Dawn of the Emerging Sun

First off I am not in Wales. Mores the pity.

A building that was due to be completed that I was told was 3 to 4 weeks time back in May has had no lights go on to date.

Nor have I been informed what is going on and locals are asking and some getting suspicious and I dare say that in another week they will start asking DIRECTLY.

Someone going through the same process only took 16 to 20 weeks while I am at over 30 weeks for something that was supposed to take 26 at the outside. We was also identical in every way, the same category and even she, who has spoken to me and seems very keen to meet me, does not understand what is going on.

I have emailed and had no response so what I will do is try very hard to find out later next week but its a small town and people talk and the locals will only talk more and more.

Oddly I know the plasterer for the building and he does not understand what is going on and has been trying to find out but not heard nothing yet.

So I have been stuck in a building of bullies after I was offered a way out on the same day 7 months ago, I turned down because I thought I would be moving again in 2 to 3 months.

Oddly the ‘bullies’ have been kinda silent for two months or more and I am wondering if they suddenly realised that if I dropped dead from a heart attack or something else, they could get into a whole heap of pain?

Who knows?

But one is not completely silent and now being spoken to by a long list of people and have recently bumped into one that said ‘everyone says they are too much’.

But it only takes one of their attacks and one heart attack for one life to end.

I am having some incredibly painful headaches again too and those three days of heat were bad but a few days later it was like September or even October and people were walking around in north London with jumpers and even light jackets on.

Several times I was actually shivering in .. July?!

Now the sort of people I have upset would do anything and everything to stop me.

Some of these would just mass email people and this is not that. Because this would not stop other people moving into the building and I am but one of 12 or more people.

But there is one organisation that has a lot of power and money and if they paid workers to screw things up or even buy the building, this would be nothing to them.

But that is just speculation presently and maybe here has been some sort of financial collapse?

Who knows.

This could be the reason why ..

Over many years I have been involved in exposing many things and I started out with the intention of being undetected and building up over time. You name the cause and I have been there and in each in recent years, to get around me being buried by the usual bit tech giant suspects I started adding various platforms to my arsenal.

In this regard by the time anyone noticed I was becoming a problem I would have already reached a great many people and while they was deliberating my numbers would be growing.

Because they do not see them all.

From grooming gangs to the NHS lying that everyone now sees, to fake news and corruption on the public services and also various areas of science.

In 2001 I realised something about climate change which was nonsense in my opinion and that is the Industrial Revolution started no warming. I expected the world to catch up.

Sadly I was seeing other things and was even asking questions about them, like the Svalbard Seed Vault and as I said to a friend “Why now?” “Is there something coming they hiding and are not informing us about?” and while he thought I was wrong about this I said “If there was something coming, do you think they would tell us?”

My life kept getting turned upside down and many people did not understand why.

By 2011 I had already suspected all the mainstream media was spouting fake news and something occurred I was involved in that allowed me to prove it.

Gangs preying on children and what seemed like a planned terror attack in London in 2012.

So after I did all that and gathered evidence along the way I sent DVDs with recordings via recorded delivery to every main news outlet.

Zero response.

My life somehow got turned upside down again and I was being both ignored and lied to and about by the NHS and then some domestic abuse case I was involved in.

Buy now I was beginning to hear in the grapevine that there was something going on in politics and people were getting suspicious.

I ended up on Twitter to circumvent being buried by Google and, as I was told later, WordPress.

After destroying several extremist leftist groups I switched my attention to climate change and they key point was when I noticed something odd in one area of science.

This made me look at something else and then something else and so on and in each case the data was up .. or just off.

I started predicting as well as linking things together, coming up with new theories or even ones that others had previously come up with.

I then realised they were lying about climate change.

The eventually one of my predictions appeared to happen and that was Covid.

Then I realised it was not as I thought and nor was panning out as models predicted and the numbers were off. Oh great, more bullshit.

Then I predicted what the vaccines would ant would not do and due to my own conditions the NHS had spent years lying about and ignoring I decided against it.

And I got attacked over and over for this.

Then I was proven correct.

The socialists that jumped on the Covid and vaccine bandwagon were the same people who later forgot that in the beginning when I said it would be bad, they were calling me a ‘nutter’ and was fear-mongering’, which was false. A year later these roles had reversed and they did indeed run around fear-mongering, which they say was OK because they was saving lives.

Well it now is emerging that they have actually been causing harm and lives but of course it will be someone else’s fault. I would wager they will blame Trump as they do fort everything else they are to blame for.

Now I had linked the solar, volcanic and seismic activity together and later look at oceans and started to make predictions about the weather globally.

I also predicted that there would be a pandemic based on record cosmic rays combine with a contracting atmosphere after to record solar minimums.

I also predicted how long the last solar minimum would last and that, akin to a car engine sputtering on a cold morning, the sun’s solar cycle 25 would leap about a bit.

I did predict that the solar maximum would arrive in around late 2026 to mid 2027 but this has now turned out to be wrong.

Oddly enough as daily numbers spiked above 100 the fanatical alarmists who show daily they do not know how any of this works posted daily numbers, not even monthly numbers can, to rule out my smoothed number prediction.

Out of far in excess of 100 accurate predictions they seem to act like they can use one mistake to silence people and forget that not even Albert Einstein was without his own errors.

In a solar cycle sunspots appear at low latitudes and then migrate towards the centre as the cycle heads towards solar maximum. They then appear close to ad even on the equator and then migrate away again.

This is known as Sporer’s Law and they have appeared near and on the equator over recent months and the last few days the number of spots has dropped to around 40 and look to go lower still.


There has been way more large volcanic eruptions in the past 10,000 years meaning we have been in a lull and making the claims over the climate look very suspicious.


They tell you, I get lied to about this daily on Twitter by WEF people, that no one ever said its like a run up to the Maunder Minimum but here are scientists saying it in 2014 on the BBC.

Here is a climate scientist on the BBC telling you that the main drivers of climate are the sun and volcanoes, oceans are a third.

Study finds that most of the temperature surface station in the US are placed in urban heat islands.

Two teams of Chinese Scientists find no evidence of human induced global warming and said they found evidence a cooling was coming and were concerned about it and already seeing signs in 2019.

How about a report that states that the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai Volcano eruption in the Tonga Islands not only being was higher than they reported and I claimed but now an unprecedented amount of water in the stratosphere and a possible temporary warming of Earth’s surface temperatures?

Since a child ever since scientists talked about cities like New York being under a mile of ice I have asked myself, along with many other questions, how this occurs.

In recent times due to seeing data that I personally never thought I would ever see, I looked into this further. I then predicted along with a number of volcanic eruptions that this water must come from the sea. Or even volcanoes that have large lakes sitting on top of them, or indeed glaciers.

I have also been reminding a group of un-educated, in science, fanatical people that you cannot jump up and down over a few days of heat when volcanic eruptions have been up at a rate of 300% for the last two years or so.

I also predicted that not long after the eruptions go from the current 48-53 and down to the 10-20 that was occurring previously that the global temperatures would fall faster over time.

Again no one can really say how long for nor how low it will go and much of it still depends on any bigger eruptions that occur before it drops back down.

Prior to the Maunder Minimum which we think started at some point prior to 1648, there was also a large eruption which we only discovered a few years ago.

This was Mount Samalas in Indonesia and was big enough to leave a depth of pumice tens of feet deep and was discovered by a French scientist who was shocked to find the pumice was actually already being collected for commercial use.

Talk about finding things right under our noses, eh?


Arctic Sea Ice is above average in 2022.

South America has had record cold and snow, South Africa and Russia is below average as it has also been in Australia and in New Zealand they might have to close many ski resorts.



After my predictions in volcanic eruptions panned out as I said .. now Fagradalsfjall is having another big earthquake swarm and alert level raised.


Staying on Iceland their Askja Volcano is also showing some serious uplift the last six months or so.


In Italy Stromboli is still spewing out lava.


Although not concerning right now in New Zealand their Taupo Supervolcano has had some earthquake activity in recent times

Now first off this does not mean an eruption and being a supervolcano this does not mean an eruption would be a VEI8.

That being said the volcano’s history is of very rare eruptions but are relatively large when it has erupted.

In all honesty Taupo was not on my radar for concerning and I hope it stays that way. What does concern me about volcanoes sitting beneath lakes, glaciers or oceans is that going off in a big way to very high altitudes not only are they going to cool the planet but potentially can put a very large amount of water in the atmosphere.

Into the stratosphere where generally there is not much water at all and aerosols can remain for several years but also the Mesosphere which contains a lot of ice already.

The Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai added a serious amount to the upper atmosphere and I was right and they all wrong when I thought it was a VEI5 or potentially even a VEI6.


In a couple of months you have Autumn arriving in the northern hemisphere, a possible early winter happening again.

Over the next six months we head into winter proper and with six months of solar data to look at too and if you consider the amount of time we have to get back around to summer 2023 in the north hemisphere, if any big eruptions happen in that time and its going to look obvious.

If it turns out in that time that the solar cycle as reached an early maximum and we do go into another record solar minimum of three years or over, that is potentially a lot of cooling especially of any other eruptions reach 60,000 feet or higher.

The higher it reaches the higher things remain and despite the Tonga eruption reaching around 85,000 metres and not feet, we might have got lucky as it was just one eruption.

La Soufriere erupted around 29 times, albeit not anywhere near close to the height in Tonga but imagine something on the scale of the latter and just having two or three very high level eruptions?

I am attacked a lot about my confidence and they feel the need to constantly remind me that you do not prove in science while they forget things like the Replication Crisis.

But I am not claiming something specific is definitely the case, far from it.

There are things I can be certain about and that is that it will cool over time.

That being said I cannot tell anyone how long this will continue for nor can I state at what depth or how cool it will get.

It could be ten years and 0.5C of a drop or it could be 30 years and a 1.5C drop, I just do not know and the sad fact is there are many contributing factors, none of which we know about nor can predict.

When they tell you its all down to CO2 and your responsible they are not only lying their asses off to get control over you with fear but they are ripping you off at the same time

Here is an article that I used since 2019 that was originally posted on the South China Morning Post but was later put behind a pay wall.

Look at what two teams of scientists found in 2014 and then just prior to July 2019 when this was published.

  • No evidence of human linked CO2 warming
  • Signs that there is a cooling coming
  • They are more worried about cooling than they are warming
  • Man has no control over CO2, so net-zero us an excuse to rip off the working class
  • Man has no control over climate

Another one I predicted they would find and once again was attacked and called names for by a group that never produces any science, only has appeals to authority and rubbished scientists and papers they do not like.

Out-gassing of CO2 in the Southern Ocean.


It was only a few years back and I posted the documentary on my blogs where the hosts lied to me and then buried me for years and experts have stated I am likely owed, across the board, £700k+, that they discovered in Italy that volcanoes emit CO2 PRIOR to eruption.

Also not long ago they discovered that the bottom of the Pacific Ocean was cooling and that may be an influence of the last Grand Solar Minimum known as the Maunder Minimum.


Here is Peter Martinson of the American Astronomical Society from 2011 talking about an upcoming Grand Solar Minimum which was, of course, attacked when presented to fanatics on Twitter. They said he was a fraud.

Now going to help out some friends I like who were blown away when they realised that I guy smashing it up on YouTube and a guy on Twitter were one and the same “Why has it taken me so long to find you, you are EIPC!!”.

Jake and Mari are inquisitive and on the level and not over the top and just stick to the facts and some years ago they interviewed Professor Valentina Zharkova if the Royal Astronomical Society so that’s now the US one and the UK one.

She produced a paper about an upcoming GSM and she was attacked and they removed her paper from Nature. Political because they just claimed it was false but a shocked Zharkova said they removed it for an Earth orbital model which makes little difference and was from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory anyway.

Its removal was out of line and sent alarm bells off everywhere.

Also what they left out was that Zharkova had not only been published 260 times but that she STILL has a previous paper on the grand solar minimum up. And the comment from another scientist is that it has ‘unprecedented accuracy.

Now I tried to find the video but as is true censorship and YouTube fashion along with all other big tech giants, I cannot find it.

But I did find this.

Another thing is that back in the 1970’s NOAA scientists stated that an ice-age was coming and this was talked about for a number of years. Somehow by the late 1980’s the changed to ‘the world is going to catch fire’.

For some reason the WEF group and alarmists have lied and said this never happened because they want to push that we have known abut global warming since the 1950’s or something and some talk about Svante Arrhenius from way earlier. They leave out that Arrhenius actually said that warming would be a good thing.

When the GSM idea was being talked about they also rubbished it and the main reason given was that ‘we are not in an ice-age’ and literally implying that it happens over night.

At one point they were telling people in Twitter in July 2020 or 2021, I forget which, that I had claimed we would be in an ice-age at that point a year or two before.

Like hundreds of other times I asked them to ‘go get the tweets’ and like every time I ever asked them that, no tweets materialized.

These are the same people that would go back ten years of they thought they could find something to destroy someone they do not like even if being honest.

These are also the same people that insisted that the global temperature would not drop and came up with excuses when it dropped to -0.01C.

Yeah after 300 years of exponential warming they had excuses for it being -0.01C globally and then insisted that there was no GSM because we was not 1 metres under ice overnight.

Well in this lost documentary that has NOAA scientists and hosted by none other than Leonard Nimoy, Spock from Start Trek, they say that a ice-age can happen suddenly (big volcano eruption) or over two hundred years.

As scientist and lecturer in science from Stanford, I think it was Stanford, forgive me I am British, Dennis Jerz once said while backing me up on Twitter when I posted his blog which the alarmist idiots pretending to be scientists failed to miss and ruled it out because ‘Its a blog linking to the same, sorry’, Jerz said .. ‘New Science invalidates the old, that is the whole point of the peer-review process’.

If you did a search of this Mathew David Clough with some pretty colourful words you will find untold amount of disgusting tweets.

He is a Biologist, dontcha know? A Biologist that long with another and Professor at the University of Texas, two Geologists and a bunch of others claiming to be climate scientists .. all get theirs asses handed to them and exposed as frauds as they failed tests I gave them with a series of question in their own fields.

I also make damn sure when I do this that they have absolutely no room at all for manoeuvre or excuses and I ask over and over and will do this for weeks and even months.

I intentionally always ask questions I know full well are not easy to find.

In his case after a row about genetics and other things I simply asked ..

“Why are Flamingos pink?”

This one just one in a long list of things that I did on Twitter that garnered a great deal of attention and people were stunned. On both sides. I might add.

Te insane thing is I have literally thousands of screenshot and links to tweets but due to my short-term memory loss I do not always think of things to post.

I literally have many dozens if not hundreds where I am literally taking the piss out of them and tearing them up all over the place or creating memes that had my side in fits of laughter.

Some things get talked about for months, maybe even still are that I did a few years back?

What the WEF people and alarmists do is forget the Replication Crisis and used the Peer-Review process like a gold-seal of factual information. Which is false and sinister along with being disingenuous.

You can easily find out of the group or people that are informing you of things are untrustworthy .. just find a scientific paper that’s been published that says something to the opposite of what they have been telling you.

Here is a GUIDE ..

  • Its right-wing
  • Its political
  • They are paid by Big Oil
  • They are lobbyists
  • They are Trumpers
  • In some way they will say Putin is involved
  • They may even not say anything and just say ‘conspiracy theory’
  • Watch out for answers with leading or loaded questions, its in their training

They will never say this about the scientific papers they cherry-pick and they will never acknowledge anything you say or present to them and will ALWAYS have an excuse to give you.

Moving on ..

Here is a Romanian YouTuber who I have watched a number of years and is friend with Sargon of Akkad.

He goes over something I have previously heard about, an insane plan by the billionaires to create these huge cities.

These will be extremely tall and narrow and very, very tall with mirrors on each side of the ‘walls’ and in in a straight line for hundreds of miles.

Not only will you not own anything you will not have a car either.

Everything you see has been a long term plan, they have lied and they have cheated the people and they have stolen from the people like ravenous vampires, all the time plotting to oppress the people because they have kept something hidden.

Something hidden they know is coming that will remove them from their lofty and abused positions of power.

I have picked up a number of followers, one a published writer and more and more people realise that this is a plan and a series of lies that they have been working on for a very long time.

He told me today and thinking I was unaware that they have planned this for decades.

He got a complete shock when he found out who I was, what I have done and just how long I have worked on all this along with how many things I got inside and destroyed from the inside out.

It was never money they need to do this and remain in power and complete their plans, it was full or vast majority of support from the people in each and every nation.

And so I switched from cause to cause, just prior to anyone thinking I was become too big a problem in a particular cause I would shift to the next one.

To the enemies and fascists along with extreme leftists I wanted revenge on, just as one group thought I had vanished before becoming a major problem, a new one thought I was a new face and not a threat.

And so for several years the charade went on and went on and on and on.

Would it make you laugh to explain that I showed that at one point in time GCHQ were interested in meeting me with a view to employing me and that I did not make the appointment and have been called a liar.

Yes apparently instead of just telling people I did work for GCHQ and the Ministry of Defence and had a PhD, I instead decided to make up interviews I never attended and turned down the PhD offer.

Think about it, if I had told them I worked for GCHQ and had a PhD, how could they prove I did not? I am anonymous after all.

Oh and of course the media, government and WEF people did accuse of and others that would not agree with them and take Ukraine’s side in a war. SO WEF people pretending to be leftists, woke and alarmists attacking me and others and telling us we are Putin’s puppets for not agreeing with them and wanting war.

We were told we were a tiny minority and the whole world agrees with them.

A little odd the that the WEF are pretending to be woke, gay, agw activist alarmists with degree and PhDs (I kid you not) and attacking what they suggested was 1% of the world.

Or MAYBE it is because we are NOT 1% of the world at all and far from it.

Like here is an actual leftist I consider to be honest and wanting the truth, Jimmy Dore who has other guests on wanting the truth like Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate.

Apparently the whole of South America has refused Ukraine President Zelensky a speaking spot and it sounds like Africa does not agree either.

I also know India are not too happy with Ukraine and I dare say many others besides so it really sounds like it has been lie after lie after lie.

Just for the record, I have been told I am against solar power. No, I am just against people lying about it.

Have been told I denied there has been warming and I certainly did not do this either and my two blogs that have run since 2012 not only explain my health condition makes humid heat unbearable but that I knew it was getting warm. For a few years. Then in 2017 I was talking how I noticed it as getting cooler each year.

They would not tolerate my estimates of 48 to 70 but NASA’s 25 to 150 is OK
Was way more red and purple and store owners were asking .. Volcanic Sunset London two days or so before those very hot days

This is the current global temperature from the most reliable we have which is the UAH graph and often to be found on the site of Dr Roy Spencer. Another name in a long list that the alarmists do not like and attack.

Argentina had its coldest June in 20 years this year of 2022 and July started off with record cold and snow in much of South America but I bet like many other reports here, you never heard that in the mainstream news? Unless you are in South America, of course.


Animal attacks have been up and I have spoken to various science groups about the behaviours of both animals and humans being down to the changes in solar activity, magnetosphere and even the Schumann Resonance?

Leopards in India.


Crocodiles in many places.


Monkeys in Japan.


Even domesticated Dogs?


Reports regarding sharks and elephants too along with Bears in the US and here in India.


If y9ou do some research many deep sea creatures have come up from the depths and a couple months back scientists in the Philippines said they think it was geological activity, warned on this for two years, and so many whales have died the while time volcanic eruptions have been up 300%.

Then Australians wondered where their white whale, a Humpback they called Migaloo had disappeared to.



So lets just recap what the WEF people pretending to be woke, alarmist, social justice warrior socialists said on Twitter regarding AGW Climate Change.

Ignoring that they throw each other under the bus ..

  • A Grand Solar Minimum is not happening and is crazy conspiracy theory, when it has happened before and AGW has not nor has AGW been proven to ANY degree
  • A Grand Solar Minimum IS HAPPENING but there is so much CO2 it will continue to warm and be no record cold and snow. It then dropped a couple years later to a global temperature of -0.01C and here have been dozens if not hundreds of record cold and snow reports
  • A Grand Solar Minimum is not happening because NASA and NOAA are going to get a prediction right in 14 years and because of daily spikes of sunspot numbers and the smoothed figure is going to reach 200+ in 2025. Until data showed it wont.
  • Might add that the whole time there was something I totally missed, they did not know what the definition of a Grand Solar Minimum was and I spent over a year asking and none of this large group could explain it
    • So something they did not know, understand nor were able to define they claimed was not going to happen and how it would not affect anything if it did
  • It is TWO or more low solar maximums over a period of time
  • A solar cycle, technically half cycle as its a magnetic flip, lasts 11 years
  • In 2008 we went into a solar minimum that was not only low but a record for length that lasted 20 months
  • We then had a solar maximum that was two years later than NASA predicted and was 2014, not 2010 and was very low at around 90
  • This is when scientists started saying it was like a run-up to the Maunder Minimum and then a year or so later the lies increased
  • This solar maximum being far too low was then followed by another record solar minimum which beat the last one and lasted, as I predicted, around 36 months
  • The sudden early spike in solar activity has caused many to think that the next solar minimum will be longer than the last one.
  • A graph the climate alarmists posted showing again they cannot read graphs showed a solar minimum lasting around 9 years and solar maximum in late 2025
  • Only if it occurs now and two years or so early this might suggest a 10 year solar minimum?
  • NOAA charts for the 2030’a show a non-existent solar maximum which would normally arrive around 2037
  • Now this has all been pointed out, its science they do not like so its false and the graphs are wrong
  • Pointing out they were their own graphs they now want to stick to the bits of the graph they want to be true and the rest of it is garbage, I KID YOU NOT this is what the WEF group are not trying to do

Here is an interesting guy who is always looking at and analysing data from NASA and NOAA.

Now this gentleman was a former ‘believer’ and I recall in one of his many videos about this that he was asked at one point to look at all the data, not just the ones presented to us in the media.

So he did and he said once he had finished he ‘felt very silly’ and ‘would not trust any graph from NASA or NOAA ever again’.

Here is a video that matched up with what I told people about temperatures I myself noticed a few years back.

Since 2015 there has been a downward trend in temperatures and this has occurred at a faster rate than the previous rise. Oddly enough one alarmist this was posted it claimed last July or the July before that I claimed we would be in an ice-age by now.

This was another person called Robert Ingersol and I, of course, asked him to get the tweets to prove it and they were not forthcoming because they did not exist.

They will find any excuse to run down science they do not like, scientists that do not say whet they demand and scientific papers that do the same.

They are all the things they accuses others of being and all the ‘ists’ and all the ‘phobes’ and if you have a group that does not believe in religion and does not believe in science you have to ask yourself what they do believe in and what are their motivations?

These people are evil, amoral, selfish and are quite disruptive f the lives of others, have no belief system of any kind, ignore the facts, do not like words nor anyone that disagree or disobeys them, are full of pish, wind and poising and are evil incarnate.

The are a blood sucking leech on humanity and communities and have delusions of grandeur and a deluded self view that they are the humanitarians and think that emotions, feelings and words are all the proof they need.

They are a scourge.

Philosophical Investigations has rather a long list of videos on politicians, data, science, facts, graphs, NOAA, NASA and Greta Thunberg on their claims and is quite adept at taking them all apart.

How about the woke crowd wanting to eliminate ‘male’ and ‘female’ being used in science? Starting off with Anthropologists.

There are the people telling .. no attacking people about what to believe on pandemics and global warming and they literally want to eliminate what upsets them?

They are evil, selfish and amoral fascists and in all honest fooken bonkers!

Lastly here are Jake and Mari from New York who I like very much, are level headed, have good analytical skills and talk to Professor Valentina Zharkova and David Birch (Starman) who both impressively predicted an early spike and solar maximum to solar cycle 25.

In this video Jake goes over extreme weather and record temperatures and not just the recent ones they want you to hear about.

He spotted and I missed the spots around the Sun’s equator and has since spoken to Zharkova and Birch about this, I have spoken to Birch and need to again and we do follow each other .. he is British too.

