Not quite what I thought, this story when I first clicked on it.

Some years ago I attended what were purported to be a pain clinic called The Tranquil Group after keeping on about my pain they were very simply doing nothing about.

Pains that I now know are

  • Fibromyalgia
    • Pain in feet,
  • Hypomagnesemia
  • Behcet’s Disease
    • Though not diagnosed for myself it was for my daughter
    • Though this was first Behcet’s, then it wasn’t and it was something else .. then it was Behcet’s again now they claim it is this something else ..
    • Yeah except Behcet’s Disease is genetic and even my daughter knew I had it and when I read about it I knew it too!
    • Uunique Ulcers, Skin shite,
Good God I really have no energy to complete this and cannot recall where I was going anyway.
Yeah .. this is a damned cheek though of the NHS and caused a few raised eyebrows from where I pulled the link from.
Oh I remember now .. yeah I went to three pain support groups which were nothing of the kind. Eighty minutes of beig told to bugger off and go private .. when they did not even bother to investiage at all about what ails us. Then twenty minutes at the end trying to get us to work five days a week for the NHS and they just about give you enough for a sandwich and cup of tea per day in ther canteen?!
The money from canteens and vending machines, I am not sure it is all public services, normally goes to the company running things. So likely Serco?
Google Serco and just read the info that comes up in the results to the right.



Well they seem to be suggesting they have to do it ..

Cannot go to previous GP in question because he is no longer there and they do not have my medical records and were only doing what they were told to do by the NHS anyway.

Soo .. NHS England gets an official notification along with an attempt to rattle their cage ..


Dear Sirs


I have a series of complaints I want to make but I will keep it to this one ..

Four years ago I attended my GP with intense pains in my thighs that had gone from once in a while and mild to intense and most days.

I was told at the time that he suspected I was suffering from low magnesium and told me to go to Holland & Barrett and purchase Vit ABC+.

I thought he was wrong but I did it anyway. As it turned out he was right and we had a discussion regarding this.

I had many symptoms prior to this and I had many symptoms appear previous to this.

This Hypomagnesemia, see if you can guess where I am now going as I know the correct term, was not checked on in any way shape or form, just as my Hypertension Stage 2 and Hypertensive Crisis was not either much to the shock of friends and family, one a social worker.

Now I am going to provide some symptoms that occurred post this Hypomagnesemia ..

  • Osteopenia
  • Heart Palpitations
    • Chest Pain, Tightness, Breathlessness
  • Sinus Tachycardia

None of which were followed up ..

Now here are a few things that I had long prior to the Hypomagnesemia diagnosis ..

  • Vomiting
  • Stomach Pains akin to Diverticultis
  • Tooth Decay and Tooth Ache (have right now)
    • Previous dentist wondered enough about to ask for my medical records
  • Back Pain
    • Yeah this might bite you in the arse ..
    • Was X-Rayed and told I had collapsing discs
    • But you X-Rayed me while in a foetal position and stated nothing was wrong
    • Now wondering if this is linked to the Osteopenia and Hypomagnesemia?

I then had to move north to help a daughter who had curiously had the same crap from you and your staff.

I have had a previous GP admit to me the things that you get up to .. just prior to quitting being a GP, stating that she had, had enough of you. Yeah .. you might want to look through my records to see who that was.

  • Don’t send patients for expensive tests
  • Don’t send patients for expensive diagnosis
  • Don’t send patients for expensive scans
  • Don’t give patients expensive drugs

All that said to me prior to the financial crisis before you started to double down on GPs.

As you should be able to find out .. I have had a long history of symptoms and despite an extreme resistance from you and every GP Surgery I was under I self-diagnosed Fibromyalgia and after being lied to by a previous and different GP I had this confirmed at Guy’s Hospital.

So imagine my shock when I accidentally stumble across another diagnosis around the same time I realise the actual affects of Hypomagnesemia a few weeks ago that make me realise why I have Fibromyalgia and why I have had my entire life and career destroyed?


For money!

Though I am at a loss to understand how saving a few thousand is cost effective to someone who is capable, or at least was, paying a higher rate of tax in a high paid job?

Yeah I will tell you what I told GPs to get them to talk ..

  • Acquired BSc Applied Computing from Middlesex University
  • Was offered a Doctorate by Peter Pasmore working on the simulation software to teach keyhole surgeons on how to operate
  • Governments mistakes .. in underestimating me
    • Yeah I am an ichthyologist, batrachologist, herpetologist, orchid expert, interests in seismology, volcanology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics among others

The lying I previously stated regarding my Fibromyalgia?

Yeah that was Willow House Surgery and I know they got a call from you and told him I was secretly recording him. Yeah .. I had been doing that for years and I knew I was being lied to.

Also .. I currently have a GP so far away it is going to kill me and I have informed every one I know.

So that in the event of my death there is a particular journalist that would need to be contacted.

As for my daughter .. while I was trying to help her recover from a domestic abuser who was locked up .. we then found out that you have and still continue to fuck up her life too .. starting with cervical cancer.

She also had many of my symptoms and I was pressurising her to get diagnosed and taught her as much as I could about how to spot lies and being fobbed off and in time .. she spotted it too.

A local pharmacist also knew what you was doing .. yeah did you not notice when they started to throw away thousands of pounds of drugs because they were gathering dust and going pas their sell-by dates? Good God you cannot even do a decent conspiracy without incompetence.

He told me that you was creating a ticking time-bomb by ignoring these conditions and that they would come back to bite you in the arse. I said you would use it as an excuse to privatise whatever was left of the NHS. Yeah I believe they have been selling it all off without the British publics knowledge for a very long time.

Little did I know that it would be both my daughter and I that would become the time-bombs?!

So ..

Daughter had cervical cancer that was missed and had an IDIOT GP recently tell her she cannot possibly have that, despite being DIAGNOSED WITH IT, because she is too young.

Given the same antibiotic .. umm TWICE?!

Let me think? Ooh yeah how about blood clots that were ignored?

Anxiety she was given the same shitty drug I was?

This lack of diagnosis was compounded when she was bullied and threatened with legal action by her local social services.

So she had nothing diagnosed despite asking but with a little help and encouragement over her symptoms and from me ..

  • Hypomagnesemia
  • Behcet’s Disease
    • First was definitely was not Herpes
    • Then it was DEFINITELY Herpes
    • Then it was DEFINITELY NOT Herpes?!
    • Oh yeah that is about right
    • Gave her two lots of the same antibiotic too .. how intelligent?!
  • ‘S’ Protein Deficiency
    • Ooh so the blood clots are not nothing like that idiot Doctor insisted?!
  • Cervical Cancer
    • CIN Stage 2
    • Except why have four biopsies been performed?!

So then .. I want to complain because I have begged several GP Surgeries to look into these symptoms and there are eight GP Surgeries in total.

I am now not with my daughter any longer because of my illness and it not been monitored, diagnosed or anything done at all and even being warned about the OTHER effects of Hypomagnesemia or Behcet’s Disease spotted.

I have also been through hell and back and think I am literally going to die some time soon.

I have also lost around £10,000 in inheritance because of all this lying.

Now I am only writing to you to give you an chance to explain and in all honesty and for bizarre reasons I cannot fathom, and have asked for an explanation, I have to send you this.

I cannot say anything else regarding another interested party but I can assure you that this will be the third part of this and not the first. In fact I am certain that parts four to six will all be about this crap .. as the other parts are involving other areas all linked to yourselves. Might not you .. directly per se.

