Right here is a map regarding the complaints about the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman.

I will be .. brutally honest here .. I cannot see this getting one hundred thousand signatures because .. this is not a complaint about the health service. This is a complaint about the PHSO which itself handles complaints about the health service and even so .. nowhere near all.

Or to put it another way ..

Not everyone will bother with a complaint. Probably because many already realise everything is corrupted including the government, NHS, PHSO and the courts?

Those that do go though the complaints service have to jump through hoops, go through three or four different procedures and then get lied to anyway and many would give up along the way.

Then there are the ones that are rejected by the PHSO and from what I am reading that is like two thirds to three quarters of them.

What is of interest to me and something I feel of importance to note is just where in the UK people are signing this petition..

It is everywhere!

Right across England where I knew it was bad now includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where I was not sure and had no thoughts on this at all. No proof either and nor had I seen anything other than one in Scotland recently which I cannot even recall the details of anyway!

I wonder what this map will look like in a couple of weeks?!

EDIT: Oh and despite many areas lit up having only one signature and one in Ashford in Kent having two .. Croydon has actually turned BLACK with 52 signatures?! What the feck has been going on down there? Try zooming in but this will probably be more interesting and telling after a week or two .. God only knows what Croydon is going to be on by then?!

EDIT 2: Oh and just to remind you of the rules ..

  • We well only respond if we have ruined in excess of 10,000 lives and ..
  • Only speak about it in the House of Commons if we have ruined over 100,000 lives!


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