Interesting reading, reports coming out of the USA of late.

I read an oversight news report by the BBC though I’m not sure I got it off it what the BBC had intended?

I might add that I’ve had my suspicions about the BBC fit a long time that they proved to my some years back, first hand. Unfortunately the incident also lead the the death of my father but that’s a story I long since covered on here.

So it was a highlight of my life recently to see and hear that Donald Trump banned the BBC as he named them as one of the fake news outlets!

Was music to my ears to have someone that has the highest profile in the world actually naming one of my enemies and calling then out for what I have done for over a decade.

Yup, as previously stated my stories, claims and predictions can end to in the media from a few days after I punish them to many years after I call them out.

That’s why, when I publish links to stories, I always place my … view of the issues.

Donald Trump wanted to make some major cuts to areas of government. The State Department and more noteworthy, in this instance, the United States Agency of International Development.

What I have found highly amusing is that he had tried to carry what he promised to do, which is why everyone voted him in, in the first place, which is actually a fucking first for a politician. Both in America and here in the UK, where it is still yet to occur.

Except in this BBC report everyone is complaining about it. Riiiight … so a politician attempts to do the things he promised prior to being elected, and remember he was elected based on what he said he would do, and everyone is complaining about it.

Let’s analyse this for a moment. He we voted in by many, many people and even those that voted Democrat might have agreed with some things he wanted to do.

One of those things he spoke about was America sticking their noses into foreign affairs. Funnily enough I also remember this being complained about a lot when George W. Bush was president. It probably occurred previous to his presidency. It was also complained about when Barack Obama was president but they oddly omitted to name or blame President Obama. It is as if they didn’t want to point the finger of blame on his direction? Maybe they didn’t want to be labelled? Who knows?

But now President Trump had claimed he is going to cut the budget for USAID and everyone is complaining about it? Weird.

The funny thing is, I saw this promise of pulling out of foreign affairs to be very un-Republican to be honest. After all the last Republican government were the worst offenders of sticking their noses in. Weapons of Mass Destruction and all that.

What is absolutely ludicrous is that the media had latched onto this like a dug-in Tick? Well no, they were the largest whiners about American foreign policy?!

Oooh waaait? I said this approach was very much against the grain for Republicans? They have all been complaining and running down President Trump too?

Soooo those that have hated Trump because he made them all look like idiots when they smeared him at every chance, scoffed at the idea of him becoming president. These now have the chance to attack Trump in news reports to get back at him for calling them out for their bullshit and fake news and contradict their own bullshit to jump on the bandwagon at every single opportunity?

Hmm … that paragraph kind of got away from me.

I think it has been hilarious at how much the fake news media have made themselves so obvious in their intentions. They have been so obviously contradictory in their desperation.

Also at the same time I believe Donald Trump has done wonders for himself with voters by acting on his promises.

This goes double for the decision to make major budget cuts to two major organisations.

Maybe the two successive governments in the UK (or is it three now?) could take notes from his actions?

He has been sincere as well as deciding on some big money savings by cutting public services instead of … ooh let’s say sticking the knife into disabled people, both physical and mental health sides. Despite what they said recently!

Oh that reminds me, it did not escape my notice of a report of a Tory member of government stating that Personal Independent Payments should be for real disabled people and not those sitting at home taking pills for anxiety. Nice.

The mental health groups have reacted to this. Fuck me someone had actually done something?! I bet it’s not much other than whining?

It’s also fucking hilariously insulting as they are not and have not paid it to those that do have painful conditions and in the case of Fibromyalgia, likely other conditions too, a condition that causes not only a list of pains around your body, screws with your skin and memory but also causes anxiety attacks so bad your legs can switch off to your brain, known as rubber legs.

Umm … hold on? He told the media they disability benefits should go to those with physical pain? Except they’re not don’t that and not even to patients that have lists in not just one camp but both camps?!

Oh and the media covered this? Wow, funny how they have ignored to call him out on his amoral bullshit by producing a short list of case studies that show him, or her, as a liar?!

Why it’s almost as if the TV News Media and ask the national tabloids don’t want to print or report on any of these factual and inexcusable cases?

I wonder why?

