Rain lashes against windows as the days merge into one.

The shortest of journey incite fear as nose burns, a hand flares in pain and a heart skips and tightens as a constant reminder that the last sight could be of a shiny, damp surface with my cheek pressed against it.

Long has been the fight and much has been lost.

Hoards of the naïve and despicable battle to convince others of visions of the world far removed from any reality.

Strings of horrors run through the hear of several decades and familiar streets are roamed once more while the thoughts of those old years and the nightmare of future events one had no idea laid in wait.

Along this path of worst case scenario sing would flicker now and then. Glimpses often caught with occasional theories that were swatted away as insane and impossible.

More frequently these signs become while the possibilities of each were considered more seriously with each occurrence.

Like watching a spider creating its web each one grew in its complexity while in each I had realised there must be a link or bigger picture while naysayers nayed.

That which was not seen until far too late was the connection between all of this which would paint a picture far too ludicrous and far too horrific for any sane man to consider.

But all things must always be considered until completely ruled out by deduction and never because one thinks it merely impossible or mathematically unlikely.

Data that passed these eyes and decoded in my mind is a whole set that many a soul was told could not happen even in our grand-children’s lifetimes.

But in times of catastrophe we know the actions we would see of those that are amoral, rich and powerful. In the even of a global catastrophe was know the actions of the world’s amoral, rich and powerful.

Not all have these three traits but the sad reality is that most do.

They cry about those with conspiracy theories in a time where events, actions and behaviours run around the world just as a pandemic virus would. Among both man and beast the actions and behaviours seen, we have never witnessed before.

While many are natural others so bizarre that they must be by design and the reality of this is so disturbing that one has to wonder about the human race and is Damien had indeed worked his way to the top. Not the Presidency as in the film but in a position where he could control and maim without most knowing his name.

Were I an evil genius it is what I would do.

Not enough food and too many people is the message we have had in countless documentaries for decades now.

Whispers of agendas abound to depopulate the Earth. Seemingly thought up by the insane any reasonable mind would think that a plan to do this would be impossible.

Unless of course you get the people to do this to each other.

But how would you get evidence of all of this and how could you possibly link it together?

Well as they have often been told for the last few years ‘you never counted on me’. Though with each passing day I wonder if I will achieve any of my goals before my own farm is purchased, metaphorically speaking?

For days I have tried to tell myself I have to contact the health service which I hate so much as they have lied and cheated for years and knowingly and therefore intentionally risked my life.

They have also done this with children. Wilfully.

Children that also happen to be victims of an absolute monster in a long line of absolute monsters that they knowingly allowed in one after the other knowing that eventually the bow would break.

Case numero uno ..

Lukman Yasin-Khalil ..

1 Enters UK after murdering someone

2 Marries unsuspecting girl

3 Cute girl off fro father

4 Conspires with evil mother

5 Starts tirade of Domestic Violence

6 Gambles and steals money

7 In rage cuts down a Christmas Tree and cuts up Frozen dress to his own daughter

8 Goes to prison, Police state 9 years

9 Phones everyday from prison

10 So bad is this it ends up in the news and they say they have foiled plots using drones to get contraband in prison

11 The calls still come regardless

12 The Police never manage to catch those phones .. weird as they trace others all around the country

13 Shocking everyone he is out in 14 months

14 Police persecute his victim

15 Social Workers help him and also persecute the victim

16 Hearing after hearing that the social workers are going to get into trouble via CAFCASS but its all lies and bullshit

17 The Domestic Abuser rapes a girl, age unknown

18 He goes back to prison

19 His previous victim and no doubt his latest one ask why they have not deported him like the Police, Wirral Council and Home Office promised

20 To escape persecution and fear his first victim flees the area moving over 100 miles away

21 14 months later he is out of prison again

22 His brother who entered with him is given £40,000 or more because of Covid

23 His brother, who previously threatened to kill the victim, buys a Range Rover and drives around Bangor, North Wales in it with no insurance and showing it off to his friends on Facebook

24 Then he is involved in a stabbing incident

Adnan Yasin-Khalil

25 Domestic abuser is let out of prison again after another 14 months

26 Home Office ask victim to get others to get evidence on him so they can deport him and a pregnant woman helps

27 Several young women risked their lives doing what the Home Office were too lazy and incompetent to do themselves

28 Turns out they already knew that they could not deport him .. A FACT. No paperwork or passport and they cannot deport

29 Odd that they did not consider this when they let people in

30 Now the Domestic Abuser is also driving around in a £40,000 Range Rover of his own and I was certain he did not have a Drivers Licence

31 We discover he already had a previous victim here in the UK, making four we know about, and has a child by a girl that must have been under-age when she had his child

32 The family, friends and victim do not want any contact with him at all and are absolutely stunned to discover he has two more victims and still walking around free

33 I hammer the Twitter threads of the Home Office, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson with the links and screenshots to what I have above

34 I also expose that they pay these people £75 each they they are in prison, so free bed, board, phones and a tidy sum each time they get out of prison

35 Victim gets a call .. new council has a 4 bedroom house for her in a riverside setting and will fully furnish it for her

36 Eager to move in before Covid restrictions she is told they can’t as they do not want any more on social media

37 One doing that decides to wait until they are in before resuming with his plan on that front

Why would you do all this? Why?

How have we arrived at a point today where the barbaric animals, murderers and rapists are treated like kings while the victims treated like the abusers?

Stated previously that there has been some bizarre behaviour in not just wild animals but also domestic animals all around the world. Seems a bit bizarre, no?

You import millions of people while not improving services, infrastructure or housing and two things cannot occupy the same space and the infrastructure was already inadequate for years and social and affordable housing in very short supply.

This gross ad nationwide incompetence was nothing of the kind and a grand plan to overpopulate to the point the people snapped and the inevitable took place.

All helped by a bunch of low IQ morons who are the only ones you can get to be leftist activists all placed in key positions over a few decades that would help all this along and far too effing stupid to know what they were doing.

Over a decade my battle against all this has raged on and gradually intensified while I have lost everything while my health deteriorated and I too was persecuted. Because THEY KNEW what I could do.

Surprised at this? Well maybe a little but you may have seen things like this before?

How about a recording with Police Detectives about a grooming gangs who were also extremist terrorists in Liverpool linked to two cells in Manchester and Birmingham? Recall any cells in these cities caught back in around 2012 to 2014 ish?

How about the Home Office file on the main one that somehow after being posted in 2012 did not go viral along with the recording above?

