Well this just about proves a theory of mine.

I’ll start by saying that there are a lot of people in America and in the UK and Europe that believe suffering dark and sinister is going on with the left.

Now I didn’t believe it and thought it was one of these batshit crazy things. But I saw more and more references to this paedophile stuff leaking out, especially in Hollyweird.

The claim was that they were trying to desensitise people to having sex with children because they wanted to make it legal?!

This is something that has affected my life and in a bad way and had done so several times.

It had also been ignored by the mainstream media for twelve years and counting. Though one of the three incidents got a two page piece in Love It Magazine.

My daughter absolutely detests the media now as she realises that for the last ten years I was dead right.

A shame not enough of my viewers didn’t believe this as we wouldn’t be going through our living hells right now!

That’s the dangers of being naive and sticking your heads in the sand. Sometimes people and children pay the price.

As a result of what she went through and something that the hard left obviously have not considered outside their own depraved needs they twisted into believing are natural, my daughter has cancer as a direct result.

Yeah so imagine my shock when Lionel Nation Tweets a link to British newspaper the Telegraph where Patricia Hewitt of the Labour Party is calling for the age of consent to be brought down to 10 years old?!

Now when exactly do they start performing smear tests on women? Is it not 25?! Haven’t people called upon the government to bring this down because of the deaths it’s caused of cervical cancer missed?!

Note what the fuck so you think will happen on this alone?! Leaving morals and sanity to one side for a moment.

Dozens of women die each year because they don’t start testing until 25 and that would rocket if they dropped the age of consent to 10.

Now let’s leave that aside for a moment ..

Are you fucking .. kidding me?!

Oh wow, I just checked. Desire the fact this is doing the rounds now this was published in 2014?! Funny how I missed that?!

It also states that Patricia Hewitt had apologised for it and fit having links to a certain group and stated she got it wrong.

Well .. DUH!!

How the fuck so these people get these jobs being paid humongous amounts out of British taxes who then get to lecture people given peanuts from the same taxes to survive on?!

If it was fit enough I would do a better job than probably most of them. Maybe all of them? Certainly some of them.

I thought it must have been some kind of joke or spoof when I saw the Tweet, I really did.

It’s funny all this and the way people get things wrong, their opinions are wrong but they will look for the tiniest scraps to prove themselves right, even though it often doesn’t prove then right at all. To show their narratives at right .. except when it’s done to me I’ll argue that they are wrong and why. This happened in Twitter and suddenly I wasn’t getting notifications about Tweets anymore.

Yup because that’s what you do when your proved wrong and won’t admit it. Shut off someone from the thread. Real mature.

Their argument to why I was wrong about James Gunn being fired for paedophile stuff? Oh and not jokes as they weren’t funny and some were statements.

Because they found that I liked a couple of Info Wars videos on my timeline?!

Do they have ANY idea how many things are wrong with this argument?! Well it’s not an argument for starters.

First off that night have been the first free videos of theirs of I’d seen .. or anyones and until they lie I think someone will tell the truth. Until I realise they got it wrong anyone is going to think they might be right.

How many videos does it take to change a light-bulb?

What would have given them a better argument?

If of been a subscriber to Info Wars or Alex Jones which I am not .. of either.

If I’m looking into a subject I listen to what everyone had to say .. that’s called doing research.

Apparently the rule of socialism is of you stay from it .. your out and automatically wrong. Wrong!

Secondly .. if I get to a video down the line where someone is wrong, lying or even batshit crazy it doesn’t then follow that all previous videos are wrong, lies or crazy.

Do you know what these things are called? Reality .. bitch!

I have heard him being wrong and I’ve heard batshit crazy stuff. Batshit crazy stuff doesn’t mean that’s not true either. It just means it sounds absolutely insane.

A good example of this was when I first heard the theory that on the far left they say anything goes. Looking into what they were suggesting by this it was mainly about sex. When I saw they meant sex with children, animals and family members I thought these people were more batshit crazy than Alex Jones. Not that I think Alex Jones is that batshit crazy. Like David Icke he can sound sensible most of the time then waddles across the line.