I not only know of one of the worst, if not the worst, cases but have reported on it.

Oddly enough the Pro Bono Publico Solicitors now are refusing to go any further than a Mickey Mouse court, or Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service who don’t even have proper courts and I know refusing to consider human rights in their decisions.

But wait a moment ‘Pro Bono Publico’ means ‘for the public good’ which strongly insinuates cases on human rights and without precedent? It could not mean anything else. But they would mean a case that would have to be decided upon by the Supreme Court. They state the next stage of the Court of Appeal? But then therefore means you would have to go through that to get to High Court before the Supreme Court would even be requested to decide on new laws and punishment for cases involving breaches of someone’s human rights that have no precedent. Exactly what ‘Pro Bono Publico’ implies. But they have refused to go on after falling at the first hurdle? Despite being full on confidence they would win this case!

No human rights anymore as the British government is proving to the whole nation what everybody basically knew or suspected for the longest time … that money is far more important than human life.

I bet many jailed people who murdered people while stealing from them think they are the biggest hypocrites going?

Defraud the public when your small time and your sent to prison. Do it when your a multi million dollar company and this is fully acceptable behaviour?

Double standards, much?

Wrong message, much?

But in America we have our first leader to carry out, well three things thus far, or tried to carry out the things he promised.

Only he has been thwarted on one several times and three quarters of the American public that wanted this have been told, ‘sorry, democracy is actually a scam. How dare to most of you that wanted this, we say we know what’s better for you even on this occasions where it’s not only obviously not better for you but even when experts and sensibly sane people prove it we will still say no?’

Yeeeah … that’s not going to piss off and alienate a large majority of your public. No of course not, why would anybody that wanted this, overjoyed when acts were made to get what they were promised only to have patronising people with God complexes tell you sorry but you don’t know what you really want, only we do.

You’d think that the simple fact of Donald Trump winning and everyone now calling out all the major news networks as reporting fake, well bullshit, news, that they would have learned their lesson? But, no.

I ask myself if it’s got to the point where those in power don’t even care that their falsification attempts are now widely known?

Maybe they now have adopted the attitude that they don’t care if we are all are now as there is nothing that we can out would do against them?

Or maybe it’s like what I’ve said all along? But now I would state it thus; that they have managed to get their own web pages and that this makes them professionals when it comes to the Internet? No, Mr Murdoch, just no! It does not!

Or in other words maybe they simply have no idea that on liberal run sites, or at least they think they are liberal lefties, like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that even in those places everyone is going nuts and calling the mainstream media ‘fake news’?

Yeah I have actually seen people try to claim the fake news accusations of the major news networks bullshit but …

I’m afraid every argument I’ve seen out forward as has so…Idiotic it’s just not true. Plus … well you would have to be a complete moron to argue it’s bollocks when guests have actually sat in CNN’s studio and called them the “Clinton News Network” to their faces! Especially when they even apologised for one they got caught out on. Claiming they didn’t hear everything when they are standing right there … just simply won’t wash either.

So his travel been has been thwarted thus far. His wall of getting opposition and she is his idea of state and foreign policy cuts?

That’s not only most of what he promised he was voted on for but I’ve even listened to Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton also agreeing with one or more of his promises. So that’s a hell of a lot more than half the populace.

Well it’s a bit like here then? The bit I worried about with Brexit? That the government will totally ignore what the public wants to do to help the country and save money? No they will do this either completely the opposite or not even they close?

Like hearing or people being deported or told they will have to leave in ever growing numbers except those at the very top of the list, or only one on said list, everyone wants gone. Instead picking on the weak and vulnerable they know cannot fight back? Namely disabled people, people with mental health problems and likely soon, if not already, those with learning difficulties?

Yeah, why would anyone in their right mind cut out close down public services that do little or nothing for the public good and deport rust that do not deserve to be here?

Utterly preposterous!


The one and only thing that has concerned me about Donald Trump is the talk of cuts to scientific research. I cannot state that I have heard everything he has said, far from it, but the cuts to science are my only concern thus far and I have never even been to America, mores the pity.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Top Republican says Trump’s budget plan ‘dead on arrival’ –


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