Due to getting worried that something fatal would befall my daughter or me and getting angry that after years of trying to lead horses to water, they might get away with what they did.

My goal was to get as much information, evidence and proof that I discovered to as many people as I could.

The only think is when I was doing this early on either I was not believed or it was the case that until it actually affects them personally, people just were not that bothered.

In the beginning I started a Blogger blog. It was never really intended to do anything more than be a reminder for my bad memory and to use to link things and send to people if I needed to.

Google came to me and lied their asses off. After a short time I realised that too much truth might get me shut down so I started the WordPress blog as a back up.

For years I promoted the Blogger blog and had ads on it and left the WordPress blog to grow on its own.

That was a mistake.

Google used a number of tricks to bury me, altered numbers, deleted hashtags and in recent times were switching off my ads without notifying me.

They owe me seven years of missing revenue.

To get around their censorship I used Twitter for a number of years and ended up being drawn into some very famous battles, all of which were won.

Despite the numbers on this blog, those that have read posts on the Blogger blog runs into hundreds of thousands, I would imagine.

With missing hashtags on Blogger going right back to 2012 when I started it would be hard for viewers to successfully find anything that might help them.

As well as deleting hashtags Blogger also has a limit on them which is utterly incompetent, unless intentional. So if you want to use a search that is way more useful and should find almost all .. use WordPress.

Attempts were made to try and make people realise that this was indeed what they was banking on, that they had piled so much onto everyone’s lives they did not have the time to research anything.

Also that people would fear the truth and therefore put a great number off, they also knew would occur and help with their plans.

Now what I decided to do this morning as I was awake quite early and too early for my usual report search, is go through some old posts that are not Blogger and see how many posts with audio recordings I could dig up.

As I proceeded to do this I was reminded just how many there are as just going through 2013 alone took a fair amount of time.

I would also come across things I had forgotten about while staggered at how bad my titles were before remembering that I did indeed go through periods of being stoned or drunk, due to my health.

So please forgive me for how bad things may well appear to be. Also please not this is not all by any means and my memory is bad, which is why I did this. It is literally only a small section in each case and you will need to search to find something that could be useful to you.

George Orwell
Mark Twain

The Police, Local Councils, various Ombudsman and Freedom of Information Requests, retail scams on electronic goods and the NHS. Among others ..


This was a breakdown in 2016 I did regarding all GP Surgeries, all Hospitals and which ones I recorded at and my ailments.

It has three Pain Management sessions I went to which were nothing more than the NHS trying to recruit people in pain to work for free, I kid you not. Three audio recordings.

Also other audio recording and those private -x-rays of my back that caused Dr Huq to quite being a General Practitioner.

Here is where the NHS tried one of many character assassinations on me on a recording ..

Other notable posts I had forgotten about.

Blogger Numbers

Begging the NHS repeatedly and being left to Rot

When I had my self-diagnosis confirmed at Guy’s Hospital who said he was going to tell my GP to prescribe Pregabalin which I was then refused for a number of years

NHS Wales

The honest friend who died of Kidney Cancer left to rot by the NHS. Thought he was a socialist because he was genuine and caring. Until I explained it to him. Only I looked after him while he carer was doing some very odd things that was causing him stress.

Until I crashed in on her.

GCHQ and cannot recall what

The General Medical Council lying and protecting the lies within the NHS

The Parliamentary Heath Services Ombudsman who lied and dragged their feet beyond the ‘time limit’, Statute of Limitations

QUANGOS or Quasi Government Organisations taking more money for doing nothing

The Law Society

Fibromyalgia, the Symptoms, Government and DWP and trying to find solutions to Plantar Fasciitis that was not Plantar Fasciiitis. Also the Fibromyalgia Association UK.

Posy regarding Osteopenia diagnosis which like so many others, knee, back, shoulders, inguinal hernia, were not followed up on and long before any covid. I am not sure if the Hypomagnesaemia was diagnosed at this point or not?

This has gone on for years and a massive failure by the NHS and one of a long list and added to that is not the only area of my body that was affected by their mistakes. The other has caused me no end of pain and something that now I am very conscious about.

Speak of the devil .. I had a private x-ray that caused Dr Huq of Dr Rooban’s Surgery to quite, having had ‘enough of the NHS’.

I then had one Doctor (Gubbay) refuse to look at my x-rays, another (Maya) I never got an opinion from and eventually the NHS decided to do their own where they lied and cheated me yet again.

Beating a Court over Retail Scam from Mail Order Catalogue, Very .. but I really did not leave them with anywhere to run and they had no choice and Very still tried to lie and bully me for money

Mystery post about .. Lupus?

When I was stating that government was intentionally and slowly over a long time, employing people that are naïve into the public services .. for a purpose

This was posted in 2013 and I had already been seeing this and this was back when friends and family were calling me mad, insane and conversations were going on behind my back.

My claims and predictions likely started around 2007, suspicions went back to before 2000 and fast forward to today and everyone I know has apologised, stated I was right about everything and that its far worse then I predicted it would be.

They also do not see it getting better now and fear for what is going to be thrust upon them against their wills.

After being attacked by Bailiffs, they came out worse off and I nearly hospitalised two very large gentlemen and had one by the throat against a wall (JBW Group), I was then defrauded out of £4,000 and lied to over a parking ticket when I am a disabled person.

I then regretted not putting these two guys in hospital and then when I was contacted by another firm .. make no mistake .. I was done playing games.

They got a run down of what I knew, how they broke the law and a warning for themselves and any poor soul they ever send to my home. There presence, regardless of their message, will not be tolerated. I never heard form them again.

Forgot about this one .. I do not like Satanists

Went through a series of Freedom Of Information Requests

Independent Police Complaints Commission FOI

Office of the Children’s Commissioner

Homes & Communities Agency


Bailiffs & Waltham Forest Council

Legal Aid Board

Just a single post on how one local council, Wirral, ended up in fear of me

Being pointed to something called ‘Common Purpose’ in 2013 and I do not even recall what this was about

When I met Conservative Member of Parliament Nick DeBois who lied to me twice leaving someone present who voted for him rolling around with laughter

Great Grandfather dies as test pilot for AVRO Manchester for the RAF which later became the Lancaster

The Spying Games and How I Reported it to Another Organisation that Did Nothing.

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal Human Rights Claim Form

Child Abuse

Completely forgot .. the only Member of Parliament that actually offered to help was Michael Meacher who was informed about me by someone else. He then sadly died and I recall later his wife, a Baroness, used a line that was repeated in the news that was straight off my blog.

There is one other who has offered to help and literally requested to do so, so we shall see.

Contacted the European Medicines Agency which, if I recall correctly, was about how Sodium Oxybate is only given to sufferers of Narcolepsy and not Fibromyalgia which is insanely stupid.

Contacted Literary Agents. Wrote three books, two on my endeavours with a third planned but never started. Small agents were ‘wow, you need a big agency’ while big agencies were ‘meh’.

Brief mention of an Ice-Age but climate goes way, way back

Me breeding Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, Agalychnis callidryas, for a friend

Me breeding a rare and giant form of Pyrenean Fire Salamander, Salamandra salamandra fastuosa

This one is funny .. I have often stated on Twitter about how Christian Groups seem to like me and give me titles. I am, if I do not drop dead, about to live among two more.

For some reason this really angers the fascist, woke, hard-left bullies or what I call ‘WEF Wombles’ and I was called ‘The Messenger’ by one previously and ‘Warrior of God’ by another.

Well he had better make sure that I get to where I need to be without dying.

Here was a post about meeting one of them.

Now here are some more recent ones and despite odd posts now and then on climate change going back to the start, technically back to 1991, here is the start of a series of close to 100 parts. After I stumbled across some science data I seem to have somehow missed.

A few others selected ..

When Science is Divided it Falls

Philosophy of science is about as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds” – Richard Feynman

The weakest of enemies can be forged to become the greatest adversaries


The Rivers Deep, The Mountains High

The only way to improve the chances for finding winners is to keep all the choices open and try them all” – Freeman Dyson


The World Falls

I wonder why. I wonder why. I wonder why I wonder” – Richard Feynman


The Killer Queens

The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth” – George Orwell

How a concerted effort to get me off Twitter backfired on them spectacularly


Google and Adsense cheating me


This is lengthy but only a short-list and is to highlight on social media that everything I have stated for several years I have been called a liar over and attacked for, is true.

Plus there is likely things here I never recalled and therefore never mentioned and likely others things not even listed here that are .. shocking, revealing or damning to these bad organisations.

What went wrong with the NHS started a long time ago and was highlighted by the covid lock-downs.

I was repeatedly smeared and falsely accused of being a violent patient and after years and with recordings of them trying this, I proved they were lying.

But they used a group to say that hurty-words were ‘violence’.

Here is Mark Dolan on GB News railing on the NHS and how its finished, a failure and how people being angry are fully justified.



So it would appear that I have been the victim of evil in more ways than one.

I have suffered many targeted attacks and have avoided many, had back-ups for some and have done things now that many have not seen before.

My predictions raced over 100 and I have beaten censorship in all sorts of ways, though its still had a negative effect, and I have overturned some suspensions that stunned many.

Well the last of what I needed to figure out I now have and my plans are coming to fruition, but two people’s lives have been knowingly placed in danger. Oh I wish I was joking.

So now in literally weeks away from a change of scenery and hope that something fatal does not occur with two people from the NHS’ intentional neglect that has persisted for years ..

Here is what I have been writing but not on here and a link to why. The long posts were excruciatingly difficult, if I am honest. There are way more manageable.


“Those that promise you paradise on Earth never produce anything but a hell” – Karl Popper

For years now I have not had my focus on the NHS. Except they have told me several lies, they have done the same with my daughter and several people that thought me mad now realize I was right.

I have a link to all the documents that will hurt them a great deal.

They recently told me two lies, claiming that they cannot open my files twice, then insisted that there was nothing about heart and blood pressure in my files twice.

It is very simple, both cannot be true.

Also very simple is that everything I had was to do with previous GP Surgeries and hospitals and none linked to my current surgery.

So when they talked about redacting names and them kept missing each date they promised to send me my records which went on for 14 months plus, it was obvious the NHS had instructed them.

A few days back I decided, as other plans were coming to fruition, that I had had enough of the games and so I sent them an email after a series of mistakes and an emergency appointment over my heart that was supposed to take place in November 2021 I still have not had ..

So I email the surgery and attached scans of my records I did have with the names which have actually been online on my blogs meaning two of their claims were untrue.

Suddenly an email arrives the very next morning with my medical records attached.

I guess the NHS bosses or Primary Care Trusts forgot to tell them that I had done this years ago and they knew?

I fekken warned them and I did so a number of times.

I am not going to show my ‘hand’ to a dishonest and corrupt organisation.

Now they went and did this which is going to blow up over the coming weeks ..



When Science is Divided it Falls

“Philosophy of Science is about as useful to scientists as Ornithology is to birds” – Richard Feynman

The weakest of enemies can be forged to become the greatest adversaries


The Rivers Deep, The Mountains High

“The only way to improve chances for finding winners is to keep all the choices open and try them all” – Freeman Dyson

You have to look at all evidence, not just the ones you want to show with your Ministry Of Truth


The World Falls

“I wonder why, I wonder why, I wonder why I wonder” – Richard Feynman

When an attacked genius can take you on at every level


The Cold Light of Days

“Science is not a collection of truth. It is a continuing exploration of mysteries” – Freeman Dyson

A shorter simplified overview leading to something more in depth



The Coming Era of the Cruel Devil

“Ignorance is not a simple lack of knowledge but an active aversion to knowledge, the refusal to know” – Karl Popper

Staggering narrow mindedness from this ‘deep state’.

A little play there on Disney’s ‘Cruella Deville’ but not sure if anyone noticed.



The Venus Fly Trap Snaps Shut

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

Never underestimate the enemies you are prepared to make


The Killer Queens

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth” – George Orwell

When you repeatedly strike someone down, be sure they wont be back to wreck all your worlds



Silence Is Not Golden

“Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take it as a sign that you have neither understood the theory nor the problem with which it was intended to solve” – Karl Popper

The damage done by censorship and not allowing free speech



The Muted Trill of a Dying Bird

“Anyone that challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is never given a fair hearing” – George Orwell



The Era of the Monkey Hangers

“The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it” – George Orwell

When people want someone to blame they will do the strangest things over on the hard-left woke


Ode to the Heavens

“Go wisely and slowly, those who rush stumble and fall” – William Shakespeare

Where angels fear to tread.

OK so I got cryptic and philosophical .. finally .. on Substack.



“However much you deny the truth, the truth goes on existing” – George Orwell

An argument of seven years revenue owed and not one word from them. Sorry Google but I knew you was cheating me from 2016 and no one believed me and I only knew some of the things you were doing but was sure there was more.

Number that refused to move which was impossible when the numbers they were linked to had increased by a factor of one hundred made me realise you was doing something else and .. well .. I wanted to know how.

Things that appeared one way for me in such a way that it looked like noting was wrong, appears very differently to viewers with advert message that they were cancelled by Google who failed to mention this to the author.


So I reactivated my Patreon account to throw my enemies off my scent to not find the SubscribeStar and Substack accounts. It was intended as a decoy which worked way faster and better than I expected it to.

Before I would even drop the Patreon account one of them found it and was acting like he was all cool and kept posting it for weeks, I would just post laughing emojis.

He then stopped posting it after several weeks when I explained it was slight of hand and I then started posting the Substack posts and they got really angry.

This led to a mass false reporting of me on Twitter which led to two suspensions, the second a full suspension.

Old enemies came out of hiding and all were celebrating and my followers were getting angry.

Fortunately I had a back-up plan and got word to them to not lose their shit and get themselves suspended and all would be clear shortly.

Turned out to only be about an hour or so and Twitter overturned both suspension and stated I had not spammed. This is in one one the links provided with links to the chaos that ensued and the WEF group looked like they were in terminal shock.

They also did not find my other accounts in years and nor did anyone know that this blog has a back-up that had also been around for years, just in case it turned out that I got screwed over.

The odd thing is, is that I have actually been dangling clues in their faces for years in the way of screenshots. There were clues of where I as posted over and over in different ways plus what I had done in the past.

I would take screenshots from websites or science papers and include the address bar, as one example, and they not one thought to look at the link buttons across the top.

I still have not told them of this as I do like leaving breadcrumbs.


SubscribeStar https://www.subscribestar.com/king-arthur

Minds https://www.minds.com/saintallnights/

WordPress https://allnightsblog.wordpress.com/

There are still other accounts I have not disclosed and a new one I am toying around with styled after Twitter just to see .. how it goes for a few months.