Oh and if your reading this and are in disbelief .. well them maybe you should stop watching mainstream news as I have know for ten years it is corrupt and not reporting on certain stories and lying about others. Try checking the Internet and the comments sections of very popular YouTubers from around the world. Check the videos too.

Everything in the UK when it comes to public services and what we are hearing in the tabloids and the TV news media is false and even I am shocked at just how many people are aware of it today. A humongous and ever growing number of people that now appears to be growing exponentially.

Please do not respond with a far left crap attitude either where you switch around very serious crimes with what are essentially bugger all, misdemeanours if you prefer. Things that are nothing you make into a big deal while things that are a big deal you have been dumbing down for years.

On my blog I name you as part of what I call ‘the evil trinity’ where you lie to save money and that in turn allows the DWP and local councils to save money.

Please do not insult me or bother with excuses regarding this because I have proved it over and over again and if you really believe I am wrong .. fair enough. Go and believe whatever you want but I can tell you that I alone have convinced several hundred thousand people. Others are doing the exact same.

I look forward with great interest to any correspondence I might get from you.


Martin Haswell BSc


Well I got tagged into something today.

As well as this something a few other things have occurred ..

  • A big organisation is backing down
    • I am not as convinced as the on that informed me .. so we will see
  • I think one lot of legal representation as been .. procured?
  • As far as the following is concerned and you might want to take note here ..
  • A fourth biopsy on the same individual has taken place ..
  • When it was supposed to be a check for healing before an operation sooo ..
  • Another long wait for another lot of healing and .. umm ..
  • I have more proof in a second patient close to me that the NHS lied to fob people off ..
  • Skin Ulcers!
  • Did not know what these were but later stated ..
  • These are down to blood clots .. not the case
  • Another friend of mine had same thing ..
  • These are down to your diabetes
  • I had the same thing inherited by the first person ..
  • These are down to dermatitis ..
  • Me .. “No they are not”
Real cause to all three ..
  • Behcet’s Disease which all of us had several other symptoms for
  • A previous pharmacist stated what the NHS are doing by refusing to diagnose is create a whole load of ticking time-bombs ..
  • Yeah .. ME! Plus two other people, at least for now, that I know personally!
Now if you think these are bad and worthy of a legal case for medical negligence?! Ooh boy .. this is nothing .. merely nothing.
They went out of their way for over a decade to not diagnose three conditions I have which caused a lot of pain in two, embarrassment and are also fatal in several ways. They then tried to pretend, by not informing me, that one they diagnosed was causing me a lot of stress, was also painful and that I then placed lives in danger, when I am normally well known for helping others. These are easily spotted on my medical records as there can easily spotted several of the same lies I claimed sis years ago is a trick all public services use when they have been lying. Altering a fact on a document which, I did state they was incompetent, is very  easily proved by anyone that looks at it and is immediately obvious.
That is if you can find anyone that can even be bothered to even fucking look at it?! More on this in a few months time as I collect a list of big names some even from TV that lie in their advertising. Oh .. dear!
Now then I have covered them before but ..
Wirral NHS Trust? Ooh dear .. another patronising NHS trust with a complete lack of understanding, sympathy, bed side manner, complete bare faced lies and .. incompetence.
Listed as inadequate once or twice in recent times by the Care Quality Commission and now ..
Bad money management?
Might this be from being sued successfully? Because form what I have heard in the four short months I was up there, there may have been quite a few grounds for them to be sued?!
Then there was my own shocking experience which they did not even try to hide, Toby Tobin being one particular moron, and .. well I know of two people myself that have grounds to sue them. I was only there for four months and only spoke to five people who were local?! I do not even know everyone’s personal story out of those five people. Only three of them.
Two out of three is bad!
Now they want a loan?! For £25 Million?!
No doubt to pay the wages of the Primary Care Trust and top hospital staff who do nothing and direct people to lie and fob off?!
Funny how after doing all this money saving we can judge from the boasting of David Cameron and George Osborne the public services are atill not doing their jobs, lying to save even more money, fobbing off to save even more money and .. still borrowing money?
I also read a report that they were going to make it harder to sue the NHS?! You might want to check that one out .. saw a headline somewhere and might have been BBCi?
Yeah ..
‘We will lie to you to save money and when we fuck it up and kill you you cannot sue us as we will have it written into law that we are protected from these murders by calling them genuine mistakes and that we can only learn from our mistakes and make things better from learning from them’?!
Umm yeah .. except that only applies to unexplained conditions and my message to everyone out there that has a solicitor, plans to get a solicitor and to all medical negligence solicitors .. you cannot claim it is a mistake if you can show that said condition has been clearly defined in medical publications for years. An error for not bothering to fucking read is not an error .. it is a major oversight which is NOT the same thing. That is why it is called medical negligence!
LMFAO you really could not make this shit up!


I have been walking around aimlessly.

I got wind that someone I know is in hospital and fro someone sobbing on the phone.

God I knew something like this was going to happen and I tried to stop it in several ways, even set up a crowd-funding thing months ago.

Their battery died too so I do not know what has happened .. but I have a theory and it is something I predicted many months ago.

Anything happens I can assure you if I am right then it is as a direct result of the UK government and public services and their lies and neglect.

I might have to email someone I have been holding off over for weeks if anything bad has happened and I have only held back because I know everything I do is .. monitored.

I simply do not want them to get a hold of our contact so that they can run around and bury their lies and murdering ways.

Ah! The boy is OK and it was convulsive fit and vomiting which are?

Symptoms of Hypomagnesemia!

Which if proven to be the case now affects five generations ..

  • My grandmother
  • My Father
  • ME
  • My Daughter
  • Two Grandchildren it now looks like?
    • Though this is somewhat alarming to me now
    • Them being so young and all
As this condition also causes heart, kidney, liver disease, osteoporosis, cardiac arrest and heart palpitations and arrhythmia among other things .. this has serious connotations.
Low magnesium will deplete your calcium, hence osteopenia and osteoporosis, and your potassium, hence Sudden Death Syndrome.
You see it was missed in me and is genetic and even when they did they failed to tell me of the dangers, link previous symptoms and symptoms that have arisen since the diagnosis and of course .. tell me it is genetic so that I might tell me daughter. Who could then keep an eye on her own children.
They also missed it with her and when diagnosed what did they not do? All the same things with me and now we have had a chat .. I have told her what they did not .. AGAIN!
Because two things that low magnesium causes as well are vomiting and seizures .. just like the hundreds, not an exaggeration I assure you, of seizures I have had for over twenty years.
My very, very first bad seizure took place at a friends house a little after the mother of my daughter left me to go and live in Birkenhead.
She left me 23.5 years ago give or take.
I had already been having them and that was the worst one and yes I saw my GP of the time about it .. a Dr Tennekoon.
Twenty five years later and not only have they never sorted this out for me .. it is now affecting my own daughter and my grandchildren.
Yeah .. nice to see what all your tax money is doing for all those salaries for all those years when I could have been fit, healthy and had a career all my life?!


Folate Deficiency .. Vitamin B12. I think.

Yup .. a fecking nother one!

Once again this is not me as I have not had a GP for months but my daughter was diagnosed with it and called in to her GP Surgery yet again. So much for what a patronising GP said to her a few months ago, another GENERAL Practitioner blessed with X-Ray vision and not GENERAL at all,your too young to be having ‘X’.’Y’,’Z’ and cervical cancer. I bet he is feeling somewhat thick right about now.

