Well been at this awhile now. Well OK fairly long on blogs but extremely short on Twitter.

I wish I had worked out how the Twitter streams linked together a long time ago now as I would not be in this mess any longer and Google and Twitter would both be in hot water. Well they are but they threw both me and my daughter into the pits of hell first.

Well it is 3.15pm and still no Internet from Virgin Media as I type and this is an area outage where they have Virgin Media working in the very next property and has been off completely for the 20th day and not long before it goes into the 21st day now. With all of five, maybe six dates missed!

Really good as broadband providers are they not?!

This is in central London!

Last conversation I was having was about two two parties and how votinf for either of them was a waste of time and will destroy Britain.

No doubt that the Puppeteers still believe most of the UK are sheep and will baaaaah away about how you have to vote for one of the big two and crap about wasted votes.

Look where that stance has fucking got us?! For the love of God and all that is holy please wake up for once in your lives?!

The world or the country is not going to end if you vote for someone other than that you carry on insisting on voting for! It has happened elsewhere and will continue to happen. We are not America!

For Britain .. or are they called Britain First? I do not know. Got into a brief conversation with them and I get really fed up when new parties copy the crap that others do and start talking about how they have got a big following so you should follow them too. Just stop!

Stick to what you stand for and do not fall into the trap of trying to lead the Sheep .. people are very fed up with being led by the nose. It will make them pull away.

So my search continues. As it turns out I have a couple of weeks before my daughter’s bank account gets closed down when I previously thought I had a couple of days. That buys me some time.

The only way that I can find someone is on Twitter. Bloody strange as that may sound.

There is a solicitor but .. legal aid solicitors have been explained to me as being, that which I already know, ‘professional losers’ while others may have links to the council and deliberately lose you your case.

We had it explained how to tell in these instances so we are prepared.

Does not help us get someone to help us though and this court case is only a small percentage of everything that is going on.

All the tie I am being linked to more and more of the names I am familiar with from YouTube. So more and more the chances of one of them reading that ‘Country of the Damned’ post. As more and more read it the more it gets retweeted and eventually someone that can geuinely help my come along. I know that there are literally hundreds on Twitter awaiting this to happen. In fact it is safe to say that the chances are this is around 600 viewers now and this number is increasing in speed now.

Now it was this sudden extra string to my bow, well I have been called a modern day Robin Hood, that allowed me to increase the speed of viewers to my blogs which I believed scared the hell out of the establishment? I have had half a dozen notifications from Twitter as I type this out. Hence all of the odd broadband failing and Internet connection issues boy my daughter, 250 miles away, and myself have.

Ask yourself this .. who has the power to do that?

But my search is not over yet.

Funny thing I am wondering is who will stop going after the big names and be the first ones to actually help?!

  • Far Right – Hmm do not think so

  • Right – Possibly

  • Right of Centre – Most likely

  • Centre – Very probably

  • Left of Centre – Very probably

  • Left – No

  • Far Left – Your fucking joking, right?!

Do not think I have spoken to anyone far right.

Right all the way to Centre I have and they have all expressed shock, sympathy and retweeted and continue to retweet.

Left to Far Left I have been called names, insulted, sworn at and blocked. That is the only area I have been blocked. Called right-wing and racist, both of which are not only untrue but I got called a Leftist by Esther McVey because I pointed out she was wrong on one thing. Sorry Esther but you were wrong. There really is no way around it and your not right because you think your right or you keep saying your right. You happen to be right when your right. You was wrong.

That is how fucked up the political parties of this country are.

They have also shown continuously that they do not give a crap about true British people ad before anyone reacts, well it has not happened yet, I am just going to ask .. do you have children?!

Not saying any more because if you do not fear happening to your children what has happened to mine and my grandchildren then you should not be parents. THE END!

God luck trying to prevent it. I am also highly experience din this but am scientific by nature, good with numbers and probabilities. Yeah .. good luck! Your going to need it unless your lucky enough to live in a very safe neighbourhood?!

Unfortunately not many have that luxury and now we are all called Nazis to add insult to injury was is also a bunch of horse shit too because you cannot be racist towards a fucking religion! Half-wits too make up the far-left in politics.

Trying very hard to make eveyone else look like they are evil and racists when the truth is when you venture over to the far-left, opposite to the strictly religious lot on the right, you get more of the heinous acts, satanic worship, animal sacrifice/sex and paedophilia going on behind closed doors and believed to be normal and strives to make it acceptable.

Yeah you might be thinking I am mad as I thought others were until I looked into it more and thought about it. Kind of makes sense if you think if it along the lines or a religious spectrum and not a political one.

The rumours are not hear and there like some mad tinfoil hat conspiracy theory they are everywhere and from top to bottom. Hollywood actors have even made claims along these lines too.

Now I refer you back to what I said above ..

From the centre to the right I have had plenty of support, sympathy, shock and retweets and telling me to remain strong.

Now to the left where I have been treated so badly I am sure that if I had been in front of them and despite the horror stories on here far, far greater than their butt-hurt feelings about words, fucking toilets, TV and cinema movies, I am sure they would have spat at me and even attacked me. Mores the pity as I would genuinely like to get my hands on the guilty ones. It would likely kill me but would make me feel a intense feeling of pleasure before I died.

No sympathy on the left and attacked by them. Evil satanic end of the spectrum suddenly does not sound quite so crazy does it?

By tweeting on Twitter this was my way of kind of putting this theory to the test and within a week of doing that what does Leftist Twitter do?

  • Block me from getting help for my daughter

  • Stops me from retweeting about missing persons

  • Stops me from retweeting about the homeless

  • Stops me from giving advice and retweeting about animals as an animal expert

  • Because of one true story?!

Starting to look evil yet?

Well when they ban wherever they ban these are the things they are stopping everyone doing and not just me.

Good causes everywhere suffer but they do not care as long as they stop you from telling others the truth. Weird, huh?!

Taken that tinfoil hat off yet and started to scratch your head?!

Have you noticed that there has been a backlash towards the news media and that the accusations in Italy, now Germany, the UK and the US all seem to be about the same thing? All the news agencies seem to act in the same way? They all seem to say the same things, often exactly the same things?!

I just hope and keep my fingers crossed that the guilty ones get punished and from what I have read this seems to be Twitter, Facebook, Google (surprise that one) and people like Apple and others.

If you have done immoral things then you have done immoral things. If you have tried to manipulate then you were wrong. If you lied then you were wrong. If you tried to prevent the truth from getting about then you were wrong. If you have gotten people to work as essentially a slave labour force then you were wrong. If you deem yourself as belonging to some higher order than everyone else? Well take a guess at what I will say next?

I have to look up the For Britain Party to see what they are all about?

Someone made a big mistake unveiling that statue in Arkansas ..

Not like a Satanic temple would do anything even remotely Satanic, right?!

Than tinfoil hat in the bin right now?!


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