​OK ..

I don’t really know what this is.

This was sent to my phone during Adobe group discussion I seem to be a part of and i don’t know how that actually happened.

After hearing and reading of disturbing news in the UK regarding politicians, celebrities and others higher up I now see these accusations and claims being mirrored in America. Regarding children.

But there had been a French report, yes you are going to have to translate the page so I’m warning you ahead of time, of course to 8,000 children being taken away … oh … didn’t notice what time period this was over.

This might be over several years or just one but it’s heading for 8,000 children.

There is something about it being kept quiet too.

I’m asking myself where these children went and whether or not there is some sort of tracking on all of them?

I mean they’re children, right?

Nothing should be kept quiet and there should be a way of tracking children in care.

This is something that I personally have witnessed and witnessed the system boot only failing but stepping in before they went ahead and made major, major mistakes that places children in harm’s way. 

As it turns out that harm i tried to help avoid may be far worse than even I feared?!

That covers from not only stuff on the Internet and YouTube, pointing out some very worrying links, but also zips around everyone’s mobile phones from time to time.

Yeah? Think you can keep track of everything said and by who, do yah? Well good luck with that! 

Let me know how that works out for yah! Lol.

As for what artists to be a very large number of children being taken … I would like to know where they all went out be told by someone I fully trust that they were all safe.

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