Jesus Christ!

I had already watched a Tim Pool video regarding things in the mainstream media that were lies again. It was about people chanting at a CNN reporter that CNN were shite.

They’re shite and they are liars and added to that they were incompetent at predicting the US election.

By chance I ended up on The Washington Post article about it. A tabloid I had high regard for v years ago. But sadly they have no journalistic integrity left when I read the article.

Jesus Christ anyone works think a mass murder took place?!

Funny how far worse had happened on their, now obvious, side of things and no one bats an eyelid. A bit like how they were hypocrites about a reporter being band by Trump. Oh the outrage?! Funny ..

they failed to mention that Obama did the exact same thing?!

Everywhere I go the news is absolutely loaded with hypocrititis to which the obviously is no cure?!

What’s worse in the page linked below is the absolute shite on the comments section.

A bunch of morons poking fun at the people protesting accusing them of being of a low IQ while misspelling, grammar all over the place and lying and exaggerating about what took place?! Well they were either lying or they were of an even lower IQ than the people they were accusing of having a low IQ. All because they were against their own narratives?!

Fucking .. pathetic.

After awhile I started to think the comments were faked by the Washington Post themselves. They were dreadfully bad and extremely hypocritical and were very, very similar in places.

Oddly enough I had been chatting to someone on YouTube about dishonest mainstream media. They made a remark about no comments section on some.

I said I had a rule. No comments section means it’s not worth reading because they know they are lying and will get a backlash. I also said most of them were missing comments sections.

Odd then that I find one and it looks crazy suspicious and full of people coming out with utter trash and bullshit while accusing others of doing the same when they clearly have not.

Sorry but you obviously watched a different video to me because no one acted as you claimed .. unless your on fucking drugs?!

It amazes me that despite an ever growing number of people hating the mainstream media they continue on regardless.

Even here in the UK the BBC and others carry on as if nothing had happened. They get people in the news or even Newsnight and think they’re so clever and will take people to pieces. Hard Talk is the same and they get their arses handed to them over and over again. But still they carry on like locusts that simply cannot stop eating. It’s quite bizarre to watch.

I saw Ann Coulter from America on Newsnight and made the other two look like complete fucking idiots.

Well done Ann! Lol.

Trust me when I say that I don’t know anyone that believes the news media in the UK.

It just seems like no one’s told them yet.


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