I have this theory about those that get voted into power..

.. they lose whatever common sense they had left.

I don’t take that much notice of politics and probably don’t go much beyond the surface. Not in what is reported at any rate.

This is because all we get is shit, they all lie and we all know it and the journalists ask all the wrong questions, some of which everybody knows damn well they won’t answer. I have a theory on that too ..

If you have several minutes to fill don’t ask the questions you should be asking which you are told not to, ask the ones that produce absolutely zero. Everyone is happy, except for the couple of million people that are not idiots and can’t seem to understand why no one else can see what they do.

I might be being very generous here stating that there might be a couple of million that are not naive? There certainly seems to be a strong suggestion that 99% plus are?

But this remains to be seen.

I find it utterly amazing that the Labour party had gone all the way to the high court and beyond to stop is own members, or in other words supporters, from voting in their leadership fight.

They are still acting like politicians of old, refusing to change while starting that they have and still intend to. It’s still dirty tricks within a political party against its own people.

What they are effectively saying here and telling the country and the world is that they only want the voters that will decide the way a small group wants then to.

It flies in the face of democracy which is quite laughable considering how the big parties are always using the word ‘democracy’ and even ‘true democracy’ for God knows how many years. This is not that.

This is doing themselves no favours at all with anyone that has heard of these court fights. It tells everyone they haven’t learned, they are no different to the party they were before which is no different to the party currently in power.

It remains to be seen if Theresa May acts as good as she peaches. It remains to be seen whether or not the government can stop the blatantly inhumane actions going on at the DWP towards people with disabilities and that includes people who suffer from mental health problems.

That’s step number one and if you want people to think you stand by your convictions then you had better act fast.

Delays with the excuses that these things take time no longer stands. It’s gotten so old and become so long that you expect people to believe it’s not possible to implement these things within one … term. So five years.

It seems like David Cameron had been around forever and yet he has gone and the welfare system is in a complete mess and has been for about four years.

The welfare system also needs an award that needs to be given by some international body. The public service most inhumane to their fellow human beings.

Every single person that works within the DWP needs to go and be banned from ever working for a public body ever again. A lifetime ban.

Because of you don’t and won’t deal with the real criminals in all this then you need to make not one of two examples but dozens of them. This way no person would ever be stupid enough to carry out actions that are illegal or inhumane or both.

I have one name that was a probe example of needing to be punished. She was not in any way interested in the truth even though the words she spoke made it sound like she was.

They were within their right to refuse to come to Enfield at my request but now have to come to Enfield anyway to attend a court hearing. Only this time they are wasting thousands, of not trends of thousands, of pounds of the British taxpayers money to save a fiver in petrol?

Where is your superior intelligence now to argue hire this is saving money when it is clearly the opposite?

This, of course, was refusing to accept a dozen medical documents for an incurable condition I’ve now proved I’ve had over fourteen years because the documents we too old?!

They will probably use one I sent them as an excuse for this as it was dated 2003. All the others were between 2011 and 2014. For an incurable condition which added an up to date GP letter stating I still had it, though it’s incurable so shouldn’t need to.

I bet they suggest to the court that all the documents were dated around 2003? Sorry if thing they would do to, had it before. There insinuated they had asked me to attend five assessments recently. 

It was a lie in two regards. One is that they did not ask me five times recently and was only once.

On the second one … well I was asked for times about five years back but when requested they agreed to do a home visit. Except they failed to appear at each and every one. Until a couple months back nothing more was said about it.

Except now they are saying I failed to turn up at five assessments which as you can see simply is not true.

How come public services seen to be the only ones that think they are allowed to be dishonest but the public there are laid to serve are treated or declared nation wide criminal types when they lie?

This country is the most despicable piece of crap I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness.

I would take voluntary euthenasia than put up with twenty years of their crap again.

I mean that.

Part of the reason that having a possible brain tumour if not bothering my anywhere near much as it should is that too me i might actually get to flick ask the switches off?!

I mean to say that every single piece of crap, garbage, nagging, bullying, fining and trickery that covers my way via corrupt public and private organisations can just be switched off.

Peace at last.

I might actually get to sleep properly fit once too as after spending years telling half a dozen Doctors I don’t sleep properly there now seems the possibility that my seizures might be down to narcolepsy?!

I couldn’t believe it when I read it recently. I was totally unaware that Narcolepsy can cause a seizure or seizures. It also states that you fall asleep during the day at unusual times and I do, do that.

Now I had thought that Narcolepsy was when people suddenly feel asleep while talking to people or doing something? That had not happened to me… yet. Turns out that’s just one thing Narcolepsy can cause.

I’m also very tired all the time and this is up and down. Right now and fit the last three days this has been down.

So yeah, if Theresa May is serious about improving the country and dues not include making innocent people suffer as well as physically post for it she had better show it.

I find some job positions crazy and always have along with their ridiculous salaries.

I also knew that when things went badly wrong that their careers and salaries would prove bit too be sustainable. I also knew that before they accepted this they would make others, and mainly the poor, suffer very badly. This would be for a very long time before they took the action they should have taken right at the start.

The Labour Party certainly haven’t learnt a damn thing which does not bode well for Theresa May.

Labour leadership: Party wins appeal against voting rules –


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