Well what do you know?

I am now entering an interesting phase I am not going to go right into right now but it is going to be coming up in a future post, as is part two of the Revelations series.

I am currently in the traps at a dog race and am waiting for said traps to open and it is … frustrating to say the least. There are dates and figures that I and others do not know and nor have been told and I will get to that at a later date.

However to counter some .. problems and pressures from some areas until this changes I have had to relieve pressure from the DWP and my local Job Centre.

Very recently my Mind counselling came to an end and this was something that was weird feeling if I am honest. I had, had 15 meetings with my counsellor, it turns out, and they admitted to a few things in the last session. That she was surprised with me, the things I had been through, done, achieved and was going to do over the next few years. Especially this year. She had not met anyone like me and she took details of this blog. She had not asked about it before to kind of interfere or even sully, could be argued, the counselling progress.

She also mentioned she was leaving Mind in about a months time.

Funny thing is, would you believe, I am not a danger to society or any particular individual … sorry DWP you screwed up there! That excuse is now null and void.

I am going to be making anywhere between several and dozens of very rapid right and left turns over the coming months and this will become clear, or at least clearer, around mid March, that is a definite date, with the second in the Revelations series. Hmm or is that third? I lose count.

In making these well thought out and meticulously planned tight turns I will be positioning myself into a very good place to attack those I have been doing for several years now.

Chances are it is not going to be pretty.

But along the way and going back over four years on here and a lot longer not on here I have made predictions and as time has gone on these have come out in the media. Sometimes this is mainstream and sometimes this is not. In fact the latter is actually one very focused point I have concentrated on.

I have said for a very, very long time now that I have had issues with the mainstream media and news, yes way prior to Donald Trump and the fake news claims. What I have stated from day one on here and several years previous to being on here is that I first realised that the TV and tabloid news were first not reporting on some pretty horrific stories. Then and before long I realised they were going out of their ways to avoid reporting on stories in a list of different areas.

Now and along with that it has turned out they also … skew or fake some news reports to fit their own narratives and this is NOT what journalism is all about. I always stated that tabloids and TV news being affiliated politically was not only a bad idea but would implode in time.

Well I noticed that someone I know, Gail, on DPAC has posted up an article that states that the DWP has actually lost a battle and has to … wait I still cannot believe this … let me go double check?

Hmm this involves the Information Commissioner’s Office? I am sure I contacted them years back and I am sure I had plans to contact them again along with …. the Professional Standards Authority later in 2017. Oops! Two kittens just escaped from my bag!

OK well it looks like they have these hidden documents at the DWP detailing how they have been keeping stories out of the media and this may be about to all change? Here is a few quotes and the link provided at the bottom …

Following a 13 month battle, the DWP have finally been forced to release secret documents illustrating the tactics they use to control and manipulate the media.

The documents reveal that the DWP monitors and analyses both mainstream and social media to reduce and manage negative coverage.

And even more worryingly, the documents show the DWP have managed to kill hundreds of stories by making sure that they are not reported on. – Evolve Politics

So then? The wheels are looking like they may be getting a bit wobbly and possibly even about to come off altogether? Cool!

A tip for future reference, no matter how much you like your MP do not, I repeat DO NOT, vote in politicians into high paid jobs whose job it will be is to then lie to you at every possible opportunity.

Hmm I wonder if the majority of the British public will get to hear about this? Well still a lot and maybe even a large majority of people still listen to mainstream news only and this is about a possible corrupt link between government and the tabloids and mainstream TV news networks?

Think about it … of the mainstream news is corrupt … how can you rely on them to be best informed and how are they going to run a story to say that they have been controlled by bodies or people to NOT report on very serious news stories?

Think about this another way … why would the skew or even not report on something? Because they think that the majority of the public will not agree with them. So your opinion does not matter, only theirs does?

Sooo … you OK with that are you?

You pay your TV Licence and your happy to be lied to or things omitted by the BBC and other news outlets?

I know I am not and have not been for well over ten years now.

EDIT: How about them stopping you getting help from your MP for injustices performed by the DWP?


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