The men in suits with the extra button and wavy arms.

The predictions made regarding weather and all seemed good to leave the house.

But water fell most of the day followed by what appeared to be tempest like conditions.

Try they tell to convince us of the distant future.

When the day that follows is light years away.

So that’s enough of poetically taking the piss out of the Met Office and weathermen.

Good God, my feet hurt. However, not in the usual way. I finally got some new shoes. Things did not go according to plan. In fact of I was the owner of hiking store Millets I’d feel quite embarrassed by the end of this.

I decided on the pair I had wanted for awhile but … but in my size. So I decided to look elsewhere. I had already visited both Brent Cross and Harlow and don’t remember seeing a Millets. I checked their website and the next closest store was in St Albans?! This was odd as I know ice been to another store somewhere. Just could not recall.

I decided to go to Wood Green and thought there must be one there but no. I had already checked Sports Direct in Enfield and I tried the one in Wood Green along with every other shoe retailer. Nothing.

All those shops selling shoes and all of them nothing more than fashionista stores. Not very functional outside of standing in a question at the cinema or nightclub.


I returned to Millets in Enfield as they said they could get them in, in two days. Only I didn’t realise until later that this involved having to actually buy the fecking things. I agreed without thinking of the consequences but was told that they only had size ten anyway?!

So I returned upstairs to look for others, which had to have Ortholite insoles the sand as the pair I had. I picked out three pairs and they stated the same thing they had when I picked out two pairs on my orbits visit … “Sorry, nothing bigger than size 8”?!

“What the hell?! Do all male hikers and mountain climbers in a ten mile radius of this site all have tiny feet?!” I asked and was met with a smile.

I ended up picking out a pair of Hi-Tec and not the Salamons or Merrels I had wanted. Half the price too. Yeah they bloody well had those in stock. Turned out the were the new version of what I was wearing at the time.

All seemed well until I had then three days and they had dug into the dorsal section of my arches on both feet but the right was beginning to hurt.

Damn it!

How can you walk into a store that sells hiking shoes and the first five pairs you pick out are not in stock in anything bigger than a size 8?!

I cannot wear the new shoes again until the pain eases. It seems to have dug right into my skin to tender a section very tender. Didn’t happen with the older version of these shoes!

I hope I don’t end up binning these bloody things.

I can’t even rest my left foot over my right while lying on my bed, it’s that tender.

Still. Won’t dampen my mood or take the smile off my face.

Because that last week was bit to become the week of what might have been … for that was the week that was!


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