Once again and once explained what it does my daughter was also absolutely convinced this was part of my condition and I suffered from the same. I did not think so .. until I looked up what it does and even saw that your vision can become affected and can get confusion along with the others.

Oh .. dear.

I then realised two things .. the GP that diagnosed the Hypomagnesemia (low magnesium) might have suspected this as well which is why he might have suggested Holland & Barrett’s Vit ABC+ pills? Secondly that I switched this over to Holland & Barrett’s Magnesium Calcium and Vitamin D3 pills. The idea being that I would get more magnesium?

But after hearing and reading about the folate deficiency I started to wonder if perhaps this is why I am still getting pains in both legs? Maybe there was something missing from the new Magnesium specific pills?

So today I decided to go and get some Vitamin B-Complex specific pills. While there I decided to get some Glucosamine Sulphate pills too .. for my ankles. Do not want to fall over when I am out while carrying camera equipment. If I ever get to do that again? Well they were cheap at £2.99 a bottle or two for £5.00.

Only on the way back the heart palpitations, which I had felt several times, got strong enough to slow me down to which I then became breathless and had to stop a couple of times. If the feet and hip pains were not enough right now!

I just know one of these days I am going to collapse.

I just hope that these pills will now make a difference? Only I do not have much confidence in them doing that and for two reasons. Well two reasons other than it is hard to imagine ever feeling normal and fully fit ever again. Because it has been such a long time since I have ..

First off if it is down to malabsorption then the magnesium and/or vitamin B-12 is simply not going to get absorbed no matter how much I ply myself with. That is how malabsorption works compared to what is just a deficiency. Deficiency just means your low on it and most likely down to diet. But malabsorption means that your body is not actually .. well .. absorbing it which will be down to another underlying problem and without a GP currently and them not investigating it for three years .. or even realising it was causing my conditions ..

Not only have they cause me a great deal of pain and suffering and placed other people’s lives in danger but may well have signed my death warrant. All to save money and ordered to do these things by the government.

Regardless of who the fecking health secretary is!

But it is perfectly OK to pay salaries of between £50,000 per annum and £500,000 per annum to countless people to lie to you.

Oh and my thighs are aching too .. ooh .. took the B-12 but just remembered I had not taken my magnesium?!

Added to this my daughter tells me this morning that she went to go and speak to an organisation about working?!

Yeah ..

She then told me that her memory was getting worse. I reminded her that I told her when I was up there that her memory was bad. I watched her make mistakes all the time and three days in a row while she was out doing light shopping she forgot to being something back I had asked for. I remember her face on the second and then the third day of asking her getting more contorted each day. It was funny enough to make me laugh by the third day. She recalled me telling her this several times. She said ..

Dad .. it is driving me mad. I keep leaving the house and getting 50 yards away and then start thinking I did not lock the door or leave the cooker on and going back to the house twice!”

Does this at all sound familiar to anyone that has been coming on here a very long time?!

Yeah .. it is me.

I reminded her that I went a few years of locking myself out many times, which she has done, but then suddenly never doing it ever again. Been going back to the house two or three times every time I leave it for for around six years or more.

She then said something very bizarre by stating that she now feels really sorry for anyone that has Alzheimer’s Disease and been telling people that she thought that is what she had!

Yeah .. I told her it was down to the Fibromyalgia and that I had, had this for years and said the exact same things to my own family and friends.

Yeah so she said that she spoke to this guy, my .. was not a woman for once, and he suggested being a mentor?! Sound familiar? Lol. He suggested this after she told him about her domestic violence but she asked him about other help and told him the rest of it. He just sat there wide eyed and in shock as the story unfolded. It is not the only time this story is set to unfold but more about that in the weeks to come.

He was in sock because she had been forced itnto this position by the government and public services despite ..

  • Cervical Cancer not even been operated on yet .. CIN Stage 1A

  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Long list of symptoms in itself, pain, mental health, memory)

  • Behcet’s Disease (Long list of symptoms)

  • Hypomegnesmia (Which can itself be fatal, can affect vision, can affect memory, Heart, Liver and Kidney Disease, Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack, Sudden Death Syndrome)

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia (Extreme facial pain)

  • Folate Deficiency (Long list pain in the arse symptoms, can affect vision, memory, confusion)

  • Borderline Right Axis Deviation (Heart Palpitations)

  • Sinus Rhythm (Irregular Heart Beat)

  • One child severely Autistic and getting worse

  • Another one possibly .. does not talk

  • Two other children

  • Half rent being paid

  • Victim of Domestic Abuse

  • Victim of many other things

  • Not a single bit of help on anything from the NHS, DWP and Wirral Council

Yeah .. he sat their wide eyed as all the details of the above unfolded before his eyes.

Then he became helpful!

Started talking about how she would be well paid.

That she would get her child-care paid and to speak to the school about it.

Said that she would get the one thing I so wanted for her as a child .. to get trained and qualifications like me?!

I have to speak to her further and will delay posting this up to get the name of the organisation she spoke to .. to publish the name and people can have a look around to see if there is anything around near them that may be able to help.

I have now found out the nae of the organisation and they are ..

Involve ..

So north west only it looks like? Unless there exists a Involve North-East, Involve Central, Involve South-East and Involve South West?

There is no doubt that a lot of planning went on with the Puppet Masters (remain hidden), the Puppets (UK Government), the NHS (First who save money and do the same for ..), the DWP and Local Councils. Do you know what that is? Secret group, person or monarchy ordering the government to conspire or corrupt the NHS to break Hippocratic oaths and kill and risk people’s lives to save money? That is a ..


Does not mean a mad and untrue theory. Planning or conspiring to deceive or cheat. If it is the government doing this then it is a government conspiracy. The end. Sorry, no tin foil hats needed for this one. Nor any of my other claims.

Not claimed the earth is flat and do not even get me started on them.

Not claimed to have seen or believe in Bigfoot.

Not claimed to have seen or be abducted by aliens .. though .. the jury is still out on a small number of reports out of all the thousands and thousands.

Do not believe in a fantastical and impossible deity of any kind. I am first and foremost a scientist which means I am big on facts! I tried to show these in recent posts.

Batrachology, Ichthyology, Herpetology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, Orhidaceae, Carnivorous Plants, Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and many others. Yeah these subjects and any science, apart from the hacks and TV whores, is about about the facts. A shame that many people are not about the facts and even manufacturing their own while not caring about others?


As for me? Yeah .. a little difficult to know what I am going to do or how I am even going to get out of my current situation?

However I should not be in this current situation as I have been working for nearly six years to avoid events like all of those that have happened to me in the last seven months or so.

I blogged for all that time on different subjects and a blog dedicated to exposing all of this and therefore help others. Mostly the idea of pre-arming others by pre-warning them of what they are walking into. Therefore removing their blinkers.

Funny as it did not go viral. After six years it is still only on a slow climb. But I am helping others?

Yeah well ..

The woman that set up that petition against the PHSO went on Facebook today to encourage more people to sign it and I am guessing that this is because it has been growing very slowly? I know that feeling!

She is asking in the wrong place, unless it is one of many she has posted. Because you do not get enough people on there to make a difference and most have probably already seen it and probably already signed it. It is all about reaching new people. Which is actually the problem I have had.

Yeah .. yeah I had people tell me that my blog was popular two or three years back.

Oh and I just had to explain this to the woman who set up the petition as she left a comment directed to me. She said that which I have said that ..

