There is something that I have forgotten to mention that I just got reminded by as I was telling a friend I have not spoken to in ages what has happened to me lately.

He was still reeling from the blackouts, full on seizure, cancelling my Incapacity Benefit, cancelling my housing payments, the neurology appointments, upcoming scan, looking after someone’s animals for nearly six weeks, missing a wedding, colonoscopy coming up and whatever else things I have forgotten right now?

I then forgot to tell him about the anxiety attacks and that leading to the loss of the use of my legs!

What I have forgotten to mention on here is that a brother mentioned to me that he had heard of loads of people losing their benefits. But that I later realised he did not know anyone so I asked him about this.

As it turns out …. he said that at his Ford showroom and like many others they provide a lot of people with mobility cars. One day one person came in to warn them they would miss a payment because their money had been unfairly cancelled. He went on to state that after that first one they were then inundated with more people saying the exact same thing and had not seen anything like it.

He thought that this was just an inhumane and dirty trick for the government to make it look in the house of commons like they were getting the welfare bill down. Obviously must be having one coming up in the next three months?

When I text my mate he replied and said that he had heard of this happening to loads off people in Waltham Abbey, the Ford showroom is St Albans I believe so pretty much nation wide. He told me of a story of one lady who had, had hers taken away and she thought it was something to do with an ex-boyfriend. So she made a report about her ex’s mother who then lost her car and the crap hit the fan.

He then text me a picture they took from a newspaper that had an article about assessments going on, on disabled people in Croydon where the assessments were on the first floor and wheelchair bound people were not allowed to use the lifts, quoting health and safety reasons.

Whenever you talk to these idiots that are actually very patronising and most of the time anyone would think they belong to some higher calling or more advanced life-form, David Icke cough-cough?

Do any of these idiots in the UK government and public services not understand how the Internet works? Still?!

Ahh apparently the newspaper is The Daily Star and titled “Wheely, Wheely Stupid”

He tells me a friend of his wife’s who has Fibromyalgia and more or less bed bound was told by assessors that she could work and do a job of a Gym Instructor?! LMFAO?! This message came through via voice message and he was roaring with laughter as he explained it.

So yeah … that was what I had forgotten.

Not only have the made the attack on disabled people so obvious by going for soo many at once but they have been coming up with the most ludicrous reasons and statements for this.


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