The Grand Plan Z

If there is one thing I do not like is loose ends.

Since 2010 I knew something was amiss and friends and family would testify that I had my odd suspicions many years earlier. You could say from around 1990.

There was various things that my government did that made absolutely no sense at all and in some cases they made changes where it was supposed to be for our benefit, like for health, when the fact of the matter it had the opposite effect.

Now in many, if not all cases, whereas I was sure it was something else but did not know what but had a few theories, others would agree and insist it was all about money. Taxes, to be precise.

With 100% of those I spoke to they thought it was like a nanny-state little by little but always thought in each case it was about money. Every time.

Despite how I enjoy speculating I really do hate claiming my speculation is the truth and I really either like to prove things or at the very least present things in such a way that people could not see how it could possibly be anything else.

Now I had thought that I was six months to a year away from something. Something that at first glance people would be forgiven for thinking was a recent thing.

But for those paying attention I have repeatedly stated that these plans, like the Great Reset, had been in the pipeline for decades.

I was very pleased to discover that I was not the only one pursuing the truth and have come into contact with some great and interesting people with my endeavours in recent years.

Now I have brushed upon it but I have something going on and I have mentioned that I am being screwed over by two British public services again.

To do with my health and am being messed around and it really does feel intentional.

I got asked to do another blood test and despite asking four people, no one could tell me why they wanted to do it again other than they have found something.

They watch me and maybe they realised where my daughter now works, how many people know her and are STILL awaiting my arrival and thought that my .. demise might cause more trouble then they bargained for?

On the fifth time of asking and the nurse taking my blood it turned out that my potassium was excessively low and my salt high, these things are connected.

This also has an effect on your heart, which is why I was having the tests, it was a prerequisite before a hospital, St Bartholemew’s in London, before a CT Scan.

Now there was one other thing I was already aware of. Linked to this.

There was another thing I had mentioned to Doctors and only got crickets on my theories, not all just this little one I have not revealed just yet.

Today I clicked on a Jimmy Dore video I nearly ignored, wondered what they was talking about, realised they was talking about the first thing I referred to.

That I had been telling a guy who .. lets just say ‘medic’ and told I had been unable to find using Google search lately.

Told my friend that this was weird .. fork me I know how to do research and find things and IT professional is one of my fortes and used to do this for a solicitors practice called JC Cleverdon.

Told several people I started to winder if I had imagined reading about it?

In the video they mentioned something and I did a little research to see what this was all about and suddenly found the thing that suddenly because impossible to find. Did not use Google this time.

Something else came up as an effect.

Jimmy Dore does not realise just how big a thing this is he covered.

These things all slot into place chronologically and there may well be a few other loose ends, I have already been told one thing does more than I found .. but it can be laid out.

I think they thought it would be lost among the noise and they threw in a few things that would both distract and make money while scaring the shit out of people at the same time.

I was already seeing through the noise,

I do not scare easily.

The noise has now all but gone bar maybe one or two loose ends likely insignificant.

They probably hope I would ‘succumb’ but that is not that easy either.

I have a resolve you do not want to test and had they done half as much to me as they have done I would still swear by all that is holy that I would bring their plans crashing down around their ears.

For the longest time I was a damn fool and could kick myself.

That being SAID

Now then lets get to work ..

If you have been paying attention on Tim Pool’s IRL podcast they have mentioned the word ‘culling’ in several episodes.

I do not like the term ‘conspiracy theory’ as to me it does not mean what it does to most people which today means its not true and some crackpot idea.

In the true essence of science and deduction all possibilities remain on the table until they have been ruled out and whatever is left is what it is.

Now any fool will know they did not come up with a plan to re-engineer the western world let alone the entire world within a year or two of Covid turning up.

But they were quick to use that.

Unknown to me while I suspected there was some sinister plan people ere banding around the terms ‘Agenda 2030’ and ‘Agenda 21’.

I still cannot really tell you all the details about these two things.

Now lets look at a possible culling of people in two parts.

The reasons why ..

  • Shortage of resources
    • Number 1: Food
    • Number 2: Oil or Energy

The reasons for the above ..

  • Volcano eruption of 6 or above? Yes.
  • Sudden Little Ice Age or deeper? Yes.
  • Asteroid Strike? Yes.
  • Continental Shift? Yes.
  • Lied to us about oil amounts? Possible.
  • Pandemic? No. Would be no reason to.
  • Rising CO2? No. Plants grow better.
  • Rising temps? No. Plants grow at lower latitudes.

The methods ..

  • Obviously execution is out, the next Hitlers would not want to be identified, they want to stay on their proverbial thrones
  • A man made virus would be good
    • But you would have to get as many people as you can into a confined space and come up for all sort of lame excuses for letting them in
    • This was it spreads better
    • Then you could come up with a magic wand and act as saviours when instead you were actually doing the opposite
    • With everyone confined to the same .. ‘spaces’ you can then force them to take the magic miracle cure
    • The question is is there more than one that thinks they are Thanos?
  • Those that force plans for the greater good are never party to it themselves

Now I have a nasty health condition that’s been ignored and I have had to spend fecking years nagging Doctors and they have refused things, they have insisted I go through certain things, NHS Podiatry, as it affected my feet, refused to see anyone between the ages of 18 and 65, a very nice NHS Rheumatologist at Whipps Cross Hospital said it was ridiculous that they refuse people.

That was back in 2005-6.

I did see a Kiwi Podiatrist sometime later and she was about to return home after five years working for the great NHS and she told me off the record, I am convincing and people do trust me, that it was shit. She went on to say that so many of her fellow students were jealous of her but they were going to get a series of shocks with the stories she had to tell.

Of course it got worse.

As for my condition it affects so many parts of my body, I only thought of this seeing Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, that it has been like someone has had possession of a Voodoo Doll of me.

Every now and then striking a new part of my body.

I can tell you know that out of hundreds of NHS staff I could likely would not require all the digits of a single hand to count how many gave a damn.

They also lie a lot and its why and those that know me would tell you, it was annoying to watch the circus seals with their pots and pans and I said to people “They are going to feel so fucking stupid in a couple of years time when this all comes out”.

So I had, had this condition from about 1987 .. ish. After a very bad car accident I only ever got x-rays on my legs for, that I recall.

Off a bike, across a bonnet (hood) of a car, up the wind-screen and along the roof of a Peugeot 504 Estate (stationwagon) before falling off one side onto the tarmac of the middle of a set of traffic lights (intersection).

Well that is what witnesses told me as from the moment the car hit my left side I do not recall anything until I was waking up on the tarmac in the middle of the road.

Realising where I was and concerned about other cars hitting me I got to my feet, tried to go get off the road, remember seeing my racing bike in an ‘S’ shape to my right before suddenly realizing as I reached the kerb there was a massive pain coming from my right thigh and was confused. As the car had hit my left side. Then I passed out.

When I awoke a second time there was ring of faces around me looking down at me and someone saws calling my name.

Turned out to be a Turkish girl I that used to me in my class some seven years earlier who saw the accident and recognised me.

What I did not know was that there had been other damage done that would gradually give me symptoms one by one for four decades.

Some would appear only once, thank God as Costochondritis is not nice.

Some would come for a few periods and then go.

So would come and go once arrived.

Some became permanent.

There was a point when I found a checklist of symptoms and two things shocked me about this.

The first that the number of symptoms amounted to 272 at the time.

The second was that some symptoms I had already been told were down to something else.

Now here is where it gets .. well weird.

One diagnosis was made in the late 80’s.

Around 2015 I had a conversation with one Doctor I liked who loved chatting to me and told me I was right about the NHS and she then quit telling staff she had, had enough of the NHS and Primary Care Trusts.

Her name was Dr Huq.

She stated that I was still on a drugs for my Hiatus Hernia and that it did not make sense and I said “Is this because I should have only needed it until the ulcer healed up and then stop and are you asking me because it has just come out that taking these over long period affect the kidneys?”

She asked how I knew.

I said I had been suspicious of my original diagnosis for a long time and then I saw Lansoprazole mentioned on the news.

Bearing in mind I was being ignored in 1988 on. Then I was ignored from 2003 on, different symptom entirely.

For a single symptom for my feet I was wrongly diagnosed more than six times and each time they did it they would then decide their guess (I referred to it as x-ray vision) was correct and discharge me.

So it would take me many months and a waste of taxpayers money revisiting Doctors to get referred only to get a wrong diagnosis I would work out a few months later was wrong.

Then the whole process would start over again.

Six times for a single symptom.

I then correctly diagnosed myself on just my second guess. The first being the rare Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. The second being Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Then there was the point I was given two unrelated drugs, one neurological and one a pain killer.

This was around 2011 ish and I was told that one would work on my back but not the other symptoms and two would work on my other symptoms.

I was half way home when it hit me.

Houston? We had a problem ..

You see when they gave me these drugs, Gabapentin, Amitriptyline and Tramadol, they did not have a diagnosis. On EITHER! So how did they fecking know?!

Then sometime later I found Charcot Marie Tooth, that was ruled out and then Fibromyalgia.

But it was not Dr Kirkham of Guy’s Hospital that told me I had Fibromyalgia. No, no .. his mind was blown after a few minutes when he realised I knew a lot about it and diagnosed myself. He even said “I know you have worked it out and you figured out cycling (which I CANNOT DO HERE) helps and had you not told me that I would have told you to start cycling”.

No it was a copy of Black’s Medical Dictionary that confirmed what I diagnosed and why I had to catch my GP out lying while recording them and force them to refer me to Dr Kirkham of Guy’s Hospital.

Because for Fibromyalgia they only listed two drugs and the two they had already prescribed.

Gabapentin and Amitriptyline.

Remember these were totally unrelated drugs given for many symptoms they had not diagnosed.

There was only one way they could do that. They already knew what I had.

So they had been lying for at least two years,

By 2016 I was having the odd and very rare heart issues. In fact at first I did not even know I was having them and something would come up on tests now and then.

Either by a paramedic or my own blood pressure monitor.

The Hypertension Stage 2 came first, you see and the monitor I had would pick up things with the heart and I did not notice at first. It just was not something on my radar.

Then one day I was looking at the blood pressure numbers and wondered why a bar lit up lined up with a red colour? There was also a tiny symbol of a heart with a line through it, a beat or electricity, I cannot recall. Now and then that would be lit up.

Nurse visiting my home picked up Tachycardia. Still have that scanned on my computer.

Then around 2014-15 the odd event would occur, mild and I would just pass it off.

Then in 2016-17 it was becoming noticeable and more of a problem and I ended up in hospital a few times and still nothing was sorted out.

Then I moved because the public services were doing as bad with my daughter and grandchildren as they were with me.

Then it was two or three times a week.

Still the NHS was fucking useless just like all other public services, stupid, lazy, liars, slow and unhelpful. Argumentative, tone deaf and thought they knew everything.

So here I am in London in a place that aggravates so many of my symptoms and attempts by this disabled person who feels often like he is going to drop dead on the street and worried about my daughter getting a phone-call of her father dying she never spent any of her life with and the public services doing everything they can to prevent her getting what she wants.

I was supposed to move to Wales back in June 2022 and now in September 2022 not only have I heard nothing I have been lied to. Asked stupid questions, kept in the dark told I was informed wrong which means they are saying the council here are wrong. My Doctor is wrong. My daughter is wrong and a woman she just gave a house to is also wrong.

Despite the fact that the very fact she gave this house to a local actually proved this woman at the council is lying, But to her everyone else is lying and she knows she is lying,

She also barefaced lied to me on the phone.

So the lady who was housed in half the time I was asked my daughter a very important question about a week ago ..

Where the FUCK .. is your Dad?!”

Well it turns out I also got told that the woman dealing with me has a hatred of men as one found out the name of the one dealing with me.

Oh that is great, hates men that much she is intentionally fecking over someone in pain and with a potentially fatal condition despite the fact my daughter is both a key-worker for the NHS .. hmm maybe I should wait for you to stop laughing? Oh and my daughter has been screwed over for years and now in a new place and a ‘protected’ resident and her own life is in danger.

But fuck all that, I am a man!!

I have emailed all the people either the government pays or naïve people do with donations and all supposed to be these big humanitarians and either get name dropped on TV or in movies or hit you with guilt tripping TV adverts telling you what humanitarians they are.

Hang on .. switching documents ..

Guess how many I have contacted? Twelve in two waves.

Guess how many have agreed to help?


Some of these are large corporations you are either paying for with your taxes or donations.

When I am on the highest banding you can be on, which is Band 2. I am told only migrants get on Band 1.

What humanitarians actually believe that some people are more equal then others depending on your sex or skin colour and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE?

If you do not know already I was telling people from 2011 onwards and told I was wrong that they were intentionally employing absolute morons within the DWP, NHS and Local Councils/

People thought me mad but I told them I suspected this had been a gradual process going on a very long time.

They had no doubt I just dealt with a moron. They just thought I had just got unlucky and spoke to one idiot and I said “No. It does not matter how many I speak to nor what organisation they are always morons”.


Affairs of the Heart (Part One) – Magnesium & Hypomagnesaemia (2017)

So one of the things they did on the NHS was miss my Hypomagnesaemia and forgot to tell me how important this was, that I need calcium with it, that it can affect your heart and cause Sudden Death Syndrome.

They also forgot to put it on my medical records and then asked me to get my own pills from Holland & Barrett despite the fact they knew I had just lost my disability again.

‘Yeah sorry your money went down 70% and we cannot back you up any more as its in the hands of government but fuck it, we are now going to make you buy your own crap!’

Affairs of the Heart (Part Two) – Everything’s Electrical (2021)

One of the things they have done in recent times on the NHS is ignore my theory, but not the one where I had Covid in November 2019, where what is going on in Earth Science has been making my condition worse.

I do not know where these people learn their ‘trade’ or WHAT they are taught but they are but they are utter kuffing shite when it comes to science.

Affairs of the Heart (Part Three) – Potassium & Hypokalaemia (2022)

Now as I stated my health condition got worse and with new symptoms being added for a number of years while at the exact same time I got treated worse and worse .. and worse.

I could never describe fully just how frustrating this was and from my perspective it seemed like the world I was living in was slowly descending into hell.

More and more often each time I spoke to someone within the public services two things started to stand out and as I have stated many times I have a knack for spotting patterns.

The intelligence level was dropping while the condescending and supremacist like attitude was going into orbit.

I recall one point when they took something away and I spoke to someone on the phone that descending into a row and I told them that their actions was basically telling me that I had been defrauding them for years and if that was true they would have taken me to court.

I then said “So take me to court!” and all I got in response was crickets.

After several seconds of silence I then said “No. You wont do that because you know damn well you would lose!”

Oddly enough and anyone British will know that if you look, you even get adverts on TV from some of them, the country seems to be full of bodies, government or donation funded that are supposed to act as regulators.

The fake mainstream news, I outed them as that finally in 2012, were good at telling you how good the country was on disabled people and human rights too.

Well I went through a very long list of these people because I knew what was coming for me and indeed, I got nothing, nada, zilch, zero.

Some of them outright lied, like the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and the odd thing is the rules state that you have to go through a procedure to get anywhere. With the PHSO, who are corrupt liars, they make you go through a lengthy complaints process with the actual corrupt organisation you want to complain about.

It is all designed this way and intentionally lengthy so that you either get bored and give up or you end up tripping up.

Guess what they do if you do neither of these things?

Well if I explained that after a long period of silence form the PHSO after yet another two years, because everyone knows that life is so long, I contacted the PHSO asking what is going on and they replied with ..

Who are you? We have no record of you?”

I asked ..

What are you talking about, I have been corresponding with someone called Jonathan White for two years?!”

They replied with ..

There is no one working at the PHSO known by that name”

I replied with a forwarded email as I never delete anything that not only was one of their email addresses but had his name before the ‘@’.

As I stated, the IQ point dropped like as rock where as the ‘holier than thou’ condescending attitude went into orbit.

Not only did I not get any kind of explanation of any kind from the PHSO I never got anything out of them ever again.

Only two possibilities were possible from this exchange, either the person was lying to me and got found out because they tell stupid lies when their own names are in the email addresses.

Or some ‘agency’ was somehow masquerading as them in some way.

There are literally man dozens of other things that were going on in parallel where those that knew half or most of it asked me how I had 1) Not gone insane? 2) Not left a trail of burning buildings and dead bodies in my wake?

But these amoral feckless idiots all that it was just another day at the offices of morons.

So they missed the magnesium deficiency for years and it all came down to an educated guess from a Dr Andrew Thievendra Dharma (not sure of the order of names) that turned out to be right.

But a load of important details were not told to me regarding this.

Kind of handy then that the British Government would only allow 6 or 7 minutes with each patient, no?

Also handy and likely little known was that Doctors were instructed to deal with one symptom at a time and I would sometimes actually be stopped talking about the next one.

I would ask in each case why and in each case I would explain to them that they cannot do this and that as Doctors they should be more than aware than a single ailment can have more than one symptom.

I also pointed out that this would therefore prevent of seriously delay a proper diagnosis in a very large number of people.

Then the government kept changing how they handled appointments and eventually there were different rules for different surgeries and each one thought everyone else was doing the same.

I find it fascinating that many leftists on social media moan about the way things are done and think it was solely down to the Conservative Party.

Under the Labour Party they kicked off everyone, at least in my area of Enfield, with mental health problems from disability benefits. Disgusting.

Oddly these people seem to think that living in a a socialist society where you own absolutely nothing even down to cutlery (except clothing .. possibly), but still have to work for the same people in power they hate is some kind of solution and utopia.

So I am running around the country trying to save the lives of women and children that the public services put in danger and then spent years lying and covering up where violence was involved and a prison sentence just after my grandfather died and a cousin stole £32,000 in inheritance that despite reporting the Probate Office did nothing about.

No I am not kidding and yes this was in parallel to many things going on.

To my mind everyone involved and every dishonest WEF and lying socialist should be thrown into a prison for the rest of their natural lives. For IDIOCY if nothing else.

So I got no support and lost absolutely everything yet again and found myself with both my known and missed deficiencies being refused a Doctor by the NHS.

I had friends telling me I was wrong and I cannot be refused and me yelling at them, after years of this idiotic bullshit, that they need to go into the three surgeries that refused me and have it out with them.

Eventually I found out there was a ‘special’ surgery for people like me that was miles away when I had one fifty yards from where I currently sit.

What I did not know was when I was sitting in their being treated as an idiot and a liar by a moron Doctor that looked like she was 22 years old, they were preparing for a pandemic that had not reached the country I already had while sitting there.

No, I am not joking. I had discussions with Doctors in hospitals two years later on this theory and they agreed with me.

So my heart was playing up more and more, after the Doctors were telling me I cannot have issues with my blood pressure and be Hypertension Stage 2, despite taking three very high readings, and then the GP locked down.

My attempts to get out of my torturous prison and find out what was going on with my heart stopped dead.

That was either December 2019 or January 2020. Around a year after I predicted a pandemic or two on my blogs leading up to 2025. Yes. Yes, I did. And a fair few other things in science you have seen in the news were predicted by me. Pattern recognition.

Oddly enough many of the predictions I made I would have made years ago as, as I recall, my life seemed to have intentionally been fecked each way but Sunday for years on end and I missed a large number of scientific data.

Was telling someone a few days back that I used to check science sections of the BBC and none of this crap I missed ever came up and they were obviously avoiding reporting on it.

Then almost a year ago things with my heart were getting bad.

I had also been getting these very off and very bad headaches that affected the back of my head and neck and once again I found out ON MY OWN that these were Hypertension Headaches.

So after being told there was no records of hypertension, YES AGAIN, in my medical records that I had been previously told they could not open because they were so large they crashed their computers, they panicked.

Because in the conversation I mentioned Ramipril, Amlodopine and Lisonopril and I was asked how I knew what these drugs were.

I explained that if she had actually looked through my records they would see that I had been prescribed blood pressure pills and that my Type 1 Diabetic social worker friend had got angry and asked me WTAF they was playing at. While another had given me several boxes of Lisonopril as they had not got their act together before a totally useless lock-down took place.

They then panicked when I sent them a readout and a blood pressure of 238/179 and ONCE AGAIN asked me why I had a blood pressure monitor.

Because I have been Hypertension Stage 2 while under The Town Surgery in Enfield back in 2017 where the staff of the surgery, I actually got on well with, were fascinated when I walked in one day with it. It was small.

They were then shocked yet again when I sent them a picture of an Omicron readout that was also high as I did not believe my first monitor and bought another.

Then it went nuts.

For about a month.

Then it went silent again.

I was supposed to have two emergency appointments by the end of 2021.

One did not take place for four months and I would hardly have called it an emergency appointment and eventually they put a 24 hour ECG on me which will not do anything and should be 7 days minimum.

They just do things like this so they can mark it down and it look on record like they are doing things the correct way.

Bearing in mind the whole time this is going on and I am being ignored, messed around and lied to I am still spending a lot of money on magnesium and other pills to keep myself alive not logged in my medical records so all their test results are in error.

I trust with a little thought that is obvious.

You take supplements. They take blood tests and tell you everything is normal. Which are then not if you stop taking supplements. It is not rocket science and nor is this how medical science should be done.

I do at blood test at the hospital.

Then they tell me I need to do a blood test at the GP Surgery.

Then 9 months after it all started, fork me pregnancies do not take this long, they call me and tell me I have to do another blood test and I ask why.

They cannot tell me. I then go in for something else .. oh yeah, I flipped my shit as another public service a woman had lied to me on the phone and started lying to me in emails and messing me around.

So I ask reception and several people there and they do not know.

I go in to see the Doctor and I rant off about the public services for 30 minutes and she agrees. I ask her about the blood test request and she does not know.

This was a blood test requested by the hospital for the CT Scan I was supposed to have in 2021 that on the 24th December a GP was shocked to here on the phone that I had not had it yet.

Yes it was the 7th of September and the follow up blood test no one told me about for a hospital appointment that was supposed to be an emergency and taken place in November or December 2021.

Bearing in mind my daughter is a senior healthcare worker for the NHS now too with some horror stories to tell and was sobbing on the phone about the NHS and her Local Council treating me like crap and lying to me.

My ‘protected’ daughter and 15,000 people were expecting me to arrive back between April and June 2022.

It has gone from ..

  • Is it rue your father is coming her to live?
  • We want to speak to him about a science role
  • We want so speak to him about an advisory role in health
  • Where is your Dad?
  • Why is this taking so long? And the last two weeks ago ..
  • Where the fuck is your Dad?!

Nearly two weeks ago I received an email to tell me that my GP had sent an email to these people who were supposed to house me back in June at the latest and that was already late according to the locals.

Yet the council have not contacted me to tell me they have been in receipt of that email and once again and like the PHSO it was an email address that was direct with her name in it.

So why the second blood test, which was actually the fourth I believe?

Oh your potassium was excessively low and your salt excessively high”

Once again despite me explaining who I am and what I know already no details were given to me and nor was it explained that if your potassium gets low your salt goes high.

I had already suspected that they was going to go with a situation and diet excuse to get themselves out of trouble if I died. I was right.

Guess what else they did not tell me about potassium levels?

Affairs of the Heart (Part Four) – Aspartame & Diet Drinks (2016-2022)

So then in very quick succession I had seen the paperwork regarding my suspicion about Earth Science data being unprecedented and affecting my condition and/or heart.

I already had the magnesium deficiency missed for years and then dealt with incompetently and left to my own devices and with my memory condition for supplements and refused an Occupational Therapist I had asked for, for years and have been told by private health companies I should have.

Then there was the constant bullying over people taking Covid19 vaccines to a pandemic I myself predicted that now everyone became instant experts on and gatekeepers for. Fucking idiots.

After all of that and I am not even divulging half of it and I could write a whole piece just as long about the lies over my feet and again over the lies about my back and AGAIN .. over the lies about my knee. Fibromyalgia alone would, and has, requires a hundred pages.

A week after the potassium issue and me spending more money at Holland & Barrett I see a Jimmy Dore video.

Now I very nearly did not watch this one.

I do like Jimmy Dore as he and his guests are honest and I very likely would disagree with him and his guests on things. But I do like people that are honest and willing to admit when they are wrong and not start lying about it.

Now the odd thing about this is actually an odd thing that in the UK I was going OFF about years ago and once again everyone disagreed with me.

Now I do not like diet drinks.

