is around 1.5 million your talking about a number that will be affected as being between 4 to 10 times that size.

Or that is now 6 to 15 million now being told, one by one, that they now cannot spend their earnings on anything close to luxury items.

That is a potential 6 to 15 million, maybe even more and who knows, scared to spend any money on anything. Are we there yet?!

Has this not already been the problem since the financial crisis started?

Have they not been trying to encourage people to spend money and take out loans for the last 7 years?!

Realising the deliberate mistake now? Sorry but if you make rapid and humongous changes to things then you have rapid and humongous consequences that will occur and no fucking spreadsheet in the world on any software will factor in that one for you.

Fucking … dumb … arses. How do they get these jobs and how do they get paid so fucking much to come up with this crap?!

Are we there yet? Yeah? Umm …. no, you are not.

Read the bit in a very recent post about Westminster Council planning, or are, rounding up all of the homeless and carting them out to the home counties? Did you realise that this will be the first of many and likely a factor in their long term plans of the ‘ring of steel’? Yeah well they had better buy a fleet of coaches, or tipper trucks most likely, for the future.

With the above plans being bought in what you are going to see is a vast and literally exponential rise in the number of homeless people in London and maybe even other major cities in time?

Yeaaaah no ones going to work if they are homeless.

Every building needs a foundation and we as humans are no different.

I have a home and it is the basis and very centre ow what I do. A bigger and better one willll have me do triple what I have been doing and likely up to ten times as much. No home would have me doing very little and possibly even nothing at all.

It ain’t rocket science.

Hmm … maybe they are expecting this as I keep reading reports about how 35% of jobs is going to be taken over by robots or androids over the next few years. Yeah … they are getting that fucking wrong too and of course without breaking the habits of a lifetime, well at least fifteen years anyway, so are all the big news media outlets.

Yeah but then when you have to falsify your facts that must take a toll on time coming up with things that are believable?

Yeah … humans being replaced in the job market? Worried about it? Do not be.

You see the really funny things about robots and Androids is that … yeeeah they do not spend money. At the end of the day if you replace humans in the workplace the number of jobless goes up and all that I have previously mentioned about housing, homelessness and the British Economy rises exponentially faster than it has been or even will be in just three years time.

Spreadsheets anyone? Anyone?!

Oh but then they could always be relying on the fact that you would die so therefore cease to be a problem or expense, like that person I know stated?

Oh wait? Dying? The DWP saving money by people dying? Well they would need help with that one really … to really kill people off in any numbers that would seriously save them money.

Oh wait? I forgot, they could get help with that one! The NHS.

Oh wait? Did I also read recently that the number of people, with mental health problems, dying had risen by 50% in only three years?!

Are you familiar with my use of the term ‘the evil trinity’? Had you been formerly aware of my use of the term, the links and proof that I published and thought me wrong or even mad? Well for starters I would have said something you can think someone’s wrong all you like and you have a right to do so .. BUT that does not mean you are right.

Homeless people being carted out of town is down to Councils.

Not enough affordable housing has been down to central government for at least 15 years.

People with illnesses dying is down to the NHS.

People dying of starvation, suicide and being homeless in the first instance is down to the DWP.

The DWP, the NHS and Local Councils are the evil trinity with every single member being vastly overpaid to do these evil things out of the British Public’s taxes!

Are you still sitting there thinking that the small amounts of money paid to people through benefits that is so small is leading to their deaths, you still think this is the right way to go?

Well you would or still do if either you a mathematical idiot or completely amoral, despite what you might say on TV, do for charities, act like in front of journalists or tweet/post about on social media.

Also I will tell you this …

That is the first time I have seen stuff planned that they really do not see the consequences of as you can absolutely forget every consequence I have already mentioned. This .. is .. a recipe for disaster that cannot be avoided and they do not see.

All I will state for now on this that I will come back to and prove at a later date and point back to this very post, yet again another of my predictions, are these few points …

  • Football

  • Acting

  • Music

  • Politicians

Yeah as I typed this out I realised that this effect will happen in not one but two stages and that this one I have expected for a number of years now will be the first stage. Yeah … obviously it will be two stages and that will be obvious after it happens, lol.

I guess that I will have to be around to explain stage 2 on that one so that they can get going?

I can see Jasper Carrots explanation about the banks in my mind yet again as he ran through all the things they did that led up to the crisis that was obvious when you heard them and put his hands up in the end and said “How the hell did that happen?!” that had his audience and my roaring with laughter.

Yeah … take 2 and take 3 will be coming in the next couple of years on or slightly before 2020 would be my estimation?

So … for those that have followed my blog and been somewhat … disappointed at my lack of content and … well, revelations of the last 18 months. That is going to change. It and all of my subjects matters are going to change.

