Is it not funny that you can ask the same question three times of people or organisations that look down their noses at you and simply cannot get an answer?

I have managed to get my third email from Newable, loans company that the DWP, NEA and Job Centres keep touting, and they still have not answered my primary question ..

So you cannot loan me any amount at all, is what you saying?

I did kind of get a better answer as to why I was turned down ..

.. my, umm, credit report?!


I have not applied for a loan or higher purchase or anything that requires a look at a credit report in what is likely more than 5 years now.

Now remember that these people are being touted as a viable way for someone on benefits to start their own business?!

Yeah considering that we are 6 or 7 years into the worst financial crisis in a very, very long time and that this is a company that is supposed to loan money to people that have been on benefits .. are you fucking serious Newable?!

I have been pressurised sooo many times to do this and as I previously stated I thought that it might be helpful. Plus .. well so many people have told me that this is either a scam, speaking from experience, or they think it is a scam, that have never even read anything on.

Yeah it looks like a scam and it certainly explains why the very first thing that is mentioned right after telling you that a loan is available is to say ‘don’t take out the loan!’ no because you will not get it approved, that is why.

I must admit to this ..

I do so very much wish I had applied for this loan two weeks sooner than I had!

Because I do not think I am going to get enough time to explore every avenue and ask the right questions to force someone somewhere to slip up?

I honestly applied at the eleventh hour because I thought I would be approved for the loan, not necessarily the amount I requested but a helpful amount, nonetheless?

But no, I was refused and given no proper help and advice other than to go to another organisation when in reality I was only going to be refused yet again, of what they said was true.

That is of course that they are not lying and are actually refusing me help now, along with being cut-off by the NEA, because they now realise I am a very real threat?

Oddly he used the word ‘primary’ for the reason for my bad credit score, which I knew I had some years ago now caused by the disability the NHS kept telling me I did not have. Sooo .. that bad credit was down to my health and the corruption and lies that the NHS has employed to save money for over a decade now.

So once again I am being penalised, as well as patronised .. great, for something that was the fault of someone else.

I really do not know a great deal about Newable, or how they fucking expect to find anyone with a good credit rating who needs to claim benefits (preposterous). I probably should look to see if this is government funded, which makes the refusal out of fear theory plausible. But as I stated I simply will not have the time very soon.

As stated I have also emailed the other Business Start Up organisation who I am sure stated were government funded?

I am just following the trail they have now put me on to see what is realistically available to anyone on benefits, fed up with the lack of job offers, interviews and unfair pressure that has any thought at all towards working for themselves.


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