Jake goes over how the solar cycle has hit a lull and since we started watching it has has gotten deeper over several days and can potentially go deeper still, because as of yesterday (3rd August 2022) the spots have dropped to 32 and most of these are centred around one large group which could start to fade.

On a side note that popped up on my radar and something I predicted regarding Covid19 vaccines.

A professional friend has had been saying that for ten years I had been right about everything decided to disagree with me yet again at my prediction for these rushed vaccines.

I stated that “Mark my words, in the long run, these vaccines will do more harm than good” and in a sarcastic way his conclusion which took him all of sixty seconds thought was “We will see”.

Here is a video of Dr Bret Weinstein of the Darkhorse Podcast on YouTube speaking to Dr Geert Vanden Bossche who had apparently given some negative predictions himself.

Weinstein notes that while his prediction was nit quite accurate it was closer than anyone else’s.

Early signs are that it looks likely that while the vaccines were designed for the early strains, the later mutations where different in such a was that they made them more ‘virulent’.

Therefore the rate of spread that has surprised many experts was down to the vaccines themselves and they was all wrong.

So as they have stated humans created this through greed and stupidity though they left out fear and it could now become a Pandemic Of The Vaccinated.

If the last three years have taught me nothing else its that my eagerness to get away from highly populated group-think areas as I just cannot stand the ignorance and sheer stupidity.

I has been so frustrating for me not being able to acquire things I need while being ignored and lied to by the NHS after an initial panic and a couple of things that were supposed to take 4 months taking 7 and another taking 10 months at the outside taking longer.

I really do not care who I go up again nor who I call out and have been blocked by Professor Brian Cox, Professor Katherine Hayhoe though via reputation only, Michael Mann, Gavin Schmidt and others.

I have been calling out idiocy in science for years and I never bought into many things, like the Hubble Constant, Dark Matter and primarily the age of the Universe. Because what they said did not add up.

It is one of several things, I do not keep track, that I am likely the only or one of only a very few people have said.

Been attacked over that too and I got into it with science people about things moving faster than light, destroyed the man and he closed his Twitter account as a result. He was also an extreme leftist and his extreme leftist wife actually told me he did this later without knowing who she was talking to.

These people really think they are superior at everything and are so not and so very arrogant and ignorant and should look up what Albert Einstein said about this.

When the James Webb Space Telescope went up I expected that very soon after it started imaging it would find galaxies that they claimed would be a few hundred million years old but would have taken billions of years to form.

Preliminary studies found a bunch of discoveries and one with a Redshift of 16.7 and would make it 230 million years old. With mass billions of times more than the sun.

This is in no time at all and many think now as they look they will find more at a greater Redshift than this? ‘It will take many years’, you don’t say Anton?

‘Nobody expected this’ well maybe no one you knew but I think you will find on my blogs I have been saying this for years.

Now here is a video about the Grand Solar Minimum uploaded in 2011 and with Peter Martenson, seems to be a couple what with Dr Chris Martenson on Covid.

Like Professor Valentina Zharkova is of the Royal Astronomical Society, Martenson is of the American Astronomical Society and its odd how they have both been buried as it never appears in searches as its highly likely I have not in around five years.

This is one that never seems to come up for me in a few years now when doing a search and have to keep pulling it from my blog.

The WEF fake alarmists are not going to like that I have another massive prediction look like it is going to be the case.

But then these are the people that watched me make many predictions, get ever angrier as each one turned out to be accurate. Then at some point around 60 of them with them still waiting for their first prediction, then decided to tell people I was lying and made no predictions at all.

Lastly I have been told that I do not care about the environment, people, children or animals by someone that everyone was convinced was living in Switzerland so much so he was nicknamed ‘Swissy’.

Only I discovered someone in Switzerland calling him German.

He is also part of a group that pushed woke leftist agendas who follow him everywhere but claims he is not in this group.

Do you know anyone else who is callous, supremacist, thinks he is master and commander of the world, appears the world’s worst capitalist but pushes socialism and the Great Reset?

The following is a series of Twitter accounts dealt with who are all the same person, lies about it and ends up admitting it later at some point.

Now this one spent a very long time both bringing up Quantum Mechanics and trying to convince me and others he knew everything about Quantum Mechanics. When he was not attacking both sides about his precious hydrogen.

Find him and say something bad about hydrogen being a good idea as fuel, I dare you?!

Also in the list of famous quotes from famous scientists below look up the one Richard Feynman says about Quantum Mechanics.

Now this WEF womble was actually surprised when I first started stating things on QM and of course his M.O is to just claim you are lying and do not know what you are talking about.

Then I stated posting him links and videos and he has not brought up QM in well over a year.

My judgement on what he was trying to do is very simple and Occam’s Razor applies in this case, he went straight for one of the most difficult areas of science and made quotes so that others would think he was of one of the highest intellects.

That did not work.

Even in death I will want my revenge and the truth widely know as this will be the best way to scupper the plans of an elite set of fascists and the followers hoping for a socialist dystopia.

They have distracted most people by infecting everything. Entertainment like TV, movies, games, politics, big tech, censorship, mainstream media, pandemics, health services, public services in general, wars .. the list goes on.

To see the truth you have to see the bigger picture, there is no other way.

When you see the bigger picture and there are enough of you, you can then work together to expose those responsible.

This way I can get back at those that cause a lot of pain and suffering and make absolutely certain they do not emerge from the ashes and put their big fat greedy asses back on their proverbial thrones.

What public in what nation would stand for that once realisation spreads that they have been lied to, stolen from and used for decades, left to die, maybe in some cases actually led to their deaths?

  • Discover them
  • Discover the different facets or causes
  • Get inside each and split them down the middle using actual facts and science
  • I tend to come across as genuine and my track record for science and predictions speaks for itself
  • Unlike many scientists I have way more ‘strings to my bow’
  • Go on the attack
  • Repeatedly remind them of one’s success
  • Send fear among them and wait for the attention and focus on me by people higher up
  • Repeat until bigger names start blocking me by reputation alone (Hayhoe)
  • Skip into different areas
  • Focus on people on YouTube who are honest, genuine and factual
  • Find them in each of the areas infested with evil
  • Link them together so that others can see the bigger picture too
  • Once the horses are lead to water let them decide for themselves
  • Even when reader might not agree they may later see something and recall something I had published and link it together
  • Be prepared for the long haul
  • This was never going to happen overnight or even over a number of months
  • Be aware that many will be affected by the Dunning-Kruger Effect and these will take longer
  • Sadly for these globalists its the ones that were fooled the longest tend to be the ones that react with the most anger once they accept their reality
  • Win, no matter how long it takes nor what it takes and no matter how much it hurts to battle them both physically and mentally
  • Only ever stop when its absolutely certain the future is the one you want and reach the point its inevitable

One thing I can tell you is that along with it might now be obvious why people call me things like King and Grandmaster is that you might get called a hero a great deal ..

.. buts its not exactly rewarding or at least does not feel that way right now.

Asked myself why I do this a million times.

Then I remember .. it is because I am still alive and I am still suffering in what feels like a thousand ways.

A constant death by a thousand cuts that never appears to have an end.

Ces’t la vie.

So these predications they watched me make and prove true they spent a year telling people I never made despite them being on blogs that have been there since 2012?

Well it looks like my age of the universe claim is looking to be proven accurate and yet another claim about vaccines will be proven correct.

And next time even after all this people will STILL disagree with me and tell me I am wrong or I get lied about on social media.

Niels Bohr ..

Noam Chomsky ..



It is the right time, due to things occurring earlier than I anticipated, for my to switch from the science subjects and abuse and lies of them .. to politics.

Now we need to get a few things clear regarding who I choose and what is coming so that certain people I send this to actually get the idea. That there will highly likely become a time when you cannot hide.

Most I know or watch have been dragged into this and id not want to be. Here is a quote from Albert Einstein and people should drop any preconceptions they have and become very aware that at this point it is not a game.

  • I chose those I listen to very carefully
  • I may not agree with some or all on anything, but you should not expect to
  • It is inevitable that in a few months many will know they have been mislead and cheated out of right and money
  • There will be and already is one building, a backlash
  • I warned of this over a decade ago and likely pre-2010
  • This is about lies & truth, right and wrong and as some of you know .. science in many fields I normally cover
  • The above was something ignored by many I know and I warned them this will bite them in the azz within 20 years. It only took 10.

My switch is also tactical on two fronts and you might notice that later on my .. ‘message’ may have altered somewhat based on what I suspected and what I knew for sure. Tactical.

Timing is everything.

This switch may benefit me in other ways and opens the door to a more popular field or subject matter a majority that is growing is talking about. As they will continue to do and grow for the next several weeks.

Also as this one will be in such quick succession to the last one they, lets call them the ‘enemy’ and they look, not only wont see this coming but will be focused on my usual haunts and wont know where this is.

Well, some do say I am a genius and I am all bout being factual, honest, genuine and scientific but I also know how to be a tactician, psychology, how to throw people off and beat them without resorting to lying. Due to short-term memory issues I could not lie if I wanted to.

So along the way I use people and find new people and then sometimes I stop using people if they fail to live up to their own standards, doing videos about how the mainstream news have been corrupted and lie about everything, except some things they still want to be true.

Otherwise known as confirmation bias and a logical fallacy. But .. that particular one I know that some do actually do will be over for them in a few months time.

The other things I avoid are ..

  • Lying for the side
  • Sensationalism even just in thumbnails
  • Theories I can in no way prove either way
  • Those that start spats with people that are supposed to be on their side
  • Grifters and those that switch sides in an instant when the sense the tide has turned

This piece is to show two things ..

  • Reality of political Leanings
  • The Mainstream Media have been lying as I stated many years ago

In so doing maybe with all readers, or just most, what I can make people realise is that which I do and that which should be obvious. Once you have been lied to for either a long time or many times you cannot trust anything these people said.

If it was someone that was supposed to be a friend you would cut-off from them in an instant, would you not?

‘Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me’

But fooled you dozens of times for many years and in that time put unfair restrictions on you ignoring human rights while being overpaid to help others take ever more money from you?

I have spent two decades hating that I live in a dishonest world while listening to others saying ‘well that is just how it is’ and ignoring my warnings.

Even worse were those with the egos and the Dunning-Kruger Effect who were more worried about how they appeared than what I went through in that time.

I have on occasion been wrong and so not mind being wrong but much of the time I spend a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of something.

Other people never want to be wrong, do not want to appear to others of being wrong but want to decide the answers based on five minutes or less of contemplating it.

As a result many people that cannot abide the thought of being wrong despite not putting in the effort and research then make excuses or dig around to support their position and this is how the Dunning-Kruger Effect works.

One’s mind cannot accept being wrong so it will spend a long time justifying their opinions, twisting things about so that it fits or even lying about it for what seems like an eternity.

I have come across all these scenarios both online and off it.

Te other thing to watch out for is the use of logical fallacies. You cannot use these in science, law or court nor in any debate. You are abusing logic if you do and I have a all piece in this covering the ones I have had used against me.

  • Appeal to Populace when you say ‘but most people say’
  • Appeal to Authority when you say ‘but this science/medical/government organisation says’
  • Appeal to Emotions ‘but I am trying to save lives’
  • Loaded Questions ‘But has this vaccine saved lives?’ when it may have cost a lot more
  • Ad Hominem ‘You are an idiot/racist/misogynist/bigot/fool/moron’
  • Burden of Proof ‘Prove my vague theory wrong’ Richard Feynman said you cannot prove vague theories wrong
  • Confirmation Bias ‘This site says what I want/need to be true’
  • False Dilemma ‘But if you are not with us, this means you are [insert label]’
  • Personal Incredulity ‘But I did not see it/your link/proof’
  • Repetition Fallacy ‘Its this, its this. Its this ..’
  • Retrospective Determination ‘But we said this would happen, don’t you remember ..’ no evidence provided
  • Appeal to Ridicule ‘Your argument is stupid’
  • Slippery Slope ‘But IF that happens, this MAY happen so we MUST do this’
  • Special Pleading ‘You see yourself as rules not applying to you because ..’

There are others but these are the main ones with a very brief description that you should not get the idea as well as how you cannot use them.

I have had them all and others besides.

In fact I knew and tried to explain to others their arguments were not logical not realising all these things were listed and all had names.

I I have explained a few ground rules before moving on in the hope that YOU, the reader, might learn how to question everything and not fall for traps laid out by others to control you.

Below we go into some politics and facts emerging and I used a number of people I like listening to for their perspective, especially on America as I know so little about the system.

I really d not mind people getting things wrong as long as they genuinely want solutions and can admit when they are wrong and to their mistakes. Not lie and twist to stay with something they want to be true or need to be true because of their political leanings or personal wants and desires.

So first up we have Anthony Brian Logan, I love watching and very level headed and love his style, covering comedian Heather McDonald who collapsed on a live act right after joking about how she had three covid jabs, a flu jab and a shingles jab with no trouble with her menstrual cycle.

Then covering her speaking to a Doctor on air who was previously pro-pro-covid vaccine who agrees with her when she states she will not be having a fourth injection.

This is Gothix, who I really need to watch more of, who explains she was previously against Donald Trump but realised she had been lied to.

In this video she mainly covers an anti-white show in the US that her subscribers sent her knowing that she would go off on one, so to speak.

She goes off on one.

Here is a video covering a Professor at Harvard .. I will say that again .. a Professor from Harvard who apparently stated something about the Freedom Convoy and complained about right-wingers and the supply chain disruption.

If this was not bad enough, calling the truckers, farmers and supporters of the Freedom Convoy right-wingers her solution to get the supply chain going again is to slash the tyres of all the trucks and farm vehicles.

Naive. Idiot. Anti-democracy. Unhinged.

Tim Pool and guests tear her to pieces, this .. Harvard Professor and she is hard-left too and remember its a conspiracy theory to state that the elite exist and the universities have been infested by idiots, something I had stated a decade ago and people thought me mad.

Here is Officer Tatum on the woke hard-left losing their minds because the singer called Adele said she was proud to be a woman at an awards ceremony.

Here are the Hodge Twins who did a piece, they are funny, on Justin Trudeau calling the people of the Freedom Convoy ‘racists’ and/ or ‘terrorist’.

Now imagine my shock when I find out on the exact same day that not only was Gothix a former Democrat and anti-Trump, that Officer Tatum, explaining here, how he woke up to all the nonsense?

This is Eric D July or YoungRippa59 on YouTube, talking about how fans were attacked and called racists for the Lord Of The Rings series, I now hear is up for sale?

Rather oddly a few I listened to on this one actually question how an article came out attacking fans and wondered if the fans had even had a chance to react?

Seems to suggest that all this is actually both intended and planned as I have stated from the very beginning.

What many missed was that in one article attacking the fans they used the line ‘Tolkien is for everyone’ and I left a comment on The Quartering’s YouTube channel, think it was him, saying ‘Well why did they change it then?’

Here is Decoy Voice on how the Canadian government wanted to outlaw ‘honking your horn’ and he does a number of great videos on how the mainstream media in the US and in Canada lied about those owrking class people.

Notice how I have a collection of black people and mixed race and someone of East Asian decent? Because I like them and what they say.

So I feature them and I have had brief conversations with Decoy Voice.

Of the others I used to watch Tyrone Magnus covering movies commented I was pleased for him being pumped up for getting an interview with director Zack Snyder. I got a ‘love’ for that.

In fact if you knew where to look .. you might not that I have rather a lot of ‘loves’ from creators, some of which have likely lost their channels?

I always kept my digital ‘footprint’ in stealth mode until just a couple of years back on social media and since I have I have made a bit of a splash in a short period of time.

One of my few mistakes as had I just increased this two year earlier and seen some scientific data two years earlier also we would not be at this point. So I feel like I have been racing to catch up, trying to stop it and asking to running down a tunnel only to watch the distant dim light getting ever further way the faster I run.

Though in all honesty this has highly likely been down to the suppression of me by all the major social media giants who also owe me a great deal of money.

Now then let us cover a little bit of history regarding this blog and myself ..

I am a scientist and love and wrap myself up in many or most of the subjects and am always watching documentaries to find out more.

I am also a stickler for the facts and I have to approach everything from every possible angle.

Sadly this first attracts people to me but then drives people away form me and is the absolute bane of my life and in so many ways.

It is highly likely that when it comes to my wide knowledge base, over 100 theories that have proven true that along my health I am the most lonely, misunderstood and most in pain person alive on Earth. Probably.

Of the things I started to notice many years ago was how in the news media things were beginning to sound off and wrong here and there. In the public services and government there seem to be a slow build up of people that were in fact idiots who spoke to you in a condescending way as if they was superior.

Now how it has always worked is as follows ..

  • I would notice something
  • I would tell myself I was wrong
  • I would keep noticing something
  • I would continue telling myself I was wrong
  • A pattern would emerge (have this odd ‘ability’)
  • I would go at it from every angle for weeks and months
  • I would tell others about it
  • They would spend 60 seconds thinking about it and tell me I was definitely wrong
  • They knew I did not lie and a large number of them about 8 years ago thought I was suffering form some sort of mental health problem

In four years on Twitter my prediction success rate has likely been around 95 to 98 percent in well over 140 predictions I made, though on a single thread I rip those that hate me as I have around 120 odd just on that thread.

I stated that something very strange was going on in the news media as well as politics and the public services. By the time I had done this I had already started to notice many years before and I think 2000, when I was in Calabria in Italy and .. ‘found something’, to 2003, when my father was lied about and then died, when the spidey-sense really got stronger.

I was still under the impression that one thing I had discovered in 2000 which cannot be refuted would eventually be realised in science and the news media. Over a decade later it still wasn’t.

Of course now I know why this is and its how I have stated from the start that everything is pantomime, theatre and a distraction.

Of all the apologies I have had and the concerns about my mental health stopped four years ago, the one I have yet to have on the long line of apologies is the one regarding ‘fake news’.

It has been joked that Donald Trump got it from me. Sure there were websites dedicated to the BBC being full of it and I knew the site owners and talked with them years ago. But I was the one that noticed it was everywhere.

Back in 2012 I sent a set of four DVD disks loaded with evidence, it was FOUR, to every single national tabloid in the UK as well as local ones to the major cities.

I still had disks left and have photos of these disks and the documents.

Now before I tell you what happened let me state that I have someone on my ‘friends’ list that who worked at Cambridge University and in a pub one day he warned me that I would be watched and very likely already was.

Well I had just finished feeding information and recordings to both MI5 and GCHQ and told him that was a given. They had called me and thanked me and told me I was a genius and I stated that back in 2000 there was an interview arranged with me for employment I never attended.

Turned out my girlfriend might have been 6ft 1 inch of gorgeousness but she also have a temper problem too, something her family were very sorry to hear about after I had left the area. They told me they thought she had stopped doing that.

They are .. still .. on my ‘friends’ list and so obviously were witness to all that I had done in Bristol, including my arranged interviews with GCHQ and the Ministry of Defence as they and other ex-employees strongly urged me to apply.

Your average person also has problems with that which can be disbelief or jealousy.

So yeah, if you know who I am on social media .. then I can tell you that I have some history and then some. Those that accused me of faking an interview I did not attend and being asked to do a PhD I said no to, are not aware nor bothered to ask if there were witnesses or evidence.

To me Police Detectives are .. well .. slow. Every time I have met them. There are recordings on this blog of me being interviewed for the involvement I referred to concerning MI5 and GCHQ and at the end after 4.5 hours plus and hearing about all my science knowledge and asking about things in my home they say ..

You are a total genius, I wish I had you on my team!” – DC Simon Broadhurst and his partner Louise ..

So you get the idea.

SO I have this pattern recognition skill that shocked lecturers at both college and university and was asked about it and at the time I had no answer for them. I do not know everything, you know.

That being said I do have a theory today and its linked to my health condition which sadly also causes many other things, among them short-term memory loss.

So yeah .. I was starting to see these patterns emerge and long before everyone else, now you know why and was questioned about my mental health, which was fine.

Had professionals and Doctors state I was the sanest, mist honest and analytical person they had ever met, some thought I was just wrong while some thought I was onto something. Dr Cody and Dr Huq thought I was onto something. Others were indifferent and some were liars so I did not take much notice nor hang around long when I realised they were liars.

So some time ago in America they started to notice that a very long list of American news media would all state the exact same lines.

So much so that there is a well known video about this, though I doubt my real life British friends are aware of it. Though I likely told some and I bet they did not even bother to look.

I literally recently had to ask someone if they were joking as I said ..

I have told you for four years not to listen to the mainstream news and that everyone now knows I was right and your showing me The Guardian?!”

Now they are going to be sent this video so would have hopefully seen it by the time this gets posted and it is a Canadian, showing these videos of the US news in a collage all saying the same lines at the same time over and over again.

As I told The Guardian reader ..

This has been known about for awhile and trust me, when you see it? You will realise”

So this Canadian supporting or part of the Freedom Convoy shows it and he also shows the Canadian News Networks dong the exact same thing.

I have joked for people for years now that it is like the old horror trilogy called ‘The Omen’ which starred Sam Neil in the third one. Only it is like they did not kill Damien and he is running the world.

For those unfamiliar it was a massive series back in the day with many famous actors, including Gregory Peck and Damien was the son of the Devil.

I also use to say that it is becoming like Stephen King’s The Stand, battle between good and evil and have seen that referenced a couple of times.

Another one I have stated we are heading for which is now something very common to hear and even Tim Pool or a guest used it was ‘the world will become like The Hunger Games’.

I do not send family and friends links to my blogs but I may break with that tradition this time though in some instances that is going to be a little .. tricky.

Now then just to hit this home and give some numbers to those naïve or walking around with buckets on their heads or their heads in the sand ..

Here is Russell Brand whose followers seem to be skyrocketing and at 4.9 million odd, who I have been shocked to find myself agreeing with of late.

This is him talking about this creepy and lying attitudes regarding the mainstream news around November 2021 ..

Here is an older Russell Brand video regarding ‘fact-checkers’ ..

Here is a more recent one and about Facebook’s own fact-checkers being caught out.

Now then this has been known for several years for both the mainstream news and fact-checkers but it mostly become proven in the last six months to a year.

So can you ask yourself that while knowing this is widely known and proven ..

How is it that the covid vaccines, pro green-energy, pro-AGW woke crowd on Twitter still promote CNN, MSNBC, Anthony Fauci, the CDC and fact-checkers?

I mean at this point they literally get laughed at.

The funny thing is that despite me calling them ‘woke’, ‘leftists’, ‘socialists’, ‘Marxists’ and ‘Communists’ on all platforms and these blogs, I really believed they were none of these things,

This was kept up to rile them and get them to make mistakes I could then screenshot, retweet and post around on different platforms to help give people a better idea.

Know your enemy.

These people claim to be woke, gay much of the time and hard-left.

Now let me tell you what I have personally had them life suspended from Twitter for ..

  • Racist remarks against Blacks
  • Racist remarks against Jews
  • Bigoted remarks against Gays (YES!)
  • Bigoted remarks against Muslims (YES!)
  • Wishing harm upon others
  • Though I have not had them suspended for bigotry against Christians (part of the division plan)

I am not even going to into into how I have exposed two for being fake Biologists, several for being fake climate scientists and how they thought science was done at NOAH, Titan was way bigger then Earth, without CO2 Earth would get down to -273C (0.15C above absolute zero and this from a science teacher here in London?), volcanoes are nothing to worry about, Mars has Van Allen Belts and a very long list of other things.

But they also claim, again see below, they know far more about science than I do and are far superior than me.

If you think about it and have been doing this as long as I have they seem to be about one thing .. and here are the things they defend ..

  • The CCP
  • Democrats
  • Big Pharma
  • Mainstream News

What are the two things all of the above have in common?

  • Money
  • Power

Now here is The Hill which has a funny story behind it all of its own. Saagar and Krystal had left the show to start Breaking Points and I was shocked, relieved and pleased when they hired Kim Iversen.

Now here is where it gets weird .. I did not know but it is supposed to be right-wing, I really do not care about political labels or leanings, I am interested in the facts.