They taste effing awful and every advert that says they have a new great taste is lying their feckking arses off.

Now when these first appeared many years ago the only people that were fascinated by them and bought them were women. As a child I always recall my mother having some diet drink or other and she still has.

I can assure you that in her home there would, at any one time, be between five and six bottles of drink that at least two people in the home moaned to me about my attitude towards them and not liking or drinking them.

Have another friend that knows these two people and he gets quite annoyed, especially when idiots, argue with me on things.

Especially when one main reason I do not drink them now is that after finding out about my magnesium deficiency I discovered that artificial sweeteners lower your magnesium. This can cause Sudden Death Syndrome.

Another odd thing about this is that literally a few weeks ago I was speaking to someone whose career was ‘covert’ and has serious issues now and treated like crap by the NHS, that I had tried to find webpages about this thing with sweeteners using Google and could not find any.

He thought that was odd but we all know that all the big tech names have been screwing us over in all sorts of ways.

I told him that it has been so hard to find anything and what with my memory I had actually started to wonder if I had seen anything at all or even just read something wrong?

Over the years they did catch on with men and I had a friend who was always a little overweight despite being a vegan but used to like his beer.

His cars always had bottles of diet coke.

Then came the sugar tax and that’s when, or one of the times, I was at serious odds with everyone else.

I am a non-conformist and I do not succumb to bullying, coercion nor group-think.

It has been absolutely fascinating for me as well as scary now watching many people around the world that woke up and then, like I have done oh so many times, finding themselves falling out with people they thought were friends that turned out to be nothing more than fekking morons.

Jimmy Dore is always talking about that and I am always nodding and thinking ‘See? See?’

But they are doing this for our health, its for our benefit that all the drinks have less sugar sweeteners in them!”

Oh really? Its weird because at other times your whining like a bitch that the government do not care about us and now they are forcing companies to put sweeteners into almost all soft drinks that lowers your magnesium that can cause Sudden Death Syndrome in some people, you fucking think this is for our benefit?! You fecking moron!”

Well .. not all conversations got quite that bad but one or two did.

I will be honest and I have to include all possibilities, unlike governments and socialists and Marxists that have got it into their heads that feelings and guesses are the way to go. Then blame it on Trump or everyone else they now class as far-right when they cause death and suffering on others. No its you and I am living, breathing, walking proof of that.

Despite their best attempts I am still alive.

So I had to consider the possibility that this was intentional and part of some sort of plan?

Why would you force a substance into drinks linked to dropping magnesium which is linked to Sudden Death Syndrome? When magnesium drops the more active you are.

Oh yeah and there has been the push to get people to exercise, exercise some more often linked to diet drinks as its all about losing weight. Think about that.

Its a good job that like the fake-arse global warming they can scare you to death or drive you to death and make billions from it, eh?

Wait? Who dared to say Covid-19 and Vaccines?! Show yourself, DAMN YOU!!

So I thought it was about saccharin and magnesium only but apparently not, well I cannot know everything, yah know?!

Oh dear .. part four in ‘What has fucked up my heart lately?!’

Yeah and according to a report from a woman#s hospital in Boston, USA over the last couple of decades the cancer rates have ‘skyrocketed’.

Oesophageal, Kidney, Colon, breast, liver and pancreatic cancers have all increased.

Would it shock you to hear that I looked after a friend who died from Kidney Cancer that no one helped at all? His name was Kenneth Walter Bunn, used to be a projectionist many years ago and considered himself a socialist.

Buried at Chase Farm Cemetery in Enfield after dying in Chase Farm Hospital and one of six hospitals that lied to me. Or maybe it is seven now?

Are we there yet?

Are we thinking yet?

What are your options and what is more insane sounding?

Remember I cannot speak for other nations so if you are not form Britain you will have to look into this but is everyone in the health authorities, government and science a God damn moron?

Or was this planned and lost amidst all the noise?

I honestly thought I was still a year away from these last pieces to this particular puzzle.

They watch me.

Though I am not sure they know about every platform I am on but they know of five or six, of that I am certain by the platforms .. lets say ‘behaviours’.

If the local council’s sudden discrimination against me is not from outside influence or intervention then it is likely that they do what I know for a fact they all do as they have admitted it in the past ..

How do you know these details about me? It is not on my file”

I check the Facebook accounts of all my clients”

That was said to be in 2017 and it was not a surprise as I had known for years, only a surprise he admitted it. But then we had a connection and that was the Royal Air Force and AVRO.

My great grandfather was a test pilot that dies testing the Avro Manchester bomber and is named in books whereas his grandfather built engines for Avro.

Seemed he did not know everything.

Wondering about effects from the supplements?

Well hard to say, first few days things seemed less intense and dropped in frequency and I always say that and then always say this could be just coincidence.

Forgetting the things done for my benefit that had affects that worked towards a fatal outcome ..

My body and ignored by the NHS and public service vampires ..


  • Head: 0-11 (Hypertension Headaches)
  • Brain: Just a mention because as well as heightened pain signals also heightened brain waves and I have had bad short-term memory loss for over a decade
  • Nose: 0-7 (Allodynia)
  • Shoulders/Back: 0-11 (Collapsed Discs, have X-Rays NHS refused to look at)
  • Hands: 0-11 (Allodynia)
  • Calf Muscle: 0 or 12 (unable to speak, linked to a toe locking up)
  • Right Knee: 0-10 (cannot walk. rare, physical, NHS refused for decade)
  • Ankles: 0 or 12 (immediate fall. Achilles Tendinitis)
  • Heels: 0 to 8 (Reverse Plantar Fasciitis symptoms, Fibromyalgia)
  • Chest: 0 to 8 (Severe Heartburn, listed as Hiatus Hernia, think FMS)
  • Toe (Calf link): 0 or 12 (Reverse joint on toe that likes to lock up which locks up my calf on right leg where varicose veins reside)

These are the main things, these do not include the potentially fatal things and now does it include many other symptoms and no Costochondritis which was a 10 on the pain scale and was left off because it only ever happened once.

An 11 is walk in front of a truck unbearable and 12 is reserved for those where I have literally been able to speak. Having people ask me what is wrong and you open your mouth and then get confused because nothing comes out.

It is the most bizarre feeling but the feeling does not come on, obviously, until later when the pain is over or at least down to a level where you are trying to process what just happened.

The Achilles Tendinitis is at that level but the pain is a sudden snap and over so you would not even have time to say something.

Not a lot of point in including those that were mild, are mild or the very painful ones that only ever happened once and in the case of the Chest Wall Pain? I forking HOPE .. it never comes back!

The next few months will be .. interesting.

I will finish by telling a story where I have two others involved.

The year is around 2015-16 and I enter a Chemist in Enfield with a friend of mine who is Type 1 Diabetic and was a social worker for 20 years plus at Camden Council in London.

We also had a mutual friend who was a scientist I put him back in contact with.

I was friendly with the chemist and we had chatted.

When decent intelligent people meet me they like to talk, when they are amoral they just ignore everything I say and then throw their pacifiers out of their prams when I showed them I was smarter.

So we are in this chemist and the owner starts to chat and I say ..

This is my friend who was a social worker for decades and Type 1 Diabetic. Tell him what you told me about the NHS and supplies of drugs”

A little while back completely overnight the number of prescriptions coming in cut down by half without warning and it was not only me but speaking to others affecting pharmacists across the country ..”

My friend’s mouth opens and he looks confused.

.. after awhile we and others had to start throwing away tens of thousands of pounds of drugs because they passed the ‘use by’ dates and nearly put many out of business and may well have done in some places. They were already avoiding diagnosing people slowly over time but just nose-dived over night. This is a mistake.

This is a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off because what is going to happen is you are going to have more and more people walking about with conditions they have no idea they have and you already have a percentage like that already. In ten years time this will go off, the NHS wont be able to cope and will collapse and people will die”

Six years or so later we have a pandemic, vaccines that are not safe like they swore were and now all this is coming out I have listed her along with Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors’?

As we left the chemist Mario was silent and I said “You can close your jaw now”

He did not believe me and had not done for a few years I was warning him and he turned and looked at me and said “I don’t believe it!” and I said “I told you!”

Now Mario has all his own stories about being lied to. Intentionally fecked about and told that the reason his Lloyds Pharmacy never has all his drugs is down to an agreement between surgeries and the pharmacy.

After telling me several times that I was right about everything. He also did not believe there would be a pandemic that would prevent him going to Hong Kong for a holiday. Needless to say he never made it to Hong Kong.

Yes after years of that he still disagreed with me and thought the vaccines were magic, worked, were totally safe and everyone should be forced to have them.


If you shit your pantihose each time they scare you, they will find a way to control you or kill you.

If you wanted to cull populations then what you have here is a very crafty way of doing it over a long time, little change here, little change there and actually make mountains of money while murdering millions of people.

A number of dead dictators and turning in their graves not able to slep themselves silly for not thinking of doing this themselves.

Jimmy Dore on the rising cancer in a women’s hospital in Boston and aspartame.

If you thought that sounded nuts how about the story of what Illinois plan to do in January 2023 many are calling ‘The Purge’.

The fools actually call this the ‘Safe-T’ act.

Tim Pool, still naïve to a few key points, says ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’ in response to a guest asking him if he has heard about the Safe-T act.

They are calling it a zombie apocalypse and tell stories about towns in the US where the shops are closed and no one is about and homeless people with drug addictions or mental health issues wandering the streets.

In one case going from two people in a nice town to several hundred people and you wonder how bad this is going to get?

‘People do not take much notice and wont change what they do’.

‘They only care about what is socially acceptable’.

No shit?


The Principles of Pain

The Corruption of Fooling the Suffering

Fibromyalgia has so many symptoms and the last time I went through the most complete list I could find my tally was around 273.

Now two things to note from this, firstly and thank God, many of these are not permanent and some were just a one of like Costochondritis or Chest Wall Pain which is literally pain you get for breathing in. Now imagine that for a moment, every time you breath in you start get to get a pain at some point which increases the more your lungs expand.

It literally felt like you could not breath in more than 50% and trying to sleep was a nightmare and then some as in Fibromyalgia people sleeping is already a nightmare.

It is a non-restorative sleep problem anyway.

The second to note from this is that there have been more symptoms appear since that count up which may be solely down to Fibromyalgia or it might be due to Covid.

I have had chest pain and nearly collapsed a few times and had store owners wanting to call an ambulance a few times.

I also have developed Allodynia which is pain literally just touching things which a couple of years back was just now and then but in the last few weeks seems, at least currently, to appear permanent.

Now I thought that the Allodynia was something that occurred two years ago and I used to hear about this with a Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome sufferer I knew and it sounded unbelievably terrible. I had no idea that Fibromyalgia sufferers could get it.

The Allodynia affects a couple of other areas and one being the bridge of my nose. About a year after I started noticing a problem with my eyesight I never dreamed I would ever have.

As the Allodynia as got worse so has my eyesight and I cannot see and certainly not read anything within about 12 to 18 inches without glasses.

That being said ..

I had long had a theory that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was Fibromyalgia in a milder form and as I learned more about CRPS I told the sufferer that it seemed like CFS, FMS and now CRPS seemed to be different levels of the same thing. With CRPS being the worst.

At first she did not agree and I really did not have anything concrete on this, its just a pattern was starting to appear. But over time she would tell me that the more she heard about me and my ailments the more she become convinced I was right.

Now lets see if I can start to give an idea of where this is going to go while at the same time warning that much of the conclusions I got at myself ..

With Allodynia it suddenly dawned on me that some years ago I had to stop buying size 10 or size 10.5 because if my toes were to touch the end of my shoe, even lightly it used to be painful.

So for a number of years I just buy size 11 knowing I will have plenty of room and this pain will never occur.

I now think this was Allodynia.

Also the heartburn. That started back when I was around 19 and got so bad it was the very thing that made me register with a GP surgery at one point. I was then messed around for years given every drug and got annoyed and demanded I be referred to hospital.

Had an endoscopy and they told me I had a Hiatus Hernia and I spent years being given Gaviscone and then many years later asked for an operation repeatedly and got told ‘no’.

Now at around the 20 year part a Dr Huq, who admitted to me that the Primary Care Trusts and NHS were telling General Practitioners to lie to patients, asked to speak to me one day.

Once there I said “Is this about me taking Lansopazole?!

Shocked she said “How did you know that?”

I told her that I had seen something on the news about it causing damage if you took it a long time and she said that I should no longer need it.

I then asked of she was going to tell me that you are only supposed to take it until the ‘sores’ or ‘ulcers’ clear up and then not need it any more and she nodded.

She was shocked when I told her that ..

If I was to stop taking them I would get heartburn back within 24 to 48 hours guaranteed

Now figure this and bearing in mind we are talking about from around the year 1988 ..

  • 35 years later after repeated refusals for an operation a Dr Wright at Whipps Cross Hospital originally thought I needed I find out my confusing heartburn that does not follow the rules is a symptom of Fibromyalgia
  • The Fibromyalgia that was diagnosed by me after spending 13 years begging Doctors to tell me why my feet hurt so much
  • This was the NHS who then told me my legs hurt because hey thought my magnesium was low .. another time I did not believe them and one time they turned out to be right
  • But despite diagnosing Osteopenia .. or weak bones ..
  • They did not tell me that Fibromyalgia can cause Hypomagnesaemia
  • Or that it can lead to Sudden Death Syndrome
  • After telling me to buy my own pills from Holland & Barrett they also did not put it on my medical records
  • So each subsequent blood test was wrongly listed as normal

Now that is by no means all the key points but enough to make you think.

Now here is what will make you think harder and just in case you know someone that has had .. ‘ailments’ that has gotten a hard time, they exist as I have met them and one a son of a barrister asked me for help.

Not only do they lie and leave you and make mistake after mistake but they fail to realise that the public think they are wonderful, can diagnose everything and would not leave people as they left me.

So what happens is not only do you get left suffering and in pain you can end up with those around you thinking you have made it all up. This happened to me and when people found out one by one that I had not received a single penny over this they were shocked.

Now I am going to explain how I came about being diagnosed for something that I only thought I had, had for around 14 years, and begged the whole time, but later realized I had for 25 years plus.

  • At one point I was put on Gabapentin and Amitriptyline
  • Was told by a pain specialist “these wont work on your back pain”
  • I was half way home when it dawned on me that neither my back nor foot pain had been diagnosed
  • Well that is after I was told it was Tenosynvitis and later told no its Plantar Fasciitis and me disagreeing with them saying ‘no way’, then told it was Pes Cavus why an NHS Podiatrist who used to refuse seeing people of working age. This was then laughed at by someone else who said I did not have Pes Cavus and was then seen my a colleague who said my toes were weird and I had a neurological problem
  • I self diagnosed Charcot Marie tooth Disease which got a Doctor at Chase Farm Hospital excited by my self-diagnosis as it is rare
  • I then saw a Neurologist at Chase Farm who said it was not that
  • The next thing I stumbled across was Fibromyalgia
  • In a local library in Enfield, because the NHS are sad, amoral, lying ‘bar stewards’ who would not know what a Hippocratic Oath was today if it fell on them from ORBIT ..
  • In Black’s Medical Dictionary it lists just two medications for Fibromyalgia
    • Gabapentin (Neurological pain drugs)
    • Amitriptyline (not a pain drugs of any kind and nothing like GABA)
    • Have you guess what the deliberate mistake is that set all my alarm bells off at once?

Gabapentin along with Amitriptyline were BOTH prescribed at the same time for my pain and I was told that these would not work on my back pain.

I also mentioned that neither area of pain had been diagnosed at the time.

How did they know what drugs would work on which area of pain without a diagnosis?

Also how did they know that two totally unrelated drugs, one not even a pain killer, would work on one of my pains?

The same two drugs listed in Black’s Medical Dictionary for a condition I had stumbled across I was becoming convinced I suffered form.

Oh it gets way better ..

  • Now at my third surgery in Enfield because GP’s were idiots as well as being dishonest I ask to see a NHS Fibromyalgia specialist and was told “Good luck, there isn’t one”
  • Already seeing a raft of mistakes, a shed load of complete bullshit from so many so-called Doctors and Health Professionals supposedly sworn a Hippocratic Oath and having NHS Podiatry refusing to see anyone unless they were under 18 or over 65 ..
  • I emailed Fibromyalgia Association UK and told them what I was told ..
  • What are they talking about, here is a list”
  • I later rowed with that GP after someone high up in the NHS called them and told them I had been recording them and they made me turn off my MP3 player and my phone
  • They then got cocky as I sat there for an entire hour rowing with them while he was smiling
  • Sadly he was unaware that I did not use my MP3 player or my phone to record things and in the recording you will hear me say “Its not good smiling, I have been recording you all for seven years” and his face dropped
  • Well it must had dropped again two days later as he got informed that I recorded out entire row and placed it online
  • Tats the point when the GMC and PHSO also started lying
  • ANYWAY .. before that I was referred to Guy’s Hospital next to The Shard at Waterloo in London
  • Dr Kirkham rapidly realized I was fairly intelligent and instead of talking to his understudy all the time he was eventually talking to me and told his understudy I was very smart to work out what I did
  • Not only did he confirm my diagnosis he also said that I had suffered for so long I had worked out that light exercise, CYCLING, helps control it, something I have not done in over a year now
  • He also spotted something with my right knee, did a test that had me scream in pain and told me I had a physical problem with my right knee that was NOT my FMS
  • That would be the right-knee that has left me unable to walk at all and I begged the NHS to MRI for 7 years

That way better?

How about a social worker friend who said I got everything right but did not believe me on this who has Diabetes Type 1, has been lied to, had pills go missing he is told is the NHS arranging things to save money and have agreements with pharmacies.

Yeah not only did he catch them lying to him but his granddaughter and a child ended up in a lot of pain and turned out to be Fibromyalgia.

I knew the girl and her mother very well and used to see them often years ago.

Now I do not know if someone recognised the symptoms as being things I had and looked into it which is most likely because I was told they refused to diagnose it nor did anything about it and my social worker friend was furious.

Because the so called NHS staff laughed at his daughter.

This is a year or so after him asking one NHS staff about these stories about vaccines not working and side-effects and being told ‘that is conspiracy theorists spreading it’.

Today he now knows that not only did that person lie but that they were also a woke hard-left socialist and he hit the proverbial roof.

He really does not like socialists, you see. He now sees them as I do, or at least the ones I come across. Willing to lead people top their deaths, lie to people, abuse science for political reasons while looking you in the face and telling you how humanitarian they are.

Before he just did not like them while not believing me and thought they were just narcissistic people.

I could not possibly repeat here what he says about them today and is often posting things on Facebook I have to warn him about so he does not get banned.

Oh he was only a social worker for 25 years with Camden Council and often used to tell me that he would never go back and work for a council because they are greedy, lazy lying pieces of crap that do everything they can not to spend money helping disabled people.

Now he knows that the NHS are exactly the same.

His teacher girlfriend feels the same way now and she got a vaccine injury, pain in her left arm and left side of her chest.

I could imagine the conversations .. him looking at her after witnessing me get so many things right and predicting things over the years that came true.

He thought I was mad when around 8 or so years ago I told him .. ‘something is wrong, something is coming. Something bad. People that are either amoral or complete morons seem to be slowly filling positions n the pubic services’.

Some months back now while on the phone he said ‘You was right, you was right about everything and it must have been so frustrating for you, not getting help and left in pain year after year and people not believing you about anything? I tell people you predicted all this and its worse than what you said it would be’.

Oddly he simply does not see how the Great Reset and this ‘Own nothing and be happy’ will be implemented.

What those that think they will introduce it do not seem to realise is only a tiny fraction of people will accept this and when they realise how long its been planned, they will be big time angry.

Now do you think that, what with this lying to patients going on for many years and Doctors that spoke to me openly admitting there was crap going on .. do you think that ..

When people were standing outside with their pots and pans clanging them in celebration of the NHS and all the adverts on TV and news reports about how inundated they were stopped to think about the backlash when the public found out later it was all bullshit?

Let me go back to my social worker friend who would not have it when I told him hospitals were refusing to see people and were empty and lying to the public that they were full.

Would not have it.

One day gets called about a daughter and oddly at a very old hospital of mine, Whipps Cross Hospital.

Now not going to go into details but they wanted him, the Type 1 Diabetic, to drop whatever he was doing no matter where he was and drive miles to get his daughter.

He pointed out her ‘condition’ and said that they were not supposed to discharge her and was told they had no choice as they had no available beds over Covid.

Oh this gets real good ..

So he sits there for several hours as an area gradually empties of people and sits there another two hours on his own. NOBODY comes out.

A security guard asks him what he is doing there and he tells the guy that he was basically ODRERED to pick up his daughter as they were full of Covid and had no beds but no one had come out.

This guard then tells him to follow him and takes him into and through a ward that was supposed to be locked to the public.

This is what he then told me ..

I followed the guy in wondering why he was leading me thought a ward full of people with Covid and as I walked in I looked around and got an absolute shock. EVERY BED WAS FUCKING EMPTY?! They LIED TO ME!”


  • Fibrofog
  • Short-term Memory Loss
  • Heartburn
  • Reverse Plantar Fasciitis
  • Hypertension and Hypertensive Headaches
  • Allodynia

Long Covid ..

  • Headaches
  • Brainfog
  • Neurological Damage
  • Heart Issues
  • Anosmia (loss of smell)
  • Depression
  • Delerium (difficulty thinking)

Been advised after an initial Panic ..

  • No stress
  • No arguments
  • Get out of where I currently am, quick sharp
  • Was sent for advice and they wanted to take immediate action
  • Regretted turning this down due to being forked about and now being lied to

Now then and considering all the above, take a look at the typical treatment from government run public services and their modern take on serving the public.

After having disability removed for the same condition I have they had already got out of paying for perhaps a decade or arguably more and only after 3 years, was stopped for 7.

After I was then awarded the ‘new’ disability payments of Personal Independent Payments this was also stopped after only two or three years and for another 6 years. Two gaps adding up to 13 years and an argument for 23 years.

This is disability, do not forget and according to the DOCTORS I am not supposed to be stressed and remember ..

  • Heart
  • Feet, Back, Shoulders and Hands
  • Memory Loss
  • Going through a period of heat that I cannot handle, even right now cold outside but this little room seems to radiate heat like the central heating is on full blast
  • Insomnia and get one night sleep in three days
  • Hypertension Headaches going on for days on end, Dihydrocodeine used
  • Adding up to more stress I am not supposed to have ..
  • They previously pulled the rug from under me about starting my own business after I spent £10,000
  • Also I have been offered two jobs in Wales
  • Remember these things when it comes to government, benefits and jobs as you read what has happened over the last year alone ..

After claiming there was only going to be one department covering all, my friend gets DLA still, others get PIP still, some still get ESA and there is one for military I get awarded another. Sounding more like some divisive leftist group its called LWAC .. something.

How it previously worked ..

  • Get a Letter
  • Get Back-pay
  • Get Monthly Payments

Here is where it stands right now ..

  • Got shocking call from Job Centre saying I never had to go in any more which was a relief as I was getting drunk to get to them and the Doctors (like a pilgrimage with the distances now)
  • No letter
  • No Back-pay
  • No Money
  • Eventually the monthly payment comes though
  • Another monthly payment comes through
  • Two emails about this get no response
  • Two weeks from another monthly payment
  • Still no letter of explanation
  • Still no back-pay
  • Around a year since they asked me to do it
  • Depending on 52 weeks to 23 years owed £5,000 to over £100,000
  • Do not even get me started on what Google owes me over censorship, bullshit and lies

Now then after they wanted to get me out of this building as an emergency move last November and the NHS who had not answered my requests for help, like Allodynia, and taken eight months and counting for an emergency appointment after serious chest pains . Also remember my oldest friend had a stroke and went into a coma for ten days.

Friends all over having issues and a woman relative I have just been told has that issue all women dread to find out.

Added to that as you will discover my social worker friend, who failed to believe me about all this and now he has been lied to, his girlfriend with left chest and arm pain after the okee-pokee, has broken his ankle while in Crete.

Fork knows how he did that, still waiting to find out.

Remember he is a social worker and worked for Camden Council for 25 years so he knows how they work and he is going to compare London where there are very long waiting times, to a small country village with scattered empty homes.

He is going to blow every gasket he possesses when he hears all this and I bet he starts shouting.

