It is a very strange time I am in currently and not a very good one if I say so myself.

There are just so many things up in the air and each of these I have little information about and simply do not know what is going to happen.

Each of these things can have nothing or something bad at their very worst. Well … except for one that is.

It feels at times like I am in psychedelic like limbo and each time I find an exit someone closes it before I get there or it just leads to yet another psychedelic limbo just of different colours.

Of course I am still waiting to be excused from my current responsibilities of pet sitting … or at east checking on. Might not seem like much but you have to factor doing this along with everything else you do and when you do not have time, or always forgetting your own shit it gets a bit much.

I share this responsibility with two other people and one of them was on the phone yesterday and I asked her how they were finding it and were they getting tired of it. They was. That was a couple doing it together. Oddly I got thanked several times and probably because they were relieved they did not have to do it every single day for the five and a half weeks?

She also remarked about how much I knew and what I could do by telling me “Your so talented!” to which I replied it had not done me much favours thus far. Still working on that and I hope I got my guesses right or at least close to it?

Some things I simply do not understand why I am in this limbo and does not feel very fair. This is down to others to do the right things.

Another one I do not understand also and feel like the timing is very suspicious and once again is down to others to decide, though at least with this one I get some input. I will also get some output to, though they are not going to like either the input nor the output

Yet another limbo will be whatever it is it turns out to be ad there is absolutely nothing I can do about it and it will be Earth shattering to a great many.

Limbos. All I see to have is Limbos?

Even the weather has done its utmost to work against me. This has almost completely halted my content gathering. This is something I should look at improving … somehow.

This year of 2016 will always be remembered by me as the land of the limbos because for most of the year I seem to have one … dogging me. Of course some of these things are down to others so it is possible that every single day of 2016 could end up with at least one limbo I have been left in.

Then there are the days of boredom and the yearning for something to change. Though change may well be forced on me in a most unwelcome way. Especially if I am made homeless! Lol. Though the court date could be so far off that the attempt they have made could end up being futile? Fingers crossed!

The weather is supposed to become warm, again, and with it sunny. I might actually be able to get out for a couple of days with my two cameras?! I hope it is warm with little wind, not too hot mind and stays this way throughout the month of September. I might actually be able to put those cameras to some good use?!

It still amazes me that like an astronomer seeking a new comet I wonder about a wandering star that disappeared from view in the last days of 2015. It is this wandering star that could ensure that every single day of 2016, possibly many more, are left with me stranded in one particular limbo.

This limbo has had a knock on effect and all other limbos would not exist but for this one. It is … frustrating and caused an almighty problem for me. I simply have to ignore that anything took place but it would not do much good. It is the thoughts and perceptions of others that have been a major nightmare.

Trying to force myself some rest I have watched a couple of documentaries on astronomy, dark matter, theoretical physics which includes quantum mechanics. I saw another with scientist Michio Kaku about how society might be in fifty years time, or 2066.

After that I started the old classic black and white movie The Fiend Without A Face. Classic..

I should be doing housework. But I never get a chance to actually rest, which I should do more often. Fibromyalgia is all about pacing.

Also the very little creativity I have when it comes to writing also mostly evades me at times like this. That … is damned annoying too! Another thing that doing favours for others that go on for weeks does for you. Another reason why I did not want to do it in the first place.

Some people just do not listen nor take no for an answer.

Funny though that when the tables are turned and it is time for some reciprocation or even a little understanding those that want it and expect it are not very good at handing it out.

Lately I have been thinking mostly about that article about a human soul living on in some kind of quantum state after death.

Takes me back to the statements I made on here several times about whether we ever come back?

Also asks the question that if we have souls, let us call the that for now, did we exist in some state before humans evolved?

I have also asked myself if we keep coming back into these bodies used as some kind of shell but are tied up to the basic human instincts until such a time that the hosts we use have evolve enough for us to be … whatever it is we are?

Hmm after all I did state in the past I would not want to come back as another human until the world as evolved enough that we do not treat each other like crap. Maybe we just have to and we all do?

Also if we have souls or existed in some kind of non-physical energy or quantum state then how many are there? Or maybe the souls are linked to our human bodies and that is how the soul gets created? But some seem to come back? The are dozens and maybe even hundreds of cases of children seemingly describing a previous life that they lived that were factual.

