I have talked about this many times on my blog.

I have stated that the use of words like ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ has not only been twisted but on occasions been in complete contradiction to what the term means. It has led to this utterly ridiculous political correctness crap that I intended would have absolutely no part in my blogs and one of many reasons why I hate politics.

It has been used and abused by a very large number of people to get stuff they want when there is not enough to go around. The end result from that is that both British and mainly British white people have lost out.

My mother was a stout left winger and member of the SWP and even she and some of her party members have stated they have got it wrong and that things have gone way, way too far.

Yet still I see people losing their jobs over it.

I also see a very high level of bad feeling build up over it which is not anyone’s fault outside that if the political correctness brigade and one sided human rights groups who have been involved in something and carved out well paid careers for something they clearly know nothing about and have built up all this ill feeling and hatred.

The outcome was always inevitable and I have stated this to friends and family for many years now and even had member of these ethnic minorities agree with me. Because I only have ill feeling for those ultimately responsible, especially if they are paid a handsome salary for it.

Yesterday I was walking around in Halfords looking at bike pedals. I noticed some radio station was being aired and heard something about a row that had broke out due to something completely idiotic and wrong stated by someone.

At Goldsmith’s University white people and men were told they were not allowed to attend some event or other and she was labelled a racist. Only when this was put to her she said that she cannot be racist as you cannot be racist towards white people when you are a member of the ethnic minorities?!

Are you for fucking real?!

It is funny as in a way I am pleased that this hit the headlines the way it did and have now found their is an article in the Evening Standard, provided below. Because there has been an abuse of this for a very long time and I have heard of things like this before. Even my own relative, the left winger, wanted to attend a course to do with culture for some race or other, African I believe, and was shocked to be told herself that white people cannot enrol. I must remember to ask her if she heard about this row.

Racist means racist and if your not sure then maybe I should buy you a dictionary you mad woman! Called Bahar Mustafa this woman and ethnic minorities that do the same thing only have themselves to blame for the rising ill feeling towards them in the UK. THE END!

I myself have issues with large numbers of people who happen to be of a particular race because of their wish, whether openly or secretly, to wipe out all those they see as inferior which is why I refer to them and have done as ‘The New Nazis’. What makes me laugh is that they have absolutely nothing to show that they are superior in any way. Now hat makes me said is the fact that my own government along with others in the western world, and a big reason why this blog exists, have not helped their own and only helped these people by having a sea of corruption across the land and what are many obvious cover ups to protect some pretty awful, greed riven and heinous crimes. Once again another reason why this blog exists.

Unfortunately the Conservative’s have been voted in with a majority and voting for a party than is seen as elitist, corrupt and forcing people to go begging to food banks will only make things worse. Because it will be seen that most British people are the same way and must all be amoral and wanting to lie their way to the top to earn more money than they could ever reasonable use.

It is also laughable how they have taken and abused an English word or term and forged it into their own warped meaning to get one over on those they see as inferior.

All this lacking on gonads to make those ultimately responsible for things going wrong to pay and deal with real issues is why UKIP are getting ever more votes and will continue to do so. Now that Nigel Farage has retracted his resignation and provided he stays on until the next election you can bet your bottom dollar that the next election will be catastrophic for everyone else. Unless of course a very large section of the UK population … sorry, no English population are amoral.

If you would like my advice here … if your not seen to be fair for whatever reason then you cannot expect anything over than a big divide building up continuously over time that will and can only ever have on inevitable conclusion.

And if that day ever comes I will be right here to remind you!





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