Before he went to Crete four weeks ago he did here about the disability being awarded and him a Type 1 Diabetic and knowing me a long time he responded with “About .. fucking .. time!”

No so fast, Mario .. not so fast ..

  • Get pressured to register with housing in Wales to be near my daughter and grandchildren
  • The website is utter shite, I am trained to be able to say that (HCI), and wont let me fill it in
  • I go to my local council after giving up to see f they can act for me
  • They go a bit nuts at my situation and my pills and offer me immediate emergency housing, which took me completely by surprise
  • I say no because of my disability, pains, heart and that moving is the second most stressful thing after divorce and I did not want to move twice in 3 months
  • They say yes to handling it for me, they then say no, because I had already started an application and need to go back to Sheep Shagger Council?!
  • Turns out there is a way for filling it in for applicants like me, you put in some postcode that someone in London was never going to know
  • Told move would take 6 to 8 weeks, think this sounds to quick and it will be 12 to 16
  • Provide all tenancy and medical health details, they told me I had done all that I needed to, remember this as this will also become important
  • My council sends email to Sheep Shagger Council
  • November, turn down emergency housing because I am going to move in 3 months
  • I get registered with council in December
  • Find out couple get housed in 12 weeks during pandemic
  • Get sent a photo of a one bedroom bungalow being built
  • Social Worker friend Mario starts asking me why I have not been moved
    • He quite rightly does not understand how a council in central London can offer me immediate accommodation and a council with a few people, even more sheep and picture of empty for months bungalows takes 3+ months
    • He starts asking me to ring them
  • My council actually calls Sheep Shagger Council to find out what is going on
  • 12 weeks come and go and hear nothing
    • Start getting asked by three people what is going on in March
  • Get shown on video conference another bungalow
  • Lady who registered a month or more AFTER me on the same Band 3 gets a house
    • She, being a local that knows her council better than I do, does not understand why I am sill waiting
    • She and my daughter told me they was going to speak to Judith Morgan about why I had not moved when they picked up keys, but she was not there
    • I get told that she gets told that they ‘would house within 6 months’
  • Still get asked in May and get asked to ring them, which I do
  • I get told my name has been coming up for awhile
    • Later get told you only come up in the top ten
    • Coming up for a while suggests closer to 4 to 7 on list
  • They tell me there is a development of flats on river bank to be finished 15th to 23rd July and might get one of those or soon after
    • These are 12 apartments
    • If you you understand maths at a child level this means even without being offered one, everyone above you on the list is gone and you are TOP
  • State that there could be unforeseen last minute mishaps like electrical, plumbing etc
    • So could be anything up to July 8th or later
  • People start watching the building at night looking for lights to come on thinking I would then shortly arrive
  • July the 15th goes by, July the 23rd goes by and I hear nothing
  • Email Sheep Shagger Council in late May
  • Daughter speaks to bf who was the plasterer an asks him to find out what is going on
  • He says he is told its not done and people will be moving in within two weeks, mid-August at latest
  • Only Sheep Shagger Council emails me back and it all starts getting even more confusing ..
  • After a process that was supposed to take 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks (couple housed), 16 weeks (lady same category housed) and me with potentially fatal condition now at 32 weeks ..
    • Get told ‘September’
    • Despite asking what the delay was get no answer other than she does not get told which is utterly bizarre
    • Now despite giving all details from the BEGINNING and even having my local council contact HER ..
    • ‘What is this about where you are living?’?!
    • ‘What is your medical conditions?’?!
    • ‘Well I do not understand this and I do not understand that’
    • ‘Why has your income changed? Why have you not updated your application details? You have until the 1st of October to do this’
    • Yeah they are now making a big issue out of me sending them the fact that I have now been registered disabled again and getting pissy about it when I have not even had anything off the DWP and this is not the first time
    • DWP, so-called public service, punished me years ago because PROBATE, also a so-called public service, were dragging their feet doing a job then then failed completely costing me £32,000. Probate owes me £32,000 because they failed to act per my instructions.
    • Sends me form as attachment of application that actually states all the fucking information she is now quibbling about at the 14th hour
    • On one form I thought I was fucking imagining things when it stated that my registration date was listed as March 24th 2022 when it had previously been December 21st 2021
    • I also now get the standard bullshit I have had from corrupt councils in England for years ‘Its not the obligation of the council to house you’ which is what I got told each time I got fucked over in the decades I had my disability
    • Not its because I am FORKING MALE and WHITE .. no? Now WATCH ..
    • If this all was not confusing enough .. I get told I have been moved up to Band TWO
    • Bearing in mind a woman in Band 3 that registered a month or so after I did had been in her new house over a month by August and I am being intentionally DICKED AROUND at the 14th hour, so late not even close to the 11th hour. Gets better ..
    • I then get told by my daughter that this means you get housed in four weeks
    • I then get told that this is the highest you get on as Band ONE .. is just for migrants
  • During all of this the very scenario that the Doctors and my Local Council wanted to ignore, takes place, I get bullied again
  • While being .. DIFFICULT, I tell this woman what has happened
  • The attack that took place that Sheep Shagger Council are now solely responsible for down to discrimination, incompetence or BOTH .. has led to serious heart episodes
    • Massive increase in my hands especially left hand leaving me white with fear ..
    • Cannot ride bike that is used to keep Fibromyalgia symptoms down
    • Cannot hold professional camera which was to be used to make money after moving
    • Cannot use computer any more
    • Or wont be able to for much longer
  • Now for the best part of the total incompetence that really makes it look like I have been intentionally FORKED OVER
    • Private teachers fed up with what government teaches students and tell my daughter to tell me, after reading my blogs, that they want to talk to me about teaching, when I turn up
    • A private healthcare firm fed up and now distrusting of the NHS have made noises about an advisory role
    • For months I have often been on the phone when local people have asked ‘When is your dad, the blog writer turning up?’
    • Across the towns of ***** and *********
  • Showing the emails and a collage of paragraphs and form sections to two people in a group DM on Twitter with an lady from Georgia and they both say ‘WHAT THE ACTUAL FORKS?!’
  • They ask how this can possibly happen, what an absolute mess of the way to run things, this is totally evil and how can they treat me like this
  • My daughter goes into SILENT RUNNING
  • My Doctors Surgery went into overdrive, called me four times in two days to get me in .. lady Doctor sat there in shock as I ran through 25 years of hell and mistakes from the NHS, Local Councils, DWP and what a Council in Wales just did as her jaw dropped open
    • Still no emergency CT Scan I presume is to see if I have already had heart attacks and need heart surgery I have been waiting for since November 2021
    • Very recently had a blood test for this CT Scan
    • Just got told I have to have another one and was told ‘Please make sure you come in for it’ 7th September
    • Told her that I had disagreements with Doctors in the past and I always get proven right and that Russell Brand has just reported its been revealed that SRI drugs do not work and all a lie for years by Pfizer
    • She did not disagree with a single thing and just nodded the whole time
  • The Band 2 was changed on 3rd August meaning that I am supposed to be housed now by the 3rd September
  • Literally spent 6 days intoxicated and had no one to talk to until SAS-Man and Ash started telling each other in the private DM they were worried about me and wondering what happened to me
  • Then on the day of the appointment while flaked out on a park bench in London Fields I get a WhatsApp message from Mario who was asking ‘why are they taking so long’ back in April ..
  • ‘In Crete with a broken ankle. Have you moved yet?’
  • Oh shit.
  • If he gets back in two weeks and he hears all this and then sees all the screenshots from all the emails and info and the questions I have just been asked he is going to blow every gasket he possesses ..
  • ‘They are discriminating against you and we can see now that you have had this every time with every public service for years and now its Wales too?! Stay here’
  • Bearing in mind he gets back at the end of August which will be just three days before the new date I have had that I would get housed which is four weeks ending on the 3rd September after waiting 36 weeks for something that took 8 weeks with my daughter, 12 weeks for a couple, 16 weeks for another lady, supposed to happen in 26 weeks and according to my new Banding, four weeks?
  • Fork Off Sheep Shagger Council, NO you do not get to move the blasted goal-posts, its THIRTY-SIX WEEKS!!

If I was to find a solicitor and take you to court for intentionally discriminating against me and endangering my life in so doing exactly what chance do you think you would have?

Oh and I do posses all my medical records. So now they cannot be hidden by another public service to protect you.

All this for years for a number of reasons and if you do not know I have had involvements to the top and because of this .. they fail to realise I am major league pissed about that and a number of other major league things.

  • I tell the truth
  • I have short-term memory issues and cannot lie
  • If you tell the truth you do not have to remember anything” – Mark Twain
  • Despite liars and those that manipulate decent innocent people
  • I cover MANY science areas and can see the bigger picture
  • I have a pattern recognition skill
  • I have not only seen, documented and witnessed the corruption, I have RECORDED it too

Now I have tried for many years t stay under the radar, the early years way too much, as I did not want to be of celebrity status.

For those that do not know in two towns where I was .. supposed to be living thousands of people know me.

Across two towns.

As stated I get asked about a lot.

Now here is another short story ..

Going to the store late one night around two weeks back, maybe less, in a dark section of the road a couple are walking towards me.

Suddenly as I am upon them I look up and there is a first in front of my of my face just hanging there and I look at this black guy and he says ..

“You are LEGEND .. mate!”

I fist bump him, not really knowing what is going on here or who he is. I say “Thanks”

His girlfriend looks round at what is going on and looks at me from a few feet away and her eyes go very wide. As if she has just seen someone from TV. I have zero idea how I could possibly be recognised and the only thing really clear about me is my eyes.

Well if you have seen my blogs which have been around since 2012, you would know.

She does the same, raises her fist up and I fist bump her too, thanking her as I do.

I carry on my journey to my usual late night store wondering what in the world that was all about as I did not recognise either of them.

I do not talk to very many people.

Lets see .. I do not venture out a great deal, mores the pity, and there are six Turkish people in stores that all know me and what I do but never seen my blogs and I have never provided them and they have never asked.

There is a nice Indian married couple that own a nice little convenience store.

The same applies with them, they know who I am and what I do and can do but not seen the blogs, not been provided nor ask for the blogs. But they like to talk.

I have given two Turkish guys legal advice but that was only recently.

I have been dragged out of stores by customers that here me talk or give advice, one I saw the other day for the first time in awhile out with his dog. He was across the street and raised his fist as soon as he see me and I did in response,

They could have been customers in stores where the owners are talking to me and I have been explaining .. astrophysics, solar cycles, volcanoes and likely animals or climate as well as Covid and vaccines? Hard to say.

I do recall seeing a Turkish guy talking to a black guy working in a Tesco Express and I had seen him on the Turkish owned store where I do talk.

I could hear him saying “See that guy over there?” and I simply was not paying attention. When I looked around I noticed as I panned he was pointing at me and I the realised who he was. The guy behind the counter says “Yeah?”.

Some nights I go into Seref’s store two down and Seref likes talking to him. That guy is a scientist in different fields and really knows his shit! You want to hear him when he gets going, its fascinating and he really knows how to explain things”.

The fist bump night I was going into a different store owned by Turkish people and who I call ‘Babyface’ was in there. Denitz was having a night off and I was still looking confused and told him what happened and said “I think people are beginning to work out who I am?!” and he started laughing.

I also told him that as I was walking to the store I was actually thinking ‘Hang on? That is not the first time that has happened?’

Bad memory is a beyatch.

It is now 7.49am and thanks to my insomnia I have not been asleep for even a minute and I thought ‘If your gonna frikkin keep me up all night I might as well finish this shit?’

Decades. South Italy in 2001 and animals atop a mountain and I figured out a climate quirk no one knew about and realised the Industrial Revolution did not start any warming. Batrachologist, Ichthyologist, Herpetologist among others.

A number of years leading up to 2012 finding out, recording and exposing some gangs that were abusing children that had a little terror plot in that final year I warded off. A four hour recording all about it that everyone and his brother has been burying ever since in ‘Country of the Damned’.

Over the years between four and seven of each of Police Forces, Local Councils, Hospitals and GP Surgeries where at each I discovered many times the public was being lied to and things covered up. Recordings exist of social workers from councils lying to cover things up.

Google came to me about blogging and making money, was not my original intent and I spent years working on this and then around 2015 they started messing with my numbers and by 2017 I knew for sure they was burying me. People and I know thought I was mad but apologized to me in recent years realising they are. On both Blogger and YouTube.

On Twitter I have been told countless times by followers on DM for four years that hey never see my tweets, know I am shadow-banned and being hidden and likely keep a tab of my account open to make sure they do not miss any.

My daughter spent a couple of years telling me that my posts on Facebook never come up in my feed, a social worker who is an actual witness to 90% of things I ever posted and also did not believe me and also had to apologize in recent years said a few years back “Why don’t you post any of this to Facebook?”

Umm, I do, they do not put it up on people’s feeds. Likely because I have experts and scientists and they do not want them seeing them. Like you”

Around 2020 after bumping into someone in a Diabetic Clinic waiting room where he told a guy he was talking to that he also knew someone with a YouTube channel and that I have these crazy claims about being censored and hidden he told me they guy said ..

What does your friend talk about?”

Brexit. Donald Trump. Climate. Science”

The response he got he told me had his jaw slowly drop and his eyes go very wide and he has been telling everyone ever since.

Oh your mate is right, he is being censored in a big way. I do the same and I have lost £1,500 per month in revenue. I have a number of friends that are not as big as my channel and they have lost between £600 and £1,000 per month”

But on social media a group of people that declare themselves gatekeepers of facts and science and guardians of the world and people .. have failed thousands of times to prove me a liar and a fraud or wrong, each and every day over five years.

Witnesses instead watched me expose them as the liars and fraud each and every day over five years.

Each and everyone one either linked to the World Economic Forum or just doing their bidding like a good little sheep.

Only today they are mad, scared and desperate as one by one the dominoes of lies have fallen and little by little the people have realized.

When they have gone beyond the point where they realize that more than 50% of the messages have been lies they will start to question the rest of the narratives and the at some point will just decide to rule them all out.

Felt like and often used to blog for years I was in a limbo like period.

Now the masses have, for the most part, entered that limbo like period and are somewhere between the door, just inside the door or halfway across the realm.

A growing number are out the other side, just as I am.

All I ever wanted to do was use my skills and science prowess to help people. Do something for mankind. Be remembered for doing something good and help progress and not for make believe and emotionally driven things.

Someone .. somewhere decided at some point they did not want that.

Then at some pointed my goals changed and a new factor was added.

The one of revenge.


Yeah the problem with people, family, authorities and me is I have a terrible memory which my friend Mario has known about for years. He has seen my various shit happen, not all but most.

  • Sony Blu-Ray Player stopped working, second, same brand different model, to break down within a year when I have been worried about a contracting atmosphere, magnetic field playing up and a solar flare wiping out electronics with an EMP
  • Discovered one day person whose home this is was leaving trhe house all day while it is hot and leaving a 3ft x 3ft window wide open for all to see with a metal pipe network the local authority put in 20 years ago that gives thieves a climbing frame straight to the window
  • This is a person who years ago went into a school with a child’s pram that had their bag in the bottom tray that had their keys in it with their address on it .. THEY WAS ROBBED
  • Same person that has done nothing all their lives but thinks they should get all the attention and be in charge of everyone around them because of their socialism when they do not even understand what socialism is
  • Same person that keeps preparing foods bad for me in all sorts of ways I have asked them many times not to do
  • Who after 8 days of sulking after a row they had no chance of winning and the second night does a big fry up I asked them never to do again and they knew what they were doing ..
  • I know you said you do not want fry ups BUT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE IT”, I kid you not
  • Yeah sky high blood pressure .. heart condition .. being checked to see if I have not had any heart attacks THEY would have mostly caused .. does not fucking care
  • Too stupid to work out they will get blamed if I die here and I even told them this a few weeks prior as I was asked to do November 2021 and 9 months ago .. thick as treacle
  • Bought my 8th keyboard in three years I keep wearing out typing online, a Steel Series mechanical keyboard from CEX, turned out to be American, do not get me started, and with an issue with the RGB on the ‘W’ key
  • Had no one to talk to, daughter went quiet, mate in Crete with a broken ankle, oldest friend not long come out of a coma during what was the worst summer I have ever had
  • Even now I feel like death after another night with no sleep



How it started in August or September 2021 after lockdowns stopped everything
Information known in form sent, despite asking at same time
Date of email of last questions after registration, note date of January 2021
The building that was supped to be ready, I was not guaranteed one, by June 23rd at latest
August 2022 after being told on form by me, on phone by me, in email by local council here and email by same local council .. suddenly cannot read on files starts asking someone with memory issues 7 months later?
August 2021 email quibbling housing and containing a pdf that states my registration has magically moved from December 2021 to March 2022, remember I am now told ‘Band 2’ by Council while tod by others this means ‘four weeks’? At the 32nd week after a few months delay and badly done website.
One date of December 2021 becomes another date of March 2022 while on 3rd August 2022 go from Band 3 (inside 6 months) to Band 2 (inside 4 weeks) where Band 1 is only for Migrants.
So the poor Welsh also get the ‘We can take you money as its ours but we can do what we want with it and do not have to help you’ BS too?
End July told building done in 2 weeks, Council then say 4 to 8 weeks but tell me I have to do something by October 1st? Which I cannot do because another public service as not fekken sent me anything for 3 months and not answered two emails? Does not sound like housed in 40 weeks or 3rd September the four weeks I am told) to me?
The shifting of dates 3 months forward to a process that took 8 weeks for one, 12 for another (during pandemic), 16 for another (registration to housed on Band 3 from January to May 2022) on the same Banding and 32 and counting for me that is now supposed to take 4 weeks from the 3rd September. What excuse do they have on the 4th September 2022?

Another late edit and this time an image .. soo..

  • So was told that Band 2 means ‘inside four weeks’
  • Now told Band 2 was in effect in from March 24th 2022
  • Originally registered 21st December 2021
  • One couple, health unknown, housed in 12 weeks
  • One lady eager to meet me housed in 16 weeks, also on Band 3
  • Therefore since being placed on Band 2 by their own admission has now taken 20 weeks and counting
  • And they are confused as to why a disabled guy with a memory problem and a load of locals are confused?


Should have thought of doing this previously ..


Few videos on Fibromyalgia and in some, or all, mentions Allodynia

Another video regarding Fibromyalgia

And another one on Fibromyalgia

Russell Brand on Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Venlafaxine in particular not working, which I was screwed over by a Doctor over that led me to return to London.

Remember I have all my medical records now they were refusing to hand over for 14 months.

SRIs were all a lie by Pfizer to make money so how many Doctors were wrong on this and for how many decades? But some Doctors are declared correct on Covid Vaccines which has all fallen apart?

Doctor in talk and used him before, British sounding but in the US explaining how Google, YouTube and Facebook censored him and he came close to having his channel removed completely.

We know for a fact that both Twitter and LinkedIn do this to.

He cannot understand how Doctors are not up in arms, especially in the US.

Does not want to be part of any Physician Group. Not how science is conducted.

Said many agree with him but they wont speak out and people should realize the similarities to this and what happened in Germany pre-World War II.

Pay close attention to what is going on because some traps they lead the blind to you will not be able to escape from.

Dread to think what I owed just in loss of earnings but as the Anonymous Hackers former co-founder asked why I was not bigger than Tim Pool? It suggests a lot, more than a million?

This is without decades in damages for the harm, stress, anxiety and death it has all nearly caused and there is no end of evidence via documents to even audio recordings and the odd video going back a decade. More in some cases, like the NHS.


Bertrand Russell

Noam Chomsky

Albert Einstein

Karl Popper


So then thought it as time I updated this.

Many think me some kind of warrior and invulnerable but its not actually true. Being undefeated by any of the thousands of hard-left and regardless of level of education I got a bit of a reputation. Big.

But despite how people have viewed me over time and though I have touched up it I am not without my handicaps. I wonder what one of the original Anonymous members would think of this when he asked me 6 months ago “How are you not bigger then Tim Pool?” and I replied “Because they do not want me to be?”

Despite never losing and even being blocked by Mann, Cox, Hayhoe, Potholer, Honeycutt and others I have had my other battles. My real life battles.

First off is big social media giants like Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook who have been screwing me for years now. But I wont go into detail here and I have in the past.

These have been with the Police on different occasions, local councils and other government departments and public services. In fact I have been asked questions by people within the services who failed to realise that what was preventing me was the very people they worked for.

Among these is the NHS.

They lied to me for 25 years and I am still not getting treatment now. And yet I have had dozens of texts about getting a Covid19 vaccination I would rather die than receive, no fascists are bullying me.

There is simply no getting around it and it is SICENCE this plan and the vaccines were utter lunacy and this was even stated by a man that used to work creating them, Dr Philip Mason otherwise known as Thuderf00t on YouTube. Go and check and go back a year when they said they was going to rush vaccines.

Leaving aside my heart pain and the pains in other areas which include my feet, requiring special shoes and leaving aside my memory problems .. my eyesight is failing.

I resorted to wearing reading glasses over a year ago and yet the ones I found to be perfect are already not enough and I need to get ones a little stronger. I wonder what state they will be in, in two years?

No big deal, right?

Yeah except as my eyesight started going I also started getting a new pain from the lightest of touched and this is called Allodynia.

Now I had never even come across this name but the pain I had around 7 years ago with a friend. A woman I knew had Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and the most painful condition known to man and at the top of the McGill Pain index at or above 40.

My condition of Fibromyalgia was the next one down on the index at 28.

Now as I learned more about CRPS it sounded a lot like CFS but with more symptoms like this one where this woman experienced pain from the lightest of touches, I did not recall until recently, and skin feeling like its literally on fire, which is the one that stuck in my mind. Well FMS sufferers do suffer from short-term memory loss, you know?

In all honesty I thought she was joking or lying to begin with. It just sounded so mad but over time I realised this condition was bad. She was treated like shit by the UK Government and public services too.

So when I first experienced Allodynia I got it in my hands and my forearms and its always a “oh now what the fork is this now?!” moment.

Over time it become more frequent but here is the rub ..

The bridge of my nose gets exceedingly painful when I try to wear glasses and even now things are a little blurry because I am not wearing them but my nose is burning a little and painful from when I was wearing them an hour ago.

Oh and I am trapped in a building with a socialist bully who thinks the world revolves around her and her politics that a social worker friend calls ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and a relative cannot believe how I have coped.

Thats leaving aside how my daughter was a victim and shat on and how I have lost tens of thousands and over over £250,000 and the horror my daughter went through while they protected rapists only me helping and stopping an attack in London at the same time. Recording with Police on ‘Country of the Damned’.

They say the better you are the worse you are treated? Yeah certainly has felt like that for over a decade now.

If I am honest things go from bad to unbearable and the only time I get any peace is when I am on my mountain bike taking professional photographs for a webpage the government was supposed to help me set up in 2017, before pulling the rug from under me.

Despite my symptoms gradually growing and numbering around 275 (no these are not all permanent) I have been removed from being ‘disabled’ twice, the second time with the help of the NHS and their lies.

Twenty five years it turned out they either got it wrong and lied. They lied for at least two years by the time I self-diagnosed and then lied about there being no specialists. Yeah I have recordings of all those GP consultation lies too.

After a battle and Fibromyalgia Association UK asking me “WTF are they talking about” and giving me Guy’s Hospital I eventually had my diagnosis confirmed by a Dr Kirkham there.

Think about this for a moment. Symptoms that were building up over 25 years, at the time.

Asking if these were all connected and told no and ignored for 13 years.

I eventually successfully diagnose myself and have it confirmed at Guy’s Hospital.

I THEN had my disability re-instated .. and then they took this from me yet again 18 months later.

I was sent back and forth to different hospitals in Merseyside and London for years over my heart and I have Hypertension Stage 2, which I have zero idea if its related to FMS or not.

NHS? Not interested-not interested-not interested and was just given an initial appointment and immediately discharged each time.

Before the diagnosis five separate hospitals contradicted the last one asking if they were insane?


Plantar fasciitis

Pes Cavus

Neurological Disorder

Those are the ones I recall .. the Pes Cavus had two experts state this at Barnet Hospital and they were BOTH wrong.

First was Whipps Cross Hospital.

Last was St Michael’s Hospital.

Sitting in a lot of recordings I tried to get the, now I know is, fake news interested in but they would not even open up dialogue with me.