Rain lashes against windows as the days merge into one.

The shortest of journey incite fear as nose burns, a hand flares in pain and a heart skips and tightens as a constant reminder that the last sight could be of a shiny, damp surface with my cheek pressed against it.

Long has been the fight and much has been lost.

Hoards of the naïve and despicable battle to convince others of visions of the world far removed from any reality.

Strings of horrors run through the hear of several decades and familiar streets are roamed once more while the thoughts of those old years and the nightmare of future events one had no idea laid in wait.

Along this path of worst case scenario sing would flicker now and then. Glimpses often caught with occasional theories that were swatted away as insane and impossible.

More frequently these signs become while the possibilities of each were considered more seriously with each occurrence.

Like watching a spider creating its web each one grew in its complexity while in each I had realised there must be a link or bigger picture while naysayers nayed.

That which was not seen until far too late was the connection between all of this which would paint a picture far too ludicrous and far too horrific for any sane man to consider.

But all things must always be considered until completely ruled out by deduction and never because one thinks it merely impossible or mathematically unlikely.

Data that passed these eyes and decoded in my mind is a whole set that many a soul was told could not happen even in our grand-children’s lifetimes.

But in times of catastrophe we know the actions we would see of those that are amoral, rich and powerful. In the even of a global catastrophe was know the actions of the world’s amoral, rich and powerful.

Not all have these three traits but the sad reality is that most do.

They cry about those with conspiracy theories in a time where events, actions and behaviours run around the world just as a pandemic virus would. Among both man and beast the actions and behaviours seen, we have never witnessed before.

While many are natural others so bizarre that they must be by design and the reality of this is so disturbing that one has to wonder about the human race and is Damien had indeed worked his way to the top. Not the Presidency as in the film but in a position where he could control and maim without most knowing his name.

Were I an evil genius it is what I would do.

Not enough food and too many people is the message we have had in countless documentaries for decades now.

Whispers of agendas abound to depopulate the Earth. Seemingly thought up by the insane any reasonable mind would think that a plan to do this would be impossible.

Unless of course you get the people to do this to each other.

But how would you get evidence of all of this and how could you possibly link it together?

Well as they have often been told for the last few years ‘you never counted on me’. Though with each passing day I wonder if I will achieve any of my goals before my own farm is purchased, metaphorically speaking?

For days I have tried to tell myself I have to contact the health service which I hate so much as they have lied and cheated for years and knowingly and therefore intentionally risked my life.

They have also done this with children. Wilfully.

Children that also happen to be victims of an absolute monster in a long line of absolute monsters that they knowingly allowed in one after the other knowing that eventually the bow would break.

Case numero uno ..

Lukman Yasin-Khalil ..

1 Enters UK after murdering someone

2 Marries unsuspecting girl

3 Cute girl off fro father

4 Conspires with evil mother

5 Starts tirade of Domestic Violence

6 Gambles and steals money

7 In rage cuts down a Christmas Tree and cuts up Frozen dress to his own daughter

8 Goes to prison, Police state 9 years


9 Phones everyday from prison

10 So bad is this it ends up in the news and they say they have foiled plots using drones to get contraband in prison

11 The calls still come regardless

12 The Police never manage to catch those phones .. weird as they trace others all around the country

13 Shocking everyone he is out in 14 months

14 Police persecute his victim

15 Social Workers help him and also persecute the victim

16 Hearing after hearing that the social workers are going to get into trouble via CAFCASS but its all lies and bullshit

17 The Domestic Abuser rapes a girl, age unknown

18 He goes back to prison

19 His previous victim and no doubt his latest one ask why they have not deported him like the Police, Wirral Council and Home Office promised

20 To escape persecution and fear his first victim flees the area moving over 100 miles away

21 14 months later he is out of prison again

22 His brother who entered with him is given £40,000 or more because of Covid

23 His brother, who previously threatened to kill the victim, buys a Range Rover and drives around Bangor, North Wales in it with no insurance and showing it off to his friends on Facebook

24 Then he is involved in a stabbing incident

Adnan Yasin-Khalil

25 Domestic abuser is let out of prison again after another 14 months

26 Home Office ask victim to get others to get evidence on him so they can deport him and a pregnant woman helps

27 Several young women risked their lives doing what the Home Office were too lazy and incompetent to do themselves

28 Turns out they already knew that they could not deport him .. A FACT. No paperwork or passport and they cannot deport

29 Odd that they did not consider this when they let people in

30 Now the Domestic Abuser is also driving around in a £40,000 Range Rover of his own and I was certain he did not have a Drivers Licence

31 We discover he already had a previous victim here in the UK, making four we know about, and has a child by a girl that must have been under-age when she had his child

32 The family, friends and victim do not want any contact with him at all and are absolutely stunned to discover he has two more victims and still walking around free

33 I hammer the Twitter threads of the Home Office, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson with the links and screenshots to what I have above

34 I also expose that they pay these people £75 each they they are in prison, so free bed, board, phones and a tidy sum each time they get out of prison

35 Victim gets a call .. new council has a 4 bedroom house for her in a riverside setting and will fully furnish it for her

36 Eager to move in before Covid restrictions she is told they can’t as they do not want any more on social media

37 One doing that decides to wait until they are in before resuming with his plan on that front

Why would you do all this? Why?

How have we arrived at a point today where the barbaric animals, murderers and rapists are treated like kings while the victims treated like the abusers?

Stated previously that there has been some bizarre behaviour in not just wild animals but also domestic animals all around the world. Seems a bit bizarre, no?

You import millions of people while not improving services, infrastructure or housing and two things cannot occupy the same space and the infrastructure was already inadequate for years and social and affordable housing in very short supply.

This gross ad nationwide incompetence was nothing of the kind and a grand plan to overpopulate to the point the people snapped and the inevitable took place.

All helped by a bunch of low IQ morons who are the only ones you can get to be leftist activists all placed in key positions over a few decades that would help all this along and far too effing stupid to know what they were doing.

Over a decade my battle against all this has raged on and gradually intensified while I have lost everything while my health deteriorated and I too was persecuted. Because THEY KNEW what I could do.

Surprised at this? Well maybe a little but you may have seen things like this before?

How about a recording with Police Detectives about a grooming gangs who were also extremist terrorists in Liverpool linked to two cells in Manchester and Birmingham? Recall any cells in these cities caught back in around 2012 to 2014 ish?


How about the Home Office file on the main one that somehow after being posted in 2012 did not go viral along with the recording above?


Did you know that every single British Tabloid was contacted at the time and not a single one got back to me interested to see any of my evidence? Much of which I still have not put online.

How about an audio recording of the NHS trying to set me up to lie about me and did it anyway with the help of the General Medical Council who closed ranks to help the NHS?


General Medical Council ..


This meeting was recorded after I had asked them for years about my pains, it was 13 years in total before I actually diagnosed myself. Yeah that really reads THIRTEEN. And I was the villain because I was angry ad them lying which also helped the DWP and Local Council to screw me over for 15 years and still are.

NHS Podiatrist missing my diagnosis


NHS Neurologist missing my diagnosis


The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman also lied


Oh and what the NHS did do was arrange for me to go to Pain Management called The Tranquil Support Group. When I got there the building was full of other people obviously all fobbed off like me.

It was not a support group for pain management at all and all they did was run through all the alternatives and then at the very end ask all the people there to work for the NHS for free as a volunteer.

‘We are not going to diagnose you or provide you with the correct diagnosis, treatment or pills but can you work for us for free?’


I attended three meetings and recorded them all .. just for the hell of it and I never got asked back for a fourth .. cannot think why? LMAO!

Them missing my Hypomagnesaemia which had been going on a while and was spotted two GPs later by Dr Andrew Thievendra who them asked me to buy my own pills from Holland & Barrett while at the same time it never went on my records.


Maybe I should mention that I had this condition for over 20 years but was affecting my feet and really started pressurising the NHS from around 2001.

This is 2013 and I am still being lied to and fobbed off and they made several diagnosis all of which were wrong and I myself diagnosed it as Fibromyalgia.


Chase Farm Hospital lied to my GP or my GP lied


Kicked off one surgery because I got angry over being called a liar while I had private x-rays evidence of my collapsed discs the GO refused to look at and said sarcastically “Why would I want to look at those?!” which shocked other professionals that said he should be struck off.


And though there are many others and a hell of a lot of evidence I have not posted here is a breakdown of the hall of shame.


Pain is pretty horrible and I am not sure where it is but along with a few others is a recording of a row with a GP that lasts for an hour as he got a call from the NHS, I ask him in the recording, informing him I had been recording our consultations.

Neither the NHS were smart enough to realises I had been doing this for 7 years across several GP Surgeries and several hospitals. Nor was Dr Kumar smart enough to discover my real recording device as he thought he was safe when he made me turn off two devices.

He discovered that night he had screwed up, I received a letter saying that despite asking me not to record our consultation I did anyway and put it on my blog that night. General Practitioners all think they are fucking Einstein.

Always been honest but it seems those that think the slaves money is really theirs have no issues with lying about you.

Pain not nice and potentially fatal ..


I realised it was a three stage setup I nicknamed The Evil Trinity where the NHS is corrupted which then allowed the Department of Work and Pensions and the Local Council to screw you over and get away with it.

The Department of Work & Pensions lying about a disabled person and lying about visiting their home after refusing for months to come. They then claimed they turned up three times and no one was home. These were all lies.


If you do not know all public services in the UK are run by Serco which is a massive conflict of interest as the Data Protection Act exists to stop organisations getting access to all your information.

For some reason they decided this was not important.


Michael Meacher MP actually got in contact with me about all this actually hearing about me through someone who was familiar with my blog .. he then died. Poor bastard. What are the chanced?! No one else followed up.


Age UK being filled with leftist activists who passed my details on to Antifa who started tweeting unique details on me to scare me


Couple on Local Councils



Part of the story about how I was right and the courts were wrong and a daughter gets abused by her step-father that ends up in a Love It magazine while the Domestic Violence from the Domestic Abuser ended up in Take A Break Monthly


Social Workers placing a child with a paedophile father


Recording of two Social Workers from Wirral Council visit mother they failed to help, missed loads of evidence of domestic abuser, or HID IT, ordering victim OFF TWITTER

Twitter is NOT the Internet ..


And a hoard of leftists I waded through do not know any of this and this is only a small fragment of what is on the blog and not everything I have is on it. Had hoped for help. Do have pain, heart issues with no pills and a memory issue and failing equipment, you know?

All these hundreds of leftists I had block me along with some of the biggest names in politics as well as science, you want to see my climate change series, all claimed I lied when I said that top people call me a genius.

When they found out I had recorded Doctors the leftists all cried I broke the law .. I said “Yeah, right. That is why the audio has been there for YEARS!”

Stated online that everyone is scared me me and I do mean everyone.

It would be far better of I just died and I am sure this is what they are waiting for and due to my heart issues getting worse .. I thought I might do this one last time.

Just to see if I get any help. Something go viral. My blogs double their viewers and I get come income for once instead of constantly losing everything.

Timing is everything and many people may be trapped in alone over Christmas while no one of authority will be looking at what I post for several days, allowing me a chance to pump this out.

Timing is everything.

So annoying losing everything while you watch YouTubers get paid for talking utter boll’ .. ahem, nonsense.

Reactivated my Patreon account recently, lord knows how long that had been inactive. Just never checked it for years.

My 2,000 strong 50 cent army not appeared as yet.


Well this is a weird set of circumstances.

After I sent of what I decided was the final email to Age UK after they wasted my time for two years risking my life, turned out had lied to me, got things wrong and then I discovered they passed my information on to an organisation called Antifa who then used it to try to scare and threaten me online .. something else pops up.

I have had this for years from the likes of Citizen’s Advice Bureau to the Mary Ward Legal Centre and others


Now let me tell you this .. this is what these organisations never bother to find out when all they wanted to do is keep on about how everything is the fault of the Conservatives so much so they were promoting socialism and Labour, while Jeremy Corbyn was leader of the Labour Party.

Not only am I a professional but I have professional friends and one of those was a social worker for 25 years for Camden Council and he does not have anything good to say about them. He is a Type 1 Diabetic, has now been lied to, has been messed about and provided with a medical assiatant dog that is not only utterly shit at what it is supposed to do but has had two previous patients he was told it was a disaster with.

It runs away. I know this because half the time he talks on the phone he is always calling the dog back and blowing a whistle.

Another dog trainer stopped to talk to him while I was on the phone and she was shocked this dog was supposed to be trained and had a history of disasters with previous patients.

He told her “I am on the phone to a friend, he is really intelligent and he said ‘but your a diabetic, what happens if your sugar is low and the dog runs away and you go running after it? It could CAUSE your death””

I heard this lady tell my friends something to tell the trainers and my friend replied “Oh I have told them that, but they wont have it. They know it all despite not training the digs correctly” to which he was once again shocked.

I also know they are leftist socialists.

This is what I know about leftist socialists.

Oh they tell you how they are all about these different things and all these causes but they are most certainly not. You can catch them out every single time 100% and it matters not how many you go through and I have been through thousands. Maybe tens of thousands.

I have been blocked by thousands just on Twitter.

Every single time its the same.

What they are interested in is money and power and they use this bullshit claim they are into all these things as a way to get money and power.

For well over ten years I have hated every charity and I said to many people ‘how is it people donate tens of million each year and yet after more than a decade of doing this the causes seem to be just as bad as they have always been?’

  • Children
  • Cancer
  • Heart Condition
  • People dying of thirst somewhere

The other thing I know for sure and have a two decade long history of it is I have NEVER .. EVER .. walked in any charity or help centre and had them ..

  1. Genuinely give a shit
  2. Know what they are talking about
  3. Get something right
  4. Actually do something

The odd thing is that some years ago I have a friend who was a socialist and he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I had always helped him with any problems and because he, like everyone else I know, called me a genius I was the first person who turned to.

A man with over 20 years more experience than I had of the world and used to be a projectionist.

So he had seen me not getting any help and suddenly there he was not getting any help and his genius friend with a bad disability was going around his house every day to help him because no one else was.

His name is Kenneth Walter Bunn and is buried in Enfield.

So have we got this?

Me with Fibromyalgia Syndrome which is itself listed in the top 20 of painful conditions who had been refused help by charities, help agencies and public authorities for years despite them either thinking they have a right to your money or begging you for it in no end of TV commercials. Me having to go and help someone dying of cancer who himself was getting nothing from anyone else anywhere.

My condition is in the top end of this painful condition and over the years I have experienced 273 symptoms for it, relived most of them were one-offs or rare. Though today my heart, blood pressure and magnesium levels are affected.