I fond this out and was shocked by it because it had become obvious to me after watching around half a dozen piece that Ryan Grimm was an idiot and very-left. Let us call him a bad liar.

In another piece covered by Jimmy Dore he interviewed a young journalist for Rebel News who was covering the Freedom Convoy and he tried to link both the convoy and Rebel News to far-right and brought up something that the young journalist did not even know about.

After getting told this Grimm then tried to do the same thing again only resulting in him looking desperate and Kim Iversen, his own colleague, asking him what was the point in that and why does he keep linking to far-right?

On being covered by Jimmy Dore, himself a socialist progressive, Dore points out that Grimm is on the payroll of three billionaires, making me wonder why this is?

In this video Kim Iversen covered the US government plans to literally class any dissent as being a ‘terrorist act’.

Keep in mind that Julian Assange is not American nor lived in America and that imposing laws where if you complain about government on social media you will become the next Julian Assange.

Here is the video of Jimmy Dore covering Ryan Grimm being held to account by Kim Iversen and about who pats him.

Here is socialist progressive comedian Jimmy Dore who hosts many on the further left who appear to be honest to me, on a journalist who was suspended on Twitter who is not taking them to court.

Told people years ago they were gradually doing this and were doing this to me and that today you have to say the right things or get censored in medicine, science and politics.

Here is Jimmy Dore talking about how MSNBC are still lying about covid and children and he asks why and then states nobody knows. Well money is one but the fact they are lying to your face and know that its widely known is worrying.

I have my own theories and scattered about this blog.

Jimmy Dore has also noticed that I have for many years in that people are slow or do not apologise for attacking him and being wrong.

I will tell you this much .. they also have no blooming idea that they have made the lives of others a living hell on top of what already was a living hell because they wanted to believe whatever they wanted to believe they came up with in sixty seconds. A mere thought, feeling or whim.

I am supposed to be relocating to another country and it is a quiet idyllic village where there are not many people, it is not a big build up city, plenty of nature around.

Added to this many seem to have heard about me, been told one, two or more read my blog, know I am coming and ask one about me.

Maybe .. just maybe .. I might end up being around like-minded people and not doubting Thomas suffering with ignorance and the Dunning-Kruger Effect who make a long list of logical fallacies in their arguments?

What is beginning to become clear to the left, as many have ran away to other platforms and have told me they have realised, just as Gothix and the others listed have, is that they used the obsessive left wanting to shut down people to attempt to shut down everyone.

I tried to tell the loudest people that if you pursue this and give these rich powerful people power you are the very next ones they come for.

Following is a famous old phrase used not as often as I would like of late.

Now this was a pastor or something similar that came out with this but if you look at it and switch a few keywords around you can see that this can be applied to anyone.

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

  • Martin Niemöller

Now what you have going on right now is over the next month or two this gradually spreads around the world. Then you have a month or two of people looking up more details about the mass misinformation and them talking to others about it.

During this time there is going to be a lot more coming out in all sorts of areas and will look even more obvious to the wider public in every nation in the world.

In part it will be like ‘the boy who cried wolf’ where there may be something at a later stage that no one will take notice of and people will likely suffer and possibly even die?

For instance imagine a really deadly virus or similar around 2024 and everyone responding with ‘yeah whatever’ and you cannot blame them. I would do the same.

You have a majority that is growing that does not believe the global warming narrative and what once they realise later in 2022 they lied about that? What if there is a sudden cooling which actually has science behind it and it is rapid and when told everyone replies ‘yeah whatever’?

Now then if you know or become aware that your mainstream news is lying, they do in Canada, the US and even in Germany and France now, and that they only certain things being said .. surely you must realise that you cannot believe anyone they have on for anything?

Cannot recall if its on one of the videos or who talked about it but one showed a video own woke women chasing another woman down the road, who had a pushchair. They attacked her and her daughter calling then racists.

The women pursuing and calling them racist and attacking them were white

The lady being attacked along with her child were black. Work that the flock out?!

One thing I have mentioned for years that friends and family are still saying I am wrong about is that a civil war is coming and they still do not.

Tim Pool talked for awhile about this, aftert me but also called wrong, here talking about how the media now either say its here already or coming. How about Newsweek reporting on Republican that ‘Targeted Assassinations Coming if Civil War Breaks Out’.

Poolgoes over some articles regarding this from the leftist media like The Guardian and he explains how the arrogrance, ignorance, likes and supremacist attitude of these lying, corrupt, evil journalists show that it is .. inevitable.

‘Inevitable’ is a world I have used often for many years and my high level of confidence was not only missed by the architects of the current state of the western world, but have continued to ignore it for four years on social media.

That would be four years of me having like a 99% success rate that is way higher than Tim Pool’s and probably one reason I was asked by many notable people, one being a co-founder of Anonymous Hackers .. “How are you not bigger than Tim Pool?!”

My answer was “Because for some years now they do not want me to be”.

I assure you if this occurs the woke left will be wiped off the face of the Earth as it will spread just as a certain freedom convoy is.

What worries me is that those elite that instigated this will get away with it.

Do you thin they should only for it to happen again?

Here are memes I made for these topics .. and was called as good a troll as Michael Malice with the best memes on Twitter by one American lady.

Also if they have manipulated all your beloved social media platforms, films, games, TV shows just to help incite people to violence, then consider this meme ..

I also do not just used a shed load of scientists like Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Richard Feynman. Carl Sagan, Freeman Dyson and others but also ..

Mark Twain
Noam Chomsky before he turned fascistic


Wonder hat makes them think they are superior to others?
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While knowing what this piece was going to be about it would seem that after my predictions about submarine volcanoes both occurring and proving to be a big factor in climate, my predictions were not quite done.

A playing down of the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai volcano eruption has been nothing short of a joke that only complete and desperate idiots would even think of attempting.

Clearly shown in the last part the eruption first given out as 17.6km it has gradually been estimated up to 56km and being one of the highest reaching ash clouds in modern history.

Such a shock as this been with even the tsunamis being higher than they stated, they now want to create a new class? One proposed is Ultra-Surtseyan. So they do not know everything then about climate and the factors involved?

While that was still going around the world and just as videos started to get out of the Tonga Islands after a period where communications were down, something else popped up, then something else popped up .. and then something else popped up.

Now I would go as far as saying that the people that are known commonly as alarmists not only were having meltdowns about two of these things but as they are political they are having meltdowns about many things.

Now along with me warning about submarine volcanoes and the planet cooling I have also been trying to explain that CO2 from man going into the oceans and acidifying seawater I have also warned about things that will emerge from the Southern Ocean.

I have repeated time and time again that we know nothing of the sea-floor, seen likely less than 15% of it and have no idea about it and no sensors down there. It is hard to impossible, you see, and at best would be very expensive.

To claim seawater is acidifying is also wrong. You could say its naturalizing, sure. If indeed, it was actually doing this. But seawater has buffers in it that prevents it from doing that. It can change to a point but that is it. The Lakes of Tanganyika, Malawi and Victoria of the Rift Valley in Africa also have buffers and salts in them and are very alkaline. With a pH of around 8.5 to 9.0.

These values change depending on the ratio of freshwater being in the mix.

So lets get a few numbers out of the way and explain that the CO2 in the atmosphere is a tiny fraction of 0.04%. That scientists state that we are responsible for 3% of this fraction.

Also should remind that plants need CO2 and while alarmists want to reduce CO2 they also want to plant more trees, stop eating meat and go vegetarian or even eat insects.

Also it has turned out that the coral reefs have been greatly over-exaggerated and lied about in many instances, just like Polar Bears and Walruses.

So the narrative has been about our 3% of the 0.04% going into the oceans and doing a lot of damage, right?

So how about a scientific study where they now state that storms, they say are caused by CO2, stir up CO2 rich water in the Southern Ocean, connected to the Pacific and Antarctic, and that CO2 is coming from the sea?

Greta Thunberg posted about this without thinking and I replied with

Well if the storms are caused by CO2, which stirs up seas that out-gasses more CO2 which causes more storms and more out-gassing of CO2, where does man factor into this?”

Sorry bit you cannot have it all ways.

Here is the study revealing this ..


This has not gone down well as after starting to claim that I never made a single prediction that came true I had the Tonga eruption bringing in three more.

This was the reply from one .. “Well if you wait long enough, it is bound to happen”

Or in other words I guessed a one in several hundred year event within two years. I just got lucky, apparently, and these people think they are scientific and argue daily?

Bearing in mind I was a few hundred miles out on location but got the type and size of the eruption correct as well.

Then just as they just started to ignore the whole subject of it as the numbe3rs got bigger as I stated they would, with them attacking me for saying this, this out-gassing report come out.

Now I have a small group jumping onto every post I make who go on the attack, try to switch it to identity politics then antagonise me in the hope of reporting me, which got one of then restricted for bigotry.

Yeah they are scared and my followers are ow seeing that my prediction for the collapse of these people abusing science to scare people so they can control them is taking place.

Now you think it could not get worse until Greece and the Aegean Sea had the worst snowstorm and cold in many years ..


Then around Greece and the Aegean the sea started to freeze when it only does this in polar regions and in the middle of what they keep saying are the hottest years on record?


After many realising that the news media have been lying on a large scale it starts to emerge that Green Groups are pressurising the news media to blame everything that occurs on man. Or lie.

As all these were emerging Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson talked about how wrong climate models’ are and their predictions are terrible, which is true and because of my accurate predictions numbering well over 100 in a few years, they hate me and attack me.

Egypt has experienced its coldest winter in a decade ..


Jerusalem and Israel have had very rare snow ..


How about a Black Tern from the northern hemisphere turning up in New Zealand in the southern hemisphere? Do not worry I will get to this in awhile ..


How about Montenegro likely having its coldest temperature on record and beating that record by around 2 whole degrees?

Coldest Marathon ever held, taking place in Siberia and a balmy -53C?

For two years plus dead Whales rolling up ion beaches?

For two years dead birds falling out of the sky all over the world?


That is when not turning up in places where they are not supposed to be like Ross’s Gull turning up in Minnesota and the South of France and Snowy Owls keep turning up far south?

Well there are to other things that are going on .. scientifically and one of them I have been yelling from the rooftops about, geological activity.

The other one I have left alone for a few years but if you go right back t this modern series on all this you will see that the science I am about to explain is the one that started it all.

I have known and used animals years ago to show that the Industrial Revolution did not start any warming, this is quite irrefutable.

I am considered one of the top experts in several areas of Zoology and I realised this after suspecting it when I visited mountains in south Italy’s Calabria region.

The other thing that I stumbled across I could not quite believe what I was seeing and hearing when I did.

It made me suspect increase seismic activity, some I have already personally experienced and started asking questions, when upon looking I realised it had.

Made me look at volcanic activity expecting and finding the same.

Very early on I stumbled across the unprecedented solar activity I had somehow missed, or later realised the news media was avoiding like everything else.

Upon explaining all this to others and the possibilities I would as them to ask themselves what I did ..

Why has none of this been reported on, things actually happening we can see but all we hear about is global warming they have never proven and we fail to see?”

People immediately realised this was not only totally bizarre but that something was not right.

Now then I have talked about volcanoes and how much of the Earth is covered in water along with the dead whales and the Tonga eruption.

I had initially thought two possibilities .. that the volcanic activity could happen in two waves or be continues. I had initially decided on the former and I may have gotten that wrong.

This far Fagradalsfjall, La Soufriere, Etna and Tonga have all gotten people’s attention and as stated the eruption have been around or above 300% for around 14 months or more and still are.

Now what I did not catch sight of, well there is a lot to look at, is that in Peru near Argentina it was only recently discovered that a very big magma chamber not only has been hidden in plain sight but has been rising.

This is the Altaplano Puna in the Central Andes and is odd that I stumbled across this as most of South America has had gaps in my knowledge that has been bugging me.

This magma chamber is very large and despite me knowing about Ilapango but not considered to be an issue, like Yellowstone, this one now is.

I have also been concerned about Alaska too and there has been a lull in activity after a brief spike but now the Three Sisters volcanoes have shown rises.

Was more concerned with Davidof but I was a few hundred miles out with Etna, Naples, as well as Tonga, Vanuatu.

I sometimes watch those that do videos on certain subjects I like to keep an eye on and this one picked up on some posts that looked a little odd from the USGS.

I have been looking at several things for different events and I tend to sometimes step outside the box, whereas a group of people think there is a single cause to a single event.

In getting some predictions right this group that thinks linearly to things get kind of angry which is kind of bizarre and what they will then do is ignore my 100% success rate and demand I make predictions and get specific.

It is rather stupid, desperate and anti-scientific.

One odd accusation that was made and my someone that claimed to be a Geologist but was a fraud was that I had stated I could predict earthquakes.

No such claim was made and this person was told this and yet persisted in lying and claiming that I did on Twitter and I asked for days for them to go and get the tweets.

Of course they never came because they were never made but they insisted on telling my followers that I had. No one took any notice. They ended up getting their account restricted twice in 48 hours after trying to switch the subject to identity politics, racism, sexism and a bunch of others and the second restriction came about by something that was antisemitic.

Some people are bizarre.

I have previously managed to antagonise one enough to repeatedly tag in Sabine Hossenfelder

Here is why I like her, thought I think she has been just a little naïve on one thing, but nobodies perfect and yet she comes pretty close.

Here she is on her third connected Earth Science subject of earthquakes. She has a funny line about not believing things just because they are written in Latin.

In this video she looks at several things I have been looking at as far as causes of earthquakes occur which was refreshing to see.

Magnetic Field anomalies have been noticed along with the ionosphere and the Van Allen Belts which I have tried to tell these political hacks abusing science, nature has a far greater imagine than man has.

She also look at animal behaviour which has some odd correlations but is inconclusive. Could be picking up the primary (P) or secondary (S) wave or magnetic field, gas emitting like radon, CO2 or SO2

Sadly she shows what can happen when scientists get it wrong when, in Italy, scientists assured the public there would be no earthquakes and was followed by one that killed many people. They were convicted for manslaughter and despite this being overturned the public chanted ‘shame’ at the scientists.

This issue comes about, in my opinion, when scientists fall prey to that Freeman Dyson warned about in that PhDs often have huge egos and act like a priesthood.

They start thinking they cannot get anything wrong, make guesses and insist they are right and I have been warning about this for many years and rather heavily on social media the last few years.

It is hard to predict things and despite the fact that I do it I do not ever state it is a certainty, I merely look at everything from every possible angle, rule out what I can and then state what I think will happen.

The problem then comes from me getting many right and although I never, in all honesty, expected my success rate to be close to 100%, that is what it has turned out to be.

Sure I have made some errors on the global temperatures but even with that, as I had with Covid in the very beginning, false information (bullshit) and unexpected and longer period of other events affecting this is not really my fault.

As an example I predicted heightened volcanic activity and eruptions for late 2020 and the first half of 2021. What I did not quite expect, though I know it as possible, was for this to continue right into this year of 2022.

So whereas the AGW fanatics think there is a single cause for everything I have tried to tell them for a long times there are dozens if not hundreds and we have two heat sources and not just one single cause which is insane.

So when you have month after month of eruptions being at 300% or even more above normal and eruptions in most case increasing in size .. sometimes it is impossible.

Also Sabine Hossenfelder covers earthquake lights which I have seen in videos but is odd and hard to pin down a cause, as explained here.

Now for a bit of fun with warp drives from Sabine Hossenfelder which I watched due to some things being claimed in scientific papers in journals and in the science sections of mainstream news. The claims regarding the Casimir Effect have certainly been intriguing along with the previous Alcubiere Drive but dreams and reality do not make good bed fellows much of the time.

There already was a thing called the Replication Crisis that states that if all science papers were to be retested more than half would be wrong.

Consider that its obvious that nature is far more imaginative than we could ever be and that climate, quantum mechanics and warp drives are ridiculously complex. It should make anyone realise that making wild claims and pointing fingers is not the wisest think to do.

Not only is this a bit of fun, who would not like them, but its a good example of why you cannot rely on science news, peer-reviewed science papers or the science journals themselves, As you will hear her say despite being published several times in one.

Here is Hossenfelder talking about some wars between scientists in science and it should not be that hard to se that these competitive situations get to the truth.

We are in an era now were people that are not scientists, elite and /or politicians using social media giants, are not trying to stifle questioning science in any way.

Every famous scientist you have ever heard of including these names would be absolutely against this in every way.

It would appear that the one I manipulated to tag in Hossenfelder truly has vanished and not seen in weeks and I suspect that, failing he has not been suspended for the 4th time, its plausible that he got blocked by Sabine Hossenfelder once she has seen enough of hit tweets?

Oddly another that wanted to throw every dirty label at me has also disappeared. They did not post for three days and likely in trying to falsely label someone else and then bringing ‘gay Nazi Jews’, do not ask me why other than trickery, into the science debate has been restricted twice.

Rather bizarrely they had claimed to be gay, I suspected was fraudulently using that to make suspending others easier, then defended someone else, also claiming to ‘follow the science’ who had himself been suspended to imply derogatory things about being ‘gay’.

These global warming fanatics really are the most peculiar and suspicious people and on so many levels.

Continuing with the news media ..

Here is someone that like to show old news media reports about what they used to say about climate change and how they have changed their tunes today.

Otherwise known as moving the goal-posts or ‘lying’ to the rest of us. Now we are in an era there a vastly growing majority are realising they have lied the past couple of years.

The old predictions of ‘snow is a thing of the past’ has shifter to ‘warming means more snow, moron’ which I had had for two years now.

How about two Doctors and co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration speaking to socialist comedian Jimmy Dore on the lies and cancel culture over Covid19 and vaccines?

One even says if you have not been suspended then you are obviously not telling the truth.

He also states that he has had many scientists tell him that they knew they were lying but were scared to speak out. Something that has been said to me in confidence on social media via private discussions has gone on regarding climate change.

Now here is a good one with Dr Chris Martenson, who I had recommended to people along with Dr John Campbell from the early days. Previously appearing on Tim Pool’s IRL podcast, which so many people I listen to seem to do. On there he was asked by Tim about his views on climate change to which he was surprised by his response.

‘Its hundreds of interconnected complex systems and we have no way of predicting it’ where politicians, hard-left, the fake news and activist scientists want you to believe its all controlled by CO2, in particular the 3% of the 0.04% of the atmosphere we are responsible for.

Here Martenson is talking another one I highly regard but found late on, Dr Brett Weinstein who had previously spoken to Dr |Robert Malone.

Here they finally say that which I have in that if you do not hold those responsible to account that this will only happen again. Of course next time it could be way worse.

People believe the news media? Yeah I think not and here are a bunch of people talking about the shock results from a poll. It will only get worse, I assure you of that.

Piece about how the hard-left claiming to be about the working classes and women but then try cancel culture on Evangeline Lilly for agreeing with the Freedom Convoy movement in Canada after they tried to cancel black actress Letitia Wright and Gina Carano.

They are authoritarians and absolute liars when they tell you that they are for gays, women, particular religions, people of colour and others.

Sad, obsessed manipulative control freaks with zero compassion for anyone but themselves and you have to realise these are the same people pushing global warming.

The North-East of the US has had snow listed from the 8th highest on record all the way up to the highest on record.


Canada followed China from some stunning images of large frozen waterfalls and now has been followed by Romania.


Lastly I went back to the ‘nullschool’ model to check on a few things.

In previous part I had talked about large cyclones transferring dust and CO2 up into the stratosphere from the troposphere and not just large volcanic eruptions like that of Tonga doing it.

Though there had been a curious drop in reports of large cyclones I had spotted a report of one called Batsarai and wanted to see where it was located as well as how strong it was.

Not quite a full on category 5 or even a 4 I raised an eyebrow when I realised it appeared to be following a path that part of the eruption from Tonga took?


You see how much work I put in? Not paid, well not yet anyway. Memory issues, pain, risk of fatality and yet I have done a way better job.

However .. people do not want to listen to scary stories unless it comes from the government or their Doctor and resist hearing them anywhere else.

The trouble is people have been manipulated and unless you face up to it, take a stand, pick a side and vocally oppose it .. they will only get worse and it will only get worse.

You need as many people aware of the possibilities to stop them from succeeding.

You do not have to believe, you just need to be aware. Everyone needs to be aware so that when the time comes people can see it for what it is and stop it.

Make no mistake they knew that if they fooled you long enough then you would very very reluctant to admit even to yourself that you was wrong.

They knew full well what they were doing.

Here is Tony Heller on how they lied to you and how the news media lied to you and Scientific American, who noticed me a few months ago, are full if it.

Joe Biden has done nothing to stop the rise of CO2 and it has risen at the exact same rate it has during all previous presidents.

Now then I am about to go full circle right back to the beginning .. well the beginning from where I got into this subject of climate far more heavily, which was January 2019. Technically it goes back to 1990.

What I saw someone talking about in a video really did take me by surprise and that was the movement of the Geomagnetic north pole. Well it always moves but it seems that it decided to head in the same direction, out of Canada and towards Russia.

Now to things to note here .. though in geological time-scaled this is quick, it really is not in our time-scales. I mean its been doing this for around 100 years or more and did speed up.

The second has to do with what will happen. I mean initially people were talking about a magnetic reversal and of course its a possibility and has done it many times in Earth’s history.

Now they, as well as I, have talked about how magnetic behave among reaching a certain point, the weak field lines. Testing this shows that the field starts bouncing around.

That being said there is one issue with this that I myself and I am sure everyone else, is not sure about.

The trouble with testing with magnets is that they are solid and the Earth’s Core is a liquid.

The ‘north pole’ is now technically in Russian waters and now this bouncing around predicted for a few years time. I myself thought it might be between 2024 and 2027. The problem is the speed and not knowing the processes involved.

Due to its latest location and speed it has been estimated by one to now reach this point around April 2023, which was something of a surprise.

I stated from the outset that we can never be certain about this and I decided to leave it a couple of years and then look back into it. Oddly the video was suggested a few days after I was wondering of its present location.

In all that time and as I had stated the speed and even the direction could change and of course it still can. Also the field lines may have altered or start to alter, as like I said, it is a liquid magnet of molten iron, albeit it a rather large one.

Also the GPS systems were re-programmed because of this movement earlier than they expected and I am not sure of the frequency of these changes.

So the way I see it currently is that in the latter half of 2022 this will be likely start getting talked about and if one guy, Gene Beards, is right will be very obvious early in 2023.

If it slows down it could be later while if it increases speed again it could be earlier.


The geomagnetic south pole has also been moving and in this link you can find images of this ..


Added to this, and thought a win by alarmist groups, the January 2022 global temperatures took a drop and I for one was not quite sure what would happen due to the volcanic activity.

It has now dropped to +0.03C

This was a surprise and there have been forecasts for cold and snow across the US, 2 waves, Europe along with India and East Asia for early February 2022.

India forecasting more cold ..


This has extended the global warming pause even further and here they talk about how the double-dip La Nina (cool water in Pacific) is showing up in the data ..

Ever since the forecast a double-dip La Nina, something that is rare, I have been asking myself what the chances are of a triple-dip La Nina? Do not think it has ever occurred and wonder what the reaction would be if they forecast one?

If there is the chance of a third one will will likely hear about it in around 6 to 8 months time.

As I was about to finish this piece and get around to publishing it another article popped up and in this one they are reporting on the forecast that with the latest La Nina, which normally go in the Spring, it is going to last until the summer? If this is the case then temperatures and weather will continue to be affected in the tropical regions of the planet. Double-dip La Ninas have occurred but not exactly common. Three, I think, is unheard of so this occurring my well be unheard of.

You may have been told that the reason for the all the snow, while being called ‘a moron’ as I have been, is because of the warmer oceans? Despite the fact that the solar activity has been down for over a decade and oceans work very differently ot the atmosphere.

Well if you look at this article below take a long look at the map and ask yourself if the oceans are indeed warm or not? Bearing in mind the two biggest oceans are the Pacific and Southern Ocean, both of which are cold.

So .. consider the possibilities now for 2022 ..

Food for thought?

