Well it’s getting weirder by the minute and bit the day.

We haven’t even reached the length of an entire day since the result of the general election was known and have a night to go yet before reaching that marker or a day.

I wasn’t actually aware of the entire Conservative manifesto but it was conceived my naive and amoral morons in all honesty. I don’t say that out of bitterness as I have no love of the Conservative Party, have never ever voted for them and never will.

But then Labour also need to win me over before ever getting their first ever vote from me.

After Tony Blair revealed himself to be something very different than that which I thought he was we ended up with a tyrant in Gordon Brown. Right now we have limp-wristed Jeremy Corbyn who I liked when I first heard him talk but then made his first mistake in rushing out to Calais to visit that camp of terrorists. Oops. I saw that and thought “You .. idiot! You have just blown any chance of becoming Prime Minister!”

What is it with politicians like Jeremy Corbyn, those on the far left, that think that they are always right, their ideals are always right and the answer is that even though they are obviously wrong to the right path is to patronise the populace and keep banging the public’s heads against the wall until they are agreed with.

What I find hilarious about the left is this ..

They are soft on everyone which of course includes Muslims.

But they are also pro same sex marriage and another of other things Muslims works want to burn you at a stake for or even relieve you of your head.

Yet that’s the left of the Labour Party which is currently running things in the Labour Party who want to do just lie down and let Muslims do and say whatever they want. Oh and of course introduce mute laws to protect Muslims while jailing Brits for simply saying something.

A bloody good job then they mind reading technology doesn’t exist and hopefully won’t if Jeremy Corbyn ever got in power. As the first thing they would have to do is build ten times more prisons than they current have to lock up British people for the things that they really think.

Well, hey? At least they would have several million more houses empty to give to ask the other radicalised Muslims they would let in?

It’s very literally the craziest general election I have ever witnessed.

It’s also nowhere near over, though I’ll have trouble getting that message through to someone I know? Oddly this individual was over the moon that a general election was called as he thought he would get Theresa May out. I told him this would not happen and even if the Conservatives lost votes I was confident it wouldn’t be enough to dethrone her.

He was adamant that at the very least there would be a hung Parliament. I wasn’t so sure about this until I heard doubt in Theresa May’s voice, heard people attack hey over refusing to debate on TV and heard some of their manifestos.

So this individual got their hung Parliament but then he was immediately complaining about that don’t it was the worst possible outcome? *Sigh* I thought what the hell man, weeks ago you were hoping for it and that it works be the best, now you have it for complaining about it?!

They also started using the argument that Theresa May would still be in power?

Umm, no. I was the one that said she would still be Prime Minister but after her plan backfiring so spectacularly and aligning with Northern Ireland’s contextual controversial DUP it won’t last long.

Again they bite disagreed with that and I started to wonder if I was dealing with a person whose psychological leaning was to either see the worst in everything or had a defeatist attitude where they just wanted the worst to take place?

But they didn’t like it because they thought the worst would happen?

Crikey! Lol.

I didn’t think the Conservatives would team up with the DUP and after reading about them I was sure that any coalition would not go well.

Oddly this will come about because they will demand laws are bought in desire the fact that if everyone wanted them they would have won a majority and certainly a few more seats than merely just ten.

But watch them try to enforce things that those teen want that the majority doesn’t?

I then realised another major flaw in politics. Often is the case when politicians want to push their personal agendas and ideologies without even a decent percentage of the population, key alone half.

Being into politics is about caring for your country and tie country is your people and by that I mean that the indigenous are not ignored.

It’s not the large faction you want to pander to because you know they will vote unanimously for amoral reasons.

It’s not the rich and nor is the the powerful or famous.

The country is the people.

And if the majority of the people don’t want something you don’t do deals to sneakily get it and ram it down people’s throats! Which in worried the DUP will try and do.

Now back to Theresa May ..

After trying to convince this person that Theresa May won’t last long I decided after failing to do this that this change won’t make the slightest fucking difference anyway!

You will still have the Tories and in I’m pretty sure that even if you had Corbyn the only fucking difference you will get is him bending over to let Europe and Islam to screw him which ultimately means that is British will get screwed over for the umpteenth time.

Because the white disabled people and white jobless along with white pensioners, only got informed about the latter this morning, have been screwed over for several years without bloody lefties being in power.

It’s just that no one’s spotted this ever so slight oversight or they have but are too scared to point it out.

Oddly two lefties I know believe in what I have stated due several years now and that is ..

The only way you will get rid of the distrust and hatred within the British community, white ones, is to make a very bold statement to make to fit the years of victimisation ..

Have a government that is left when it comes to British people and right when it comes to the ethnic minorities. It’s the only way to prevent really bad things happening siren the road.

One of trust to people into heard this from me recently and he said to me very recently “You know what? I was thinking about it and your right .. but no one wants to hear it” and I answered “Yup I know. But it’s the only way to get rid of the pent to hatred and unless they do this there will be terrible things happen siren the road Anna probably you will get a civil war too”

Sorry .. was you thinking Russ is what I want at this stage?

Oooh no. It’s too late to have any effect on me. But it’s still a problem that you have with millions upon millions of Brits and why many have left.

It’s very, very simply the obtained way to heal wounds that have been let to fester for years.

Oooor .. you could carry on making the situation worse by continuing to smash everyone’s heads against the wall while driving their wallets or if they have no cash, the wallets of their friends and loved ones.

Houses are built on good foundations and or seems that everyone in politics and both current idiots of Theresa May and her party and Jeremy Corbyn don’t seem to have any clue to this fact?

A never have a week where I’m wondering how someone people with a clear lacking of common sense for the jobs that they did?!

I’ll end about two statements made with my own comments ..

“Sorry to those colleagues that didn’t deserve to lose their jobs” the voters were wrong?!

“I’ll reflect on what happened” oh no you won’t!

“We are willing to serve the country with a minority government” umm no you won’t you didn’t win you fucking imbecile!

Well the Brexit talks are going to go bloody well now aren’t?

I can almost guarantee, and I predict, that we will get a Brexit that nobody voted for. We will still be giving them vast and insulting amounts of money while letting in the equivalent amount of immigrants too. Meaning that the number of attacks will continue to rise along with it.

I had hoped that the number of votes would get rid of both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn but we have been unfortunate enough to get just the right bloody amount to keep both of them. Even though it is clear that, just like the last US Presidential Elections, both of them were bad news for the future of Britain.



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