But I get nothing at all. And I do mean nothing.

For years and years everyone around me thought I must be lying about my condition i9ncluding my type 1 diabetic friend and he would absolutely testify to all I have stated in my blogs. Oh plus I have recordings. Even of this.

Now people are asking how I survived all this time and told me they are so sorry that I was treated the way I was for years and simply do not understand who it is these people are helping.

They seem to be able to acquire a lot of money from somewhere, enough to pay for TV adverts and, as I noticed, sponsor moves with Age UK featuring in a pretty good movie on Film 4 I believe was one with Diane Keaton in it but filmed on Hampstead Heath?

Had wondered for years why I was rejected. Has happened to my daughter to and is a child rape victim and cervical cancer survivor the NHS missed and now I discover they have missed heart murmurs in my two granddaughters. These are also linked to Fibromyalgia which I also know my daughter has.

And with my two granddaughters both special needs ask me what they have all had?

Nothing. Nothing but lies, condescension from people that would have had me slap them after not giving a shit about the welfare of children and incompetence while they talk to members of the public like they are inferior and morons while they have posters on the wall showing the fascists wont allow anger or violence towards them while they knowingly leave you in pain for years.

As my ex social worker friend put t a couple of months ago ..

“You were right. You were right all along, you was spot on about everything and it is even WORSE than you said it was. A decade you have been fighting over this while no one helped and everyone thought you was mad. You deserve a million pounds for the service you have given to mankind”

Goes a little over the top at times.

Well people tend to do this as I had Jehovah’s Witnesses in Enfield nickname me ‘The Messenger’ and a Christian man I met at Fishers Green call me ‘a warrior of God’.

I do not know why people come up with these things.

Despite my bravado, which drives hard-left fascists up the wall, I never feel like I have gotten anywhere nor getting anywhere.

Had someone who was an early member or one of the founder members of hacker group Anonymous, who also owe me £1,000 for an article I wrote, tell me that they had read several of my blog posts and said

“You are better than Tim Pool and should have more followers than him, how have you not got millions of followers?!”

I answered ..

“I do not know but I am suppressed and I think that others have put loads of faith into stupid things and I only hope for their sakes it works out for them”

They said they was going to help.

Seems to be no matter which side it is you get treated like shit. Or just overlooked or ignored or they are happy for you to work for years and years and years for free. While complaining about where their taxes go.

It never ceases to amaze me just how frikking stupid people are that seem to thin they are intelligent.

So after refusing, which I am sure is illegal, to provide me with details of any independent complaints, which they SAID they had, and after 3 months and 8 to 12 emails I have had it with Age UK. I did warn them the last two emails what would happen if they do not comply and provide with with contact details.

Unfortunately these socialist filled organisations always wrongly believe they are superior in all ways and they are untouchable.

Yeah you might want to ask the government that who handed over a 4 bedroom house to my daughter and then fully furnished it and said they wanted to keep things off social media after I hammered Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and the Home Office for weeks with a link to this blog which contains evidence. ON MANY MANY THINGS.

So below are just a few of literally hundreds of screen-shots of me battling Antifa who were lying their ass off and they have one that works for Age UK who doxed detail;s of me online with one of them very unique to me. Yeah one of them is Projects Manager to Age UK which really was not that hard to find.

Like I said .. they are not superior to anyone in any way but someone in power collected a load of morons together, put them in key industries like ombudsman, public services, the health service, DWP, local councils and charities and fashioned them into pawns.

Sorry but I have met Dogs smarter then these people.

If you are reading this .. NO .. you are NOT superior and if you are Age UK .. YES I am all the things I said that I am that you called me a liar over.

Oh yeah and they called me a liar and complained they did not have my address.

After Antifa spent a year diving down Facebook and LinkedIn and others trying to find it and I was even threatened by one that I am stupid and would be easy to find.

That was just two days ago and they call themselves ZombiePiano.

I said .. “well go on then”

Then the excuses came and IU ran them ragged around the houses and they are full of it. These people are nasty, hateful shits. Nasty, venomous little shits whose only desire is to rule over others and command everything they do. And they do not posses six grey cells that work as a team.

Then as I am getting ready to do this I go and find a charity in America linked to three Hollywood actresses who are Amy Schumer (no surprise), Brie Larson (absolutely no surprise and laughable the shitty little person) and Reese Witherspoon (OK that was a surprise).

This charity is called Time’s Up and is accused of raising $3.6 Million dollars and like 90% of it or more went of themselves and hardly helped anyone.

This was a gift from the Gods and this is EXACTLY what I had been telling friends and family for over ten years and asking where all this money was going?

I get really angry and it pissed me off that everyone is acting like the Devil’s fucking minions and its like living in a hell but where its feel like the last couple of years for many its been a couple of decades for me.

Fuck name I have been blogging about this for over 8 years.

When I am not angry the scientist in my tries to explain these shitty, low IG idiot fascists and wonder if is the magnetic field or one of the other major changes going on with Earth we have not seen before they are keeping quiet.

They call this a Grand Solar Minimum and anyone with a solar cycle graph and a telescope can see that the solar cycles went out of whack in a way that has not occurred since 1648 to around 1700.

Its going to get colder and winters longer for a number of years. I cannot tell you how cold or for how long but its a minimum of 20 and could be 60 and even up to 200. No one really knows but one woman scientist is good at this. But even she was silenced. Had a paper removed despite being published 261 times.

Its why there is talk of a Great Reset. No its not because of Covid as these sorts of plans require the minimum of a decade and likely several to come up with.

So those in power have screwed it up for years, lied to us, screwed it up some more, set everyone against each other, ignored the will of their people and now want to bring something in after lying about the end of the world and want to remain in power?

Well as well as doing away with money, all your freedoms, your privacy and salaries and make the world into one giant socialist system.

How the fork they think they are going to get everyone to accept this or allow the to remain in their positions of power is beyond me.

More and more people I speak to, foreign people owning shops, are talking to me about all this and losing their temper over it.

So here now I a video of my favourite YouTube couple Clownfish TV talking about the Hollywood MeToo type charity and some screenshots of those that have been trying to dox me I am sure they would kill me if they could get their hands on me?

Screenshots ..

One tweet where they threaten to find out someone’s address and say it is easy. But then never do it when challenged.

Sorry to disappoint but Age UK do not have my address.

These people will even call people liars upon hearing a statement they do not like when it was a statement made by someone else because they refuse, have been conditioned, not to listen to anything.

The same group of Antifa claiming something is a lie because a YouTuber called Tim Pool said it, except he did not.

Then after refusing to watch it and making assumptions its everybody’s else’s fault.

Tim Pool is centre-left but they insist, like everyone else who ever disagrees with them on a single thing, that he is far-right.

My trouble is I do not trust anyone .. and certainly not in the public services and do not know who to turn to to help myself. Now that I have helped my daughter out.

I am ..

  • Disabled
    • Where all all the disability charities?
  • Heart condition
    • Where are all the heart condition charities?
  • Memory Loss
    • As above
  • Over 50
    • Look at how Age UK have treated me
  • Homeless
    • Where are all the homeless charities
  • Victim of Number of Crimes
    • Look how the authorities treated me
  • Saved Lives of Animals like Swans, Deer, Cats
    • Where were the RSPCA who I get told refuse to come out?
  • My Problem or Issue?
    • Single white male?
    • Tell the truth too much?
    • Being centre-left not far enough left?

Told people I am in a livng hell and I literally just had a heart eposide because an idiot told me I was wrong about, get this ..

  • Sensor size in cameras do not affect aperture and only focal length
  • Trying to explain he is wrong, people say he is an idiot, and full frame cameras are expensive because of this he suddenly7 screams at me, slams his door so hard I thought the hinges would come off
  • Causes me to have a heart episode I get no treatment or tests for

Not used this in awhile and had to re-activate it. If you consider please do not overdo it .



Before I start this I should point out that what is explained is a series of lies and failures stemming from bigoted, fascist leftists that have infected everything.

From every public service from the NHS to local councils and including Age UK and people like the Citizen’s Advice who can only be described as

  • Evil
  • Lazy
  • Incompetent


Just got off the phone and the murderer, domestic abuser, multiple rapist Muslim has just dolt Police, while on probation, that he wants to move to Bangor in North Wales. Which is where his victim fled to, to get away from him.

Turns out he is also now driving around in a Range Rover just like his bother involved in a stabbing incident I previously talked about. And he is said to be seeing an ex-girlfriend he met previously that would put her at 12 years old. Ergo a third victim.

And attempting to fish for information he told the authorities he has spent an evening with his previous victim and children to try and fish for details and locations. But as she is over 100 miles away, not likely. Nor would have have taken it will with the new partner his victim has and someone would have got seriously injured.

And he has told them he has £134,000 in a bank account and wants to buy a house in Bangor.

Annoying as if he DOES have money I can assure you he is funded by the evil, fascist leftists who hate me and its widely know I am linked to him.

While I get no support of any kind and Age UK passed personal details onto Antifa which was leaked online several times. Information NOT available online.

So not only do I not get help or any funding or disability as a disabled person these two drive around and get handed money and cars.

The Police are not getting nervous, well of course because if he hurts or rapes someone else with the knowledge I have on his history, it will cause the biggest unrest the UK has seen in decades.

Oh I also had a leg lock up and got froze to the spot in the bathroom.

Very painful but all I can think about is what if this happened to me down by the River Thames?

I have issues with motion and pubic transport has gradually become a problem and a fear and when this started happening on trains I could not believe it. Alcohol is the only thing I know that stops this but you cannot travel around half-drunk all the time.

That was 7 years ago and the NHS and DWP just fucking ignored it like everything else while whipping me like a slave and sticking the knife in my back along with other public authorities for years.

People literally ask me how I have not left a trail of dead bodies and burning buildings in my wake.

End Note.

Getting back on track .. so yeah I may have broken my had a few weeks back, or even re-broken it, as it still hurts. I cannot do the exercise required to deal with my condition. Also I have not been out on my bike because of the weather and currently not even sure I can ride if this had does not heal up.

Not only do I have trouble getting the bike out of the building but I am also having issues with my heart now too, likely because I have not done the exercising I am supposed to do which is cycling.

Now then .. a 4 bedroom house has been handed over, to the victim mentioned above and they remarked about wanting to keeping things off social media .. and now the home is fully furnished and occupied.

Now its time to get out my other guns. Yeah that .. authority will not get my attention but I am far from finished and other authorities need to be focused on.

Covered these for years but whether people are just blind and stupid or whether the powers that be were successful in suppressing me or a bit of both, I do not know. But my social media presence, which also grew like lightning before slowing to a crawl, allows me to get more of this out to more people.

In more places than the leftists are aware of.

Which they have never uncovered.

Funny thing is I was mentioning this to someone the other day .. three years of this and they have dived down everywhere, two platforms I am on and then there are the phishing emails and a profile I set up years ago I have not bothered. I get emails all the time fro them saying ‘You are being noticed’ whereas I went years without anyone batting an eyelid.

Now this is something else I have long covered and trust me when I stated that I have the letters, medical records, witnesses as well as recordings for the institution that had Seals ling streets up and down the country clapping their flippers together like a bunch of brain-dead morons.

The National Health Service.

The have lied about two special needs children that could have cost them their lives and lied about the entire family.

Recently I reported that they had refused to see one child that had very smelly fluid coming out of her ear. They asked the mother to take found swabs over a couple of months .. because they lost them all. There is STILL no diagnosis.

They previously refused to see another little girl who had a fit and seizure and that was 18 months or so ago.

This was a little girl who has had several ambulances called out for her over 3 to 4 years.

Both are special needs that even the various schools they attended know that the NHS have not only dragged their feet, refused to see but then LIED ABOUT. No ifs or buts about it, I am a professional and I was involved and they lied about it. No .. Covid was not the excuse.

So I had the mother crying on the phone as it turned out the daughter that had been rushed to hospital several times as now been recognised as having a heart murmur.

Who, I should add, should not have been made to do Physical Education and this has now had to stop.

They mother and her boyfriend was asked if the little girl’s lips had ever turned blue after stating that the rest of the children would need to be tested. The answer was no.

Sitting in a park later the two adults looked at each other when the father figure in this situation said ‘but the other ‘girl’s’ lips have turned blue a couple of time?!’

This is the older girl who has not been seen, treated been examined and refused appointments and had her disability lied about. The NHS Paediatrician lied about this two years ago. The ear issue has been going on for the best part of a year.

I am only getting back on this now because they public services were all over their rapist, murderer, domestic abuse of a father because the socialists in the NHS and Local Council are racist.

You want confirmation of this you only need speak to the mother. And when people try someone steps in each single time and warns them off.

No one ever comes across as genuinely helping and those that promised to never did and/or only in it for what they thought they could get out of it.

I myself have reported as being in a lot of pain and I am not seen by the NHS because they are lying, cheating, cold, callous self-serving bar stewards.

I am in pain and suffering every single say and for 3 years wondering if I will make it to the next week in one piece, if not dead then lost my marbles.

I have lost tens of thousands of pounds myself, 90% of my belongings, a home, a car and a business because of corrupt institutions likelihood

  • NHS
  • DWP
  • Local Councils

I used to refer to these three as the evil trinity and I stated that it was a ruse to save money and fuck anyone and their pain and suffering and if you get the NHS to lie then the other two also save a bundle.

Oddly it only affects British born people.

I also have a witness to this was was a social worker for over 20 years who is a Type 1 Diabetic who now has also been lied to himself and they keep giving away his medication.

I am trapped with three mental cases and one a narcissistic socialist whose own grandchildren wont have anything to do with because everything has to be about them.

The social worker calls her ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and says that despite having nothing in the way of medical conditions hers has to be worse then everyone else’s despite mine being in the top 20 of most painful.

A legal expert told me I am owed £250,000 in loses and I assure you its £100k more now and that’s without the suffering and pain.

  1. PAIN- in the muscle: often described as aching, burning, throbbing, gnawing, shooting, tingling. Almost always exacerbated by exercise and may or may not be present at rest. Can be migratory and differing from day to day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. FATIGUE- From feeling tired to exhausted and requiring rest periods during the day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. SLEEP DISTURBANCE- not being able to fall asleep and or able to stay asleep. Unrefreshing sleep patterns ” feels like I haven’t slept.”

Told NHS for years.

  1. PARESTHESIA- numbness or tingling. ( non dermatomal)

Told NHS for years.

