I am buggered today.

I thought of several titles for posts on here and jotted them down … digitally and really could not muster the effort to write them and my mind was just a blank.

There was also something else kind of worth mentioning as it just highlights something. Get to that momentarily.

OK then so there was the usual waves of postings on DPAC’s Facebook page when I suddenly noticed one and one to do with a petition regarding the United Nations report finding the British government guilty of abusing the rights of disabled people as well as robbing them blind. So I forced myself to try and write a little something and post up the petition’s page, see below.

The thing kind of worth mentioning is that the lady who is acting for me called me today and when I heard her voice I thought they had found a problem and was going to tell me they could not act for me. It wasn’t that.

Almost as if I ws till there in her office two days previously I could tell she had those soon to be infamous letters in her hands and asked me if I was SURE that I had not contacted Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service POST tribunal date. I stated that everyone told me to appeal after the tribunal and that I did not want to go through that again, I also went on to say that then I discovered I could appeal and that I told those I know that I would speak to CAB, Mind and herself before making a decision on appealing. So no, I had not contacted them other than the form that came with the letterr they wanted me to filll in, sign and send back before making another tribunal.

Yup. She simply could not beliee what she was holding in her hands … two days after she originally saw them! Lol.

So there is this little petition that has started up to not make Britain look like the most callous and cold nation on the face of this Earth. Just like America celebrities here seem to be queuing up to leave the UK for all sorts of reasons. Elton John apparently stated it was miserable here and I would say, yes.. But what would you expect from finances being so bad for so very long? Street parties and champagne?

Well if you do not like it be proactive, say something and DO something! Or wait as we go down as one of the most cold hearted nations in modern times.

Bit of a change around since 1945, is it not?


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