Unless it happens to them, people do not care”

I said that I know this, can prove it with a screenshot .. here it is and make a note at the numbers on the right column. You will note that the one picked out by the red arrow is way, way, way bigger than all the others? Aussie Flu ..

Yeah that went viral .. to a degree and all because of one thing ..

Everyone was shit scared about themselves and scared about getting this Aussie Flu as they heard people were dying from it.

But people are dying because of the government, the NHS, the DWP, Local Councils and the hidden Puppeteers.

They do not care until they have to deal with one of the evil trinity. While they have nothing wrong why bother to help? Probably think financially things will get better for them, less taxes so why bother to complain? Not happening to them or anyone they know so why bother to share these posts? In fact why bother to even read them?

How do I know this? Because I have been helping people for six years and I have not received a single penny .. while others cannot spent a few minutes spreading a few posts. That’s how. Lol.

In fact when I do get likes or followers they are basically people making money .. have a business and charge for it and hope that anyone they like and follow will go to them, become a potential customer and even if they get paid by ten percent of these people it is an income.

Not all the time this is the case but half the time it is.

As for that petition that lady is disappointed with? Well I did state that not many bother with the complaints process as it takes too long and there are three hops of fire you have to jump through before you get fecked over by the PHSO and realise they are corrupt and lie too. So it was never going to get that many .. and the government know only too well that due to amoral people, naïve people and very few that have gone through the process that no one will sign it Because they are amoral, think it wont happen to them and it cannot possibly be true. Even when you spell it out that you have the evidence to prove it .. they then turn into what I call sand-heads. Lol.

They must all be laughing their heads off at how stupid everyone has been and how they designed and planned things so well that they could get away with this year after year after year and nothing would happen and none of them would have to face any consequences ..

Jimmy Savile stylee?!

Facebook Page for NHS Negligence ..

Another Facebook Page for NHS Negligence ..

Disabled and starting to think your being screwed over you might want to check ..

DPAC’s Facebook Page ..

Government Corruption? Over 27,000 people have liked this following page ..

Stop UK Lies & Corruption ..


Well this now seems to becoming a .. thing and .. quite frankly .. ridiculous.

Once again I tried to explain what I am about to put here to a self obsessed narcissist that can burn out to wireless land-line phone batteries just talking about non-fatal illnesses that have not even required prescription medication.

Those of you reading this with health conditions will know only too well that there is a point that you cannot go beyond. I have gone beyond this point and many other points for many years. After spending many of the previous years not going beyond the first point at all. Going to a GP even, let alone asking for pills.

In fact when I did register with a GP back in the eighties this was over extreme heartburn I still suffer with today .. something they have gotten wrong .. again .. TWICE. First it was a Hiatus Hernia after my very first endoscopy. Then and many years later after I started vomiting all over the gaff .. this was down to Oesophagitis Grace C. Both were wrong.

Now I have posted and posted and posted repeatedly about the NHS, GPs and hospitals lying and falsifying test results and medical records. There were probably those that thought I talked shite .. their loss I am afraid and I did try. You might be thinking that very thing right now, outside of Jobsworths that is. But I do not say those things lightly or unless I am absolutely sure of myself.

With that being said I simply cannot say whether or not the hiatus hernia diagnosis and the much later oesophagitis diagnosis were just wrong or they actually lied. But there were wrong.

I shall explain.

As I told someone on the phone an hour ago or so .. I realised at one point that after taking lansoprazole for ten years or more that this should have only been taken while the scarring in my oesophagus repaired itself. I certainly went long enough without an incident of heartburn for this to occur.

Now I went to a GP I have talked about a fair bit on here, the most honest of all of them though she did tell one lie and who later announced immediate retirement after stating she was fed up with the NHS to members of staff. Dr Huq of Dr Rooban’s Surgery in Carterhatch Lane in Enfield. She admitted many things that the NHS was up to and told me I was right about everything. One time she said that she wanted to talk to me about my lansoprazole prescriptions and I stated “I think I know where you are going to go with this. Are you going to say that I should not be taking it any more because the scarring should have healed up years ago?” she smiled and said “yes”. I told her that I can guarantee her that if I stop taking it I would start getting severe heartburn within 48 hours and she was shocked at this. I could tell from the look on her face she wondered whether this was something else other than that placed on my medical records.

As I explained this on the phone to my daughter I stated that when I found out about Fibromyalgia one of the things it had linked to it was .. heartburn! That kinda blew my mind and one of several Fibromyalgia symptoms I cannot place within the lists of Hypomagnesemia, both my daughter and myself are now diagnosed with, nor Behcet’s Disease which is a genetic condition my daughter is now diagnosed with. I also complained, both at the time and now, that I was being discharged without being investigated due to the amount of symptoms I experience. Now I shall remind you of something .. heartburn was one of the first few symptoms I was experiencing and that was around 1987 .. give or take a year or two. Tiredness and skin problems were two others.

I have stated many, many times that my plantar fasciitis type feet pains started around 2001 and from then on in I started to apply more pressure on Doctors. At first I thought they were just being idiots and that after a while they would realise what I was telling them or make a connection themselves and .. voila?! But no. After a few years I started to think that I was being deliberately fobbed off and that maybe if it was something rare and unusual .. exotic, if you prefer, that someone would get interested and I would be referred of somewhere. But no. Then I started to wonder if I was knowingly being fobbed off which would technically mean .. I was being lied to.

What followed was a few years of being very careful how I explained things, listen carefully to what they said to me and try to figure out something I could say that would allow them to fall into a trap. Over the years I did and so did they .. many, many, many times. Sorry.

Yeah so .. I was telling all this to my daughter over the phone .. well some of it. Why? Funny you should ask!

I received a message stating that my daughter had been called into the Doctors Surgery yet again and that they had found .. a couple of things ..

  • Borderline Right Axis Deviation

  • Sinus Rhythmn


It gets better as I have long said my daughter is almost a carbon copy of me with my symptoms while her mother has nothing .. except for an evil, lying mouth and fingers afflicted with super glue like qualities.

So as I stated for many months I expected a Fibromyalgia diagnosis .. except it went a little .. differently ..

  • Hypomagnesemia

    • I have been diagnosed with for four years

    • Which I recently discover is behind a whole list of other symptoms I have had for years both prior and pre diagnosis. They got wrong and then carried on missing

  • Behcet’s Disease

    • Daughter was diagnosed with, genetic and explains almost all my symptoms that Hypomagnesemia does not ..

    • Right Knee a separate physical problem

    • Heartburn EDIT: Also a separate issues (Hiatus Hernia, Oesophagitis or Fibromyalgia)

    • Tight Chest Skin and Lumps under arms unique to Fibromyalgia as far as I can tell EDIT: Also a separate issue and down to and seemingly unique to Fibromyalgia

But now this new diagnosis my daughter has .. sounds a lot like a few things that were picked up from me after ..

  • Anxiety Attack where my legs stopped working

  • Paramedic races round to house

    • ECG and other tests done

    • Heart Wall Hardening

    • Two other things picked up .. one I think may well be the Right Axis Deviation as it sounds very familiar

    • The Sinus Rhythm which is to do with .. HEART PALPITATIONS!

      • I have strong heart palpitations that affect me every single day and for hours

      • My BP monitor picked up on this with me only ..

      • Spotted by me when I noticed in in a reading back in 2017 for my daughter

      • I then checked a run through of the readout I uploaded to YouTube


        • At 7 minutes and 43 seconds you will see the symbol I missed ..

        • EDIT: Tachycardia or Irregular Heart Beat .. so they did know about it!

