Well this is an interesting one.

A news report that states that there were 13 terror attacks thwarted since 2013.

Funny as they say they can’t tell anyone about them, except they just did, and I know of two that were thwarted in 2012 that outside of MI5 and GCHQ no one wanted to know about.

As a matter of fact as there were at least two cells and I’ve small group in three British cities it could have led to many more. One cell was in Manchester and one in Birmingham, and one small group in Liverpool. It was the smaller and latter group they led me to the location of the main two.

Now I imagine that these three or four people I put forward along with the three locations that a great many other things. Other locations and other people would have been linked into the original splinter group.

For about a year or more I didn’t tell family or friends and in fact due to patient confidentiality I told my … dentist. I bet that’s not what you thought I would say?

At first I did this to protect people from creating a panic at the biggest event in the UK for a great many years, in 2012 … you can work out the rest.

In fact I can state that for this very reason I did not start my blog until later in 2012.

Had it not been for that little and extremely sensitive…endeavour I would have started my blog at least a year earlier than I did.

So it’s kind of ironic that a public service attacked me a year before I reach my peak with my blog when it was started a year or so late because of helping a secret service.

Two public funded … services at either end of the … spectrum both of which screwed me over.

One obviously didn’t want to state what I did to save lives, or a hero in some eyes, while the other wants to state I’m lazy.

You cannot get two more contrasting public bodies to say two completely opposing things. The very definition of irony.

A lazy twat that does not work, have they seen my bloody blogs and YouTube channel, who in effect risked his life over several months to save the lives of hundreds of others.

From time to time I do get told I’ve also been helping and saving lives with my blog.

If the life of but a single one is saved the momentous effort would have been worth it.

But no the UK is full of organisations and services that live getting paid for doing very little or paid for that which was performed by others. Or simply claim credit for it.

I never really thought of the information I provided leading the secret services to other potential threats. Once it was over and I had no connection to any of this any longer I never gave it a second thought…

Until I saw this news report and wondered how many of these threats could have been as a result of those endeavours of mine from between 2011 and 2012?

Unfortunately for the secret services they failed to stop and ask themselves what I could actually achieve considering what I managed to provide. They did call me up and state I was a genius, as did two Detective Constables. That latter conversation is on tape and provided the links are not broken … were long since published on this blog. Along with a whole bunch of other Police documents.

The other mistake they made, the secret services, is ruling out the possibility that I could ever ‘catch wind’ of the prediction I made to them actually taking place. An attempt at Waltham Abbey’s White Water Rafting Centre.

It was not until 2013, admittedly, but catch wind of an attempt I certainly did.

They did pretty well to hide it as a friend whose family were born and bred in Waltham Abbey had not heard a damn thing about it. About a week after I told them they did actually stumble across this terror attack on a website.

It will be interesting to see what they say when I tell them about this story in the BBC.

Something of a big difference from my other brush, literally a brush, with the BBC previous to all this. That led to a family death. That directly led to the death of a family member.

I wonder how long they can keep up their charades?

Something tells me it won’t be forever?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: UK terror attacks: What we know about disrupted plots –


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