So then thought it as time I updated this.

Many think me some kind of warrior and invulnerable but its not actually true. Being undefeated by any of the thousands of hard-left and regardless of level of education I got a bit of a reputation. Big.

But despite how people have viewed me over time and though I have touched up it I am not without my handicaps. I wonder what one of the original Anonymous members would think of this when he asked me 6 months ago “How are you not bigger then Tim Pool?” and I replied “Because they do not want me to be?”

Despite never losing and even being blocked by Mann, Cox, Hayhoe, Potholer, Honeycutt and others I have had my other battles. My real life battles.

First off is big social media giants like Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook who have been screwing me for years now. But I wont go into detail here and I have in the past.

These have been with the Police on different occasions, local councils and other government departments and public services. In fact I have been asked questions by people within the services who failed to realise that what was preventing me was the very people they worked for.

Among these is the NHS.

They lied to me for 25 years and I am still not getting treatment now. And yet I have had dozens of texts about getting a Covid19 vaccination I would rather die than receive, no fascists are bullying me.

There is simply no getting around it and it is SICENCE this plan and the vaccines were utter lunacy and this was even stated by a man that used to work creating them, Dr Philip Mason otherwise known as Thuderf00t on YouTube. Go and check and go back a year when they said they was going to rush vaccines.

Leaving aside my heart pain and the pains in other areas which include my feet, requiring special shoes and leaving aside my memory problems .. my eyesight is failing.

I resorted to wearing reading glasses over a year ago and yet the ones I found to be perfect are already not enough and I need to get ones a little stronger. I wonder what state they will be in, in two years?

No big deal, right?

Yeah except as my eyesight started going I also started getting a new pain from the lightest of touched and this is called Allodynia.

Now I had never even come across this name but the pain I had around 7 years ago with a friend. A woman I knew had Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and the most painful condition known to man and at the top of the McGill Pain index at or above 40.

My condition of Fibromyalgia was the next one down on the index at 28.

Now as I learned more about CRPS it sounded a lot like CFS but with more symptoms like this one where this woman experienced pain from the lightest of touches, I did not recall until recently, and skin feeling like its literally on fire, which is the one that stuck in my mind. Well FMS sufferers do suffer from short-term memory loss, you know?

In all honesty I thought she was joking or lying to begin with. It just sounded so mad but over time I realised this condition was bad. She was treated like shit by the UK Government and public services too.

So when I first experienced Allodynia I got it in my hands and my forearms and its always a “oh now what the fork is this now?!” moment.

Over time it become more frequent but here is the rub ..

The bridge of my nose gets exceedingly painful when I try to wear glasses and even now things are a little blurry because I am not wearing them but my nose is burning a little and painful from when I was wearing them an hour ago.

Oh and I am trapped in a building with a socialist bully who thinks the world revolves around her and her politics that a social worker friend calls ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and a relative cannot believe how I have coped.

Thats leaving aside how my daughter was a victim and shat on and how I have lost tens of thousands and over over £250,000 and the horror my daughter went through while they protected rapists only me helping and stopping an attack in London at the same time. Recording with Police on ‘Country of the Damned’.

They say the better you are the worse you are treated? Yeah certainly has felt like that for over a decade now.

If I am honest things go from bad to unbearable and the only time I get any peace is when I am on my mountain bike taking professional photographs for a webpage the government was supposed to help me set up in 2017, before pulling the rug from under me.

Despite my symptoms gradually growing and numbering around 275 (no these are not all permanent) I have been removed from being ‘disabled’ twice, the second time with the help of the NHS and their lies.

Twenty five years it turned out they either got it wrong and lied. They lied for at least two years by the time I self-diagnosed and then lied about there being no specialists. Yeah I have recordings of all those GP consultation lies too.

After a battle and Fibromyalgia Association UK asking me “WTF are they talking about” and giving me Guy’s Hospital I eventually had my diagnosis confirmed by a Dr Kirkham there.

Think about this for a moment. Symptoms that were building up over 25 years, at the time.

Asking if these were all connected and told no and ignored for 13 years.

I eventually successfully diagnose myself and have it confirmed at Guy’s Hospital.

I THEN had my disability re-instated .. and then they took this from me yet again 18 months later.

I was sent back and forth to different hospitals in Merseyside and London for years over my heart and I have Hypertension Stage 2, which I have zero idea if its related to FMS or not.

NHS? Not interested-not interested-not interested and was just given an initial appointment and immediately discharged each time.

Before the diagnosis five separate hospitals contradicted the last one asking if they were insane?


Plantar fasciitis

Pes Cavus

Neurological Disorder

Those are the ones I recall .. the Pes Cavus had two experts state this at Barnet Hospital and they were BOTH wrong.

First was Whipps Cross Hospital.

Last was St Michael’s Hospital.

Sitting in a lot of recordings I tried to get the, now I know is, fake news interested in but they would not even open up dialogue with me.

Many of these are not even online and I tried different social media to get some other independent news or people to approach me but no one came. Had some from Rebel Media once but they did not push for it really and I am not one for pushing.

Tried using Tiger Balm and they do say and it does help, with my chronic headaches but not migraine, but put it on your nose and the fumes cause your eyes to water.

Oh and I have been refused Pregabalin because of cost for 5 years and refused Sodium oxybate the whole time .. but they can give me a vaccine that has tossed the legalities over testing out the window and bully people for it, eh?

Anyway I do not want this to be a long one with me droning on .. so here are some screenshots ..



Before I start this I should point out that what is explained is a series of lies and failures stemming from bigoted, fascist leftists that have infected everything.

From every public service from the NHS to local councils and including Age UK and people like the Citizen’s Advice who can only be described as

  • Evil
  • Lazy
  • Incompetent


Just got off the phone and the murderer, domestic abuser, multiple rapist Muslim has just dolt Police, while on probation, that he wants to move to Bangor in North Wales. Which is where his victim fled to, to get away from him.

Turns out he is also now driving around in a Range Rover just like his bother involved in a stabbing incident I previously talked about. And he is said to be seeing an ex-girlfriend he met previously that would put her at 12 years old. Ergo a third victim.

And attempting to fish for information he told the authorities he has spent an evening with his previous victim and children to try and fish for details and locations. But as she is over 100 miles away, not likely. Nor would have have taken it will with the new partner his victim has and someone would have got seriously injured.

And he has told them he has £134,000 in a bank account and wants to buy a house in Bangor.

Annoying as if he DOES have money I can assure you he is funded by the evil, fascist leftists who hate me and its widely know I am linked to him.

While I get no support of any kind and Age UK passed personal details onto Antifa which was leaked online several times. Information NOT available online.

So not only do I not get help or any funding or disability as a disabled person these two drive around and get handed money and cars.

The Police are not getting nervous, well of course because if he hurts or rapes someone else with the knowledge I have on his history, it will cause the biggest unrest the UK has seen in decades.

Oh I also had a leg lock up and got froze to the spot in the bathroom.

Very painful but all I can think about is what if this happened to me down by the River Thames?

I have issues with motion and pubic transport has gradually become a problem and a fear and when this started happening on trains I could not believe it. Alcohol is the only thing I know that stops this but you cannot travel around half-drunk all the time.