According to the law and the rules something is going to change and it could be in two weeks time and six weeks time at the longest. In theory it could change tomorrow but I do not have access to any of the details just yet. There in itself lies more problems because by law I am supposed to be and am not. There are also others involved in this and it is happening to all of us and none of us, bar one, know these details yet. There are just two details, mmm there is kind of a third, and I believe that after more than four weeks of waiting we are getting one detail today.

That detail could come from someone who was present at an event in person? Though I doubt this too as will be explained in my next ‘Revelations’ post.

When this whole debacle is over my work rate and acquiring of videos, photos and evidence too is going to rapidly … I mean rapidly increase in speed and continue on for at least a year to 18 months and get more frequent all the time.

That is for everything I do and cover from corruption, computing and gaming to reptiles, amphibians, fish, orchids, astronomy, science and beyond. RAP..ID…LY.

I am a little dizzy with excitement in all honesty but at the same time a little apprehensive as some of these changes are going to be a major, major change.

You can forget everything you have seen before. You can forget the past two years as I believe I will have more content over the next year to eighteen months than I have produced in possibly three years and maybe even going right back to the start?! Well I think I would probably need 18 months to actually get close to doubling my content. Hard to say how much I can regularly do and how long I can keep it up for?

I will certainly have more content than I have had for the past two years. How much more than that really depends on the second of the two details we are all waiting to hear about. I should find out when the first detail is finalised at the very latest. It could come before and should have come four weeks ago but … there is a largely unknown force in all this that thinks it has more powers and secrets that it actually … well, has.

Though this force has indeed been given food for thought .By none other than I.

I am also asked, well other than by those that simply just want to talk about themselves and their situations 100% of the time, very regularly about this … matter.

I will also state that it is in the hands of a public service I have never covered and a court. Yes another one and I have a second bloody solicitor on alert for this one. Not one of these free and useless solicitors, either. A full on, £180 per hour solicitor who already asked me to come in and meet him. But I have to first work out if it is worthwhile and secondly speak to eight other people about it first.

Watch this … ‘Revelations’ space.

Mental Heath Death Toll Rise ..

The ‘I Told You So Years Ago’ of deaths up casued BY Mental Health Patients ..

Time With GP in UK Shortest in the World

Londoners Re-Housed Outside London and very OLD NEWS …

Seems it is so bad in Birmingham you have to go back to the 1930’s before it is worse than today …


Hmm let us see what is afoot?

It seems that while the news media are absolutely entrenched in reporting anything silly, stupid or embarrassing about Donald Trump along with the fact that a woman has given birth for the first time … oh no silly me … I got a little lost there.

Beyonce has made the front page because she is pregnant and my short term memory loss kicked in and I had forgotten that women have actually given birth before!

Yeah and while we are being teaspoon fed the usual unimportant garbage by the media the British government is getting up to some real dirty tricks once again. Hidden by the shroud of anti-Trumpism that ems to be spreading like the proverbial plague!

So let us take a look at what is not being reported or focused on that is most certainly abuses of human rights and worse than that … downright cruel? Oh how I would not want to be a young person in the UK today.

Well first up it is none other than the DWP and the Tories again, though admittedly Tony Blair got up to his own shit for several years before he fucked off to write books to make more millions, do a job that did not exist to be paid more millions and sit stop his altar while leftist news reporters swooned while kneeling at his feet, whenever he appeared that is.

Ministers seem to think that if the state just stopped showering the disabled people with sweeties they’d get off their backsides and get jobs. Employ a few ex-military (Niiice) PT instructors as ‘work coaches’ at the Job Centre Plus, allow them to impose sanctions on the real lazybones, and it won’t be long before no one will need ESA! – The Independent’s James Moore


Umm yeeeeaah … I am not sure about the ex-military thing but then I have not met anyone under ESA yet and are not likely to but as for the rest? Too fucking late yet a fucking gain!

Once again reported by me ON HERE almost a year ago and likely long before that too … as I stated here and have stated several times previously Tony Blair got the ball rolling on this one. The Tories are just grabbing it with both hands and are running with it.

I am currently right in the middle of something, as posted on here, with a … lets say disability specialist legal team. That sounds utterly confusing to me and … very recently and at least twice basically just quoted the rules and protocols to me, said I had no reason and have only provided me with stuff I can fucking find online!

Well they are doing one thing that has now or soon will be rendered a fucking moot point. The other thing they are refusing to do is basically a carbon copy of the first and far more important. Plus I have for more valid reasons than the first one but … the computers say no!

Oddly I am asked many things by disabled people and one notable questions is …

How have the DWP gotten way with so much for soo long when there are all these organisations claiming to be for disabled people who get money from God knows where who have appeared to do very little or nothing at all?

A fucking good point!

I do actually see a problem … sometimes legal people want to play by the rules and they absolutely point blank refuse to be told or see that the organisations they are tasked to fight do not in any way play by the rules.

You have lost before you have even started.

