My word, this was sad and something of a shock.

Backbench Labour MP Michael Meacher had died aged 75.

I spoke to him via email briefly back in December 2012 and he had heard about me and my blog and made a couple of requests.

We never spoke much and I never found out how he had used my data or what data he used.

He was pitching a battle in the House of Commons against Iain Duncan-Smith of the Conservatives regarding a company called Atos who were tasked with getting disabled people off Disability Living Allowance.

Yes that is what I said and that was what they were doing.

I had several run ins with them but they were wise enough in the end to avoid meeting me. A shame as I had collected evidence that they were both dishonest and corrupt. I had several lots of evidence on them but that was not all. Most disabled people as well as everyone else assumed that this only involved Atos.

It didn’t, it involved the Department of Work and Pensions and I manipulated them into issuing a dozen letters and documents regarding my years of applications and their constant refusals before I declared something, made a deliberate Freedom Of Information request while requesting all medical evidence they had on me.

They burned it all and no longer existed!

Except that I not only had evidence that they formerly had it but that I knew they would burn it.

It was really very simple. Well once you looked at who was involved and his they did it. There had to be assurances to General Practitioners and Doctors that the lies they put in letters and forms had to be burned in the event that anyone made a legal request.

Done and done!

Not only did I predict to tens of thousands of people how they did it, I proved it too.

That data is all here in the form of letters, results, emails and best of all dozens of secretly recorded audio. Including one Doctor being directly accused by me of faking test results and him admitting it.

Of course those that have looked around would have then realised that despite the serious nature of my endeavours and what I acquired it was just the tip of the iceberg.

I have performed the same … let’s say ‘clever’ methods to a couple of local councils, one just paid out three quarters of a million in damages over it, two Police Forces along with other public services. This also involved mid than half a dozen retail outlets and all the Ombudsman to all the above too.

But as I said I do not know what Michael Meacher used but did hear his wife make a statement that was something I had stated on this blog.

More importantly he asked permission to send elements of my data to the news media. I believe I answered “knock yourself out”, and I thought I might find out from him one day what he used.

That was January 2013 and I’ve heard much of my stuff and some similar, think did their own thing, in the news very regularly. In fact I often poke fun that’s it’s not news and has been on here for months and even well over a year.

Sad that he died and I find it also odd that the one MP who bothered to contact me remained the only one and had now sadly died.

I thought there might be a possibility of us meeting in the not too distant future as I would not be that far from him in a months time. That will obviously not happen.

But then I don’t trust members of parliament so did not know quite how any meeting might go. Would have been nice to find out there was someone in the House of Commons with the countries best interest at heart. And by saying ‘country’ I mean the people. Not Fat-Cats out rich owners of large businesses and even the monarchy, especially after what I have discovered this last year or two.

Not and never will be a good idea to base the countries best interests on a mere few people who have not a clue about real life, the people out indeed reality in general. People like that never have and lately proved they have absolutely no clue. The best interests of the people I’d never found in treating them like children, with contempt or like we are ask village idiots.

Are we out of the woods yet? Well there you go.

It’s a shame too, his passing, as I thought I would shock him before very long and hence why I thought he might request meeting me.

Story of my life.

He now joins a list of people I can never, ever prove myself to. Hmm let’s see? My father (killed by the BBC), my grandmother (killed by corruption in the NHS), my Uncle (never told real story of his death), old Ken (kidney cancer), Axolotl Eddie (killed by incompetence by a hospital) and a man called Chris (brain tumour).

So six people in that list and now joined by Michael Meacher.

There is one other … but he is still alive … somewhere. I think?

I hope Baroness Meacher is coping with her loss. Sorry to hear of this happening.

Tributes paid to veteran Labour MP Michael Meacher –


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