Did you know that every single British Tabloid was contacted at the time and not a single one got back to me interested to see any of my evidence? Much of which I still have not put online.

How about an audio recording of the NHS trying to set me up to lie about me and did it anyway with the help of the General Medical Council who closed ranks to help the NHS?

General Medical Council ..

This meeting was recorded after I had asked them for years about my pains, it was 13 years in total before I actually diagnosed myself. Yeah that really reads THIRTEEN. And I was the villain because I was angry ad them lying which also helped the DWP and Local Council to screw me over for 15 years and still are.

NHS Podiatrist missing my diagnosis

NHS Neurologist missing my diagnosis

The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman also lied

Oh and what the NHS did do was arrange for me to go to Pain Management called The Tranquil Support Group. When I got there the building was full of other people obviously all fobbed off like me.

It was not a support group for pain management at all and all they did was run through all the alternatives and then at the very end ask all the people there to work for the NHS for free as a volunteer.

‘We are not going to diagnose you or provide you with the correct diagnosis, treatment or pills but can you work for us for free?’

I attended three meetings and recorded them all .. just for the hell of it and I never got asked back for a fourth .. cannot think why? LMAO!

Them missing my Hypomagnesaemia which had been going on a while and was spotted two GPs later by Dr Andrew Thievendra who them asked me to buy my own pills from Holland & Barrett while at the same time it never went on my records.

Maybe I should mention that I had this condition for over 20 years but was affecting my feet and really started pressurising the NHS from around 2001.

This is 2013 and I am still being lied to and fobbed off and they made several diagnosis all of which were wrong and I myself diagnosed it as Fibromyalgia.

Chase Farm Hospital lied to my GP or my GP lied

Kicked off one surgery because I got angry over being called a liar while I had private x-rays evidence of my collapsed discs the GO refused to look at and said sarcastically “Why would I want to look at those?!” which shocked other professionals that said he should be struck off.

And though there are many others and a hell of a lot of evidence I have not posted here is a breakdown of the hall of shame.

Pain is pretty horrible and I am not sure where it is but along with a few others is a recording of a row with a GP that lasts for an hour as he got a call from the NHS, I ask him in the recording, informing him I had been recording our consultations.

Neither the NHS were smart enough to realises I had been doing this for 7 years across several GP Surgeries and several hospitals. Nor was Dr Kumar smart enough to discover my real recording device as he thought he was safe when he made me turn off two devices.

He discovered that night he had screwed up, I received a letter saying that despite asking me not to record our consultation I did anyway and put it on my blog that night. General Practitioners all think they are fucking Einstein.

Always been honest but it seems those that think the slaves money is really theirs have no issues with lying about you.

Pain not nice and potentially fatal ..

I realised it was a three stage setup I nicknamed The Evil Trinity where the NHS is corrupted which then allowed the Department of Work and Pensions and the Local Council to screw you over and get away with it.

The Department of Work & Pensions lying about a disabled person and lying about visiting their home after refusing for months to come. They then claimed they turned up three times and no one was home. These were all lies.

If you do not know all public services in the UK are run by Serco which is a massive conflict of interest as the Data Protection Act exists to stop organisations getting access to all your information.

For some reason they decided this was not important.

Michael Meacher MP actually got in contact with me about all this actually hearing about me through someone who was familiar with my blog .. he then died. Poor bastard. What are the chanced?! No one else followed up.

Age UK being filled with leftist activists who passed my details on to Antifa who started tweeting unique details on me to scare me

Couple on Local Councils

Part of the story about how I was right and the courts were wrong and a daughter gets abused by her step-father that ends up in a Love It magazine while the Domestic Violence from the Domestic Abuser ended up in Take A Break Monthly

Social Workers placing a child with a paedophile father

Recording of two Social Workers from Wirral Council visit mother they failed to help, missed loads of evidence of domestic abuser, or HID IT, ordering victim OFF TWITTER

Twitter is NOT the Internet ..

And a hoard of leftists I waded through do not know any of this and this is only a small fragment of what is on the blog and not everything I have is on it. Had hoped for help. Do have pain, heart issues with no pills and a memory issue and failing equipment, you know?

All these hundreds of leftists I had block me along with some of the biggest names in politics as well as science, you want to see my climate change series, all claimed I lied when I said that top people call me a genius.

When they found out I had recorded Doctors the leftists all cried I broke the law .. I said “Yeah, right. That is why the audio has been there for YEARS!”

Stated online that everyone is scared me me and I do mean everyone.

It would be far better of I just died and I am sure this is what they are waiting for and due to my heart issues getting worse .. I thought I might do this one last time.

Just to see if I get any help. Something go viral. My blogs double their viewers and I get come income for once instead of constantly losing everything.

Timing is everything and many people may be trapped in alone over Christmas while no one of authority will be looking at what I post for several days, allowing me a chance to pump this out.

Timing is everything.

So annoying losing everything while you watch YouTubers get paid for talking utter boll’ .. ahem, nonsense.

Reactivated my Patreon account recently, lord knows how long that had been inactive. Just never checked it for years.

My 2,000 strong 50 cent army not appeared as yet.



This one passed me by.

I have been targeted by so many people and for a long time, people, government, fraudsters and lairs.

Many years ago now I was attacked and defrauded by bailiffs to the tune of £4,000 and was then defrauded. Long story .. have evidence but not going to go into the details.

I was on a website, forum called Consumer Action Group. From there I was put in touch with a Sheila Harding. All kinds of promises were made and I was told I would be compensated pretty well, she said it was the best case she had ever seen. I had witnesses too to their lies and corruption along with my documents.

After awhile the alarm bells started going off. Then my witness, a Tony Murray, and Sheila Harding disappeared off the face of the Earth.

She was supposed to take a company called JBW Group to court.

Later found out her name was on a book they published and she in fact worked for them. What bailiffs actually do is break the law .. a lot. They even tell each other how to do this. They produce a book and TV series to make it appear to the public that they are lawful when they are not.

This was a very traumatic period in my life as someone living with a disability and was just one in a long line of very evil crap that goes on within Britain that they have spent years covering up.

This very blog is full of that along with documents and recordings .. even to this.

Those that have done me injustices over the years using lies and trickery I have professional witnesses to, some of which have just been sent the link below, that can testify to this.

These include the British Government, Police, Secret Services, the NHS, Local Councils, the Department of Work and Pensions, HMCTS Courts and Judges and just bout every ombudsmen you can think of. Sorry to inform you but all ombudsmen are corrupt but do not mind being paid out of your taxes.