Many of these are not even online and I tried different social media to get some other independent news or people to approach me but no one came. Had some from Rebel Media once but they did not push for it really and I am not one for pushing.

Tried using Tiger Balm and they do say and it does help, with my chronic headaches but not migraine, but put it on your nose and the fumes cause your eyes to water.

Oh and I have been refused Pregabalin because of cost for 5 years and refused Sodium oxybate the whole time .. but they can give me a vaccine that has tossed the legalities over testing out the window and bully people for it, eh?

Anyway I do not want this to be a long one with me droning on .. so here are some screenshots ..


Rain lashes against windows as the days merge into one.

The shortest of journey incite fear as nose burns, a hand flares in pain and a heart skips and tightens as a constant reminder that the last sight could be of a shiny, damp surface with my cheek pressed against it.

Long has been the fight and much has been lost.

Hoards of the naïve and despicable battle to convince others of visions of the world far removed from any reality.

Strings of horrors run through the hear of several decades and familiar streets are roamed once more while the thoughts of those old years and the nightmare of future events one had no idea laid in wait.

Along this path of worst case scenario sing would flicker now and then. Glimpses often caught with occasional theories that were swatted away as insane and impossible.

More frequently these signs become while the possibilities of each were considered more seriously with each occurrence.

Like watching a spider creating its web each one grew in its complexity while in each I had realised there must be a link or bigger picture while naysayers nayed.

That which was not seen until far too late was the connection between all of this which would paint a picture far too ludicrous and far too horrific for any sane man to consider.

But all things must always be considered until completely ruled out by deduction and never because one thinks it merely impossible or mathematically unlikely.

Data that passed these eyes and decoded in my mind is a whole set that many a soul was told could not happen even in our grand-children’s lifetimes.

But in times of catastrophe we know the actions we would see of those that are amoral, rich and powerful. In the even of a global catastrophe was know the actions of the world’s amoral, rich and powerful.

Not all have these three traits but the sad reality is that most do.

They cry about those with conspiracy theories in a time where events, actions and behaviours run around the world just as a pandemic virus would. Among both man and beast the actions and behaviours seen, we have never witnessed before.

While many are natural others so bizarre that they must be by design and the reality of this is so disturbing that one has to wonder about the human race and is Damien had indeed worked his way to the top. Not the Presidency as in the film but in a position where he could control and maim without most knowing his name.

Were I an evil genius it is what I would do.

Not enough food and too many people is the message we have had in countless documentaries for decades now.

Whispers of agendas abound to depopulate the Earth. Seemingly thought up by the insane any reasonable mind would think that a plan to do this would be impossible.

Unless of course you get the people to do this to each other.

But how would you get evidence of all of this and how could you possibly link it together?

Well as they have often been told for the last few years ‘you never counted on me’. Though with each passing day I wonder if I will achieve any of my goals before my own farm is purchased, metaphorically speaking?

For days I have tried to tell myself I have to contact the health service which I hate so much as they have lied and cheated for years and knowingly and therefore intentionally risked my life.

They have also done this with children. Wilfully.

Children that also happen to be victims of an absolute monster in a long line of absolute monsters that they knowingly allowed in one after the other knowing that eventually the bow would break.

Case numero uno ..

Lukman Yasin-Khalil ..

1 Enters UK after murdering someone

2 Marries unsuspecting girl

3 Cute girl off fro father

4 Conspires with evil mother

5 Starts tirade of Domestic Violence

6 Gambles and steals money

7 In rage cuts down a Christmas Tree and cuts up Frozen dress to his own daughter

8 Goes to prison, Police state 9 years

9 Phones everyday from prison

10 So bad is this it ends up in the news and they say they have foiled plots using drones to get contraband in prison

11 The calls still come regardless

12 The Police never manage to catch those phones .. weird as they trace others all around the country

13 Shocking everyone he is out in 14 months

14 Police persecute his victim

15 Social Workers help him and also persecute the victim

16 Hearing after hearing that the social workers are going to get into trouble via CAFCASS but its all lies and bullshit

17 The Domestic Abuser rapes a girl, age unknown

18 He goes back to prison

19 His previous victim and no doubt his latest one ask why they have not deported him like the Police, Wirral Council and Home Office promised

20 To escape persecution and fear his first victim flees the area moving over 100 miles away

21 14 months later he is out of prison again

22 His brother who entered with him is given £40,000 or more because of Covid

23 His brother, who previously threatened to kill the victim, buys a Range Rover and drives around Bangor, North Wales in it with no insurance and showing it off to his friends on Facebook

24 Then he is involved in a stabbing incident

Adnan Yasin-Khalil

25 Domestic abuser is let out of prison again after another 14 months

26 Home Office ask victim to get others to get evidence on him so they can deport him and a pregnant woman helps

27 Several young women risked their lives doing what the Home Office were too lazy and incompetent to do themselves

28 Turns out they already knew that they could not deport him .. A FACT. No paperwork or passport and they cannot deport

29 Odd that they did not consider this when they let people in

30 Now the Domestic Abuser is also driving around in a £40,000 Range Rover of his own and I was certain he did not have a Drivers Licence

31 We discover he already had a previous victim here in the UK, making four we know about, and has a child by a girl that must have been under-age when she had his child

32 The family, friends and victim do not want any contact with him at all and are absolutely stunned to discover he has two more victims and still walking around free

33 I hammer the Twitter threads of the Home Office, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson with the links and screenshots to what I have above

34 I also expose that they pay these people £75 each they they are in prison, so free bed, board, phones and a tidy sum each time they get out of prison

35 Victim gets a call .. new council has a 4 bedroom house for her in a riverside setting and will fully furnish it for her

36 Eager to move in before Covid restrictions she is told they can’t as they do not want any more on social media

37 One doing that decides to wait until they are in before resuming with his plan on that front

Why would you do all this? Why?

How have we arrived at a point today where the barbaric animals, murderers and rapists are treated like kings while the victims treated like the abusers?

Stated previously that there has been some bizarre behaviour in not just wild animals but also domestic animals all around the world. Seems a bit bizarre, no?

You import millions of people while not improving services, infrastructure or housing and two things cannot occupy the same space and the infrastructure was already inadequate for years and social and affordable housing in very short supply.

This gross ad nationwide incompetence was nothing of the kind and a grand plan to overpopulate to the point the people snapped and the inevitable took place.

All helped by a bunch of low IQ morons who are the only ones you can get to be leftist activists all placed in key positions over a few decades that would help all this along and far too effing stupid to know what they were doing.

Over a decade my battle against all this has raged on and gradually intensified while I have lost everything while my health deteriorated and I too was persecuted. Because THEY KNEW what I could do.

Surprised at this? Well maybe a little but you may have seen things like this before?

How about a recording with Police Detectives about a grooming gangs who were also extremist terrorists in Liverpool linked to two cells in Manchester and Birmingham? Recall any cells in these cities caught back in around 2012 to 2014 ish?

How about the Home Office file on the main one that somehow after being posted in 2012 did not go viral along with the recording above?

Did you know that every single British Tabloid was contacted at the time and not a single one got back to me interested to see any of my evidence? Much of which I still have not put online.

How about an audio recording of the NHS trying to set me up to lie about me and did it anyway with the help of the General Medical Council who closed ranks to help the NHS?

General Medical Council ..

This meeting was recorded after I had asked them for years about my pains, it was 13 years in total before I actually diagnosed myself. Yeah that really reads THIRTEEN. And I was the villain because I was angry ad them lying which also helped the DWP and Local Council to screw me over for 15 years and still are.

NHS Podiatrist missing my diagnosis

NHS Neurologist missing my diagnosis

The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman also lied

Oh and what the NHS did do was arrange for me to go to Pain Management called The Tranquil Support Group. When I got there the building was full of other people obviously all fobbed off like me.

It was not a support group for pain management at all and all they did was run through all the alternatives and then at the very end ask all the people there to work for the NHS for free as a volunteer.

‘We are not going to diagnose you or provide you with the correct diagnosis, treatment or pills but can you work for us for free?’

I attended three meetings and recorded them all .. just for the hell of it and I never got asked back for a fourth .. cannot think why? LMAO!

Them missing my Hypomagnesaemia which had been going on a while and was spotted two GPs later by Dr Andrew Thievendra who them asked me to buy my own pills from Holland & Barrett while at the same time it never went on my records.

Maybe I should mention that I had this condition for over 20 years but was affecting my feet and really started pressurising the NHS from around 2001.

This is 2013 and I am still being lied to and fobbed off and they made several diagnosis all of which were wrong and I myself diagnosed it as Fibromyalgia.

Chase Farm Hospital lied to my GP or my GP lied

Kicked off one surgery because I got angry over being called a liar while I had private x-rays evidence of my collapsed discs the GO refused to look at and said sarcastically “Why would I want to look at those?!” which shocked other professionals that said he should be struck off.

And though there are many others and a hell of a lot of evidence I have not posted here is a breakdown of the hall of shame.

Pain is pretty horrible and I am not sure where it is but along with a few others is a recording of a row with a GP that lasts for an hour as he got a call from the NHS, I ask him in the recording, informing him I had been recording our consultations.

Neither the NHS were smart enough to realises I had been doing this for 7 years across several GP Surgeries and several hospitals. Nor was Dr Kumar smart enough to discover my real recording device as he thought he was safe when he made me turn off two devices.

He discovered that night he had screwed up, I received a letter saying that despite asking me not to record our consultation I did anyway and put it on my blog that night. General Practitioners all think they are fucking Einstein.

Always been honest but it seems those that think the slaves money is really theirs have no issues with lying about you.

Pain not nice and potentially fatal ..

I realised it was a three stage setup I nicknamed The Evil Trinity where the NHS is corrupted which then allowed the Department of Work and Pensions and the Local Council to screw you over and get away with it.

The Department of Work & Pensions lying about a disabled person and lying about visiting their home after refusing for months to come. They then claimed they turned up three times and no one was home. These were all lies.

If you do not know all public services in the UK are run by Serco which is a massive conflict of interest as the Data Protection Act exists to stop organisations getting access to all your information.

For some reason they decided this was not important.

Michael Meacher MP actually got in contact with me about all this actually hearing about me through someone who was familiar with my blog .. he then died. Poor bastard. What are the chanced?! No one else followed up.

Age UK being filled with leftist activists who passed my details on to Antifa who started tweeting unique details on me to scare me

Couple on Local Councils

Part of the story about how I was right and the courts were wrong and a daughter gets abused by her step-father that ends up in a Love It magazine while the Domestic Violence from the Domestic Abuser ended up in Take A Break Monthly

Social Workers placing a child with a paedophile father

Recording of two Social Workers from Wirral Council visit mother they failed to help, missed loads of evidence of domestic abuser, or HID IT, ordering victim OFF TWITTER

Twitter is NOT the Internet ..

And a hoard of leftists I waded through do not know any of this and this is only a small fragment of what is on the blog and not everything I have is on it. Had hoped for help. Do have pain, heart issues with no pills and a memory issue and failing equipment, you know?

All these hundreds of leftists I had block me along with some of the biggest names in politics as well as science, you want to see my climate change series, all claimed I lied when I said that top people call me a genius.

When they found out I had recorded Doctors the leftists all cried I broke the law .. I said “Yeah, right. That is why the audio has been there for YEARS!”

Stated online that everyone is scared me me and I do mean everyone.

It would be far better of I just died and I am sure this is what they are waiting for and due to my heart issues getting worse .. I thought I might do this one last time.

Just to see if I get any help. Something go viral. My blogs double their viewers and I get come income for once instead of constantly losing everything.

Timing is everything and many people may be trapped in alone over Christmas while no one of authority will be looking at what I post for several days, allowing me a chance to pump this out.

Timing is everything.

So annoying losing everything while you watch YouTubers get paid for talking utter boll’ .. ahem, nonsense.

Reactivated my Patreon account recently, lord knows how long that had been inactive. Just never checked it for years.

My 2,000 strong 50 cent army not appeared as yet.


 I have waited a very, very long time to find the final piece of my particular jigsaw.

It was a theory I came up with some time ago now and talked to many about despite knowingly and admitting to others that I did not have all the facts nor all the pieces.

I was spurned by those I know and knowing I was not a liar, they was drawn to the conclusion that I was losing my mind. Not stark raving mad, just quietly and slowly losing it.

I was also involved with events and organisations they also thought was mad. However, they were shocked to find out than when I revealed these details these were events that had gone of several months before. Because WHEN they were occurring and due to the dangerous sensitive nature of these events I simply could not tell.

Not only could knowing put those I told in danger but also if they talked about these things on social media they could be found out. And I had a plan and I did not want it to fail.

Those on social media now realise that I do not like getting things wrong and I do not like losing and sometimes I wonder when they talk about me that they are relieved I am on their side .. or the side of truth. As well as thankful I am not an evil genius.

Yeah I hate evil geniuses.

Details of this event, and one of very many, can be found with a recording in the post titled ‘Country of the Damned’.

The bizarre thing is that there were a few things going on kind of lumped into two different groups, one natural and one .. let us call it political.

After awhile as the two things kept going I started to think how weird this was and leant weight to the phrase ‘the whole world has gone mad’.

Then I saw some scientific data in January 2019 that led me to ask questions about possible links only to go and check, find this had changed too which led me to another link, the same result and so it went on.

These are sets of data that are not merely unprecedented in modern times but also things that occur over long geological time-scales and sometimes very long indeed.

These time-scales can be from 100 years, to 370 years and others likely a lot longer and some we do not have enough records and data on to even say.

Now think about this for a moment. Even going to our parents to our great grandparents lives we, personally, only know very little and in a finite period. Some records really only go back to 1650 odd and even that has question marks.

For example how these things were done back in the day, what was used, what could be measured or seen and were things classed back then as they are today?

Scientists from each field would admit that we know not very much or very, very little of any goven subject.

Indeed and to varying degrees if you actually look you will find a very long list of things that were accepted to be the case for years, decades even and claimed by scientist after scientist in the mainstream news or documentaries that ‘this is definitely how it is’.

This has disappointed me for years. On social media I call this #SimonSays which I also apply to those that immediately reject any science without the authority to do so because it goes against something they desperately want to be true which serves to help their agendas.

That would be man-made global warming or AGW. Until very recently it was the one thing the hard-left had.

In recent imes they have invented more and I have literally watched this unfold and up close with some and from afar with others.

Added to these unprecedented and record things, like Covid which I predicted, though for 2023-4, which at first appeared bad, I gave out dire predictions and run a series on here up top 6 parts and then stopped.

One of the things that scares the hell out of the hard-left is that they lie and they cannot catch me out doing this. It is a much talked about thing. In fact they are so desperate that they have to lie that they caught me lying and get told by others that they have never once done this.

Now I assume that these naïve fools think, or been brainwashed, that the right-wing also lie, which in all honesty in my experience I have not seen.

Mistakes are mistakes but lies have to be intentional.

Therein lies another problem they have as they immediately jump pn everything in the hard-left and scream ‘lie’. Also I get accused of being right-wing.

Bombshell alert. I am not.

Might as well point out that I have not voted for the right or the left. Indeed the only two times I voted was for Nigel Farage I spent a lot of time telling others about.

For the reasons why you can find the main reason for this in my previously mentioned blog post.

For years, as have others, we can not tell the difference between the parties and I have stated to friends with nodding agreements back, that they are all the same and it is all a charade.

I fought long and hard to get the Conservatives in who I had disliked for years.

This was because I had realised that an evern bigger evil that has directly affected my own life with both my daughter AND my grandchildren came fro the Jeremy Corbyn’s of this world.

I realised they were in no way shape or form the humanitarians they claimed to be and in their desperate attempt to grab the power they desire and will stop at nothing to get they dided with evil people and then treated victims like dogs.

No. This is not a gues, wild speculation or conspiracy theories and they really did and still are leaving their own for dead to gain an alliance with others that they will, in turn, screw over if they ever get power and f*cked with my life for decades while leaving me in pain.

The one thing that they did not want happening was me, of all people, realising who was really to blame and why.

Except I did.

I also started piecing things together and despite losing everything, home, car business and experts claim around £250,000 and my daughter £1 Million (was a court case until someone screwed it), I continued on.

Oh I have had to endure oh so much to do this.

But over my cold dead body would I ever stop. They had every chance to change this but they decided no to.

This made me dig my heels in, once getting past various periods of living hell, and back I would come.

I changed tactics, to draw attention and traffic to a blog that had been frozen revenue wise since 2016 because of what I was saying and what I was capable of.

Now I had hoped and prayed for some help, as has my daughter mainly for it to stop for me but in the hope she can get her father back, but it never came.

Its been infuriating that on the left money seems to fly around all over the place for those willing to lie, now we are heading to the crux of what this is about. But I wont sell my soul at any price.

Do not agree with corruption, socialism or this stupid dream of internationalism that morons trying hard to pretend they are intellectuals believe.

Now when this form of socialism popped up for the first tim,e not only had I never heard of it I thought it must be some kind of joke.

Trouble with socialists is like that of Jehovah’s Witnesses or at least hwo they was when I had a best friend at school who was one.

He would show me pictures of little girls walking among nature with their arms over the shoulder of a full on bad-ass Tiger.

“Wait so you saying that eventually this is what it will be like? You can walk down a path with a Tiger like a pet when you are small enough to be swallowed whole? If you have it like that what would be the point of being a Tiger? It has no hands”

Conversations went on like this for like 5 years at secondary school.

Now two things must be pointed out, I was an animal expert even back then as my father was an animal expert and worked in the laboratory department for the same school. Later setup up by the BBC over animals which caused his death.

Also it should be pointed out that my values are for honesty and truth and that despite the fact I am not religious not only do many values line up with them .. but they also give me names.

For instance after I started writing this blog Jehovah’s Witnesses locally nicknamed me ‘The Messenger’ and the title, I was told, was often used at the local Kingdom Hall.

Another one I net form a different Christian religion called me ‘Warrior of God’ and I told him he was barking up the wrong tree.

I digress.

Now than at then same time that all this scientific data was emerging from what seemed like every possible angle that had my head spinning .. there was the other madness going on in the world.

This .. polarization.

Before long I was getting into really rough battles on Twitter that I simply could not believe.

I had gave in and decided to use it to drive more traffic to my blog to get around this censorship attempt by freezing my revenue.

Being honest, factual as well as scientific I was convinced from the early days that it would only take a couple of years and it would go viral. It did not happen and I started to ask myself why this was. Now I know.

Some truths are not OK.

Some lies are OK.

While on Twitter I started to see things from this ‘hard-left’ that were spiteful, nasty, evil, violent and 95% of the time simply a lie.

Then I got friendly with a Jewish lady, have many of those, who showed me a tweet from one where they wanted to hang her children in front of her. Wish I was lying. From the people calling everyone else Nazis who I soon relaised were not only anti-Semitic themselves but actually best friends with the people that want to murder all the Jews themselves and everyone else.

They also happen to be the same people, or one group, that not only ruined my life abut got help from the British Government to do this.

Now this, for those that have been coming here awhile, might seem far-fetched. Well if you have not heard the recording in the aforementioned post.

But the government just handed over a four bedroom house in a river side setting in a beautiful village in the countryside. To my daughter. Who told me along with her friends this will never happen.

They fully furnished it. They said that would never happen either and told me in 2017 they do not have 4 bedroom houses.

My daughter is in shock. She moved in a couple of days who and I have remained quiet about this and am awaiting a phone-call just to find out if she is, indeed, in. She feared Covid would prevent her from moving into the property.

Sound good?

Well no. It is, at the end of the day, a council owned house.

The British Government owe her around £1 Million to £2 Million.

Yeah I worked for solicitors who were friends and I spoke to my own experts regarding our case each of which jaws dropped open upon hearing the story ..

“Have you .. ANY IDEA of how much this case is worth?”

Do not even get me started on the media agents.

My daughter and her friends, like mine in London, thought the same as my own friends and family and that I mentioned earlier. I was wrong or mad.

“No, they would not do things like that”

“No they cannot do that, they swear a Hippocratic Oath”

“No that is insane it wont get that bad”

Today I have a string of apologies form people saying

“It is actually [BLEEPING] worse than you predicted!”

Yeah. Noticed.

Also noticed and mentioned before is that these hard-left promoting socialism and are the same people promoting AGW claim to be into this and the science and but repeatedly demonstrated they know very little about science and acknowledge nothing.

Now they were believed to be westerners but I have shown this so so much that know everyone thinks they are CCP agents. Agents of Xi Jinping.

In fact when they was first accused they all started singing the praises of the CCP and China and a new name popped up with a white Canadian in his photo who also had things on his profile.

They claimed they were winning.

Profile of people talking like far-left who had followers in two digits to around 1,800 at best. But they are winning. And they told this to someone who had amassed 15,000 followers in just a few years. It is funny how numbers work differently to how they think. As does science.

Then there was this Presidential Election 2020. Hooooo boy.

Well we knew cheating would be involved.

So then what could be done about this? Well I was always pretty good at getting my predictions accurate, mostly in science but was becoming good with politics.

So after seeing the first data I wrote a piece, after looking at every angle, titles ‘Magnetic Pole Reversal’ decided this would be part one and with each piece showed where I went next on the path from seismology to volcanism and astrophysics and beyond.

So throughout 2019 I was on this thread arguing with people who were flat-out lying, built up a reputation by getting a record number of blocks, over 80 I know of. Got blocked by Professor Brian Cox and Michael Mann purely for pointing out their errors. Got blocked by Rob Honeycutt and Professor Katherine Hayhoe by reputation only. And others.

Now it should be pointed out that Geologist YouTuber Potholder54, who is baised and far-left leaning as well as disingenuous, told me that an account on Twitter of the same name that the CPP praisers claimed was him, was not him. This Twitter account also lost and blocked me.

Now remember this. Someone claiming to me Potholder who was telling people is a climate scientist, it is not yet a science technically, claimed he did not use Twitter.

That was what he said and I have a screenshot of that.

Now what would you think if I told you he knew Rob Honeycutt of one of the lying scientific sites promoting AGW? I found an article where Honeycutt praises Potholder for being unbiased?

I guess he did not see the three or four videos I watched?

And remember Rob Honeycutt blocked me when I have never been on the same thread as him. Ever.

I would also wager that Potholder also knows Professor Katherine Hayhoe who had also blocked me and when others asked what I had said to her I said “Nothing. I have never been on the same thread as her so not sure how she blocked me. Can only be by reputation.”

Now here is where .. you might raise an eyebrow because already it could be argued that Potholder lied and that account was indeed his. By which case he has been lying on it. Have screnshots of this too.

Potholder on YouTube does not know my Twitter account name.

But he is friends with Rob Honeycutt who blocked me without even being on the same thread as me .. EVER!

Did they get my name form the fairies at the bottom of their gardens?

Certainly have not got it from this blog as, as they like to remind me, be sracastic about and take the absolute piss as if it is a win.

“No one goes to your crappy crank blog as everyone knows you are nuts”

That is one of the more tamer lies.

Now you can imagine that with my daughter pateintly waiting for me to get help .. that being praised, called the King and everyone telling me they need me around and one of the best of not the best at what I do .. its frustrating that not at a single time have I been offered help.

You would think that they way people talk about me with each other that ..

  1. I had millions to my blogs each month
  2. Prominent YouTubers talk about me and I would see my viewership rise

Any idea how many others I have promoted on my blogs?

Any idea how many YouTubers and others I have promoted on social media?

Some that talk to me simply, well NOW, do not get it. They really think the world has gone mad and do not understand how I have not got ten to a hundred times the viewers that I have.

Is it people not helping? Or is someone blocking or hiding the reposts or links?

I am not just on Twitter. I am on a total of four that work like Twitter does and each and every one of them had had strange redesigns where they look alike now. Also a few habve had follower numbers suddenly DROP out of the blue and then only rise slowly.

At the rate it rose in the first year and the way these things are designed to work I should have 50,000 followers plus by now just across those four platforms.

Got over 10,000 in the first year.

Then I started battling ti build up my reputation while doing the right and honest things and this took two years. My followers went up by only another 5,000 or less while my reputation seemingly went through the roof.

Now I have touched upon this before.

However two people came on recently and one started following me and chatting to me via DM and THEY offered to help.

They also stated that this blog was out of this world.

They also stated that it was obviously being suppressed ans should have a lot more viewers than it does.

