Yeah so? Busy week or so. Difficult week or so but I am still in hell .. just relieved right now.

Yes so as some have noticed I have been battling more that anyone else’s fair share of trolls, so much so that I noted an hour ago that a stream started up about one particular troll called Nathan, @NathanInGermany.

I had to go in to the stream and tweet something as they were concerned about me, especially Phillip who is a really nice chap indeed!

The truth is I was worried. About one particular troll and I was deliberately drawing them out .. without explaining why I was doing this. Well .. one knew I had reason to be concerned and ha an extremely high opinion of his own intelligence. Lawyer too. Don’t care .. schooled lawyers and he got schooled too. Repeatedly. Several long running battles and that is just with him.

No less then eight accounts went down .. though not Nathan’s and I let them ship pass me buy when he accused me of some awful things. But then I imagine others would have reported him at the time but as far as I know he did not get suspended.

Yeah Joker lost four accounts and I allowed him to make a mistake I covered in a previous post that made it easy for others to take him down in various ways. I did tell him he could not do what he was threatening to do, which was dox me. He did it. He chose .. unwisely. He got it wrong just as I knew he would but more wrong than I expected him to. That is the trouble with a brain where your memory does not work as it should. You forget .. stuff. HE ended up further out in orbit than even I thought he would be.

Somebody asked me about my tweets and posts a few times and I simply replied ..

What do you call trolling without trolling?” when told they did not know I replied “BAIT!”

That got a few laughs and likes.

So I got into several scraps and old followers, new followers that hardly knew me and people I have never even spoken to before got involved.

So they were concerned .. about me and I was concerned .. about my daughter because here is the thing that Nathan knew but did not stop him coming after me .. because of my .. bait ..

On the 22nd November my daughter had an operation on her cervical cancer she got form being repeatedly abused as a child.

Imagine what I have been like the last week and on the day? I did hear from her briefly day before yesterday so know she came out of the operation OK but no details .. no confirmation .. until today.

Yeah despite please for help and being told we would get help there has been .. no help and I kind of wanted to be up there .. helping .. and I am not and still confined to my prison. The prison within a prison within a prison ..

  • Body of various pains and .. problems

  • Tiny room cannot place feet on floor and nor can I register here

  • In central London that is turned to shit

  • With the most narcissistic leftist socialist you would ever wish to meet

  • People that know her run of they see her coming in public places and boot sales

  • Some wont talk to them .. at all ..

  • You want to walk in front of an oncoming lorry within 60 seconds of them talking

It is not over a there is also an operation for a hernia in a few week time too!

I gets better, Nathan likes to call me a really bad father, but I bought my daughter a car and he was surprisingly being ripped off on her insurance. A payment was missed which I would have paid had I realised. The car got impounded and I tried to get it back .. but insurance company wanted £9,000 so that I could retrieve a £800 Vauxhall Astra!

Before I get around to why we was screwed over on that .. we also had trouble getting her a bank account and if they did not refuse one they closed it down three months later.

She had a bad credit score and we had no idea why and no one would tell us.

Then a payment card which was cancelled .. TWICE! Wrong spelling on name and wrong date of birth?!

The a Post Office payment card which was cancelled .. TWICE?!

We both contacted CIFAS few months ago.

Then an email arrives couple days back .. turns out her credit score went from .. below 20 to nearly 400?! Apology from Nationwide and her account re-opened?!

Looked at a car and it turns out that insurance is only a fraction ow hat it was last time for a bigger bloody car?!

So I lost all that money and the car and road tax .. because they were penalising my daughter for something she had not done because of a mistake?!


Like I have aid it seemed like everything and everyone was against us while I was in the north-west for four months.

Ooh yeah and my daughter has not been on Twitter for a few weeks but her account has gone .. and she has not closed it. Gets better as when you put her email in for a new password it states that I cannot do this as this has been tried too may times. Waiting to speak to my daughter again to find out if she has tried .. but my grand-kids have broken on PC tablet and one phone in the last week .. only now ha she been able to access WhatsApp.

Police have contacted my evil, and I really do mean EVIL, ex for a statement about how my grandson ended up with his paedophile Muslim father.

There was also something to do with money going missing too .. quite a few times as a matter of fact.

Now I had tried to get help in time for the operation but like so many times before even being told we would get help .. it really did not come.

There was a day where someone was supposed to turn up at my daughter’s hous then go to a Police station .. but turned up at the Police Station and told me my daughter did not show. Except she later phoned me and said “Well as always Dad .. that guy did not turn up!” She was quite surprised when I told her he called me from a Police Station and claimed it was her that did not turn up.

Except I also know that this was not the plan. Arrive at the house a good hour or more before having to attend the Police Station to give a statement and he rings me from the Police Station?

In the last fourteen months this has happened .. a .. lot. It has happened on and off for a decade but a hell of a lot in the last 14 months or so. For both my daughter’s side of the living hell or my own everyone ha either fobbed us off or said they would and done nothing at all. With various excuses and my daughter used to think I was mad when I used to say people were being scared off.