Here is a science paper that suggests that the solar maximum to cycle 25, due they say in 2026 plus or minus a year, will be around 97, which is low and too low to reverse any cooling. Their estimations are a little higher than my own but in recent decades up until 2010 the numbers were anywhere between 160 and well over 200.


All this is not even considering a possible extended cold winter during a period as more and more people realise they were fed misinformation by news outlets and politicians regarding Covid and vaccines.

Consider as it becomes more common knowledge they were mislead in a global scale and then consider the above events or any combination of them materialising during 2022?

In my view many nations have long since lost support for man-made global warming and it was not even in the majority in Greenland a few years back.

This dropped as I predicted and I have shown this and kits going to be a catastrophic year for those alarmists that thought they had all this in the bag to get what they wanted.

Now then .. as far as volcanoes are concerned let me explain what you should point out to the alarmists should they tell you the sun is ruled out because of Total Solar Irradiance.

First ask them why they only mentioned a single factor to prove their CO2 claims are right when the climate is influenced by a long list of factors.

Then ask them that if sulphur dioxide is a coolant and water is a stronger facts how this TSI they rule out gets affected when ..

  • The atmosphere has been contracting in long solar minimums
  • Volcanoes have been up at 300% above normal
  • The atmosphere is becoming more dense and SO2 and water is being pumped into it
  • As well as all the clouds in the troposphere, what we normally see, two more layers of clouds are becoming more common with Noctilucent Clouds and Polar Stratospheric Clouds

I originally stated that things would be obvious to the world by 2024 and that the UK would have broken its record by then for the coldest winter.

It looks increasingly like it will be obvious to the world before the end of 2022.

Even stating a build up in papers and claims and even while writing this a science paper crops up covered by Kenneth Richard of No Tricks Zone regarding five physicists in Nigeria.

Now they claim that a global cooling event has started that will last 80 years with the coolest period being 2038, which lines up with a low or missing solar cycle 2038.

With the lowest point being what I stated around 2046 and the global temps going down to -0.54C and that year is within a year, 2045, of what I thought would likely the the lowest point.

Though it must be stressed that the further into the future we look the harder it gets to predict though if some theories turn out to be the case it may turn out to be get easier. Well to a degree and we wont really get an idea until around 2036. Maybe a little idea we are on the right track come 2026.

A world away from Greta Thunberg and the alarmists crying about +1.5C which they cannot prove will happen nor will be a catastrophe and it has been higher before.

I posted this at these alarmist who claim to follow the science and they point blank refused to look at it based on the messenger, which is completely and totally biased as well as unscientific.

You cannot do this. Period.

It was staggering this arrived and was spotted an hour after I spent an hour on the phone explaining to someone everything that has already come out the last few months and the things due to come to light during 2022.

Will put a list at the end.

Another drop in global temps going lower below the baseline that the previous year, extended winter in northern hemisphere, another low month or two of solar activity, another snowy and cold winter for South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand or a large eruption and its curtains globally for global warming.

Because what they call AGW will be looked at again by everyone in the world and in the wake of politicians, the news media and the socialists and Marxists lying about Covid and vaccines.

As all his is unfolding a report comes out that Black Lives Matter is a scam, there is nothing at the address, finding is being shut down and everyone is asking where the money has gone?

If you think it could not get any worse, a retired nurse of 40 years who picked up millions of followers and appeared on news media, Dr John Campbell, recently did an eye opening video.

He had skirted around a few issues for months, spotted some selective reporting, inflated numbers and started to ask questions of the news media.

He was used by Jimmy Dore and as previously covered both got lied about on fact-checks.

Then Facebook’s fact-checkers went after the British Medical Journal and more or less implied or straight out called it misinformation. During a time when the Covid19 pandemic had ended in many countries? That was not wise.

So he does a video about this and to my utter amazement talks about George Orwell, his ‘1984’ book, double-speak and states he predicted it would happen by 2050. Even mentions ‘Ingsoc’ in the video, something I covered a year or three back.

He then runs through the history of one of the, if not the, oldest medical journals on Earth and how these fact-checkers are not even educated and only journalists.

He even reads out the term used by another Doctor they went after of ‘the Facebook thought-Police’ and asks where he could possibly have gotten that idea from? Sarcastically of course.

Here are Jake and Mari of GSM News going over an article regarding volcanoes which was a great find.

There have been things they have been discovering about volcanoes and even in recent years there has been a fair few. This article they work though talks about the effects on climate as well as people over a long period.

Pandemics, famine and others and mention low solar activity and the link.

This starts at the time he talks about the article on volcanoes.

I have spoken to both Jake and Mari and along with David Birch, who I first heard about from Jake and Mari who also know Valentina Zharkova, are my favourite people out there. Birch is British like me but Jake and Mari are in the NE of the US.

Here is another case of the world catching up with me but several years late.

In Canada there has been this Freedom Convoy that reached 50,000 trucks and kept growing meaning you have way more than 50,000 people involved. They have had support form the public and his is reflected by a GoFundMe raised $10 Million. Which they kept freezing.

Justin Trudeau basically called them names and ran away.

The lying news media called them names, tried to call them racists and because of unsavoury individuals likely plants as we have seen this in the US and even in Belgium, or possibly France.

So in the working class what must be the entirety of truckers, or very large portion of them, protested and this was followed by support in country after country. So its the majority.

But politicians in power and with me still wondering how they got there, are attacking the working classes or the masses and calling them racists? Think about this for a moment.

Well GoFundMe with support or instructions from the Police we were supposed to view as villains, the funding has been halted.

In this video Decoy Voice explains some details regarding this that seems highly suspicious and after finding out that the BLM address appears fake and people asking where the money went, it seems GoFundMe or someone else is trying to steal the Freedom Convoy funds?

Some years ago I set up one of these for a rape gang victim. Her and her family and friends were confused when after a couple of months not a penny was raised.

While in that time they was watching people getting offended by hurty-words get thousands in donations from people.

I explained that I had spent years looking at corruption and it and very extreme politics had infected everything and if they like to talk a lot about how caring there are for communities they would normally be evil people.

When that particular victim who got screwed over by the legal system, lawyers, judges, news media , local councils, Police and others all of which we have receipts for, she is going to be blown away.

Here is the very good Viva Frei on YouTube who runs through the lies in Canada from the politicians and the news media regarding the Freedom Convoy which is look more and more like the proverbial ‘touch-paper’.

I wonder how long it will be before the Viva Fries, Tim Pools, Michael Malices and Luke Rudkowskis start to question if all this obvious lying is obviously intentional for other reasons?

He even explains the reasons they have given for wanting to steal even more money from the working class in Canada over the Freedom Convoy.

I also wonder when the masses start to realise that if they have lied about the things we know for a fact they have lied about then what about everything else?

Like the ‘climate emergency’?

Do you not think it odd that every major things either involves very large sums of money or control over the masses or both?

Here is an interesting video and I am not familiar with the channel so cannot comment on it. But what is important is this has interesting videos from Conservative, or so-called, politicians in Canada regarding the Freedom Convoy. Lying.

What is interesting is that I have never agreed with socialism nor Marxism while I have also disliked the Conservatives in the UK. Because everything is about money in the latter and taking awayt people’s rights in the former.

For this reason and I likely am very unique in never voting for anyone in the UK elections and when I did it was for Nigel Farage while even an ex Socialist Worker Party member I know also voted for him. The SWP wanted out f the EU and had done for years and were surprised when the hard-left started saying they wanted to say in the block.

Have told many I know that I do not trust any of them for many years and they have gradually realised.

In recent years I learned that the Conservative Party in the UK are not really conservatives and are radically different to conservatives I speak to.

I then went on to discover something very similar in the US and started to hear the term ‘Uniparty’ being used a lot.

Now with that video I have seen my first evidence of this for Canada too.

Maybe this ‘uniparty’ spreads a lot further than anyone realises and with them all parroting the ‘build back better’ line there certainly is plenty to point towards this.

But you cannot say that as the official line form the same lying sources is that is all just conspiracy theory.

What happens after all this and people realise and start thinking that there is some global ‘uniparty’ is absolutely anyone’s guess but it is not going to be good, of that I am sure.

I mean how does anyone think we can go back to normal knowing that our leaders despise us and see us as some slave like work-force? I always thought Iain Duncan-Smith was OK but a government employee told me years ago who knew someone that worked close to IDA and that he saw workers as ‘slaves’. Since then I have just seen more and more evidence of this even from their own mouths and far more widespread than I could have even guessed.

Lying dictating leaders that hate their own people continuing on in power like it is their birthright will not end well in many places.

Irs also very weird that these ‘establishments’ seem to act like they cannot be touched, do all kinds of unspeakable things while the people have been ‘conditioned’ into thinking that they can only do so much?

Its almost as if things have been set up and the masses conditioned so that they can get away with their evil acts to grab power for as long as possible until it is too late?

It is never too late.

What will become widespread knowledge in 2022 ..

  • CNN collapse
  • BLM collapse, realisation across the world and the reaction
  • News apologising over Covid, vaccine lies
  • Drop in Global Temperatures especially below the baseline
  • CO2 coming out of oceans
  • Record Cold & Snow
  • What Solar Cycle 25 will look like and any further monthly drops
  • What winter in southern hemisphere will be like regarding cold and snow
  • Geomagnetic North Pole getting close to crucial point and how the field lines will, or will not, react
  • Claimed conspiracy theories becoming facts
  • 2014 Chinese team scientists say no AGW
  • July 2019 another team Chinese Scientists say no AGW and it will start to cool and signs already being seen
  • February 2022 5 Nigerian Physicists claim it will cool for 80 years with coldest being 2038, plus or minus

That list is not even taking into account anything unforeseen revelations occurring during the coming six months or so. It does not include things like growing tensions, situations with Russia and Ukraine nor Jeffrey Epstein related legal cases.

Nor does it include a split that will occur in the medical and scientific fields in general and many big names with egg on their faces.

Scientists are supposed to be impartial and not biased of political and yet someone sent this to me which is a collection of Michael Mann posts.

Alarmists are the people that claim Mann won or drew a court case he lost, tell people to ignore all the primary drivers oif climate acting up and focus on CO2 and two years ago were insisting we could detect all earthquakes on Earth, they now claim they never stated just as they state I never made any accurate predictions.

Here is an 8.2 magnitude quake from 2021 they missed they say actually caused a tsunami.


The role of alarmists, including the woke and activist scientists like Miachael Mann, as if the lying and manpilation was not harmful enough, is themn sticking their bog hooters into politics and you now have situations with ..

Walls being built around Paris, France over the spread there of the Freedom Convoy ..

Justin Trudeau in Canada threatening the people, truckers and farmers with military action ..

Meanwhile later in the year the super-volcano I was concerned about I thought any issue were now over, may well become a problem and mainstream focus due to the rate of uplift. Evacuations may be ordered in a few months time?

Meanwhile those that had previous used Dr John Campbell are not attacking him because he has gonbe over reports from Israel about a 133x increased risk of Myocarditis and questioned why the mainstream media have not reported on this ..

Meanwhile reports of dead birds falling from the sky start up again and seem to be in clusters and along with Starlings in Wales also in Mexico ..


While at the same time reports of dead Whales washing up on beaches also starts up like this Humpback Whale in a beach in France ..


But its not like there is any evidence in history of how bad this could get that these evil elite could look at and learn from, eh?

Some screenshots of how some people, woke, like to abuse, bully, lie, pretend to be things they are not use science, promote big pharma and be all the things they accuse others of being.

They also switch subjects when they are losing, trying to incite and anger you to suspend their opponents and as you can see below, bring up the most bizarre subjects .. oh and are hypocrites and believe the rules do not apply to them and companies had better do as they are ordered ..

Claimed you cannot be gay and a Nazi and showed one from Nazi Party, excuse was he was Jewish? But calls others Antisemites?
Giving out medical advice they report others for
Pretends he cares about people he willingly attacks if they step out of line
Tells everyone what a humanitarian he is, here admitting he is choosy about who he cares about. not seen a slither of evidence e cares about anyone
More examples of science .. now watch carefully ..
Claimed he had only accused one of having mental health issues ..
.. and yet here is is now accusing two others. Lied and personal attacks when lies about science do not land and protecting big pharma.
And here is the one above retweeting what they all did .. angry that they cannot command Spotify to kick off Joe Rogan as they DEMAND


As I started typing out this follow up I was expecting it to grow somewhat and it has.

That being said it has grown far quicker than I imagined as some things I expected to come to light have along with a few I did not.

I should have realised that this one will end up being the biggest or at least one of the biggest ones on a subject I deserted over a year ago when I realised what I was being told and the numbers I was getting stank to high heaven.

Antifa teachers and two pills on top of risky injections and backlashes from parents along with a very large survey of 1.4 million people to check for anti-bodies for covid.

Now then there is more to go and we are just a few days into Autumn. I knew that there would be a lot more over the next 3 months so this was going to have to be a minimum of three parts and I soon realised .. yeah four most likely?

Been trying to keep these posts as short and sweet but this one has already grown and likely will a bit more before posted.

Starts off with a few early tasters but as you go on you will see scientific evidence that more of my predictions have turned out to be the case along with that of more and more people doing an about face, realising and calling out the evil groups trying to manipulate others.

Yeah many already realise they have been lying but this is about to sky rocket and a few things have happened a month earlier than I thought they would.

Right at the end there is going to be a screenshot that is something of a surprise and though I do get this from time to time .. the names involved are ones I used to adore so much and shake my head as to what they have now become.

Out of 3,371 pregnant women in the whole if the UK infected with Covid19 only four have had the first dose of the vaccine and none have been fully vaccinated.


Now in New York they are persecuting children and disabled people who have been advised not to have the vaccine and Tim Pool points out that this is exactly what they did in Nazi Germany.

If you are not fit or worthy, have too many facts and too intelligent .. do not do as your told then you are for the chop.

The evil lying Marxists insisted to me they were not fascists and no one called them this.

Here is Tim Pool now calling them this and explaining why they are fascists and that when he asked many restaurants about disabled people that have been unvaccinated they all replied as the Nazis did ..

“We are only following orders”

Two Black Guys talking about why the Black Community are hesitant on Covid19 vaccines and talking about the hard-left ripping into them and calling them anti-vaxxers and how they are wrong, bullies and hypocrites. How celebrities so stupid shit because the virtue-signalling hard-left are liars and hypocrites. Like Philip De Franco and is mentioned.

They also talk about how they hard-left so socialists and Marxists are only interested in what blacks have to say when those black people say what the hard-left fascists want them to.

Told y’all.

Here are two videos featuring Tim Pool (centre-left but hard-left call far-right), Ian Crosslands (moderate left at a guess) and Steve Bannon (right-wing and not as he he described by the hard-left either).

In the first one they talk about Elon Musk’s cryptic ‘end of the world’ tweet that contains the word ‘Sun’. Collapsing empires. Food shortages in America. Working class too. The Fourth Turning.

Tim explains how he had to relocate many times as the trouble spread to places they never should have.

Here Tim Pool has guests on, one from Australia ad they talk and agree how the Hard-Left and Antifa are fascists. Now attacking people protesting against mask mandates and in all honesty at the worst possible time too.

Here is Fox News talking about the expose by Project Veritas of a teacher in a school in the US where he openly admits indoctrinating children to Antifa and literally telling children if they are not Antifa then they are pro-fascism.

Of course as is typical of nasty, narrow minded fascists who have claimed moral superiority to go after others and your children as they think they own them ..

Out comes the victim card as they are superior and crying because people are going after his job.

Remember these are the people that are the main pushers of

  • AGW or man-made global warming
  • Scaring people over Covid19 after claiming closing any borders was racist and encouraged everyone to be brought home with said virus
  • But now do not want you leaving your house
  • Want you to be forced to have vaccines that are untested and in my experience have been worse than the virus itself and more reports inevitable from what I am hearing of alerts to hospitals to expect an influx

You really could not make this stuff up.

These people are nasty and control freaks with low IQ’s and no morals whatsoever and I catch them out on a daily basis.

They insist I am conservative when I have proven I am not and currently trying childish and lame reverse psychology and have done a couple of weeks suggesting all conservatives should not be vaccinated.

So on the one hand saying they want conservative people to die while trying to use psychology to trick them into having vaccines which have been causing more deaths than the virus.

I have to deal with idiots still that do not agree with socialists and hard-left but want to pick and choose what they are right about because they are scared.

Oddly enough one was insisted on people being forced and did not agree with me that people were refusing vaccines because all the news said otherwise and they would not lie about this.

Pressurises his girlfriend to to to Crete where they usually spend 6 weeks every year and did not go last year.

Gets there ..

  • Curfew after 1am
  • Restaurants they love all closed .. and .. umm ..
  • Starts asking people about the state of things, remember he thinks people that refuse vaccines are evil and selfish ..
  • No one wants vaccines ..
  • Everyone seems to have had Covid19 ..
  • Gets told repeatedly for weeks 19 out of 20 barely knew they had it
  • Only one in twenty was bad
  • Not one person could tell him of anyone they knew that died from the virus

So I need to ask him if he ever plans to return to Crete as according to him for 8 months solid anyone that refuses to have vaccines are evil and selfish.

By that logic all of Crete is evil and selfish.

Also his girlfriend did not want to go because of the virus they believed was a threat so I cannot even begin to imagine the awkward conversation as once again they insisted I was wrong and I was right, never been wrong and they simply never learn, and she finds herself surrounded by people that could be carriers.

Bearing in mind these were people that agreed with people being locked in their own homes and seem to be now oblivious to the fact that the vaccines do not work that well and drop in effectiveness with each passing month.

Honestly have no idea if they had more shots or a booster before they went.

Also that they could have picked up another strain and brought it back to the UK and is totally possible and plausible.

Its been startling that those that claimed they hate socialists and fascists are quick to agree with them when it suits but then think that the rules only apply to others.

I have acted with far more responsibility over the virus that any single person promoting facemasks, vaccines and lockdowns.

Here is the original exposing of the Antifa teacher by Project Veritas where he admits to having an Antifa flag on the wall in his classroom and a student has since confirmed he has been at it awhile.

The teachers in the school are all far-left so socialists, Marxists and Antifa.

Here he is being confronted by Project Veritas and claims harassment and gets out his victim card while wearing his communist vest with a hammer and sickle on it.

He states “extreme times calls for extreme measures”?

Sooo .. that means lying and bullying people while the world is going to shit to get the society that they want?

No champ, that just sounds to me your a bunch of selfish c*nts that are nasty amoral fascists but have declared yourself morally superior and think that you can lie and instil fear into others to get what you want.

The Nazis did exactly that in the 1920’s and 1930’s and when they were called Nazis they were all for the working classes and no one knew what they were doing to the Jewish people.

Battle with these people online and they are worse than the Nazis, absolutely convinced they are not and do not seem to know their history very well. Or definitions.

I dare say the number of deaths are going to rise over the coming months and that when it does there will be no doubt that these hard-left fascist morons will be directly responsible for ..

  • Deaths from vaccines
  • Deaths from unrest and confrontation they are responsible for
  • Early deaths from Covid because they did not want to close borders
  • Theft of large sums of money over the AGW nonsense
  • Divisions within other countries and the deaths that may occur from these

Married couple I know who were forced to have vaccines have been very ill form them and this is in Yorkshire in the UK and many have gone back to the Doctors to complain and were told ..

‘Your problem, it was your choice to have it’.

So just in the UK and will build over the coming weeks right into 2022 the public are realising they was lied to and are now being blamed for something they was given no choice in.

Funny story as I know a woman teacher who told a health care worker that she had both jabs and tested later embarrassed Doctors told her she had no anti-bodies and did not know what to say.

Only after reports of vaccines amplifying covid symptoms in some cases and then being told by a health-care worker that the NHS put out an alert that hospitals may experience an influx of patients with reactions ..

I then get told that the teacher, not being told about any of this, returned to the Doctors to get another two vaccine injections where she was then told that she did have anti-bodies?

This could only mean that they are now lying so that they do not have to give her another one or they got it wrong last time and misinformed her?

Now considering the reports that the vaccines have ..

  • Not been working
  • Been worse than the virus
  • That have amplified symptoms
  • The NHS have put out THAT alert

It would be reasonable for anyone to think as well as plausible that they knew this was a major league flock up and did not want to give this woman two more injections only to have her hospitalised a few weeks later and maybe even die?

Could you imagine the headlines?

I mean she must have told people and she told her health-care worker, who was the one that told me about it, so if there was a fatality ..

‘Woman gets first two doses, gets side-effects but no anti-bodies, gets next two doses and dies’?

As she is a teacher she was likely forced by the government to have the vaccine too?

Yeah I will put money that they lied to stop her preventing having two more jabs as they do not want it being any harder than it may well be once we are well into Autumn.

Now then before the Autumn has barely had a few days a few reports turn up that raise an eyebrow and the first is one from the CDC suggesting that 80% of Americans have antibodies. No idea how many of those were unvaccinated.

A few days after that CDC Report a scientific study in Israel shows that effectiveness of vaccines is going within 6 months, effectiveness against the Delta variant differs from report to report.

Now then the Doctor that invented the mRNA vaccines is Dr Robert Malone and he started talking of his concerns about rushing this as did Dr Philip Mason, aka Thunderf00t.

Malone also talked of worrying results of tests concerning spike-proteins and was worried about long term effects like ovarian cancer and leukaemia.

Yeah they started to censor him.

Now I heard reports of the vaccines not protecting people from covid and in cases actually amplifying the symptoms though I know nothing about the numbers right now. Though I do expect to hear about them by December 2021.

Then I heard Dr Malone was talking about this and here is an interview with him I found and possibly others have been deleted. As if your Google, Twitter, YouTube et al then you can act as Doctors while Doctors that do not say what they are supposed to cannot.

Now out of the people I know, and I only state what I predict will happen and unlike a fascist group do not tell people what to do, 60% have not been vaccinated. Including two people working in health care.

Now one of those was very quick to decide what other people should do despite not speaking to any epidemiologists and also ignoring my success rate in science and politics. Not to mention the other things I have done.

Now they were under the impression they were protected and despite claiming others should be locked down in their houses .. went off to Crete for 6 weeks.

Considering that Covid19 has been in the UK ‘officially’ for 19 months and we have seen reports that suggest it could be 24 months and the vaccines have been around for .. ten months?

I have had no one tell me they have had either a booster shot or a second round of jabs.

Did the two I now have any jabs before they departed for Crete? I simply do not know.

As everyone they met had not been vaccinated and seem to have mostly had Covid19 and you can still contract it anyway it hardly seems relevant.

That being said if they travelled 4 months or more, they was there for a month, then they would have had next to no or no protection while there.

Now if that last one was the case and considering they were there for 6 weeks among people unvaccinated and many having had the virus .. would it not be reasonable to expect the to contract it? Considering how we are told how they are becoming more and more contagious over the last several months?

Ever since the virus had ‘officially’ been in the UK around 4 months every single thing I have looked at either does not make sense or after all this time they do not seem to know what is going on.

A socialist I know that thought she had some agree with her over covid and vaccines is somewhat confused as those that did have changed their minds. Been told that they do not want vaccines and do not trust the news media, NHS nor government on the subject.

Here is a video on how the hard-left socialists are not human at all. They are nasty, bossy low IQ people that just want to be in charge telling others what to do.

Now these boys right here? They iz not impressed, y’all.

Here is Tim Pool who is centre-left, who misses things but the hard-left call far-right because he does not agree with them. Yeah its a form of fascist bullying. Also talking about how these people are not human people at all and how the media make shit up.

Here is Luke Rudkowski on the same thing and a few others.

Intelligent black guy on a black lady with children who turns up to rip shit out of Antifa and call them names and explains that they are full of shit and that the media have ignored her.

These hard-left have been warned but despite claiming to be scientists have zero idea that winter is approaching and that the reports and data for Covid, Vaccines and AGW is about to get a whole lot worse.

A mother stripped of custody of her own child by a fascist Judge because she had not had the vaccine when her own Doctor advised her against it?

