I have often wondered what in the world I am going to do in what is now just a few months time.

I have covered all of those that have opposed, lied, cheated and harmed me many, many times over.

I could keep on doing these things with the exact same enemies but it won’t change what had not been changed.

Those preferring to bury there heads in the sand will continue to do so indefinitely like those idiots in apocalyptic movies that you want to knock out in a rage because they refuse to accept the impending doom stating them in the face.

Then of course there is the media and just notably the news media. I may not have completely divulged everything to do with them right now but will. Soon too. When that happens then my four year long trap for them will speak for itself. I simply have to point something that should have been obvious out and ask the readers to ask themselves why.

Most of the public services, well I’ve only dealt with ‘most’ and not ‘all’ will be dead and buried and they failed to raise they have been for a very long time.

Because when I ranted off to many they thought I had told them the whole story. Because they think that is what people do when they rant off.

Well no … not always. Not with me and certainly not in the last 6 years or more.

The rant was mostly to get them to do what they are tasked to do which is what the public think they do and what they receive an incredible amount of your taxes to do. That was simply the beginnings of one kind of trap. The length of time and the number of times I asked and sometimes the number of times I get told ‘what complaint?’ was another. Oops!

Any of them fishing for details on here and believe me … they all have been fire awhile now, will suddenly be biting their fingernails upon reading that line.

However, now that this is approaching its inevitable and long drawn out conclusion I have asked myself what else I can do?

In time I got that anything I turn my gaze upon will spell doom for the bad guys, if they are bad guys of course.

A couple of weeks ago I was shoved into a new service that within its first couple of uses I was highly suspicious of. A phone service. So you can rest assured that I will be emailing Ofcom, or whoever they have shuffled part of their workload off to meaning more tax payers money down the swany.

This came to me by way of my daughter. I had a call one day with a recorded phone message saying someone wanted to talk to me via some reverse charge type system. For people wanting to get in touch with their parents. In this case there is only one for reasons I have been over probably hundreds of times. It didn’t explain anything about it service to me which is fucking rude and out of order. Then a recorded message of my daughter said “Hi Dad, can you call me back please” except I did not hear the whole line. Think about that for a moment. How long does it takes you to say “Hi Dad, can you call me back please?” Five seconds?

The message ceased after ‘can’ and I did not hear the rest.

This has happened several times in the last couple of weeks and because things are happening thick and fast.

So I would hang up and call her.

However, today I was disturbed while doing something with a phone call and I thought it was her. Only when I retrieved the phone I had a missed call from a private number and a few minutes later it called again. I answered and it was this service and a recorded message stated telling me that because I did not allow them to act as go between, for probably three times the cost, they were going to bar my phone number if I did it again and to stay on the line?!

I hung up.

I spoke to my daughter and found out the name if the service and it’s 08000 Mum Dad. Nice!

Now I intend to find out first who they are and then who owns them along with their location. Then I’m going to rip several kinds of crap out of them because their service evil, greedy, misleading and could potentially put peoples lives in danger.

I have a suspicion to one particular detail I will find out.


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