Well it is starting to appear that a DWP and Job Centre program I was on is nothing more than a scam and therefore a complete lie.

I enrolled onto a .. program to help get advice and start my own business. This was done because there was another thing going on but I did this because I thought I might gt some valuable help out of it.

Now if anyone has looked into this NEA business you will know that it is an 8 week program.

You meet with an advisor once a week for eight weeks. During this time you go over things and you create a business plan and a couple of spreadsheets for your business.

Oddly at the seminar, taking place prior to the eight meetings over eight weeks, they oddly tried to encourage you to not take out the loan. I believe this is why one lady that was present turned around and stated that she would not be continuing, or really even starting, with the program.

What was also odd was that as she was going out the door the adviser tried to stop her and asked her why she was not going to proceed. I did not hang about to hear what it was she had to say. I could pretty much guess and had I been looking at starting a business with nothing I would have done the same, telling them where to shove it too.

But I continued on.

As well as the weekly meetings there were these workshops you had to attend to go over the spreadsheets, how to fill them in and what they are for. We were told there would be other workshops and that these would all take place at their offices in Kentish Town.

Yeah .. only .. I only had three of the meetings and only one of the workshops that took place in Kentish Town?! It gets somewhat stranger when just around Easter time I was told that our weekly meetings would not take place in Enfield any longer but at their offices in Kentish Town. Except I was never asked to attend another meeting nor attend another workshop. It just kinda ended.

It ended with an email around four weeks in stating that my business plan had been approved, which turned out to be a second approval stage I was not aware of.

There were some things I wanted to ask and I emailed the adviser three times over about a month but never got a response.

Oddly enough the Job Centre started to apply pressure to me and then very recently take their foot off the gas?!

I checked and I started this process that takes eight to twelve weeks around the 21st March, 1027.

As it is now the 11th June 2017 we are coming close to being at this for three months, which is more than 12 weeks. The process takes eight to twelve weeks as I stated.

Want to hear something really bizarre?

Well .. you may be already saying to yourself that I have gone on about this 8 to 12 week period several times in the recent past?

Yeeeeeah .. it is not the same thing. Although they are kinda loosely linked they are very different things and yes .. I have two things that are supposed to take 8 weeks minimum to 12 weeks maximum and are now on the verge of going over the outside times for both?!


I am afraid it gets worse as I applied for the loan and went for thee maximum amount, due to something else that is happening, and I was refused without explanation. They simply said ‘sorry, go elsewhere’?!

Now I emailed them and I very clearly stated, these are people making financial decisions, that I expected to be given a lower amount they would be willing to loan out. Yeeeeah ..

They emailed me back with the exact same answer!

They obviously think my understanding of the English language is serious challenged when in fact I simply asked, obviously in a way far too complicated for them to understand, it sounds like your not willing to loan me any money, is this the case?

No answer!

Now bearing in mind that .. I have already been working and building up this business for nearly five years, have a BSc Single Honours Degree and stupidly turned down a PhD, and worked for a solicitors practice ..

Umm .. if I cannot get a loan and proper and helpful advice with all that, then who the fucking hell can get a loan and proper help?!

*SIGH* I have asked this latest chap at Newable, a guy called Shane Chester, a more DIRECT question. Basically are they refusing me any kind of loan then?

I am not sure if he is the one challenged by the English language as the last email could have been from someone else and I cannot be bothered to look. So I stuck to sarcasm as opposed to direct insults. Give them the benefit of the doubt and another chance to answer a very simple question.

I am going to find it odd and bloody interesting if they ever decide to apply pressure to me about going self-employed. Because I would have been by then had they honoured what they stated in the beginning w would get.

Now .. forgive me but are they not supposed to b advising these potential self-employed business owners?

Should it not have been stated at some point that I would be refused the loan and given the same grounds that this Newable have refused the loan application?!

So once again I wait to hear a sensible answer hat is not gobbledy-gook from Newable and another answer from this government Business Start-Up people.

Plus I await someone else correspondence on another matter of which the weekly dates I am now smack-bang in the middle of.

I feel like a greyhound stuck in its trap waiting for a hare and the traps to open but which never seem to come.

These last few years and I do mean years, .. I seem to bee destined to wait for dates to come and pass me by in the hope that someone else does as they should do. In fact this seems to occur with some surprising individuals, private companies along with public services! And I am the one everyone either pressurises, looks down upon or expects fast and magical things from.

My word, no wonder this country is in the most God awful mess and only seems to be spiralling down. Most annoyingly I seem to be the only one that realises this and at the very least and judging by the recent general election, not enough people are aware of this.

If they had then the general election would have had so little votes as to not only send the strongest message in this country’s history but could not fill 25% of the seats in the House of Commons.



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