        • Uploaded .. UPLOADED 16th October 2015 .. yes 2015
        • That Blood Pressure Monitor I was TOLD to purchase by my GP of the time
        • Who then never ever looked at it at all
    • EDIT..
    • The loss of use to my legs is not discovered by paramedic
      • That listed above was not expected
    • The loss of the use of my legs was also not discovered by my GP
      • Night before and few hours after paramedic fails to discover reason I do after some online research .. it is Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs
      • At first I think this is the first and only time this has occured
      • Days or even over a week later I realise that same thing happened around 25 to 27 years earlier when i lived in Hertford .. around 1990

Today I feel like I am having a heart attack several times each and every day. Well certainly more days than most and I cannot recall a day when I had a day without any heart incidents.

It is not the only symptom I have on a daily basis.

It is not the only thing that can kill me and .. there are several that have no symptoms or warning signs, like Sudden Death Syndrome .. and though being a syndrome is to do with depleted potassium levels that is cause, or can be, by depleted magnesium levels which both my daughter and I have now been diagnosed with.

I had a lady only yesterday speak to me on Facebook and left a request about help and advice as she knows her GP has lied and not full of confidence over their medical records.

Eventually, as I was trying to avoid sounding too negative to an upcoming .. test, I told her about this and what had happened to both me and my daughter. In fact I had not even told her the worst parts of it .. well all the worst and many parts of it and she still reacted in utter shock at the way we had both been treated. And are still being treated,

Yeah for weeks now they have held up their usual hoops of fire to my daughter every few days and she is in a hell of a lot of pain, has four children, one difficult and one a nightmare to deal with and the cervical cancer and other crap.

Oh and when I tried to explain it to the narcissist? Yeah .. no!

As is per usual you get sixty seconds in into breakig and serious news and your interrupted to talk about slight heart palpitations, if it was indeed that at all, from forty years ago. Because that is more important! Despite ..

  • Never having been dragged to hospital against your will kicking and screaming

  • Never having even been called in immediately to a GP service over it

  • It never getting worse over the years

  • Not having been affected by it for years but .. you get and have to deal with ..


  • Well that could have been something serious?”

  • Umm .. no. It couldn’t” where they then make the same mistake they always do with me and ask “Why?”

  • Because it was FORTY years ago! Because you was never dragged into Accident & Emergency against your will. Because they never found anything in all the tests. Because you have not been affected by it for years. Because the dangerous reasons do not go away!”

  • I am not allowed to talk about anything!”

  • Umm .. I believe I started this conversation to tell you about something that is pretty serious that is going on right now and .. kinda NEW?! But no .. you have to start going on about stuff that is irrelevant and forty years ago.”

  • Well you could be getting it from me?!”

  • Umm .. again .. no! Are you forgetting? I told you for the last three years now it is to do with both Dad and Nan and they both died of heart related problems!”

  • After having tachycardia and irregular heart beats for two years the narcissistic woman who screams blue fecking murder that no one listens to her and that she is not llowed to talk about anything texts me while I am in my room not ten minutes later and it says the following ..

  • Look up tachycardia and irregular heart beats”

  • Like I said both people I know and people she knows very, very .. VERY literally RUN if they see her while she is out ..

  • Also do not forget that I am not supposed to have pressure put on me .. try telling her that and her answer, I FECKING GUARANTEE, will be ..

  • Well neither am I!” which is her way iof stating this gives her a green light to dominate the conversation and make it about her .. now please, please, please tell me in the comments .. WHY?! LMAO!

  • Her cousin stopped talking to her years ago being fed up with hearing from her that her kids don’t give a shit about her .. one person lost

  • A social worker friend of hers called Barbara told her “You have a plaster for every sore!” and does not talk to her any more

  • Upon her friend dying of cancer telling her that she was kept in because on top of the cancer she had tachycardia .. weeks before the dying woman was told .. “Oh I have had that too” before then telling a lengthy story about it to which her friend said

  • Is that another one on your list?”

Yeeeah. I did not get to explain it all .. yet again. Sometimes I have not bothered telling her things for weeks. Weeks and weeks because it is just a waste of time.

But it is not her fault .. it is the rest of the world that is to blame and the lengths she will go to to get .. umm what is the word .. not justification, though I suppose that will do.

She has made things up that a counsellor has said to her when the things she claims were said no self-respecting mental health professional would utter. Not even close. Like it is everyone else’s fault and not hers? Lol! Yeah you better believe it.

Or a GP letter that proves she has epilepsy I have never seen when it only states ‘suspected epilepsy’ which is not even what they used to call ‘Grand Mal’ and now she thinks it is NEADS anyway?!

Good God man .. with everything else I do not know how I survive this which is something said to me by two siblings, one friend who was a social worker for years and one of three people I know run from her. Oh and my daughter who actually said at one point “Why does she do this? Why does she make everything about her? Dad, it sounds lie she is deliberately trying to kill you?!” where I joked that she probably is so that she can then use this to go and get attention from everyone else.

Good luck to her if they ever find my dead body and it was obvious she was doing my head in .. sorry .. talking to me in which case everyone that knows her will realise she was doing my head in and therefore responsible for my death. Yeah .. I bet she has never thought about that prospect? Oh dear God, yes I would love to point that out to her with the hope that she will shut the fuck up in future and stop doing what she is doing. But it has never happened before, many of us think she has a very serious problem and all agreed that it has a detrimental, not to mention ‘mental’, affect on us all and also think she will never change.

I told my daughter that I would dearly love, sometimes, to put her in a straight-jacket and put a note on her forehead saying .. please put me in a psychiatric hospital and do the job you should have done fucking years ago and do not let me out until you do because I have had a terrible effect on other people’s lives that I normally tell absolutely everyone I meet I actually care about and have helped them out no end for years .. only the opposite is actually true! Sharp intake of breath


Oh God.

Someone .. please .. kill me!

The only peace I will ever get is when I am dead. Or so it would seem.

Oh now I can hear her getting annoyed as she is going on about something to someone else and she cannot have a conversation with absolutely anyone without that happening. Ever. But it is everyone else’s fault.

She cannot explain things if her life depended on it. Also cannot explain things to anyone without spending hours going around the houses with it. Hence the battery drain remarks. She cannot talk bout any one else’s problems for more than about sixty seconds .. lol .. oh I am sorry I said ‘talk’? No she does not do that at all .. I mean she cannot LISTEN to anyone else’s problems for more that sixty seconds .. though she might manage a couple of minutes at times.

There are two people I this house other than her and her partner, who just winds the situation up deliberately anyway, and both of us hide all day and all night, very, very literally, in a 6 foot by 9 foot room. Just to keep away from her. Do you know what she did since I got here?

Complained to my sister she has no one to talk to?!

I roared with laughter and said “Umm .. talking implies a two way conversation and you simply do not get that with her! You cannot take over conversations to go over a fucking history lesson about yourself that bares no relevance to what you were talking about and was not only something that happened decades ago but which we have heard a thousand times over!”

I am left scratching my head and have been for years and years and years now and I am surprised I have any skin left up there! Oh wait a minute? I have had a skin problem with my scalp for years! Maybe it is me scratching my head for years?! Lol.

Forgetting that now ..

I sometimes wish I was living in America. Because I have often wished I could get into a group that was into conspiracy theories .. well the ones not requiring a thin metal head shield, that is. Like The Lone Gunmen from the X-Files series. Maybe just three members or maybe more.

To be involved with a group of like-minded people. To actually work together?! That would be sooo cooool!