But then I’ve read that this tactic is deliberate of Icke &, Jones. Hmm sounds like a potential TV series?! Yeah day something crazy now and then, normally one particular thing and it’s did the clendestine organisations and government bumping you off? Sounds plausible. Quite clever if true.

I’m still alive though. Though they do seem to be trying .. really hard. Seems more to drive us both to insanity. Or perhaps suicide?

When the paedophiles in Hollyweird kept getting outed or accused I soon noticed they were all self-promoted socialists. I started to take a little more notice.

Then I started to look at more conspiracy theory videos mainly to read the comments. I like running through the comments ignoring the chaff and looking for more interesting things being said. That’s how I ended up on Info Wars in the first place. Another mistake these socialists make with their knee jerk accusations to make themselves look right when they are both clearly wrong and immoral.

Oh crap?!

I just realised my theory about people leaving Earth to survive a coming global holocaust has a very major flaw. Lol. The clue is in this blog.

Anyway ..

So I started to see people compare the far left and far right to good and evil. More specifically God versus Satan. I’m not religious myself and I’ll admit it’s proving to be my downfall but .. they did have a point.

I had often started to think about Stephen King’s The Stand when thinking about the world today and mainly the western world. I didn’t put it into religious contexts of course.

It’s like this gay pride parade.

I’m not against anyone and don’t call people names or insult them. Worst I would use is idiot.

If people are a certain way and within limitations then fine. But when they start shoving it in my fucking face, in getting attacked and insulted and my grandchildren, my daughter and myself are being made to suffer then I’ll go on the attack. When I see lurid sexual acts performed in these parades while scantily clad for all to see not only do I disagree but I’ll also tell you your disgusting as well as a complete idiot.

Children could be watching you and that makes you look bad and it will make people react.

You have overstretched yourselves in your demands .. a growing backlash will build up and, in your view, you’ll all be sent back to the stone-age.

If you are I’m sure it will be the far rights fault, the alt-rights fault and Donald Trump’s fault?

No. It will be your fault for being a fucking selfish idiot!

What is it?! Your mixed up and fucked up and you know it so you have to make the rest of the world like you do that you feel normal?!

In fact that statement is probably true of a great many people.

Guess where you normally see people like this acting on TV or in films? Depraved and heinous sexual acts? Normally in films depicting the devil and evil people. Normally in some battle against good and people that worship God.

I always thought it was odd that vampire films became such a trend years ago. Maybe that was leading up to this?

That’s the kinds of things I think about when it comes to possibilities. When I see what people think and their view on what’s going on I start to think about why this is.

It normally needs to be a lot of people for me to start thinking about it.

But this has become sooo divided they civil war is being talked about in America. A lot. Even YouTubers are talking about it. Even the tabloids have mentioned it.

Funnily enough I have long since previously posted about the possibilities of this happening in the UK and Europe. Didn’t think it would go racing in that direction in America.

The UK and Europe are being fucked over and squeezed more so than America.

Native Europeans are slowly realising they are being screwed over and in favour of people with no other intention for the majority of them to invade, rape, pillage and steal before taking over.

I’ve been at a loss for years as to why. Not only have people been blind to this but there are even idiots who go out, protest and get destructive and violent to protect them?!

These people are in the same category as those in Nazi Germany who sold out their own kind to the Nazis. Funny then that George Soros is widely believed to be funding all this evil as he had been accused of doing that.

Does that seem a bit .. rough? Are you crying right now? Well .. you better leave because ..

These violent people today are in fact worse than people selling out Jews in Nazi Germany!

People in Nazi Germany selling out Jews might have had at least an excuse. Like they did it to survive?

The extreme lefts excuses? Peace, love and all kinds of stuff like that. Yup .. destruction, violence and murder for ☮️ and love .. mannn!


Looks very wrong that doesn’t it? No matter how you cut it you just can’t make it .. fit.

Scaring people into agreeing with them so then they can appear normal and their disgusting acts become legalised and also appear normal? Yeah .. sorry that had far more going for it than ☮️ and love!!


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