  1. DEPRESSION- most often reactive as with chronic pain condition.

Told NHS for years

  1. ANXIETY- may include panic attacks.

Told NHS for years

  1. PERSONALITY CHANGES- usually a worsening of a previous tendency.

Told NHS for years


9. SUBJECTIVE SWELLING OF EXTREMITIES- i.e. feels swollen but no-one can find anything.

  1. HEADACHES- tension and or migraine.

Told NHS for years.

  1. COGNITIVE FUNCTION PROBLEMS: calculation difficulties, memory disturbances, spatial disorientation, difficulty with concentration, short

Told NHS for years.

term memory loss.

12. FREQUENT UNUSUAL NIGHTMARES- or being unable to dream.

13. DYSTONIA- stiff muscles due to involuntary contracture. Difficulty in moving tongue to speak.



  1. LIGHT HEADEDNESS- “Fibro Fog”, spaced out, cloudy.

Told NHS for years.



19. MILD BUTTERFLY RASH- (LUPUS TYPE) May be photo sensitive.

  1. NEUROGENIC INFLAMMATION- rashes, may be severe itching. NI causes the symptoms and signs of Dermatographia.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.

22. MUSCLE WEAKNESS- variable with no “objective” abnormality to formal testing.

  1. SCIATICA- like pain

Told NHS for years.

  1. PHOTOPHOBIA- Intolerance of bright lights.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.



Do not like noise.

28. TINNITUS- ringing in the ears.

29. OCCASIONAL EXAGGERATED NYSTAGMUS- involuntary rapid movement of the eye ball.

  1. CHANGES IN VISUAL ACUITY- impaired function of the smooth muscle used for focus as well as skeletal muscles for tracking.

Started happening three years ago.


Ah mentioned this too .. sometimes I get drunk way too quickly!!



Yes, Tramadol had this effect.

34. WEIGHT CHANGES- usually gained due to the lack of exercise through pain and or tricyclic antidepressants


Yes and I wonder if Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs is on the list? Given Mirapexin for this many years ago after two years of mentioning it.

36. HEIGHTENED AWARENESS- of symptoms of HYPOGLYCEMIA 9 when blood sugar falls)


Oh fuck .. been telling pepole I cannot eat potatoes and someone keeps giving them to me like they are trying to kill me. Oddly its a narcissistic leftist that thinks everything it about them.


Been telling the NHS about this for years.

  1. HEARTBURN- secondary to I.B.S.

Not only have they treated this and said it was a Hiatus Hernia for 4 years I have suspected they got this wrong and LIED. Because they spent 10 years refusing the operation.



Told them about this for years. Have issues with heat though other sufferers mostly cold. Have to wear shorts and vest in summer.


God, yes! Told them this for years.


Told them this for years.


  1. HEART MURMUR-Mitral Valve Prolapse appears to be more symptomatic in FM than normal.

Now find out my granddaughter has this. My father and grandmother died or heart issues and I have heart issues NOT looked at properly like everything else.

46. IMPOTENCE- reactive and occasionally.



  1. MUSCLE SPASM- twitching.

Told them this for years.

  1. NON-CARDIAC CHEST PAIN- which may simulate cardiac disorder.

Told them this .. Chest Wall Pain. Affected me in 2003.




54. TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT DISORDER- usually due to abnormal muscle tone.

55. RAYNAUD’S- like symptoms.

56. CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME-possible related condition.

57. HAIR LOSS-secondary to psychological stress from FM.

58. VULVODYNIA- Vulvar discomfort or pain, burning, stinging and irritation.

  1. PLANTAR ARCH-or heel pain. Exacerbated in FM.

Had already had other symptoms a very long time. Started to ask about this one due to pain walking and especially standing, from around 2001-3. Was fobbed off and lied to by the NHS and diagnosed myself around 2016.

So some symptoms go back over 20 years the NHS were aware of but the key one is this one.

I found this because I had a crying daughter on the phone, herself having cervical cancer missed and her own Fibromyalgia missed.

Had been meaning to look up for awhile anyone having issues with eating potatoes as this has been going on a number of years and, to me, is just weird.

Typical I find it here.

The NHS were told about this in 2016.

This list of symptoms has been correlated by the Arthritis Foundation S.A.


Now lets get this straight.

I have battled all my life, been screwed over by my university, screwed over by the DWP, screwed over by local councils. I have been suicidal at times and they call this the suicide disease because it is just too much.

I have been ignored by authorities, treated like a criminal, had friends and family assume I was lying about this for years.

I have worked, I have asked for help to set up my own business twice, refused the first time, accepted the second time then they pulled the rug from under me and I lost my home, car .. very almost everything.

My daughter was taken away and not given any rights to see me as she grew up. She has a life worse than I told the courts who did not investigate.

She has been the victim of rape gangs, kept prisoner and had her own cervical cancer missed. The Police and Social Workers persecuted her for years on end. She has had two cars taken away from her. She had a child taken away from her and given to his paedophile father. We found out years later he had been beaten and we can only assume it was the father. No I am not kidding.

They deliberately went out of their way NOT to diagnose my special needs granddaughter and then a paediatrician LIED in the diagnosis contradicting all previous claims by professionals, schools, social workers. Two years on they have now reverse their original diagnosis.

Another granddaughter has fluid oozing from her ear. They have point blank refused to see her for months and in that time asked my daughter to take a swab. No less then four times because they kept losing them.

While IDIOT leftist reception staff sit around in the clinics talking utter bollox to one another when they are not doing their virtue signalling to appear human.

A Member of Parliament found out and started swearing over it and become involved.

In 2017 I diagnosed myself and then had a Doctor lie to my face that there is nothing in the NHS to cater for Fibromyalgia. The Fibromyalgia Association UK were shocked that they told me this and gave me a list. After diagnosing myself, do not forget. They then lied and said I threatened them and they did this twice so as not to have to deal with me.

Apparently in modern day fascism you are not supposed to get angry with those that lie to you, treat you like shit and leave you with one of the worst conditions on Earth.

Often think I wish I had cancer as at least I would be given ACTUAL DRUGS to deal with the pain and it wont be long before it is over.

This just goes on and on and on and with every fucking public authority and evil, lying, fascist wanker working for them stabbing you with knives while you try to survive while surround by people that have their heads up their own arses.

While social media giants are all over your ass, using you as a slave to make billions after luring you to work for them before they then start censoring you because you might hurt someone’s feelings somewhere or vote for someone they do not approve of.

While I had to listen to the brain-dead seals standing outside clapping or banging pots and pans to thank the NHS which I do not know is just total and utter fucking blindness of they have heard stories and thought if they went outside and worshipped the New Gods that this wont happen to them if their health fails?

The absolute best one?

Everyone else forgets that I have a fucking memory problem.

All I have ever done is be as honest, genuine and factual as I can but it seems I .. WE .. have been screwed by bother sides. One for politics because they are hateful bigots and hate us but prefer animals over us, the other for money.

No way out and have learned that you just have no one you can turn to and these charities and help agencies are just a cesspool of fascists that fool the public into thinking they do things so they will have over their money.

But shit scared the wider public will discover they too are full or bigoted fascists pushing for power for their own evil desires.


As I was finishing this off I received a phone-call from my daughter who simply asked if stomach pains were a symptom.

Turned out in her home in a remote part of North Wales she had a friend who had these pains as well as a dry cough, fever and diarrhoea.

All my world crumbled. Everything had tried t stop fro happening for years has been for nought. Because people did not listen, did not help and the social media giants kept shutting me down.

Years and years I have been warning about this and now its actually affected me personally and I am going to spend several days, as it is so infectious my daughter must have it, wondering what in the world is going to happen and what I am going t do.

Nothing but shite from this world for decades and now been lead blindfolded towards death by the powers that be.

Had been informed of the real numbers in the UK I would have been able to act way earlier. I did try to move to my daughter’s a few weeks ago because I knew what was coming. No one believed me. Same old same old and I just am at a loss to know what is wrong with mankind. It lives in a dream world of tribalism where people ignore what is happening right in front of them.

Would give anything for the situation to have been reversed.

Once again the resident socialist has been told but they are more important because they have things to worry about. DO you think I will want to be here if anything happens to my daughter with that heartless and selfish attitude?

I have spent two hours asking myself how this has happened and how I am trapped in the worst place and most oppressive place possible to deal with this.

This has happened so much faster than I expected and people were telling me I was wrong about this but when I am confident and post it on my blog I never end up being wrong.

This was the one time I had hoped they were right and I was wrong.

Now on with the post ..

Hoo boy! What a difference a few days make and as I start typing this out I dread to think where we will be by the next time I type something out. IF I type something out.

I was forced to go places I did not want to by my government over something they did they should not have done on the first place.

Two help agencies not that helpful and sending me to do the things I already knew I how to do, a Doctor surgery that was laughable and dreadful.

Now I have some concerning symptoms. Yup my government might have screwed me over one last time but, hey? AT least they might finally get to silence me?

Now here is the rub .. dot do this but do do that over Coronavirus . .basically guess whether you have it or not and then don’t go anywhere and if you do there will be trouble.

Yeah .. trouble they caused.

Now I thought that I had just had a cold .. and maybe I do?

Did not have a cough and the numbers of infected in the UK was was in the 200 to 300 range. So the odds of me having it and going out very little were astronomical.

Then something changed.

I have spent weeks studying and researching this subject and am good with numbers and pattern recognition.

Watch a live News Service several times a day and wade through thousands of videos and webpages throwing things to the side until I find that one I get something from.

Now I spotted early on that nations were lying. Maybe it was for money, to appear to be stronger coming out the other side? Maybe it was to save face and not look weak? I do not know and I do not care and its a disease that has infected our world I have been harping on about for a long time.


Stated to tens of thousands of deaf socialists that their attitudes will get tens of thousands of people killed and now it is. Only it looks to be hundreds of thousands to millions.

We knew China was lying. Covered this is detail. It was soon obvious Russia was lying. The numbers out of Iran were iffy and like China did not match video evidence. We all know Turkey has got many cases too. Was hearing from Americans that they were convinced they had more cases than the official figures. Now its blow up over there and everything is shutting down. Sports to cinema and beyond and will all Disneyland parks closed.

Canadian Frank Vaughn was saying similar things and the got a hold of a recording. Yeah after hearing that shortly after learning Justin Trudeau’s wife tested positive, but he can carry on as he has no symptoms (?!), it now sounds like they have tens of thousands of cases. Not the 142 listed by their government.

This has been total incompetence and failure to such an extreme it is like they actually want this deadly virus to spread. A growing number of angry people are beginning to think this too.

Now here in the UK I have complained about every government service who do not mind being paid but are incompetent and uncaring and no .. not the Tory Party but all of them!

I have also bleated on for years abut the lies, corruption and incompetence of the NHS for many, many years.

Then watching a live stream to a news channel in America a viewer stated something. The UK figures are too low.

So I went and took a look and spotted something immediately and that was it was now ten deaths and of course I had also just discovered that after dying they were discovering people had died because of the Coronavirus when it was unknown that they had it.

This meant two things.

  • It was spreading in places and hospitals without detection
  • The number of deaths and the death rate is higher

Oh dear. With ten deaths and 450 odd cases this was way, way out and a quick look around and I posted that this cannot be right.

With ten cases and probably more we should have had confirmed cases, confirmed remember, of between 5,500 and as much as 10,000 people.

That is infected.

Now as I have now drummed into everyone because now everyone actually WANTS to listen .. the number of confirmed cases is the tip of the ice-berg and depending on how good the experts are there could be between 5 times and 10 times as many people walking around that are infected. China and Iran its higher.

Then literally like an hour or so later an article by the Independent, I tend to loather these days, pops up on my phone. Experts say as many as 10,000 infected in the UK. No .. as I have now shown .. its more!

So there is likely 10,000 to 50,000 walking around with the virus in the UK?

Then this morning after finding out Chelsea football players are showing symptoms and Everton players and after the UK being the only idiots not to shut down events and schools .. my daughter discovers something while speaking to her.

In North Wales not far from Snowdonia I was at least comforted in the knowledge that these will be the last places a virus would reach. It is how it is .. the big cities is where it goes nuts first.

A week ago I am hearing a conversation with her and a teacher at a local school about doing things later on, non-virus related. I told her it was a waste of time as within two weeks the schools will be closed. DO not think she believed me.

But TODAY? Head teacher tells her not to bring the kids to school and they might close it and ignoring the British government. Then a friend of hers has a mother that works in a care home or health centre. A town called Ysbty. Someone there has the Coronavirus?!

My daughter was crying. I told her that I have warned everyone for years that the public services were lying.

I have been in three building in the last week, was supposed to be in one today and supposed to be in three more over the next week, one a Doctors.

Yeah only instead of 91 people walking around London Infected it now is an absolute minimum of 500 and likely to be several thousand.

Well explains why I heard to days ago it was in my area?


Now a tiny risk of contracting the virus has turned into a very high risk. And they are sending me all over the place with pains, a dodgy memory and heart?!

I have lived in a country run by demons and with fooking morons working in public services that have screwed my life up for decades and now THIS?!

It also changed one more thing ..

.. yeah this cold I have? Now might not be a cold and I may have the coronavirus in which case I have been walking into government buildings and help agencies giving it to people?

The irony of it all?

Yeah I contacted them so that I did not have to do all this running around as they are supposed to be help agencies and the government should not have kicked me off disability benefits and cause me to become homeless and lose all my savings.

And now the idiots that never listened to me now all might have become infected .. because they did not listen when they should have done.

I am in a building with two pensioners too. So not only could three of us die but my daughter, if they have not fucked it up for her as they have so many lives, might lose the one family relative she has.

Yeah this was North Wales I tried to move to a month ago before the shit hit the fan and it all went wrong. Because someone else who wanted to help me rushed and my daughter was not there and get the week wrong. So I had to come back with all my stuff. Two days driving in a van with two other people.

And now I cannot go at all. IN case I take an infection with me that they will refuse to test me for?!

You imply cannot make this shit up of the calamitous errors that governments made of people of the grandest sense of self-entitlements, have made.

Yeah and what are the left-wing amoral morons doing? Politicising it and blaming this on the right?!

  • Silent in January
  • Silent in February
  • Silent about countries that are left-wing run that also have outbreaks
  • Evil virtue signalling self loathing bastards that want to take their self loathing out on their fellow and innocent men and women

These people will end up being tied to wooden stakes.

But deem themselves the ones to carry on humanity while leaving all others to die a horrible death because they acted to protect the money despite the fact in no time at all there would be nothing to spend this money on?

And for a virus outbreak they have had over 100 years to come up with a contingency plan on for a stock market I always said was cause collapse and tens of thousands of deaths?

Cannot spend cold currency in hell!

