Escape is a funny word and one that has become synonymous with both my life and that of my daughter’s.

Last night her electric ran out earlier than it normally does. One of her sons has not been there on his Xbox all day with an extra TV going. This normally goes on for ten hours or more everyday and he has net been there for several days.

Her money did not get paid into her account. Yesterday nor today.

It gets better as after three or four months of finally getting a bank to accept her they now send her an email to say that they are closing the account.

That email turned out to be sent the day my daughter was at a meeting with the council where they told her that they were going to take her to court and force her to sign a Parental Responsibility agreement signing the majority of the children’s responsibility over to them. This would be followed up within a couple of months of them taking the children producing some excuse as to why.

The real reason is that they have no money and no services, though they are still being paid their salaries though to lie and cheat.

Her rent does not get pain in full, not even by half, and the housing association phoned her today and asked if her rent was going to be paid today? That is Riverside in The Wirral.

My broadband here has been cut off by Virgin Media and we was told it was an area outage which was supposed to come back in 5pm the same day. When it did not they said that it would come back on by 6pm the following day. That did not happen and was a Friday night and we was told that it would come back on the following Tuesday. That did not happen and then we was told ten days before then being given a date of the 24th. This would have been around two weeks. Around the 22nd the neighbours returned from a holiday in Poland and we discovered their Virgin Media broadband was on, but slow and that they were leaving them to go elsewhere. So area outage? Lie. We were eventually given a date of the 28th which is today. This is the 20th day in a row with no broadband and it is still not on!

The account holder, upon finding out nearly two weeks after it was swithced off that the neighbours was on .. asked if this had anything to do with what I was doing on the Internet, my blogs and Tweets. Yeeaah, I said, probably.

I have since had to speak to two people that are not very good with anything complicated that it is not I that has broken the law but others. I also pointed out that I am myself bound by laws just like that of a book author and journalists and that had I done anything wrong .. I would have been notified about it via email. I have not nor never have. I said they just do not want to saying certain shite and the selfish twats asked me to stop saying it ..

“Errrr yeeeeaaah problem with that! In every single case no one has informed me of what it is that I did wrong so I do not know what it is I am supposed to stop talking about! Also .. the Twitter thing was something called a shadow ban where they do it so that you do not know because they know that morally and legally they cannot ask you to stop telling the truth!” Yeah they looked confused with that.

But I am doing this to get myself and my daughter out of our troubles and as I explained to them .. I was supposed to start getting paid a long time ago and have not. Benefits gradually cut back and back and back and then stopped completely. Lost my home, car, £20,000+ and more besides .. like my mind .. our minds.

In the last week or two my daughter and I also have a very difficult time keeping a phone-line between us open. Lost count of the number of times it either does not connect at all, connects and one of us cannot hear the other or cuts off within five minutes of talking. There is an odd ten second delay at times for each of us before we here a ring tone when calling each other.

My Twitter App often freezes or Tweets wont send. My mobile data plays up. Even the Internet in the local park has played up for over a week when it never did before. Cannot find the wifi or the logon screen freezes or disappears completely before the go-online button appears.

Last night was tough .. daughter having in just three days ..

  • Council Declaring Court Action to get four kids

  • Social Workers making up lies or having convenient memories

  • Bank Announces closing of account .. again

    • Cannot get benefits without an account

  • Electricity vanishes earlier than normal despite using a lot less electric

  • Has no one

  • Mother is evil selfish and uncaring and no doubt getting a kick out of tall this

  • Cancer to deal with, Vitamin B Deficiency, Magnesium Deficiency, Fibromyalgia

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia was is extremely painful

  • Said they were worried she might have Multiple Sclerosis

  • One child given to paedophile Muslim father, child born while mother was under-age

  • None of three locked up all Muslims

  • Locked up white step-father for being a paedophile

  • All this because they know they do not have the resources, services or money so are protecting themselves and not the children or mothers

  • Happening elsewhere

  • Single Mother Working is form of neglect is the latest one I am hearing from others

We feel .. trapped in akin to living in a torture chamber where these is no escape!

Yet we see a flood of tabloid and TV news stuff about Muslims being offended over words, jokes and cartoons.

The stories of the lies, tricks, cheating and heinous things these people get up to I could fill a book with. And then some.

Numbers do not lie .. a dozen men across three groups and they have all done seriously bad things and we get so annoyed when their defenders state as if fact it is only a small percentage.

They very obviously either no fuck all, too naïve and trusting or are knowingly lying through their teeth for persona gain or political point scoring for their careers. All the time not only dividing the country, into very unequal parts I might add, and therefore destroying it.

Excuses are ‘white supremacists’. Yeah well what are they going to do when 60% of the white population all feel the same?! It is growing and this is why there have been so many bans. This is why I have been banned. They will not only all look wrong but complicit!

