That was … moving.

Seen video of this poor child who was caked in dust and blood that was saved from a building in Aleppo, Syria.

Apparently it had been viewed by a great many and there is some outrage going on about the video of pictures?

Or outrage over the war?

That got me thinking about the possibility of being the latter. War is bad and children get hurt or worse, killed. It’s even worse when you have a large group of people that simply want to hate, rape, torture and kill everything that’s different to them or don’t agree with you.

But now that some have actually seen the evidence of what happens in a way everyone is outraged?

People are so utterly afflicted with the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude.

When I saw that child I was reminded that wars were started by evil people that wouldn’t give a shit about their own children and out then through these kinds of horrors.

But most others see it and go ‘oh crap, that’s not acceptable! Not having a war where children get hurt’ and I wonder where their heads have been at since the war started?

Did they think they stopped to move the women and children out first? No because they are driven by amoral desires and fantasies to the point that they could not care less how much pain and suffering is forced upon God knows how many children.

To me this delayed reaction to the realities of what goes in within a war explains one hell of a lot. A hell of a lot.

To understand the plights of others more and therefore help prevent suffering and pain prior really need to learn or work out why they have blinkers on and testing themselves to take them off. A hell of a lot earlier than they are doing.

This may not have a positive effect or save lives in every instance but there will be times when can.

A couple hundred years most likely?

Battle for Aleppo: Photo of shocked and bloodied Syrian five-year-old sparks outrage –

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