More and more YouTubers are talking about nothing else too. Except everyone knows that another evil corporation, Google, demonetize you if you talk about the Coronavirus, Trump, Grooming Gangs are against socialism.

Yup freedom of speech folks.

Yeah except how are you making money. Google?!

Seen YouTuber talk about delays of cinema movies and went twenty minutes without mentioning the word ‘Coronavirus’ as Grace Randolph was obviously aware she would get demonetized.

How many people losing their income because of evil Google?

Now we are starting to see the knock on effects I have been trying t tell oh so many deaf people about for many weeks. To catastrophes have been warning deaf people about for years To corrupt public services I have warned about for over a decade.

Same old thing with mankind over and over and over again they just do not listen when they should and then talk it down and ignore when they should listen.

Then the shit hits the proverbial fan and we are all out of toilet paper and its not even a God damn joke!

Things move so fast with this things as while typing this Italy had 2,547 cases announced in a single day while the Italian Serie A football team have stated they have had 5 players as well as the club Doctor test positive for Coronavirus.

Also both Denmark and Poland have closed their borders and the London Marathon has been postponed.

The next morning almost playing into my grand plan and #ProjectDistraction hashtag an article in the Independent tabloid states that the British government, now admitting there are up to 10,000 cases, actually wanted the virus to spread to 60% of the population so that a herd immunity can occur. If it does occur.

Only you cannot really control something like that and its as if we are being used as test dummies .. only nobody blindfolds the dummy when it is used in testing!

This is totally incompetent.

There is this division over closing schools .. even within the same country. The naïve have asked me what would the benefit be while I answered we do not end up with hundreds of thousands of parent-less children.

Another and I think Andrew Cuomo in New York stated this .. they need all the health care workers in work.

Not sure he thought that one through as nowhere near enough health care workers because too many people are infected at once is worse than not quite enough health care workers because the number infected at the same time is a little too much?

One scenario will cause more deaths than the other.

Also interesting was a report that stated that in Iran, where many of us think its way out of control, a Reuters report stated that they have called upon their security forces to clear the streets.

‘Clear the streets’? Would have expected a ‘Keep the streets clear’ and wonder if people keep amassing in maybe a protest or fear or maybe some religious ritual where they call for protection from up on high?

So has it gone into some sort of biblical like breakdown out there where a large group are ignoring the requests and think that they have some immunity in some way? This would be somewhat devastating if this is the case.

When you consider that thousands gather to some holy shrine where it was believed that if you licked the temple it would protect your health and make you immune then this on top of that would be potentially catastrophic.

Then one has to wonder if there are other things going on as well as these two?

Quite what this country will look like in a few months is anyone’s guess but if anyone thinks Italy is bad and with that daily number of new cases being 2,547 is anyone’s guess.

Than you have to factor in the lag time of symptoms appearing and if and when anyone infected succumbs and this is about 4 weeks. In a months time the deaths could be like nothing seen in a long time. AS could that of others like Italy, Germany, America and others.

Now the chilling prospect of this horror story unfolding is if we reach that stage and the new cases have continued to rise from now until then, then what would we expect after yet another month?

If we call the figure in Italy as 17,00 and say it doubles in 5 days, when it has been stated as 25. to 6.5 days then ..

By the 18th March it is 34,000 and 23rd March it could be 68,000 and 28th March 136,000, 2nd April 272,000, 7th April 544,00, 12th April 1,088,000.

That is one country and one month from now. If it continues like this, it cannot forever due to people thinning out, and is still rising one month from now then what stage will we get to?

China’s total cases as of today and remembering they have a population of well over 1.4 Billion people .. is at 80,813. This is after 8 weeks.

Now think for a moment as by the 28th of March which is 12 days away Italy’s case numbers with a far smaller population could have surpassed China’s by over 50,000 cases. In far less time too. Also remember Italy expected this. China did not.

So how could this be possible?

Now consider Iran and probably never get a time frame but they sound far worse than Italy, which I did not even think possible, and I wonder of their cases have already surpassed China’s totals? I also wonder if the deaths in Iran have surpassed China’s 3,176?

They might not have done .. yet but I suspect they might surpass China in as little as a week? On line there was a picture circulating of 360 foot trenches and several of them claimed to be used as mass graves? One or two of these were claimed to have been filed and this was one site.

Once again how can this be possible?

The obvious answer is the one that many of us have known. Because the numbers are the numbers and you cannot escape them.

Note it is not as the CCP in China claimed because they made lots of mistakes, many details changed along the way. They were sending people home as recovered who were still infected. Then there were the recording regarding crematoriums burning bodies 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for many weeks. But we do not know ow many of these were doing this.

Yeah in reality you could probably add two digits t the official number of deaths in China and be a damn site closer to the truth.

Now I think that the CCP must have realised this because after spending a couple of weeks boasting how good they were and everyone else was shit at handling the virus they sent a team to Italy to help?

Yeah sitting at home watching the numbers on TV, just as I said would happen, they must have shat themselves at the recent daily figures and realised that with the exponential rises the world see they lied within days?

That ship sailed many weeks ago. Think my last two of three parts or possibly all five parts n this Coronavirus series I stated that?

Will never forget one night when a flurry of news reports came in that was about to put into foccus with everyone this threat and why I gave the last post its title. Because I knew it was coming. But not like this!

Donald Trump announces he is cancelling flights from EU countries into America and Tim Pool, who had originally thought this would come to nothing, put out a tweet I will never forget.

‘Sitting in the studio we just had collective ‘Holy Fuck’ moment’

He had been starting to realise this was big. His last few videos he had states as much and admitted he was wrong and thought we should pay more attention now.

So that tweet was a key moment. Only it was not the only moment.

Because also immediately Tom Hanks tweets out while I am watching and declares that his actress wife, Rita Wilson, and himself have been tested positive for the Coronavirus. Many thought the timing was odd as it was just as Trump’s address had finished.

Yeah that was not the only moment because then it emerged there was something going on at a basketball game in Oklahoma City and it had not got started. Then the players started heading back to their locker rooms.

For a few minutes everyone wondered and speculated what was going on. Then it was announce that a French player Gobert, had been ill recently and tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Then the NBA announced they was suspending the whole season!

Then the other sports started following and I recall the NFL and Hockey and PGA Tour with Golf and seem to think there was one other?

Concerning is just seeing what looked like a Chinese journalist ask Trump about working with the CCP over the virus and he praised them?

Yeah I felt like that was a plant, over the top, unnecessary and will not go down well with many people.

You want to be concerned with the Chinese people and not the CCP and be concerned that nothing has been coming out of China of late. Not even leaks and only unreliable videos from CCP controlled sources would not give the time of day to.

I simply refuse point blank to even watch anything controlled by the CCP and not too happy if I do this with any other news channel anywhere.

Seems to be a lot of government control with the news media and probably most if not all of them in the world today?

Another odd thing about the coronavirus is how we kept being told when it was going to peak and the date kept getting moved forward. It was early February then it was mid February before it was the end of February then sometime in March and then it was eventually April.

Literally as I was typing this and after Trump gave a speech a Doctor was asked when it was going to peak?

“We don’t know” was the first honest answer I have seen about the virus.

I would have estimated when it got to around 5 million without measure to slow it down, which as are now in place has been pushed back?

There are so many acts as well as so many reactions by the public that can and will effect the speed of the spread.

So yeah now its been declared a National Emergency in he US.

Oh and someone has to have a dig about Trump taking his time which has to be made about Trump .. and of course with the hard-left who do not care other than to use this to attack him and said nothing about the deaths in China until now ..

As I stated previously to others.. almost all countries have been late to respond, unfortunate but true. Added to this left-wing politicians said nothing about the virus until recently.

It is also worth nothing that trying to put a right-wing spin on this is a bit rich because the last time I checked .. there are left-wing countries aplenty. What about them?

This originated in a communist country and it came out of a lab and they may or may not have created it. But they hid it, then lied about it, then they lied about the numbers and continued to do so throughout. All along left-wing idiots around the world among politicians and the news media were then praising the CCP while at the same time talking down the virus and this went on for 6 weeks or more.

Suddenly its all become a Trump and right-wing thing?

Jesus I have never known such a large group of people that have come across as so thoroughly inhuman while attempting desperately to appear human because they see an opportunity to attack someone.

Can you believe that with reports that China shutting down dropping emissions by

This article states ‘temporary’ drop in carbon emissions in China and yeah .. about that?

Pro AGW always make assumptions. It was a massive drop and this was 19th February around the time everyone was saying the outbreak would peak in a few weeks . Then it was another few weeks .. a month later Italy is shutting down and they do not know when it is going peak.

America is slowing down as is Europe as will every other country on Earth over the next few months. Slower and slower, with unfortunate deaths building in numbers.

After this people will be scared to get on planes, ships or trains.

So NO .. it is not in anyway temporary and is in fact permanent as I stated from the outset .. but they have jobs lying or making plicks of themselves. So bizarre.

Not good to censor WORDPRESS!!


Since I have pointed this out I have noticed that the GWPF is now on this case and you can bet your life that in as little as 30 days many countries emissions would have also dropped off a cliff.

The numbers are soaring in virus cases so the lock-downs and slow downs along with the inevitable reductions in emissions will come.

And so the sole argument of AGW Alarmists will evaporate and has been evaporating for 10 weeks but the alarmists are still solely focused on pushing it. Still talking abut people dying ignoring that cold, ice and snow kill more which has now been surpassed by the Coronavirus Covid-19 but they do not care about that.


The numbers just keep on climbing everywhere and the scary part of this is that many countries have barely started rising.

The one country everyone is looking at is Africa and many Africans are hoping and praying that their warmer climate will not be agreeable to the virus. But some countries that are warm it has still spread quite rapidly.

And South Africa I knew had cases days before they announced any and are now at 16. Senegal has 10. Nigeria has 2. Cameroon has 2 That is sub-Saharan Africa and they are now rising faster. Many also believe the numbers are higher as many Chinese are building infrastructure on the continent.

Egypt has 80. Algeria has 24. Tunisia has 13. Morocco has 6. These numbers are believed to be under reported too.

The really does have the potential to be world changing and a few news reporters are realising this and even stating it.

Now with these alarmist types still trying to get everyone to focus on AGW and ignoring everything else I normally tell them the following .. I have altered the time frame a couple of times now ..

  • You have 30 days left
  • No one will want to hear about AGW
  • No News Media will mention AGW
  • Scientists will be focusing on other things
  • The resulting emissions drop will be massive and clearly be continuing
  • Virus fallout will last two years
  • People will be scared to get on aircraft
  • People will be scared to get on ships
  • People will be scared to get on trains
  • Within a year or two the true driver of the climate, Sun and Volcanoes along with Ocean and other things will be proven

So I tell them it is over but they simply wont have it.

As I was typing this out and that calculation I have been talking about since I started in January? You can only use the same periods of time and so ‘recovered’ divided by the ‘deaths’ for the percentage?

Literally within the last hour I watched a video by Dr Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity on YouTube and he has literally just quoted the same thing.

Also has states that advisers over the coronavirus in the UK should be fired and is idiotic while also states that what they have seen of Iran strongly suggests they might have a couple of million cases on infected?

Have to say I was stunned when I watched this. Finally hearing someone back up what I have been telling people for months now and those possible numbers in Iran. I felt sure it was in the hundreds thousands by now and very likely a lot more.

Just as added the last to this post I see the number of cases go from around 140,000 to nearly 156,000 which do not even think is a single day?

Italy just reported they had 3,497 cases and 175 deaths in a single day?! Now wondering of this will slow down or hit five figures in a single day for cases?

Imagine for a moment that we reached a point where you have over 100 countries, smaller populations would not reach this, reporting five figures minimum each day?

Not going to be long before I decide to just walkabout and head off into the country .. never to return.

Have two horrors to endure and I am not sure I want to actually witness either one?! At all!

Just remember ..

  • More than 15 feet
  • Beware being downwind
  • Enclose spaces not good
  • Planes, Buses, Trains all bad
  • Wash hands before you re-enter home for 20 seconds or preferably using alcohol based sanitizer with higher than 70%
  • Colloidal Silver might help
  • Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Grass, Lavender Oil but high concentrations like alcohol
  • Be wary of your shoes re-entering house, treat it like Foot and Mouth Disease

Some other interesting facts and reports about the Coronavirus ..





The alarmists lie and insist it has not cooled.

Spending time debating them and then batting to one side they childish below the belt attacks you soon realise a few things. They do no research. They ignore the facts or do everything they claim to say they are not facts. Some even insist they are not hard-left or Antifa members but end up dropping themselves in it

They are not interested in the facts at all they like to give people the impression that they are so that they appear level headed and win people over to their side.

Yeah problem with that is every time they argue with me they shed followers like there is no tomorrow and this ends up being anywhere between 50 and 500. Upon realising they then back away.

Meanwhile my followers actually rise. My total in around 14 months, it did slow for awhile as I debated too many and got blocked by 46 of them, went over 10,000 awhile back.

Now back to getting these to rise and back on Parler where these are now rising faster though wonder why what with this Coronavirus banging on my door?

Meanwhile NASA has a few problems of its own and the alarmists had better hope that this does not affect NOAA and a few others. Like the IPCC.



Before I get into this .. yet again .. I want to point out a couple of things about China, the Coronavirus and the name Covid-19.

Are you ready?

  • Their numbers are way higher, recently saw a news video I will link below, where its claimed they are 52 ties higher in places
  • China went to extreme measures to prevent the spread and no western countries will go to he extremes that China did

Now if you can accept these as facts as many of us stated for over 6 weeks and keeping this in mind.

Two weeks ago I attempted to relocate to Wales and it went wrong.

During the two day trip I talked abut the virus with a family member that thought it would come to nothing. Several did this. It seems after years of proving fake news and corruption people still want to believe the media over me. Go figure.

Stated previously it wont be long before I am proven right .. yet again .. and today the Associated Press stated in an article that the number of coronavirus cases outside China now has exceeded that of China.

At the time of this journey there were somewhere between 21 and 24 countries with cases, I believe it was?

At the time of writing the number of countries is now 48 and I have no doubt that by the time I post this it would have gone up.

Since then a massive surge has occurred in South Korea and very surprising to me is Italy that has had hundreds of cases and a dozen deaths.

Worse still is Iran who have had way more deaths than Italy and yet way less cases declared which must be wrong as it would make the death rate higher than 33%! So it is generally thought that they have maybe thousands of cases and not 50 0dd with 19 deaths as was listed at one point?

The wife of the person I have since found out told someone I know now panicking about this that it would burn out and come to nothing.

I stated that its already way more than 3 times worse than SARS and is absolutely showing no signs of slowing down and that the person that told her had zero knowledge or understanding of anything in science at all.