Except they are also only making things worse by their actions.

As Katie Hopkins posted last night on Twitter thousands if not tens of thousands and maybe more, white Germans held a protest where they chanted repeatedly “Lying Press!”

Well you you believe it? As it turns out people do not like being lied to! Who would have thought that?!

Help agencies and advice groups along with charities have all been fucking useless in one of the, if not the, worst cases of persecution in British history and the news media have ignored it for ten years. Go figure!

I can show that the lying has gone on for over ten years and can show that I was claiming all this a lot longer .. fifteen years ago or more I started to smell a rat.

I have had a lot of involvement with Muslims of different communities in over ten years.

Ergo I am not someone merely stating of a lie recently but the lies have gone on for a very, very long time now.

That makes us dangerous but instead of a warning or a buy off we have had nothing but persecution after persecution that has had an extremely negative effect on the both of us over a very, very long period of time. By our own country and our own public services who have now decided to ramp things up to en exponential degree.

They are killing us, they know they are killing us and either say that they do not know, did not know and when proved do not change their tactics showing that they did not care and therefore did know and where lying about this too.

Everyone responsible for their own situation are they Esther McVey?! I think .. NOT!

Hence why there is a hatred of voters for both political parties hating their own party, Unless they are one of these naïve and stupid Jeremy Corbyn followers everyone else that is sane hates their own party. They only follow him because they believe he is going to deliver a world that he is not.

I know that he has been working hard to bury these stories like my daughter’s and other victims and for that I am literally close to imagining myself with a sniper rifle. Is is an evil, nasty traitor of his own people while siding up to murderers and rapists. He loves to be around wherever there seems to be violence too. Walks away when it sorts itself out and moves into the next.

Try to explain my point to them and it is the only time that I get called things that I am not, get insults, sworn at and blocked. Guess breaking the rules is OK for them but not for anyone else. In every single case the rules I broke I did by disagreeing with them and I know a lot more about this than they do.

They are also bullying the wrong people here too and it will never … EVER .. EVER .. WORK! I just do not know why they do not see this so I always say it is deliberate incitement. They listen to the invaders and no one else. Traitor. No argument. But these morons love him! Well bravo and very well done as you will single handedly bring your country to a civil war and it will be your fault.

Yeah, yeah you can throw all the labels around that you want but it just wont work because like everything else I have predicted correctly on this blog I have been warning of this for a long, long time now.

I have my own heart problems, fibromyalgia, vitamin B and magnesium deficiencies and with all those come a living hell. I have lost three stone in weight and am currently under weight and I just want to die.

But I keep on going to do this despite all around me .. for my daughter and for everyone else British who have been victims too. Those that have not taken their own lives yet, that is.

Twitter would have gotten us a way out but they do not want this ..

  • Week of telling my story 75 followers

  • Then realise I have been shadow banned, do not know how long for, a week later

  • Cannot grow followers as anyone not on my follower list will not find my hashtags

  • Still I reached 140 followers ten days after realising I have been banned

  • Blog numbers or growing faster, daughter’s story raced over 500 viewers in two weeks

  • What would my followers and blogs be doing had I not been shadow banned?!

  • 500 followers and 5,000 viewers?!

  • Ad revenue from ads present on blog have not gone up from £47 since December 2016, maybe even earlier

  • Broadband cut off for two weeks so would have done even better!!

She is supposed to meet a solicitor too but we have already been warned that you cannot trust them.

Noo bruv .. how could I possibly state that they are coming after us?!

I know there is none but we both talk about the possibility of escape from all this and we just cannot think of a way out.

So I have had to hammer Twitter morning, noon and night to work harder to get the story out to enough people that eventually someone .. somewhere might get in contact and actually help?

I did pass a phone number to someone who said they might be able to help but have heard nothing.

I sometimes wonder if all those that built up a big number of followers now concentrate on news stuff because they think that is the best way. Things that are in the news as opposed to the stories out there that these Fake News tossers of the western world have all been deliberately avoiding.

Weird as the best way to show them all up to be the lying bastards that they are is to expose all the stories out there. Ours being one of the, if not the, most horrific and telling one should be a primary concern of at least .. someone, don’t you think?

Katie Hopkins tweeting about the protest with a video, I think ..

You know the thing about far-right and Nazis that everyone seems to miss? They tend to be proud of that and openly wear swastikas on their clothing, arms or flags. Not seen any evidence of that but you might see the word ‘Nazis’ a lot. Probably a good way to spot if your news source is reliable?

Here is a link that does not slant it into some Nazi rebirth thing ..

If you have not read it yet ..

What happened ..

Taking Children ..


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