That was 7 years ago and the NHS and DWP just fucking ignored it like everything else while whipping me like a slave and sticking the knife in my back along with other public authorities for years.

People literally ask me how I have not left a trail of dead bodies and burning buildings in my wake.

End Note.

Getting back on track .. so yeah I may have broken my had a few weeks back, or even re-broken it, as it still hurts. I cannot do the exercise required to deal with my condition. Also I have not been out on my bike because of the weather and currently not even sure I can ride if this had does not heal up.

Not only do I have trouble getting the bike out of the building but I am also having issues with my heart now too, likely because I have not done the exercising I am supposed to do which is cycling.

Now then .. a 4 bedroom house has been handed over, to the victim mentioned above and they remarked about wanting to keeping things off social media .. and now the home is fully furnished and occupied.

Now its time to get out my other guns. Yeah that .. authority will not get my attention but I am far from finished and other authorities need to be focused on.

Covered these for years but whether people are just blind and stupid or whether the powers that be were successful in suppressing me or a bit of both, I do not know. But my social media presence, which also grew like lightning before slowing to a crawl, allows me to get more of this out to more people.

In more places than the leftists are aware of.

Which they have never uncovered.

Funny thing is I was mentioning this to someone the other day .. three years of this and they have dived down everywhere, two platforms I am on and then there are the phishing emails and a profile I set up years ago I have not bothered. I get emails all the time fro them saying ‘You are being noticed’ whereas I went years without anyone batting an eyelid.

Now this is something else I have long covered and trust me when I stated that I have the letters, medical records, witnesses as well as recordings for the institution that had Seals ling streets up and down the country clapping their flippers together like a bunch of brain-dead morons.

The National Health Service.

The have lied about two special needs children that could have cost them their lives and lied about the entire family.

Recently I reported that they had refused to see one child that had very smelly fluid coming out of her ear. They asked the mother to take found swabs over a couple of months .. because they lost them all. There is STILL no diagnosis.

They previously refused to see another little girl who had a fit and seizure and that was 18 months or so ago.

This was a little girl who has had several ambulances called out for her over 3 to 4 years.

Both are special needs that even the various schools they attended know that the NHS have not only dragged their feet, refused to see but then LIED ABOUT. No ifs or buts about it, I am a professional and I was involved and they lied about it. No .. Covid was not the excuse.

So I had the mother crying on the phone as it turned out the daughter that had been rushed to hospital several times as now been recognised as having a heart murmur.

Who, I should add, should not have been made to do Physical Education and this has now had to stop.

They mother and her boyfriend was asked if the little girl’s lips had ever turned blue after stating that the rest of the children would need to be tested. The answer was no.

Sitting in a park later the two adults looked at each other when the father figure in this situation said ‘but the other ‘girl’s’ lips have turned blue a couple of time?!’

This is the older girl who has not been seen, treated been examined and refused appointments and had her disability lied about. The NHS Paediatrician lied about this two years ago. The ear issue has been going on for the best part of a year.

I am only getting back on this now because they public services were all over their rapist, murderer, domestic abuse of a father because the socialists in the NHS and Local Council are racist.

You want confirmation of this you only need speak to the mother. And when people try someone steps in each single time and warns them off.

No one ever comes across as genuinely helping and those that promised to never did and/or only in it for what they thought they could get out of it.

I myself have reported as being in a lot of pain and I am not seen by the NHS because they are lying, cheating, cold, callous self-serving bar stewards.

I am in pain and suffering every single say and for 3 years wondering if I will make it to the next week in one piece, if not dead then lost my marbles.

I have lost tens of thousands of pounds myself, 90% of my belongings, a home, a car and a business because of corrupt institutions likelihood

  • NHS
  • DWP
  • Local Councils

I used to refer to these three as the evil trinity and I stated that it was a ruse to save money and fuck anyone and their pain and suffering and if you get the NHS to lie then the other two also save a bundle.

Oddly it only affects British born people.

I also have a witness to this was was a social worker for over 20 years who is a Type 1 Diabetic who now has also been lied to himself and they keep giving away his medication.

I am trapped with three mental cases and one a narcissistic socialist whose own grandchildren wont have anything to do with because everything has to be about them.

The social worker calls her ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and says that despite having nothing in the way of medical conditions hers has to be worse then everyone else’s despite mine being in the top 20 of most painful.

A legal expert told me I am owed £250,000 in loses and I assure you its £100k more now and that’s without the suffering and pain.

  1. PAIN- in the muscle: often described as aching, burning, throbbing, gnawing, shooting, tingling. Almost always exacerbated by exercise and may or may not be present at rest. Can be migratory and differing from day to day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. FATIGUE- From feeling tired to exhausted and requiring rest periods during the day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. SLEEP DISTURBANCE- not being able to fall asleep and or able to stay asleep. Unrefreshing sleep patterns ” feels like I haven’t slept.”

Told NHS for years.

  1. PARESTHESIA- numbness or tingling. ( non dermatomal)

Told NHS for years.

  1. DEPRESSION- most often reactive as with chronic pain condition.

Told NHS for years

  1. ANXIETY- may include panic attacks.

Told NHS for years

  1. PERSONALITY CHANGES- usually a worsening of a previous tendency.

Told NHS for years


9. SUBJECTIVE SWELLING OF EXTREMITIES- i.e. feels swollen but no-one can find anything.

  1. HEADACHES- tension and or migraine.

Told NHS for years.

  1. COGNITIVE FUNCTION PROBLEMS: calculation difficulties, memory disturbances, spatial disorientation, difficulty with concentration, short

Told NHS for years.

term memory loss.

12. FREQUENT UNUSUAL NIGHTMARES- or being unable to dream.

13. DYSTONIA- stiff muscles due to involuntary contracture. Difficulty in moving tongue to speak.



  1. LIGHT HEADEDNESS- “Fibro Fog”, spaced out, cloudy.

Told NHS for years.



19. MILD BUTTERFLY RASH- (LUPUS TYPE) May be photo sensitive.

  1. NEUROGENIC INFLAMMATION- rashes, may be severe itching. NI causes the symptoms and signs of Dermatographia.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.

22. MUSCLE WEAKNESS- variable with no “objective” abnormality to formal testing.

  1. SCIATICA- like pain

Told NHS for years.

  1. PHOTOPHOBIA- Intolerance of bright lights.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.



Do not like noise.

28. TINNITUS- ringing in the ears.

29. OCCASIONAL EXAGGERATED NYSTAGMUS- involuntary rapid movement of the eye ball.

  1. CHANGES IN VISUAL ACUITY- impaired function of the smooth muscle used for focus as well as skeletal muscles for tracking.

Started happening three years ago.


Ah mentioned this too .. sometimes I get drunk way too quickly!!



Yes, Tramadol had this effect.

34. WEIGHT CHANGES- usually gained due to the lack of exercise through pain and or tricyclic antidepressants


Yes and I wonder if Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs is on the list? Given Mirapexin for this many years ago after two years of mentioning it.

36. HEIGHTENED AWARENESS- of symptoms of HYPOGLYCEMIA 9 when blood sugar falls)


Oh fuck .. been telling pepole I cannot eat potatoes and someone keeps giving them to me like they are trying to kill me. Oddly its a narcissistic leftist that thinks everything it about them.


Been telling the NHS about this for years.