Where is his punishment for overruling Doctors and giving advice on vaccines? If it were me I would reintroduce ‘squads’. That fired people.

So the CDC published study that 83% of Americans have immunity that the hard-left are desperately trying to spin but also forgetting the vaccines only last 5 months or so ..

Tim Pool and guests saying that they must lift all restrictions now and if they do not then this is nothing to do with Covid19 and more sinister ..

Then Tim Pool hears that Pfizer now say you have to have three injections and on top of that take two pills every single day?

Yeah Pool loses it ..

So though I do get attention from scientists from both sides and many fields and I have no idea how many as I often do not check and many are anonymous because politics has destroyed science but ..

This author of a book called ‘Super-volcanoes’ and write for the National Geographic, New York Times, Scientific American and The Atlantic, liked one of my tweets.

It the alarmists that called me all the names under the sun ever found out there would be a mass meltdown as they have spent 2.5 years lying their backsides off and also claiming no one takes any notice of me.


Are those that have been following order and pushing narratives now realising that it is all about to end? Or have they realised it has already and now just a matter of time?

That would be the third author I am aware of to take notice of me in 3 years.

I am scientific, multi-disciplined with a weird pattern recognition skill and have made close to 90 predictions just in 2.5 years on Twitter that have almost all come to pass.

And for some reason many individuals and some very big names have thrown all including the kitchen sink at me and cost me financially just to try and stop me.

I am the wrong dude to do that to for a very long list of reasons.

All this because I am evil for providing the facts, reports, making predictions in science that later turned out to be true and telling people why I am not having the vaccines.

From people that hate others, want anyone that disagrees with them to die, lie about science, bully people, make up shit about others and push them as facts .. order people to have vaccines or they are evil murderers.

Then they do a switcheroo and for a few weeks were telling Conservatives, told them for two years and proved that I am not a Conservative, not to have them.

A stupid and childish reverse psychology that also comes across at the exact same time that they want everyone that disagrees with them to die.

That is everyone from centre-left to far-right.

Or more or less anyone that is not a socialist, Marxist, Trotskyist, Communist etcetera.

Where only the most naïve wont notice over the newt few months I predicted there would be many protests and they started earlier than I thought.

Thousands of cities across the world have had protests against government using the virus to bring about draconian and authoritarian measures against the people.

Now in Paris, France in the last few days there have been not one but many.

To give you an idea and make you question your mainstream news media there were no less than four on the same day in Paris.

Also there and what I have been waiting for were the Gilets Jaunes who I knew in time would start up again as more and more, well of the less naïve, realise they have been lied to, manipulated and that governments are following the path they did in 1930’s Germany.

Rather surprising was the ‘USA’ chants as well as the repeated calls for Macron to be impeached and go to jail.

At least Joe Biden will have someone to talk to when he is conscious, eh?

Water canons and tear gas were used.

Here is Ken Wheeler a guy I have watched for years on Fujiflim and Nikon cameras who himself got dragged into this.

Listen to him on what Australia are doing.

Neil Oliver from the ‘Coast’ series now on GB News and listen to what he says about the news media, government, NHS and Doctors regarding Covid and the Vaccines.

Here is Neil Oliver from TV series ‘Coast’ which I think was on the BBC and now on GB News talking about how covid is madness and no one trusts the vaccines, government, Doctors or the NHS.

Branching off this is Sabine Hossenfelder. Much admired by me I very much enjor watching her videos on science when I can get away from everything else.

Multi-published scientist she did a video on AGW where she got angry with the news media and ‘do-gooder leftists’ using the phrase ‘follow the science’ which is nonsense and explains why.

In another video show helped me prove something these ‘do-gooder leftists’ were wrong about in that she was askd to write an honest piece on speculative physics. We were told that neither Doctors nor scientists were shut down. They lied.

After writing the piece for the American Physical Society, remember they asked HER, she was then rejected for being too honest and that the piece would ‘offend people’.

Here she talks about the cosmological model, something I had long theorised they were wrong about .. and it is wrong. Prediction number 87 .. or is it 88?

Once again some ‘friends’ that have spent years questioning me on views and predictions and always end up being wrong are wrong yet again.

One wonders whether they will take into consideration how this has affected me over the years and whether or not people with a zero score and getting it right should stop telling someone that they have even admitted always gets it right and stop?

Would be nice but I doubt it.

It is why I would like to live on a deserted island until its over but doubt I will last 10 years anyway?

Now then just to repeat because the hard-left hate me and insist I am far-right but along with all the other labels they like to call me .. they cannot prove it. Because there is no proof and it is not true.

Now they are also well aware and have been for years of my political leaning and along with ignoring it and still calling me a ‘right-wing nut-job’ they do another of their many ‘switcheroos’ and run around telling my followers that I am left-wing and even the term ‘closet leftist’ strongly implying I am a socialist .. but they just laugh.

So for the exact same reason that all the hard-left hate me the centre-left to moderate-right adore me ..




Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Niccolo Machievelli
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote

Here is part of an all day battle that led to carnage and a deep state of denial on those lying about science tp push an agenda and this is common occurrence and included as a bit of fun as well as insight

They waited a few months to come back and lie abut a scientist whose video I posted
Except my side knows I know every thing they try to pull and had beren prepared for months and so let fly and followers were falling about laughing
Get retweeted and as we will get to in a minute my scientist quotes get a lot of likes now
Due to my knowledge and style along with reputation and being undefeated I often get standing ovations and even salutes
Put in a list of the top 7 people on AGW they think I am like Feynman and sometimes Tony Stark due to me Peacock like struting around with these liars and abusers of science
As a scientist I am unique as my skill extend to politics and humour in the form of extreme sarcasm and efter over a doen or two and with only two left I think I may have made the Antifa hoard angry when I posted this above meme?


Fore-note: there are not supposed to be any adverts on this blog and its come to my attention there are 7 and I am absolutely FURIOUS about this.

Obviously left there intentionally so they can punish me and the blog and I have tweeted at Google Adsense and got nothing while Blogger’s account is protected so you cannot do shit.

Could sue them for hundreds of thousands, f@cking fascist slave drivers.

So then they have announced further lockdowns and still pushing vaccines when everyone I know has long since been fed up with lockdowns, lost faith in vaccines with regrets of having them, refusing second dose, refusing any dose and now no longer pressurising loved ones and family to have them.

It has all stopped from what I am hearing.

Two people I know have been hospitalised, one with Bell’s Palsy and his sister with a heart attack while my health care worker daughter and her firm have yet to meet anyone tested positive. They do, however, know 5 that have had blood-clots and one of these died.

I know of two women in the 20’s who were in hospital bed’s next to each other who both had strokes. One woman that fell into a come and died.

Bearing in mind that its been emerging that the Coronavirus was combined with a fungus in a lab where videos of bats being in the lab along with 15,000 samples stated in interviews with staff.

This means that not only have the hard-left been lying to everyone so have the government and the fake news.

But it gets better. You see three fungi have been associated with the virus and killing people that started in India but reports of cases in Uruguay and Chile.

The fungus was combined with the coronavirus to make it ‘sticky’ while one Doctor in India believed the Black, White and Yellow Fungi were ‘sticking’ to masks?

The coronavirus that has never been associated with a fungus now has them oozing from every orifice?

It gets better still ..

Yeah they created vaccines that I said would not work and friends and family are realising are not working and dangerous .. but ..

We only just found out new information about this Covid19?

The WHO said they investigated and now turns out they did not even ask the CCP for the missing data that disappeared from their website and claimed it was a hack.

Also claimed that the CCP ordered a re-engineering of the virus to make it look natural so how did they come up with vaccines without all the necessary data?

More to the point why has no one mentioned this and why are they pushing these failed and dangerous vaccines harder than ever?

Now along with Bell’s Palsy, heart attacks, blood-clots, heart inflammation, ischaemic strokes we also have brain damage and someone on Twitter claimed his wife and mother of his children had lost her eyesight, 94 days at the time, was down to AstraZeneca and had got no help from the British Government or public services like the NHS.


Getting people actually say to me that now they are being told that “well the vaccines do not actually stop you getting it” in which case they say to me “well what is the point in forking having it?!”

I say “Well know some have a vaccine in them they have zero control over too” and there eyes go wide.

When I posted details online I will go into here I noticed two things while the hard-left defended vaccines and compared them to Aspirin, yes I kid you not they actually did that, came across like experts and spelt Aspirin as ‘Aspirine’ at the same time.

Reported ,many times that as well as using a fungus in creation of Covid19 to make it ‘sticky’ that their were experts in India that stated that they believed that fungal spores were sticking to facemasks.

Here is a report in India of a split between experts and whenever this happens the hard-left telling everyone they are about the science always go with one that supports their view as if it is fact.

This is pseudoscience.


World leader turning up at the G7 Summit did not seem to concerned about the Indian variant of Covid19 reportedly ravaging the UK?


So after being told one set of stories for over a year and while they were working on magic vaccines which, even if you DID create one, would take 4 to 7 years and another 4 to 6 of testing .. this came out showing Bats were indeed in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, they had 15,000 samples, no safety training and other tidbits ..

So the question is this ..

Provided that data is needed in any science and we was told for a year these things were not possible and ‘conspiracy theory’ only to now discover it had a fungus combined with Coronavirus to make it ‘sticky’ .. how did they come up with these vaccines?

Now they either knew from day one and kept it silent .. or they did not and not only were the vaccines rushed but a complete gamble?

It is one or the other and as we know that the vaccines are doing more harm than good and no major effects on the virus it would rather suggest the latter.

It also does not help that as the masses are not switching to distrust with the media and the governments along with these health services that they are pushing the vaccines on people harder then ever.

The word ‘depopulation’ is being uttered more and more among people.

The hard-left Marxists I assure you are about to do the exact same thing with AGW or global warming. They will pick whatever they feel helps them.

Oddly still arguing with me after I predicted the solar minimum better than all their cherished authorities.

Worried about talk of a Grand Solar Minimum and Little Ice Age like in 1650 when we had one called the Maunder Minimum they have come up with a ‘new’ idea to talk it down.

A ‘terminator event’ is where a band of magnetism takes place on the Sun. Now they are saying one has just taken place, this is not the first time they came up with a theory of a big solar maximum and it failed, and will lead to a high solar maximum.

Back in 2006 and already covered by me they missed the longest solar minimum of 80 years, predicted a record high solar maximum that was a record low and by 2014 everyone was talking about how similar it was to a Maunder Minimum.

After that the missed yet another solar minimum even longer than the last one.

Then all the madness started to erupt and animals behaved bizarrely around the world. Then they started to die off and this has continued.

Now at the end of a solar minimum that has lasted longer than any since the Maunder Minimum something no one has heard of pops up and yet again they are predicting record high solar maximums.

Which can very literally be shown to be wrong in just a few months.

And then there will be some other bullshit.

Meanwhile no one talks about global warming outside the political hard-left in western nations and everyone is talking about the number of erupting volcanoes.

Which, I might add, is rubbished by the hard-left purely because they are losing their political vice-like grip with AGW. The ship has sailed.


Its like there is a consortium or group that’s been given the task of angering, scaring and confusing as many people as possible so that they cannot see the wood for the trees?

Here is a video that includes people linked to the IPCC where they go over claims my the Marxist Climate Alarmists and their deity Greta Thunberg and explain that they have been twisting things and that there is no date whereby we cannot turn things around.

So they lied about that and I find it odd that it has taken this long to state that these ‘deadlines’ are hogwash.

But then in all honesty its been my job to put people into a corner and force them to make statements against their masters.

One of my most used and favourite lines is that among scientists ‘no one wants to be left holding the baby’.

So after 6 months of drops we have a June that has had some cold spells and some more forecast meaning that we might get another month without a rise and maybe even another drop?

Will be the end of the road for the alarmists and their AGW as with winters starting earlier and ending later no one will expect much of a rise for July or August.

Stated that 2021 was going to be a key year for so many things and consider that if it drops again in June .. that it will likely continue faster and speed up with any more high level volcanic eruptions .. that by the time this year is over .. we could be at -0.2C to -0.6C?

As for these Marxists and their Puppet Masters .. I have called them fascists for the longest time now and have worked hard to get more and more people to not only see them for what they are but report them for what they are.

Still it is not like they would do anything utterly stupid like start branding people as the Nazis did leading up to World War 2, eh?


As state no matter what has come out from the Biden administration or China these Marxists have yet to condemn a single thing the CC has done.

Now consider these actions to force people to do something against their will, oppressing children to have these vaccines that are untested while I have talked about long-term effects are yet to be determined.

How about a video of three Doctors they tried to silence here talking about a Science Paper in Japan where they discovered the spike proteins from the Pfizer Vaccine has caused spike proteins to build up in the ovaries of women and in bone marrow.

This shocked them and is potentially a long term- effect for Leukaemia and Ovarian cancer as well as possibly making women infertile.


Right now only because Google and Blogger have been screwing up my blog for several years and with me having enough reason to sue them I noticed that the above video has vanished and I have no idea why this has happened. It was a science study.

Anyway I went looking to see what else I could find and I was down in the comments section of a video regarding vaccines and Pfizer in particular when I stumbled across two people NOT Japanese, both talking to each other about people they knew that both become afflicted with Leukaemia a short time after their second Pfizer dose. One sadly died and one being treated.

This time I thought a screenshot with the added address to the YouTube video would be better as once again things are disappearing.

This includes the report about Human-Animal hybrids or Chimeras ..

Also I have always maintained that I do not trust anyone though the hard-left have done very will to keep insisting and getting it wrong that I get my evidence from ‘conspiracy theorist’ blogs and ‘right-wing’ sources and believe everything I am told?

No. AS I keep telling them and have for years but they just wont have it .. I WORK OUT what is bull and what is not.

Case in point ..

Fox News staff called Ivory Heckler gets muzzled by them, turns out she was speaking to Project Veritas.

The Daily Mail, hated by the hard-left and called a right-wing nut-job rag, reports on this and for some reason and very early on in the report had already referred to Project Veritas as ‘right-wing’ and ‘right-wing activists’ twice.

Now why would you do that? It is odd how just about everyone including those that are supposed to be right-wing say it like you are a mass murderer?

Yeah well online and on Twitter especially the hard-left got as far as they did because what they did was make out to others that there were from a broad spectrum of political leanings.

Yeah not only was I well aware they were not but I have lost count of the number that claimed they were centre-left, centrists, centre-right or moderate right and every single time after a long period I would get them to explode and admit they was lying.

One even ranted at me when I said something wrong about socialism and Karl Marx and actually said “You are a moron, you know nothing about socialism or Marxism, I own Das Kapital by Karl Marx and other books”. Only people hard-left would even read these books, let alone own them.

My answer to this was “Yeah I do not care, it was just another ploy you always fall for and now I know that you are a Marxist and so does everyone else”.

That was a British Biologist who not only ran away, got torn up on his own subject but also acquired personal information on me from a friend of his who worked for Age-UK.

Never did get from them what they promised and in the end Age-UK ignored me without doing the investigation they promised nor asking me what evidence I have.

Yeah this is child’s play to me and I used similar tricks on all the British Media back in 2012 and by that I mean every single one of them. Give them a little evidence but not the major things, explain what I had and wait.



In the actual interview Ivory Heckler tells James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and has recordings that she was fired for standing up against censorship, steered away from some science reports and towards others in a condescending tone by a fucking moron who is neither a Doctor or a Scientist and cannot do that is she wanted to.

She also explained how the narrative was always push-push-push Covid19 vaccines while at the same time ignored every story of every adverse side-effect said vaccines caused. Even heard, might have out link in last post, that the CDC were deleting reports from VAERS. The Vaccine Adverse Side Effect Reporting System.

This all literally reads like something from a disaster movie where it turns out every at the top is evil and like that character that only thinks about himself in the movie ‘2012’ only way more selfish, sinister and evil.

They even spoke to a crew of staff from Fox News which they play in the video along with recordings of conversations and they all admit it.

This is one of only two UK tabloids I have used to post stories but I have ripped both a new arsehole when their facts are wrong, slanted or omit key information or data.

Like Black, White and Yellow Fungus ALWAYS omitted when they are talking about the Indian variant of Covid19 ravaging the UK not even the G7 leaders seemed bothered about.

People really need to face facts. If mankind is willing to pick and choose from known liars what is true and what is not then its not only stupid but, if there are intelligent life-forms out there, does not deserve its place in the cosmos and no intelligence would want anything to do with this.

Been ignored, laughed at and scorned for years regarding my claims of ‘fake news’ I started years before Donald Trump stated it. Some joke he got it from me.

Well in the UK it is Andrew Neil who is the most admired and he left the BBC, started his own channel with others called GB News. Here is an opening monologue where he says he is going to ignore the bullshit in Westminster, be focused on us while going after the hard-left woke and cancel culture.

His ratings have been reported to have been far superior to both the BBC and Sky News and as a result there has been a meltdown from the hard-left on Twitter.

Because the song they sing was that we were in the minority and things would go there way and we will just have to get used to it. And this shows that yet again they are lying their asses off.

I spoke to two people I know who were totally unaware of this news channel and both want to look it up.

Here is a section on GB News where they call it Woke Watch and as promised they have gone after the Police that they now call social workers in uniforms and this ‘bend the knee’ culture and as I know Harry Redknapp has been on the show he does not agree with it.

The Game is Afoot!

This now all confirms the very last of my claims and predictions from years ago. My friends and family have seen many things I stated they thought I was losing the plot over turn out to be true.

This was the most bizarre to them but was the only thing that fitted to me .. think about it this way .. for a worldwide pandemic and a worldwide vaccine .. how could you POSSIBLY hope to cover shit up in one country, putting your own people in danger, when its in a long list of countries?

Was they just hoping to wait until people in other countries were all dead and then say ‘oh sorry we got it wrong, we only did it to save you, how was we to know?’ whereby I will be right there to say ‘well you were warned, ignored the laws, protocols and human rights .. so YOU DID KNOW .. now GO TO PRISON’.

To me its staggering what is going on right now. The reports I see are staggering as to the side-effects and I know there are far more out there we are not hearing about.

Whether one say we get a load of reports from some other nation and realise, because mathematically this will reveal cover ups, remains to be seen.

Will be be a European country? India? South Africa? One of the nations in South America?

Its like I am in some kind of crazy dream and at any moment I am going to wake up to realise it has all been a nightmare.

I am not seeing all these sets of scientific data, the news media is not acting like a Nazi fascist propaganda team while pushing vaccines they know are untested, harmful and potentially deadly on their own people. Also the socialists are not behaving just like fascists, pretending to be for the gays, Muslims, people of colour just so they can get in power and destroy everyone’s rights to a say or even voting once in?

Did you know it snowed in Cordoba Argentina recently for only the 7th time in 100 years?


Currently in mid-June its dropped to 15C in London and a cold blast is due to hit North America in a few days.

EDIT: Scientific Prediction Number 69 since January 2019 and this one was that they would be looking a lot closer at the Earth’s Core and start discovering things ..

I also took some time out and thought I would make a few memes along these lines and have around 60 or 70 to post out every now and then throughout 2021 .. the year I believe will have everyone turn on these amoral Cultural Marxists and their fascist attitudes towards all others not like them ..


Many years ago I predicted that in a decades time the world will be an insane place and those that knew me were aware that I did not lie, knew I knew a whole long list of subjects so just thought me insane.

Now and 7 to 10 years on they come to me, tell me how sorry they were and not just how right I was but how it has turned out to be far worse than my insane predictions.

What annoys me today is how I just did not catch on early enough as to what was going on.

Oh that is not to say that I would have convinced those around me but I may have been able to build up an audience whereby when they started to restrict and suppress me it would not have made much difference.

One professional friend to someone who turned out to be a YouTuber in a Diabetic Type 1 Clinic ..

“Oh I have got this friend who was going to make money three years ago and then it stopped and he has this mad idea that he is being suppressed and prevented form making any money”

What does he cover?”

Global Warming, politics, corruption, socialism and many other things”

Oh. Well I can assure you they are suppressing him and they have done this to me and I have lost £2,000 per month and many of my friends they have done the same thing to also”


I am guessing at this point he said something about how he was going to have to call me and apologise as he had been saying I was wrong for years. He did call me and apologize.

In the last few days while the science thread, or was supposed be be, I was on had leftists tweeting out nonsense about how Joe Biden becoming President has everyone happy and united and there are no problems and already better than Donald trump that had me post 20 screenshots of leftists rowing one said the following ..

Yeah your only doing this to make money and sell your blog”

While a comrade said ..

The increase in your blog is double of nothing and therefore worthless”

This was more or less from the exact same time and had nothing to do with either science nor politics.

So basically if you have no money you have no say .. this from leftists? Also if you have a say then you should not make money? Like CNN or MSNBC, Washington Post, Daily Mail or the BBC or anyone else?

These people spend every single day telling others how much they know about science and get it all wrong.

But now that they are lying and the only ones I have seen lying about how Biden’s presidency is going I am leaning towards another conclusion.

That these are shills for the ‘establishment’ or what most refer to as the ‘Deep State’.

Now the very idea seems preposterous because one of these people was 10 miles north or me and others scattered across Canada and the US, though I have way more from all these areas in agreement with me.

But then there are Americans living in other countries and with the right money you could buy almost anyone and get them to lie. Not me. But many people.

When I caught them and exposed them I said to my own side “Who does that? Why would you do that? Why would the leftists, who openly admit they hate Joe Biden too and Antifa rioted, goes on social media telling everyone that everything is fine when it is not?”

Oddly enough people say this lot are terrified of me and I have certainly been reported several thousand times on the same thread. Blocked now close to 100 times and muted by many dozens.

Sadly I was trying to get through to them that the left was manipulated and used and that in time once Joe Biden was in they would start disappearing and like everything else they would not have it.

In fact when you look at how many predictions I gave them over two years and they just continued to call me an idiot and a liar with every one I made out of 35 you start to wonder.

I myself get very impressed with others that get things right especially difficult things in science while these people who are a dumb as a bag of rocks, do not so much as twitch an eyelash.

I was trying to warn both sides and these people did not want me to. They still don’t despite the fact that various Antifa and Socialist groups as well as individuals like one called Graham and a progressive on YouTube who just got demonetized I heard about on Tim Pool.

They just used you to get in power and they know something that you do not which I also know and that is why there has been such a focus on me.

It really is not hard to narrow it down ..

Global Disturbance like never before.

Requires a global issue.

Which there are very few of.

That scientific data is now showing us is the case in at least one and maybe several things.

You simply cannot ignore scientific data and fantastical theories to look for little insignificant things to attribute to a global wide set of problems. That is madness.

And no it is not AGW it is something quite the opposite that has various other dangers attached all of which have been increasing and with reports and scientific studies.

I am centre-left and one of my best friends considered himself a socialist because he thought that is what you had to be, to be fair and he died slowly of cancer and I was the only one really looking after him.

He told me that he felt so sorry for me and that I was born way before my time and I will have so much trouble finding people on my level and he was right.

Tim Pool and Luke on how the billionaires have rigged everything including the news media to cheat you of money. There was a huge blizzard going on, many stores were unexpectedly closed and Ian actually stated something that impressed me and something I have waited for on a Tim Pool show ..

AGW is not real, it is all normal and he read something about it and now convinced. He mentions this was on the Utah Government website. Shocker.

Tim Pool says that the lying from the media about the silver squeeze was the most brazen of lies he had ever seen and had previously mentioned that NBC, CNBC, Washington Post, MSNBC, Daily Mail and Jimmy Kimmel were some that were in on it.

He uses a pretty good term for this “the veil has been shattered”

He also says Dogecoin was fake and its odd as my alarm bells went off when I saw both Dogecoin and Silver and told people to be careful in a tweet,

They are blaming Russia yet again.

They state that Wall Street forced Robinhood and others to shut down.

Tom Nash on Wall Street and them still manipulating the market

Steven Crowder is going to sue Facebook

Tucker Carlson on how troops are moving in Syria and how, after all these years, Joe Biden states that Iran is a week away from building a nuclear bomb.