Some time ago I was left a link I had failed to notice due to my hammering of social media while dodging more proverbial bullets as big social media try to suppress me and my recordings now.

The lengths I have to go to is nothing short of a joke.

9 years ago many thought me mad, not a liar as they knew I was honest and genuine but my stories and claims were just so bizarre they thought I had to be losing my mind.

Today it is a different story as they have seen for themselves and been targeted too .. even disabled people I know with type 1 diabetes.

Yet despite all this they still refused to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as the modern day socialists are evil and biased and many realise its their scheming in the background and whining like morons as to why we are being treated like shit today. Because the socialists do not believe in being fair across the board and are very .. VERY biased.

Recently and after a general election .. they are blaming these following evil people for screwing up the country and allowing the Conservative government in. Jews, white people and Hindus.

Turns out and took me years to discover its the socialists that have slowly brought this country to its knees.

Below is a webpage by Jason Bennison and on it he provides details to that I talk about, has some recordings of Sheila Harding, oddly I believe I may have too but God knows where they are.

He also reports she has harassed and ripped off many and is a convicted fraudster.

Not surprise .. nit surprised at all.

Make no mistake .. you do not want to to involved or even associated with Sheila Harding or anyone she is associated with. So anyone on this page basically.


The wider public and not just in the UK but across Europe and Canada, America and others have been slowing coming to the realisation that things are not right .. in the western world.

Public services like health (NHS), local councils, DWP, Police and many others and even the European Union .. and were talking right across Europe here .. the Armed Forces and therefore the EU Army and many .. many .. others.

The Home Office, Justice Departments and even DEFRA is included and .. the list is very .. very .. long. Whatever it is you have issues with or have been screwed over by or simply have questions about .. it may well be here on on their website somewhere.

Now all these have been accused of or found to have been corrupt or maybe just run extremely badly but what if I told you that they were all run by just one company?

Would you believe me?

Was shown this a long time ago and I posted about it previously but it never gained much traction .. not enough knew me, not enough had realised something was not right in the world and so I was probably just thought of as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist?

However today is not only very different I can drive a lot more people to my blogs .. and although forgotten about for a long, long time a story came up.

This story involves some talk from politicians about letting in far more refugees into the UK alone while on the very same day a country seem to be reported by Reuters to have won a contract for ..

Refugee Housing of close to £3 Billion?

Odd as in the UK there have been tens of thousands and very likely hundreds of thousands of suicides becaue of the lack of help, funding and housing.

This has been so bad that it has affected the following three groups just to highlight just how bad it is ..

  • Children
  • Disabled People
  • Armed Forces Veterans

So with those three in mind how could you possibly allow more people in that all need housing and why the hell would you?!

Money and power and not the resident already here is the answer. But they wont tall you that and Sajid Javid is portraying himself as the great humanitarian over this.

Well that company is Serco and that contract they run and as I stated reported by Reuters here ..

Now as I stated I was told this years ago from a lady and I literally thought she was of the conspiracy theorists that belonged in the tinfoil hat category. She urged me to read their ‘About Us’ page and I did and sure enough .. everything she said was true.

This story popped up on social media and it jogged my memory and I went back to their site .. oddly enough it has changed a little and had to click around for a fair old while before I could get everything I had read about previously.

Now bizarrely I knew about this over 5 years ago and published it and even at the time I was surprised they was boasting about it on their website. I figured someone at some point would see the pitfalls in this and take it all off.

It is still there.

Now would you need a company and a private one at that to run all these services and why the God damn hell would you get a single company to run them all?!

Many have talked about some elitist group or some New World Order and George Soros running things and there most certainly is something.

Now I knew there was something very corrupt and something or someone running everything and that our government in the UK were mere puppets and asked the question repeatedly ‘who are the puppeteers?’

I was given Serco by someone that see what I had done and what I was trying to do.

At the other end I was being given all these other theories that included Soros and others .. when all that was left to do was to find a link between your preferred theory/culprit and Serco.

Serco also claims to be British but is American now why would you do that?
In finding the truth and the culprits and exposing them I do not care who they are nor what they are and they are who they are .. I am not going to focus on this group or that group because I have no preference in who it is I wish to be responsible.

This narrows your field of view and will stop you from finding the truth.
If I can one or more of my posts regarding corruption, secret recordings, cover ups or blowing apart CO2 climate change arguments or showing the truth about pole shifts it will please my daughter.

My finances, despite my disabilities, have been frozen and likely because I speak the truth and am only interested in the truth. I have been hounded by thousands on social media and had to battle wars that drew big audiences.

My daughter wants me to move to Wales and I wish to do this but am unable to do this and have been hammering social media hoping that either they will start paying ..

Realising that the increased traffic will be obvious and someone will take up my cause to help us ..

Or someone will take up our cause to help us ..

Or I get hired because of what I can do despite my .. handicaps?

Wonder what leftists would make of this, eh?

Now are we getting closer to the Puppeteers that have string to all the politicians I, we .. YOU all believe now are puppets?

If your looking for a link in particular that is not here or you just want more trust me .. dig around on their sites as its somewhat .. disjointed these days .. conveniently enough ..

EDIT: I’m an idiot, the DPA or Data Protection Act was brought in to stop three organisations from accessing the databases on individuals on other public services taught to people in computer science Degrees .. if I recall it was ..

Police NHS and DWP now one runs them all?!


I have .. let us say several jobs .. well I had quite a few before various public services that started out claiming they was going to help then completely screwed it up.

So let us say that I was .. going to get another job .. to bring in some much needed cash .. and for y current location ..

Remember you are now often checked out online .. I know as I have had it done to me ..

  • White British

    • Rules me out of any shops within a half mile

  • Centrist

    • Rules me out of another lot of jobs because I am Alt-Right

    • Whatever the hell Alt-Right means

    • Help Agencies riddled with leftists wont take me

  • Honest and hate Lying

    • Rules out sales

  • Heart Issues

    • Rules me out of a series of jobs

  • Bad Motion Sickness Issue and ..

  • Blackouts

  • Overheating Body Issue (Summer) ..

  • Feet, Back and Shoulder Pain

    • Makes travelling bloody hard without heart issues

  • Short-Term Memory Loss

    • Think that might put people off?

  • Unregistered address

    • Cannot register here at all ..

    • Just do not get me started as to why .. would be a long one

Except with my health being worse than it ever has been previously and with the government twice previously and 5 or more Doctors previously stating I am unfit for work .. I did the following ..