  1. HEARTBURN- secondary to I.B.S.

Not only have they treated this and said it was a Hiatus Hernia for 4 years I have suspected they got this wrong and LIED. Because they spent 10 years refusing the operation.



Told them about this for years. Have issues with heat though other sufferers mostly cold. Have to wear shorts and vest in summer.


God, yes! Told them this for years.


Told them this for years.


  1. HEART MURMUR-Mitral Valve Prolapse appears to be more symptomatic in FM than normal.

Now find out my granddaughter has this. My father and grandmother died or heart issues and I have heart issues NOT looked at properly like everything else.

46. IMPOTENCE- reactive and occasionally.



  1. MUSCLE SPASM- twitching.

Told them this for years.

  1. NON-CARDIAC CHEST PAIN- which may simulate cardiac disorder.

Told them this .. Chest Wall Pain. Affected me in 2003.




54. TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT DISORDER- usually due to abnormal muscle tone.

55. RAYNAUD’S- like symptoms.

56. CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME-possible related condition.

57. HAIR LOSS-secondary to psychological stress from FM.

58. VULVODYNIA- Vulvar discomfort or pain, burning, stinging and irritation.

  1. PLANTAR ARCH-or heel pain. Exacerbated in FM.

Had already had other symptoms a very long time. Started to ask about this one due to pain walking and especially standing, from around 2001-3. Was fobbed off and lied to by the NHS and diagnosed myself around 2016.

So some symptoms go back over 20 years the NHS were aware of but the key one is this one.

I found this because I had a crying daughter on the phone, herself having cervical cancer missed and her own Fibromyalgia missed.

Had been meaning to look up for awhile anyone having issues with eating potatoes as this has been going on a number of years and, to me, is just weird.

Typical I find it here.

The NHS were told about this in 2016.

This list of symptoms has been correlated by the Arthritis Foundation S.A.


Now lets get this straight.

I have battled all my life, been screwed over by my university, screwed over by the DWP, screwed over by local councils. I have been suicidal at times and they call this the suicide disease because it is just too much.

I have been ignored by authorities, treated like a criminal, had friends and family assume I was lying about this for years.

I have worked, I have asked for help to set up my own business twice, refused the first time, accepted the second time then they pulled the rug from under me and I lost my home, car .. very almost everything.

My daughter was taken away and not given any rights to see me as she grew up. She has a life worse than I told the courts who did not investigate.

She has been the victim of rape gangs, kept prisoner and had her own cervical cancer missed. The Police and Social Workers persecuted her for years on end. She has had two cars taken away from her. She had a child taken away from her and given to his paedophile father. We found out years later he had been beaten and we can only assume it was the father. No I am not kidding.

They deliberately went out of their way NOT to diagnose my special needs granddaughter and then a paediatrician LIED in the diagnosis contradicting all previous claims by professionals, schools, social workers. Two years on they have now reverse their original diagnosis.

Another granddaughter has fluid oozing from her ear. They have point blank refused to see her for months and in that time asked my daughter to take a swab. No less then four times because they kept losing them.

While IDIOT leftist reception staff sit around in the clinics talking utter bollox to one another when they are not doing their virtue signalling to appear human.

A Member of Parliament found out and started swearing over it and become involved.

In 2017 I diagnosed myself and then had a Doctor lie to my face that there is nothing in the NHS to cater for Fibromyalgia. The Fibromyalgia Association UK were shocked that they told me this and gave me a list. After diagnosing myself, do not forget. They then lied and said I threatened them and they did this twice so as not to have to deal with me.

Apparently in modern day fascism you are not supposed to get angry with those that lie to you, treat you like shit and leave you with one of the worst conditions on Earth.

Often think I wish I had cancer as at least I would be given ACTUAL DRUGS to deal with the pain and it wont be long before it is over.

This just goes on and on and on and with every fucking public authority and evil, lying, fascist wanker working for them stabbing you with knives while you try to survive while surround by people that have their heads up their own arses.

While social media giants are all over your ass, using you as a slave to make billions after luring you to work for them before they then start censoring you because you might hurt someone’s feelings somewhere or vote for someone they do not approve of.

While I had to listen to the brain-dead seals standing outside clapping or banging pots and pans to thank the NHS which I do not know is just total and utter fucking blindness of they have heard stories and thought if they went outside and worshipped the New Gods that this wont happen to them if their health fails?

The absolute best one?

Everyone else forgets that I have a fucking memory problem.

All I have ever done is be as honest, genuine and factual as I can but it seems I .. WE .. have been screwed by bother sides. One for politics because they are hateful bigots and hate us but prefer animals over us, the other for money.

No way out and have learned that you just have no one you can turn to and these charities and help agencies are just a cesspool of fascists that fool the public into thinking they do things so they will have over their money.

But shit scared the wider public will discover they too are full or bigoted fascists pushing for power for their own evil desires.


Thought about writing this one a couple of times. Did not know very much abut what had happened and chances are there might have been, though I had hoped not, more developments over Christmas.

There were.

Once again British public services let us down only this time it could have proved fatal. In fact several services not only let us down but have continued to do so.

  • NHS
  • Police
  • British Justice (about to again today Thursday 26th December)
  • Local Council

All the above are responsible for what just happened and are responsible for the whole thing in the first place along with others that have occurred.

In fact I can tell you, and then if they are reading this that the 12,000 followers I have now built up around world both have been and will be utterly shocked to the core upon hearing only parts of our story.

Often tell them that what they heard or even the length post called ‘Country of the Damned’ they get to read and hear recordings in is only a small part of the story. It has also gone on since 2011 though technically started in late 1994. In fact you could argue it goes further back than that.

Failure after failure after failure I would not have allowed to happen had I been aware back then just what utter failures and incompetent, corrupt idiots the public services of the UK were.

Spent years with people I know thinking I was mad when I first realised though today all but one or two realise I was right all along.

Trapped with family that either I hardly hear from, none rang me yesterday and two have not rang me for months, I had a call fro my daughter.

Now with a new witness and someone close to the situation I spoke to on the phone my daughter cried and two lines I recall hearing as she sobbed.

“They have ruined my life”

“I have no family”

Could not even begin to describe what if felt like to hear that or a few hundreds other lines I have heard over the last 20 years, the vast majority of them in the last decade.

Despite people being shocked they tell me to carry on fighting as if it was a single short-lived event and are not affected by it any longer. Always told them there will be something else down the road because the authorities of the UK have become a joke and a massive waste of taxpayers money.

After domestic violence from a Muslim husband he went to jail. We were told he would be inside for 9 years. He got out in fourteen months. He got looked after by the authorities including Wirral Council, was given a home and the Liverpool Echo tabloid gave him £20,000. Yes you read that right. You can read more in the post I mentioned above.

We never got anything in the way of support and I mean anything and I have a disability the public services decided was not any longer, my daughter was later diagnosed with the same thing which is Fibromyalgia. She also had cervical cancer from her ordeals and Trigeminal Neuralgia while I have heart and memory issues along with severe back and shoulder pains that limit me getting about.

Here is an NHS list of the top 20 most painful conditions and not only are we both on it several times but my Fibromyalgia is particularly bad. Has affected my feet for around 15 years now, the memory is a pain like I could not describe too. But also its now affecting my heart and I am losing the feeling in my right foot.