I could hand over all of my data and have a team figure out the best way to use it all and in all honesty I was kinda hoping that something like this would eventually happen. Maybe even some building where they all live in an almost hippy type commune?

I suppose the only ones I have ever come across or heard of that are anything like that would be Anonymous but then I do not know a great deal about them. And even if I HAD heard a great deal about them I would not know whether to believe it or not.

So much misdirection and misinformation out there.

Maybe some other hacker group type?

People that genuinely want to do good that have become disgruntled and even angry at what the UK has become. Even angry at the world.

I am still sitting on a great deal of data that I thought I would get the time to sift through, and get help, when I was living in the north west of England .. but never did. I never even took a single photograph and for a whole range of very good reasons.

An .. outfit set up in like an old warehouse type building or barn? I know one .. in the series called Scorpion with a team of highly intellectual people that solve problems, crimes and catastrophes. Big open space where you can store shit and work without being cooped up.

Oh man .. that would be so cool! I love that series and is the only thing I got from being back here that is not a headache, unlike the very person who got me into it?!

Actually I tell a lie ..

  • Have upped my photography .. though I have been limited

    • Health and Renovation

  • Have upped my videos .. though I have been limited

    • Health and Renovation

  • Have focused more on the blogging .. or writing but still not enough

  • Have focused on photography site Flickr

  • Have focused on blog type site Tumblr

  • Have focused a bit more on Pinterest

  • Have focused on Instagram

I think I must be really terrible with my memory?

I cannot access my old PC right now and I have been unable to locate my own post where I published the cardiograph that shows the right axis deviation .. thing, the heart wall hardening and other .. things .. oh wait?


Right then ..


  • Sinus Tachycardia

  • Possible left anterior fascicular block

  • Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

  • Lateral ST-T abnormality may be down to hypertrophy and/or ischemia

  • Does not seem to say heart wall hardening .. unless scientific term is one of the above?

    • She, the paramedic, mentioned heart wall hardening after testing

  • Posted 12th July 2016 –

  • Notes

    • I am clammy & sweaty (told yah!)

    • Chest Pain & Palpitations

      • Told you strong palpitations going on TWO YEARS and no investigations done .. until after I informed the Docs I was moving .. then they want to send me to a cardiologist

      • A cardiologist they are now sending my daughter to!

      • Also states very clearly that “I DO NOT WANT TO ATTEND HOSPITAL!”

        • Told yah .. never rang ‘999’ ever and always said I do not want to attend A&E!

      • Advised to ring ‘999’ if symptoms return or worsen but I never did ring anyone

    • BP 138

    • Mentions all my medications

    • Mentions of Fibromyalgia

    • This was over my legs not responding to my brain

      • I later discovered yet a fucking gain .. that this was something called

      • Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs

      • Caused by anxiety so strong, they say, it shuts down the signals, or interferes with, to your legs from your brain

      • It is something quite unsettling as well as quite .. involuntary

      • Your trying to control your legs but they appear to be acting on their own which is

      • To mostly go to sleep .. not work in other words.

      • Ten minute walk took a bloody hour! I just wanted to be home and not in someone else’s home in case an ambulance came

Oh .. dear!

Tachycardia Pics ..


Well I have heard more about this woman my daughter has met.

Here is what I was basically told in a set of bullet points ..

  • She was taken off drugs because of their cost
  • Upon enquiring as to why they later kicked her off the surgery
  • She also has cervical cancer
    • Exact same thing happened
    • Exact same pain
    • Exact same infections
    • Exact same discharges
    • Exact same length of time involved
  • Child with Autism
    • Exact same thing happened with them trying to deny it after diagnosing it in the first instance!
  • She stated that there is something going on with the government and the NHS
    • She states that she believes that they do not care about anyone unless they have money
    • That she even thinks that they are trying to kill many people off
    • To save money
  • My daughter told her about me and said 
    • “You have to meet my Dad! You have said everything that he has been saying”
    • Told her about my blogs
    • Told her I was kicked off surgery too .. which is now technically three times
Wow .. that was one weird day.
This lady is 250 miles away and I never met anyone that agreed with me, well .. not entirely and o one agreed about the NHS .. until AFTER I left, while I was up there.
In fact that was a certain little .. lady I was worried about telling all this stuff to as I thought she was romantically interested and I did not want her to think I was insane, lol.
As stated that was 250 miles away and I met three people that worked in a store that said the same thing .. the same day it was stated by the woman to my daughter these people said that our government was ..
“Obviously culling people. There are too many.”
Well .. things are certainly beginning to change .. just a shame it is at the eleventh hour for me.
The lady in question is going to help out and suggested something that not only have I been suggesting for bloody years, as well as trying to work towards, is supposed to be happening anyway in mere weeks from now. Just a different .. organisation.
Except there may be legal issues regarding this due to a .. sort of .. let us just say .. agreement.
Oh I must tell her about that actually when she calls me back?! Hmm maybe I will just text her if she does not call?
Hmm I had this recently .. a woman contacting me online that was mysteriously similar to me! She turned out to be linked to something somewhat .. clandestine, lol.
i hope this is not them trying a new angle?!


Right here is a map regarding the complaints about the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman.

I will be .. brutally honest here .. I cannot see this getting one hundred thousand signatures because .. this is not a complaint about the health service. This is a complaint about the PHSO which itself handles complaints about the health service and even so .. nowhere near all.

Or to put it another way ..

Not everyone will bother with a complaint. Probably because many already realise everything is corrupted including the government, NHS, PHSO and the courts?

Those that do go though the complaints service have to jump through hoops, go through three or four different procedures and then get lied to anyway and many would give up along the way.

Then there are the ones that are rejected by the PHSO and from what I am reading that is like two thirds to three quarters of them.

What is of interest to me and something I feel of importance to note is just where in the UK people are signing this petition..

It is everywhere!

Right across England where I knew it was bad now includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where I was not sure and had no thoughts on this at all. No proof either and nor had I seen anything other than one in Scotland recently which I cannot even recall the details of anyway!

I wonder what this map will look like in a couple of weeks?!

EDIT: Oh and despite many areas lit up having only one signature and one in Ashford in Kent having two .. Croydon has actually turned BLACK with 52 signatures?! What the feck has been going on down there? Try zooming in but this will probably be more interesting and telling after a week or two .. God only knows what Croydon is going to be on by then?!

EDIT 2: Oh and just to remind you of the rules ..

  • We well only respond if we have ruined in excess of 10,000 lives and ..
  • Only speak about it in the House of Commons if we have ruined over 100,000 lives!


I have recently discovered that half my symptoms, one of two very long lists, are down to something called Behcet’s Disease.

My daughter was diagnosed with this and she realised upon hearing it that I had it too, as I had been pressing her to get a diagnosis and had to keep on at this because her GP s, just like more than six I spoke to, fobbed her off. She was even told she would be referred to a Fibromyalgia specialist and that never arrived, or to be more precise has not from being told she was referred in October or maybe November 2017 to date. Today’s date is the 12th May 2018.

I had never previously heard of the condition before but when I read the list of things it causes all I could think was “Oh .. my .. GOD?!”

I had only very recently discovered that these same useless and so called health professionals had also not informed me of something else.

After refusing to admit that one condition can cause numerous symptoms, stating it was most assuredly impossible, they then tried very hard not to confirm my self-diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. They were unsuccessful.