This is even more annoying and frustrating for any one with a disability when these breaking of the rules are not only reported in the media and so in the public domain but have been reported over and over again and fir different things too!

So what in the hell is going on? You can tell them and you can show them over and over again and yet they do not only refuse to change their approach they resolutely refuse to even make remarks on these reported crimes. In fact they do not even register them as crimes, which they should do considering who they are.

So what will the end result be?

Well not just the disabled community but the wider public will see these disability organisations as first off suspicious and eventually they will be exposed as being scams of some kind. The donations will either dry up, through fear or benefactors and patrons being exposed, or they will be found out to be some tax dodging crap.

Think about it … who would think of investigating an organisation that helps the sick and disabled for free?

What happens when time after time they refuse to do much and someone notices they have done little or nothing.

Now … this is what I have told many, many people for many, many years and that is that some of these solicitors, albeit the crap ones, want cases that are so easy a Chimpanzee would win. IN these instances I always, ALWAYS state the following …

If the case was THAT fucking easy … tell me, why would I need YOU? To take thousands of pounds just because your a solicitor even though your a crap one?!”

I have contacted the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulatory Authority several times over the years and I have pointed out these issues but I either get the usual patronizing government bullshit, as only they are the individuals with any form of intelligence, or I get no response whatsoever. Oh Lord, please do grace us with your communiques for thou art aware that courteous acts are not required by such angelic and benevolent beings!

Ahem, stop taking the piss, Martin!

Another good one is something called Operation Temperer which is quite obviously thought up by someone with a seriously tempered IQ that will put 5,000 soldiers on the streets in the WAKE (their words, not mine) of a major terror attack. Tke a guess which location this would be then look at the next thing on my list!!

Hmm have I mentioned previously about how the billions spent on nuclear weapons and millitary is not to protect the average people but protect the powerful and the wealthy.

You know this guy … he was rambling on about how London will only be for the rich and that they would kick everyone else out. Went on and on and fucking on about it. You reading this Oliver? No that was not you, mate! Lol. You were the second person to mention this idea to me.

Sounds crazy. But then if there is one thing that history has taught us over and over again for time in memorial and even long before that is that people in power and those with large amounts of wealth often do, do some very batshit crazy things.

Nahh … I cannot see that hap….

Westminster Council in plan to move homeless people out of London?!

What is this I spy by Chloe Chapman in the Evening Standard? Kindly forwarded to me by the previously mentioned Oliver after he quoted some outlandish and ambitious plans to me. He said he had some links. I told him that I would like to see these links!

Moving them to another city like the London Councils stupid and moronic LAWN Scheme they have had for years under different names? No they are going to cart them out and drop them off in the home counties. Well that will be nice and warm for them in the winter? Oh no wait a minute … it is concrete that stores and gives off heat at night, not damp mud, ice and snow … what was I THINKING?! Lol.

What? You think they will house them?! Yeah … fucking right!

Is this a new level of homeless people called Citiless? Cityless? City-Less … ooh that got boring real quick!

But hey, we can all have a dig in the news about Donald Trump and his Mexican wall, right? Right?! RIGHT?!

Well it is better than a wall of steel some in London might end up arguing?!

Have you not heard? Well the BBC did when they reported something regarding a ‘ring of steel’ to be erected around London’s ‘Square Mile’ from terrorist attacks.


You just know it is going to be bigger! Anyone think it will eventually stretch as far as Victoria and Belgravia? Anyone? St John’s Wood? Regents Park? Hampstead? Lol.

Is it not funny how fucking contradictory they are? Reminds me of this meme I saw going around with an American building a wall being watched by a Mexican before he turns around and catches a Canadian building a wall who then freezes and says “It’s … not what it looks like!”

Well that is now no rules for them and thousands for everyone else and with no legal right to challenge any more and no right to food. Why you little

Jesus H Christ! There low levels of evil know no bounds. Think about these things in contrast and simply standing behind disabled with a whip, kicking homeless out of London and then putting up a steel wall behind them as they are dragged off kicking and screaming.

What, pray tell, other dastardly plans float about the halls of Westminster and those of Whitehall and other … umm, halls?

A long time ago in the life of these blogs of mine I had a woman who knew the things I did and thought as I did and she even opened my eyes up to a few things I was unaware of, like Serco for one and I suggest a thorough perusing of their ‘About Us’ page. But eventually she thought I was a government shill, had to look that one up, and accused me of trying to incite a civil war within the UK?! I laughed at this and stated that I did not need to incite a civil war, the MP’s and ministers will do this all on their own and without any help.

Good God if I am ever forced to return back to life in the body of someone else please, please, please do not let it be in England and certainly London. Or any middle-east or North African countries! Lol.

Kicking the Disabled ..

Operation Temperer putting 5,000 Soldiers on streets in wake, that is WAKE, of major terror attacks … HORSE … GONE … STABLE … THE DOOR!

Moving Homeless to Home Counties …