He states “Well you know how this is going to end”

Troops and wall to remain in Washington DC which, when you think about it, sounds like even that would occur if you was either at war or expecting war right there at home or an end of the world scenario. Of the latter there are plenty to choose from and this blog has spoken about many in the last two years,

Carlson reports that if you ask them what they are doing there and why they are increasing you do not get an answer.

I have stated this all year ,, in fact likely longer. Others were stating something different in the first half of 2020 in that they cannot wait for it to end because, regardless of skin colour, its the worst year they have ever known.

Then as we got close to Christmas 2020 many were starting to say they had a really bad feeling about 2021. Even Pepsi had a poster on a Bus Stop saying “All I Want For Christmas is 2021” and I took a photo of it.

You see I was convinced it was going to get worse. When the Presidential Election fiasco unfolded I was convinced by Christmas it was going to get a lot worse a lot faster.

It is only the 2nd February as I type this and it is not only already worse but even Styxhexenhammer has stated that he has been proven right on this by the end of the first month.

People say to me that I said this would happen and I replied with “Yes but I thought it would take three to six months! Not four weeks!”

Have you ever seen a disaster movie? An comet or asteroid strike? Armageddon or Deep Impact or maybe something on the magnetic field failing like The Core? Or continental shift like ‘2012’ or an ice-age like The Day After Tomorrow? Maybe in gaming you played the Fallout series?

Did you ever talk to people after about whether that’s how things would play out in the event that the world was about to be turned upside down? Did you talk or even imagine other scenarios?

What is occurring now is occurring to varying degrees across most of the world as far as I can tell and does it seem similar to a scenario like the end of something or maybe the start of a world war?

People have told me, while I needed some serious help, that it wont last long, it will be OK before long while others promised help and then did not deliver. Had friends ask me why I was getting no help. One friend realising I was right all along repeatedly reminds me I need new computers and asks me regularly whether I have got any closer to this.

He also asks why no one has helped.

Everyone asks me why no one else has helped.

What the leftists do not know, who currently are lying and saying no one is falling out over Joe Biden anywhere and forced me to post screenshots of 8 arguments among the left, is this ..

I am convinced of what is coming, do not want to be right about this and keep hoping that I am wrong but I am very .. VERY concerned about this.

I like certain movies and was once looking forward to the next part and I literally do not think I will see many of them now.

I tell people I wonder if its even worth building a PC. But then I think in a few years money will likely be worthless anyway.

But of things like power went down and food was short I could not stay here and could not drag everything with me. Heavy and expensive electronic devices I might never get to power up again?

Then there is my health whereby having no magnesium will cause very severe problems and things are bad enough even with the magnesium levels at normal.

In the early stages of my global warming series and how this is false and its going to cool and fairly quickly, which is what I think all the madness has been about, I talked about the possibilities.

The possibilities of how people would react from the bottom of society to the top.

I find it funny that billionaires are doing a cash grab and that everyone else seems to as well and wonder if they realise that in a major collapse money becomes worthless?

Now to me and with what I know is going on in science the actions seem like part of a plan for the useless kings and queens to remain on their thrones after a collapse should there be one.

It does not really matter whether there is or if there is not and it does not matter what you, the reader, believes.

What matters is what the people in power think and how you think they would react even if they thought there was a remote possibility of the world being turned upside down.

For arguments sake if there as an asteroid going to strike, do you think they would tell you? Or do you think they would keep you working, react and talk in bizarre ways and do strange things up until the moment everyone saw that growing light in the sky and could not hide it any more?

With the increase in fireballs his could be the case but I think its because it is going to get very cold in a few years and we have already seen the signs now. Especially the Japanese and others across Asia.

It is also odd that I spent all of 2020 explaining that after this winter tie would have run out and of solar cycle 25 had not got started, and its four years late, that the cat would be out of the bag.

Well after a couple of spurts around September and then late November the sun then flat-line before a spurt for about a week and has now flat-lined again.

Yesterday I posted a screenshot that showed that the sun had just gone 6 consecutive days without spots and another site had oddly stopped counting two days earlier.

I did not predict this last year but I spoke of this as a possibility. In late 2019 I was told by global warming aficionados I was wrong because NASA and NOAA stated differently and I said I did not care.

They said that solar cycle 25 was about in October and it did not. They did not bat an eyelid when pointed out that it was already a couple of years late.

I said that the solar minimum would last until late Spring like June until October. They laughed and called me an idiot and a liar. These are people that claim to know science, do not forget.

Once again it went beyond June and then after a brief spurt prior to NASA holding a panel where they mentioned the Grand Solar Minimum twice but CO2 or AGW was not mentioned once, it flat-lined again for three weeks.

The reports from this panel was used to show to everyone that I was wrong and I said that if it flat-lined again they would look stupid. They showed graphs that showed that it was rising fast and tried to spin it that it was a fast rise and that my predicted number of 48 spots maximum would be proved wrong in weeks.

They are clueless and have no idea how to read a graph and it would take at least two years before my numbers could be proven wrong, possibly longer. They also used the wrong number and pointed to the wrong coloured lines on a solar cycle graph to show I was wrong. I was not.

It then flat-lined again for about 10 or 12 days.

Still I was told I was wrong.

So this battle with whatever these people are, NASA or government shills or hard-left Marxists thinking they can capitalise on AGW, has gone on since January 2019.

The argument about whether the solar cycle was about to start or not has gone on since November 2019.

So here we are in February 2021 when a solar cycle that lasts 11 years and is already four years late and we are currently at six consecutive days without spots. There are no bright regions anywhere on the sun that could be sunspots. So provided one does not pop up in just the right place they are saying that it could go another four or five days without an Earth facing sunspot.

So this could take us to another ten days. The idea of this going beyond 14 days is just insane in my view at this point in time. But then I thought that about the last ten day stretch.

So that is 16 months of the AGW people telling me I was wrong about the sun because NASA and NOAA said so and yet here we are.

We are in a solar minimum that has lasted three years. This has not occurred since the Little Ice Age period.

Also these people that argue also seem to think that a rise in sunspots means no Grand Solar Minimum, which is what they call it when two or more solar maximums are very low. Between 1648 and 1700 30 was about the highest it got as far as we know.

Oddly and shown with proof in an earlier post a NASA graph has the next solar maximum at 25 while NOAA has the following cycle at 10. The last was a record low at around 88.

If those figures are correct that is a Grand Solar Minimum.

But as soon as they see any sunspots these people cry ‘no grand solar minimum, you was wrong’ which is complete baloney.

These figures are widely known and easily checked and the point in rehashing them is this ..

Remember when I said how would those in power behave if they thought there was a possibility the proverbial was going to hit the fan?

In fact I spent several months telling people that if this solar cycle does not get seriously going by January 2021 a lot of already nervous scientists were going to get a lot more nervous.

The Little Ice Age was known as the Maunder Minimum and I can assure you that they spoke on the BBC about this being just like a Maunder Minimum back in 2014.

And its been 6 years of things looking a lot worse than they already looked.

I really do not see how NASA’s latest prediction of 110 sunspots in 2025 is going to be reached and unless things really get going in the next couple of months many scientists are going to realise its just not going to be possible.

Generally the longer it takes to get going the lower the next solar maximum will be and as the previous solar minimum was also a record breaker at 20 months followed by a solar max at 88 and this one is three years. Well you can imagine that this rule looks like it will hold true?

As half of 11 years is 5.5 years and its currently February 2021 even if you run from mid solar minimum this barely takes us to 2025.

Except the cycles have been getting longer which the American Astronomical Society predicted back in 2011. Have a video for this too. ‘The Solar Prediction’. In fact from the peak of cycle 23 to the peak of cycle 24 the time was around 13.7 years, give or take.

Half of that is 6.75+. But if it is still getting longer and when you consider that the solar minimum is now 16 months longer then the last is this figure now closer to 7.2 years?

Following that rule then solar maximum of solar cycle 25 will not be reached until 2026 or 2027?

Yeah so would it surprise you to be told that it was supposed to arrive this year?

NASA predicted solar maximum of cycle 24 to arrive in 2010-11 and adding 11 years onto that puts it at 2021-22. Unless the sun does something we have never seen before, solar maximum will not arrive even by 2024.

And each time we get a stretch of consecutive days without sunspots this gets pushed further forwards in time and that is something NASA has long since gotten used to doing with cycle 24.

So yes if you want something that has gotten the powerful spooked this is it and this can be checked and with the right solar viewing telescope you can see for yourself.

So rather like my approaching comet analogy this cannot be hidden forever.

This is why you have been hearing about CO2, to make you think it wont get cold and icy. Plus they can make money from taxes. Used to save their own asses and remain in charge, no doubt?

Its why you are hearing complete nonsense about La Nina dropping the global temps down. And a warmer world produces more moisture and that is why you have all this snow.

They are just treating everyone like fools, causing as much distraction as they possibly can and everywhere they can so they can kick the can a but further down the road as long as they can.

I would suggest that building a wall in Washington DC tends to show they think they are almost out of time, no?

Geological time-scales. They can be a real beyatch.

Now while writing this prediction number 35, that I am aware of, of mine has emerged as I stated they would look further and further into the Little Ice Age or the Maunder Minimum.

The University of Bristol in the UK transcribed a book you are not allowed to touch because its, well 300 years old and fragile.

They hand transcribed the book and it talks about crazy weather and unseasonal freezes, tempests, floods, droughts and crop failures.

It sounds like a a lot of the flip-flopping I predicted back in January 2019 I said would continue until 2022 to 2023 and while we are now seeing this across the world in every continent the Sun has been behaving the exact same was from 2008 to 2030 that it did back then.

It is very spooky despite the fact I fully expected all of this.

There is a theory of mine also slowly emerging in that everything is in upheaval and this even affects us. Behaviour and other areas and my health has turned to shit and everyone I know has been behaving out of character since November and all occurred at the same time.

People that called me at least four times a week have not called me four times in 10 weeks.


Now desperate the AGW Hard-Left pushers are now blaming record cold and snow global on a circulation or oscillation of water in the Pacific Ocean known as the El Nino Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, and namely the La Nina end of it.

A circulation of water caused record cold and global temperatures to drop. So that’s cold water rising and so seas surface temperatures dropping causing the cold.

This they argued over several weeks while when it switched to the snow reports I was posting they were getting very angry about while arguing about the climate they would then get condescending again and state that the reason there was so much snow was because of warm sea water temperatures and evaporation.

So lets just go over their arguments ..

  • Record Cold and two month drop in Global Temps was over colder water and La Nina

  • Record Cold and snow at the same time was caused by warmer water three years into a solar minimum we have not seen in 300 years

  • La Nina was not in effect a year ago when there was another two month drop

  • AGW Climate Change is real because water evaporates

  • They call me an idiot and science illiterate because I do not understand these basics

Now think about that.

The people that push this are always hard-left and I am not going to say anything for about a month but the climate groups I have been looking at all around the globe while I look for people to talk to ..

  • Around 80% of them stopped posting between October 2019 or earlier and November 2020

  • Those that still post is mostly on hard-left politics with words like ‘solidarity’

  • Greta Thunberg posted something about farmer’s protests in India then angered many Indians that attacked her and celebrity Rhianna that led to Greta, or rather the people behind her Twitter account, to delete her tweet

So the hard-left have lured people in, thought they were so superior to all others that lying to them and manipulating them is perfectly fine.

Donald Trump was bad and Joe Biden and Hairy Harris, the latter who kept innocent people locked up to use them to fight fires for free, were angels.

And since they had their way and Biden become President .. people have seen ..

  • Allegations and videos about elections fraud

  • Feminists angered over trans people competing in women’s sports

  • Students double-crossed

  • People with mortgages double-crossed

  • Broken promises on no fracking

  • Cancels pipeline and jobs lost .. an oil pipeline pleasing hard-left

  • Reports of troops moving to oil fields in Middle-East (but cancelled pipeline?)

  • Record number of executive orders

  • Rushes to re-sign the Paris Agreement though

  • Stock Market, WallStreetBets and Hedge Funds with MSM lying to protect billionaires

  • Leftists falling out and at war, many being called far-right now, all over Twitter that the group that targets me lied and said was not happening anywhere

  • So my group now sounding like what they call Deep State or Establishment shills

  • AOC caught lying about her life being in danger and being in the capitol building the the MSM lying once again to protect her

  • Claims Iran will have a nuclear weapon within a couple of weeks like they plan to invade Iran

  • Bank of America breaking the law handing over customer data

  • Rights being taken away

  • After MSM caught lying in ever increasing amounts Time Magazine runs an article admitting that the Democrats changed the election rules to cheat the election and called it a good thing that has YouTube channels and everyone everywhere getting angry and calling for an investigation they are obviously not going to get

What about that last one?

Yeah this literally came out just recently before I finished this.


So Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20th 2021 and it is February the 6th 2021 so its been 17 days and just a few days ago I asked others “What is it going to happen between now and the end of February?!”

Its literally like living in several episodes of The Twilight Zone all at once or several disaster movies all at once.

I am very genuinely worried about several things that, for me, are inevitable and is seriously affecting my decisions to do things.

There are things I need to but to do things to help me work and make money and I very, very genuinely am asking myself if it is worth it at all at this point.

I am genuinely concerned and I have these far-left fascists online that lie about science, lie about politics, lie about the facts and even lie about their lies while in between being condescending and even acting friendly at times to convince me of things that are not true.

Meanwhile was have had an earthquake swarm in Granada Spain and a second one in the Canary Islands in last few months at a volcano that could cause a mega-tsunami to hit Florida and up the coast of the US.

We have also had forecasts that in the US and Europe its going to drop massively in temperatures and the Express tabloid in the UK has issued a red weather warning for snow that even covers London for the 7th February 2021.

So we could see a third global drop in temps which would be the first time this has ever happened on record and reports that show that statements about hottest years ever is complete and utter lies.

To give you an example of this I am on first name and friendly terms with a Turkish man who owns a local store.

Yesterday he shows me pictures of a road burying in like close to 10 metres of snow and a JCB digger with its arm at full stretch to reach the top.

He tells me that they have never seen anything like it and that people are now saying that AGW is not real.

He is also saying that people are saying that American big tech companies are trying to control and manipulate people across the world.

Telling people on Twitter these random hard-left liars who have been caught out hundreds of times then go into a frenzy .. call me stupid for believing some random Turkish guy.

They then do a check and say there is no snow in Turkey and that I am lying.

Just as I usually do I poke them and poke then to tweet more and say more and also allow them all the time required to check.

Then I post a Turkish website with s story about the snow from around the 20th January while pointing out how it is funny that they find things that they think back them up really easily but can never find any of the reports I mention.

There argument was changed to “That was three weeks ago, meh”

Bearing in mind I had posted several times recently a report that the whole of Europe including Turkey was going to go into a deep freeze for the next 3 weeks until the end of February.

Which looks very much like there could be a three month drop in global temperatures.

Which would also mean if it occurs and runs until the end of February that the month of March is also going to have a very cold start to it, and maybe very snowy start to it too?

Which could have us facing the possibility of a fourth month of dropping global temperatures?

When after summer snow in New Zealand and rare snow in Australia in their last winter, they are now heading into their autumn with unusual weather reports.

So a shed load of record cold and snow cold be soon followed by another load of record cold and snow in South America (already below average for a year), Australia (record snow), South Africa (below average last winter)?

Now can you imagine how this will appear to the masses after all the claims about hottest years ever?

And currently every other advert on TV in the UK seems to mention climate change or Covid and they seem to have managed to fill the entertainment industry and news media with absolute low IQ idiots across the board to spout this crap?

All pushed by the hard-left and Democrats for decades?

Now remember those walls the Democrats do not like but suddenly want to build one around Washington DC with a resident army to protect themselves?


Jack Prosobiec on Tim Pool’s show talking about the Time Magazine story of praising the cheating

Funny take on Game Stop and Hedge Funds if it was narrated by Morgan Freeman that had me in tears of laughter and at around 2 minutes 43 seconds a picture of a ‘neck-beard’ flashes up that is one of the people I stated I battled with, Swiss Antifa dude called Aanthanur I have posted shots of that got himself permanently suspended.

Ben Shapiro on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lying

Tim Pool on the mainstream news and fact-checkers like Snopes lying to protect AOC

Tim Pool, Lydia, Luke and Jack Murphy on AOC and how she lied about her life being threatened and how she does it for sympathy, likes and follows but like I said to AOC and her supporters

You do not get special privileges because you think you are superior .. lying and manipulating people is wrong. I then quoted Noam Chomsky that stated that everyone should do their absolute best at being the best person they can be.

Sorry but I have never liked AOC she seems very dishonest, evil and narcissistic.

How she is a politician and has followers is not only beyond me but makes me feel like that with that many morons out there mankind has truly had its day and heading for the end or that there is a scientific explanation going on to so many people acting like morons and/or out of character.

I will add that many people I have know for a long time and know well are most definitely acting out of character both online and off it.


They never made a point that the man they accused of lying and showing me a fake picture of snow was from Turkey .. apparently

And despite doing a search and allowing them 20 minutes they claimed THIS never happened ..


And absolutely no one on the left are falling out and now accusing each other of being ‘right-wing nut-jobs’ their favourite term for anyone disagreeing with them on anything

In other words anyone socialist or further left seem to be very good at finding things that help their agendas, twisting what they find to help their agendas while being very bad at even finding weather reports from anywhere in the world or articles that hurt their agendas


Well I came across something interesting.

Now I have stated for awhile now that you was never going to see anything big in the way of cheating and that all of the cheating is down to many different things.

A little here and a little there.

The idea being that most would go and detected and those that are? ‘Not enough to have altered anything’.

Heard that lately?

My concern was that they would pull this off so I spent a couple of years scaring the living bejesus out of them because despite the socialists losing badly in the UK they were absolutely convinced and telling everyone ..

1 Trump was going to lose

2 Change and Socialism was coming to everyone everywhere

This was telling.

I had two options with this ..

1 Decide they were utterly insane

2 Treat it as if they were privy to some plan

I get attacked for being a conspiracy theorist all the time. Well the fact of the matter is unless sou agree with the communist socialists you get called this. Its a defence, bullying and deflection tactic,

Outside their bubble and in reality you have the choice to either ignore the possibilities, which would make you naïve. Or prepare for the possibilities.

I started telling people 5 years ago that Google and YouTube were cheating on numbers, had lied to me and effectively turned me and millions of others into slaves. I was called mad by everyone.

Five years on and almost everyone realises it bar two naïve people. One a girlfriend of a friend who even himself now realises.

Many idiots annoy me .. they watch fake news and make their decisions whether there is fake news based on what fake news tells them.

Are you frikkin’ kidding me?!

Today others now realise all these has been allowed because morons who think themselves smart make decisions on things that’s hurting the country or the world based on a whim.

They do not do their research.

Many now talk about this on platforms like Twitter, Parler and others.

I sent someone a couple of videos I have included at the end I simply said

Watch these videos, then show her and the fake news and evidence debate will be at an end”

Of course it stands to reason that there have been many little plans that have gone on for many years designed to go unnoticed. In the early days with many years before the New World Order plan was revealed as The Great Reset plan had to be enforced.

I know it was coming and you can see going back years on my blog since the financial crash the figures, money and things stated did not add up. Something was not right.

Things should have collapsed. They did not. No one seemed to notice.

The other things that these evil people played upon were ..




Maybe they knew deep down most were amoral and selfish?

But I always found it odd that these people doing this are the ones we put up, supposed to work for us but have acted like entitled brats who did nothing but gamble for years and fuck it all up and get us into the mess we are in.

And then they thought the best idea was to lie to the masses o0f the world for years on end and then try to anger and divide us.

Well why actually get your hands dirty if you wanted to depopulate the planet when you can get the people to do this themselves and/or nature?

Claims like these a decade or more ago would have seems insane and had anyone put this to me . Well I would have to say 20 years ago I would have thought them insane.

But over time I kept seeing and hearing things that were weird. After 2007 it started to build up a bit faster. After 2014 it built up faster still and in the last couple years went into overdrive.

Look around the world at the trouble in countries, among the people, with animals and with Earth science events that are linked to a historically inactive Sun.

Cray times affecting the world need an equally crazy theory that affects the world equally.

There are very few of those on the list.

What also annoys me to no end is the people that gambled on this shit and made it worse and then thought it prudent to lie about it while taking your money while they made plans that would only ever served themselves.

Now then lets get into the meat and potatoes of this ..

Right after the election and with mass videos of irregularities and illegal, yeah .. illegal, things going on in the presidential elections I was somewhat surprised to see EVERYONE fire off immediately .. ‘there is no evidence’.


Wait .. WHAT?!

Their are countless rumours and reports coming in before they have even finished counting and a bunch of lying fake news outlets that do not do any on the grounds journalism any more all suddenly knew what was happening when the early reports were coming in and says before anyone said anything about ‘investigations’?

I roared with laughter and realised this was a knee-jerk reaction and they obviously knew .. or at least the people writing the scripts for them knew. Wherever they was coming from?

I have not overly concerned myself as to who is behind this or who writes these scripts and I likely will not be able to uncover this. But the top candidate is George Soros.

But anyone with an ounce of intelligence would know you can not do this with one big plan as they tend to get exposed rather easily.

You need lots and lots of little ones. In ..

  • Politics
  • News Media
  • Social Media
  • Entertainment

Now there are a couple of problems I have with capitalism but only in its current form and one of those is that you have allowed someone like George Soros to become so powerful who can ruin millions of lives.

Apparently he was supposed to have said when asked about it that he ‘knows that lives get turned up down when he meddles but I find it just so much fun’.

Have you tried the software titles of Sim City and Civilization?

Or did you just get bored with games like that and wanted to move up to the real thing?

Now right after I went t bed with Trump roaring away on his train I woke up to hear that Biden had far outpaced him on his boat. Now at first I thought I was still asleep and dreaming.

Yeah but I wasn’t.

And I knew that those allegations would come flooding in. I know the way number behave and hey do not behave like I was hearing. I knew that give it a day or two everyone would know except for the hard-left. Because with fascists they spend years insisting there is evidence when there is none but will now insist there is no evidence when its enough to sink the Titanic.

This is the scary part and I simply cannot have anything to do with socialists, fascists and anyone that dishonest and nasty. Sorry. I swore I would stop you by highlighting this as much as I can and getting it as far and wide as I can. Unfortunately despite the high praise I just never got far enough.

Well thus far.

This is about censorship and you need a lot of help to get around the slave drivers pretending to be about the people, lives and animals. They are not and they demonstrate this repeatedly.

So it was like a day after the election I saw someone on the Australian version of Sky News about the election ‘result’ and gave it a listen only to hear this prat .. talking up Joe Biden and claiming here is no evidence. Well how the FUCK would you know this you utter idiot? Its been 48 hours, come back in TWO WEEKS!

When I looked down it was being disliked to hell and back. Like over ten to one.

I then looked at the Biden speech and that was the same.

Anything to do with Biden winning I looked at was very much disliked and I took a couple of screenshots and posted this at leftists who claimed the whole world was happy to see him gone and were celebrating. “Umm .. now I do not think so!”

So I was talking about this and then had an idea and told others I was going to go around the worlds and look at the dislike ratios to see if a pattern emerges and off I went.

Yeaaaaah .. about that?

They were gone!!

No. Listen to me .. they were GONE!

Did searches and all YouTube would allow me to look at was the usual suspects which only have morons and hard-left watch them. The big names on both sides of the pond. Curiously the numbers of likes and dislikes were not very much and always went in the hard-left’s favour.

I did find one that was split 50/50 with 20,000 clicks.

What I also found is that when I tried to do a location search YouTube told me there weren’t any so that’s no videos from anywhere in the world about Joe Biden winning? With the hard-left telling everyone the whole world was celebrating? Yeah right.

So I was a bit .. creative with my searched and found some but still the numbers did not make sense.

How was it that within 24 hours or so everything was being disliked and that at the last minute and just like Joe Biden’s magical surges that only went in his favour, like the software glitches, homeless, dead people, zombies, twins to quintuplets, zombies and dogs that voted?