  • Written Books

  • Asked for help starting my own business three times

  • Bought Equipment

  • Taken thousands photographs

  • Thousands videos

  • Written 12 Blogs over 6 years

  • Went into bad business partnerships twice

  • Lured in and lied to by Google

  • Screwed over by Google

  • Applied for shed load of jobs full and part time

  • Applied for volunteering work but would not even take me?!

One person I know, Mario the social worker, stated to me recently ..

“Martin, your in a catch 22 with no way out and I feel so sorry for you”

Same person that cannot believe how shit I have been treated and would happily stand up in court and swear under oath I am not a liar. Now says all the things he though I was wrong or mad about that

You were right, you were right about everything!” by which he meant the councils, social services of which he worked for over 20 years, the Police and at the time he mentioned it, was because of the NHS. Oh and the DVLA!

His last job was working for an antique watch shop in Farringdon Road, selling watches to Hollywood actors and musicians, and he always said that ..

If I lost my job tomorrow I would have one the day after even sweeping the roads!”

That was two or maybe three years ago .. no job for this professional with a disability either!

EDIT: After being ruled unfit twice by the DWP and my government, prior to heart issues and blackouts, I am now ruled completely fit which is simply a lie and .. well as you see I have tried various ways.

Edit 2 .. Aww poor tiny troll I’ve beaten senseless continuously, had everyone now stating “He is a wrong ‘un” among others things, suspended four times, caught out dozens of times he simply cannot accept tried to leave a comment.

Apparently he’s staying they Twitter advised him to report my blogs as Hate Speech, I kid you not.

Yup wide mouth troll I need to approve comments and spiteful lies don’t make the cut!


Oh yeah and after being stalked for four months and beaten to a pulp continuously he’s now blocked and he hates it.

Wants to get at me, his duty, despite my daughter having serious operations and my heart attack or event yesterday.

He is a prime example of his ilk.


What has become very popular and a bit of a shock on Twitter, great many people and rising going to my blog, is the grooming gang business, my daughter .. the way we have been treated and the lies and being ignored my mainstream news media. Or Fake News as they call them.

Not sure if I mentioned it previously but there has been something going on for a few weeks now and we have spoken to people. I cannot say any more than that and I just hope, like my daughter stated, that this is just another one of those times where they promise things and then back away at the eleventh hour? I have now had three conversations and I have been told a lot more about it all and it does sound .. promising?

Due to these conversations I had to try and get my wifi printer/scanner linked up as I would probably have to prove a few things about my medical history. Possibly?

After a false start or three and having to dive into the Wifi settings using a command prompt, shell, I linked them together .. finally!

So I stared to flick through my medical records which, for some reason known only to them, they only sent me the last two years?

I believe this is because they know they LIED on my medical records and that at this stage the NHS knew that I would spot it. They already pick up the phone and warn GP Surgeries about me and I have not been able to get either treatment or my prescription medication for months and that is on the things thy HAVE diagnosed!

Heart issues as I stated and chest pain and this lack of energy thing.

I also believe now they deliberately omitted from my records the Hypomagnesemia .. something they can do to all patients and probably do .. if they asked to you to privately to buy anything. Vitamins, in my case, or pain killers. Not prescribed and they do not have to record it do they and you would be hard pressed later, or if you died and family members tried to, prove it.

Yeah so I was flicking .. scanning .. flicking .. scanning and then all of a sudden .. BOOM!

I saw a letter that came from a hospital while in Birkenhead when I was having something of a breakdown and when I read the reasons I simply could not believe this! It was a bunch of outright lies and the odd thing was NOT about me?!

Think about that for a moment .. how can lies on someone’s medical records not be about the person names on the file?

In Josephs had already told me not to trust the NHS and your GP and I wrote on here that the second GP I saw at Devaney Medical Centre in Balls Road Birkenhead was very .. silent. Barely uttered a word.

NHS bosses had already long since picked up the phone to previous GP’s about me and I have recordings to this effect. Sorry NHS but you lie you get caught.

What the NHS lied about was what I actually said about my daughter! She is gonna flip when I tell her what it states about her in my medical records.

  • According to my records I told them that my daughter was in a domestic abuse refuge?

    • Yeah .. umm no she was not and I would not have said that because she was not!

  • I then paid for her to go into private accommodation?

    • Umm NO! She already WAS in private accommodation but I did help her get into very unsuitable social housing!

  • My daughter took advantage of my memory problems to get money out of me?

    • NOOOO .. I spent my money because the authorities did not do a fucking thing to help her at all ..

Now here is just one other thing and why I was doing the scanning ..

  • Diagnosed in 2014-15 with Hypomagnesemia

    • Told to buy Vit ABC+ which I did for next four years

    • But think it is missing from medical records

      • Handy as now I can say to patients .. if they asked you to buy stuff privately they can leave it off your records

      • They did exact same thing with my daughter

    • Test for Magnesium was normal .. except it was NOT

      • Missed I was taking pills

      • Missed that I had Hypomagnesemia

      • Failed to link other symptoms to the condition

      • Did not tell me about all these other .. effects

      • Nor did they tell me about the dangers

      • Also failed to link Osteopenic bones in my neck to this condition?!

Right now still looking for the part that mentioned my knee pain ..

Thus far ..

  • Fibromyalgia

    • High Anxiety

    • Back Pain and a few others

  • Osteopenia

  • Heart Issues

  • Chest Pain

  • High Blood Pressure, Hypertension

  • Postural Hypertension .. I grey out and pass out sometimes

  • Oesophogitis

  • Hiatus Hernia

  • Hyperlipdaemia

Cannot find the letter that states the right knee pain .. which is odd as I was so sure I had seen it in that segment of the medical records .. but .. I then realised that the letter I was looking for I think is from somewhere around 2012-13?

This is because the GP that did the letter was Dr Huq of Dr Rooban’s Surgery of Carterhatch Lane in Enfield and the date will be easy to check .. beccause the ONLY reason I left that surgery is because she told me and staff that she had, had enough of the NHS and the lies and announced retirement affective immediately.

After that I was registered with Abernethy House Surgery in Enfield who lied to me and lied about me and falsified documents .. so I left. Have recordings too .. shame .. shame then that I could not get anyone interested I these either .. along with the grooming gang evidence. Was under them around 18 months.

I left there and I registered with Dr Kumar of Willow House Surgery and I was there about 6 months and guess what they did and guess what happened and take a guess at what I have from that too?

