Well I said this is what was happening, did I not?

As I mentioned previous first myself and then I heard of a great number of disabled people having both their benefits cancelled asking with many mobility because too.

I stated that this must be offset of some plan after a brother who runs a Ford showroom near St Albans somewhere told me almost all his mobility customers came in like a biblical flood to inform Ford their benefits had been cut and their next payments for mobility would not be made.

He said they had not seen anything quite like it before. It was utter madness.

Heading many miles east of St Albans along the M25 motorway to Waltham Abbey and I was told of many disabled people losing their benefits and mobility schemes there as well.

I hope to God that have upgraded the buses and trains and increased the number of both?

Yeeah you just know that they haven’t.

If there’s one thing you can be absolutely sure of, of all Britain’s governments of the last twenty years is they have zero foresight. Zero!

Even when things are staring them in the face say badly it’s akin to being kicked in your kneecaps they fail to notice. Probably feign it but there you go? 

Or …

Kick large numbers off benefits and the local transport collapses under the strain.

Cancel the welfare system and you create well over 1 Million criminals overnight.

They are just two certainties. Two constants that you very simply and very obviously, unless your completely incompetent, cannot get around.

They can, of course, just as they have done here, massage and manipulate the numbers with some short term cheating. Well I say ‘long term’ but maybe it’s not?

Oh that reminds me of another idiotic thing that all governments do. They act in a way that makes it obvious, to anyone with mute than six brain cells, what they are up to but think they can tell obvious lies and no one is any the wiser.


Stunningly unbelievable how they think they can get away with it and even more shocking that they actually manage to get away with it.

Meaning that almost all out tabloids and TV news networks are woefully inadequate.

What makes the tabloids and TV news networks way, way worse than bit seeing or reporting this stuff is that they actually print or show reports backing up these lying arseholes?! Even have while series’ where they follow a team and of some public service or other showing what a fantastic job they do?!

There are many. But the most obvious one is the series about following the Police around. Then compare this to the number of complaints there have been about the Police. Compare it to the number of reports from corruption to racism and everything in-between?

They are just the ones that were found out and reported.

I find this one of the most, if not the most, disturbing thing about modern society. That the people that run the public services and work in them who are takes as servants of the people actually lie to them and chest them.

It’s just not the way to do things and not the way to progress as a society.

I simply cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would think this is the natural way to do things?

Would an intelligent and peaceful alien race seriously want anything to do with us acting like this? The only and short answer is no.

The longer answer would be that of outsiders saw is treat each other and our own this way then how would they treat beings from other worlds?!

It’s funny how I know people that used to read comics and watch sci-fi films and TV shows but are suspicious of anyone with a different skin color. Though never all of them, only certain nationalities. For whatever reasons they have they can be very extreme about what … should be done in their minds.

But change the subject to ever being visited by intelligent beings from other worlds and their eyes light up!

I then wondered if they would act in a way that they think they would towards any extra terrestrial beings? You might not treat all of your fellow humans the same and be suspicious of many, with fair reason at times. But how would you feel with beings far more removed from us than any other race of humans on Earth?!

I think many people … no a great many people do not think things through completely.

There’s a big difference between fantasy and reality which a large percentage of people seem to be completely oblivious to.

And here we are? Apparently the jobless total has gone down..except it quite simply has not.

Long before they announced this I said that they would and I said it would be a lie.

A large nationwide wage of people have been kicked off benefits unfairly had taken place!

The news media and tabloids need to also be taught something. The number of people on benefits is not the number to be used for the number of jobless! It likely never was reliable.

UK jobless total falls to 1.64 million – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37105028


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