My daughter also has one child placed with a paedophile. One with his evil grandmother. Two others are autistic.

I have tried to start my own business several time and was stabbed in the back over it by the authorities each time.

My daughter has tried working and going to college.

She moved away from her area and now lives in Wales.

Now what occurred was that no local NHS Dentists would let my daughter register herself or her children and she tried this for 6 months. Were issues with GP Surgeries too.

Eventually a couple of times she was forced to go all the way back to the Wirral .. which must be 90 miles away?

Only the last time she bumped into her husband who accosted her in the street demanding to know where she lived. Members of the public had to separate them.

The he started turning up at the homes of people that knew my daughter demanding to know where she lived and one was her mother’s house with my daughter present and the Police got called. His name is Lukman (though this alters) Yasin-Khalil and he is a cousin who is gay, called Adnan, that my daughter thought she could trust. I had warned her not to trust him a couple of years back.

Now I am told he attacked my daughter and left bruises on her arm. I said “told you not to trust him, didn’t I? These people really do think they are the master race and above all others” to which she said “yes”.

Accosted by a man that is still supposed to be in prison to which she relocated many miles away to get away from she is then forced to bump into because of all the authorities above.

Authorities that have consistently and repeatedly failed us for a decade.

Now I am told that not only is he in court but that as the Police are only aware of one breach he will be let off?!

Yes sir, British law, the courts and judges along with the keystone cops really know how to deter these people from recommitting the crimes they carry out.

My daughter has new friends and upon hearing the story they simply cannot believe it. Added to this she now has a new love interest that my daughter wont tell her evil mother about and her husband knows nothing about.

In fact after the first run-in she cried to me down the phone because she was scared he would turn up over Christmas, find him there and someone would get hurt. Someone would most certainly have gotten hurt. I can assure you of that.

He would ring us from Walton Prison two or three times a day. Yeah that news report about them stopping the smuggling that appeared in the news was total fabrication.

Now would you believe I got accused of having incestual relations by this animal with my own daughter? He has also had fights with other men he though were too friendly with my daughter.

So yeah I can assure you someone would end up in hospital if not killed and yes this is the man that the courts let out, public services helped get him a home and was given a cheque for £20,000 while I myself lost £20,000 while we both went without any help or support whatsoever.

Was supposed to be living with my daughter and now I am not thanks to the lack of support and for awhile now have no access to health services, believe me I have tried everything, and no income as well as losing £20,000 plus.

Trapped in London in a place I do not like very much.

All of that would also never have happened had my online incoming not been frozen since 2016, so now more than 3 years since it froze.

Lost 90% of my belongings too in storage I could not get out two years ago. No home, lost my car and business.

So went onto social media to try and see if I could get offered help while all the while attracting more followers to send to my blogs.

Except even that has been messed with by Twitter and now the others too. And yet ..

After a hiccup I have now attracted close to 12,000 follower in 11 months, so not even a year, which has caused my many blogs to get far more visits then they ever had before. They still have adverts in place too so someone is getting paid, no?

Many years ago many people thought I was insane as they just did not think my stories could be true and oddly enough I anticipated his by acquiring recordings, again on the post called ‘Country of the Damned’.

Like my daughter has stated ‘they have destroyed our lives’ and it seems destined to turn out that I cannot get enough people in my blogs until they have destroyed enough of other people’s lives too?

Unfortunately I had hoped to forewarn other people of the danger out their for their children but I have had to work my backside off because people have just not shared our stories enough.

Social media giants might be completely behind this, they certainly had meddled and I know for absolutely certain that I have lost between 5,000 and 15,000 followers. Twitter was the worst for knocking these off and its been in the many thousands. On others I have lost several hundred on each and currently I have not been able to log onto Parler for four days and I know it works as I have followers on other platforms check this.

In case they deleted the news stories I have some screen-shots to go with the links and, luckily for me, the Liverpool Echo published a photo of Lukman.



Yeah so? Busy week or so. Difficult week or so but I am still in hell .. just relieved right now.

Yes so as some have noticed I have been battling more that anyone else’s fair share of trolls, so much so that I noted an hour ago that a stream started up about one particular troll called Nathan, @NathanInGermany.

I had to go in to the stream and tweet something as they were concerned about me, especially Phillip who is a really nice chap indeed!

The truth is I was worried. About one particular troll and I was deliberately drawing them out .. without explaining why I was doing this. Well .. one knew I had reason to be concerned and ha an extremely high opinion of his own intelligence. Lawyer too. Don’t care .. schooled lawyers and he got schooled too. Repeatedly. Several long running battles and that is just with him.

No less then eight accounts went down .. though not Nathan’s and I let them ship pass me buy when he accused me of some awful things. But then I imagine others would have reported him at the time but as far as I know he did not get suspended.

Yeah Joker lost four accounts and I allowed him to make a mistake I covered in a previous post that made it easy for others to take him down in various ways. I did tell him he could not do what he was threatening to do, which was dox me. He did it. He chose .. unwisely. He got it wrong just as I knew he would but more wrong than I expected him to. That is the trouble with a brain where your memory does not work as it should. You forget .. stuff. HE ended up further out in orbit than even I thought he would be.

Somebody asked me about my tweets and posts a few times and I simply replied ..

What do you call trolling without trolling?” when told they did not know I replied “BAIT!”

That got a few laughs and likes.

So I got into several scraps and old followers, new followers that hardly knew me and people I have never even spoken to before got involved.

So they were concerned .. about me and I was concerned .. about my daughter because here is the thing that Nathan knew but did not stop him coming after me .. because of my .. bait ..

On the 22nd November my daughter had an operation on her cervical cancer she got form being repeatedly abused as a child.

Imagine what I have been like the last week and on the day? I did hear from her briefly day before yesterday so know she came out of the operation OK but no details .. no confirmation .. until today.

Yeah despite please for help and being told we would get help there has been .. no help and I kind of wanted to be up there .. helping .. and I am not and still confined to my prison. The prison within a prison within a prison ..

  • Body of various pains and .. problems

  • Tiny room cannot place feet on floor and nor can I register here

  • In central London that is turned to shit

  • With the most narcissistic leftist socialist you would ever wish to meet

  • People that know her run of they see her coming in public places and boot sales

  • Some wont talk to them .. at all ..

  • You want to walk in front of an oncoming lorry within 60 seconds of them talking

It is not over a there is also an operation for a hernia in a few week time too!

I gets better, Nathan likes to call me a really bad father, but I bought my daughter a car and he was surprisingly being ripped off on her insurance. A payment was missed which I would have paid had I realised. The car got impounded and I tried to get it back .. but insurance company wanted £9,000 so that I could retrieve a £800 Vauxhall Astra!

Before I get around to why we was screwed over on that .. we also had trouble getting her a bank account and if they did not refuse one they closed it down three months later.

She had a bad credit score and we had no idea why and no one would tell us.

Then a payment card which was cancelled .. TWICE! Wrong spelling on name and wrong date of birth?!

The a Post Office payment card which was cancelled .. TWICE?!

We both contacted CIFAS few months ago.

Then an email arrives couple days back .. turns out her credit score went from .. below 20 to nearly 400?! Apology from Nationwide and her account re-opened?!