They said that I was something along the lines of legendary.

They said that they was going to help. Nice to hear but this has happened so many times even my daughter is bored with hearing it.

Did I mention that they was one of the founder members of Anonymous?

I told then that they approached me years ago to write an article and said they would pay me and while they go their article IO never got paid.

They said they were not susprised and it is no longer the ogranisation they knew and it made them furious.

I told them I had noticed this and had warned them but got no response.

It would appear that some groups believe they have the God given right to act like inhuman morons and demonic like beings?

And each time its ‘but everyone else are the bad guys’.

‘Two wrongs do not make a right’. Learnt that one as a child. What do they teach people in school and universities today?

Each one of these posts I think maybe this time it will take off enough to make a difference? Maybe this time it will reach the right person to make a difference? Maybe this time by ad revenue will unfreeze? A lot of maybes and a need to escape my hell and replace my equipment.

Oddly for a bunch of people always going on about money they sure do think that things can just be done for free.

Thought about posting my Patreon account but the issue is here are the links and the hard-left will Sargon of Akkad me.

I should really set something up with Subscribe Star but I wondered if that would just go the same way?

Been told for 3 years it will all end soon and I am still waiting.

And then there was that election.

Where it went nuts.

Well so yeah I made a load of predictions that throughout 2020 all came true bar a couple. None have actually failed. Of the two that are yet to come ..

  1. A Grand Solar Minimum will be announced, kinda sorta has
  2. 2020 is the last year the hard-left have as by 2021 it will all be over when GSM is realised

Now then ..

What do you supposed went through their heads as they watched each and every prediction come true?

Oh on each occasion they tried vbery hard to wist things to claim I was wrong.

In July it was claimed that I had stated that we would be in an ice-age by now. And of course I never said that, only ever said it will get colder for 7 years and then 20 years plus when my prediction for solar minimum lasting until October panned out.

I, of course, asked him to produce the tweet and also, of course, it was not produced.

But they are into the science. Apparently.

Yeah so we knew they was going to cheat. And these were high level Antifa. And two years is a long time to bat at something for 99,5% of that time.

Do you think as they were all talking to each other on the lefty grape-vine they were getting edgier and edgier? Do you think that as the Presidential Elections got closer they were starting to panic?

Is it reasonable to assume that this would result in them becoming sooo fearful that they would attempt to cheat in many ways, in may areas and so over the top it would become obvious very quickly?

They thought my goal was to help Trump.

My goal was one of duty, truth and above all .. REVENGE! Justice, you might say and I do not like losing.

Then all the reports and interviews and details along with affidavits and lawsuits came flooding in and even more so than I imagined. It has been like a Tsunami and I wonder if and when it will ever stop?

What are the hard left doing and saying?

  • Wanted countless impeachments and Trump gone despite no evidence
  • Spent 48 hours and still are insisting there is no evidence of fraud
  • Having a mass meltdowns
  • Incident of Poll watchers being refsed to watch the ballot count
  • This included one registered Democrat in one interview
  • This involved three Republican women in another let in after 10 hours which at ths point was useless
  • Vans and trucks turning up with ballots after a point when they should not
  • USPS worker accounts of postmasters rigging voting
  • Software Glitch that happened to go in joe Biden’s favour
  • Software called ‘Dominion’ the exact word I have accused the hard-left of longing for
  • Late surges that see Biden leap-frog a big lead by Trump
  • Tens of thousands of deceased people voting for Biden
  • 350,000 compromised ballots that I was told went up to 900,000
  • Affidavits, affidavits affadavits which was at thirty something and I heard ninety something at one point

I started to wonder what you were going to hear, before this ie even slowed down, from the likes of ..

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Styxhexenhammer
  • Tim Pool
  • Count Dankula
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • The Quartering
  • Alex Jones
  • Joe Rogan

But no none of all that ever happened according to the hard-left and it is all false .. ALL OF IT.

These are the people that spent years insisting there was evidence for impeachment when there was not. I do hope many realised this?

These people are nmot only dangerously insane they are also criminally insane and the only thing that makes any sense would be that if 80% of these people were agents from elsewhere. Like China, for instance.

Now believe me if that interests you or anything else that is coming. Fifty thousand of them are coming. In fact already here. Well .. over there. Likely here too.

In time ..

And then there are the smaller guys talking about these Earth events like ..

  • David Dubyne
  • Jake and Mari of GSM News
  • Daimond Dave of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project
  • Ice Age Farmer

And then there are all the fake news media who were literally declaring Joe Biden as President Elect when he is not and nor is it there job to do so.

Then I noticed after Boris Johnson had congratulated Biden, prematurely, they they both had the same message to the people ..

‘Build Back Better’

Now I have stated on this very blog for years thjat there seems to be some group effort that stretches far and wide of something going on and that the people are bing misled.

They have also been cheated out of their hard earned wages.

I did not care what the hard-left wanted to label it is as the term does not mean what they imply and nor does the term prove anything just because they used it.

You have fact. And you have fiction.

You have truth. And you have lies.

You have science. And you have Pseudoscience.

And then you have a large number of people willing to abuse all those as well as maths while ignoring history because they think they can get something out of it. Money or power os some other perverse ‘turn-on’ from it.

It does not matter today where you look, certainly in the western world, it is completely and utterly insane. Globally.

It also matters not where you look in science .. it is utterly bonkers and very often unprecedented.

How can these two things be occurring at the same time? Could these be linked? Scientifically?

Maybe. Another ‘maybe’.

I had spoken previously about the Bees dying.

This occurred just prior to 2010 when there was a record long solar minimum.

Then I hard it come up again a few months ago during a second consecutive record breaking solar minimum.

Lack of sunspots leads to less crops, we have known this for hundreds of years.

This means less flowers then. Few flowers on all plants likely means that pesticides used they previously blamed that ends up in the nectar would become more concentrated. Reasonable to assume, a real possibility and the occurrences line up with the long solar minimums.

But what of the magnetic field?

We know it affects animals and they navigate by it. But we do not know how. There have been countless reports of animals turning up in strange places often thousands of miles away from home.

We also know that some people can detect or fel the magnetic field.

I have also had a suspicion that some very bad headaches I have been experiencing and my health condition of Fibromyalgia has been flaring up because of it.

Would it be influencing thought patterns and behaviours?

Once again you have a real scientific possibility that line up with two sets of unprecedented events.

Pattern recognition, of sorts, is what I am good at. So much so I had people years ago think I was psychic.

But this, however, does not explain it all.

Now I have talked about what I called Project Distraction.

That everything you see and hear is in fact a distraction. What I did not know is one of two things I have talked about as possibilities ..

  • Is this a unified plan from the elite or what they call globalists?
  • Is it what some believe that this is the elite at war with each other?

We re getting down to it now.

Now imagine its the second? What if there is indeed people influencing things?

Well as it turns out there is indeed what they think might be evidence emerged they are trying very hard to verify that would dwarf that of WikiLeaks.

Yeah you heard that right.

Now this needs to be verified and quite rightly they did not want to name any names but ..

  • 50,000 CCP spies in the USA
  • Politicians been compromised
  • Companies been compromised
  • Hollywood been compromised

Have you any idea what madness has gone in in Hollywood and how many people have been asking what in the world have they been doing to movies?

Why they have been intent for five years to ruin franchises and happy to lose money?

The possibilities are ..

  • All turned into a champagne socialist nut-job
  • For the idolisation of the woke crowd
  • For the money
  • For fear or because of bribery

Yeah this Trump Derangement Syndrome was way, way, WAY over the top and why it was given the name that it has.

In all honesty I thought it was a joke and the hashtag over the top but I soon discovered how wrong I was. Yes it does happen from time to time.

Oh and I am centre-left but I do not agree with socialism and I despise liars and fascists. Just so you know. The hard-left will tell you this is lies because I am not far-enough left. They love to lie like that and is a form of bullying by shaming to get people on side.

If you have enough idiots.

Now consider this .. The Great Reset?

I spoke about this only recently and I clearly stated that this was NOT planned since Covid and this was a plan that needed two decades in the planning.

Svalbard Seed Vault for a Doomsday everyone thinks is silly was done in the 1990’s and shortly after that things started to slowly go to shit.

By 2011 there was a video on YouTube you can still find and is on a previous post from the American Astronomical Society talking about a Grand Solar Minimum.

Forget about how old you are, forget about years, forget about what your daddy told you.

A series of events that only occur across giant geological time-scales all happening at the same time shortly after a Doomsday Vault was built which was shortly followed by the world descending into madness? Yeah right. Coincidence it is not.

Oh and I have not even touched upon my submarine volcano theory I have two parts on that will warm the water from below, create all the snow in rapid cooling events you might spot because sea creatures might die.

Oh and they have been dying.

And many hundreds of whales have died after beaching themselves from Australia to Spain and America.

And hundred of Sea Turtles have died each year.

Which the hard-left told me, and I have the screenshot, they dont give a shit about while claiming to save the world from man. Well if it not animals, saving it for who?

Are the hard-left being from another world like in The Day The Earth Stood Still or Knowing where they only want to save a select few .. that they never actually mention?

I should point out that as soon as I see all this data it become obvious to me that if this was going to happen that the bread baskets of the world would change.

I pointed out that places like Russia and China with all its people will likely become very nervous about losing the ability to produce enough food and might .. MOVE!

I also put the EU Army down to this, which they claimed there were no plans for later to be found out as being liars.

Its funny how trillions have vanished towards global warming and ye you have seen nothing but armies have been planned and put together.

Well it the rich and powerful suddenly got scared do you think they would worry about you or their own asses?

Where would they go to to survive?

Where would they need to go?

That depends on the question, how bad will it get?

Underground facility? Like a city or an old nuclear bunker? LHC would come in handy for that in Europe.

Large boats like in 2012 in case of a super volcanic eruption or they think there might be a continental shift event?

I mean if it was looking to be really bad some might want to live on a base on the Moon or even Mars, maybe? You might see after years of nothing a sudden interest in that? Could be a clue?

Maybe they might think nothing will happen in the UK and many Americans that are famous might start turning up and appearing in our TV adverts? Might? You never know.

But these guys looking into these documents look like they are doing an interesting and fabulous job, even IF his views of tabloids is a little .. well, off.

But what they are doing is ..

  • Looking at the ‘WHAT’
  • Not looking at the ‘WHY’

You will note at one point that they point out that this started building up in 2015.

Yeah that would be a year after a record low solar maximum after a record long solar minimum which has since been beaten when they first said

‘It is just like a Maunder Minimum’ and then saying ‘but we wont get any harsh winters because of all the CO2’

Which was followed by several years of harsh winters and people actually DYING. Yeah the video is in one of the parts and was on the BBC. ‘Why has the Sun Gone to Sleep’.

‘So many people demand the truth but wont see until they open their eyes and when they do, turn their tails and run as it is not the truth they are comfortable with’

Said that. Just now.

Nature has stunning levels of interconnectivity and only the amoral and those challenged would choose to ignore this fact”

I have also said that.

Those that refuse to be taught or unwilling to learn always have preconceived ideas of how the world is and how it should be”

And that.

What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It is what we know for sure that just ain’t so”

It was Mark Twain that said that.

Philosophy is about as useful to Science as Ornithology is to birds”

Richard Feynman said that.

If you thought the science was certain, well that is just an error on your part”

Richard Feynman also said that.

The true definition of madness is repeating the same action over and over hoping for a different result”

The hard-left seem to be unaware Albert Einstein said that.

You are unlikely to cure the stupidity of the person with whom you are talking, but you never know who is listening who will here you truth”

Howell Woltz and another that the hard-left are completely oblivious to.

Though as I was not getting a single response over an argument about whether real evidence does not exist while non-existent evidence does, I did not get a single response.

They have likely all muted me now, those that have not blocked.

I have also been asking people why Boris Johnson has been talking about quitting, or the rumour mill has, and was already asking people “How have we got to a point where we have had three Prime Ministers in a row quit? Why are there these plans to fly the Royal Family out and why are they using Brexit as the excuse?”

Told many people that what I now thought is that there was something bigger coming and in January 2019 I found the one thing that can explain the crazy times and behaviours that is effecting the entire world.

‘For a global effect you need a global threat’

I said that.

And it is not AGW, Covid or Brexit.

Funny that with the three that ..

  • Record Cold and Snow as I predicted
  • Nothing on the news about all the dead bodies anywhere in the world as I predicted
  • We are still waiting for Brexit as I predicted

Very handy that for many years the doors opened to allow the worst of other societies in they blamed on fear of losing foor from AGW and now the places where you can grow food have thinned out.

So if you wanted to go there .. far less nasty people to worry about and a lot more space.

By the time people realise the truth as its yet to go viral with me, the equatorial regions might even be empty?

Now watch the video and though they concentrate on the who and they effects .. ask yourself


And keep an eye on these guys, I eventually realised why the women looked familiar as she is from Subverse which I have only seen now and then.


Don’t you just love disaster movies? I do.

For years we have had these things based on all kinds of things from asteroid strikes to Tsunamis earthquakes the Earth’s cure stopping, continental drift and right down the a pandemic.

Of late, well where I am, they seem to have played a lot of them almost as if you were watching a series of training videos.

There are always parts that are unbelievable though right down to the politics and actions of governments actions. They always are portrayed as human .. well sometimes. Like Danny Glover in ‘2012’ where he stays behind with the people in a sort of pointless sacrifice breaking his daughter’s heart in the process.

Bizarrely that last one has been something I have thought about daily as despite not being afraid of dying, even with this outbreak, I think about how my own daughter would cope and being without her only family. She has even stated that to others.

The news media in these movies are also not even close to the way they are in reality now are the big organisations like the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. Not even close. There was a time when I thought they were like this. But by 2012, no pun intended, I had already realised a number of organisations were corrupt and, dare I say, evil?

Likely down to the very things I have pointed out ad complained abut for years and have done exactly that for 8 years give or take on my blogs and going back way longer. Like greed, things getting out of control, rush to protect money, property and their positions of power. Power is the one thing those at the top fear.

Someone once said to me a long time ago that hitting those in power in the pocket has zero effect but threaten their power and that s a whole different story.

Now moving on to the science and yes these were based in things that could and have happened but were all possible. Obviously these were educated guesses in most part as we do not fully understand everything in science but do not tell the hard-left climate alarmists that as they think we know and can control everything and that changes are always down to a single thing. Like CO2. Nothing could be further fro the truth.

Also and despite them all being possibilities these were things that as someone whose deeply into various sciences. Have a BSc Single Honours Degree, got a distinction for my thesis and was asked to do a PhD, I stupidly turned down, that would have had me working in the entire animal kingdom, computing and medicine with keyhole surgery simulation software, I never thought I would see any of these things happen in my lifetime.

Not long ago I was walking around an area I grew p in as a child and near a school and even a nursery I attended. As I wandered around I thought about me and my friends jumping on buses, running around, playing football and something kept springing up in my mind.

How would we have reacted if someone came up to us and told us that while we were still alive scientific data would start to emerge that pointed to the possibilities of

  • Pole Reversal
  • Ice Age
  • Asteroid Strike
  • Weakening Magnetic Field
  • Super Volcano eruption
  • Or a series of VEI6 or VEI7 volcano eruption
  • Magnitude 9 or greater Earthquake
  • Global Pandemic

Any one of the above would have knocked me for six, blown my mind so to speak.

Yet here I am in 2020 well aware that a shed load of unprecedented data, we have not seen before so we do not know, has emerged that suggest all or any combination of the above could happen.

As I have looked back at data it turns out many of these things have been building up for a very long time. The magnetic poles have looked suspicious for a decade and volcanoes have been increasing for several decades. Just to give two examples.

Does an ice-age sound mad? Well there are different depths, they are all not the same, and bought about by a combination of things.

The most recent one, a little one, brought about by a stalling of the solar cycles where sunspots went missing for 50 years as recent as 1648 that lasted until about 1700. This lull happens briefly every 11years, give or take. Except in 2007 it lasted for a couple of years and we had a low solar maximum in 2014 and now in another deep minimum that has lasted longer than the last one and everyone is waiting for the sunspots to build up.

I was concerned we would get well into 2020 and the rise of solar cycle 25 would not be occurring and that if this had not happened by the summer scientists would all be talking about it.

It is the 18t February at the time of writing and we have had 17 consecutive days without sunspots and 66% of 2020 without them. Years close to a solar maximum you would not get spotless days.

Solar cycles last 11 years and many climate alarmists have not even realised these have been extending, when they are ruling out the Sun as driving the climate to keep up their political gains. The cycles have been getting longer and the last around 13 years or so.

So the next solar maximum just keeps getting pushed further back and has crept fro around 2022 to now July 2025 the last time I looked. If this solar minimum continues throughout 2020 t will be truly bizarre.

Back in January 2019 and on this blog when I started to realise this data had been emerging and after wondering why to begin with no one was talking about it in the media and the realising they were telling lies about it, I predicted a number of things.

After I realised that the world’s weather would flip-flop it occurred to me this could bring about many things and many catastrophes and one of these was disease. That would be the last one on the list above.

Though to be fair many things I predicted I had down for being much further away. It had been my estimation that many things would occur and start around 2021 onwards. Predicted the UK would have its worst winter record broken by 2024, for example. The real possibility of a little ice-age period by 2022 or 2023. Be more or less in it by 2026 or 2027. Just my estimations based on the data I had looked at.

In the meantime and as I had to fight various personal battles, like my debilitating condition, I had also been watching the world turning even more crazy. People turning on each others, health organizations lying and refusing people even children. Fake news telling even bigger lies, Divisions on social media. Talks and arguments over many things.

Mass influxes of people when the and infrastructure and services could not cope already or has nowhere near enough housing.

But this I had been watching for a large number of years and I had also predicted well over a decade ago.

Even had an old friend turn out to be following me on Twitter I lost contact with that heard me predict all this and thought I was mad. Then told many followers I was the one he had been telling everyone about and had predicted everything that was going on today. That was .. bizarre.

  • Collapse of Society
  • Corruption of world organisation
  • Governments turning on their own
  • Health Authorities breaking Hippocratic Oaths
  • Court Judges lying and not interested n justice and truth
  • Loss of Freedom of Speech
  • Fake News
  • Bias over groups of people that is backwards in cases
  • Sinister political agendas that somehow had a very far reach that affected western nations that left me scratching my head as to how it was even possible
  • Widespread talk in western nations of civil war
  • Widespread talk globally of world wars

Remember when I said that I was in an area where I grew up as a child which was 40 years ago and stating that if someone had come up to us and told us all the above would occur in our lifetimes you would have passed them off as insane.

Yet decades after here we are and me seeing data and reports I did not even think my daughter would ever see.

While writing this Storm Dennis has an even bigger storm to hit the UK. With 150 mph winds possible. Sure that will be a record?

Volcano in Ecuador has undergone massive land deformation so possibility of eruption?

After record snow fall in parts of North America I now see a report that about now and on the 25th February two polar blasts are going to hit and a very large number of records will be broken.

After the Taal Volcano I am now waiting for a big VEI6 eruption or even a VEI7? A super-volcano? Who knows but Yellowstone has been restless in recent years.

Feel absolutely sure that something will emerge that links everything concerning submarine volcanoes over the next year or three too.

But popping up out of the shadows is this coronavirus outbreak. Also expected but not this early and now this has become the primary focus.

Trust me the numbers are pure bullshite. Going down and got a handle on it everywhere? Like flock do they as ..

  • It it peaked they would say
  • If it burn out they would say
  • Because the economy
  • If there was any kind of miracle hey would say
  • If they had a drug they would say
  • If the used a pre-existing drug that worked they would say
  • For cases to fall or stall in so many countries at once?
  • Yeah I have a bridge to sell you! Its mobile, foldable, light-weight and comes with wheels!

The world and society has become a sham.

A hot bed of lies and misinformation that has got worse and just about everyone seems to be involved with in societies where everyone else want to stick their heads in their proverbial buckets.

It is hugely dislikeable and thoroughly unbearable.

Horrible, evil, amoral and dishonest people have most of the power or seem to be the only ones that seem to get on in life. And only see this getting worse.

Feel something coming. Feel it in my bones.

And starting at the year of around 2029 ish it just feels to be getting closer and closer and it keep bring the year closer and closer. 2027, 2026, 2025, 2024, 2023 and now only 6 weeks into 2020 I think it might be this year?

Supposed to relocate and I have been panicking abut getting out in time!

Think I am easily panicked?

  • Nope
  • Had Aussie Flu
  • Also had Swine Flu
  • Thought I had brain cancer at one point, ad t have an MRI

None of these phased me.

Heard al the scare stories and the prophecies of doom.

Today? Well for the first time ever .. today is very different from every other day.

So to finish up .. as well as deleting tags on certain platforms my alarm bells went off when the numbers froze I the US, UK and Europe. After four days of not a single case I knew .. and then the rumours came. From someone whose wife works in health care.

They are lying.

While writing this and according to the Chinese government the number of new cases of infection for Wuhan, the epicentre, went down from day t day from 1660 to 615, a drop of over 1,000.

For the rest of the entire province where Wuhan is located, Hubei, it has dropped from day to day from an already ridiculous lie of 54 to 13. That is thirteen and not a typo.

This is the province of the epicentre and remember that just three or four days ago they banned all use of private cars. For less than 200 cases. And China is supposed to be going back to work. But cars are banned across a large province?

It gets worse as China announced that they REDUCED the number of cases by around 279 but they did not state why.

Since I started typing the numbers of cases on the ship called the Diamond Princess that were up to over 400 and remember they have not tested everyone yet and many have left that might have been negative but might test positive when back on their home countries?

The number of cases on the ship that tested positive is 621. In a few days and with only around 3,200 aboard, I think it is? So 621 is not the final figure but it s about 30%.

The population of Wuhan is a little under 12 million people and very likely tightly packed as I understand it.

The population of the Hubei province in its entirety, including Wuhan, is a little under 58 million.

It is generally reported now that the coronavirus, now known as Covid-19, first appeared around the 1st December 2019.

There is no way on Earth these numbers have been correct and they have falsified them so badly that it will literally be discovered to be false by thw weekend, possibly by tomorrow?

There is also the issue that there are now 28 countries that have the virus and though many could be hiding things, as Americans, Canadians and other countries do, if numbers in other countries surpass China’s or even get close without slowing down? Well there will be a great deal of anger towards China’s CCP. There is already growing anger among the Chinese citizens towards their government.

Even the World Health Organisation, who have a team in China now, have stated they are sceptical of the numbers.

It is like Chinese government want their own people and the world to know they are either lyning through ther teeth or are incompetent?

If it was a manpower problem well they have been getting them wrong long enough now. They have had many weeks to come out and state that they know there are a great many more cases out there but did not have the ability to confirm them.

Now this would technically true but allow them to cover up the numbers and get away with it. Well if they produced better and more convincing numbers to leave people unsure.

But this has been beyond ridiculous for around fur days and one guy that streams live on YouTube, AgendaFree TV, was absolutely dumbstruck ad kept repeating “Thirteen, its thirteen! China are trying o tell us that the the whole of Hubei outside of Wuhan has only had thirteen cases?! Thirteen guys .. THIRTEEN?!” He did this for 30 minutes straight.

And this is someone that does not like talking abut reports of anything unless it comes from more than two sources. If there are many ad it only comes from one he wont post about it or talk about it.

Here is the official page in China where they report it and you might want to watch the video from Frank Vaughn. After watching that and reading the comments you will start to question the official line from everyone.

This wont and well and if lies and cover ups it wont last long either. They failed to consider the reactions from their own people when it is realised they allowed people to get themselves infected and die.

Nope this certainly is not going to end well.

Watch this video, watch his other videos and look at the comments section as rumours abound of people being tested or having the virus.

They handled it badly from day one and they are only succeeding it making it worse.

Additional ..