Then when it was time to get serious because I had very high blood pressure which skipped over to a Hypertensive Crisis from Hypertension Stage 2 from time to time they were quick to put that down to the Fibromyalgia they had previously refused to admit to.

Then when I had complained several times about night cramps and severe pains in my thighs most days they put this down to a low magnesium level and told me to buy my vitamin pills form an expensive store .. Holland & Barrett. Oddly they just told my daughter to do the same a few days back! Must have some contract with Holland & Barrett?

However they failed to tell me that low magnesium screws up many other things some of which I was already suffering from, like anxiety attacks for instance! In fact there was a long list of symptoms I had been experiencing that looked like they were down to this .. like my heart palpitations and chest issues?! Yeah I had even been fucking sent all over the place for stupid tests that found nothing and I stumble across the fact that it could be down to something they knew damn well I already had. The low magnesium .. only .. this time it looked like the supplements were failing to work in these instances?

I text my daughter because she has many of my symptoms, along with cervical cancer, who called me up and she said “Dad, your joking right?!” turns out she had just had results from a blood test and they told her that her magnesium was low and should buy pills from Holland & Barrett?! This is a GP Surgery 250 miles away and yet just like mine in London she gets told to go to Holland & Barrett?! Does this not strike you as a bit odd?

Now all these other pills and treatments they are going to refuse? What do you think the odds are that everyone will now get told to go to Holland & Barrett?!

Two days after this my head is still spinning from the realisation I have been deliberately fucked about and lied to yet again, lying by omission, when I get a text from my daughter pleading for me to call her and that she has been diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease. Never heard of it.

I look up this Behcet’s Disease and when I see the symptom list I cannot believe what I am seeing on the webpage before me. I click on half a dozen webpages to cross-reference just as I always do as I am always the one to tell others not to believe everything you read on the Internet. I am a stickler for facts and not one looking for what I want to hear. I know a lot of people that like hearing what they want to hear .. I really do! I am so .. not like that. I want to know the facts! Guess that is the scientist and analytical mind in me. There on these webpages is a list that covers almost the other half of the things I experience. More or less almost everything that cannot be linked to the low magnesium is in this list.

All that is .. except for the right knee issue which was spotted by Guy’s Hospital as a separate and physical issue that then disappeared from my medical records .. though the knee issue is still there. Or at least it is on letters I have had from previous GPs I have had. Would be posted on here too, way back at some point. It even has my right eye irritation and I think it said something about back pain too? Though I was told by a chiropractor in Waltham Abbey that this was collapsed discs.

So I was talking to my daughter who now finally realises the truth I have been trying to get through to her and one that several close friends of hers believes only too well now too. That the NHS is corrupt, lies through its teeth and lies about patients health to save themselves and the government along with local councils and the DWP money.

If this was not bad enough they are now infuriated about the other .. aspects of this shocking truth .. they all get paid. They all get paid tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands each year so that the government can save a few thousand a year in payouts to stop people and families from starving to death .. while standing behind you with a proverbial whip to force you to go to work.

That would be bad enough in of itself but we are talking about sick and disabled people now and many with children too!

So tonight my daughter asked me ..

“Dad? You gave had these symptoms for years. I cannot believe that they did not diagnose you with this years ago?!”

I still have some research to do but I automatically thought that like everything else .. this must be a result of the Fibromyalgia and so intended to look for a link. Only I did not need to as only the second webpage I pulled up mentions Fibromyalgia on it. As I mostly skim read things anyway there is a chance that the first page mentioned Fibromyalgia too?

I did a little more research tonight and I found another webpage that seems to suggest that things might be the other way around? That Fibromyalgia might stem from Behcet’s Disease?

Let us review ..

  • Bechet’s Disease

    • Skin issues going back twenty six years

    • Joints maybe as much as thirty years – ankles

    • Hearing issues twenty years plus

    • Eye Issue around ten years

    • Mouth Issues over fifteen years

  • Fibromyalgia

    • Main one was feet .. fourteen years ago – ankles, joints, were way before this

    • Asked about for 13 years before discovering Fibromyalgia

    • Refused to admit I had it

    • Within five minutes of being diagnosed, figuratively speaking, I had high blood pressure and they were THEN quick to blame it on Fibromyalgia and once again refuse to refer me .. messing me about with Ramipril and Amlodopine and it is still high to this day

  • Low Magnesium

    • Diagnosed around 2014-15

    • Told to buy Vit ABC+ by Dr Andrew Theivendra of The Town Surgery in Enfield

    • No mention of affects on anxiety, heart palpitations or other things

      • Despite being dragged kicking and screaming, I did not want to go, to A&E several times


I did think about putting down a list of all symptoms along with the rough time each one started along with the longevity but it was .. daunting .. and overwhelming and would take a long time!

There have been in excess of 270 symptoms ranging from one offs, ones that occurred years ago but not lately, ones that appear from time to time, those more frequent and those that are more or less permanent.

I also struggled to think of what this would achieve. It would not help others that might be in this predicament, though by all accounts Behcet’s Disease is pretty rare in itself. To have this along with Fibromyalgia, Hypertension Stage 2 and low magnesium must be very, very rare.

Let us not forget the damaged right knee either.

I had previously understood, from research, that all of the symptoms were from the fact that Fibromyalgia causes a lack of restorative sleep.

Restorative sleep is a deep sleep whereby the brain does all its clearing or say .. memory and all its detoxification and repairs, like muscles. Since discovering Fibromyalgia four years ago that is how I have understood it.

However .. after reading about Behcet’s Disease and all the things it causes, low magnesium levels and all the things that causes I am starting to wonder if all this stuff with Firbomyalgia and non-restorative sleep was just guess work?!

I can only ever do research and cross-reference when it is not my field or do not have the necessary equipment to reach a factual conclusion.

I am in a place that is not that good and after all this while I had thought .. no, I had hoped that before now enough things would have been exposed to stop all this crap. But apparently not and so I have kept on going.

Except I not only find myself in a place now where I cannot nor do I want to continue but I find my daughter is also in the same place as me and I find it staggering.

Discovering what she has been through both in the distant and recent past, present and the future will shock the most hardened person to their core. All but the most amoral of people, that is.

She is not homeless .. but they are working on that, despite not being in a suitable home anyway. I can tell you that I KNEW she had my Fibromyalgia as she has most of my symptoms and a few I do not have. Fobbed off over that. Had two children diagnosed with Autism but then had an about face over that, with a letter that proves they decided the outcome before even meeting the children. Also has blood clots, or a blood clot. Cervical cancer, you had better believe it.

Domestic violence against her where the abuser was going to get..

  • Ten years and then Deported

    • Now not even a year out soon

    • Social Services backing abusers rights to access to his children

      • Threatened to throw one out of a window

    • Will get housed

    • Not being deported

    • Phoned and harrassed my daughter from prison

    • Was on the front cover of an edition of the Liverpool Echo

Yeah .. you had better believe it.

She got no help.

I got stabbed in the back over my health repeatedly.

I was then going to set up a business, promised help and then stabbed in the back over that and all help retracted. Just a couple months before finding out about my daughter’s domestic violence.

I then moved to help my daughter without sorting out the wounds in my own back, risking my own health which then later suffered because ..

Help I was expecting both of us to get because my four grandchildren, Autism of two of them, daughter’s FMS, blood clots, domestic violence and cervical cancer and my own FMS, high blood pressure and heart issues .. NOTHING!

I then had a breakdown which they failed to realise was part of a chemical unbalance I had told them for fucking years I had, had! Compounded by the lack of help.