Yeah the alarm bells were ringing like Big Ben and then some.

So I then decided to find the one I had originally seen so I searched ‘Sky News Australia Joe Biden Speech’ and guess what happened?

I got videos from all around the world with like/dislike rations mainly in Biden’s favour including Sky News in the UK but the actual Sky News Australia ones failed to appear.

They are burying even the news giants that do not say what they want people to hear.

Now oddly I had noticed a change in YouTube a few months ago and I should have foreseen that this was something to do with the upcoming election. Failed again.

The lots of little things, you see.

Everyone now that looks sees the ratios and thinks that the majority thinks like this and this alters their opinions as they want to fit in with the crowd.

A non-existent crows fabricated by those that control the media. Yes the hard-left would scream ‘conspiracy theory’ over this one where I will only and up posting this ..

“He who control the media controls the minds of the public” – Noam Chomsky

Now I like using quotes against them from famous people and scientists and this is something the hard-left do not do. Only the rare occasion and I would utterly destroy them so now they do not bother.

Feynman, Dyson, Doyle and others are all used.

Noam Chomsky just happens to be a Marxist lecturer and seen as a deity by the left .. except not only have they ignored even him they have also attacked him. Did their cancel culture on him or something or the other.

You can also look up the Jacobean who are socialists and they have done articles about this fringe group of nutters.

Well at least I am sure this is what they want everyone to think.

Because I am convinced these are either CCP or Democrats that are not socialist and only out to destroy socialism so that Joe Biden can kick them out?

The only other option is that they are CCP and doing this to help Joe Biden get in so they can bring in socialism because the shit is going to hit the fan with GSM and due to the powerful that think they are God’s gift, we owe China too much money?

Turning us into a socialist country effectively turns the nation into slaves, no you are not all going to be driving around in free Ferraris. If your forced into underpaid work then you can be used by those that created this mess to pay of the debts they built up.

Plus the bonus is they get to stay in power and morons on the left get to help the do it. Win-win!

Now then there is likely to one at least one if not two blow-outs over the next five years that have the potential to change the world of many people.

My advice would be this ..

‘After the dust has settled and the bodies stopped falling, be wary of anyone that emerges out of the ashes wanting to be leader or leaders and miraculously bearing gifts’

If someone suddenly emerges and has food, medicine, an underground city .. boat yadda yadda yadda .. ask yourself this .. how did they get them and WHY?!

Well if this was or indeed is their plan I think I just flocked it?!

This plan for The Great Reset was created by people as dumb as fuck who thought that they could lie to the people for years, created the mess in the first instance, think everyone in stheir ersonal playthings, servants and slaves and then step up and say .. ‘yeah we are in charge now and y’all do as you are told’.

I think not.

Personally I would rather die. While fighting.

Now then here are all the screen-shots I took during my search for those news pieces on Sky News Australia,

Barack Obama apparently said that the Internet is the biggest threat to free democracy Being able to say more and what you say go further is .. threatening free speech?

Think about this for a moment .. the party that the majority of the world knows has been up to no good, started wars, caused deaths, linked to paedophilia and now cheating in an election thinks that you should be censored. Who benefits form this? You?

If you think that you do and even if your on the hard-left then you are a fool. You are being manipulated and used. And I am centre-left despite the hard-left wanting to label anyone that gets in their way ‘far-right’.

If you decide that free speech should be limited then where exactly where you draw the line? When it affects you personally?

And what if you realise that when it does it has gone too far down the line for anyone to be able to stop without a civil war?

Now then what I noticed when things were first coming up in the first day or two before they changed it at some point ..


During my time battling the hard-left who I now tell others and they agree are not actually hard-left and are shills for some group.

I have also discovered that they use and abuse something called the ‘Philosophy of Science’ about a year back. One, before disappearing thinking he was the smartest on a very large thread, mentioned Karl Popper which was ironic because these people were insisting science be decided by a leftist committee when Popper was the one that came up with the scientific method.

Now then .. I have always stated that I would likely have linked a lot more than I have already had I ..

1. Gone on Twitter a couple of years earlier2. Not had scientific data somehow not pop up on my radar for a whole decade3. Not spent the last 23 months arguing with lying, manipulating top level Antifa on a couple of very large couple of threads on Twitter

I would have around 50,000 to 100,000 followers had I not done this.
I would have a lot more blog posts had I not done this.

But what I did do in looking to prove my case every time with links, as well as destroying their arguments and links with science, is uncover a few things.

Last night I did this again after finding it peculiar that this who hard-left, Antifa, shill push was very heavily reliant on cherry-picking from Karl Popper and the Philosophy of Science.

Now then the Puppeteer in all this, is often alleged to be George Soros and the fact that the evidence is monumental and you are banned from mentioning him even on Fox News now seems to make him look like the one.

So would it surprise you to discover that he knew of Karl Popper and lauded him? Even this ‘Open Society’ is mentioned.


It should be noted that I pass by the London School of Economics in my travels and I spotted a picture of Karl Popper among others nearby.

I stopped and looked and it was weird because the LSE made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as I thought about what they teach and what has occurred the last decade or so.


 I have waited a very, very long time to find the final piece of my particular jigsaw.

It was a theory I came up with some time ago now and talked to many about despite knowingly and admitting to others that I did not have all the facts nor all the pieces.

I was spurned by those I know and knowing I was not a liar, they was drawn to the conclusion that I was losing my mind. Not stark raving mad, just quietly and slowly losing it.

I was also involved with events and organisations they also thought was mad. However, they were shocked to find out than when I revealed these details these were events that had gone of several months before. Because WHEN they were occurring and due to the dangerous sensitive nature of these events I simply could not tell.

Not only could knowing put those I told in danger but also if they talked about these things on social media they could be found out. And I had a plan and I did not want it to fail.

Those on social media now realise that I do not like getting things wrong and I do not like losing and sometimes I wonder when they talk about me that they are relieved I am on their side .. or the side of truth. As well as thankful I am not an evil genius.

Yeah I hate evil geniuses.

Details of this event, and one of very many, can be found with a recording in the post titled ‘Country of the Damned’.

The bizarre thing is that there were a few things going on kind of lumped into two different groups, one natural and one .. let us call it political.

After awhile as the two things kept going I started to think how weird this was and leant weight to the phrase ‘the whole world has gone mad’.

Then I saw some scientific data in January 2019 that led me to ask questions about possible links only to go and check, find this had changed too which led me to another link, the same result and so it went on.

These are sets of data that are not merely unprecedented in modern times but also things that occur over long geological time-scales and sometimes very long indeed.

These time-scales can be from 100 years, to 370 years and others likely a lot longer and some we do not have enough records and data on to even say.

Now think about this for a moment. Even going to our parents to our great grandparents lives we, personally, only know very little and in a finite period. Some records really only go back to 1650 odd and even that has question marks.

For example how these things were done back in the day, what was used, what could be measured or seen and were things classed back then as they are today?

Scientists from each field would admit that we know not very much or very, very little of any goven subject.

Indeed and to varying degrees if you actually look you will find a very long list of things that were accepted to be the case for years, decades even and claimed by scientist after scientist in the mainstream news or documentaries that ‘this is definitely how it is’.

This has disappointed me for years. On social media I call this #SimonSays which I also apply to those that immediately reject any science without the authority to do so because it goes against something they desperately want to be true which serves to help their agendas.

That would be man-made global warming or AGW. Until very recently it was the one thing the hard-left had.

In recent imes they have invented more and I have literally watched this unfold and up close with some and from afar with others.

Added to these unprecedented and record things, like Covid which I predicted, though for 2023-4, which at first appeared bad, I gave out dire predictions and run a series on here up top 6 parts and then stopped.

One of the things that scares the hell out of the hard-left is that they lie and they cannot catch me out doing this. It is a much talked about thing. In fact they are so desperate that they have to lie that they caught me lying and get told by others that they have never once done this.

Now I assume that these naïve fools think, or been brainwashed, that the right-wing also lie, which in all honesty in my experience I have not seen.

Mistakes are mistakes but lies have to be intentional.

Therein lies another problem they have as they immediately jump pn everything in the hard-left and scream ‘lie’. Also I get accused of being right-wing.

Bombshell alert. I am not.

Might as well point out that I have not voted for the right or the left. Indeed the only two times I voted was for Nigel Farage I spent a lot of time telling others about.

For the reasons why you can find the main reason for this in my previously mentioned blog post.

For years, as have others, we can not tell the difference between the parties and I have stated to friends with nodding agreements back, that they are all the same and it is all a charade.

I fought long and hard to get the Conservatives in who I had disliked for years.

This was because I had realised that an evern bigger evil that has directly affected my own life with both my daughter AND my grandchildren came fro the Jeremy Corbyn’s of this world.

I realised they were in no way shape or form the humanitarians they claimed to be and in their desperate attempt to grab the power they desire and will stop at nothing to get they dided with evil people and then treated victims like dogs.

No. This is not a gues, wild speculation or conspiracy theories and they really did and still are leaving their own for dead to gain an alliance with others that they will, in turn, screw over if they ever get power and f*cked with my life for decades while leaving me in pain.

The one thing that they did not want happening was me, of all people, realising who was really to blame and why.

Except I did.

I also started piecing things together and despite losing everything, home, car business and experts claim around £250,000 and my daughter £1 Million (was a court case until someone screwed it), I continued on.

Oh I have had to endure oh so much to do this.

But over my cold dead body would I ever stop. They had every chance to change this but they decided no to.

This made me dig my heels in, once getting past various periods of living hell, and back I would come.

I changed tactics, to draw attention and traffic to a blog that had been frozen revenue wise since 2016 because of what I was saying and what I was capable of.

Now I had hoped and prayed for some help, as has my daughter mainly for it to stop for me but in the hope she can get her father back, but it never came.

Its been infuriating that on the left money seems to fly around all over the place for those willing to lie, now we are heading to the crux of what this is about. But I wont sell my soul at any price.

Do not agree with corruption, socialism or this stupid dream of internationalism that morons trying hard to pretend they are intellectuals believe.

Now when this form of socialism popped up for the first tim,e not only had I never heard of it I thought it must be some kind of joke.

Trouble with socialists is like that of Jehovah’s Witnesses or at least hwo they was when I had a best friend at school who was one.

He would show me pictures of little girls walking among nature with their arms over the shoulder of a full on bad-ass Tiger.

“Wait so you saying that eventually this is what it will be like? You can walk down a path with a Tiger like a pet when you are small enough to be swallowed whole? If you have it like that what would be the point of being a Tiger? It has no hands”

Conversations went on like this for like 5 years at secondary school.

Now two things must be pointed out, I was an animal expert even back then as my father was an animal expert and worked in the laboratory department for the same school. Later setup up by the BBC over animals which caused his death.

Also it should be pointed out that my values are for honesty and truth and that despite the fact I am not religious not only do many values line up with them .. but they also give me names.

For instance after I started writing this blog Jehovah’s Witnesses locally nicknamed me ‘The Messenger’ and the title, I was told, was often used at the local Kingdom Hall.

Another one I net form a different Christian religion called me ‘Warrior of God’ and I told him he was barking up the wrong tree.

I digress.

Now than at then same time that all this scientific data was emerging from what seemed like every possible angle that had my head spinning .. there was the other madness going on in the world.

This .. polarization.

Before long I was getting into really rough battles on Twitter that I simply could not believe.

I had gave in and decided to use it to drive more traffic to my blog to get around this censorship attempt by freezing my revenue.

Being honest, factual as well as scientific I was convinced from the early days that it would only take a couple of years and it would go viral. It did not happen and I started to ask myself why this was. Now I know.

Some truths are not OK.

Some lies are OK.

While on Twitter I started to see things from this ‘hard-left’ that were spiteful, nasty, evil, violent and 95% of the time simply a lie.

Then I got friendly with a Jewish lady, have many of those, who showed me a tweet from one where they wanted to hang her children in front of her. Wish I was lying. From the people calling everyone else Nazis who I soon relaised were not only anti-Semitic themselves but actually best friends with the people that want to murder all the Jews themselves and everyone else.

They also happen to be the same people, or one group, that not only ruined my life abut got help from the British Government to do this.

Now this, for those that have been coming here awhile, might seem far-fetched. Well if you have not heard the recording in the aforementioned post.

But the government just handed over a four bedroom house in a river side setting in a beautiful village in the countryside. To my daughter. Who told me along with her friends this will never happen.

They fully furnished it. They said that would never happen either and told me in 2017 they do not have 4 bedroom houses.

My daughter is in shock. She moved in a couple of days who and I have remained quiet about this and am awaiting a phone-call just to find out if she is, indeed, in. She feared Covid would prevent her from moving into the property.

Sound good?

Well no. It is, at the end of the day, a council owned house.

The British Government owe her around £1 Million to £2 Million.

Yeah I worked for solicitors who were friends and I spoke to my own experts regarding our case each of which jaws dropped open upon hearing the story ..

“Have you .. ANY IDEA of how much this case is worth?”

Do not even get me started on the media agents.

My daughter and her friends, like mine in London, thought the same as my own friends and family and that I mentioned earlier. I was wrong or mad.

“No, they would not do things like that”

“No they cannot do that, they swear a Hippocratic Oath”

“No that is insane it wont get that bad”

Today I have a string of apologies form people saying

“It is actually [BLEEPING] worse than you predicted!”

Yeah. Noticed.

Also noticed and mentioned before is that these hard-left promoting socialism and are the same people promoting AGW claim to be into this and the science and but repeatedly demonstrated they know very little about science and acknowledge nothing.

Now they were believed to be westerners but I have shown this so so much that know everyone thinks they are CCP agents. Agents of Xi Jinping.

In fact when they was first accused they all started singing the praises of the CCP and China and a new name popped up with a white Canadian in his photo who also had things on his profile.

They claimed they were winning.

Profile of people talking like far-left who had followers in two digits to around 1,800 at best. But they are winning. And they told this to someone who had amassed 15,000 followers in just a few years. It is funny how numbers work differently to how they think. As does science.

Then there was this Presidential Election 2020. Hooooo boy.

Well we knew cheating would be involved.

So then what could be done about this? Well I was always pretty good at getting my predictions accurate, mostly in science but was becoming good with politics.

So after seeing the first data I wrote a piece, after looking at every angle, titles ‘Magnetic Pole Reversal’ decided this would be part one and with each piece showed where I went next on the path from seismology to volcanism and astrophysics and beyond.

So throughout 2019 I was on this thread arguing with people who were flat-out lying, built up a reputation by getting a record number of blocks, over 80 I know of. Got blocked by Professor Brian Cox and Michael Mann purely for pointing out their errors. Got blocked by Rob Honeycutt and Professor Katherine Hayhoe by reputation only. And others.

Now it should be pointed out that Geologist YouTuber Potholder54, who is baised and far-left leaning as well as disingenuous, told me that an account on Twitter of the same name that the CPP praisers claimed was him, was not him. This Twitter account also lost and blocked me.

Now remember this. Someone claiming to me Potholder who was telling people is a climate scientist, it is not yet a science technically, claimed he did not use Twitter.

That was what he said and I have a screenshot of that.

Now what would you think if I told you he knew Rob Honeycutt of one of the lying scientific sites promoting AGW? I found an article where Honeycutt praises Potholder for being unbiased?

I guess he did not see the three or four videos I watched?

And remember Rob Honeycutt blocked me when I have never been on the same thread as him. Ever.

I would also wager that Potholder also knows Professor Katherine Hayhoe who had also blocked me and when others asked what I had said to her I said “Nothing. I have never been on the same thread as her so not sure how she blocked me. Can only be by reputation.”

Now here is where .. you might raise an eyebrow because already it could be argued that Potholder lied and that account was indeed his. By which case he has been lying on it. Have screnshots of this too.

Potholder on YouTube does not know my Twitter account name.

But he is friends with Rob Honeycutt who blocked me without even being on the same thread as me .. EVER!

Did they get my name form the fairies at the bottom of their gardens?

Certainly have not got it from this blog as, as they like to remind me, be sracastic about and take the absolute piss as if it is a win.

“No one goes to your crappy crank blog as everyone knows you are nuts”

That is one of the more tamer lies.

Now you can imagine that with my daughter pateintly waiting for me to get help .. that being praised, called the King and everyone telling me they need me around and one of the best of not the best at what I do .. its frustrating that not at a single time have I been offered help.

You would think that they way people talk about me with each other that ..

  1. I had millions to my blogs each month
  2. Prominent YouTubers talk about me and I would see my viewership rise

Any idea how many others I have promoted on my blogs?

Any idea how many YouTubers and others I have promoted on social media?

Some that talk to me simply, well NOW, do not get it. They really think the world has gone mad and do not understand how I have not got ten to a hundred times the viewers that I have.

Is it people not helping? Or is someone blocking or hiding the reposts or links?

I am not just on Twitter. I am on a total of four that work like Twitter does and each and every one of them had had strange redesigns where they look alike now. Also a few habve had follower numbers suddenly DROP out of the blue and then only rise slowly.

At the rate it rose in the first year and the way these things are designed to work I should have 50,000 followers plus by now just across those four platforms.

Got over 10,000 in the first year.

Then I started battling ti build up my reputation while doing the right and honest things and this took two years. My followers went up by only another 5,000 or less while my reputation seemingly went through the roof.

Now I have touched upon this before.

However two people came on recently and one started following me and chatting to me via DM and THEY offered to help.

They also stated that this blog was out of this world.

They also stated that it was obviously being suppressed ans should have a lot more viewers than it does.

They said that I was something along the lines of legendary.

They said that they was going to help. Nice to hear but this has happened so many times even my daughter is bored with hearing it.

Did I mention that they was one of the founder members of Anonymous?

I told then that they approached me years ago to write an article and said they would pay me and while they go their article IO never got paid.

They said they were not susprised and it is no longer the ogranisation they knew and it made them furious.

I told them I had noticed this and had warned them but got no response.

It would appear that some groups believe they have the God given right to act like inhuman morons and demonic like beings?

And each time its ‘but everyone else are the bad guys’.

‘Two wrongs do not make a right’. Learnt that one as a child. What do they teach people in school and universities today?

Each one of these posts I think maybe this time it will take off enough to make a difference? Maybe this time it will reach the right person to make a difference? Maybe this time by ad revenue will unfreeze? A lot of maybes and a need to escape my hell and replace my equipment.

Oddly for a bunch of people always going on about money they sure do think that things can just be done for free.

Thought about posting my Patreon account but the issue is here are the links and the hard-left will Sargon of Akkad me.

I should really set something up with Subscribe Star but I wondered if that would just go the same way?

Been told for 3 years it will all end soon and I am still waiting.

And then there was that election.

Where it went nuts.

Well so yeah I made a load of predictions that throughout 2020 all came true bar a couple. None have actually failed. Of the two that are yet to come ..

  1. A Grand Solar Minimum will be announced, kinda sorta has
  2. 2020 is the last year the hard-left have as by 2021 it will all be over when GSM is realised

Now then ..

What do you supposed went through their heads as they watched each and every prediction come true?

Oh on each occasion they tried vbery hard to wist things to claim I was wrong.

In July it was claimed that I had stated that we would be in an ice-age by now. And of course I never said that, only ever said it will get colder for 7 years and then 20 years plus when my prediction for solar minimum lasting until October panned out.

I, of course, asked him to produce the tweet and also, of course, it was not produced.

But they are into the science. Apparently.

Yeah so we knew they was going to cheat. And these were high level Antifa. And two years is a long time to bat at something for 99,5% of that time.

Do you think as they were all talking to each other on the lefty grape-vine they were getting edgier and edgier? Do you think that as the Presidential Elections got closer they were starting to panic?

Is it reasonable to assume that this would result in them becoming sooo fearful that they would attempt to cheat in many ways, in may areas and so over the top it would become obvious very quickly?

They thought my goal was to help Trump.

My goal was one of duty, truth and above all .. REVENGE! Justice, you might say and I do not like losing.

Then all the reports and interviews and details along with affidavits and lawsuits came flooding in and even more so than I imagined. It has been like a Tsunami and I wonder if and when it will ever stop?

What are the hard left doing and saying?

  • Wanted countless impeachments and Trump gone despite no evidence
  • Spent 48 hours and still are insisting there is no evidence of fraud
  • Having a mass meltdowns
  • Incident of Poll watchers being refsed to watch the ballot count
  • This included one registered Democrat in one interview
  • This involved three Republican women in another let in after 10 hours which at ths point was useless
  • Vans and trucks turning up with ballots after a point when they should not
  • USPS worker accounts of postmasters rigging voting
  • Software Glitch that happened to go in joe Biden’s favour
  • Software called ‘Dominion’ the exact word I have accused the hard-left of longing for
  • Late surges that see Biden leap-frog a big lead by Trump
  • Tens of thousands of deceased people voting for Biden
  • 350,000 compromised ballots that I was told went up to 900,000
  • Affidavits, affidavits affadavits which was at thirty something and I heard ninety something at one point

I started to wonder what you were going to hear, before this ie even slowed down, from the likes of ..

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Styxhexenhammer
  • Tim Pool
  • Count Dankula
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • The Quartering
  • Alex Jones
  • Joe Rogan

But no none of all that ever happened according to the hard-left and it is all false .. ALL OF IT.

These are the people that spent years insisting there was evidence for impeachment when there was not. I do hope many realised this?

These people are nmot only dangerously insane they are also criminally insane and the only thing that makes any sense would be that if 80% of these people were agents from elsewhere. Like China, for instance.

Now believe me if that interests you or anything else that is coming. Fifty thousand of them are coming. In fact already here. Well .. over there. Likely here too.

In time ..

And then there are the smaller guys talking about these Earth events like ..

  • David Dubyne
  • Jake and Mari of GSM News
  • Daimond Dave of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project
  • Ice Age Farmer

And then there are all the fake news media who were literally declaring Joe Biden as President Elect when he is not and nor is it there job to do so.

Then I noticed after Boris Johnson had congratulated Biden, prematurely, they they both had the same message to the people ..

‘Build Back Better’

Now I have stated on this very blog for years thjat there seems to be some group effort that stretches far and wide of something going on and that the people are bing misled.

They have also been cheated out of their hard earned wages.

I did not care what the hard-left wanted to label it is as the term does not mean what they imply and nor does the term prove anything just because they used it.

You have fact. And you have fiction.

You have truth. And you have lies.

You have science. And you have Pseudoscience.

And then you have a large number of people willing to abuse all those as well as maths while ignoring history because they think they can get something out of it. Money or power os some other perverse ‘turn-on’ from it.

It does not matter today where you look, certainly in the western world, it is completely and utterly insane. Globally.

It also matters not where you look in science .. it is utterly bonkers and very often unprecedented.

How can these two things be occurring at the same time? Could these be linked? Scientifically?

Maybe. Another ‘maybe’.

I had spoken previously about the Bees dying.

This occurred just prior to 2010 when there was a record long solar minimum.

Then I hard it come up again a few months ago during a second consecutive record breaking solar minimum.

Lack of sunspots leads to less crops, we have known this for hundreds of years.

This means less flowers then. Few flowers on all plants likely means that pesticides used they previously blamed that ends up in the nectar would become more concentrated. Reasonable to assume, a real possibility and the occurrences line up with the long solar minimums.

But what of the magnetic field?

We know it affects animals and they navigate by it. But we do not know how. There have been countless reports of animals turning up in strange places often thousands of miles away from home.

We also know that some people can detect or fel the magnetic field.

I have also had a suspicion that some very bad headaches I have been experiencing and my health condition of Fibromyalgia has been flaring up because of it.

Would it be influencing thought patterns and behaviours?

Once again you have a real scientific possibility that line up with two sets of unprecedented events.

Pattern recognition, of sorts, is what I am good at. So much so I had people years ago think I was psychic.

But this, however, does not explain it all.

Now I have talked about what I called Project Distraction.

That everything you see and hear is in fact a distraction. What I did not know is one of two things I have talked about as possibilities ..

  • Is this a unified plan from the elite or what they call globalists?
  • Is it what some believe that this is the elite at war with each other?