  • Was to get a call yesterday for emergency appointment with famous help agency
  • Did not get it fell asleep suddenly while watching YouTube video
  • Morning battery was dead, charged it at 9.20
  • Get a text message from help agency telling me I have appointment 20 minutes away for 9.15am .. at 9.25am
  • Call the number but does not seem to exist
  • Get call wanting to book me into a branch even further away
  • Tell them about closer one bur refuses to do this because of jurisdiction and my post code
  • Tell her I do not have a post-code
  • She said I do because I gave them one
  • I said NO .. I was asked for the nearest post-code I was aware of
  • Still refuses to book me and asks me to ring the branch
  • I ring the branch but this acts like it does not exist, try the two again from a land-line same thing occurs
  • I get an alternative number but that one says telephone services not available in my area
  • Except I am calling from a mobile and they do not have ‘areas’
  • Same thing occurs with land-line
  • AT this point the anxiety and heart are now playing up as this was to help me with my situation because of my health
  • Finally get another number and I have been in a queue for 20 minutes
  • And for the love of God and this slays me but these people just do not like using emails and when you have memory issues emails are the best thing in the world as you can take your time
  • Oh dear now they are all confused and asking why I have rung and telling me to ring the people that just rung them and giving me numbers I have been unable to get through on
  • Oh and now I have been told that there are no jurisdictions and they wanted to set me up with the nearest one again
  • Told them ‘no’ as this too stressful as these organisations, Age UK included, have huge issues with people near borders
  • And now I have another 3 day wait as this is what I was told two days ago
  • Was also told to go to Mind for the form filling which Age UK and CAB said that CAB would do?!
  • This is the level of help for disabled people I pain and memory problems in the UK and is utterly stressful to do anything at all

Well you see have not explained everything on social media, maybe I should have done? I do not know. But getting hammered but the tech giants for telling the truth is not the only thing I have to deal with.

It is also a pretty horrid health condition that affects my memory, and pans in feet, calf muscles, thigh muscles, shoulder back, fingers and skin. My heart is also affected.

Pain in my right knee is a separate thing and in a failed relocation to North Wales I found myself near a cliff in some pretty strong winds. Had a nephew trying to catch me a few times as I fell.

When I did fall I fell on my camera. Got fed up .. sat on the grass and lit a cigarette. Was alone at that point, probably why I git the ground.

So trying to get out of an oppressive atmosphere where a narcissist and a nut-job were doing thing and attacking me and blaming me for it .. while away they forgot I was 250 miles away and pulled the trick while I was gone. This led to someone else noticing, realising this was done to set me up and the two got pulled over it.

So the .. appointment was set up before these two force me to lose my mind.

They want to re-establish my disability which I got screwed over by the NHS and the DWP who both lied .. along with the help of a court who also lied.

Not a shred of proof or reason but they know there is no access to solicitors.

I do not expect to have my disability status reinstated .. I am just looking for a form of income so that I can maybe escape?

The building is a living hell and many that are aware know this and the nut-jobs involved. Unlike climate alarmists that ignore the truth to push political agendas that refuse what I post .. there are things coming. Many things.

I am prepared for that I just do not want to be here where I am when these things come.

There are mental things going on and all over milk, bread, toilet rolls and other stupid thing and if the weather seriously cools towards a mini ice-age or the virus outbreak starts to look bad ..

.. life will not be worth living here and not because of cold or viruses but because of the two in the building.

Now whether or not I get help with getting out somewhere or whether or not my relocation to North Wales takes place, I do not know.

Because this is all out of my hands and I am powerless to do anything about it.

Feeling helpless while being trapped with these people is really the worse and with my condition to deal with along with no access to funds, money and even pills like magnesium, as I have hypomagnesaemia, its quite unbearable.

And that is each and every day of the last two years and it s getting worse.

So the above was an act of desperation and some pressure from two help groups .. one being Age UK and the other, above, being the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

But I have many, many years as has others even more daughter, or promises of help and hearing ‘we will do this and we will do that’ and yet nothing has ever come from any of it.

Broken promises each time. One can only wait and hope.

Hammered from all sides with no respite. And then I am attacked on social media too.

Talk about rape gangs, Trump, global warming not being real and now the coronavirus but apparently they do not want me talking abut these things despite my education, being factual and my 100% prediction record.

But if you are fake news and told lies or got it wrong time after time after time this is OK and there is no accountability plus your allowed to make an income.

Mine was frozen back in 2016, my posts buried, my followers knocked off in the many thousands and now even tags are being deleted on platforms.

Cannot get rid of me via proper means as I do not lie, cannot prove I misinform nor am I scaremongering. Do not cheat or abuse in an way either.

If anyone should not be allowed to make money who do you think it is? People like me or these tech and social media giants with way too much money and power?

My Project Distraction hashtag causes them sleepless nights, no doubt? The reality is I am way too close to the truth on so many things and with my prediction record I struggle so hard to get right I think they very much fear me.

Even my daughter realises this now.


Do not even know what country I am in any longer.

A common thought I have as I make my way around dealing with several pains and God knows what else is .. if someone had told me as a child what was awaiting me in my adulthood .. I would have thrown myself off the first bridge I found!

Been lied to for years and left to suffer over money by one major party.

Screwed over by the other over money and in favour of other people who are not very nice and mostly not deserving of anything.

Cannot even begin to explain how that feels and they have done this to my family, my daughter too as well as me.

Everyone that even gets to discover half the details are completely stunned at what they discover and many leftists have totally and utterly failed tp pick up on my motivation.


Could never side with the leftists today as this means being dishonest and pushing false information as facts and I would rather face a firing squad than do this.

Was asked by Age UK not long ago to lie to the DWP. Cannot do that.

DWP and an incompetent HMCTS Judge treated me as a liar. Oddly they have done the same to my daughter and even my grandchildren .. all to save money. No support as we are not the right .. types.

This is not been lost on a friend of mine who was a social worker for over 20 years who consistently tells me I have the life from hell and the way I have been treated is abysmal.

He never believed my harsh warning but has since realised, as so many others have, that even before starting this blog .. I was right. Him and his teacher girlfriend, African I might add, have even talked about fleeing the UK. As have others.

Never forget hearing Nigel Farage talk on the BBC’s HardTalk years back. Loved what he had to say and told everyone I know to listen to him.

I pushed and pushed about him everywhere I could.

My life for over a decade has been one catastrophe after another and each time I have planned to do something .. something .. or someone .. has come along and wrecked it.

Sometimes these come in quick successions as they did the last week I talk about in my last post.

Then just when I think that we are heading for something it all goes astray .. then astray again .. and then astray some more.

  • Nigel Farage leaves UKIP who then seem to be in a mess
  • Then he stops talking about the things that made him popular
  • Gets a job at LBC, do not even get me started on that one
  • Then starts up the Brexit Party, hated the name
  • Then lets a load of Tories in I thought was a bit odd
  • Boris Johnson becomes PM ..
  • Like I stated he starts talking about deals .. as if suddenly privy to some information
  • Information I have suspected for some time and tagged all this #ProjectDistraction
  • Then he pulls candidates out of the elections
  • This pissed me off no end and left me and others shaking our heads
  • Then at the 11th hour they all flee with a video promoting the Tories

Now the wind just left my sails of late and then I had another series of catastrophes to go along with that the last week.

Lost all interest in the General Election .. and my fears that we were being played started to look like I was right .. AGAIN?!

Its almost like they are asking themselves ..

How do we keep our jobs while at the same time scuttle the ship named Brexit?”

Then you have the Labour Party made up of fake socialists who promote violence, anitsemitism and are biased in favour of others over their own.

Those that follow Jeremy Corbyn have no farcking idea of what a socialist system is and as soon as they feel its effects most will live to regret being such naïve fools.

You know you do not get to own anything, right? ANYTHING!

Nice phones? Gone.

Nice cars? Gone!

And so on and so forth!

Heard two friends in the street earlier as I hobbled back in pain and one asked “Who are you voting for?” and her friend replied “Oh I do not know, I do not trust any of them!”

Heard a socialist on the phone to her mother state “There are now only two white families on this estate and it is not fair. Things have gone way too far.”

They have done nothing but lie, conspire, cheat and worst of all betray their own people and for me its the people that make a country. That is how I see it.

More and more people believe what I stated all along .. that they do not really run the country and are just puppets to puppet masters. Have any of them ever carried out that which they promised?

What is even more worrying is the complete and utter morons willing to betray democracy to have a referendum result overturned which will plunge Britain into a civil war. Superiority Complexes without a shred of intellect but totally amoral and utterly dense.

If I was literally stabbed by two people and the authorities came to me and said “We can let each of them go but only with your say so” my answer would be “No, do not let either of them go”

So WHY would I vote for either of them?

They think everyone is wonderful and human and let a load of people in for years but ..

  • Built no social housing
    • Meaning displacement and who ends up on the streets? Even disabled people
  • Made no improvements to the NHS
  • No improvements to transport, though a new underground line will open soon, or has, that is over a decade overdue and need more
  • No improvements to other services
  • Police seem to have gone backwards and totally incompetent
  • Then you have all the shite that comes with this, gangs, violence, rape and terror attacks
  • This is sooo beyond incompetence its almost as if ..
  • They want the country to collapse or descend into civil war?
  • But they complain they are not paid enough though, eh?

Now what is scary about this, as if this was not enough, is just how many people I have been followed by from around the world that think the same things of their countries, or very similar.

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • Australia
  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland

All these people are living in fear, not to mention Israelis I know that have now fled the UK, of what the future brings and they live in fear of the hard-left they feel are taking over, despite us being in the majority.

Well when you speak to them they ..

  • Lie their asses off
  • Promote lies as truth
  • Truth as lies
  • Oppress
  • Bully
  • Dox You
  • Character Assasinate
  • Report the hell out of you and lie about it
  • On a thread of 50 people only three leftists could see my posts
  • Was reported 7 or 8 times .. but none of them did it
  • They scheme and manipulate
  • They are antisemitic

As far as that last one goes I find this odd. They call everyone Nazis but they dislike the Jews and support others that also dislike the Jews and would like to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

Not sure it was Goebbels that said ‘accuse others of that you are guilty’ Well these people do this all the time and many times each and every day.

They are Nazis and are vary, very scary no doubt all planned out by the likes of John McDonnell, despicable human being, Momentum and even the likes of Hope Not Hate.

Do not know who is worse, then or the EU right now?

Then there is the flip-flopping. Corbyn wants out of the EU .. then sounds unsure .. for the longest time .. then he does not.

Fires someone for being anti-Semitic who must be confused as he was recently posted about on various social media for telling Iran TV that “Israel has no right to exist”

Quite how he has followers is beyond me.

But like many say there has been a lot of indoctrination going on. The Puppeteers require their pawns for success and what better to acquire a lot of stupid, naïve and easily led ones?

Even a socialist I know is beginning to realise its all about indoctrination and she was prey to it a long time ago, standing out with the SWP tabloid in the ice and snow. Evil leftists telling her she is right all the time. Clever use of psychology.

You are encouraged into the socialist was by them putting your arm around you and telling you constantly that you are right. They rely on the Dunning-Kruger Effect to do their work for them after that.

The problem with the socialists today is in the difference they have with the Nazis from World War 2.

Because a bunch of middle-class white people blame their own for everything and want them to pay but never themselves. Innocent people, I might add.

They have this attitude that everyone is equal, when they are not and that is down to culture, and then single people out they dislike, which was mostly white men but now anyone white that is not themselves. N ice people. And it gets worse.

They have a funny idea about punishment. Was to let people off for heinous acts performed in recent time but then want to lock people up or ruin them over something they said a decade or more ago.

I have not been happy with the way this country has been run for a long, long time and it has gotten worse. Hated Labour under Blair and do not like the Conservatives because of the lies and obsession with money. They have both screwed over people with disabilities and it infuriates me no end when Corbyn idiots insist that austerity was started by the Conservatives. No it was Tony Blair and I have a conversation about this with a psychiatrist while he was in power.

They had quietly taken away disability to all those suffering with mental health problems and I was told not even the psychiatrists were told

Having a lifetime of horror knowing full well you have been screwed over by both sides is not a nice place to be. Especially when those horrors would prove to be more than unbearable for most. It is a miracle that I am still in the land of the living and am asked often how I have managed to survive. My answer is a simple ..

I do not know”

However, that being said I know my numbers, something that socialist after socialist does not who seem to think you can just make numbers up out of your ass. Or they eye a money-pot they think will still be available to them once you have your socialists system in place. Except you do not

Any manufacturing of anything decent will not make money to pay the taxes required .. mostly because you get to own very little on a socialist system. So thats money lost. So it would be sold overseas. Probably by the government.

Not only do you have sales go down but you also have ‘research & development’ goes down. Eventually you lose out to the competition overseas.

The only hard-left country that now seems to be getting grips on this, and it has taken them a very long time, is China.

China has a human right issue, a Hong Kong issue and many are not happy.

China is also a very big country with a lot of varied landscapes and a lot of people. It is not Britain and remember .. it has taken them a long, long time to get to where they are now.

Just do not see how firms in a socialist system can compete when you have almost all over countries with a capitalist system. You could count on one hand the things available out of Russia and China years ago.

The issue is not us needing to acquire more cash its the sheer waste of it in the UK from not fixing people sick or broken so they can operate to their full potential .. but also the growing number of people that get, despite not deserving, of salaries while sitting on their arse.

Its therefore been no shock to me that I have predicted a collapse for a very long time, before anyone else, and see it finally arrive. Well maybe a little.

Talk of getting rid of the Primary Care Trusts? Did not happen.

Talk of reforming the DWP and making it fairer and more efficient? Did not happen.

Talk if improving the NHS? Did not happen.

Talk lately of getting rid of the House Of Lords? Will not happen.

It is staggering to me that all these vastly overpaid people get paid to rant and whinge and do nothing but complain they are not paid that much .. for doing nothing and cannot work out the maths.

Meanwhile those that do carry out physical work and in this list are farmers and the fishing industry do things that benefit people and struggle.

In a socialist system you end up with an even larger number of people living lives of luxury for doing nothing while the workers slave away to provide this for them.

Jeremy Corbyn has come out with some bonkers ideas that you do not even crunch the numbers to realise will fail.

With no money they are going to increase everything, build loads of houses and shite and make people work less? Does not add up.

At the same time they plan to give criminals £70 per week?

This idiot leader very literally thinks that by appeasing everyone he will just get more votes and he literally thinks, as in ‘1984’, he can prevent people from being individuals and turn them into obedient robot? This has never ended well and normally at the cost of a lot of lives after long periods of suffering.

Corbyn, McDonnell and their naïve followers literally think, once again, you can undo millions of years of evolution in a few years? No .. no you cannot. Funny how they are all big on nature and then totally ignore it when it suits their agenda, no? What they are after is thousands of years away IF it arrives at all.

Then there is the issue of the wrong types of truths being told and what they do to you no matter how high up in their ranks you are. What they did to Sarah Champion MP was just totally disgusting and inhuman.

You can NEVER have any kind os system based on lies. They also need to learn that ‘charity begins at home’.

Even the likes of Tony Robinson, Maureen Lipman and Patrick Stewart have expressed their disillusion publicly, so God knows what they say behind closed doors, eh?

I spent years telling a socialist I am related to, no one she knows agrees with her and most now do not speak to her much, “It is a nice idea if it worked .. but it simply wont work. It does not add up and never has. People are just not built that way”

Even Labour MP, or ex-Labour MP, Margaret Beckett admitted she was a ‘moron’ to vote that all sides in the Labour Party deserve a chance as she regrets Corbyn being leader.

His childish stubborn attitude at refusing to step-down and fending off attempts to get rid of him not only shows the deep psychological issues he has .. but his followers that hate the Tories do not even realise he is so bad he is keeping the Tories in power.

Here was the most previous article concerning Tony Robinson, now only if someone could tell him about the Gilets Jaunes and them protesting right across France, if not most of Europe, against the EU he might shut up over Brexit?

My health has worsened and I have had everything taken away from me. People that know the story are in constant shock and disgust at the system and the way I have been treated and there were saying this to me several years ago before the worst got started. Two African women told me this, a mother and daughter .. “You are treated like a second class citizen by your own country” and they would be shocked if they knew what had gone on since then.

Do not even get me started on the completely bonkers LibDems the leader Jo Swinson sounding crazy, has a husband behind Transparency UK who failed to respond to me years ago and I now realise is linked to the EU.

Here is Reverend Simon Sideways, surprising me, by expressing that he has felt the same way I have been feeling and runs through what has gone wrong, as I have done.

He runs through the Brexit Party problems as well as the Gilets Jaunes in France along with the pensions people get in various European countries to here in the UK.

And here he is talking about how all the politicians are liars at the most crucial time in Britain’s history ..

He is right it IS all a shit show and all because people are naïve or ignorant, suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect, all think they have a magic bullet and willing to risk the country they live in. All for not doing their research?

Countries will fall, and ARE falling, all because of the egos or selfish wants of people willing to ignore the facts to get what they want? Certainly seems like it?

Have stated for years that the European Union will fall and recently I have stated that it would be within 3 to 7 years, started that one about 6 months back.

Recently a shocking report came out that the United Nations are nigh on bankrupt and not paying staff?

The trouble with these governments and services that rely on the people and the flow of money and taxes is keeping it going when it all goes wrong. They have been trying to hide this for years but absolutely everyone I know personally sees it.

The Gilets Jaunes have been protesting for more than 56 weeks now, in the UK I know groups that have protested for 6 months. Never in modern history have so many protests gone unanswered or ignored.

The Gilets Jaunes have burned countless EU flags but the News Media is not allowed to report on that via something they call a ‘D Notice’, is something. You might want to consider what else the mainstream news is not telling you?

Google, as I stated since 2016, is in on the censorship and oppressing of information game but you can find videos of Gilets Jaunes burning EU flags on YouTube. Somethign that the far-left seem have totally missed and then totally ignore.

Time and time again the hard-left show not only their stupidity but also their unwillngness to accept very obvious facts and this goes from Identity Politics though evolution, weather reports, weather predictions (both for global warming), sciences from geology, astrophysics, seismology, volcanology and many others besides. It is almost like if they pretend it is not happening then it is really not happening.

Here are the Gilets Jaunes in Brussells ..

Here they are in Montpellier ..

Paris, I believe ..

Toulouse ..

The list goes on and on and on social media I have posted protests from Germany, Belgium, Holland and many others besides.

But the EU is such a wonderful instuition and obviously have run things so very well that they have had the biggest and longest running protests against them in history.

And yet the hard-left and remainers defend them as if they were God himself? It is utter lunacy or as I stated many, many people are just very naïve with a few with vested interests.

In my opinion native British people have been screwed over by their own and now I cannot see it going any other way than a civil war and I have stated this for a few years now. Only back then, was asked a lot about this, I thought it was many years away yet.

I do not think that any more .. but I did used to ask .. would Britain be the first?

So its should be strange, should it not, that France kick off with the largest and longest running protests when it is Britain that has been trying to get out?

So I sit in my house of horrors living a nightmare and I cannot see a way out as I am stopped by a large number of people and organisations at every opportunity.

My condition is even known as the ‘suicide disease’ and I can see why. Oddly I do not believe I have much more than 5 years anyway. My father and Uncle both died in their mid-fifties not knowing they had the same condition. They were scared of Doctors, my father was not even registered with one.

Only I am far worse than they were and likely because I was involved in a bad car accident back when I was just 13 years old. While blacked out rolled over a bonnet, up a windscreen and onto the roof of a Peugeot 504 Estate before ending up on the tarmac. That is what I was told when I came around.

This condition was missed, possibly, then lied about, definitely, and then ignored over 16 years and I kid you not. Five GP Surgeries and five hospitals.

Always stated this is because it is not a household name and if not they can save a great deal of money. It is not something like cancer or diabetes or even multiple sclerosis and most have not heard of it.

On this list of the most painful conditions several times with Fibromyalgia, something that feels like a heart attack, though not lately, frozen shoulder that prevents me from getting about with my own camera equipment, back pain from dodgy discs a chiropractor spotted the NHS also then ignored. Not including my anxiety, memory problems and skin conditions.

Another person I know who is a Labour voter but wont vote for them sent mt this recent article of the most painful conditions in The Sun tabloid.

Now remember by daughter has Fibromyalgia and another condition she has of Trigeminal Neuralgia is also in the list. Her cervical cancer is not.

I need help. I had three ways out of my predicament, as all others had failed.

    • Using social media to get the numbers up to my blogs and get the money moving
    • Or to show to the, by then .. or now, many followers that I was being screwed over by social media companies and have someone ake them to court
    • Or perhaps something else would arise .. but that ship has sailed
    • That ship has now sailed and within weeks of hearing this one ..
    • After the screw ups above now wont win an election or come anywhere near changing politics as they promised

So you can understand if I am not feeling to great about my prospects?

Also of interest when it comes to socialism is this link ..

More of my horror story with Police recordings in this link ..

Along with the above .. a long running series against CO2 being behind climate change they obviously do not want me talking about either along with the last one ..

The last one I did in the series, which went above 26 parts I believe .. is this one ..

Now I have to go out and do something extremely embarrassing to help me hold onto the few marbles I have left.

Not really feeling myself the last 24 hours and I wonder if people will pick up on it on social media?

Oddly I have closing in on, if not now surpassing despite the censorship stick, 12,000 followers and even the two people I talk to regularly, who know where I am at, ask me ..

“I cannot believe you are not making money yet or had any offers of help?”

I can only answer “I know but maybe I am just close? Maybe just another month and something might happen?”

Do not want to be in this building with these three people if my numbers comes up, or worse still, I become immobile!

Unable to do any of the things I enjoy .. watch movies, the ones leftists have not destroyed. Play games and that has been over a year. Listen to music which I did manage to start doing a few months back and normally always have headphones on while out. Did not yesterday and will not today.

Really do not like feeling like this.

Well back from a crap and rough journey back and along with the foreboding I had to hold my walking-stick across my back while under my elbows to stop the pain.



This has turned out to be a bad week .. information overload.

I just do not get this world.

I do not feel comfortable in this world.

Out today with a intense feeling of foreboding.

Had to go out .. get something .. that I need to help .. deal with things and today I could not return without it. Not today. So a lot of time was spent sitting on banches and hunched over my walking stick in pain.

It never rains but it pours.

End fore-note

OK now this one was meant to be AFTER another post regarding AGW, Leftists, Marxists and the cult that keep lying to pretend CO2 is warming the planet to dangerous levels. Well more to do with the battles and the sheer stupid things and lies they come out with.

I added yet another series on the Grand Solar Minimum with my last post. I have exposed many corrupt things and cover-ups with British Government, and beyond.

We have not only been treated as subhuman and as if we were the perpetrators but my daughter and I have been persecuted in all manner of ways.

  • Persecuted directly.
  • Persecuted indirectly.
  • Persecuted financially.
  • Persecuted through children.

My daughter had to flee the neighourhood she grew up in because of the social workers, Wirral Council and the Police hounding her constantly as well as doing some very evil things.

You need to check up ‘Country of the Damned’ for just SOME of the story and some secretly recorded aufio with Police Detectives. This shite was going for few years before that recording in 2011-2012 and still going on today. You had better believe it.

We had media agents all over us .. lawyers all over us .. talking and promising all kinds of things including vast sums of money for our story. I have gone into this many times on this blog.

Only right now .. I am awaiting a phone-call. Despite the cancer, having a child taken fro her and placed with a paedophile father and another with an evil woman, with three childred all with difficulties my daughter did what I wanted her to do some time ago now.

Enrolled onto a college course.

She picked up a friend, a Chinese woman, though I am not sure if this was from college or some other place?

I was there .. but once again we got screwed over by the authorities which only seems to happen if your native and white, I am shamed to say. I have lost tens of thousands in savings, my car, a home, a business and 90% of my belongings. Trapped in a hell of a place that have people on the phone to me going crazy because of my situation in London and WHO I am trapped with.

Not one impossible person .. not TWO impossible people but THREE impossible people.

