I have been searching for sometime now on and off to discover why I might not be absorbing magnesium into my body. This was diagnosed three or four years ago, that I have a magnesium problem, and I have been getting signs that there is more to it but ignored this as I thought it was my memory issues.

The fact I have memory issues is even more of a reason as to why these things should have been checked out but instead was ignored by the NHS to save money!

In fact after a discussion with a friend of mine who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes he told me that in recent years he does not even bother seeing his Doctor because every time he ever complains about anything his response is always “Oh it is your Diabetes causing it” ..

There are so many things wrong with that crap and this attitude that I do not even know where to begin?!

As I said to my friend ..

Fuck me, they can’t say that! They are GENERAL Pratitioners and are not specialists and nor do they posses the x-ray vision I am always accusing them of thinking that they posses! This could and probably has caused many deaths and who the fuck is going to be around to check this and stop this?!”

They spent years forst getting my Fibromyalgia wrong, then realising that I had it and then started to lie to me and then when I realised that I had it then lied to prevent me from being diagnosed. The fucking moment that they did admit that I had it everything fucking else, just like my diabetic friend, always drew the response ..

“Oh .. it is your Fibromyalgia” ..

.. even high blood pressure and so I did not get a referral .. despite the fact that having Fibromyalgia does not make high blood pressure any less deadly!

Hypomagnesimia .. also deadly .. more so than high blood pressure and guess how many referrals I got for that? None! I did not even get warned it was fucking deadly!!

Anyway .. enough of that ranting .. I FINALLY discovered some details regarding malabsorption of magnesium due to having two pills in twelve hours, three in twenty four and my thighs still aching ..

No doubt if I ever see a Doctor again, which I doubt, they will roll their eyes at me because I am supposed to and fully expected to believe ehtir bullshit and lies .. because them being overpaid to do fucking nothing is more important than people’s lives and those poor unfortunate people relying on what little is left of the welfare system.

So here is a list of things that can cause the malabsorption of magnesium .. if it states Behcet’s Disease in this list I am gonna flip!

Possible Causes of Hypomagnesemia ..

  • Crohn’s Disease

  • Celiac sprue

  • Whipple’s Disease

  • Short Bowel Disease

  • Intestinal Mucosal Disease

  • Cystic Fibrosis

  • Cholestatic Liver Disease (from Behcet’s?)

  • Pancreatic Insufficiency

  • Intestinal lymphangiectasia (WTF?)

  • Radiation enteritis

  • Systematic mastocytosis

  • Terminal Ileal Disease (?)

  • Tubular Disorders

  • Congenital renal (kidney) magnesium wasting (Behcet’s?)

  • Interstitial nephretitis

  • Acute Tubular Necrosis

  • Kidney Transplant

  • Renal Tubular Acidosis

  • Bartter’s Syndrome (Well I seem to have a collection of these damn syndromes they deliberately ignore?!)

Now to make this whole thing about Hypomagnesemia complete .. the symptoms ..

  • Neurological

  • Behavioural Disturbances (Yes)

  • Irritability and anxiety (God yes)

  • Lethargy (God yes)

  • Impaired Memory and cognitive function (God yes)

  • Anorexia or Loss of Appetite (WTF?! Your joking, right?!)

  • Nausea and Vomiting (ooh great! Yes))

  • Seizures (ooh great! Yes and yet another one they lied about)

  • Muscular

  • Weakness (Yes)

  • Muscle Spasms (God Yes)

  • Tics ( I don’t think so)

  • Muscle Cramps (ooh great! YES)

  • Hyperactive reflexes (No idea)

  • Impaired Muscle Coordination (ataxia)

  • Tremors (ooh great! Yes!)

  • Involuntary Eye Movements and Vertigo (ooh great. Yes)

  • Difficulty Swallowing (ooh great. Yes)

  • Metabolic

  • Increased Intracellular Calcium

  • Hyperglycemia (No I think)

  • Calcium Deficiency (No idea .. oh wait .. Osteopenia?)

  • Potassium Deficiency (brings on Sudden Death Syndrome)

  • Cardiovascular

  • Irregular Heart Beats (Yes)

    • Had over eighteen months .. recently discovered its the low magnesium which was discovered three years ago plus

  • Coronary Spasms (no idea)

Funny really recently reading that report that stated that a collection of Doctors had stated, maybe to government or the NHS, that there has been a sharp rise in patients with a combined series of physical pains and mental health problems. At a time when even Doctors and Pharmacists have admitted to me that the NHS and the government are going well out of their way to ignore people’s health problems.

One pharmacist in Enfield shook his head when he admitted this to me and said ..

This will be a time bomb waiting to go off and go off it will down the road!”

When I asked him how he knew they was doing this he said that for many months they had noticed that way, way less prescriptions were coming through the door and that they were throwing away a hell of a lot of money in drugs because of their use-by dates. Due to this and the cost that he said all pharmacists were enduring, guess they are not good enough to save money for, they are now not ordering in a lot of frugs they would previously stock.

Ooh .. dear.

That conversation took place around two years ago and God knows how long that had been going on for. I was annoyed for not even thinking about this aspect of the cutbacks and not asking a pharmacist sooner. I could literally have walked into every pharmacy with a recorder in my pocket and sparked up a conversation and just collated all the recordings?!

Hmm .. maybe someone else is already doing this?

Maybe someone out there might start to do this?!

Causes of Hypomagnesemia

Symptoms of Low Magnesium or Hypomagnesemia ..


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