Yet when it comes to everyone else .. we seem to live in a leftist society? Not from our point of view we do not! Just run by people that like it to appear that they are left wing but they are most certainly not. Especially when it comes to money and support they are not.

EDIT: It is funny as I have just remembered something. The one thing about Behcet’s Disease I read, that I did not experience or though I had not, are these ulcers you get. I could not recall experiencing anything like this so I did not mention it .. until ..

Just the other day I was talking about insect bites and there was this one time in my house in Enfield when I felt this sudden pain get stronger and stronger and stronger. At first I thought I was being bitten by a Mosquito but after it reached the point I was leaping off my sofa I thought it must be a Horsefly? Only there was no Horsefly to be found in the house and it had never happened before or since .. as far as I can recall.

I ended up with a small crater in my lower leg and some swelling.

EDIT 2: It just gets better as just like low magnesium this Bechet’s Disease has its own way of killing you ..

Behçet’s disease (BD) is a rare but severely debilitating vasculitis, which typically manifests as mucocutaneous disease with orogenital ulcers and skin lesions;1 however, involvement of the musculoskeletal system, eye, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, vascular beds, urogenital tract and cardio-pulmonary system can lead to significant morbidity and mortality. –


Well this is going to be good. Or is it bad?

After dying for another day I get back to this .. house .. of sorts with after leaving an annoying .. twat who got .. irritated and snappy over .. something and was inconsiderate and sounded a lot like someone else I have to put up with. For the longest time.

In fact what I am going to tell you I just told this person and when I said the first line below I got two responses .. first was a look of disappointment, which would be for themselves as your simply not allowed to be more ill then them. They told everyone for years they had epilepsy, not grand mal, and now it is not epilepsy but NEADS. Trust me if you knew nothing at all about any medical condition and thirty minutes with this person you would think it was worse than cervical cancer .. because they more or less stated as much. Went into that previously .. not going into that here.

That first line put to them that got that disappointed look was ..

“I have a disease .. a pretty nasty disease.”

With a disappointed and doubting look on their face, umm it is they that lies .. and about their health and not me, and sarcastic look they said “What disease?”

Getting cocky because they think it is bollocks once again, just like the magnesium levels being low, the Fibromyalgia and everything else before I proved myself to be correct, they said ..

“How do you know that?”

And I said ..

“Because my daughter has Firbomyalgia and a lot of my symptoms and those symptoms they have just confirmed are this Behcet’s Disease and just like the low Magnesium I have long since been diagnosed with is linked to Fibromyalgia!”

See if these sound familiar or .. check right back to 2012 on this blog and you will see me complaining of many of these symptoms ..

  • Mouth Tooth decay problem, gum problems for over 15 years

  • Genitals Issues for over 15 years

  • Eyes Inability to read small print up in Birkenhead 3 months ago and .. irritation in, around and ABOVE right eye!! You can go blind?!

    • EDIT: Blindness occurs if left untreated and I have only ever been given corticosteroid creams like Cutivate?!
    • EDIT 2: Crap .. my memory?! I had sores not far from my genitals on my right side, twice!

      Also I had a boil too and was unable to walk at one stage and had to have this cut and drained in Chase Farm Hospital

  • Skin Plenty of posts about Tea Tree Oil use going back 6 years, used for 12 years plus, skin conditions 25 years

  • Joints Clicking Ankles I said like Achilles Tendinitis

  • Aneurysms My father died of burst one

  • Digestive System Abdominal Pain, Diarrhoea, Bleeding, Check, Check and Check .. thought it was Diverticulitis!!

  • Brain Headache, Fever, Disorientation, Poor Balance, Stroke

  • There is some other stuff but I am not going into that and I am not affected by it anyway .. but someone I know is!!

  • EDIT: Hearing/Ear problems?! (WTF?!)

Any of that sound familiar?

Only one that does not apply to me is the aneurysm, which of course my father had and died form because it burst.

Oh dear.

Oh deary, deary .. me!

I have just had to text my family members .. well the ones that listen .. are interested and do not decide they do not have Fibromyalgia despite not being very bright or even speaking to a Doctor for the last thirty five years. Oh it is that fucking tedious and annoying person once again .. that speaks to you like shit when he dare not do it to anyone else they meet.

Anyway ..

Yes my daughter looked at this Doctor and said “My Dad has this!” along with something along the lines of me pestering her to get checked out ..

  • Because life is not easy and a bunch of so called professional idiots think that it is and like one pharmacist admitted to me that if they keep lying to patients and fucking them off with lies and excuses .. down the line it is going to explode ..

  • To which I said .. yup and it will be their excuse to get rid of the NHS and produce a private health service, no doubt owned by Americans!

Oooh .. dear!

My daughter knows only too well that I have asked and asked and asked over the years about this condition I have for fear it will get worse one day. Unbearably worse.

She is already at unbearable level .. a school board with a social worker in attendance sat shocked while the social worker suddenly refused to write a letter for my grandson to go to a new school. She refused and they have put in a formal complaints but just like I have done with every other step in this process .. DO NOT TRUST THE SCHOOLS! A friend of mine has a horror story about that, deceit and lies by a school which I have long since covered on here.

Well .. one woman on the board did end up crying. To which my evil ex said “She was a bit over-dramatic!” Yup, that is her all over .. everyone is overly dramatic unless it is about her. Everyone!

My daughter also recalled how she had told the GP about Fibromyalgia last October or November 2017, was told she would get a referral and how it never came. I said “See what I mean with these wankers?!” They still get fucking paid though? To do what?!

She also said that at her meeting and for the first time she verbally attacked the social worker and accused both her and Wirral Council of many things. The social worker said “[NAME], what brought this on, it is not like you to use language like that” and made a big thing about the use of a swear word. The panel members said “She is right and has a point though?!” before stating that they was going to put in a formal complaint.

I reminded my daughter that from devil to the God .. everyone has put in formal complaints and how far have any of them got?

I also said “See what I mean? Remember me telling you before that even with me they drive you up the fucking wall with their tricks, lies and broken promises and you end up getting angry .. losing your temper and swearing and the moment you swear .. ‘Ooh that is terrible, you swore?! Your now automatically in the wrong!’”

Yeah deliberately causing pain and suffering while you sit on your arse in people’s living rooms doing nothing but chat utter shite week after week being paid £40,000 plus a year out of the taxpayers money. That is perfectly fine. But the moment you piss anyone off enough to swear .. that is wrong?!

I have literally had this conversation dozens of times and it goes something like ..

“Your joking, right? Your attitude has now changed to treat me like a mass murderer because I swore? After everything you have done? Lies. Tricks. Promises broken. Pain. Suffering. And you are making a big fucking (deliberately swearing now) deal about the use of a fucking swear word?! Your a fucking tosser!”


So let us get this all in perspective ..

  • Whip me to go to work ..

    • Take away disability

      • TWICE

    • Take away Incapacity Benefit

  • Tax me so you get more money ..

  • Fob me off so you can save more money

    • Fibromyalgia .. that has caused 270 odd symptoms

      • Serious Magnesium Deficiency

      • Behcet’s Syndrome

    • Right Knee physical Issue lied about

    • Second Inguinal Hernia Lied about

    • Back Pain ignored, then tested wrong deliberately so they can ignore

  • Rob me

    • Of my freedom .. my own home

    • Family

    • Friends

    • Sanity and

    • Social life

And then doing that to my daughter from the age of 16 months and for the next 25 years and proceeding on to my grandchildren ..

.. nice!