I wonder if discovering that we o have these ‘souls’ that on realisation and proof of this people might see the world and each other differently?

It could be the one thing … the one discovery that could change … everything literally overnight? I personally think that this would be very cool and somewhat enlightening.

But then I suppose that those that are of the strongest feelings of a religious nature would simply refute it and call it hocus-pocus’ or devil talk?

It might take an old generation to die out and possibly a new generation to accept the scientific discoveries on a nation wide or even a global scale?

How about a question that will completely cook your noodles?

If we do exist in some quantum state and leap from body to body throughout the course of time then ..

Is this limited to beings on Earth?

Maybe sci-fi writers that write fantastic novels or create movies or series are remembering lives they had elsewhere in the universe?

POOF There goes your mind! Lol.

Imagine that for a moment with a couple of examples … the worlds of Star Wars and Star Trek actually existing in some form or another?

POOF There goes your mind once again.

How about applying The Matrix film into all this? An infinite number of possibilities, remember? Well .. almost infinite. I think the number will be so big that it might as well be considered infinite.

It is easily dismissible I agree and quite fantastical. But you cannot say it is not entirely possible. It is just an idea that came to me as I was writing. An almost infinite universe has an equally almost infinite number of possibilities.

It is funny how I think how primitive we are and that is how I see us. We have only managed to place man on the moon thus far and still not even another planet yet.

I would like to come back when we have managed to spread, or at least be able to travel to a couple of dozen other star systems with worlds that are habitable for humans.

I think if we could have advanced that far we might be able to live in a society whereby you are not subjected to trickery, dishonesty, today’s style of politics. In other words where your not treated and looked at like you belong to a lower and worthless form of life.

Hmm .. if I can last for another ten years and hold off coming back for about forty years then I might come back to a world worth living in? If it is in Europe, Australia, the USA and maybe even Russia? Putin should be gone by then? Lol. Oh yeah, China and Japan too, though I wont want to eat animals I love and admire in this life.

Huh. Have to admit was thinking a lot last couple of days about the new Star Wars Rogue One trailer, must be why the science fiction possibilities popped into my head?

But we dream of human things, or at least I do? I think? Hmm .. memory not great so I could not really say for certain.

The universe. I often wonder what wonders exist out there among the stars? A space so infinite it could be that anything you could possibly imagine existed out there in some form or another? We are always finding things we previously stated could not exist as well as finding those predicted to exist.

And here we are on this tiny blue dot, hating one another, killing one another and generally not giving a crap about one another. But then every now and then a glimmer of humanity is showed from one to another.

Too much of the former and not enough of the latter.

We are not entertained.

I find it odd that with all the things available to me that were not to those that lived a mere fifty hears ago that one could be so adversely affected by boredom.

The boredom of the blue dot.

I see people on YouTube a lot lately and all the time they are looking for their next entertainment fix. Could be a cinematic movie, TV series or even a new video game. For others it could be all manner of things?

Another classic called ‘Invasion from Mars’ is playing right now on YouTube. Not black and white this time though.

Our choices are so narrow, our ranges so short. Distance increases the possibilities available to us and yet our modes of travel are still so primitive. Our space so finite. Most space of what we do have is owned by so few. In places.

Ha! People and Martians keep running in tunnels. They keep repeating the same bit of film, that was budget movie making for you back then. There is a reason they are regarded as old classics .. many reasons in fact.

As much as I love more modern but still old classics it is amazing how sci-fi movie creators did not see things just a few years down the line. Take Alien. Will always be a classic and always look good but I still see cathode ray tubes used when they should not have been.

Carl Sagan said we should be a two planet species and yet he has been dead a long time, unfortunately, and we still exist on just one planet. That planet of limited space and resources. That third rock from the sun that is still at threat from asteroids, comets, extreme volcanic disturbances, magnetic flip and the extreme weather flip flopping that has been going on.

Oops. I fell asleep. The next thing I knew was waking up,, YouTube had just been running and playing stuff while asleep and it was effing 4am in the morning?! From around 9 or 10pm! That has never happened before. Umm .. I think.

Anyway this was cut short as I forgot what I was going to say and it is 12 hours or so later than I intended.

Hmm .. narcolepsy?


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