From there I ended up registering with Dr Andrew Thievendra at The Town Surgery in Enfield and I got in with him. He was there for two years before he left and his brother, who had just got his Doctorate, took over from him. It was Alex, the brother who took over, who told me that it is not the place for a GP any longer to state whether people were fit enough to work and was that of the DWP and Atos?! Think I was under Alex around 6 months or more?

So over a year ago I was under The Town Surgery and three years before that Willow House for aroud 7 months .. Abernethy House before that at around 18 months and Dr Rooban’s Surgery before that for a couple of years.

So at a wild estimation here the knee pain letter was around 5 years or more ago? At a wild guess .. I will know if I decide to switch the desktop on and dig it out?

So scans ..


Take note of this one as this was at North Middlesex Hospital .. he said the following ..

  • Country has gone mad!

  • No way with your medical records that should take you OFF disability

    • This was before my heart started playing up and before I passed out in local wood

  • Looked at my blog and stated it was popular .. came up in the first four results on Google

    • Nobody seemed to have told Google as my revenue was frozen at some point for for the following two years



Nice chap .. Andrew DeStempel

Seemed quite concerned too .. a shame as no one else gave a Rat’s arse ..

20th March 2017 .. had been before .. was there again .. then moved to Birkenhead in October 2017 .. despite my medical history because and once again .. no ..


What I call ‘The Evil Trinity’ ..









  • Never said my business fell through!

  • Never said my daughter was in a domestic violence refuge!

  • Never said I paid for her to go into private rented accommodation .. I moved into her private rented accommodation and had to rent my own a mile away!

  • Never said my daughter was taking advantage of my kindness

  • First time NHS EVERY ADMITS I have memory problems only to state that my daughter took advantage of it .. I NEVER SAID THIS!!



This was when I was tested positive for this and really did not see this one coming. January 2016 and I had ALREADY been diagnosed with Hypomagnesemia and .. they STILL did not make the link to this result?!

Mentions my digestion issues as possible Diverticulitis and .. suggests NSAIDs are a problem with something else, greying out. Told them it was NOT .. as always they know better and I have long since proved it is NONE of the pills they laid claim that it was .. INCOMPETENCE AND ARROGANCE!




The Town Surgery Letter missing a whole bunch of stuff and costing £25 for a lying letter of omissions ..

Follow ups intended for inguinal hernia, Osteopenia and others .. never .. EVER happened!

Was warned by Ian Josephs not to trust social workers, local councils, local solicitors (legal aid ones) and your local GPs as they all work together. Posted copy of the email in a previous post .. think it was titled ‘The Frightening Truth’?

I stated this for years and always called the Local Council along with the NHS and the DWP as ‘The Evil Trinity’ and there is some pretty dark things going on within all three.


Wondered whether I was running into the age-old problems on Twitter as I had wondered about this blog? Admittedly I had not republished any of my evidence in a number of years so I did that recently with the blog titles ‘Country of the Damned’ and ‘The Files of Truth’.

The issues are that there is just so much that two things are possible as a reaction .. the first is that it is all so fantastical that people doubt the story. The other problem is due to the severity and clandestine nature of some of it it may well be fear?

I do what I do to make a difference and do not see much point in picking fights with brain-dead socialists, the far left ones at any rate, to just whinge. That is NOT what I want to achieve.

Primarily I want my daughter to get help and obviously myself because I am not much use to her right now and I feel helpless and guilty over that!

But I also want to help others .. as many as I can so I find it a little bizarre that out of 1,700 followers all doing their nut about the same thing that the very revealing ‘Country of the Damned’ post pinned to my daughter’s stream now as well as my own .. has only been retweeted on Twitter 63 times.

Frustrating is that even though it has only been retweeted 63 times .. in just 7 weeks the post has been viewed over 1,600 times. The frustrating part is, as I explained the numbers to my daughter, imagine it had been retweeted by just half of our followers? Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands seeing just some of the truth?!

I have done everything I am able to do over a decade and it has cost me beyond belief, almost my sanity countless times and added to this probably around £30,000 to £40,000 .. my home, my car and even my business plans!

Received help in that time? Next to ZERO!

I would like to return north and get out of the hell hole I am in .. except it is not easy for the following reasons and why we need help ..

  • Getting about

  • Knees, feet, heart, energy, thighs

  • Supposed to cycle as this helps the condition

    • Cannot do this currently and ..

    • Nowhere to keep a bike in Birkenhead

    • Children will hurt themselves or damage the bike

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Memory Loss

  • Confidence

    • I can return if I regain my confidence

  • Standing

  • Walking

  • New Places .. except countryside settings

    • Needed around two years to get used to the area and feel like it was home

    • Never made it four months due to lack of help

  • Daughter

  • 4 Children WITH her .. two autistic .. three destructive

  • 3 Bedroom House

  • Not even paying half the rent

  • Messing around over Autism

  • Would not let her work, social services

    • Threatened to sue her for neglect if she worked ..

    • Had happened to many others around England and Wales

  • You cannot own anything like

    • Computers

    • Expensive Cameras

    • Tablets

    • Phones are regularly broken

    • House just not suitable

  • Locks placed on all doors .. got broken off

  • Food wasted on a daily basis

  • Lives in Birkenhead which makes me .. uncomfortable

  • Confusing to get around ..

    • Very complicated in some places, straightforward in others

    • My short term memory loss

  • Bought her a car

    • Car was confiscated by Police

    • As a insurance payment was missed we failed to realise

  • Paid Road Tax

  • Paid few months Insurance

  • Paid food

  • Run people around, picked kids up from school

  • Tyres on car were punctured twice, Pirellis

  • Paid for decorating materials

  • Paid deposit on current house

  • Bought things for grandchildren, many broken within days

    • Neither house was suitable for children

  • Nothing from local council at all in support, money or even right housing

  • Only 15% of rent being paid

  • Benefit cap on two children

  • Council Tax now expected to be paid .. despite getting nothing

  • Not allowed to work or will be sued for neglect

  • My Business ..

  • Blogging x12

  • Photography

    • Flickr

    • Alamy

    • Photofolio

    • Art of the Deviants

  • Screwed by ..

  • DWP & Stopping PIP

    • Stopped DLA years ago

    • Stopped Housing Benefit

  • Universal Credit

    • Jumping through unfair hoops and sanctions

  • Working Tax Credits

    • Cancelled at the 13th hour

  • NHS

    • Refusing to diagnose me for years

    • I had to self diagnose one condition after 13 years of asking!