Looked at a car and it turns out that insurance is only a fraction ow hat it was last time for a bigger bloody car?!

So I lost all that money and the car and road tax .. because they were penalising my daughter for something she had not done because of a mistake?!


Like I have aid it seemed like everything and everyone was against us while I was in the north-west for four months.

Ooh yeah and my daughter has not been on Twitter for a few weeks but her account has gone .. and she has not closed it. Gets better as when you put her email in for a new password it states that I cannot do this as this has been tried too may times. Waiting to speak to my daughter again to find out if she has tried .. but my grand-kids have broken on PC tablet and one phone in the last week .. only now ha she been able to access WhatsApp.

Police have contacted my evil, and I really do mean EVIL, ex for a statement about how my grandson ended up with his paedophile Muslim father.

There was also something to do with money going missing too .. quite a few times as a matter of fact.

Now I had tried to get help in time for the operation but like so many times before even being told we would get help .. it really did not come.

There was a day where someone was supposed to turn up at my daughter’s hous then go to a Police station .. but turned up at the Police Station and told me my daughter did not show. Except she later phoned me and said “Well as always Dad .. that guy did not turn up!” She was quite surprised when I told her he called me from a Police Station and claimed it was her that did not turn up.

Except I also know that this was not the plan. Arrive at the house a good hour or more before having to attend the Police Station to give a statement and he rings me from the Police Station?

In the last fourteen months this has happened .. a .. lot. It has happened on and off for a decade but a hell of a lot in the last 14 months or so. For both my daughter’s side of the living hell or my own everyone ha either fobbed us off or said they would and done nothing at all. With various excuses and my daughter used to think I was mad when I used to say people were being scared off.

This has happened so many times she is far more certain than I am that people are being scared or warned off of helping us.

Do not know if I mentioned that I am told that the Police want to speak to me at some point .. well after 12 fucking years that is a first!

Well other than that time back in 2010 or 2011 when they came down .. took a statement and did bugger all .. which I just so happened to record .. but that was abuser number 4 .. and the child ended up with his paedophile father AFTER this so from the recordings where I talk about it the Police were already aware him being a paedophile as a fact, there was a child. The child still ended up with the father and they still did nothing. That was abuser number two.

Two children prior to turning 16, one a Bangladeshi restaurant owner the second a Kurd, third, fourth and fifth are also Kurdish.

Number one was her step-father who was white English and, as I was told, was abused himself and he went to prison. The following four did not. The fifth did .. but only for a year after being told he would go to prison for nine years.

Recordings with the Police are here ..


Oh dear .. Part Three

Resident troll Nathan .. has had a series of mishaps and meltdowns.

He slipped up and seeing the chance to be able to do what so many wanted I went for it and he got a lock out, over the use of a word.

When he returned, after spending months trying to close me down via some obsessive duty, he was not a happy bunny. He spent hours and hours trying to convince people, fuck knows why, that I was a secret leftist?

Now at one point he said this ..

I am going to protect other leftists from you by exposing you as a secret leftist”

Yeah .. he kinda really said that. Nope .. I am not kidding.

He kept on about me reporting him for hate speech and I let him wind himself up with a little .. push every now and then. Then I told him. He used the word and stated I was lying and that you cant get banned for it. I wound him up a little and he used it three times an in a line admitting he called me it.


Followers were still talking about his lock-out and laughing about it having no idea he has now been suspended.

I had barely just informed them when someone supported his previous tweets of me. Stating what I was and saying “This bloke has got you summed up well”

My reply? “No Nathan you have not!” His handle this time was @MyBritishHelper and it was him now lying yet again and pretending to be someone else and backing up his own statements.

He flipped out and insisted you cannot get banned for the use of the word c*nt. I said I had just done it twice and he was so sure of himself he mentioned it again .. LOCK-OUT! Oops!

He came back .. still insisting that I had reported him for hate speech and not that word and then went on using it several times ..


Waste of time following those 60 followers on your new account Nathan!

At this time a friend that dislikes him called BigR had been watching the whole thing and was roaring with laughter while taking screenshots of him having a meltdown.

During the following hours I got drawn into a stream arguing about Brexit .. Jesus hat was mad and had like around 50 people in it. Lots of idiot remainiacs thought they were super smart.

Within an hour or two four had blocked me.

Others teamed up to insult me .. yeeeah that one really does not work. Ask Nathan.

Then a social worker, Camden Council 20 years plus, friend of mine rang me about a visit to a Doctor, new one he had never met, about his Diabetes. Got told he would have to stop driving?!

So he was treated like crap and told me I had been right all along about the NHS and its Doctors and now seeking help. He has now found out what it is like for me .. no help, expected to jump through hoops for a disability affecting my shoulders, back, feet and ankles, memory, other things and a heart issue they refuse to accept is a disability any longer.

Told him years ago they would come for Diabetics and he refuse to believe it. “Never come for me,I can die!” and I told him they just do not care. They screwed up the countries finances and now they will make all others pay for it.

Half an our after that I get a call from my daughter and she sound terrible. Turns out she had her second operation and I should have been there and am not. Thought it as still two weeks away, guess she did not want me to worry.

Week ago cervical cancer operation and now a strangulated hernia and I have not posted that all the illness and fobbing off I mentioned previously she has had for months? Yeaaah there was a development over that a few weeks back too!

They decided to test her and found that she had dangerously high Streptococcus which infuriatingly is lined to the HPV virus they missed that caused the cervical cancer they have not bothered to test her for, for over a year. All the while fobbing her off with the wrong drugs!

So no help with four children while checking her kitchen for pork every Wednesday after they broke a repeated promise not to give abusive father access, so they lied, threatening to take her to court t take her children while the NHS ..

  • Missed her Cervical Cancer

  • Missed the HPV

  • Missed her Fibromyalgia

  • Missed her Streptococcus levels

  • Failed to tell her that her hernia can become strangulated which I am certain it was

But someone somewhere has a good story to tell about the NHS somewhere in some backwater of the UK so you cannot say anything and about the NHS. Well we both can!

I wont go into our deficiencies or my feet pain, back pain, memory or heart issues in all this as it could go on and on and then some. There are other posts.

If you did not buy into my air of confidence over the years .. when not dealing with scummy public services who are the only things I fear because of their lies, corruption and evil .. well .. this is what happens when I can face them individually or in small groups and they do not have a corrupt legal system and Courts to hide behind ..

Troll Lawyers? You just cannot find a decent one ..


You should be aware of something ..

.. when it comes to the treatment of disabled people and who is .. complicit.

I was told by a Dr Bolat that with my health conditions that there is no GP in the country that would agree to me being removed from it. No GP would rule against me, in other words.

This was prior to my heart palpitations, chest tightness and breathlessness which I only recently discovered is down to the Hypomagnesemia, or low magnesium levels. Which are very dangerous.

Now this danger was never mentioned to me by anyone and whether or not that Dr Bolat of North Middlesex University knew this when he looked at my records and just assumed I had already been informed I do not know.

All I can tell you that I was surprised when he said that and even more surprised when he put his head in his hands and stated “I do not know what is going on in this country any more!”