  • Nasty socially awkward person that thinks switching the WIFI off for people that are upstairs, whenever he is alone, is funny.
    • Fixed a laptop for him over 6 months ago hoping that helping him for free would stop him doing this, it did not
    • He has three adult offspring, two women and one man, from first marriage that have refused to talk to him for 30 years
    • His current partner has four grown children his stabs in the back constantly and none talk to him
  • He gets away with it because his partner is a narcissistic, Marxist socialist and her enabler and agrees with him victimhood
    • She thinks her suspected epilepsy that no one has witnessed and not on her medical records is worse than
    • Cancer
    • CRPS
    • Fibromyalgia Syndrome
    • Her conditions are .. MANUFACTURED
    • She cannot abide anyone else getting any attention at all and demands constant attention all the time
    • Lost a cousin that was like a sister to them, now has refused to talk to her for 6 years
    • Everyone else has very little to do with her
    • Friend of mine thought I was being evil describing her but
    • Apologized after meeting her twice, said she was worse than even I described and they visit same place and he and his girlfriend literally duck and run if they see her
  • Then there is another that
    • Wants to complain constantly
    • Does not want to listen to anyone else’s complaints
    • Not very bright but makes shit up to make himself sound like he is but says utterly, stupidly wrong this that have others staring at him in disbelief
    • Only wants to talk about what interests him
    • Gets annoyed with you if you have a theory he does not like, would make a good socialist
    • Anger management problem
    • Rude, nearly got himself thrown out of a car half way to Brighton and NOT by me
    • Snappy
    • But will talk about the width of a Moth’s arse for hours
    • Likes to talk about ‘burning in’ headphones and not a good idea to state that you do not believe in that .. he explodes
    • Not spoken for several weeks now

Yeah I am trapped in a very tiny room, my smartphone has failed in a way I have never seen before.

My laptop is playing up in ways I have never come across in 20 years. My desktop is playing up in odd ways and I am so pushed for space I cannot work here. It is a little over 8 feet by a little under 6 feet.

Been trying to find help, figure out a way to get an income back in as I have none presently and no access to Doctors.

Want to return to my daughter’s. Can help in various ways and with college as I have a Degree and was offered a PhD place, working in medicine, animals and computing. Stupidly turned this down as I thought I was too old at the time and did not want even more debt.

But they started messing with me and I was not sure why at the time but it seems those trying to take over you lives now only want certain truths being told.

Telling the truth about ..

  • British Government
  • Leftists
  • Donald Trump
  • Climate Change
  • Rape Gangs
  • Terrorists

.. is apparently not allowed but they do not tell you this .. they just start burying your links and other things ..

  • Google
    • Blogger
      • Numbers being shown suppressed
      • Adsense frozen for 3 years despite ads still showing
    • YouTube
      • Suppressing my videos for couple years
      • many thought me mad but have now seen and in a little doubt
      • Same videos posted to YT and BitChute at same time latter did ..
      • 6,000% better despite no followers or TAGS?!
  • Twitter
    • Retweets are deleted
    • Followers or knocked off
    • Anyone centre-left to moderate right are fully suspended, far-right all went ages ago probably to GAB (only a fraction of users)
    • 2,000 followers is considered big if not a celebrity (*sigh* idolisation is our downfall)
    • Have had 4,000 followers knocked off
    • Still .. I have around 7,000 followers
  • Facebook
    • Warning over a link posted
  • Minds
    • Followers shoot up to 997 in 3 months
    • Followers drop back to 772
    • Followers not reached 1,000 yet after another 8 months
    • Posts been deleted, gone missing
  • GAB
    • When I put more effort in followers went up to 1,998
    • Then GAB radically changed
    • Followers went back down to 1,700 plus
    • Like Minds .. 8 months later not at 2,000 yet
  • WordPress now too
    • Refused to link to Electroverse site
    • Was consistently getting message from WP to say my blog was booking then just stopped and they stopped coming
    • Despite being on social media and promoting it

All these have been affected .. leaving only very glitchy, not to mention requiring a lot of work, Parler not doing anything odd.

All the help dried up as did all the promises and without reason and in the early days my daughter thought, along with everyone else, this talk was bonkers. Not me being bonkers just that I was wrong. As did her friends and my friends.

They do not think that today. In fact now that they know everything is real and are seeing things for themselves posted on various social media I will tell you what a social worker, of 25 years, said to me twice recently. Him and his girlfriend said this and she is a teacher. He is Mediterranean and she is African.

We are so fed up with this country we would like to leave”

He often talks about how I was right all along and for years now as, as I stated, this all started in 2011 and I had some bold claims for years up until that point which have since turned out to be true.

He talks about ways of me getting back to my daughter’s, odd as four years ago he was against it and did not believe anything my daughter was telling me at the time. Different story today.

He was amazed that my daughter had enrolled in college and was pleased about it and her moving to Wales.

I think I may, or perhaps did not as my memory is bad, have told him that my daughter has this Chinese woman who seems to be a bit obsessed with her.

Rather bizarre behaviour but if my daughter spoke to anyone else she would, right in front of these people too, say things like “Oh you do not want to have anything to do with them, they are not good friends”.

Now when my friend calls me I am going to have to tell him that this obsession has not got out of hand and that my daughter is scared and waiting for a phone-call right now as I received a message telling me this woman broke her door handle?!

That is pretty extreme and now I am wondering exactly who this woman is and going to have to check her out!

This makes people coming to me saying things like ..

  • Keep doing the same thing, you are going the right way
  • Do not worry this wont last much longer
  • If you do this I will take away your financial problems

My intention was to not only carry on what I was doing but show how widespread the conspiracy and corruption was. If I could use social media to increase my viewers five to ten fold, which I have, people will realise the fact that I am not increasing my revenue means they are messing with me.

This will soon be beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You see while battling with Marxists on social media who still seem somehow confident they wikll get their own way when the proverbial cat is out of the bag, I got put on a shortlist of people that blew my mind.

  • Tony Heller of YouTube
  • Ned Nikolov PhD Planetary Scientist, I believe he is
  • Karl Zeller
  • Don Smith Radio Show host
  • Geraint Hughes author
  • Anthony Watts of the most viewed climate change website ‘Watts Up With That’


In my battles these are things to remember before I move on ..

  • Never had accusations of me lying proved once
  • Never been beaten
  • Never been disproved
  • Blog predictions have mostly been shown to be accurate
  • Predictions not yet, like EU falling, still look like they are n the cards, so to speak

Now think about this for a moment .. the previously mentioned people get a lot of followers on the subject of climate change and get an income from it. Ad Revenue or donations like Patreon, who tend to now ban people talking about certain things.

So how come I have not?

I mean I have been put up there with these people and now family and friends are seeing this and asking themselves questions.

But I also cover ..

  • Child Abuse and Rape Gangs
  • Police Corruption
  • Immigration
  • Politics
  • Corruption in social services
  • Politics around the globe when I can
  • Donald Trump
  • Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and the elections
  • Gilets Jaunes
  • NHS corruption
  • Ombudsman corruption

Now considering that for all of this I have published ..

  • My own recordings, though many are held back as there are far too many to go through
    • Had hoped media organisation would take them off my hands, Rebel Media came close but disappeared
  • My own documents
  • Many links, videos and such
  • Other blogs on reptiles, amphibians, fish, orchids, astrophysics and computers, there are 13 in all

Or to put it in the words of my social worker friend who is friendly with a scientist I know and more and more people are asking ..

How are you NOT making any money?!”

Why have you had so many people offer to help only to have nothing come of it?!”

How are you managing to handle your situation?!”

My answers are normally ..

I do not know” to the first two and then ..

Used to it!

Sometimes I don’t”

Considering my daughter, her health, my grandchildren, one being kept and we were told by social services without any follow up or explanation that the missing one had been ‘beaten’ we presumed by his father?

More and more people are stunned at the way we have been treated.

One follower on Twitter got the shock of his life after a few months when he looked at my profile, in the early days, and said “You are not gonna believe this but we KNOW EACH OTHER PAL!”

Back then I had a few hundred follower and before I lost 4,000 and he told others ..

This is the guy I said told us all this was happening years ago and we all thought he was mad! We lost contact about 6 years ago after the death of a mutual friend”

That friend was a socialist and a sane one and we used to talk a few times a week until 3am about politics and everything going wrong.

Before he died he realised that this country was heading downhill and was worried for me and out mutual friend about how we going to survive and cope. I reassured him I would be fine. I ended up not being fine. As you can see.

Still awaiting this phone-call and I am going to have to check out this woman. Its highly suspicious as my daughter had someone threaten her via a game, of all things, on Android. Oddly enough using the same name as someone who had hounded us on Twitter, ‘Nathan’. As it turned out ‘Nathan’ on Twitter was not even a guy.

They turned out to be Labour MP Naz Shah who had a meltdown when I worked out who she was after she insisted I would never find out.

Considering my extremely limited resources, failing equipment and other handicaps I do not do badly and many admit I do better than most.

Was in the middle of acquiring better resources when it all went wrong for the umpteenth time.

Annoyingly the promises were made with me knowing that the world does not stop until someone, somewhere decides to help. Being told to be patient would involve another catastrophe and another ad infinitum until such a time it WOULD stop. And so it has.

So as of right now I am awaiting a call and when it comes will use that time on the phone venturing outside to do something I .. have to, to do something embarrassing .. which helps me stop going out of my mind with all this.

Would it surprise you to learn that this is not the first incident with us involving a stalker? Nor is it the second or third either!

  • Was stalked myself at least twice (Ashton, Andy)
  • Was contacted, have recordings, of bizarre women turned to to be linked to GCHQ
  • My daughter was stalked at least three times
  • What are the chances of any one person getting more than one stalker?
  • What are the chances of this happening to one woman and her father?

Now despite the horror stories do you think it could actually get any worse?

How about ..

  • We both have health conditions considered to be bad disabilities
  • Despite all else ..
  • British Government and Public Services NOW wont recognise them as such
  • Either to save money, censor us or more than likely BOTH?
  • Fibromyalgia affects us both
    • Pain in feet, ankles, legs back, shoulders, fingers and others
    • Memory Issues
    • Skin Issues
    • Heart affected badly
    • Now losing sensation in my right foot
    • Hypomagnesaemia which itself potentially fatal
    • Anxiety, well go figure
    • Long list not going into and have done so previously
  • Eyesight is worsening now too
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia with my daughter
  • Social Worker friend it Type 1 Diabetic and he thought his was insane and not is cared (wanted to leave country) as they have been messing him around too
  • Also have hernias as has my daughter, one strangulated needed operation on
  • Cervical Cancer with daughter need op on so we have that to worry about coming back

How about two autistic children they lied about? Refuse to give help for?

My friend Mario often now gets told when he tells me they have tried to screw him over “Well think, if they can screw over children then no one is safe”

The problem with continuing, and its been eight years thus far, as people keep encouraging you to do is your running down the proverbial tunnel and the faster you run the further the light seems to get from you.

Here is yet another insane facet to our issues ..

I know and the science backs it up from many areas we are n a stage of global cooling and I have had sites refuse to post links to Electroverse, Facebook and WordPress now.

If they tell you its been the four hottest years ever they are lying .. an autumn that is exactly like a bad January has already affected countless countries and it is predicted to get worse.

A meteorologist is predicting a record breaking winter for the UK. He follows me on social media.

It can only get a lot worse until 2027 and many think we are in for a big freeze and all the craziness you see is to keep you angry and disguise this fact. I call it Project Distraction. Even hashtag it as such.

Warming of the globe depends on solar maximums in the solar cycle which has gotten lowers and longer over the last 12 years.

2014 was too low to warm hence the harsher, colder and longer winters. The solar maximum due around 2014, was originally supposed to be 2022, to 2015 and counting is also predicted to be half that of 2014. Meaning that it has to continue getting colder until sometime after 2037 at the earliest.

As a friend of mine knows and a few others I am battling against the sands of time.

It is my belief and I have posted about this before than when the reality of the situation dawns on everyone the money markets will crash and its likely to render currency worthless when it does.

Now originally I thought this was likely to happen around the years 2023 to 2025 when this global realisation takes place.

However for the past few months I have started to think, but not all on my side see it happening this early, that it could happen by June 2020?

|Oops .. it is a few hours later and I have now had two phone-calls from two people .. my daughter first and then the social worker who got to hear the shite I am about to divulge on here.

I am now expecting another phone-call from each of them.

This is what I knew of this stalked up until today

  • Oriental in late twenties
  • Married to a guy a lot older then her
  • Parents live four streets away
  • Seem to recall something about a take-away food store?
  • Name starts with ‘S’ is all I will say at this point, despite being told she used a false name

Suspicious minds and all that and rarely wrong on my gust instincts, if ever, I asked a series of questions and this is what I now know ..

  • They were met at college
  • They have upset other people that get friendly with my daughter
  • They contacted a relative when my daughter refused to answer and told them my daughter was dead in her house
  • They have messaged other people, messages are going to be sent to me
  • She claims to be Malaysian
  • A tutor discovered she had dropped out of another course on catering
  • It now turns out they have used false names
  • Who manages to enrol in any college, school or university under false names?
  • No one at the college knows her, nobody from the other course recognises her
  • She has broken a door handle trying to get into my daughter’s house
  • No one has seen her before and nor ..
  • Have they seen her mystery husband
  • Nor have they seen either of her parents
  • Tutors and others have expressed shock at their behaviour stating that even for a man stalking this would be over the top and scary .. but a WOMAN?!

My social worker friend’s reaction was “what the fuck?!”

She had a Mike and a Nathan and an ex-husband and others stalk her. Stalked by Police as well as social workers.

I have had ..

  • Someone move things around in a garden at a previous address, NOT NEIGHBOURS
  • Different someone tried to forced their way into my house with crowbar
  • Police involved in both, have recording of forensics visit .. somewhere
  • These were around three and six years ago
  • Odd person contacted me via a contact site, later turned out to be GCHQ linked and she disappeared along with her profile that was far too perfect
  • Stalked on social media and that numbers in the dozens, one called Nathan who later turned out to be Naz Shah MP, she had a team of at least three people, was literally called a super-stalker by dozens of my followers

So what I stated to my daughter was that either ..

  • She is a registered stalker with something on her record and hence why she changes the name or ..
  • She is another in a long line of people that could well be government
  • The use of false names is not easy
  • The fact that no one seems to have any knowledge of her is highly suspicious
  • If this is the more sinister choice then I expect they will vanish into thin air next

Being government is not that much of a stretch .. contrary to the way people normally react .. these people are not fantasy and they do exist.

No doubt watch people they see as a threat .. to whatever it is.

As I have had previous involvement where they were first interested in hiring me and later I helped them stop a terrorist attack at the London Olympics they did not acknowledge my involvement over ..

Then later started publishing and posting .. SOME of the recordings they have no doubt been watching me for some time.

This seem to be only obvious to me .. and one other man I know who worked for Cambridge University who warned me way back when I started 8 or 9 years ago “Be careful .. they will be watching you now!” while we sat in a pub in Enfield Town called The George.

Since that day the number of catastrophes, screw-ups and stabs in the back have numbered in the dozens.

There is a very good reason my social worker friend often says he is utterly stunned at what we have been put through over and over again for a decade now.

Started this blog because I was already fed up with things and needed a way to try and keep track of what was going on.

At the exact same time I could warn others.

While also in times with enough people I could support myself financially or get help with all of this crap.

Was actually signed up with the government to be self-employed only for them to pull the rug from under me two weeks after I was self-employed. Do you reckon they decided to look at my blogs and realised what I was doing?

This was a few months after my ad revenue froze.

Been trying to keep it going for 8.5 years trying everything I can to get as many people as I can to the blogs so that Google might realize they cannot keep the revenue frozen while still placing adverts on the site?

Here is an idea of what it is like on one level at this location and upon hearing this many people are going to lose it on the phone ..

Bearing in mind people here have just found out my daughter as a stalker .. and not forgetting everything else

  • Was told I was being given a washing up bowl for this room, 8ft by 5.8ft to was up plates
  • Upon asking why I was told I was washing them in the bathroom and getting .. wait for it ..
  • Spaghetti Bolognese up the walls and on the shower head?!
  • Thinking to myself what a farcking nuthouse I am in .. ask the if they have lost their mind and the answer is ..
  • Well no one else is doing it

Here is what else I have noticed while here

  • The selfish tw@t none of 7 children will have anything to do with
  • claims half the fridge for himself in a house with four people in it
  • Food and milk mysteriously goes missing
  • A jar of sliced pickled gherkins that had gone off ..
  • I later realised were in a jar that was for whole gherkins
  • Jars of things that are 75% full one day are gone the next
  • Have a pot of Heritage Ground Pepper in my room because I found it full of salt
  • Now spoken to someone else who thinks he is a weirdo .. he knew about the food and sauce in the shower as he had found it himself .. he now realises its not me
  • Told him about the gherkins and we think now he is trying

Here are some screen-shots



My feelings today were .. weird.

Intense feeling of being alone and cut off .. due to the above. My last post and first for months got out of hand. Annoyed with myself as I am sure I have missed things out.

Then a series of other things with the stalking and deliberate food poisoning and then today I got some other news. Which kind of made sense and I had some slight suspicions.

Still have not learnt to trust my gut instincts despite how many times those instincts turn out to be correct.

This has to be the most uncomfortable I have felt with a feeling of loneliness I think I have ever felt my entire life?

End footnote


So .. I have been busy on several fronts .. honestly thought several times I was about to buy the farm .. in one incident twice in a matter of seconds.

Several dumb arsed cyclists almost killed me .. causing me to swerve drastically as they second guessed a light change wrong. Then my heart while I was on a bike was going crazy. First time that has ever happened while riding a bike.

Due to the lack of help I pushed myself to get photographs with my one single possession I have left .. my professional camera. Only I thought I had a week of peace and quiet to do it with the resident narcissistic, amoral and resident socialist away for a week with the sad sack of shite that turns my router off every night going with them. Except it was a nightmare.

Someone that had not spoken the the bullying socialist decided while we were out together that he would come in the house. After two years of not speaking to them due to their ways and amoral, though she does not see it, ways.

He then sees damp in the bedroom and having done a fair bit of decorating decides he will do it and will only take a couple of days. Ten days later ..

This went on the whole week two others were supposed to get a break .. this included looking after children at the same time while also trying to get out to do some photography.

We ended up at Cuckmere Haven in Sussex and a place I was familiar with as a child.

That went wrong on every level and it was only spotting a patch where we saw Common Blue, Adonis Blue, Clouded Yellow and a single Bath White Butterfly along with Painted Lady Butterflies that it did not end up being a complete disaster. Giant Green Grasshopper of some kind too. Personally I missed getting a shot of that. Stonechats I could not get close to, Linnets and some off looking Wagtails what must have been some odd form of White Wagtails.

This place had a huge car park and was always very quiet and to get to the beach was close to a 2 mile walk. Half a mile to a mile across too. So over four miles to do the whole circuit. There are reportedly over 200 species of birds which includes the Kingfisher.

Only when we arrived the car park seems to have shrunk .. there was a building for boating I do not recall .. you now have to pay like everywhere else in nature to park and .. it was packed to the rafters with people.

Another odd thing was the amount or Orthodox Jewish families .. I used to live there and you never used to see Jewish people .. do not recall them at all years ago in fact. That day I must have seen over 20 families? Maybe they have been getting away from London for years? The threats that are building up with each passing year? Know some that went to Israel because of this. Wish I could get away .. again!

We did not do the circuit .. a series of little calamities took place .. nearly getting locked on one car park as was parked in the wrong one. Tailgate to new car hitting a height restriction in another car park later. Plus we only got around half-way to the beach .. so the white chalk cliffs remained annoyingly out of range of my camera.

The cliffs also had people walking up them and I had not visited the area since the 1990’s and despite that the place felt both familiar and bizarre. I just could not get used to the amount of people and it seemed like the so called Wildlife Trusts, which are not to be trusted these days, were trying to commercialise the place?

Despite not being familiar with the place .. even the two I was with now realising how far away the beach was could not get over just how many people were walking up and down that length to get to it. At one point a Spitfire flew over and we started to speculate whether or not there was some air show on in Eastbourne and people were heading to the beach or the cliffs to watch it? I also spotted a mast where there should not be one above the ridge to the beach .. so maybe there was something else going on? We never got down far enough to find out.

In between all this I was still trying to get out .. spent the entire week with several damn pains that had me almost praying for some off the shelf drug that would not only deal with it but give me energy to do what I needed to always have one in mind but not because I have ever taken it .. as I have not, but because of what I am always told it can do. Honestly sounds like heaven to me these days.

Despite that week being over the previous Sunday, today being Wednesday, I have still not fully recovered. Another thing about this damn health condition .. it has a nasty delayed reaction and seems to take longer and longer and longer to recover from overdoing it.

I am my own worst enemy as overdoing it is hard to judge and I tend to push myself further and further until I end up having no choice but to overdo it.

Was also supposed to try and sell something, difficult to do for several reason, in that week but that did not happen and now the effing socialist is back it makes it hard along with a couple other reasons.

Ended up cycling to the Banksy Tunnel at Leake Street, Waterloo though that was not the plan when I left the building. Spend my entire time panicking internally about things due to situation and lack of funds. ‘What if this breaks down?’ and ‘What if I run out of this or that’? That sort of thing which just adds to the damned anxiety which adds to my heart issues.

Yesterday I did nothing and yet so tired from a few days before not only was I suffering anxiety but my heart was playing up and I had not exerted myself in any way to cause it either yesterday or the day before.

Been trying to second guess and judge this disability for years and as people on social media know .. I am very good at second guessing. Pretty good predicting rate going back way before this blog even started 7.5 years ago now.

But this condition of Fibromyalgia? Impossible.

So on social media I have been a bit .. absent a day or two here and there. Seem to recall one being worried I had gone altogether. Stating he always enjoyed reading my posts.

Funny is it not? I am popular among people into various areas of wildlife, yes it does have various areas. Butterflies, Dragonflies, Fish, Reptiles and amphibians the list goes on. You would never believe this looking at my numbers on Blogger or YouTube. Ahem .. messed with numbers on those platforms, I mean.

Same applies for all the different areas too .. various sciences and politics. Everyone I ever met said I should go down a storm .. yeah still waiting for that. So help has not come .. and so I ended up contacting a famous .. help and advice agency .. and umm ..

Just prior to my horror week I met them and they told me that after a phone-call with me that they had put out an alert .. and someone was supposed to get in contact with me in 5 days. Not only was I shocked that they did this .. but three sitting there were shocked that no one had got in contact with me and they asked if I was sure.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why this was?

I was emailed yesterday morning, now around two weeks or more on, and asked if anyone had contacted me. The answer was ‘no’.

This was a famous, household name and nationwide agency whose name I will not divulge at this time. One chap seemed OK his mate set my alarm bells ringing when he said “.. the damn Tories!” and I answered “My friend .. I do NOT trusty any of them!” and thought to myself if he even so much as MENTIONS Jeremy Corbyn I will explode.

Oh yeah and I told them I did not trust anyone .. did not trust them and it became clear they were leftists and socialists in mere minutes of the 90 minutes I was there.

Never understood the agencies idea of telling you to do the obvious things you already know you have to do and the damn ‘talking cures’. Was told something a little different to that I was told on the phone .. and then I was told to lie. Go figure!

So photographs, being told the obvious and to lie, cannot find my medical records for them due to everything going on, painting and decorating, cycling too far .. heart issues, two pains in my back, weak knees and very tired legs and a pain in my arse .. literally! And then ..

Wars on social media to the point that a guy that set up a parody of David Dubyne of Adapt 2030 channel on YouTube decided I was now his number one target. Well one and two actually but we wont go there, eh?

Added to this Greta Thunberg kept coming up and this whole thing with that girl was simply ridiculous and it became clear that climate alarmists were not merely naïve fools .. they were actively ignoring and dismissing actual scientific facts while insisting they was all about the science. While they swore, hurled labels and insults at you. I realised they were Marxists masquerading as people caring about the animals and the planet. No .. what also become very clear is they do not care about the planet at all. When lives and even extinctions are at stake you DO NOT dismiss scientific data out to you as a knee-jerk reaction unless you clearly have an agenda. And there agenda does not include saving the lives of any people or animals. I had started to expose this and it was NOT going down well.

So this Marxist in Australia blocked me on his David Dubyne fake account .. he had now done this three times across different accounts. And then within an hour or two I get ..

A phishing email that was created in Australia that assumed I was American probably because I have a lot of MAGA people follow me and talk to them about Trump. The email pretending to be Facebook asked me to send copies of my driver’s licence and photo in as my account had been restricted.

Now this Marxist had his first name of Thomas found out and was mention by other on Twitter he flew into a rage and accused people of doxing and wanting them arrested. For his first name. Doxing? Laughable.

But this is the person sending out phishing emails to someone that has proved him wrong for a few months without fail where has has not succeeded once against me, like so many others.

This in the back of me harping on about little Greta foolishly posting a picture of herself with an Antifa tee-shirt on proving my point, News reports of members of Extinction Rebellion also leaving claiming to be disillusioned while whispering ‘Marxist agendas’.