    • Missing symptoms to things already diagnosed

  • Google

    • Lost TAGS for 6 years

      • Android App did not work

    • Screwed advertising for over a year

      • Google Chrome and Blogger was not displaying ads in ‘DESIGN’

    • Suspicious viewer numbers

    • Google Adsense Revenue frozen 23 months currently

  • Previous to blogging I spent 3 years chasing Radical Muslims

  • Went into business twice

    • Own Aquarium Store with partnership ‘CF’ but ..

    • No Help to do this and ..

    • Partner was an idiot

    • eBay Orchid Store

    • Partner was an idiot and crazy ‘AM’

  • Currently no income whatsoever

    • Not even benefits

    • No GP

    • No Dentist

That is the level of help in the UK if your white and disabled and this fact is totally ignored and even denied by help and advice agencies that I now know are run by socialists.

As are the local councils.

Want to save money?Yeah take everything away from white people on all levels .. no comeback for that. Better still let us grab the by the scruff of the neck and bury their noses in the shit while we do all this to them.

Funny they harp on about racism when it is performed on a daily basis and has done every single day for at least a decade. I am living proof of this as is y daughter!

Not a gambling man. Need the right place, assurances and money coming in to be able to fight my health issues and achieve what I want to do .. to be of help to my daughter and grandchildren.

Yet I am constantly being hammered in the face on TV and online about how fuckking privileged we are because we are white.

Yes this is what white privilege does to you from time to time ..


I feel like I have to do this now as there is talk of a certain drama queen calling for a second snap election when she said she would never call one. To keep herself in ane her dream alive of half a Brexit.

Let us forget about the following things for a moment

  • Terrorist Sympathiser

  • Laying Wreaths

  • Not Recalling Where He Was

  • Not Recalling Who He Was With


  • Lying about Meeting the IRA

  • Lying About Wanting Brexit

  • Using the Phrase ‘Keeping Options Open’ Until he works out what works best for him

  • An Antisemite

  • Biased and therefore not a real Socialist

  • Friends with Holocaust Deniers

  • Bullying of Party Members like Sarah Champion MP over ..

  • Hushing Up Child Rape Victims

  • Naz Shah MP stating child rape victims should shut their mouths for the sake of diversity

  • Then making a big hero of himself for campaigning for free tampons for the young girls and their family members he has betrayed

  • Strange Attraction to People’s in conflict that involves death he deserts when peace arrive never ot return suggesting a psychological problem

  • Keeps idiot lying morons like David Lammy, Dianne Abbott, Naz Shah and others

  • Biggest fans storm off live on TV

    • Owen Jones

    • Some Moron called @Femi_Sorry who should be called @Femi_Soros

  • Split the Labour Party like never before in its history

  • Split the country, though he had help, like never before in its history

  • One of many they HUSHED UP?

Corbynistas maintaining that every single one of them is merely is merely a smear campaign, yeah like Jeremy Corbyn actually needs one?

Yes let us leave all that and anything else he may spew out over the coming weeks and months to one side for a moment.

Let me make something fucking clear right now .. Cobynistas are fucking morons and of a really low IQ. I could site many reasons but let us take the last one. What do they do to stop accusations of antisemitism? Well they turn up at a Labour Party Conference in Liverpool and wave hundreds of fucking Palestinian flags?! Yeah pure fucking .. GENIUS!

Let us take a look at Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister shall we?

  • He will do everything to stop General Elections form ever taking place again

  • Everyone has there homes taken from them

  • Everyone has their money taken form them

  • All banks close down at a later date after nationalising rail, water and everything else

  • iPhone X? Not any more!

  • No fancy mobile phones

    • Everyone will only have a basic phone of £100 or less

  • No fancy cars

    • Everyone will drive a grey Ford Fiesta or Honda Civic

  • No Playstation 4 and 5

  • No Xbox One or Two

  • PC Computers would be basic

  • Professional Stuff impossible to obtain

    • Nikon cameras mostly gone

    • Canon Cameras mostly gone

    • Sony Cameras mostly gone

  • Only lying controlling totalitarian supporting politicians will live in nice houses

  • Everyone else will live in slums

  • All Estate Agents will close

  • All Banks will Close

  • All Betting Offices, Bookmakers will close

  • No ambition

  • No Omega, Rolex, TAG Heuer or Cartier Watches

  • No expensive perfumes like Chanel of Paco Robanne

  • Hair Products will be shite too

  • Progress in science will slow to a crawl of halt altogether

  • Money or breakthroughs anyone makes will go to government and Corbynites only, not you

  • Will be locked up for saying things anti-government or anti-Corbyn

  • Most TV Programmes will go

  • Internet will be controlled just as it is in China

  • Venezuela reports of them eating their pets and then the Zoo animals

  • Decade to 15 years of that and then the Muslims take over and kill everyone else

    • Starting with the LGBTQ Community

    • Then alcoholics

    • Those that have not been murdered will be

    • Rape victims or

    • Slaves to the Supreme Beings

That is provided the rumours of the Internet and most mobile phones stopping because of identity politics and these new Gestapo they call Social Justice Warriors have not pissed off enough people in the Linux Community to make everyone pull their program code. Which will make most, if not all, mobile phones, servers on over half the Internet an the Internet itself stop literally overnight!

Your talking months if not years of no digital communication from a bunch of Gestapo like bullies they need to be shot or jettisoned into space for their crimes of deliberate causing of division and misery to hundreds of millions of lives. If not billions?

Also provided this has not all been a distraction like I have stated to a global event like decreased activity in the sun, par a certain observatory in the US being closed down, and recent talk of a mini ice-age that may last up to or more than 70 years coming?

Worst part about it is not only are centrists and right wing people shit fucking scared od this second list the moronic and low intellect leftists argue that it wont happen. They cannot prove not one slither that it will work and let me give you these words as food for thought ..

Get it wrong and there is nothing and I mean … NOTHING you can do to reverse it!

Not without a very literal civil war!

More links ..

Evil Mother .. Done more since then this was posted ..

Now believe it is closer to 2 Million Child Abuse Victims ..

Twitter & Google Have Tried To Shut Us Down and Ruin Our Lives ..

Local Council, DWP, NHS, Police & Government too ..

On each subject I have dozens and dozens of posts ..

Total Number are close to 3,800 and go back to 2012 and I was at this for years before I even started blogging ..

Also please note that I have noticed that ..

