Well odd that I saw this get posted just after Theresa May was talking about how wonderful her and her party is towards people.

Only if you have or make money it seems and has been this way for a long time, with Labour too I might add.

In what has come as a surprise to me, due to the fact that the DWP and/or government has been revealed to have a series of documents pertaining to how they control the UK news media, something is being published about people coming forward about the DWP’s and therefore government’s attitude towards human life and suffering.

Also remember when you read this that it is towards disabled people, because they can, and those with debilitating illnesses.

Mind you I say that about controlling the news media but this has come via a site called The Canary.

This means that it will still not widely be seen, unlike say BBC or Sky News where your likely to get millions and not a few tens of thousands.

This is how and why they can, do and have gotten away with it.

Because the majority of people still trust the news and I even have it with friends. They will say one minute that everything is corrupt and there is stuff they are not letting us know. The next minute they would state that if it was this bad why have we not seen it on the TV news?

So even when they kind of know they still raise doubts.

Now this is the clever part of the DWP and British government and has been for some time. No one really believes, or more importantly wants to believe, that a country they live in could possibly treat them like this if they fell on bad times.

Or in other words pretend that these things are not happening. “Clerical errors by idiots” is the common statement I hear from people I know. Just how I refrain from doing an over exaggerated facepalm motion when I hear statements like this … I do not know.

What I find both hilarious and extremely worrying is that at the moment many believe you only get by if your a liar and corrupt and so these are the ones not being affected. Those that are honest and decent are the ones being wiped out, in favour of dishonesty, the corrupt and amoral. Well, evil basically.

Not a good message to send out to foreign nations, is it not?


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