Your agenda cannot be communism, anarchy and destroying the west while at the same time protecting the lives of people and animals.

Overthrowing the west and destroying democracy will cause anarchy and the protection afforded to children and animals fall away and they will suffer and die. You cannot have it both ways. Naive people need to wake up before they do more harm than good. Your being used.

They love to claim that most if not all scientists agree that global warming is man made and down to CO2 ..

No they do not and no it is not nor has it ever been. They are lying to you and I have put the facts to thousands and all the top people and all I get is silence. Now why would this be? Think about it.

They had already fired a large number of state climatologists in America by 2011 far speaking out about it being down to man and CO2.

A man I think invented the sensors to measure sediment for the Great Barrier Reef in Australia was fired for stating that the reef was actually growing and it is not down to CO2.

An atmospheric scientist based in the UK contacted me after I posted the video of the Australian scientist, below, stating that in the UK many knew it was not CO2 but scared for their jobs, mortgages and pensions. So the western world then?

Finally a video below shows Christopher Monckton, first time coming across him, talking about two scientists in Ireland who proved also that global warming is nothing to do with man or CO2 and were due to give lectures at a university when they were cancelled .. TWICE. Reasons given was threats from hard-left groups.

Why? Because they know its true and the only thing they have to try and control those below them they are treating as both stupid and naïve. Using your caring nature towards plants, animals and children to attain the power other others they so crave in their never-ending push for Dystopia.

Only I discovered one simple fact about these people .. those being used as pawns for this push towards Marxism .. are God damned low IQ morons! Every single time. Even one that goes around doing talks to audiences who can barely muster up followers of four figures on his Twitter account.

But they try ever so hard to come across that they know what they are talking about. Always having between 24 and a few hundred followers mostly they speak in threads trying to lure in others .. except after trying to hijack many of mine over a dozen times I laid waste to every thread he produced. Link after link, photo after photo, video after video and some history lessons on climate going back way, way .. WAY before the Industrial Revolution started. Like how Vikings used to produce grain and raise Sheep on Greenland and how it once had trees growing.

Think about that for a moment. 980AD in Greenland and t had trees so was warm enough, long enough for that tree to grow to full size. And its parent tree had enough time to grow to full size and produce seeds. But how was said trees pollinated? How many tree generations grew on Greenland prior to these trees?

If you was a believe in man-made global warming and was led to believe that we are at our hottest point right now on Earth .. well .. we clearly are not are we? So .. you was lied to was you not?

Now I will tell you what I have said for 15 to 20 years and I only found the scientific data to prove much of what I said this year of 2019. One I found myself atop a mountain in Calabria Italy in 2001.

Like many things in nature the temperatures wax and wane. There has been a warming period and I put this down to not ever really reaching a flat solar minimum in 33 years not allowing it to get too low .. along with three rising solar maximums. That is all gone which is why your seeing a lot of snow and its predicted to continue this downward trend until 2037. And WHAT I always said that before a big drop into a cooling or mini ice age period .. you might get a big rise.

These solar cycles last for around 11 years give or take so a series of rises or a series of drops could take 30 to 100 years or more?

Little did I know that long spoken theory would turn out to be correct.

Particular posts of note on this blog that would highlight just how evil the Marxists of modern day are and how they would turn against you or your children in a heartbeat .. you should look up the posts ..

  • The Magnetic Flip Side .. part one In over twenty parts
  • Country of the Damned
  • A Frightening Truth
  • The Socialist’s Dream
  • One Million Victims
  • The Solar Prediction
  • The Revealing Realities

Just a few among the 3,800 plus I think it now is that just about every public service and every social media giant has spent several years trying to bury. Oh and very literally.

I have been treated so badly I wish they had just shot me dead. I have been called right-wing, far-right, Nazi, Alt-right and all manner of things. I tend to let them carry on and even wind them up and encourage them to go further with the labels. This can continue for days or weeks on end and I have become well known for it.

Te truth is you do not get to re-label and redefine everything to suit your evil plans for world domination. Officially, and thinking these days I would come out more centre-right, I am centre-left and a hairs breadth from Gandhi. So to call me these things you have to label Mahatma Gandhi them also. That is how ridiculous stupid, absurd and how much of a liar these people are.

Very literally if your big on honesty .. yeah your going to find it very uncomfortable before long, if you are not already, being involved with these leftists .. the UK’s Labour Party .. the Democrats in the US or elsewhere. Hear of Australia and New Zealand having issues.

It is like Damien from the film The Omen is running the world .. but not from a public position .. from somewhere in the background and using children to play the heart strings of potential blind fools. Maybe .. George Soros?

So are you happy with Jeremy Corbyn? Oddly I have asked him, John McDonnell and other top Labour MP’s several times if they have explained to their naïve followers that they are redefining ‘democracy’ now, which apparently means a ‘coup’ while carrying out ‘coup’ is ‘democracy .. I have asked if he has explained that wrong-thought leads to wrong-vote and that if Prime Minister he would do away with a General Election?

I have asked this dozens of times and this has gone of for many weeks and curiously not a single politician has responded.

Also curious is how Corbyn was a laughing stock for years but now where he currently is and asked who put him there because its .. just too suspicious. A terrible and stubborn Marxist leader where everyone, even Margaret Beckett admitting she was a moron to nominate him, where he could cause the most amount of division.

If you look on the face of it .. he stubbornly refuses to step down but what have they achieved for anyone? Where are they now? Can you EVER see him being voted in? Do not like the way the country is being run? Well it has not changed and not likely to change while he is leader of the Labour party is it? Even if he did become Prime Minister it would only get a lot worse for British people and the some.

So .. is he doing good? Or will you, or indeed are you, realising that he is not only doing a lot of harm but now showing that he is self-serving?

After demanding a General Election in every other sentence they all now do not want one .. because they know they will lose and also fear that the British will vote to show they want a No Deal Brexit and the people are not allowed to decide for themselves. Marxists do not allow that!

Do you think they have a say in mainland China?

Have you seen how the Marxists have been in solidarity, good lord I hate that word, with people in Hong Kong? People who openly asking for Donald Trump to help them, Britain to rule them again and fighting against another controlling communist regime?

A socialist leftist idiot woman challenged Avi Yemini in a video recently and mentioned Hong Kong and when he stated what they were saying she called him a fascist liar. “No they are not, don’t lie” or words to that effect.

You have gone out of your way to protest and cause trouble .. travelling down to some city centre to falsely accuse others and you cannot even do your own research on the people your talking about?!

Woman was an effing moron!

Or maybe they are doing what hey usually do .. ‘Oh that leftist society like every other one that has filed in the past was the wrong type .. ours is finally the one after hundreds of years that will work and its all based on lies and burying the truth along with scientific facts, history, maths and ignoring evolution and psychology’?

No! Your all fekking idiots!

Oddly enough ex Conservative Party member Christopher Monckton correctly said that about the Conservative party and Michael Gove in particular. He went further too and it is in the video below ..

Take a listen to this video shot in Ireland and here about those scientists that were silenced .. twice and HOW they were silenced and more importantly .. WHY!

The question remains to be answered .. are we living in a democracy or is it now just the illusion of a democracy because of late I have shifted to the latter I have to admit.

Spent years working .. for the truth and doing the things I want to do and they have constantly refused help and taken things away from me.

It is akin to running towards the light at the end of a tunnel in pain and memory issues and its getting further and further away and spent years feeling like I am slowly dying and will finally keel over right at the mouth of the tunnel just as I am about to achieve something?

Truly is a bizarre and evil world ruled and run by people that are amoral liars hell bent on being drunk on overall power over others.

All the time with the science telling us, in unprecedented ways, that we are heading towards a big drop in temperatures that could result in a mini ice age that will make any warming period look like a walk in the park.

Marxists banging on about climate science when they not long ago discovered a star, Methuselah Star, that is older than the actual age of the universe and its only 200 light years away? Really?! Was never comfortable with their methods of applying ages to the entire universe. Never.

Remember .. video above ..

  • The Hard Left know they are wrong and therefore know they are lying
  • This is why they threaten violence and jobs to shut down science
  • They are lying to you and they KNOW IT
  • They call people Nazis because they are so scared they will be called it

Now study this picture .. VERY .. CAREFULLY .. the authoritarianism runs across the top .. from right all the way to the left.

And is someone once said below ‘There are two types of fascists, fascists and antifascists.

Both ends will punish and happy to maim, injure or even kill those that do not agree or they just do not like.

It has got to this because a large number of people have buried their heads in the sand, I refer to those as sandheads, or placed them in a bucket. This is what happens when the majority ignores shite.

I have not ignored this since 2010 to 2011 and arguably long before. Worked my backside off since 2012 and it would appear there is a lot of money to be made in being a fascist or lying.

Not quite so rewarding if your trying to be the honest level headed hero type trying to expose everything.

As for them .. looks like the perfect plan to create division, incite violence and start a civil war .. what better way to be the evil opportunists they are and take over?

YEARS OF SPILLING MILK (Pole Shift Part .. well maybe a little?)

There are times when people disappoint me so much that I end up thinking ..

“You know what? Maybe mankind has had its chance and it blew it?”


This is 12 hours late. Have had a really bad two weeks .. really .. really .. bad. Its like someone released something in the air or the damn water supply? I have been at odds with a number of people that have been pissing me off! Have had to bite me lip while people have whined about a load of things I go into in a bit.

This seems to have set my emotions off on a roller-coater and my pains in my finger-tips from typing and wearing shoes blew up until pains across my hands. I could not type or even hold my laptop without pain?!

End Forenote

I am in a living nightmare and I pray sometimes for a truck, bus or bullet to finally put me out of my misery as I only have a few tools at my disposal, been hammering away at them and nothing seems to come from them? Though in all honesty I have been aware of constant attempts to slow me down or stop things altogether.

I am surrounded by people who are wrapped up in their own lives, do not help anyone .. constantly bitch and whine repeatedly over spilt milk or some time 20 years ago when they farcking spilt milk.

Sound over the top? OBSERVE ..

  • Walked into a kitchen to have someone shouting their head off because the full milk has run out .. yeah except they do not use it and actually use semi-skimmed of which there was plenty
  • From a third I have heard a story 50 times or more in a year, a lengthy story that involves London and Brighton, of how he has been accused of spilling sugar ..
    • But mere minutes ago .. going to tell him how a third heart episode was being caused only yesterday your told
      • Not interested! I don’t wanna hear it!”
      • Repeat a story for the first time and he gives you a sarcastic look and says in a patronising way “Yeah you have told me this before”
      • Of the 50 times he has told me the spilt farcking sugar story how many times do you think I did the same to him?
  • By the spilt milk duo
  • One of the above three has caused three heart/chest episodes
    • Caused a massive family division .. walks into people’s rooms without knocking
    • Thinks they have a right to private information in their own family
    • Tells how a son is evil for not telling them how much they ear
    • Not talking to their own mother because they wont give them control of her money after she passes away
    • Not talking to daughter because she wont agree with her getting control
    • If you do not agree with her your right-wing and Hitler .. oddly I thought I was now centre to moderate right but doing a political test I am somewhere near facrking Gandhi?!
    • Now .. if you recall, if you read recent posts, I am called Hitler by leftists online too and accused of hate speech .. (yup did state there was narcissistic socialist here)
  • The there is the third person in the building ..
    • Has spent years winding one up making them worse .. hates the people in the family that are not related to him
    • Every single night for a year now .. unplugs a router lead to the electrical network in the house .. put a HD video on laptop to a second wifi router and clogs up the internet so it does not work ..
    • Once has has done this he goes into a cupboard and does not even watch the YouTube videos
    • So between 9pm and Midnight every single night I lose not just ONE but TWO routers that are not connected.
    • When they are away for a week this NEVER HAPPENS
  • I was suspected of having a heart attack about 18 months back
    • Did not know this until I was in a hospital later
    • I told them at the time that I could have told them that I had not had one
    • I could not say that with any certainty now though
    • So trolls .. do not go hitting my spam folder with your nasty comments and laughter because professionals previously thought I did when I knew I had not
    • Recent chest events I have never experienced before
    • I was nagged on the phone by hmm NHS ‘111’ to go to a hospital in a town I knew as a child that now feels very unsafe and I always tend to get kicke dout of hospitals in the middle of the night .. yeah .. no!
    • NHS today? Quickly get you in .. are they dying? Right OK. Is it something we could plausibly deny? Yup? Kick them out to fend for themselves then and do not worry about the pain or difficulty .. don’t care what is I their medical record!

I could go on with the bullet points but I think I have made my point. Except it is not just them either.

I have many things I can talk about but due to the situation some I do not and people just DO NOT GET IT!! So yesterday another mate that thinks they know everything decides to ask me if I want to go off doing animals and pant things ..

  • Looking at Orchids and enjoying it it suddenly hits me .. what I had and what I was doing with Orchids and everything I have lost .. heart issues go BOOM as does the anxiety
  • This happens looking at Drosera
  • Talking about exotic animals

It happens a few times.

Major shite in my life and major health issues but according to people .. I am just supposed to forget about that and do shit .. because ..

  • You can just flick a switch the the dangers and symptoms so they wont occur
  • You should not talk about things that depress them and only talk about happy things they want to hear
  • Except your not speaking in a depressing way .. just talking about it is all ..
  • And this coming from someone who walked into a shop .. cried and screamed for over an hour because he got out of prison and wanted his flying hamsters back he gave away because he was going in prison
  • For ‘flying hamsters’ read ‘Sugar Gliders’
  • Insisted for months and shouted at me, never fuck off and leave me alone though, that ..
    • NHS and GP’s work a certain way when they do not because I did as he requested and the “COMPUTER SAID NO!!”
    • Insisted DWP and Job Centres were a certain way .. for months sooo .
    • Yesterday he rings a friend up who works for a Job Centre and what does he say?
    • Yeah .. Universal Credit is shite mate .. it has farcked everyone up, no one likes it in the Job Centres, a fact I already knew

People have no idea or understanding of how I so long to be around like minded people and even of late thinking how nice it would be to have someone that understood who was also into photography.

The thought of not just getting out of my own personal hell but to be somewhere where my anxiety can calm down and stop setting off my heart and chest pains but also getting back to photography is like an impossible dream.

Trust me when I state that every single morning I wake up is a nightmare and I waked into varying levels of anxiety. I so, so wish I could get that to stop and get out of here.

Often think a lorry collision is the only way and many on the Internet are pushing me that way and are praying it goes that way too.

Because of the numbers I was attracting over a short period of time.

They tell me because of my hate speech, read the truth, because of this blog and the recordings on it ‘Country of the Damned’ and the 90% of recordings I do not have on it.

  • So as well as sugar and milk what else do I hear?
  • Most common is someone moaning at some other driver if I am on the phone .. so milk, tissues, mess, sugar and bad drivers.

So I have been in receipt of ..

  • DLA previously .. then that was stopped for 7 years and finally they awarded me ..
  • PIP .. which was then stopped three years ago
  • Had been setting up and working towards going self-sufficient for well over 6 years except ..
  • My health, the public services, the weather and public services and politicians that constantly kept letting down my daughter .. kept farcking it up

Also wrote two books soo .. I figured that as I am currently unregistered and received no help despite promises from ..

  • Mary Ward Legal
  • Age UK

Basically a friend thinks things are easy ..

  • He thinks I can register with any GP when I have already told him they said no
  • He thinks you can do everything ‘Care Of’ when I have already told him that you cannot
  • He thinks that you have to get paid and can do so my cheque when I have told him they do not do that any more
  • He thinks that with a dodgy heart, anxiety issues and everything else I can just go down to a leftist run organisation like CRISIS where he admits there is trouble, fights, shouting, drug running and other crap and I will be fine?!
    • God give me strength!!

Unexpectedly and after nearly 7 years of blogging about possible global catastrophes that are scientific fact and only a matter of time .. it is surreal that I type this out amidst a running series regarding a very real series of events.

I have spent 30 years thinking about these things and I never .. EVER thought I would be sitting around wondering if doing anything at all is worth it?

What started out as an outside chance in a million has become clearer and clearer and clearer and looks closer and closer and closer.

Now at the moment that kinda grew as what was first the magnetic poles splitting and moving ever faster .. this started me thinking. Then the Arctic blast was predicted and I then realised this could be what causes ice-ages and then started thinking about continental drift, drop in crop and food productions .. farming, and any other things. Would have to happen now that I am buggered health-wise and dependent on things like Vitamin B and Magnesium supplements.

Also thinking about my daughter and grandchildren too. How the hell would I help them?

Apart from my daughter .. and at times my sister no one else has wanted to talk about it .. even the ones interested in science and sorry .. there are no excuses for this.

  • Not talking about it is not going to stop it from happening
  • It is going to guarantee that should it start you will NOT SURVIVE IT
  • Yeah you should really not be thinking about yourself and be thinking of talking abou tit to help your own children or grandchildren should the time come

One things for sure .. if it gets right into the swing of it and considering what I have put here .. and telling you now that you cannot remain where you are and this goes DOUBLE if you live in a big urbanised area.

What do you think the chances are I will be travelling absolutely fucking anywhere with any of the above?

By the time you realise you will have to move there will no no cars, buses or trains so people will have to travel in groups. Yeah I would farcking prefer it if I did not have a shit ton of doubting Thomas type people on my arse for days on end doubting every idea I have like they have done for years regardless of how many times I got I right.

I do not mind someone putting forward a logical argument but hearing something somewhere and just parroting it and claiming it is a credible source when they themselves have zero knowledge or experience in what it is their parroting is extremely .. annoying.

It is why I do not make friends easily and on my own. Those that did listen either moved back home or they died on me.

Hmm maybe people should be a annoying Doubting Thomas? They seem to live longer?

  • No I think your wrong .. that is not going to happen” even though it actually already is ..
  • What do yo mean I am wrong? What makes you think I am wrong?”
  • I just cannot see it happening!”
  • In my head I be like “FUCKING WHAT?!”
  • Or ..
  • Well you cannot stop it so what is the point in talking about it?!”
  • In my head I be like ”FUCKING WHAT?!”
  • So I am being realistic ..
  • Others are not thinking of getting the best advice to consider helping their loved ones
  • And I am the one in the wrong?
  • If the shit hits the fan in one to three years time take a wild guess at what I am going to answer when every single one of them calls me for advice?
  • Did you think I was going to say “farck off2? Well I would except ..
  • There will be no communication by then and I would have arranged to meet my daughter somewhere to get her and my grandchildren to safety
  • Bet no one else has thought about doing that .. right?
  • Sound out there?
  • Yeah well they have just had two major record breaking storms in the US with record breaking snow-fall they are measuring in feet and not in inches ..
  • What if you get another two .. they are worse and they start measuring snow-fall in metres and not in inches?
  • And yeah .. climate scientists never predicted even snow ..
  • Nor did the weather men until the first storm was more or less upon them ..
  • So yeah .. I do not think anyone at all in North America right now would consider anything at all being out there
  • My main issues about anxiety and travelling is .. people
  • If anything happens there will be far less people around .. meaning travel will be less of an issue
  • I have been working on a post on just this subject .. the series of events and the psychological reaction fro the masses .. if it were to ever get officially announced

So everyone wants me to pay by their rules, right?

So let us count individuals alone .. that is a lot of different sets of rules now factor in a all the public services who have been moving the goalposts constantly for the last five years and then consider all the individuals that are of the belief that the rules are the same as they was 20 years ago.

My advice to climate scientists and politicians would be this ..

You might want to remove yourself from the Internet and your pictures and pray that you are forgotten because ..

If the shit does hot the fan and with all that grab for money and taxes of all those billions .. people are going to ask where all the help was .. to see this coming and the provisions for the public to survive.

Yeah if I was you there is no way on Earth I would want my face to be seen and recognised and I most CERTAINLY would not ell anyone I was previous a climate scientist .. tell then you worked for Amazon or something, yeah?

Oh my issues and all seemed to be mostly linked are ..

Fibromyalgia, Hypomagnesaemia, Vitamin B Deficiency .. which causes ..

Pain in finger and toe tips, feet, ankles (might be unrelated), back, shoulders and chest along with memory loss, tachycardia, arrhythmia as well as skin issues that require things like Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Grass Oil or Lavender Oil. Or I will eventually get massive sores.

Those oils, it might interest you to know. Are very good for skin conditions and will likely help for eczema, psoriasis and other things? Cheapest way to but them is from those large hair product stores. £5 for like 100ml but you will note it might say 100% pure? Yeah they are most certainly not and will even state they contain other oils.

Seems you can get away with anything in the UK if your a certain nationality or religion while the rest of us get hammered with rules and unfair taxation.

Out of what I have left that has not been taken away from me ..

  • Orchids
  • Fish
  • Amphibians
  • Insectivorous Plants
  • Japanese Maples

I cannot enjoy ..

  • Photography
  • Cycling
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Music

On top of that I get bitched and moaned at other spilt milk and bitched and moaned at that I am not the company I used to be .. pleasurable and interesting.

Now someone I follow I have just seen told has gone down on Twitter and someone has not only announced this but tagged in Piers Morgan. Though I am not sure why this is.

Never say him arguing or even debating for that matter. DO not recall ever seeing him call anyone names?

Oh and he only had 117,000 followers which is he relied on these followers financially .. he might very well be getting punished.

On my blogs everyone only read what I had to say and that was how I wanted it. I was told it would be a good idea to start a forum or chat page. Think now he was probably right but I was adverse to the idea.

People might complain that I think I know everything but I first of all do not and I have a very, very wide knowledge base. But a great many people DO actually think they know everything despute NOT having the knowledge base .. are insistent and yet have nothing to back this up and argue about it. They they fucking hate it when they end up being wrong.

They then go straight back to doing that all over again. Many wont read websites, watch videos or eve listen to the theories but they are all experts. Many wont even watch the God damn news because they say its scary and depressing and I tell them they are not even showing you the worst.

It is like watching the Devil who has blinded everyone leading them all by the hand to oblivion and your yelling at them to stop, they refuse to .. blame everything on everyone else and carry on walking towards eventual death.

I often wonder how in the God damn hell we become so effing stupid and so effing blind. If this ice-age or other catastrophe ever hits and we survive ..

  • Priority in EDUCATION
  • Not about what religion you want to be on
  • Not about whether you should be homosexual or not
  • Not about what words offend others
  • Stop thinking that you know everything and what is going to happen on Earth ..
  • .. based on the 60 years you have been on the planet out of 4 billion years!!
  • Get the news to tell the truth and make it FARCKING LAW that they should watch it twice a week!!

Oh and let us not forget the nasty evil narrative following pro-EU, pro-Muslim and pro- Climate Change tosser that hammers mu GAB spam folder every day still, proven biggest liar on Twitter over and over again and ignores the links to mainstream news, the weather channel, the weather news, the YO .. (gave up at this point .. hands hurt like hell and now I cannot recall what I was going to say!)

Shit while I was typing this things went nuts my hands and arms hurt.

People seem to like wrangling me with their lack of knowledge and experience and do not stop to think and this sets of my emotions I now realise also aggravate my symptoms..

I seem to have to do something to get them back in check and that is altering my .. emotions .. which I know for one that I need to go from anger to being upset. I have to watch something that upsets me. Luckily I do have something I can use .. though I am not willing to admit what that is.

Have put this to someone .. about putting me up in a flat somewhere, where I can run a business for them. Never thought of this previously .. but .. wish I bloody well had!

If I could find somewhere where I could live in, like a caretaker, that would be cool. If this is somewhere, where I could reach nature spots with a camera either on foot or using my mountain bike then even better!

Way too oppressed here and without being registered I cannot do anything.

Had hoped that hitting social media like I have that something would come up .. someone would have an idea? Doing things online for others .. political or otherwise .. promoting things for them?

My .. devices are all playing up now too .. I do not know if this is their age .. but a lot of devices are playing up from wifi to phones and computers so do not know it is down to the magnetic field doing some high-jinks?

Cannot be certain just yet.

Could achieve so much if I could just shake off the anxiety .. get something to calm the tachycardia and arrhythmia down and had access to the right equipment.

Justice or death is what I am all about. Provoke and anger the establishment to do something .. end my turmoil or shoot me. That ha been the plan since I realised three years ago they were messing with what I had spent four years building up. Helping as many as I could along the way.