Now after getting friendly with a woman who was sadly afflicted by a very painful condition I found out two things. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome was the most painful condition known and I discovered the existence of the McGill Pain Index. In all honesty and in the beginning I thought there was some exaggeration going on. Probably because I have met some people who are very prone to exaggeration and on a big scale too. This was not a time where exaggeration was involved.

When I looked up the McGill Pain Index I then discovered something else .. my condition, or one of them, was also on this scale. It was the ext one down from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome which itself was marked up at number 40. The scale went up to 50. Nothing exists on any of these scales above 40. There are some comparison examples on there. Giving birth without drugs for instance. Having a finger cut off without drugs and so on and so forth. Still .. nothing appeared about 40!

Fibromyalgia sat at 28.

She did not get PIP either meaning that .. PIP is not awarded for physical pain or mental health pain but instead seems to be awarded based on that the eyes can see. Well .. I say that, that it is down to whether or not they can see that a leg or two is missing or the same with your arms but I am not even sure about this any longer?!

I had long since believed that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was a mild form of Fibromyalgia Syndrome and I even started to suspect that Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome was a strong form of Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Or that they were all just different levels of the same condition.

Of course I get a Facebook message from my daughter who had been having some infection issues after a biopsy and it just read “Call me. I have been diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease” and I just assumed this was something to do with this long lasting infection they screwed up? But … NO!

There was a number of things under Fibromyalgia that I never got explained to me and one in particular, though I did find a link in a book, was never explained. Something that I do not need a damned test to prove. Tooth decay. This was listed for Fibromyalgia but it stated that they did not know why this was. I had never seen anyone online speaking about their own Fibromyalgia ever mention the tooth decay issue. I wondered if it was just me or maybe the Fibromyalgia had to be quite advanced to be affected by this?

So I Googled Behcet’s Disease and there on the bloody list is Tooth Decay! It was like being hit in the face with a brick. Then came the others in the list and even some of them I thought I was not nor never had been affected by I later realised that I had. I had just .. forgotten. Well .. some of them.

So .. with this level of pain and with only one of my conditions of Fibromyalgia .. combined with the mental health problems, the high blood pressure (Hypertension Stage 2 and higher), the heart palpitations/tightness/breathlessness, memory loss and self harming combined with phobias and an Accident & Emergency Doctor stating that I should be on disability and a disability solicitor stating that I should be on disability how did this so-called court of law give me ZERO and ZERO?

Unless they are complicit and all those winning their cases are tokenism cases because this Mickey Mouse Court is worried that the wider general public might start asking questions of this so-called court of law?!

My remarks on a number is Facebook pages to do with disabled people and NHS corruption regarding these published cases as no more than tokenism ones seem to get a fair amount of likes.

One has to wonder how long it will be before everything in this country is exposed as .. farcical?!

Various webpages and versions of the McGill Pain Index but bear in mind this is only a … PAIN INDEX and does not take into consideration the things that can kill you. Like my Hypomagnesemia and the link to heart disease, heart attack, sudden death syndrome and the heart palpitations and nor does it consider Behcet’s Disease and its symptoms. Nor blood pressure issues ..






Well this is going to be good. Or is it bad?

After dying for another day I get back to this .. house .. of sorts with after leaving an annoying .. twat who got .. irritated and snappy over .. something and was inconsiderate and sounded a lot like someone else I have to put up with. For the longest time.

In fact what I am going to tell you I just told this person and when I said the first line below I got two responses .. first was a look of disappointment, which would be for themselves as your simply not allowed to be more ill then them. They told everyone for years they had epilepsy, not grand mal, and now it is not epilepsy but NEADS. Trust me if you knew nothing at all about any medical condition and thirty minutes with this person you would think it was worse than cervical cancer .. because they more or less stated as much. Went into that previously .. not going into that here.

That first line put to them that got that disappointed look was ..

“I have a disease .. a pretty nasty disease.”

With a disappointed and doubting look on their face, umm it is they that lies .. and about their health and not me, and sarcastic look they said “What disease?”

Getting cocky because they think it is bollocks once again, just like the magnesium levels being low, the Fibromyalgia and everything else before I proved myself to be correct, they said ..

“How do you know that?”

And I said ..

“Because my daughter has Firbomyalgia and a lot of my symptoms and those symptoms they have just confirmed are this Behcet’s Disease and just like the low Magnesium I have long since been diagnosed with is linked to Fibromyalgia!”

See if these sound familiar or .. check right back to 2012 on this blog and you will see me complaining of many of these symptoms ..

  • Mouth Tooth decay problem, gum problems for over 15 years

  • Genitals Issues for over 15 years

  • Eyes Inability to read small print up in Birkenhead 3 months ago and .. irritation in, around and ABOVE right eye!! You can go blind?!

    • EDIT: Blindness occurs if left untreated and I have only ever been given corticosteroid creams like Cutivate?!
    • EDIT 2: Crap .. my memory?! I had sores not far from my genitals on my right side, twice!

      Also I had a boil too and was unable to walk at one stage and had to have this cut and drained in Chase Farm Hospital

  • Skin Plenty of posts about Tea Tree Oil use going back 6 years, used for 12 years plus, skin conditions 25 years

  • Joints Clicking Ankles I said like Achilles Tendinitis

  • Aneurysms My father died of burst one

  • Digestive System Abdominal Pain, Diarrhoea, Bleeding, Check, Check and Check .. thought it was Diverticulitis!!

  • Brain Headache, Fever, Disorientation, Poor Balance, Stroke

  • There is some other stuff but I am not going into that and I am not affected by it anyway .. but someone I know is!!

  • EDIT: Hearing/Ear problems?! (WTF?!)

Any of that sound familiar?

Only one that does not apply to me is the aneurysm, which of course my father had and died form because it burst.

Oh dear.

Oh deary, deary .. me!

I have just had to text my family members .. well the ones that listen .. are interested and do not decide they do not have Fibromyalgia despite not being very bright or even speaking to a Doctor for the last thirty five years. Oh it is that fucking tedious and annoying person once again .. that speaks to you like shit when he dare not do it to anyone else they meet.

Anyway ..

Yes my daughter looked at this Doctor and said “My Dad has this!” along with something along the lines of me pestering her to get checked out ..

  • Because life is not easy and a bunch of so called professional idiots think that it is and like one pharmacist admitted to me that if they keep lying to patients and fucking them off with lies and excuses .. down the line it is going to explode ..

  • To which I said .. yup and it will be their excuse to get rid of the NHS and produce a private health service, no doubt owned by Americans!

Oooh .. dear!

My daughter knows only too well that I have asked and asked and asked over the years about this condition I have for fear it will get worse one day. Unbearably worse.

She is already at unbearable level .. a school board with a social worker in attendance sat shocked while the social worker suddenly refused to write a letter for my grandson to go to a new school. She refused and they have put in a formal complaints but just like I have done with every other step in this process .. DO NOT TRUST THE SCHOOLS! A friend of mine has a horror story about that, deceit and lies by a school which I have long since covered on here.

Well .. one woman on the board did end up crying. To which my evil ex said “She was a bit over-dramatic!” Yup, that is her all over .. everyone is overly dramatic unless it is about her. Everyone!

My daughter also recalled how she had told the GP about Fibromyalgia last October or November 2017, was told she would get a referral and how it never came. I said “See what I mean with these wankers?!” They still get fucking paid though? To do what?!