We re getting down to it now.

Now imagine its the second? What if there is indeed people influencing things?

Well as it turns out there is indeed what they think might be evidence emerged they are trying very hard to verify that would dwarf that of WikiLeaks.

Yeah you heard that right.

Now this needs to be verified and quite rightly they did not want to name any names but ..

  • 50,000 CCP spies in the USA
  • Politicians been compromised
  • Companies been compromised
  • Hollywood been compromised

Have you any idea what madness has gone in in Hollywood and how many people have been asking what in the world have they been doing to movies?

Why they have been intent for five years to ruin franchises and happy to lose money?

The possibilities are ..

  • All turned into a champagne socialist nut-job
  • For the idolisation of the woke crowd
  • For the money
  • For fear or because of bribery

Yeah this Trump Derangement Syndrome was way, way, WAY over the top and why it was given the name that it has.

In all honesty I thought it was a joke and the hashtag over the top but I soon discovered how wrong I was. Yes it does happen from time to time.

Oh and I am centre-left but I do not agree with socialism and I despise liars and fascists. Just so you know. The hard-left will tell you this is lies because I am not far-enough left. They love to lie like that and is a form of bullying by shaming to get people on side.

If you have enough idiots.

Now consider this .. The Great Reset?

I spoke about this only recently and I clearly stated that this was NOT planned since Covid and this was a plan that needed two decades in the planning.

Svalbard Seed Vault for a Doomsday everyone thinks is silly was done in the 1990’s and shortly after that things started to slowly go to shit.

By 2011 there was a video on YouTube you can still find and is on a previous post from the American Astronomical Society talking about a Grand Solar Minimum.

Forget about how old you are, forget about years, forget about what your daddy told you.

A series of events that only occur across giant geological time-scales all happening at the same time shortly after a Doomsday Vault was built which was shortly followed by the world descending into madness? Yeah right. Coincidence it is not.

Oh and I have not even touched upon my submarine volcano theory I have two parts on that will warm the water from below, create all the snow in rapid cooling events you might spot because sea creatures might die.

Oh and they have been dying.

And many hundreds of whales have died after beaching themselves from Australia to Spain and America.

And hundred of Sea Turtles have died each year.

Which the hard-left told me, and I have the screenshot, they dont give a shit about while claiming to save the world from man. Well if it not animals, saving it for who?

Are the hard-left being from another world like in The Day The Earth Stood Still or Knowing where they only want to save a select few .. that they never actually mention?

I should point out that as soon as I see all this data it become obvious to me that if this was going to happen that the bread baskets of the world would change.

I pointed out that places like Russia and China with all its people will likely become very nervous about losing the ability to produce enough food and might .. MOVE!

I also put the EU Army down to this, which they claimed there were no plans for later to be found out as being liars.

Its funny how trillions have vanished towards global warming and ye you have seen nothing but armies have been planned and put together.

Well it the rich and powerful suddenly got scared do you think they would worry about you or their own asses?

Where would they go to to survive?

Where would they need to go?

That depends on the question, how bad will it get?

Underground facility? Like a city or an old nuclear bunker? LHC would come in handy for that in Europe.

Large boats like in 2012 in case of a super volcanic eruption or they think there might be a continental shift event?

I mean if it was looking to be really bad some might want to live on a base on the Moon or even Mars, maybe? You might see after years of nothing a sudden interest in that? Could be a clue?

Maybe they might think nothing will happen in the UK and many Americans that are famous might start turning up and appearing in our TV adverts? Might? You never know.

But these guys looking into these documents look like they are doing an interesting and fabulous job, even IF his views of tabloids is a little .. well, off.

But what they are doing is ..

  • Looking at the ‘WHAT’
  • Not looking at the ‘WHY’

You will note at one point that they point out that this started building up in 2015.

Yeah that would be a year after a record low solar maximum after a record long solar minimum which has since been beaten when they first said

‘It is just like a Maunder Minimum’ and then saying ‘but we wont get any harsh winters because of all the CO2’

Which was followed by several years of harsh winters and people actually DYING. Yeah the video is in one of the parts and was on the BBC. ‘Why has the Sun Gone to Sleep’.

‘So many people demand the truth but wont see until they open their eyes and when they do, turn their tails and run as it is not the truth they are comfortable with’

Said that. Just now.

Nature has stunning levels of interconnectivity and only the amoral and those challenged would choose to ignore this fact”

I have also said that.

Those that refuse to be taught or unwilling to learn always have preconceived ideas of how the world is and how it should be”

And that.

What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It is what we know for sure that just ain’t so”

It was Mark Twain that said that.

Philosophy is about as useful to Science as Ornithology is to birds”

Richard Feynman said that.

If you thought the science was certain, well that is just an error on your part”

Richard Feynman also said that.

The true definition of madness is repeating the same action over and over hoping for a different result”

The hard-left seem to be unaware Albert Einstein said that.

You are unlikely to cure the stupidity of the person with whom you are talking, but you never know who is listening who will here you truth”

Howell Woltz and another that the hard-left are completely oblivious to.

Though as I was not getting a single response over an argument about whether real evidence does not exist while non-existent evidence does, I did not get a single response.

They have likely all muted me now, those that have not blocked.

I have also been asking people why Boris Johnson has been talking about quitting, or the rumour mill has, and was already asking people “How have we got to a point where we have had three Prime Ministers in a row quit? Why are there these plans to fly the Royal Family out and why are they using Brexit as the excuse?”

Told many people that what I now thought is that there was something bigger coming and in January 2019 I found the one thing that can explain the crazy times and behaviours that is effecting the entire world.

‘For a global effect you need a global threat’

I said that.

And it is not AGW, Covid or Brexit.

Funny that with the three that ..

  • Record Cold and Snow as I predicted
  • Nothing on the news about all the dead bodies anywhere in the world as I predicted
  • We are still waiting for Brexit as I predicted

Very handy that for many years the doors opened to allow the worst of other societies in they blamed on fear of losing foor from AGW and now the places where you can grow food have thinned out.

So if you wanted to go there .. far less nasty people to worry about and a lot more space.

By the time people realise the truth as its yet to go viral with me, the equatorial regions might even be empty?

Now watch the video and though they concentrate on the who and they effects .. ask yourself


And keep an eye on these guys, I eventually realised why the women looked familiar as she is from Subverse which I have only seen now and then.


My situation got better but only momentarily.

Found myself sitting in a park with someone that does not like talking abut disasters who refuses to watch the news who was talking about this Coronavirus, Covid-19, spread.

This was a shock and he kept saying he could not believe what was happening and it was like a movie.

I had explained that I simply could not believe that the virus was appearing close to my daughter who was in a fairly remote part of North Wales. He did not understand this and said ‘but you said it is spreading fast?’

I explained that there are patterns to these thing, That it spread around the built up metropolitan areas first to quite a degree before it even reaches places like that. And for this to happen it must be far worse in the cities and large towns then they are telling us.

I had just been through a scare where my daughter had a friend staying with her who woke up in the morning with three symptoms of the disease.

But the next day it turned out she was the type of person that makes things up to get attention.

So while we were sitting on this old wooden bench where we had been looking for a rare bird called a Firecrest I was relieved but I wondered and talked about how long this would last.

Around two days.

Right now I am in shock and I am quite scared now and at a loss. I had been taking out my frustrations on very nest, evil, lying leftists whose idiocy has caused this situation. I have also been posting links to do with the virus so that people could find out of the virus was getting close to them and not get a nasty surprise as I had done.

Its frustrating too as because of fuck ups by other people I was supposed to be in North Wales and if that had not been screwed up I would have prevented things.

Now I have had three siblings who think they know everything with partners that think they know everything who kept telling another worried member of my family crap that just was not true probably because of fake news ..

  • This virus is nothing
  • Nobody at work is talking about it
  • Its just lie the flu
  • Its impossible for a virus to last more than a few hours on a surface
  • It will burn itself out

One of those I spent two days with while trying to relocate to Wales and I told them this was going to be bad and why I was moving, which went wrong and a found myself back in hell. Though chatty about it there were two remarks they made that had me realise he thought this would not come to anything. I said it was and it was coming. Told him that sports events would get cancelled like the Tokyo Olympics and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

Had been warning them about the news for 15 years and bearing in mind my father died because of the BBC you would think they paid more attention.

Others had realised my predictions were correct, though still expressed doubts. But relatives never believed me no matter how many times I got it right.

Never predicted anything until recently that would change forever the world we live and this started when I saw the data that strongly suggested we would enter another Grand Solar Minimum like we did in 1648 for a period of 50 plus years we call the Maunder Minimum or Little Ice-Age.

In that data I also realised that leading up to it there would be several possibilities not helped one bit by the actions of humans and the mental decisions by politicians acting like loony hard-left.

  • Cool period being reached around 2024how cold yet to be determined
  • Solar Cycles are one thing but magnetic fields and volcanoes among others play a part
  • Cosmic Rays getting to record highs will cause all kinds of health problems cancer, mutations and cloud seeding are three of those
  • Mass Migration and Governments acting hugely irresponsibly also leading to issues ..
  • Stated that this would spread diseases and so it did here and there, prior to seeing cosmic ray data
  • Civil War
  • War
  • World War
  • Food Supply disruptions
  • Virus Outbreak that would result in a Pandemic

Yes those were the things I stated.

The Gilets Jaunes protests started and spread and continued on for over a year.

We had to period with many record cold temperatures in January to February 2019 and September onwards later in the year. I also predicted that the weather patterns would change dramatically and flip-flop, people seeing weather around the world that had they never had before or was extremely rare. Stated this would continue for two to three years and by the end it would be obvious where this was leading.

In 2024 after a continuous cooling and low or non existent solar maximum and due to gravity and barycentre the Earth would be 13% further away from the Sun.

The unknown factor was that we do not know what volcanic eruptions we were going to get. These increase cooling and the number and frequency has been increasing for decades.

It took me a couple of weeks to a couple of months to work all this out and I had been getting this feeling for about 5 years that something was .. coming.

So would it be food supply or disease?

Had expected smaller outbreaks of things but a real pandemic I thought was likely to occur around 2023 to 2024. Cosmic Rays cause mutations and this was on my mind a lot.

Had thought that maybe the rays needed to be higher than what they are now? Maybe not.

So then now a virus has spread around and though I knew where this was going it got there a damn site faster than I had anticipated.

For a moment I thought I had avoided the demise of my own world, not that it had been very good to begin with thanks to the lying and corrupt government, NHS, DWP, Police, Social Workers, Help Agencies that do not do anything than tell you the obvious and others.

So my daughter was in the clear. Or so I thought.

Get a call to tell me a second friend who was pregnant was in hospital due to a fuck up by the NHS again with a second your woman pregnant. This had resulted in some real complications and internal bleeding.

Her father is my daughter’s boyfriend who was at the hospital and my daughter was on the way there to be with them.

Seems my warning to stay away from hospital was not listened to by anyone and she got on a train too.

Next day I get a call. Daughter’s boyfriend, whose own daughter is in hospital from a screw up by the NHS, is ill. High fever, cough and cannot get out of bed.

Daughter is walking the streets from supermarket to supermarket looking for food as she has very little and cannot find any.

Get a call in the evening and she is crying.

She has gene down very ill as has one of my young grandchildren who has breathing problems anyway!

My daughter is crying and blaming herself.

Authorities have been informed in both cases.

So then .. this LOW RISK the authorities, government and fake news have been fucking lying about like they have everything else?

  • Daughter, granddaughter symptomatic North Wales
  • Grandson coughing in Birkenhead, Merseyside
  • Boyfriend asymptomatic South Wales
  • Sister’s boyfriend and niece coughing in Enfield
  • Very old grandmother coughing in Brighton Sussex
  • Seven people I know of fell ill

So yeah I have been taking chunks out of leftist AGW cult members as despite all that I predicted coming to pass they are sill on social media being protected by the likes of evil companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest trying to say a these predictions they never fucking made are all proof of AGW.

People so dishonest, amoral and evil that I think nature has decided to have a good clear out? Had a few comments like this put to me now from many followers.

Well now people have realised too late that the virus really is a threat. Not even sure if people I know have realised that there jobs are over yet?

My resident socialist ripped into two people from the middle-east in Sainsburys who were clearing an entire shelf and asked them what about old people who needed to buy food, while they just stood there staring at her.

She said she had spent decades trying to help these people as a socialist and that now she regretted being one.

I said that I had tried to tell her for years just like I tried to tell everyone about the public services and how bad they are,like the NHS and news media and that now unfortunately it is too late.

Stated that I just hoped that when it was over and when these people crawled back from under their rocks t take over where they left off or when the evil leftists who sound like Hitler in his early years try to get control that those who have survived let them ‘have it’?!

Spent years and years and years trying to warn of these things and as I have stated so many times they have tried to stop me every step of the way.

It may well sound crazy and insane but not just one or two actions but the actions of those in power for many, MANY years look as if they want this to happen?

If I could work all this out in a few weeks to a few months how could it be that they missed it for decades?!

I do not believe that they did and whatever it was that was coming I thought that all the shite and identity politics was intended solely to distract us.

So much so I called this #ProjectDistraction.

What I believed scared them and why I was suppressed for years is my high level knowledge across the board and my ability to crash course many things, though not everything, in a few days or weeks. Posting even about identity politics and the others would lead people to the bigger picture.

I went on social media platforms like Twitter, Parler, GAB and Minds to get around this suppression and needed the people to spread a number of my posts around to stop them.

Despite the increase in viewers going up ten fold it really needed to go up by a factor of about fifty and now its clear this idea also failed.

This post I did not want to write for a list of reasons.

But I am scared, fed up wit life and angry and the mere thought that these people will get away with that they have done makes me so angry that, that which I am more than capable of doing I could not possibly put here.

Massive failures by the lying leftist fake news helped bring about this by talking the threat DOWN and praising and believe the Chinese Communist Party and had lied so may times over 15 years or more that when they did tell the truth many still did not believe them.

No they were not over-blowing it to stop Donald Trump and trust me when I state this that going around saying that actually hurts Donald Trump.

The virus is real, focus on that. Do not focus on who caused it right now as this is irrelevant and when the time comes THEN you deal with those who are to blame.

So lastly to be left here is a bunch of screenshots of the news media getting it wrong and talking down this pandemic when I was screaming at people to take notice.

This can sit there while I spend the coming days and weeks going out of my mind wondering what will happen to those I care about anyhow I will survive if it is anything bad?

I will not survive this.

Some links about emissions dropping which now includes China and Italy and within the space of a single week will have a host of other countries included.

But the AGW people will still tell you its not making a difference. Oh but it is and is inevitable just as I have stated for two months now.

Hole of Europe locked down as are many states in the United States and will be all states within a week. Before long Russia will follow and there is no stopping it now.

Italy ..


Daily Mail article about London and the globe ..


Australia predicting drops in emissions of millions of tonnes


Even in the Lebanon ..


Planes. Trains & Auto-mobiles? And ships ..


In case I never got on here again..

The things the news said abut the virus ..


As I feared and in just a couple of days the situation regarding the Novel Coronavirus has changed a great deal.

People that have brought the subject yp with me previously, while I avoided it as people are stupid, now refuse to talk about it. Ergo stupid.

Had this before and it is most bizarre while very frustrating and in each case they have no idea they are doing it. They see absolutely no issue.

It normally takes something quite serious .. involving a lot of death. They will rant on about some conspiracy theory or cover up and demand to know the truth. I mean literally rant about it for extended periods. In some cases I not only do know the truth but can prove it. So there has been occasions when I have.

One time a man on a motorised scooter just looked at me with his mouth open as I explained what happened by an event he was made aware of by a friend. Involved a group with a sinister plan a security guard friend had told him about. Just so happened I was involved and had told them where it was going to occur. Very weirdly this was a blessing for me at the time as it was the first indication I had, had that my prediction was correct. Because the secret services never bothered to tell me or acknowledge me.

His went quiet and his eyes went wide and his jaw dropped open and then without uttering a single word .. he hit the accelerator button and spun his scooter around and sped off.

I learned that people just like to bitch and whine about things that, in reality, they do not actually want to know about.

Not mentioned the coronavirus to anyone in real life because they are bucket heads and are the sort of people that do not wnt to hear it but then want all the information in the last 5 minutes when they realise they are going to be affected personally but now do not have the time to learn everything or take precautions.

Make no mistake .. personally I am of a firm belief things are inevitable and I do not want to be hear when it comes and have been trying to find a way to move and deal with the anxiety of being where I am and dealing with the people that I do.

Three separate American women on social media have told me to relocate to America.

Yeah people go into shock by the time they have heard only half the story f what has gone on with my daughter and me and the sheer number of people that have set out to stop me.

When I last posted about the Coronavirus Outbreak in China there were a reported 20 odd deaths and under 2,000 cases.

A number of us knew that when you look at the actions the Chinese government had taken and the videos of what nurses and Doctors were saying in videos this official figure was not even close to the truth.

Lets see if we can get across how things change?

Two days after originally posting the official confirmed cases are now at 4,604 with 106 fatalities.

What is that like a 125% rise in two days? I had told a friend who was due to holiday in Hong Kong in April in 6 weeks that he was not going to be able to go and China was likely in a lot of trouble before very long. Do not think he quite believed me .. back to that part where you can almost hear their thoughts ‘well there has been nothing in the [FAKE] news’.

I said that due to what I have seen he wont make it to the end of the week before finding out how bad this is.

“I know how this shit works” was my exact line. China is big, has a lot of people and things wil leak out. It was inevitable.

People are angry in China and its getting worse and spreading. Transports is banned, shops are closed and you cannot buy fuel. Roads to cities are gradually being cut off, buried or dug up.

Acts like this have not been performed previously.

This is not SARS.

In fact this is more like the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918. One can only hope that there is not a mutation that makes it worse than it already is.

It transmits easily and while in its incubation period and the latter is so insane that health professionals in Australia wont believe this until the confirm t themselves.

Will tell you this much .. will be obvious by this weekend.

Here is the issue .. they cannot detect it, forget the measures and the openness they speak of in the news as this is pure bullshite.

Incubation period said to be two weeks now. So from the moment it arrives in a new country and is detected your not going to judge how bad it is until two weeks after the first case .. maybe three? This is made worse by the fact that for the first two days the symptoms are quite mild.

So up to 17 days without realising what you have. Seventeen days infecting people.

Now the bad numbers that proved the fake news is fake news yet again.

Transmission rate is like 83% which is unusually high. Told my friend the death rate if 3% they are giving out is also fabrication. Its 15% and THAT is also high. Just ten percent would be high. I think SARS was around 10%, maybe?

Now here is the rub and me .. kinda showing my pattern spotting in practice.

  • Predicted this as one possible outcome
  • Though in all honesty my money was on a VEI6 volcano occurring first
  • We have just had two deep solar minimums
  • Last time solar minimums like this occurred was 1912-1914
  • Few years before Spanish Flu popped up
  • One has to wonder if a possible rise in cosmic rays cause mutations with viruses and bacteria?

Yeah it was a ‘Oh crap! That is quite bizarre’ and with the run-up to what has appeared to be, for 6 years plus, a grand solar minimum many things that have occurred have been for the first time in a little over 100 years.

It has gone well past the point of being kinda freaky. Now realising this it catapults this to a whole new level.

One thing I have been watching is cosmic rays which were at record high levels in 2008-2009 and are not far from that as of right now. Carl Sagan talked about cosmic rays causing mutations in his famous Cosmos I own on DVD.

But when did the virus form? Was it recently or has it been running around fro animal to animal for years?

At this point I have to point out to rumours, or possibilities, going around and one is that some Chinese think the Americans released the virus. That one a bit more out there.

The other is a bit more sinister. Due south of Wuhan at a distance I am not aware of at present is a Virology Laboratory. Some believe that the Chinese government was working on viruses and that one got out? This would rule out animals .. unless it was via an escaped animal from this lab? If it was this laboratory?

Though in reality this actually does not matter a great deal at this point. The mission is stopping it spreading and coming up with a cure. There is no cure and experts state we are a year away from that.

The worrying side of this is that Spanish Flu killed an estimated 50 million to 100 million in less than six months.

Added to this is that this Novel Coronavirus can last on surfaces for 5 days.

Without a single case in the UK and planning to relocate 300 miles away and been trying to find the means to do this for several months I wonder now have long I have before I am not able to do this?

I am of the belief that once the first case turns up in the UK I have about 4 to 6 weeks because of where I currently am?

Walked around earlier, hearing children playing in school oblivious to the dangers and events unfolding right now.

OK so there was a bit of a break as I have to go out and do things and this did not get posted last night as planned.

Well there is more and more talk about the statements about it not being able to be transmitted during its incubation period and this has been disproved time and time again for days.

But medical experts in Canada, the US and Australia have insisted on the news media channels that they are just not believing this. While there are plenty of videos from within China coming out that it is and from westerners too!

Added to this is more and more talk about this Wuhan Institute of Virology being the real source and that the reason that medical experts cannot believe its transmissible before symptoms persist is the rumour now going around that the virus would have to be genetically modified to do this.

Now I cannot state whether this is factual or not and at this stage it is just a rumour .. but it makes perfect sense why these experts would be willing to go onto national TV with the entire world watching and make absolute tits of themselves. Partly explain it. They have still made tits of themselves by ignoring the facts.

If people like me can find this information and with failing equipment, a dodgy Internet connection trapped in a highly oppressive building and in a 9ft by 5ft 10 inch prison I have been trying to escape from then why can’t they?!

Information I have known for one to four days I am still yet to hear stated in the news.

A great many organisations are going to go down during 2020 over this complete and utter balls-up that just continues to be a complete and utter balls-up after an entire month after this started.

Websites are also seriously under reporting the numbers and locations from maps keep going missing, like this one .. do NOT reply on this map which I seem to recall I found on The Sun’s website?


Also videos have started coming out again and this time several of Chinese people boarding up the houses of those that have been infected.

A bit odd as the door opens the other way and they are likely infecting themselves by going there, touching rails, handles and walls outside the property is bound to spread the coronavirus around.

As for the statement you have heard on the news media and medical experts refusing to believe it is transmitted during its incubation period?

Well here is a man in South Africa speaking to a fellow countryman who is himself in Wuhan and he makes it clear that these experts and news media around the world have it wrong.

And as for the statements made n the fake news that SARS is worse than the Novel Coronavirus and spread more easily? Once more this is more complete bullshit.

Here is a former CDC Director on Bloomberg stating that it is more infections than SARS ..

These attitudes by professionals that seem in the last decade to have attained an extremely high level of stupidity an naivety are complicit in making it worse and will cause a great deal of deaths.

A professional friend spoke on the phone with me earlier and he has started to realise pretty quick that I have been spot on once more about something else. Not entirely sure it has quite hit home yet but this may well be because a case has not emerged here in the UK.

In fact I told him this may be what might save many lives. Because if the UK medical experts realise the mistakes of others then they might not make those same mistakes.

However, that being said .. it feels very odd the way this is being reported and the things that morons in the media, like George Galloway, are coming out with.

Told my friend that you hear people flinging these conspiracy theories around and others talking about things being biblical and not only can you now see why they would say these things but that it is beginning to feel like it.

Ore of that in the next piece on this I have planned out in my head. If my failing memory does not screw that plan up?

Now you have to understand that there is some serious under reporting going on but the best website thus far I think s in the Netherlands? This one ..

Sorry but WordPress is now getting in on the act of suppressing information .. so Google BNO News, Netherlands, as they have a better updates .. blame WordPress for being evil plicks.

Now provided the South China Morning Post is based iin Hong Kong and not watched like a haw by the Chinese government it might be worth looking here for details of the spread.


Now I read reports in the South China Morning Post that despite the tiny fraction of foreigners in China three have now been infected. Two from Australia and one from Pakistan.


Guarantee that three people I know will be shocked at this one. I have repeated until I am blue in the face that many things are going to be affected.

Now consider this .. how many things are made in China? How about Apple and their supply of goods drying up?