  • Searches on blog do not go back before 2016 for me

  • Labels/Tags went missing first few years

  • Numbers been fucked with

  • Numbers to ALL VIEWERS reset to ZERO very recently .. screenshot below

  • Despite ads you can see .. Ad Revenue froze December 2016 and has not budged since so

  • Slave Labour from a Socialist Organisation? Nice!

Note: For the first time EVER .. Blogger is refusing to upload THIS picture?!


Oh and I have not touched at all about our armed forces and disbanding them just around a time when we will be outnumbered by Muslims, they will see us as weak .. go for us and wipe us out.


I bet he is on some psychological drugs of some sort? Bet on it.


Maybe for those that might come here that have a Twitter account who might have read a few things and see what I have to say on Twitter?

Remember I have only been at this a little under six weeks and I had a shadow ban for two weeks, a double search ban for a day, one 12 hour lockout and another ban that was lifted within minutes I do not know what for.

No swearing at anyone .. no name-calling and piss taking only occurs once I have had several tweets of piss-taking and name calling at me.

  • Brexit
  • Muslims
  • Child Rape (victims and helping raise awareness)
  • NHS
  • Homelessness
  • DWP
  • Courts & Judges
  • Missing Persons
  • Animal Welfare

Who I have disagreements with ..

  • David Lammy (no answer)
  • Jeremy Corbyn (might have answered?)
  • Owen Jones (no answer)
  • Theresa May (no answer)
  • Tony Robinson (no answer)
  • JK Rowling (no answer)
  • Sky News (no answer)
  • BBC News (no answer)
  • BBC Newsnight (no answer)
  • Jon Snow (no answer)
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Montel Williams (over Rob O’Neill, Obama & Trump)

Argued with many socialists .. either they block, ignore, get abuse .. rarely I convince them but does happen and on one occasion muted me and called me ..

‘too Mycrofty!’

Why thank you!

Spoken to

  • Esther McVey
  • Sarah Champion MP

Also had brief dealings with

  • Robert J O’Neill (who shot Osama Bin Laden)
  • Kris Paronto (think part of team .. forgive me stiff arsed Brit here)

There are many others but I cannot recall names and .. well I also cannot recall if they were disagreements or agreements?

If you look for me please keep in mind that hashtags, as I have had to explain this to judgemental idiots, are ATTRACTERS and not badges of honour. It is what I say that counts.



Well blow me down and tell me how to cure this shiver down my spine.

My daughter is going to flip later.

She’s currently in a meeting with a school and a social worker she’s never met before. The usual social worker I now believe is not a social worker and the manager, Chipo and Eve, are apparently both on leave. A seriously understaffed social services in a case they insist is vitally important, bullying my daughter and trying to get her to sign forms because the risk to the children don’t turn up yet again.

Except they are NOT on leave and both were seen entering their offices. She then going in to speak to them the enquirer was told that they were both in leave.


Either this is intended to wind my daughter up or they lie later on over something I don’t know.

But there’s been a switch in solicitors and they have vanished since this to place.

Seems like the previous solicitor not only had links to the council but rang the new solicitor and tried get them to drop their new client by lying. Was told that my daughter had been around to five different solicitors?!

That’s how sinister things are in the UK.

I’m warned by someone in the know, Ian Josephs (link below) who has fought in court against them defending others, that your can’t trust your GP either.

But this was just confirming what I already knew and I’ve stated this corruption crap week after week in six years since I started blogging and for many years previous.

Twelve years I’ve known many, many things and going back further than that for many.

Now I have to tell her that a Mirror newspaper report has estimated that the underage girl victims to be a million?!

Now remember and my daughter will explain this to anyone that cares to ask about her story, that I stated ten years ago I wanted to get this out there in the public eye.

As it turned out and because, unlike what most socialists and leftists argue, a lot more of them see underage sex and rape as being OK then I realised.

Three different communities each having a lot of people and all were OK with it and I also learnt of the trick they used to not only rip us off for money but do it repeatedly. Sell everything off once all collected .. leave the country and come back as someone else and repeat.

What I stated to my daughter is that there must be a lot of victims out there and probably number in the thousands or even tens of thousands.

What I was not aware of back then is just how many communities there are out there! In all honesty this was Birkenhead and Liverpool and two cities it was going on in years ago that still have not appeared on any lists and I for one was surprised that there were communities there. There was a long gap but I was visiting and staying in the area frequently starting back around 1990-1.

I am born in Perivale near Greenford West London but grew up in East London and all my siblings were born here on the east side. So I am not from the north-west of England.

In recent times I have seen more and more places as having these Muslim communities and head about the sheer number of victims. AFter a few years when Rotherham broke I head there was a thousand victims. This now turns out to be more Fake News as I have heard that there were 14,000 victims in one area and might have been a single Mosque?!

I did a quick crunch of the numbers and realised what just going on the list or areas that was incomplete and the number of 14,000 that we were talking about a probably minimum of 400,000 victims that would likely be higher.

Taking into account that the list of areas where grooming gags had been exposed being around the 30 mark and with two missing and with three in my head I expect to appear on it I thought that number might double or even treble?

Going on this I estimated that the final figure could be 500000, giving them the benefit of the doubt, be closer to one million if I was right and maybe even as high as 1.5 Million or more if they are actually all the same as I feared and stated.

So now we have a figure of one million published ..

By one of the newspapers that ignored evidence I sent them in 2012.

Mirror, Sun Independent, i, Observer, Telegraph, Daily Mail (shocked they did not respond), Guardian and all others even including the Morning Star. With the last one I thought they were supposed to be caring towards suffering while the Daily Mail would love to print something about Muslims. None responded.

Sky News, BBC News, Channel 5 News and Channel 4 News were also all contacted. Once again there was zero response and it has taken me six years to figure out why this was.

So I will not be told by a bunch of fucking mad leftists with zero experience, zero understanding and zero sympathy to tell me I am wrong!

Check the 3,700 plus posts of this blog going back to 2012, I held off starting the blog due to something serious I was involved in which saved many, many lives. As well achieving that and being told by the secret services and two Merseyside Detectives, latter a four hour recording exists, that I was a genius. Secret Services stated that and two Detectives, DC Simon Broadhurst being one, who came all the way down to London stated this to my face.

I have recently had the words ‘gagging order’ stated to me and told this was mentioned by Wirral Council in an email?!

Yeah .. might have something to do with the fact they gave a child born from my under aged daughter to the paedophile father who also had previous to going up to 12 year olds in local parks and showing them a picture of his penis on his phone. The was actually on record previous to him going to court.

