Well they have named a new person to chair the child sex abuse inquiry. Someone called Alexis Jay.

The first thing I thought about on reading this was a question … how long before she resigns?

I then wondered if there would be anyone else that would dare take the job with so many people resigning? I mean there must be a point where no one else would take it on?

I’m also asking myself why this has not really appeared in the mainstream news? I mean, it’s fine beyond fiasco now and there must be some very, very powerful people who are guilty and scaring the hell out of the ones that already quit?

I bet though all your hearing about in the mainstream news though is the fucking Olympic Games in Brazil? Because that’s so much more important that children being abused in every which way and probably murdered too?

I also ask myself how long it will be before foreign media latch on to all this in the UK and go to it with gusto?

I mean you think it would have to happen, right? There must be a country out there that does not like us, probably a few more with Brexit?

I’m rather surprised Russia Today had not grabbed this one, though I know very little about the news group to be honest.

The fact is that if this is ever picked up by an outside news group they will have a field day. Also the number of failures along the way would keep any news media group busy for months.

Hmm I just had a thought. Maybe all these meetings they have overseas has something to do with offering perks so news groups in other countries don’t report on certain stories?

Well that is asking with agreeing to sell other countries faulty and returned crap as new in the UK?

These conversations must go on at times, wouldn’t you agree?

I fear for children everywhere lately and with this … slowly becoming widely known, the child abuse, you would think from here on in anyone would be shit scared now to give up their children?!

Imagine being in a terrible predicament to give up a child but have to consider all these dark and heinous things not only going on but being avoided reporting on as if doing so would object you with a modern version of the plague?

Let’s see what happens this time around?

Alexis Jay named new chairwoman of abuse inquiry –


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