She also said that at her meeting and for the first time she verbally attacked the social worker and accused both her and Wirral Council of many things. The social worker said “[NAME], what brought this on, it is not like you to use language like that” and made a big thing about the use of a swear word. The panel members said “She is right and has a point though?!” before stating that they was going to put in a formal complaint.

I reminded my daughter that from devil to the God .. everyone has put in formal complaints and how far have any of them got?

I also said “See what I mean? Remember me telling you before that even with me they drive you up the fucking wall with their tricks, lies and broken promises and you end up getting angry .. losing your temper and swearing and the moment you swear .. ‘Ooh that is terrible, you swore?! Your now automatically in the wrong!’”

Yeah deliberately causing pain and suffering while you sit on your arse in people’s living rooms doing nothing but chat utter shite week after week being paid £40,000 plus a year out of the taxpayers money. That is perfectly fine. But the moment you piss anyone off enough to swear .. that is wrong?!

I have literally had this conversation dozens of times and it goes something like ..

“Your joking, right? Your attitude has now changed to treat me like a mass murderer because I swore? After everything you have done? Lies. Tricks. Promises broken. Pain. Suffering. And you are making a big fucking (deliberately swearing now) deal about the use of a fucking swear word?! Your a fucking tosser!”


So let us get this all in perspective ..

  • Whip me to go to work ..

    • Take away disability

      • TWICE

    • Take away Incapacity Benefit

  • Tax me so you get more money ..

  • Fob me off so you can save more money

    • Fibromyalgia .. that has caused 270 odd symptoms

      • Serious Magnesium Deficiency

      • Behcet’s Syndrome

    • Right Knee physical Issue lied about

    • Second Inguinal Hernia Lied about

    • Back Pain ignored, then tested wrong deliberately so they can ignore

  • Rob me

    • Of my freedom .. my own home

    • Family

    • Friends

    • Sanity and

    • Social life

And then doing that to my daughter from the age of 16 months and for the next 25 years and proceeding on to my grandchildren ..

.. nice!


Right then? A magnesium deficiency and what it can cause?

Now remember .. I was diagnosed as possibly having a magnesium deficiency around three or four years ago. I was told to buy Vit ABC+ from Holland & Barrett which I did, despite not believing the incredible pains in my thighs were a Vitamin deficiency. The next conversation I had with Dr Andrew Theivendra, who left the practice two years ago give or take a few months, involved me admitting I had my doubts but that the vitamin pills worked. Me admitting I was wrong. Does happen. These pains has been going on for a few years before they got bad enough for me to ask as is always the case with me. Annoys me because I never go straight away, go at the eleventh hour and then spend a year or two getting fobbed off. Then down the line I realised I was also being lied to. Go figure.

Fast forward a few years and suddenly I am having all these heart and chest things going on I do not understand and, never ringing ‘999’ I get dragged into hospital several times.

Now I know that the deficiency was behind the thigh pains but I had absolutely no idea about the rest in the lists below.

You will note that some symptoms on the lists below I have been having a lot longer then three or four years? Well it now looks like they are all linked to this magnesium deficiency .. only the heart palpitations do not stop, .. umm I think, when I take magnesium supplements but the thigh pain does. Most of the time but sometimes the heart does behave for a few days at a time. Or at least did a few months ago.

The fact that the heart played up sometimes and not others may be down to the levels of magnesium in that I might have eaten foods with a high quantity of it and that along with the pills calmed the palpitations down? A possibility.

Things I did know about and points ..

  • Muscles can hurt from magnesium deficiency

  • Was originally given Quinine Sulphate for a fair old while

  • Was then told, three GP s back, to buy Vit ABC+ from Holland & Barrett (for over 2 years)

Did not know about but which I have experienced

  • Anxiety Attacks (Daughter might have)

  • Panic Attacks

  • Bowel Disease?

  • Cystitis

  • Depression (Daughter has too)

  • Fatigue (Daughter has too)

  • Hypertension (Stage 2 and Crisis)

  • Heart Disease

  • Cramps (Night Cramps)

  • Fibromyalgia (Comes from?)

  • Insomnia (Daughter has too)

  • Tooth Decay

  • Seizures

  • Numbness & Tingling

  • Abnormal Heart Rhythms (Daughter has too)

  • Personality Changes

  • Memory Function (2nd link below)(Daughter has too)

  • Osteoporosis (diagnosed with Osteopenia)

  • Mental Disorders

Others I am not affected by as far as I know..

  • Liver & Kidney Disease (Daughter might have)

  • Hyperglycemia

  • Detoxification

  • Blood Clots (Daughter has)

  • Migraine (Daughter has)

  • Diabetes (A Diabetic friend was convinced I did have years ago)

  • Asthma (Daughter has)

  • Raynaud’s Syndrome (Do not know what it is)

  • Coronary Spasms

  • Cancer was mentioned .. increased risk? (Daughter has)

  • Sudden Death (obviously not just yet)

Other notes

  • Magnesium levels can be tested but they have not done this as far as I know (no blood taken)

So I have to ask myself if there is some problem with my body processing/absorbing the magnesium and been trying to find out if there is an issue that exists that affects this process.

This is because of what should be plainly obvious ..

  • I am already taking magnesium pills and still having issues!

To think I could have had this all in hand for years if only they had bothered to .. investigate?! I am so bloody angry about this right now and it is probably just as well I do not have a GP because I would have a few choice words to say about them and the NHS.

I have bene trying to find something that I caught sight of that said something about some disorder to do with the uptake of magnesium and wondered if I had that



Sudden Death article from the USA’s answer to the NHS, the National Institute of Health ..



Well what do you know?

I am worried about pain .. if I am living on the streets or in care because I get terrible pain in my thighs, among other places. This seems to be a deficiency in magnesium though we cannot really call it a deficiency. Because that seems to suggest that I am not eating enough .. which would imply less than is normal. Except there is nothing normal about this.

When they start to hurt they .. well .. hurt .. a lot. They also get worse with each day I do not take any magnesium supplements.

So I looked into this a little bit and what do I find?

The magnesium deficiency might be behind my heart palpitations?!

Fuck me .. you might think that all the times I was dragged into hospitals that someone might have mentioned this?! I have been in A&E two or three times and attended three hospital appointments and chastised for missing one. Though it was my health that caused me to miss that last one.

Yeah .. complain that a patient does not make a hospital appointment because of health problems they have ignored for two decades and it turns out that it was something so fucking obvious and worse still .. they were ALREADY aware of it?!

Un .. believable!

Turns out it has a negative effect for anxiety too?!

I often wondered if there might have been more than one thing affecting my anxiety because it is just so bloody powerful. Hence the self-harming.

I just cannot believe that after being told about the magnesium deficiency over three years ago that they failed to make the connection to anything else?! I just thought it was behind the severe aching in my thigh muscles. That had started out as an ache now and then but became much more frequent to the point I complained about it. So probably about four or five years ago is started. The heart palpitations started about eighteen months to two years ago so I made no connection at all. Of course it did not help that I was not made aware that a magnesium deficiency has other negative effects.

EDIT: Sudden death is one, see last link.