Me? Among many things Herpetologist, Batrachologist, Ichthyologist, computer scientist who was offered a PhD by Peter Passmore of Middlesex University working in all of those as well as medicine creating software to teach keyhole surgeons how to perform surgery.

Then there is my high level of knowledge, certainly higher than average, in astronomy and astrophysics, volcanology, seismology, meteorology, orchidaceae and others.

Called a genius by Police Detectives, Secret Services, Doctors, lecturers, solicitors, social workers and others. But to the non-educated I am constantly told I am wrong and called an idiot. Not all, fortunately as one friend’s wife told her friends that her husband has a mate who is a genius.

Might be funny to hear I always get embarrassed when I am told these things.

As I am the various labels I have been given like a Modern Day Robin Hood, Warrior of God and The Messenger and the last two were fro Christian groups and I told them they are barking up the wrong tree as I am not religious. One said ..

“God does not work that way. He chooses those that are worthy”

Would have been a lot more humbling if I had been religious. Have a lot of morals that align with Christians. I am just very scientific and have an analytical mind.

Now despite people still calling me mad for my claims .. this is puzzling as six of those people have long found out in their own experiences that I was right. NHS, Police, Social Services and many others besides.

One I lost contact with for 5 years was unknowingly following me on Twitter and upon realising apologised for me for thinking I was mad and then told his 3,000 odd followers, who were stunned, that I was the guy he had been telling them about for a couple of years. The one that predicted everything that is now happening that people thought I was mad for claiming.

Picked up a few followers for a few days after that tweet of his, I can tell you.

So according to some and I have had to love with this for years .. I am an idiot and wrong, despite my 8 years and 100% prediction success rate .. oh they do not bother to look. But it seems despite all this uneducated people know better?!

Told one friend about this virus and gave him predictions a month ago and he did not think it would get to the stage it is at now. Other than some slight surprises, case rises in places I did not expect and low in others I thought would rise fast, it has continued as I expected.

But they still doubt. It beggars belief, it truly does!

You can imagine my relocation falling through and not hearing anything about it and not being contacted is quite frustrating and then some?

Since then I have had emergency meetings .. one that was fecked up by idiots and a second that was a waste of time and now a third I am waiting for.

This s being done because I do not know what is happening with my move and I cannot stay here when the coronavirus arrives as walking in front of a bus is far more appealing!

Well not its a matter of weeks and the one thing I have in my favour is that here in the UK it has been slow .. but this might turn out to be a bad thing?

After seeing Italy you wonder if this will suddenly occur everywhere? It did the same in South Korea.

The other issues is with 48 countries you now have potential carriers if this virus flying from country to country. More waves.

Also heard today that the Centre for Disease Control in America they have a tele-briefing service where they are stating in no uncertain terms this is coming and everything is going to change.

Like the flu?

Yeah .. on the social media platforms YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and Minds and likely others people have noticed an extreme effort to stop people telling the truth and certainly do not want you making money.

But they evil bar stewards will happily promote fake news who have been wrong one very single thing on every single day since the news broke on January 1st 2020. That is 8 weeks.

It is OK to parrot the World Health Organisation and the United Nations both of which have now lost credibility with a humongous amount of people including some very good Doctors.

The best one was ‘Oh we do not use the word ‘pandemic’ any more’ despite their website having pages dedicated to how they would deal with a flu pandemic?!

What pandemics only apply to the flu now .. or what?

Yes they can lie and bullshit and make money from lies and bullshit like they did with Anthropogenic Global Warming which was never a thing in a million years with an army of useful leftist idiots, that also helped cause this outbreak, who kept parroting shite while ignoring scientific data.

It beggars belief.

I have been scratching my head for two decades or more and as they years have gone on I have just scratched my head more and more and more.

Flocking tools in power and tools voted them in time after time after time while sticking their heads in the sand with lines like ‘oh well .. that is just the way it is’

An what you have now is what you end up with when you stick your heads in buckets with idiotic statements like that.

There are a few as mad as I am about this and with both the right and the left and one of those, I discovered tonight, is Canadian Frank Vaughn on YouTube I have been watching.

The part that makes you furious is all those morons have forced you to sleep-walk into this horror story along with them.

Like someone I have to deal with who is a narcissistic socialist who cannot stand anyone else getting attention .. its like the old man in the second Poltergeist movie where he leads people to their deaths in a cave of whatever it was and wont let them leave. Either while they was alive or their spirits.

This is what it has felt like for me for the longest time now.

Absolutely years of my life in torture, pain or just plain wasted thanks to the evil people behind the social media giants who think they can play God and lies are OK and the truth is not. Effectively becoming slave drivers in the process. You could not make this stuff up, you really can not.

I should receive the fist money I have had for many months in about 6 weeks but I do not even know if there will be banks or a welfare system by this time?! It is that bad from my point of view and I hope I get lucky at least for a few weeks or even a couple of months and am able to escape .. to somewhere .. anywhere .. but here?!

Worst [art abut it is those in power that will be complicit in the murder of hundreds of thousands, millions or tens of millions or, God forbid, more will disappear under their rocks.

Then when the dust has settled they will crawl out from under those rocks and reclaim their power, land and make people work for them like the Kings, Queens and the deities I am certain they see themselves as.

Yeah I have a message for them as I assure you it wont go as they planned. Not even close.

Did you know that in Indonesia they frown upon people that wash their hands? How do you think the coronavirus will do there?

We have had a health minister in Iran telling people on TV twice its not big deal and they have control over it, while coughing and sweating and a day or two later posting a film of himself from a hospital bed stating ‘Oh I have tested positive for the coronavirus’?!

Yes its that insane and I a matter of days 11 or 12 countries in the Middle-East declared cases of the virus .. in a week or so?!

  • Leftists possibly created disease
  • Leftists let out disease
  • Leftists concealed outbreak
  • Leftists then lied about numbers
  • Other leftists helped spread the disease with the sheer leftist idiocy
  • Leftists then lied to protect leftism
  • Leftist News Media talked down the disease
  • WHO and UN praised CCP the whole way
  • Naive idiots did not research putting those around them at risk
  • Other idiots lied and said they did not have it
  • Along with the above those that did got on planes to go home, flock knows what for
  • Thereby infecting everyone on the aircraft
  • Meanwhile because of lying leftists and there fake AGW and as I warned them so many times had everyone and all scientists concentrating on global warming which was pure bullshit
  • Ergo leftists once again have killed a very large number of people

They argues, bitched, called names and reported me when I told them over and over again IF they keep getting everyone focused on AGW was is not real and NOT a threat something will come along and bite them in the arse.

Consider their arse having a few small lumps taken out of it before it has giant size pieces removed over the next few weeks.

And I cannot wait for the excuses .. and oddly the usual suspects have all been absent today and I wonder of they have realised, all wonkers from Antifa, and have crawled back under their rocks?

Have been dropping hints for a couple of weeks now and if they have now realised I can assure you they know full well, as I have done this many times, there is going to be a backlash from me.

Only this time I will pain the walls with them and then some.

Well as I was typing this out something I predicted has already happened. I stated that in time what would happen is that the CCP would get shown up to be false. That the numbers of cases outside China would show the numbers being given out would reveal what many of us already knew. That the CCP were lying. They could have covered it up better and could have easily explained themselves away. But that ship sailed some time ago.

Now what JUST happened occurred twice.

Earlier in the day the Associated Press ran an article that stated that for the first time the numbers of new cases exceeded that of China.

Then today and after South Korea announced 334 cases in their morning announcement they then announced 171 others later in the day. This meant that South Korea alone had more cases announced than the whole of China.

Should be pointed out that China has 28 times more people than China.

Yes it is entirely feasible that China slowed the spread but nowhere near the extent of that they have been announcing. It was inconceivable.

You have yet another one coming up that will further show that the CCP have been lying, which they have also done to their own people. This is time and specifically the time since the outbreak began in China and the point the numbers started to fall.

Now this might have taken eight weeks but if this was possible and with South Korea’s population being way smaller it should, in theory, occur sooner? But if that same point goes by and the numbers are still rising in South Korea then the CCP has nowhere to run.

Two things I want to point out and that is the AGW cult which are all Antifa leftists I argue with over their attitudes, lies, agenda and climate change were nowhere to be seen. This has not happened for a single day for eight whole months. Yeah I think they realised. There was one guy called Joe, I called LessThanAverage .. Joe, but on a different thread. But that was it.

I also want to touch on something else that has come up at a great deal and that is these accusations of racism.

Now personally I have not seen this myself so when it comes up in the fake news I have no idea what they are talking about. Well other than leftists that seem to suggest that if you say anything at all about the CCP y are racist?

Yeah that is very helpful to the people in China who are suffering and just another example of their utter idiocy among the modern day left. Idiots pure and simple.

Have had a lot of friends from the orient and several of them were while at university. Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. They can be really nice people and can make the greatest friends.

I also love China and had planned to spend a lot of time there but it did not work out. But I have always disliked the CCP and think they treat their own people like garbage and this has gone beyond ridiculous since the outbreak started.

Governments are lying too. Was saying to someone recently that there will be so much trouble from this even after it is all over.

Iran health minister claims they have it under control on TV at least twice while coughing and sweating then appears in hospital testing positive?

In am matter of a few days they have 26 deaths and only 245 cases and the disease has spread to three or more other countries from Iran and experts saying that there must be thousands of cases or even 10,000 cases for this to occur?

Bearing in mind they stated something along the lines that it was fabricated to disrupt elections they had going on. I bet they are feeling very embarrassed right about now?

Make no mistake I live in a life of hell, I an area of hell, in a building fro hell in a room from hell with a health condition from hell and have a daughter with a life from hell. We have been absolutely battered about by our own country for years and neither of us trust anyone.

Then in the last year I saw the scientific data that leftists ignore and knew immediately what it meant for the world.

Made my predictions and while many have since been talked about one is unfolding as I type this out and when its over it will be obvious the world is cooling.

What rate this will occur is impossible to nail down and depends on other factors. But it will cool and for many years and would estimate 7 and maybe, if some predictions on solar cycle 25 are correct, up to 20.

A low activity sun and extended solar minimums are causing cooling but leftists ignore that, the reports of up to 7 metres of snow and insist it is still warming.

They cannot explain where the extra heart is coming from, mind you.

Volcanoes are increasing in VEI and frequency which will speed up cooling but they ignore that too and state they have no effect. They are all about the science though.

Now then let us deal with the Elephant in the Room scenarios no one else seems to have touched upon ,. the lying by governments. Why?

Well the easy place to start is China and they have a lot of people to cater for and have spent many decades building themselves up as the manufacturer for the world.

Because other companies wanted to save on costs and make larger profits. Apple, Nikon, Sony, various companies making bicycles and the list goes on.

Now I had a very goof friend years ago who was from Newcastle, so a Geordie. We were both into similar things and one was mountain bikes. I told him several times that this urge to make all the affordable stuff in China was a mistake waiting to happen. That down the line this would go wrong, as I also predicted with the stock markets.

But like so many things I never thought I would live to see my predictions actually unfold.

Now here is how it works ..

  • Country A outbreak occurs
  • They announce because they have to and think they might get help from the world
  • Outbreak gets out of control
  • Money people start thinking abut money and markets
  • They realise that this will spread fast
  • They then realise other nations will be pre-occupied with their own countries
  • Therefore help will not occur or disappear after a short while
  • They lie
  • Other countries, A-B-C etc, now realise this already
  • They then realise that if they appear the least affected they not only look good but ..
  • They may be able to capitalise and take things from Country A

Country A is obviously China in this instance.

A potential Country B? Well say maybe a large country where they had 2 cases only for several weeks despite the fact that several weeks ago they were asking embarrassingly bad errors. Saw a video where they quarantined a bunch of people and at least one escaped.

Now hold on to your butts for this one ..

In the video they had arrested this woman and took her to court .. a small courtroom in a building that was crammed with people and they was surrounded by journalists and photographers more up close and personal than normal.

It was a facepalm moment for me and I expected that within a week there would be up to 20 cases declared from this country. A few weeks later, maybe 3 and no one has mentioned this, there has not been a single case?

Other countries that border it have now had dozens of deaths and they estimate there must be thousands of cases? Yet this large country still remains at two cases?

If it already seems like they are lying I am afraid it is about to get worse .. because, you see, this country shares a very .. VERY large border with China.

It is also the country that China based its whole social system on.

Why yes that would be RUSSIA!!

In the space of two to four weeks and while Russia remained at2 cases we have had dozens of countries added to the list .. DOZENS. Countries like Italy, I did not expect at all, raced up into the hundreds of cases. South Korea now in the thousands of cases and they do not eve HAVE a border with China. Only North Korea and we all know how that one works.

So do you think that Russia might have hoped to gain all the manufacturing from China?

Lets be honest here. China might never be able to do again what it did previously?

Chances are China will collapse and I have said this for over a month. They might not have the workforce available when this is over? My betting is there will be a revolution in China and something like that has bee sparked for reasons for less serious than what is going on right now.

Watched a video from Shanghai where Chinese are all sitting on the floor in a public square and officials are walking around telling them to go back to work. This is a week after the CCP is giving the impression to the world that they have the coronavirus under control.

Everyone knows this is complete bullshit. As do the Chinese.

The people remained sitting on the floor. No one responded to the repeated requests and I was even wondering if they were going to start arresting people?

Because China are losing vast amounts of money and due to the population size a complete collapse would not take long.

They are more or less treating their people like slaves only in this instance the is a very good chance they will contract the virus and die. They have welded people into their homes. There was a video of a tower block on fire with residents reportedly still in it. They have dragged people off the streets and arrested them. They have arrested Doctors and others for speaking out. Anyone talking on social media gets a visit from Police within 30 minutes, even videos of that happening.

Yeah, yeah the CCP have been honest to the world, right?

Well in the public square the Chinese woman taking the video on her phone eventually speaks and says that the control over the coronavirus is a sham and a lie and no one wants to return to work.

In another video a canteen that caters for 100 companies in an Industrial area has very few customers after re-opening. The video was from the South China Morning Post and they talked to several factories .. many had been told to re-open which they did. Only most of the had no workers returning so were doing nothing. Some had anything up to 50% so where not operating at anything like their usual full capacity.

Of course I was waiting for these videos as this announcement that China was going back to work? Never gonna happen.

It is like other people that think this is just the flu, fabricated to get control, released intentionally by the elite and all other manner of theories.

Maybe when the Tokyo Olympics are not held or cancelled they might take this seriously and not just another tool to push their narratives because they have obsessions for those they want to blame everything on?