Muslims must think that as a nation we are an absolute joke and walk over and I can fully see why now they all want to come here. Instead of being executed or imprisoned they get handed everything, while Brits, whites and even disabled ones, get everything taken way from them.

What I predicted ..

  • Trump Winning
  • Corbyn losing last GE
  • Financial Crisis but have to ask friends/family about that who all called me mad
  • Brexit
  • NHS Scandals
  • Police Scandals
  • Mental Health Crisis
  • Austerity
  • DWP Lies
  • Universal Credit
  • Disability Benefit Crisis
  • Social Services Lies and child deaths as a result
  • Lying Disability Assessors like Atos
  • Courts being corrupt (Prior Tommy Robinson)
  • Grooming Gangs (started 2011 on Facebook)
  • Many, many others

Also I am skilled ..

  • Turned down Doctorate offered by Peter Pasmore at Middlsex University (regretted)
  • BSc Applied Computing (Have a Blog)
  • Herpetologist (Have a Blog)
  • Batrachologist (Blog as above)
  • Ichthyologist (Blog as above)
  • Orchids (Have a Blog)
  • British Wildlife (Have a bog)
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics (Have a blog)
  • Photography (Have a blog)
  • 14 Blogs in Total
Also have ..
  • Flickr Account 
  • Alamy
  • Photofolio
  • Photos have to go through QC and I have been accepted
  • This with blogs was the business that ..
  • The Job Centre and the DWP stabbed me in the back over
  • Have series of horrid disabilities
  • Worried abut my daughter and grandchildren as three, perhaps four, out of five have disabilities
  • Despite this I carry on fighting
  • Lost everything .. home, car, £20,000
  • Google froze ad revenue 
    • Which I will detail on Twitter tomorrow @saintallnights (what else?)
    • Don’t mind still displaying ads they still get money for

  • Been trying to find someone to help
  • No advice, charities or help agencies have done a damn thing
  • Either send me to someone else, say there are going to do something and then never hear fro them again or just do not hear from them
  • Tweeting on Twitter hoping that someone would at least help my daughter .. 
    • If this does not happen in the next couple of weeks then there is something definitely wrong
If you are not aware of my daughter’s story .. believe me when I say that this following post is a cut down version of the whole story .. they talked about a TV series, book series at one point, two small part published in Love It and Take A Break, latter still has not paid my daughter?!

Check out @KEK_Revolution’s Tweet:

Now found the link to the One Million Victims on The Mirror’s website..

Ian Josephs and advice on forced adoptions ..


Well let us now move into the next phase.

Hopefully those that read this will already be aware of my daughter’s story.

Not quite sure if anyone worked out that I am the only person the world she has to turn to? But this is unfortunately the way that it is.

However despite making the big sacrifice to move up there to help her in a place where Londoners are not really liked very much half the time. I was driven back to where I am now.

No help from the DWP. No help from the NHS and no help from Frank Field MP despite a few emails.

Ooh remember that little spat I had with Labour Party members who claimed that no one knew about what had gone on with my daughter?

Yeah here’s the thing ..

Out of everyone I spoke to over two weeks and close to 400 people reading the post about my daughter here is how it played out ..

  • Right-Wing people were shocked and retweeted my daughter’s story over and over

  • Centrists were shocked and retweeted my story

  • Leftists and many Labour Party people did not even fucking read the God damn story let alone show any sympathy .. too busy chasing their personal utopia?

  • Sarah Champion MP was the only one and actually apologised to me

  • Oh wait .. does this not therefore equate that TWO Labour MPs at the very least are aware of my daughter’s story?!

Yeah so I am stuck in London in a 5ft by 8ft room.

Cannot register there. Broadband been off for 13 days and missed its third date to come back online?!

Yeah and I have no income. At all.

I also cannot get a GP due to my health and this stupid rule about No Fixed Abodes.

I also cannot get a Dentist and have now emailed a hospital I used to go to as a kid to see if they can help with the pain I am in?!

This does not include all the other pains I am in and nor does it include many dozens of symptoms and nor the conditions that are dangerous and can kill me. Yeeeahh kind of feels like someone somewhere wants both of us to just die?

  • Hypomagnesemia meaning low magnesium which can kill in a number of ways

  • Fibromyalgia with the most annoying thing being memory issues along with pains in my feet

    • High Blood Pressure

    • High Cholesterol

  • Vitamin B Deficiency

  • Heart Issues and Tachycardia

  • Pains in my feet

  • Sudden total loss of energy forcing me to stop

  • Heart Racing, Skipping Pounding forcing me to stop

  • Extreme Anxiety that is more or less phobias now thanks to my country

    • Led to self-harming

  • Right Knee pain

  • Sudden Ankle Pain

  • Shoulder Pain carrying my camera

  • Back Pain

  • Short Term Memory Loss

    • That is loss .. ergo I do not recall and .. not imagine things lol

Recall the issues with my daughters health, my daughter’s repeated abuse, my daughters cancer and the fact that the social services very much want to take my grandchildren away.

Lost my home and most of £32,000 in inheritance trying to stop them burying this story and treating my daughter like crap. With a dodgy heart they deliberately sent me around the houses about when the reason was known all along. Yup .. you had better believe it.

I posted an email from an Ian Josephs he specialises in helping mothers fight off falsified attempts by social workers to take their children. At the very end of his email he stated something I already knew. “Do not trust your GP!” He also said “Be wary of some solicitors” as they ca have connections to the councils. He also warned about courts and Judges too.

Every single time I predict something everyone calls me crazy and years later it ends up being a whole lot worse than even I predicted it to be!

So yeah so .. I sort of found myself back in London without a home and money, sold my car at a huge loss of £4,000 thanks to these arse-wipes working in a corrupt and evil regime.

I was also going to make money selling photographs as I love taking professional photos ..

compliment by blogging ..


  • Do not get out as much as I would like due to all this

  • Should have 10,000 photos by now and only have 3,000

But this might be forced to come to an end to if I have to sell my photography gear?!

Oh .. did I mention?

  • Talked into setting up this business by Job Centre/DWP

  • Agreed to over 13 week course

  • Week after going self-employed they pulled the plug

  • This was a year after stopping my disability money

If you can think of ways you can get screwed they did it to me.

I can also show you ways they can screw you over that you would not dream of. Some should be here.

All because they courts 23 years ago did not act on my warnings!

Everything I have been involved in has been corrupt as hell.

This is also a cut down story that goes with the other cut down story in this post ..