Hypertension, depression, heart disease, insomnia, nerve problems (have trouble touching things with my finger tips at times) .. ooh crap .. it mentions Fibromyalgia?! Numbness and tingling? I was asked y a Chiropractor about this who was shocked the NHS never asked me anything along these lines. Tooth decay?! Jesus H. Christ! Muscle cramps, back pain and now .. I am .. angry!

I went through years of pain, extreme anxiety, self-harming and memory loss and all of that could have been down to a simple fucking vitamin deficiency?! You have got to be joking?!

Now I am wondering how much damage has been done by them not seeing what was fucking staring them in the face the whole bloody time?

There is also a test for magnesium deficiency but according to the first link below it is not always revealing.

Still does not explain how the chiropractor showed me several collapsed discs after performing an x-ray while standing upright and then, three or four years later, NHS deliberately x-ray me in a foetal position on my side for the same area, which oddly enough showed nothing.

EDIT: The worst part about all this is they tell you not to look on the Internet or roll their eyes at you when you tell them they have. Condescending morons. Yeah .. well will continue to ignore the Internet while you continue to either lie to us or not inform us of the whole story!

EDIT 2: Weaken your bones? I was shocked when they stated I had Osteopenia a couple years back. They still did not pick up on the magnesium deficiency.


For more on magnesium deficiency ..


More in the Daily Mail …


Now what I was actually just checking on as I feel like it could happen ..

Magnesium Deficiency and Sudden Death?




That is what I was going to call this post ..

.. I have certainly seen why people tend to boot go to authorities or are even scared of them to here.

Paramedics turned up at my home today and as I went to answer the door I found a package I had been waiting for .. judging by the size .. I think it is from my solicitor back in London. I am hoping that there is a form to sign but I might have to send off the whole thing?! Looks big and heavy .. not going to be cheap.

I am hoping that this is the file from the DWP and that there is just a single form I need to sign and return to my solicitor in Camden? If so I will do this Monday now .. doubt I will be seeing my GP now .. in fact despite having two, yeah it is not many I know, but I have not met my actual GP. I bloody hate it when GP Surgeries do that!

So I got dragged to Arrowe Park Hospital when I did not want to go.

I was told that I would be dealt with there and that I could get various help from the mental health, or Psyche Team.

I was visited by a nice blond lady, the a non-local gentleman and then an extended wait for what I was told would be a number of people but turned out to be just one.

I was told twice that I would be listed as a vulnerable person. That things would be put in place to stop me being conned for any more money (their words not mine) and that I would get help getting money from Social Services to get some cash back to help me.

Except .. despite being told this twice .. the team of people that ended up just one guy said something completely different, actually defended the social services and even said “I do not know what things are like where you come from but here .. if you spend your money helping someone else that is down to you! I do not know what you expect us or them to do?!”

I was .. taken aback.

I never once asked for anyone to pay back everything I had spent. Which is around £7,000 plus, more likely than minus. Some of that is tied up in this flat I never needed .. I could have rented a bloody garage for a tenth of what I paid for this flat I never lived in .. until now which will only be a week and it will be living hell while I do so.

I felt like I had fallen into some sort of trap .. 

Especially when I explained my Fibromyalgia and its short term memory issues and he said “I am familiar with Fibromyalgia and I know nothing about memory issues with it” to which I said “Well I assure you that there is ..” forgetting its name of Fibrofog “.. and it is something that they are finding more about all the time!” I mean it is a fucking syndrome!

The immediate bedside manner was also a but weird and harsh.

What I got at the end of the day was nothing I had been promised, wished I had recorded the whole thing .. see just when you trust them you regret it, and some of the same Diazepam .. no being taken to some mental health safe house, no being kept overnight, which I did not want to do anyway. And none of the things that the paramedics and first woman promised.

Though when I told him what I had been promised he blamed it entirely on ‘111’, seems to be to be designed as an excuse now, except it was not just the paramedics but also the lady before him that said the same stuff. His excuse was that ‘111’ were basically idiots, a waste of time and that he had seen nothing like it. I told him that I told them that I did not even want to be brought to hospital! He then shook his head, as if realising that I was not there intentionally to waste there time. When the reality was that they were not only wasting my time but caused me more anxiety as I was left for three hours stabbing a pen into myself, had to get cash out of a machine to get home, costing £6.60 and I then paid for £10 on a Three Mobile voucher only to get back to the flat and not have it on me!

Thanks a lot once again NHS and it seems no matter where you go they are absolute shit.

He clearly knew nothing about Fibromyalgia but insisted he did ..

.. his name on his tag looked like Toby Tobin which looked and sounded odd.

If I had known that all I was going to get was bloody Diazepam I would have waited and gone to the GP on Monday!

Oh .. one other thing .. he gave me  lecture of ‘fight or flight mode’ which I tried to tell him I already knew about .. added to this .. this is a prime thing for Fibromyalgia. He might have been saying that but did not actually mention the connection. If he was then he should have realised that what had happened is that I was in fight mode when I came up here and that I should not have done and that someone should have pointed this out to me.

When all this started over a year ago, with my solicitor, I am sure that any remarks I made about NHS corruption and lies were met with disbelief and raised eyebrows? I am sure they were.

I am hoping and praying that in the year or so that has passed, think it is fourteen months, that not only has stuff come out to back up what I said in both the media and other cases they have handled but that more will.

I am not sure how long the process will now take once I return this stuff but I hope it is only a month?! I doubt it but one can only hope.

I would not have to sell my car if this occurred but I am resigned to selling it now and there will be a waiting time while that happens for the logbook to come back .. then more waiting while it is up for sale.

So next time you have some arrows .. make damn sure they are straight before you use them

That was honestly worse than any experience I have had in a hospital in the south ..

.. but then the NHS here is listed as inadequate and just about everyone has complained to me here about the state of the NHS and even the 111 service.

Even the Paramedics wouldn’t come in the door and close it behind them and acted like frightened rabbits, even though there were two of them.

I remember one lady coming to see me back in Enfield in her own and in a car. I thought this was wrong to send people out on their own! But she had no issues at all with coming in and running a battery of tests on me and I even published the results on here.


As I stated before I do not like plastering children’s faces on the Internet.

However here is that family of mine in need of help over ..

  • Victims of Domestic Abuse and an Historical Court Case taking place in January 2018
  • Two of four Children more or less diagnosed with Autism .. several tests .. paediatrician left who take an inordinate amount of time for some reason
  • Discovery of mother having my disability of Fibromyalgia that sadly ad oddly ..
  • Has no less than THREE Cancer scares to get through
  • No or very little help from almost all authorities
    • Health Visitor OK
    • Social Worker OK but overworked and fails to turn up I believe at her bosses requests .. or tricks
    • Victim Support full of it
    • Family Support Worker turned up once .. seems OK not sure about his understanding of those involved
    • Police incompetent as per usual
    • Independent Review Officer (IRO) always going crazy about no one turning up (except health visitor) for something like eight children at-risk meetings .. keeps escalating complaint against Wirral Council but that is all that ever happens and fails herself to turn up once
    • Everyone fails to turn up save the health visitor who is by far the most regular attendee
  • I am here to help because I knew they would do very little
  • Did not expect to be here for three months and get no help myself either .. after ..
  • Being screwed up the rear by DWP over my disability and starting my own business with the help of Job Centre and their NEA at the thirteenth hour