So far more than 50 countries, thousands upon thousands of videos, a case, death and spread rate that’s 4 times worse than SARS with no signs of slowing down, top tier football matched being cancelled, people fighting in supermarkets over food and by a long way the largest lock-downs in human history that is occurring in a growing number of countries is not enough.

One, trying t prove their point, wanting to tell me it was blown out of proportion by these elite t gain control actually used the line ‘think about it logically’?

Logically ..

  • Ignore the fact a serious virus is out
  • Spreading way faster and wider than anything before
  • Killing at a scary rate
  • hundreds Millions locked down
  • Logical thing to do is run around on social media blaming ..
  • Elite/China/Trump/Bats/Pangolins/Soros

Reality ..

  • Ignoring it wont change anything
  • Ignorance wont stop it
  • It wont care what colour, culture, religion you are
  • Knowing where it came fro wont change a damn thing
  • Wanting everyone to echo you wont change a damn thing
  • You wont get everyone or even enough to listen to your claims anyway
  • Data data data .. you cannot make on omelette without eggs anyway

Timing ..

  • Focus on what is important right now
  • The truth will come out as people will find a way after this
  • If this results in the end of civilisation as we know it then ..
  • The evil ones in power will retreat under their rocks until the dust settles
  • Once over they will re-emerge
  • They will then try to regain power, lay claim to entire swathes of land and the people to do their bidding and work
  • And THEN the people will have their culprits and can deal with them accordingly
  • THIS is ..
  • How you deal with t and make sure they do not get away with their evil plans
  • It is THIS you need to make enough people aware of to stop them ..
  • Because NOW it is the only way to stop them AFTER .. this event is over and like I said to this person ..
  • I would very much like to be around to see that but ..
  • If I contract this virus I am dead for sure

I held back until there as a right time to state these things but they have been in my head for a very long time now.

I have stated previously that I have been limited in various ways by a lot of social media platforms and some of these will surprise you and they have surprised me too.

Now maybe .. just maybe .. looking at the above LOGIC I have provided might make people realise just WHY I have been targeted?

It is not my numbers because despite everything my followers are not exactly big. But what they were doing was growing quickly and I went up to 4,000 followers in the space of a few months.

Imagine what this works out to be over a few years?

I have got through to people on the hard-left and the hard-right. Not every time admittedly but I have achieved this many thought impossible.

Have talked many times and used the hashtag #ProjectDistraction and it seems to me that the divide was almost as if t was created. People going very far to the left to start with, infiltrated news, politics, entertainment and industries. As a result other started oat then venture to the right.

It has been like watching pawns on a proverbial chess board over the past few years.

AS Tim Pool recently did a video about there has been this really annoying habit, by the leftists, to label everything they do not like as a ‘conspiracy theory’ as people have been conditioned for years to retreat in embarrassment from such things.

Quite how saying that someone has a theory about a conspiracy now means your a raving lunatic and best avoided is beyond me. But someone .. somewhere .. came up with the idea to do this.

Have to admit though .. many with the crazier sounding stuff have only helped them do this and therefore hide the truth that for the past couple of years they complain has been hidden from them.

Probably the worst of these is Flat-Earth and Bigfoot? Arguably.

Stories are stories and proof is proof.

It takes someone with some unique insight to separate the wheat fro the chaff and this is something I am very good at. This blog is full of it. Used to have a friend send me YouTube videos on Bigfoot and thought the Earth was flat.

On the latter I ended up listening to a video on Flat-Earth about some map. Two American women on a podcast talk to a British guy who was telling them about some old map and that the font on the map was Times New Roman. Something to do with the dates?

Now I thought he has sent me the wrong link?

But next time I see him I told him and he said “No that is the right link” and 20 years I had no idea he believed the world was flat. And I said ..

“Yeah .. that map does not prove anything”

He replied that it did because this font was not supposed to be around until the time that The Times created it. Times New Roman.

I simply said “No. All it sows is that The Times did not create the font .. they just copied it from some old map”

After a moments silence and thought he replied “Oh [BLLEP]! I never thought of that!”

I cannot emphasize enough that which many that knew me in real life know. I am not perfect but I am big on facts and do not go on faith.

Nor am I a sensationalist and these things would hardly benefit me now.

Never lied and you need a good memory to be a liar and I have a health condition and one of many, many dozens of symptoms is short-term memory loss so I would make a bloody awful liar at any rate.

As for the genius label so many people and organisations have given me and others fear?

My theory is as close a dammit in that my condition increases my brainwave activity and I can analyse super-fast but I do have the issue that sometimes I can shut down .. like a writers block only worse. Even has a name. Fibrofog.

Other than this I deal with anxiety, not over the virus, and many areas of pain and living a life of pure hell.

After watching me tear through dozens of people on Twitter, shhh, and getting blocked by over 40 Antifa climate alarmists on a single thread, muted by a dozen on the same thread. Blocked by Professor Brian Cox and Michael Mann (must do a post about this with screenshots) you might start to realise, I thin I mentioned earlier, WHY I was saluted?

That event literally brought tears to my eyes. Literally. Had to break off and go and make a coffee.

If you compare what has been said by so many people and that they have stated that I am one of the best people they have seen online for my ability to debate, my widespread knowledge, my ability to tear down scientific papers with aplomb you might realise something?

Everything I have said about being limited by all these social media giants is true.

I am good at spotting patterns and numbers and even the virus has spread just as predicted it would and an outbreak I predicted on this blog where I have had tags deleted.

Yeah I should have at least hundreds of thousands of followers .. and tens of thousands of viewers each month. But I do not. Also not being paid, mores the pity and to my daughter’s disappointment who tells people and her boyfriend she has a genius as a father.

Speaking t someone she knows on the phone he said to her “I have just GOT to meet your Dad! He is a genius!”

She replied in the background not knowing I heard her “Oh you have NO IDEA”.

There is indeed a blog post with a recording that will give you this idea and that is ‘Country of the Damned’.

Yeah the powers that be do not like me.

Unfortunately I have waited for help to promote me to get beyond their suppression and I have had a lot of help when people realised what was happening and see for themselves.

But thus far it has really never quite happened. Not sure if I have just had help from people with not enough followers or they are doing a good job at focusing on me?

People have tried for years to bring me to the attention of various famous people and if named you would know each one. One I will mention is Rebel Media and Ezra Levant. There have been four or so that I am aware of?

Some told me I was going in the right direction, keep going it wont last much longer but I was not so sure and yet again I was right.

One even told me they would take away my financial woes and horrific life and once again that never happened.

Both my daughter and I have had 9 years of this .. promises that are broken so much so that today if anything like that is said to either of us we just totally ignore it.

Yes she has had them too .. massive book, TV and film deals for her story and got reduced to local paper article, Take A Break Monthly article and Love It!

At one point she waited for a Limousine to take her to London to appear on Good Morning Britain, or one of those, and Panorama. That never came.

It is like almost the prefect timing that just as I am about 6 months away from actually achieving something by finding various ways around their suppression, am sure they are well aware of, that this damn virus outbreak occurs.

In fact this reminds me of people from my past .. sometimes distant that said two peculiar things and no not the Robin Hood, Warrior of God or The Messenger people that called me those things.

  • You have a highly unusual amount of bad luck?
  • The worse your life get the worse the world seems to get?
  • You have been through so many things it is almost like you have been put here for a test?

These things have continued and it so often feels like this is in fact hell and have been put here for things I did in a previous life?

Yet so many people see me as a hero and anyone knew that comes across me starts thinking that within a couple of weeks.

But still unstable idiots in entertainment seem to get masses of followers and it like a delusional disease affects a large percentage of the population.

Or Ike I said they are just doing a very good job at suppressing me or preventing what I say to spread too far?

So I sit around watching the numbers of the coronavirus hoping I get out of where I am in time before it spreads too fay in the UK. We have been lucky thus far as fully expected to spread much further and faster than it has here.

Unfortunately that has occurred in Italy which has been a humongous shock to me. Now spreading in France and Germany.

Now I did in fact find myself in North Wales in a van with two other people and what is left, that I did not lose no thanks to my own government, of my belongings.

I was within two miles of the house I was to move into. Only the person was not there and there was a mix-up on the dates a week apart.

In all fairness and agreed with by others, it was rushed.

So we ended up in a hotel in Bangor, went and spotted our first Chough, a rare bird, while fighting strong winds there is a video of. Then went to Snowdon and took pictures before coming back again and placing all my belongings back in my room just before midnight.

Due to my condition and just as I knew would happen I then suffered for a couple of days. Annoying there is often a delayed reaction with this condition, it is very weird. It is called Fibromyalgia and even affects my heart.

No medication nor access to Doctors .. because the NHS are evil morons for the most part as is every public service in the UK. Or just part of the concerted effort to stop me.

One friend I know who doubted me has now been lied to by the NHS, DWP, Police and Social Services and had belongings confiscated, been made to work in pain for years before finding out he needs a new hip and still made to work. Not lazy he has always worked, should point that out.

Since heard he was suicidal and speaking to him he said this “I wanted t smash my GP’s face in!” which was a real shock to hear! But these evil flucking morons push you and push you and push you beyond human limit and then have a meltdown and okay the victim when YOU REACT.

The NHS and government’s official line in the UK for the coronavirus?

We are well prepared for an outbreak of the coronavirus” or something to that extent?

What did I hear from Canadian YouTuber and all round sensible guy Frank Vaughn on YouTube?

We will not be treating those that are weak (and/or old and shite)”

Oh yeah sounds well prepared as the institution that has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths over the past few years wants t now speed up the process and save money and resources?

Fucking evil.

Had this myself its on this blog and you really could not make this stuff up about these evil asswipes and I am talking about Doctors here too. In it fr the MONEY. Not the people. THE END.

Yeah feel pretty sure they would prefer it if I was not .. ‘around’ any longer.

As of right now I am getting help from Age UK to get an income I have to wait 6 weeks for and I am even wondering if there will even be a welfare system in 6 weeks time or it will last much longer?

If I did manage to relocate to Wales then sorting this out prior to leaving would be a massive help but that is IF I relocate as I have not heard anything in two weeks regarding this.

In my head an am watching an hour glass and the sands of time slowly running out.

One of the worst health condition in the worst room in the worst building with the worst people while in the worst area while hammering away online to actually try and reach many different goals.

Oh I might add that it was all agreed with the British government for me to start my own business and go self-employed. Now let me just explain this to show you that something is going on ..

  • Government said I could not go on Business Scheme called Enterprise as it would take too long to build up numbers
  • Than I explained I had been at it for four years and showed them the current number
  • Business adviser almost fell off his chair and said ..
  • I can tell you now I do not even have to speak to my bosses, you WILL get accepted”
  • Did a course I did not need to do, admitted by the advisor when he realised what I was, what I did and what I know
  • Two days after going self-employed the government pulled the plug
  • At the exact same time I found out my daughter had been attacked by her husband who had gone to prison
  • Disabled Daughter and Father .. they did all this? Nice people.
  • At the time I was a couple months away from getting my first payment via Adsense and Google
  • That was Spring 2017
  • At the time I was not using Twitter, GAB, Minds, Parler or anything like that
  • In 2020 I have 12,000 followers, despite then knocking off 7,000 followers, on the above
  • So as you can imagine the number of viewers has rocketed in the last couple of years from the point I was about to be paid?
  • In 24 hours I was lucky if I got as high as 20 viewers in 24 hours, 50 after a week
  • Today I often get 50 in the first 24 hours
  • In 6 months that will be way higher
  • So where is the money?

Had a friend who thought I was mad when I stated they were subduing me back in 2015 and 2016 as did others.

A Type 1 Diabetic I know was in a hospital waiting room a year back and got talking to a YouTuber and he told the guy he had this mate who had this made idea he was being subdued and money being held back.

My friend got asked what it was I talked about and after telling him it was rapists, Trump, against climate change and others they guy then told my friend with his jaw open ..

“Oh yeah, he is right. I have lost over £1,000 per month and have friends that have lost several hundreds each month in income”

After a few years of thinking I was batshit crazy my friend apologized.

He later started that everything I had said for years n one believed turned out to be true and including the NHS because after thinking for years he was untouchable because of his illness they started to mess him around and lie to him.

‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.’

If the virus spreads fast in the UK I fully expect public services like the NHS, Police and Councils to collapse within 6 months to a year.

When started typing this post and as mentioned there were 48 countries affected by the coronavirus and now that I have finished there are now 56. This does not include the fact that South African YouTuber and nice guy with the channel Loving Life stated yesterday that he received an email alert to state there are two cases in the country and hospitals have been put on emergency measures.

So that is 57 countries .. likely more by the end of today and Russia is still only on two and I have checked .. it has been 16 days now without hearing of a single case.

Now remembering the massive border and the fact that the virus looks to not do well in warmer climates what do you think the chances are that Russia only has two?

I fully expect in a few days that someone somewhere will look at these new numbers and accuse Russia are lying their asses off?

Wil leave you with one to cook your noodle that is taken staright out of my Grand Solar Minimum posts ..

It has been widely known and Carl Sagan stated it in his series Cosmos, I have a copy of, that Cosmic Rays can mutate things like DNA.

We had a record high of cosmic rays in 2008 to 2009 and we are very close to hat yet again right at this moment in time. Now I have heard that according to a nurse or Doctor they are seeing their worst flu outbreak in 13 years.

We have has Aussie Flu and Swine Flu and I have cold symptoms right now that have persisted for weeks, I kid you not.

Now if this new strand of Coronavirus has mutated a few times like some experts fear it has, like in Iran .. are cosmic rays behind it?

Now also consider that for a decade some very weird things and behaviours have occurred and over time it has only become worse.

Did they know?

Or is the behavioural thing brought about by something going on?

Animals show behaviours prior to events and might suddenly leave an area altogether. In recent times and as an animal expert and going from insects all the way up to birds and mammals I have seen some VERY unusual behaviour. Have spoken about this with various experts and enthusiasts and everyone has seen the same thing. A search on YouTube will bring up plenty of videos including birds dropping dead out of the sky. Even my daughter has witnessed this in Wales.

Food for thought.

When all else has been ruled out, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

Don’t pay attention to authorities, think for yourself” – Richard Feynman

There are a lot more where they came from that I use a great deal on social media

  • OscarsWild1 (T)
  • allnights on two! (P & G)
  • saintallnights (M)
  • Can you figure them out?

You cannot make bricks without clay ..

If Tim Pool is saying it?!
Unreported cases in South Africa?
Chinese factories are not open
Fake News finally realise CCP is lying?
Are the numbers this much higher?
More from Tim Pool who doubted it would come to anything
Frank Vaughn does not mince words and NHS not goint to help the weak?
GSM News I chat to and follow me in shock, cosmic rays and worst flue season
So Google did mess with Minds.com? Evil persists?