This has happened so many times she is far more certain than I am that people are being scared or warned off of helping us.

Do not know if I mentioned that I am told that the Police want to speak to me at some point .. well after 12 fucking years that is a first!

Well other than that time back in 2010 or 2011 when they came down .. took a statement and did bugger all .. which I just so happened to record .. but that was abuser number 4 .. and the child ended up with his paedophile father AFTER this so from the recordings where I talk about it the Police were already aware him being a paedophile as a fact, there was a child. The child still ended up with the father and they still did nothing. That was abuser number two.

Two children prior to turning 16, one a Bangladeshi restaurant owner the second a Kurd, third, fourth and fifth are also Kurdish.

Number one was her step-father who was white English and, as I was told, was abused himself and he went to prison. The following four did not. The fifth did .. but only for a year after being told he would go to prison for nine years.

Recordings with the Police are here ..

Oh dear .. Part Three

Resident troll Nathan .. has had a series of mishaps and meltdowns.

He slipped up and seeing the chance to be able to do what so many wanted I went for it and he got a lock out, over the use of a word.

When he returned, after spending months trying to close me down via some obsessive duty, he was not a happy bunny. He spent hours and hours trying to convince people, fuck knows why, that I was a secret leftist?

Now at one point he said this ..

I am going to protect other leftists from you by exposing you as a secret leftist”

Yeah .. he kinda really said that. Nope .. I am not kidding.

He kept on about me reporting him for hate speech and I let him wind himself up with a little .. push every now and then. Then I told him. He used the word and stated I was lying and that you cant get banned for it. I wound him up a little and he used it three times an in a line admitting he called me it.


Followers were still talking about his lock-out and laughing about it having no idea he has now been suspended.

I had barely just informed them when someone supported his previous tweets of me. Stating what I was and saying “This bloke has got you summed up well”

My reply? “No Nathan you have not!” His handle this time was @MyBritishHelper and it was him now lying yet again and pretending to be someone else and backing up his own statements.

He flipped out and insisted you cannot get banned for the use of the word c*nt. I said I had just done it twice and he was so sure of himself he mentioned it again .. LOCK-OUT! Oops!

He came back .. still insisting that I had reported him for hate speech and not that word and then went on using it several times ..


Waste of time following those 60 followers on your new account Nathan!

At this time a friend that dislikes him called BigR had been watching the whole thing and was roaring with laughter while taking screenshots of him having a meltdown.

During the following hours I got drawn into a stream arguing about Brexit .. Jesus hat was mad and had like around 50 people in it. Lots of idiot remainiacs thought they were super smart.

Within an hour or two four had blocked me.

Others teamed up to insult me .. yeeeah that one really does not work. Ask Nathan.

Then a social worker, Camden Council 20 years plus, friend of mine rang me about a visit to a Doctor, new one he had never met, about his Diabetes. Got told he would have to stop driving?!

So he was treated like crap and told me I had been right all along about the NHS and its Doctors and now seeking help. He has now found out what it is like for me .. no help, expected to jump through hoops for a disability affecting my shoulders, back, feet and ankles, memory, other things and a heart issue they refuse to accept is a disability any longer.

Told him years ago they would come for Diabetics and he refuse to believe it. “Never come for me,I can die!” and I told him they just do not care. They screwed up the countries finances and now they will make all others pay for it.

Half an our after that I get a call from my daughter and she sound terrible. Turns out she had her second operation and I should have been there and am not. Thought it as still two weeks away, guess she did not want me to worry.

Week ago cervical cancer operation and now a strangulated hernia and I have not posted that all the illness and fobbing off I mentioned previously she has had for months? Yeaaah there was a development over that a few weeks back too!

They decided to test her and found that she had dangerously high Streptococcus which infuriatingly is lined to the HPV virus they missed that caused the cervical cancer they have not bothered to test her for, for over a year. All the while fobbing her off with the wrong drugs!

So no help with four children while checking her kitchen for pork every Wednesday after they broke a repeated promise not to give abusive father access, so they lied, threatening to take her to court t take her children while the NHS ..

  • Missed her Cervical Cancer

  • Missed the HPV

  • Missed her Fibromyalgia

  • Missed her Streptococcus levels

  • Failed to tell her that her hernia can become strangulated which I am certain it was

But someone somewhere has a good story to tell about the NHS somewhere in some backwater of the UK so you cannot say anything and about the NHS. Well we both can!

I wont go into our deficiencies or my feet pain, back pain, memory or heart issues in all this as it could go on and on and then some. There are other posts.

If you did not buy into my air of confidence over the years .. when not dealing with scummy public services who are the only things I fear because of their lies, corruption and evil .. well .. this is what happens when I can face them individually or in small groups and they do not have a corrupt legal system and Courts to hide behind ..

Troll Lawyers? You just cannot find a decent one ..


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