As I was about to post this the page froze up and when it came back my TAGS HAD DISAPPEARED!!


Thought about writing this one a couple of times. Did not know very much abut what had happened and chances are there might have been, though I had hoped not, more developments over Christmas.

There were.

Once again British public services let us down only this time it could have proved fatal. In fact several services not only let us down but have continued to do so.

  • NHS
  • Police
  • British Justice (about to again today Thursday 26th December)
  • Local Council

All the above are responsible for what just happened and are responsible for the whole thing in the first place along with others that have occurred.

In fact I can tell you, and then if they are reading this that the 12,000 followers I have now built up around world both have been and will be utterly shocked to the core upon hearing only parts of our story.

Often tell them that what they heard or even the length post called ‘Country of the Damned’ they get to read and hear recordings in is only a small part of the story. It has also gone on since 2011 though technically started in late 1994. In fact you could argue it goes further back than that.

Failure after failure after failure I would not have allowed to happen had I been aware back then just what utter failures and incompetent, corrupt idiots the public services of the UK were.

Spent years with people I know thinking I was mad when I first realised though today all but one or two realise I was right all along.

Trapped with family that either I hardly hear from, none rang me yesterday and two have not rang me for months, I had a call fro my daughter.

Now with a new witness and someone close to the situation I spoke to on the phone my daughter cried and two lines I recall hearing as she sobbed.

“They have ruined my life”

“I have no family”

Could not even begin to describe what if felt like to hear that or a few hundreds other lines I have heard over the last 20 years, the vast majority of them in the last decade.

Despite people being shocked they tell me to carry on fighting as if it was a single short-lived event and are not affected by it any longer. Always told them there will be something else down the road because the authorities of the UK have become a joke and a massive waste of taxpayers money.

After domestic violence from a Muslim husband he went to jail. We were told he would be inside for 9 years. He got out in fourteen months. He got looked after by the authorities including Wirral Council, was given a home and the Liverpool Echo tabloid gave him £20,000. Yes you read that right. You can read more in the post I mentioned above.

We never got anything in the way of support and I mean anything and I have a disability the public services decided was not any longer, my daughter was later diagnosed with the same thing which is Fibromyalgia. She also had cervical cancer from her ordeals and Trigeminal Neuralgia while I have heart and memory issues along with severe back and shoulder pains that limit me getting about.

Here is an NHS list of the top 20 most painful conditions and not only are we both on it several times but my Fibromyalgia is particularly bad. Has affected my feet for around 15 years now, the memory is a pain like I could not describe too. But also its now affecting my heart and I am losing the feeling in my right foot.


My daughter also has one child placed with a paedophile. One with his evil grandmother. Two others are autistic.

I have tried to start my own business several time and was stabbed in the back over it by the authorities each time.

My daughter has tried working and going to college.

She moved away from her area and now lives in Wales.

Now what occurred was that no local NHS Dentists would let my daughter register herself or her children and she tried this for 6 months. Were issues with GP Surgeries too.

Eventually a couple of times she was forced to go all the way back to the Wirral .. which must be 90 miles away?

Only the last time she bumped into her husband who accosted her in the street demanding to know where she lived. Members of the public had to separate them.

The he started turning up at the homes of people that knew my daughter demanding to know where she lived and one was her mother’s house with my daughter present and the Police got called. His name is Lukman (though this alters) Yasin-Khalil and he is a cousin who is gay, called Adnan, that my daughter thought she could trust. I had warned her not to trust him a couple of years back.

Now I am told he attacked my daughter and left bruises on her arm. I said “told you not to trust him, didn’t I? These people really do think they are the master race and above all others” to which she said “yes”.

Accosted by a man that is still supposed to be in prison to which she relocated many miles away to get away from she is then forced to bump into because of all the authorities above.

Authorities that have consistently and repeatedly failed us for a decade.

Now I am told that not only is he in court but that as the Police are only aware of one breach he will be let off?!

Yes sir, British law, the courts and judges along with the keystone cops really know how to deter these people from recommitting the crimes they carry out.

My daughter has new friends and upon hearing the story they simply cannot believe it. Added to this she now has a new love interest that my daughter wont tell her evil mother about and her husband knows nothing about.

In fact after the first run-in she cried to me down the phone because she was scared he would turn up over Christmas, find him there and someone would get hurt. Someone would most certainly have gotten hurt. I can assure you of that.

He would ring us from Walton Prison two or three times a day. Yeah that news report about them stopping the smuggling that appeared in the news was total fabrication.

Now would you believe I got accused of having incestual relations by this animal with my own daughter? He has also had fights with other men he though were too friendly with my daughter.

So yeah I can assure you someone would end up in hospital if not killed and yes this is the man that the courts let out, public services helped get him a home and was given a cheque for £20,000 while I myself lost £20,000 while we both went without any help or support whatsoever.

Was supposed to be living with my daughter and now I am not thanks to the lack of support and for awhile now have no access to health services, believe me I have tried everything, and no income as well as losing £20,000 plus.

Trapped in London in a place I do not like very much.

All of that would also never have happened had my online incoming not been frozen since 2016, so now more than 3 years since it froze.

Lost 90% of my belongings too in storage I could not get out two years ago. No home, lost my car and business.

So went onto social media to try and see if I could get offered help while all the while attracting more followers to send to my blogs.

Except even that has been messed with by Twitter and now the others too. And yet ..

After a hiccup I have now attracted close to 12,000 follower in 11 months, so not even a year, which has caused my many blogs to get far more visits then they ever had before. They still have adverts in place too so someone is getting paid, no?

Many years ago many people thought I was insane as they just did not think my stories could be true and oddly enough I anticipated his by acquiring recordings, again on the post called ‘Country of the Damned’.

Like my daughter has stated ‘they have destroyed our lives’ and it seems destined to turn out that I cannot get enough people in my blogs until they have destroyed enough of other people’s lives too?

Unfortunately I had hoped to forewarn other people of the danger out their for their children but I have had to work my backside off because people have just not shared our stories enough.

Social media giants might be completely behind this, they certainly had meddled and I know for absolutely certain that I have lost between 5,000 and 15,000 followers. Twitter was the worst for knocking these off and its been in the many thousands. On others I have lost several hundred on each and currently I have not been able to log onto Parler for four days and I know it works as I have followers on other platforms check this.

In case they deleted the news stories I have some screen-shots to go with the links and, luckily for me, the Liverpool Echo published a photo of Lukman.



This one passed me by.

I have been targeted by so many people and for a long time, people, government, fraudsters and lairs.

Many years ago now I was attacked and defrauded by bailiffs to the tune of £4,000 and was then defrauded. Long story .. have evidence but not going to go into the details.

I was on a website, forum called Consumer Action Group. From there I was put in touch with a Sheila Harding. All kinds of promises were made and I was told I would be compensated pretty well, she said it was the best case she had ever seen. I had witnesses too to their lies and corruption along with my documents.

After awhile the alarm bells started going off. Then my witness, a Tony Murray, and Sheila Harding disappeared off the face of the Earth.

She was supposed to take a company called JBW Group to court.

Later found out her name was on a book they published and she in fact worked for them. What bailiffs actually do is break the law .. a lot. They even tell each other how to do this. They produce a book and TV series to make it appear to the public that they are lawful when they are not.

This was a very traumatic period in my life as someone living with a disability and was just one in a long line of very evil crap that goes on within Britain that they have spent years covering up.

This very blog is full of that along with documents and recordings .. even to this.

Those that have done me injustices over the years using lies and trickery I have professional witnesses to, some of which have just been sent the link below, that can testify to this.

These include the British Government, Police, Secret Services, the NHS, Local Councils, the Department of Work and Pensions, HMCTS Courts and Judges and just bout every ombudsmen you can think of. Sorry to inform you but all ombudsmen are corrupt but do not mind being paid out of your taxes.

Some time ago I was left a link I had failed to notice due to my hammering of social media while dodging more proverbial bullets as big social media try to suppress me and my recordings now.

The lengths I have to go to is nothing short of a joke.

9 years ago many thought me mad, not a liar as they knew I was honest and genuine but my stories and claims were just so bizarre they thought I had to be losing my mind.

Today it is a different story as they have seen for themselves and been targeted too .. even disabled people I know with type 1 diabetes.

Yet despite all this they still refused to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as the modern day socialists are evil and biased and many realise its their scheming in the background and whining like morons as to why we are being treated like shit today. Because the socialists do not believe in being fair across the board and are very .. VERY biased.

Recently and after a general election .. they are blaming these following evil people for screwing up the country and allowing the Conservative government in. Jews, white people and Hindus.

Turns out and took me years to discover its the socialists that have slowly brought this country to its knees.

Below is a webpage by Jason Bennison and on it he provides details to that I talk about, has some recordings of Sheila Harding, oddly I believe I may have too but God knows where they are.

He also reports she has harassed and ripped off many and is a convicted fraudster.

Not surprise .. nit surprised at all.

Make no mistake .. you do not want to to involved or even associated with Sheila Harding or anyone she is associated with. So anyone on this page basically.



A long time ago now I had a friend who was not very bright, and that is putting it mildly.

He was viewed as someone that was unemployable and would never get a job while I was viewed as someone that would achieve many things.

Since we lost contact I have ..

  • Been to College
  • On to University
  • Screwed over by Uni after turning down a PhD working in medicine
  • GCHQ were later interested in offering me a job as was the MoD
  • Symptom after symptom I was told could not possibly be linked but later proved they were, took 13 years plus
  • Realised corruption
  • Gathered evidence on corruption
  • Ignored by Fake News, including the irrefutable proof
  • Wrote a book based on facts about said corruption ..
  • Had single literary agents show shock and said I needed a much bigger agency
  • Bigger agencies went ‘meh’
  • Started blogging and attracting viewers at a fast rate
  • Then numbers starting behaving suspiciously
  • Started up several other blogs in things that are not only popular but I know a lot about .. cycling miles and spending a lot of money to do it, likely over £40,000
  • Government eyes lit up at my numbers offered to help .
  • Then pulled support
  • Then my ad revenue froze
  • Then my YouTube numbers were played with and was so damn obvious you had to be an moron to do this they way that they did
  • Then I went to Twitter .. and there ..
  • Followers raced past  my Blog follower numbers in three weeks, in what had taen my 6 years on Blogger
  • Then those numbers started playing up
  • Then I was targeted by large organisations hell bent on getting me off Twitter
  • For telling the truth
  • During this whole period of what is now 8 years I have had no benefit, no support and zero money
  • Also during all this I tried to get help and justice with my disability, yes I am disabled
  • Organisations, Doctor and others would react with shock and anger at finding out what had been occurring
  • Then, like my going self-employed and without reason help was pulled at the 13th or 25th hours
  • Even my daughter said WE was being targeted
  • She has been abused several times in all this time
  • During this time through a realisation and gathering of evidence ..
  • Worked with GCHQ and MI5 and other than a phone-call later telling me I am a genius .. it was rather one sided and I got no .. reward nor acknowledgement for it
  • Recorded Police Detectives taking my statement concerning the above .. was called a genius at the end of the five hour ordeal
  • Posted that on here ..
  • She was a grooming gang and domestic violence victim
  • Stabbed in the back, lied to, persecuted and bullied off Twitter during all this by social workers and Police
  • Lies were told not to pay money for her, even having cervical cancer, or her three special needs children
  • One child was given to his paedophile father and taught to say ‘F*ck Jesus’ when he met his mother
  • They confiscated two cars for no reason, one of which I bought for her
  • Media Agent found out about one court case .. said he would end all her worries .. financially .. promised books, magazine series and TV series .. pulls at the 11th hour
  • Take A Break Magazine offers to do a Go Fund Me .. pulls at the 11th hour
  • Meanwhile on social media I see a great many people telling very obvious lies in books, newspapers and on TV and yet ..
  • They get highly paid for it?!

Now here is the thing ..

It is of no doubt to even the Doubting Thomases any more that I know, I have mad MANY apologies, that I was right and that I have been targeted for many years and have had someone .. somewhere .. stepping and and thwarting any plans to.

So why have none of the names successfully met me?

If I was so bad and so wrong .. and while being able to reach so many people, because their attempts to thwart me just had me come up with alternatives, why not take me to court and get their fake news to cover me?
Meanwhile I am now back to trying to up my high resolution photographs for the photography side of my plans they screwed up in 2017. Not without issues, pain, failure three times in a row once and heart issues .. not to mention anxiety and difficulty travelling through s motion sickness that was ignored by the NHS for 8 years!

I have been blocked by Lord Adonis, Labour Left Voice, Mike Stuchbery, Owen Jones, Professor Brian Cox and many others.

They do NOT like me talking up Donald Trump at all, nor grooming gangs and not climate change despite the fact I am very obviously only interested in the truth and therefore the facts.

I have been hammering Jeremy Corbyn in recent times as well as John McDonnell and consistently have asked them if they have explained that wrong-thought leads to wrong-vote and would mean they would do away with elections?

I have consistently asked this to put the question into people’s heads and have done this for many months.

I have slowly watched them drop in the polls .. to about fourth and dropping .. I am also a headache to the leftists in America, Hillary Clinton, Ilhan Omar and friends along with Momentum and Hope Not Hate and others.

Since I have been on Minds.com my followers raced up to 997 .. then dropped three months ago by 200 and then only crawled upwards. First three months I get 997 .. next three months I do not manage to acquire 203 to get over 1,000?

GAB also raced up and then stopped a few months ago and has since only crawled upwards .. should have gone over 2,000 three months ago and not reached 1,800.

Same as Twitter, except thats now over 6,000 .. 

Only one this has not occurred on is Parler.

Just a coincidence? Yeah people and computers do not work like that and now Twitter has changed and no one can keep track of tweets, even their own! I claim this in intentional and the thread goes mad .. many likes and there in lies the rub ..

My likes grow all the time and yet my followers do not and I am afraid to say that these are linked .. always say the same things .. about the same subjects .. about the same people.

The numbers have diverse enough, them being incompetent, that its obvious that they are messing with them.

So the only conclusion I hope people reach from all this is that they are scared of me either telling the truth and due to the way I come across more and more people will believe it ..

.. or that I will realise the truth in something and people will believe it?
Out of ..

  • Marxist agenda
  • Globalists Agenda
  • Climate Change and Global Cooling/Ice Age
  • Grooming Gangs and Muslim Migrants
  • Or perhaps all of the above?

I often ask myself if I will EVER .. find the answer?!